Martin Rizley #fundie

[If I am a devout Catholic and a divorced woman came into my restuarant could I refuse her service?]

Your analogy doesn't apply, for no business owner is seeking to avoid serving certain PEOPLE, but rather, to avoid providing certain SERVICES. Christian bakers and photographers are not seeking to avoid serving homosexuals; rather, they want to avoid providing services for flagrantly anti-Christian, pagan ceremonies that purport to be "wedding ceremonies," but which no Christian can ever recognize biblically as being in any way, shape, or form an authentic wedding ceremony. Although it may sound harsh to say this, Christians actually view these ceremonies as demonic in nature, since they represent a flagrant rejection of God's law regarding marriage and are based on satanically-inspired teachings of the last days that the apostle Paul refers to as "doctrines of demons" (1 Tim. 4:1). How can any business owner, contrary to his religious convictions, be compelled by the government to provide services for a ceremony which he regards as demonic?



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