Felonious P Jenkem, OldIrishAsshole, Jamal-Mart, and Bleeding Darkness #racist chimpmania.com

(Felonious P Jenkem): I would like to know if Chimpmaniacs have ever put out a definitive guide to various subspecies of Napa's? Im sure such a resource would be invaluable for help in IDing suspooks,and just general entertainment.

(OldIrishAsshole): From one-dropper to purple-gummed tar black spade, they're all just fucking niggers to me.

(Jamal-Mart): I hate all pavement apes! I avoid the groid at all costs. But the sheboon terrifies me the most! In my opinion the felon factories are much more threatening than the bucks. The sheboon is a high testosterone, violent, cant hits a woman n sheeit. Than the bulls. If a female cheetah bites you would you defend yourself? I would, the nigger sow is a dangerous predator much like the female cheetah.

(Bleeding Darkness): I have to agree, all niggers are a sub species, they are all violent shit-bombs looking for a place to explode.



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