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Do you know what "holocaust" means? It means "whole burnt offering." There is coming a day soon when Jews will not only be "whole burnt offering"-- they will be eaten in a ritual counterfeit of the Levitical model. Knowing that the Whore Church will contain all of the Ecumenical compromisers of Christendom, all Muslims and pagan religions, as well as the old Roman Mother Whore, we must realize that Promise Keepers rallies, New Age witches' coven rituals, World Council of Churches plenary sessions, and all denominational conferences will have one common high point-- the ritual roasting and eating of Jews. When Promise Keepers gurus and Pope John Paul II talk about "Communion," this is what they are talking about-- they just don't know it yet.

We have shown elsewhere in Balaam's Ass Speaks that the Manifest Sons of God teaches that those who refuse to "enter beyond the veil" must be destroyed. It will be a very short theological journey to go on to justify the eating of the bodies of those who are killed for not joining the Dominion program (pogrom?), especially the Jews who are already hated intensely by Reconstructionists and the Pope.

2002-- I recently was accused by a Reformed Jewish Rabbi of eating a Jew, in that, I eat the communion (Mass) and believe it is Jesus. This shows how utterly ignorant the average Rabbi is. He seemed to have no idea what a Fundamental Bible believer thinks of the Catholic Mass. These bigoted Rabbis refuse to learn enough about the Christian groups to know that there are true Bible believers, and there are Roman Whore Church believers, as well as many other heretics. This Rabbi thought he had me cornered. Well, this article will prove to any such silly ass that I love Jews. They may not like my hugs, but they get them anyway.



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