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To build a case for the reality of God, we must start with the evidence for God. We have to show that first a Higher power exists. Second: if its one or many Gods. Third: if its a deist type it theistic type. Fourth: what makes the theistic God true of the Bible compared to Islam. Five: whats the evidence for Jesus and if Jesus claims to be God does the evidence support that. The evidence below will shed light on every one of the questions above.

The Kalam study, Ontological, teleological, archeological, biological, philosophical, historical, forensic evidence, manuscript textual criticism, early church fathers letters, secular sources, eye witnesses, amazing 360 degree life changes once hearing or seeing the truth, testimonials, prophecies fortold in the past and recorded historical events actually took place, moral law that is transcending, space,time, and matter came into existence during the big bang which means before the big bang there was no matter or natural relm. It took something from the supernatural relm that had to be spaceless, timeless, immaterial, powerful, intelligent. All points to a theistic God.

Just from secular sources, manuscripts, fragments, and early church fathers letters brings even the scholar skeptics to admit our current Bible is atleast 98% accurate to the original sources.

Making the Bible the best evidence to show who God is.

Cold case detective J Warner Wallace who has been on tv a few times for solving really old cold cases decided to try and prove the Bible wrong by using forensic science and investigating the eye witness accounts. Which surprised him how accurate they came to any eye witness accounts he had came across many times and eventually the evidence led to accept Christ.

Christianity became true when the very real historical the Jesus called Christ was crucified and from eye witness and secular sources speak of this event happening. Then something crazy happened 3 days later that gave great courage to the scared and hiding disciples that they gave their lives for claiming Jesus had risen ( in which only God can defeat death). Something turned the middle east and Rome upside down and Christianity spread like wild fire. The early church creed almost sounded as if I dare you to investigate the still alive eye witnesses for yourselves.



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