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Kay Fay, 20years as a trained and experienced catechist and lay minister #fundie

Atheists worship Satan to make a mockery of Christians because they don't want to be bothered with God or God's followers practices, so they mock. However their practices, particular the black masses are not innocuous as they think because they are opening portals to the dark world. We see in Scripture when Judas took of the bread knowing he was planning to betray Jesus. So not discerning the body of Christ. It was during that action Satan entered him. This is a warning to not play around witb God or blaspheming the Holy Spirit. This is the spirit of the antichrist in action in the world. Underneath those layers it's satan trying to get at Jesus. He obviously can't because Jesus overcame Satan once and for all but he can work on people to get them away from Christ.

Jesus came to give life more abundantly and the evil one is a destroyer who brings death.

I'm sticking with Jesus.John 10:10

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Gali Galit, Messianic, Missionary, Scholastic. #fundie

President Trump has a peace offer on the table for Israel and the "palestinians" that includes but is not limited to $50 Billion for the "palestinians" if they will simply recognize Israel’s right to exist. It does indeed sound like the “Deal of the Century.” We will have to wait and see what the "palestinians" decide after the entire deal is presented.

As you may know, Israel is going to elections on September 17, 2019. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been elected Prime Minister of Israel five (5) consecutive times, knows that peace can’t be made with the "palestinians" who have turned down 19 out of 19 peace proposals since the year 1919, and have broken every cease-fire agreement ever tabled, consistently firing rockets into Israeli civilian population, thereby committing international war crimes with the blessing of the United Nations. That is only one small piece of the pie that Israel is victim of.

It is possible that on Israel’s election day (September 17, 2019), someone other than PM Netanyahu could win. Some of PM Netanyahu’s rivals are determined to make peace with the "palestinians" despite their history of peace-proposal rejections and cease-fire violations. According to the Jerusalem Post, the "palestinians" hope that PM Netanyahu’s inexperienced rivals win.

Regardless of who wins this election, it appears that a peace treaty between Israel and the "palestinians" is around the corner.

As you know, the Bible speaks of a 7-year peace treaty. The "palestinians" will break this peace treaty at 3 1/2 years (Daniel 9:27). The reason for this is that centuries ago, Islam’s ‘Prophet’ Mohammed made a peace treaty with the Meccans because he couldn’t defeat them, the same way that Islam can’t defeat Israel now. Mohammed used the ‘peace time’ to strengthen his military. When Mohammed thought the time was right, he broke the peace treaty and attacked the Meccans when they least expected it, because the Meccans thought the peace treaty was in effect. Because the Meccans weren’t expecting to be attacked, Mohammed defeated them in less than 24 hours. As a result, making and breaking peace treaties with those that Islam wants to conquer became an Islamic principle of war, simply called “Al-Hudebiya” or “Hudebiya."

In the Biblical 7-year peace treaty, the moslems will break it at 3 1/2 years (Daniel 9:27). Jerusalem will be surrounded by armies and made desolate (Luke 21:20). Islam has already stolen the Jewish Temple Mount, and are going to steal the coming Jewish Third Temple when their 12th imam arrives so he can sit in it and claim that he is God (2 Thessalonians 2:4). (The Third Temple will probably be built during the first 3 1/2 years of peace.) The Islamic Black Stone will be brought to the Temple Mount (Matthew 24:15) and it will be given a mouth to speak (Revelation 13:5 of the Bible, and the islamic writing Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 961; Ibn Maajah, 2944, The Black Stone #3). Everyone who refuses to convert to Islam will be killed (Revelation 20:4; Daniel 7:23, 25.) This will happen for 1,290 days (Daniel 12:11) which is the remaining 3 1/2 years of the 7-year peace treaty. Messiah Yeshua/Christ Jesus will return at approximately 1,335 days (Daniel 12:12). At that time, He will destroy Islam (Revelation 21:1-4; Isaiah 65:17-25; Isaiah 11:6-9; Revelation 21:19-27). The thousand-year reign of Christ follows, etc.

There is speculation that the mark of the beast is a microchip. But is it reasonable to believe that Christians will be beheaded for not taking a microchip? (Revelation 20:4)

Some of you may know about the Christian persecution going on in the world right now that isn’t making the mainstream news: Christians are almost extinct in the Middle East. (You can also Google Images of Christian persecution in the Middle East.) Our brethren there are dying at the hand of Islam because they are refusing to deny Christ and convert to Islam.

Since the 7-year peace treaty appears to be around the corner, there is no time for speculation about what the mark of the beast is or isn’t. Our making the right decision will determine our eternity for sure (Revelation 14:9-11).

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Ken Madsen #fundie

Who assumes the whole earth would have been flooded? The whole world takes on more information after the nature of the world became known.

Your young child might love you more than anything in the whole world, but might not know the first thing about the size and nature of the world.

If you think that is funny try explaining the existence of the Universe including all the failed universes in the multiverse which must have been to account for the perfect balance of this universe getting the gravitation constant just strong enough to group into planets, stars, solar systems, and galaxies and not too strong to collapse everything?

Scientist say the number of failed universes to statistically explain this one getting it right are in the magnitude of 10 to the power of 123.

I believe the above number is larger than the number of atoms in the known universe.

The probability of disbelief is far sketchier than that of belief.

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Rusty Entrekin, B. A. Biblical & Theological Studies, Louisiana College (1986) #fundie

Persecution of Christians worldwide is on the rise. The communists are clamping down on house churches now in China. Muslims are murdering Christians in Nigeria, taking their homes, capturing their daughters and forcing them to marry Muslim men. In the Middle East, violent anti-christian sentiment is on the rise. Christians are subject to being falsely accused of blasphemy at any time. In India, Hindu extremists are forcing Christians out of their homes and causing them to live under trees.

Here in the U.S., the anti-Christian ideologies are gaining power and this is already resulting in persecution against Christian business owners such as the owners of Sweetcakes by Melissa, who were forced to close, and corporate executives such as Brendan Eich, who was forced to resign.

However, the pulpits in the US have mostly been silent about these things. Why? Big church pastors feel pressure to keep their messages positive and services uplifting, lest church attendance fall and they be unable to pay their bills. Christians are afraid to speak up, too, lest they be targeted and lose their jobs. The tactics of intimidation and bullying are working, placing fear in Christians and even pastors about openly speaking up concerning sexual morality.

In addition, it is so easy to be distracted by TV, the internet, and all of the other forms of entertainment and pleasure so freely available to us here in America.

In Gulliver's travels, Gulliver slept while the Lilliputians wove strings around him. The American church is also sleeping while our enemies do the same to us. We are a giant and have the power to stop it, if only we would rouse ourselves from our comfortable sleep. We can use our political and economic leverage to bring an end to much of the persecution happening overseas. We can re-assert our rights to freedom of speech and religion. We can also re-assert the vital importance of sexual purity. But we must arise and do so before it is too late! Otherwise, our enemies will keep weaving strings around us. Then when we finally try to escape, it will be too late and we will be unable to get up.

Edmond Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Allie Stuckey said, “In a world of wickedness, weak men are nothing more than enablers of wicked men.”

The respite from persecution that the Western church has enjoyed is beginning to draw to a close. The door will be completely closed if we do not rouse ourselves and dare to start speaking up. And we will only have ourselves to blame for it.

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Anonymous #fundie

Let me tell you my story. I used to be an hours praying, Bible disecting, days fasting Christian who used to go to church every day of the week that there was a service (which, at the time was 4 times a week, including rehersals). I could see the influence of the Devil in any source of media. And make a good argument by the bible. I was never irrational.

How I felt about dragons. There was a time when I did not like dragons. Because dragons associated to snakes associated to the Devil. I didn’t really mind snakes. At the time, I just thought they shouldn’t be kept as pets, but they are still God’s creation, and God used snakes. Like Moses’s staff, or the bronze snake in the desert. But dragons are not creation of God. What is the dragon?

To me, the dragon was the devil pretending to be God. Specially Chinese dragons. The snake was a clever creature in the garden of Eden, who gave Adam and Eve the knowledge of right and wrong (in other words, stole their innosence, corrupted their innocent minds). Asian dragons are wise, and they impart knowledge to mankind. So, these are not ordinary snakes God’s creation. These were the snakes representative of the Devil. That’s what dragons were to me.

To me, the Asian dragons were born as any other mythology. Distortion of the truth and some influence of the Devil. The dragon had been given aditional features to be more awesome (in the more traditional sense), and had been made big and celestial, and even been given power over nature. It had become a deity. The dragon was a god, like the Devil has always wanted to be.

So what about the other dragons? To me, they were still representatives of the Devil. Maybe not worshiped gods, or at least not directly, but devilish snakes stealing the love of the people. Dragons are cute and friendly? Demons are shapeshifting deceivers. They can be cute and friendly too. To me, dragons were teaching people to accept demons if they are cute and act friendly. Because they only pretend to be, but they really want to condemn your soul. Or at least, that was my perspective. And hey, according to Islam, there is a slight possibility that demons can genuinely turn good. Anyway:

I also did not like when I spent nine hours in fasting and prayer and reading the bible and singing christian songs in my room all by myself, and felt in communion with God, but went to my Christian uncle’s house to visit, and we would watch a movie, to which I would be tempted not just by myself, but by my family. And even if the movie was not about anything of the Devil, when we would finish watching the movie, that feeling of communion with God was gone.

Despite that, all my life I have been fascinated by lizards and dinosaurs. So of course, I was naturally fascinated by dragons. But the bible says “deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow me”. And that’s what I did. A few months after, I read Job. I have read like 66% of the bible. I had heard of the leviathan before, but most of the time, I forgot, and also, because I had only heard about it, I did not know what to think. Even after I read about it, I was not sure what to think. I was going back and forth between my bible and my nearly 10lb biblical dictionary. And I read the psalms. Specially psalm 104. After a while, it seemed more reasonable to me that leviathan is a real animal. And dragon is no more devil than it is wolf or snake. Dragons are no more devils than lions are gods. God is not literally a lion, and even if he were, that doesn’t make all lions gods. The Devil is not literally a dragon, and even if it were, the rest of dragons are not devils.

But most dragons are not like leviathan either. And those that are, often are compared to gods. Like Godzilla. Btw I also did not like Godzilla because people compared him to gods. And Godzilla is not a dragon, but one of the most similar things to leviathan.

So, dragons were still representative of the devil to me for a while. But later I started thinking about it. Were they really representative of the Devil? They were mostly just like normal animals. And then I stopped thinking of dragons as the Devil.

But I still had all the other issues with fantasy and dustraction and stuff. So yeah.

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Robert Escandon, B.A. Philosophy & Psychology, The University of Texas at El Paso (2005), #fundie

You answered your own question. The Canaanites sacrificed their children to their god, Molech. The way they would do it is they would place a toddler on the hands of a statue of Molech that has been over fire which made the hands red hot; the Canaanites would let the child scream until it died on those red hot hands as a sacrifice despite God (the true God) warning them to stop. After about a hundred years, God ordered the elimination of the Canaanites through Joshua. God stopped the evil of killing innocent children yet God is constantly criticized for stopping that evil by the very same people who claim God won’t stop the evils of the world today.

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Zyad Kadri #fundie

The unforgivable sin can only be realized by a committed and persistent state of mind. To deny the witness of the Holy Spirit knowingly, understanding exactly what it is being revealed to you and rejecting it time and again, now in mortality and into eternity, is persistent and committed.

As I’ve read one time, it is akin to seeing the sun shining in the sky at noon-day and denying its presence. Perhaps even cursing it. The sun still shines, but the benefit you get from it is maddening, frustrating and unwelcome. It is a state of mind in which you are not simply ignoring God and his outreach to you, but you are denying the outreach because of a dark spiritual disposition. Folks who love evil and darkness more than light and goodness even so much that if Christ came to them to comfort them, they would seek to “…crucify him afresh.” This takes a special kind of person. A person who has decided that they relish in their wallow, that they want to cause harm to others and God even when faced by God with the sorrows of their victims. They have shut off the guilt meter and seek the same spiritual devolution for the lust of misery of others now and beyond the grave. These certain souls seek no redemption because they hate the source from whence it comes. Like Satan, they would rather usurp the throne of God to rid all of creation of his justice and love.

Their despicable spiritual slums or only fed by the infliction of hopelessness, devouring the light of conscience in other people. Inflicting upon them the reflection of their own spiritual filth before God; making them miserable, guilt ridden, and shamed so much that they too run from the redeemer’s love. They are simply unpardonable only because by their unrepentant dispositions they keep themselves out of reach by the master’s loving and forgiving radiance. It is a state of character so completely and utterly opposite from the the divine nature, that desires are bent on the destruction of others, including God. They don’t merely flirt with dark powers, they ally themselves in full allegiance with it.

If you recognize that you are one of these, then you already know. But if you’re asking, then you are never beyond redemption. Never run from God to absolve guilt, run to him, repent, grow spiritually and find peace.

Godspeed, my friend!

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Abby Austin #fundie

If I knew without a shadow of a doubt that God wanted me to kill my child for any reason, I most certainly would. I love God with all my being. He rescued me from everything in life. Yes, God is all-knowing, but He wanted to test Abraham's faith through it. He knew beforehand that Abraham was willing, but Abraham did not know before. God puts trials in the lives of every single human being to draw them closer to Him. It may not seem like it most times, but I guarantee it has a purpose. God did really love Abraham too. He loves every single living thing on this planet because HE made it, and molded it after His own image.

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Abby Austin #fundie

[In response to: If I knew without a shadow of a doubt that God wanted me to kill my child for any reason, I most certainly would.
If you’re so certain, why don’t you tell your child that to his face? “Son/Daughter. I would kill you without any hesitation if God asks me to.”]

I asked my 14 year old daughter this question actually. She responded with, "Oh good!" Later on she said she would also sacrifice me for the sake of God.

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Nathaniel Durkin, studied at San Jacinto College #fundie

If you need a break from philosophical God haters, allow me to help. I could refer you to miracles in the Bible but since we are dealing with people who question God’s existence here in the comment section, than I will go a different route. In my personal life, I have seen and been a part of miracles by the hand of God (God of the Chrsitians - Yeshua). I prayed for a woman with a short leg by 6? and watched her leg grow in 5 minutes to perfectly. I prayed many times for God to change the weather and He did in 5 minutes. I prayed for God to heal countless times and He did often instantly or in 5 minutes. Once he healed my of bells palsy which has no cure or treatment in 30 days as I built my faith. I have cast out demons in Jesus Name. I have seen angels and demons. I have had visions of Heaven and I have heard actual real choirs of angels for hours while fully awake. I have cured insane people through prayer, prayed for people hard of healing, prayed for cancer patients and seen them all healed and delivered from bondage. I prayed for a friend in prison and his sentence was cut multiple time until released very shortly by comparison. He left his gang and is now reaponsible and takes care of his woman and child witha good job. I lead 2 homosexuals to Christ who denounced homosexuality forever without any social pressure and they both married women and have had children since then. I have prayed with sexually abused Christian children and they lead their abuser to Christ. no more abuse! When I was 10 I prayed for God to convince president Reagan to reply to my letter and he DID. It was a 2 page hand written letter by the president stating that he himself wrote it. God is powerful and real. end of story!

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Anne Harris Wyckoff #fundie

Until every knee bows and every tongue says what is right and true, that Jesus Christ is Lord, His sufferings continue and are supposed to continue, in we who become His body...

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Kingston Tong, Graduated from seminary, preaching and teaching the Bible #fundie,

The original question: “Where is the list of the 500 people that is claimed to have witnessed the resurrection of Jesus?” is answered by the Apostle Paul that the Corinthians can still meet some of the eye witnesses of Jesus’ resurrection.

“For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried,that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Cephas, and then to the Twelve. After that, he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers and sisters at the same time, most of whom are still living, though some have fallen asleep. Then he appeared to James, then to all the apostles, 8 and last of all he appeared to me also, as to one abnormally born” (I Cor. 15:3–7).

Luke records that the Lord appeared to them over a period of 40 days and spoke about the kingdom of God (Acts 1:3). It is reasonable to think that that the appearance of Jesus to the 500 happened within those 40 days when the Apostles were among that crowd. It was not Luke’s intention to list all the appearances of Jesus but ones that relates to the Apostles as the text continues with theses words, “On one occasion, while he was eating with the, he gave them this command, “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about…” (Acts 1:4).

The Apostle Paul even declares that if the Corinthians believers or skeptics don’t believe his testimony of Jesus’ resurrection that they can go to Jerusalem and meet some of the eyewitnesses of Jesus’ resurrection themselves. If there were any skeptics of Jesus’ life and resurrection, I would imagine that they would have went either to disapprove or confirm the life and resurrection of Jesus. Thus the resurrection of Jesus was well established by the testimony of the Apostles, the women, and 500 other people.

Note carefully in Acts 1:23–26 that two other men, Joseph called Barsabbas and Mathias were also witnesses of Jesus’ life:

“Therefore it is necessary to choose one of the men who have been with us the whole time the Lord Jesus was living among us, 22 beginning from John’s baptism to the time when Jesus was taken up from us. For one of these must become a witness with us of his resurrection.” Josephus and Mathias were equally qualified to be witnesses of Jesus’ life from John’s baptism until Jesus was taken up from us. Thus there were other witnesses which is not recorded in the Gospels.

It has been argued that why aren’t there other records of the life of Jesus. Luke records in 1:1–4 these words: “Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilled among us, 2 just as they were handed down to us by those who from the first were eyewitnesses and servants of the word. 3 With this in mind, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, I too decided to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus, 4 so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.” Those records have been lost.” Those historical documents are lost or not preserved.

SUMMARY: The resurrection of Jesus is true and not a fable.

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David Hague #fundie

Atheists cannot perceive beyond the senses , or have deep intuition and spiritual insight to believe in the Creator of the solar system.

This is now the so called in Sanscrit - The Kaliyuga!....

An age characterised by intense darkness and Evil!

We are living in a spiritually sterile l materialistic, faithless, Soulless, Godless drunken, drug infested, sexually perverse Age of darkness and ignorance and aggressive disbelief and irreverence for anything truly pure Holy clean and true........

That the laws of light, life and God are now subverted and turned upside down that many people especially Atheists think now that Good is Bad and bad is good! Yep! T'is truly the End of days as the wise Christians tend to say-

Even Michael Jackson knew the truth of it as he was always singing- you know I'm BAD! I'm bad I'm really really bad! And everyone's going -

Good! Good! Good! He! He!

Are atheist under demonic influences?

Humans can be possessed by a demon for sure - mostly atheists as they do not believe in God or even demons for that matter, and easily turn over to the dark side of the Force like luke!!

First Never be an Atheist you will not be safe otherwise - and very depressing!

Let's face it shall we-

An atheist is a spiritually sterile materialistic faithless, soulless Godless heathen who couldn't see a hammer if it was about to O hit them Square in the face!

Atheists are most susceptible to demonic influences and in court will be the first to say - its was the voices! The voices made me do it! Without having the slightest clue as to what just happened! Actually NOT to believe in God weakens you!

How Foolish!.

I would rather be dead than be an Atheist!

How about atheistic selections of people.....

? Avoid Egotistical and arrogant people.

Avoid drug infested people especially Crack, ice and heroin Addicts!

Avoid vampiric and Life sucking people!

Avoid negative people!

Avoid sexually perverse men!

Avoid atheists in general you just can't trust them! and worst still- they are in charge of this World and making all those decisions you hear about every day that is killing this Earth!

They are going to press the RED button one day and send the entire World back to Kingdom come!

Avoid Atheists like the Plague!


Only God is real!

It is the World that is false!

It is non-existence and will fade with the end of this Entropic Universe which must come to an end oneday no doubt!

And all that will remain will be God! Therefore In order to achieve enlightenment you must realise that the World is false ! It is a kind of perceptual illusion!

Understand That the mind is a liar! It is the slayer of the truth! Therefore you must slay the slayer!

For the Sleeper must awaken!

So live the higher life!

Avoid lowlifes!

Be courageous for life!

Lack of self confidence Any low self-esteem is forbidden!

An Atheist can never achieve enlightenment never ever!

An atheist is spiritually dead inside! An Atheist can never plumb the depth of Spirit, or know of its exquisite beauty beyond measure!

Life is a testing ground for souls and not a frolicking funfair for the exploitation of Imbecile emotions such as hate anger jealousy ect! And neither is life meant for the following of the meanderings of half-baked intellectual and Political Systems!

Life is for Self-transcendence so PASS the TEST! And become enlightened! There is Utterly no Chance of Enlightenment if you are an Atheist!

I laugh at atheist actually because there are no real atheist!

Look here....

This is the atheist deathbed prayer -

O God if there is a God!

Save my Soul! If I have a Soul!

Sorry mate! Too late mate, because you're in the losing team mate!! As 95% of this world's population believe in God in some form or another!

It's actually natural for you to believe in God?


If your child has been in a car crash and your waiting in the emergency ward for any news?

You see how many Atheists will begin to pray at a point in life like that!

Even I were a plain ordinary atheist I would still be pointing up to the sky saying - Mmmm? Well I don't know, but I say that there's something up there even if I do not at present know what it is, or what to call it!

Because that is the Open-minded attitude and approach to this profound subject!

It is just not intelligent to have a closed mind!

The Universe goes on into eternity ! it is all out there just waiting for you! And what! You don't think that there is something out there? Some amazing design, or designer?

Generally speaking -

No atheists really unless you are really dumb.

Actually atheist are all in physical and spiritual danger-

*I can't understand you atheists at all! You are about to be Raped and killed and run over on the Highway and roads and God is Screaming at you! I love you so so so MUCH!

Turn back!

Turn back!

Turn back!

But because they have failed to look out for the signs -

(And there are always evil portent or Signs before great disasters) NOW- you are now going to be killed hurt maimed Raped, Brutally murdered! and possibly Die Terribly just because you did not believe in the Creator, you wanted you saved, but you failed to look out for the signs in your Godlessness!

Sheer lunacy!

As I have said -

And Atheist is a Spiritually Sterile, Materialistic, Faithless, Soulless Godless Heathen!

Can you truly afford to take that kind of a chance, especially where your Life and MORE is concerned?


For Christ sake Save yourself! save your life!

Save yourself from Perdition and the Eternal darkness!

When the time comes will you be able to stand it for even a moment? Aaaaaaaaaaaa!

OMG! Where am I! OMG! There is no Escape! And what is that coming up behind Me! I can't take it anymore! I'm burning! I'm Burning! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

Or how about being killed over and over again yet never Dying because you've already done it once! Aaaaaaaaaa!

The Creator gave you the greatest power in the Universe - A free will! A free will to choose between God/light or darkness!

Buy once the decision has been made you've made your bed! Now you've got to lie in it - but don't blame God afterwards if it wasn't what you expected!

So never never never ever say that there is no God! You are not an atheist! You are a Child of the most high GOD!

*In fact atheists are fast Asleep!

Atheists are in fact in a coma.

In fact this World is in the state that it is in solely because of atheists! They are all in a Coma!

SO- Learn the Art of becoming well Versed in the practise of BEING WIDE AWAKE!


*I wrote this last week - especially for Clergy who are experiencing a Crisis of Faith and for hard core atheists!

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Tippy Stein, studied Radio and TV Journalism & Psychology at Brooklyn College (1987) #fundie

If you take the red pill and go down a rabbit hole, which I do not recommend, you will find the shocking truth that, things are not the way they seem. Actually, nothing is really the way it seems. Most people do not have the time or energy to dig deep into our social mess right now. But, even if they did, the truth is so shocking that it truly sounds like fiction. Actually, I would say that it is much worse then fiction, it actually sounds crazy.

In the pre Nazi era people would also hear crazy stories of people taken out to the forest, tortured, and killed. They couldn’t and wouldn’t believe it. It was way too shocking. Until they got caught right in the middle of it, and it was too late to get out. Right now, there is nowhere to go and nowhere to hide, so not knowing what is going on is sometimes better for peace of mind and the ability to just live your life.

Could something like the Handmaides Tale actually happen? It is already happening. But did you ever hear this quote? “Not one witch was ever killed in Salem” If you never heard it before, well now you did because it is true.

The rituals, and rites and cruelty, and pure evil portrayed in this show is exactly what the Lucifer, Satanic, and other black cultures do. Not one character in this show has any redeeming factors. They are either pure victims or pure victimizers. Since I am an empath it makes it very difficult for me to watch, and yet they suck me into it because it is done really well. The characters are compelling (on the dark side) and the story always leaves you hungry for more. I keep waiting for something good to happen, but in reality what are the odds Hollywood would do that?

If you have seen “Eyes Wide Shut” they describe one such ritual of some sort of Satanic order. They wear the same robes used in the Handmaides Tale. They abuse sex and dehumanize it in any way possible. They are cruel and have no problem killing people without blinking an eye.

The movies that Hollywood is presenting as ‘fiction’ have a basis in reality. Ask yourself, why does Hollywood have no shows with strong great character who display great qualities like loyalty, love, compassion, and other loving attributes? People are thirsty for it, and would line the streets to see it. But it is not what they want to promote right now.

Right now, Hollywood, mainstream media, left wing politicians, and maybe more organizations that I can’t think of. But, they all promote murder, mayhem, and a living hell on earth. What you should ask yourself is What are they trying to tell us? and where do I want to stand.

What is even more disturbing in the Handmaiden’s Tale is the insinuation that this kind of intolerance is coming from the Christian right, when nothing could be further from the truth. Remember; “Not one witch was burned in Salem”

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Tom Kidd #fundie

All who reject the Salvation provided by Jesus Christ by His sacrifice will perish. Hell in this regard is eternal death. I have searched the Scriptures since I was very young and now am at my 67Th. year. I have learned that the lost will not suffer forever. Also I have come to understand that that the Almighty Loving Creator will only judge us by what we actually know and understand. His righteous judgment will not in any way be based upon what mankind might say about one another unless man speaks His truth found in His revealed written Word. Psalms 138:2b; “He has magnified His word above all His name.” “I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on Me should not abide in darkness. And if any man hear My words and believe not, I judge him not, I came not to judge the world, but to save the world. He that rejecteth Me, and receiveth not My words, hath one that judgeth him; THE WORD THAT I HAVE SPOKEN, THE SAME SHALL JUDGE HIM IN THE LAST DAY.” (John 12:46–48). At His second coming, He is coming as the JUDGE OF ALL. “Behold, now is the accepted time, behold, now is the day of Salvation.” (2nd. Corinthians 6:2b) His day of Salvation is soon coming to an abrupt end.

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Anonymous Coward #fundie

If we depend solely on God, do his will, obey him and follow what he teaches us to become righteous, did you know that he would cure any stages of aids for you, cancer or any other deadly diseases you may have that doctors simply can not cure?

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Ted Jackson #fundie

“Are atheists more intelligent than believers?”

Actually, the evidence is that atheists are less intelligent than believers. Refusing to believe something does not require brains. True: doubting is an activity of intelligence, but very few atheists ever doubt anything. They simply withhold belief — which is not an activity at all, and not indicative of intelligence.

Refusing to believe, on its own, is connected with the stubbornness of the mule. Refusing to believe something, withholding belief, is not a behavior connected to rationality. Again: actively doubting and questioning is the behavior of intelligence. But atheists do not generally do this. They simply withhold belief — a behavior that does not require even understanding.

There are people who are deeply perplexed and questioning of dogma of all kinds. They actively question and examine all views, including their own. But these are not atheists or theists. These are agnostics. (And don’t give me any “agnostic atheist” B.S.)

One can very clearly see, using Quora as an example, that atheists are not a deeply rational lot, not very curious, not very inquiring. They are not investigators, worriers, skeptics. They are not analytical. They are not skeptical. They do not question. They are simply “withhold belief.” That, and ridicule others who don’t withhold belief.

And skepticism, questioning, analysis, wonder, as mental characteristics, are some of the signs of a truly intelligent person. And those characteristics are much more common among religious people, who, wrong or right, are deeply concerned with life and death issues. That fact alone justifies an inference that god believers are more intelligent than so-called “atheists.”

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Reagan Rayford, Just another layperson #fundie

You think atheists are more rational?

I think atheists are making irrational choices:

Atheists choose to believe life sprung out of nothing. We can’t even create life in science lab from nothing.

Atheists choose to believe the perfect temperature, the balance of seasons, and the gravitational pull of this earth are all coincidence.

When hearing of people telling of meeting others in heaven briefly in a near-death experience, atheists choose to believe all those people are lying… in a similar manner… even children.

Atheists have heard Christians say “we are all sinners who need a Savior from our sins.” Then when they see a Christian fall and sin, they say “I will not become a hypocrite like those Christians who sin.” Your question says atheists are rational, but here, they forget the definition of all. We are all sinners.

I find it irrational that atheists can believe history while reading a history book (granted, they likely have an open mind while reading this), yet, they don’t spend time reading the Gospel (and would likely approach them with a closed mind). Shouldn’t a rational person accept accounts of Genghis Khan and Jesus with similar respect for historical records?

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Frederick Young, former Outside Plant and FIOS Planning Engineer #fundie

The people who hate Trump hate everything and everyone who doesn't agree with them. They even hate themselves. They are descendants of Cain, who's entire lives are made up of what they hate. Hate lives within them and will never let them go free. The devil controls their every thought and emotion. The worst part is that they accuse others of who they actually are. It's 90% media driven. They attacked a 16 years old child, because he was wearing a MAGA cap. A Trump hater created and innocent and blamed it on Trump followers. A Trump hater sucker punches an innocent man in the face solely because he hates Trump. The Trump haters are the bullies who are crying that they are the victims, when they are actually the perpetrators of hate.

When you stop and seriously analyze our entire situation here in this country and the world, using logic, you'll soon come to the conclusion that we're much better off than we were just two short years ago. Millions fewer people on government assistance. Millions more people with jobs, Million more people getting raises, and fewer incidents of falsely created hatred incidents such as what happened in Ferguson, Baltimore and multiple burning of cars buildings and smashing windows such as at Berkeley. The last administration was the instigators of those types of hateful demonstrations. Slowly but surely people are seeing the differences and are waking up and realizing they were the haters and didn't even know why. These people stand out in a crowd as they're the ones who are smiling, rejoicing and who are thankful for what they have instead of complaining about what they don't have and think is better for some reason. You must feel sorry for the haters.

I could list 100s of things we should be thankful for and rejoicing instead of wasting their time hating. Negotiations with North Korea, our embassy move in Israel, the economy, fair trade agreements, taking China to task for unfair trade and theft of technology. The list goes on and on. After 8 years of tyranny and hate we’re slowly recovering from the damages, both here in this country and overseas, as well

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Shawn Hornby #fundie

God is Justice. He punishes anyone who declares their own subjective, humanistic standards higher than His own. There is no cruelty in Justice. The unjust suffer rightfully for their own evil. Man has been evil and cruel to each other since Adam decided that his own declaration of good and evil in the Garden of Eden.

God is Love and Good. All acts of goodness, kindness and love are expressions of God. God is the Standard of all those things. Loving our neighbors produces them as the fruit and the Spirit of God's Law. When man arbitrarily twists, neglects or transgresses the Law of Love towards God and our neighbors, only suffering, cruelty ans meanness results.

God is Wisdom. It is wise to obey God who knows all things. Only a fool sets himself up for a beatdown. We have seen so many examples of fools on Youtube who we feel are unloving, mean and cruel to others and get what they deserve in the end. Are we going to blame the instruments of Justice, Goodness, Wisdom and Love as being mean and cruel? Certainly not! Justice was met and it was good and the very expression of Love.

Humanism creates religion and ideologies counter to God's Law and it is the height of arrogance and ignorance to label God evil and cruel when the author of all that is evil and cruel is in fact, man himself!

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Nathan Ketsdever, lifelong theological questioner, writer, & arm chair philosopher #fundie

(In response to the question: "How can you believe in a god who is supernatural when there is a 90% chance that he doesn’t exist?")

Your numbers numbers are grounded in nothing. But I’ll point to numbers and ground them in some kind of reality.

I would say its 99% to near 100% that Jesus lived. Bart Ehrman would probably come close to agreeing with me on that one. Ehrman says the alternative theories are conspiracy theory rather than a fair and balanced approach to academic and informed history. (not to mention the extra-Biblical proof of Jesus’ existence)

I would say its 99% to near !00% that a spiritual being or Designer/Creator God created the world. Even atheists admit that the Big Bang, the creation of organic, Evolution, and the human mind all are miraculous or near miraculous events.

(You might remember the quote about someone “monkeying” with reality to get it right, but there are a number of similar quotes from agnostic and atheistic scientists, not to mention dozens of Christian and otherwise religious scientists)

The overlap of those two truths is the nexus of reality.

I could go on…..

If there are no spiritual beings and no divinity and we aren’t spiritual beings there is zero naturalistic basis for freedom, rationality, truth, human dignity, meaning, purpose, or ethics. Also, mind, conscience, and consciousness tend to loose their grounding, not to mention identity and personality lose their grounding as well.

Everything in a world of “we’re just colliding chemistry and physics” means jack squat. Its a philosophy of absolute nothingness that ends in nihilism and dehumanization. Its a philosophical dead end. You cant’ get something akin to the US Constitution from such a philosophy. Only by looking at the ideas of natural law and the Imagio Dei (made in the Image of God).

That means naturalism is a dead end for a philosophical, value, and ethical basis of our political and personal values. It can’t find the underlying value of humans. When you say “ we’re all just atoms” without acknowledging the larger realities of human personality and identity which naturalism fundamentally denies, silences, or erases you stack the deck in favor of a dehumanized and utterly stripped down view of man and women (bare bones).

No wonder survival and sex—rather than a robust understanding of human desire and emotion is the end result.

Or lets look at how the values of Jesus Christ could pretty much end every conflict on the planet and the very roots of those conflicts in less than 2 seconds. (envy, pride, ego, are all idols that Christ as a person calls into question, and are the root cause of conflict and the vast majority of the problems of the world). But people are too interested in ego to step back and see the healing transformation that would instantly occur if we actually gave those values a try.

For more on why naturalism is a poor basis for rights and ethics, I suggest reading this post which details some of the history of this philosophy in ethics: Nathan Ketsdever's answer to What are some philosophers who have argued in favor of morality being tied to religion, and some who have argued against that?

This is the next logical read after that, as it demonstrates the contrast between the two viewpoints: If the Bible was used to control people by the government, what would it be doing to the people?

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Tom Heck, BS Pharmacy, University of Wisconsin - Madison (1991) #fundie

If you are an atheist, when you die, what would make you think that you would end up in heaven? That is ludicrous. Would you want to suddenly spend years with someone whom for most of your life you have never talked to, ignored, and even denied their existence? Well, as an atheist, that is how you have been acting towards God, so when you die, you will realize how dreadful that you have acted towards the all loving and caring God.

At the time of death you will of course believe in God, and at the same time feel such a dreadful shame that you will not want to face Him. It is you who will actually banish yourself from His presence. Since God dwells in Heaven, you will choose the opposing dwelling place, which is Hell. Of course God will sentence you to that place, but it will be what you have sought all your life, to be out of God’s presence, so it will be only natural for you to want to continue in that manner despite the dire circumstances.

Of course most atheists, though they want to pretend that they are just as moral and upstanding as any Christian, in most instances have some underlying depravity that does not jive with recognizing that there is a Supreme Being that has set in place certain laws which all men are bound to follow, so there will of course be the other physical punishments that will be part of the Hell that you as an atheist will have chosen.

Of course God gave you a free will, and also an inherent ability to know that there must be a God from the beauty and order observed in nature and the universe. Using Evolution as a crux for trying to deny a Creator is not ever able to be totally convincing for anyone. But as long as you still have life, you are free to use that free will to change the road that you are following on your way to Hell. Hopefully you will at some point make that necessary change before it is over. The choice though is entirely yours.

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Patrice Padilla #fundie

I Am Alive As The Physical Embodiment of YAHUA; Created In The Image of YAHUA/YAHSHUA…Alive In My Physical (Flesh) Body, As a Testimony…To Magnify & Glorify HIS Holiness, HalleLuYAH & After, Transferring To My Spiritual, InCorruptible Body, I Am Alive, Eternally In The Spirit, As A Representative & Testament… I Am Proof of GOD’S Eternal, Power, That NEVER dies HalleluYAH

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Alex Neuenfeld #fundie

Jesus loves you, but he will not make sex with you. There is no sex in heaven. You will have to live your eternal life without sex. If you want sex you are a sinner and you will go to hell.

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Kyo Slovakia #racist

[Why does Björk look Asian?]

Many Icelanders have smaller than average eyes, this does not mean that they have any relations to asians. I’ve seen Europeans who have light brownish skin but at the same time have blue eyes and blonde hair. Their dark skin is not evidence of African or some non-European decent, and in fact their DNA analysis shows that they are fully European. These abnormal characters can occur in Europeans also, because nature makes mistakes in DNA translation and transcription. In the case of Bjork, the proteins around her eyes didn’t form fully, for whatever reason, hence why she looks “asian” to the untrained eye.

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Anonymous #conspiracy

(In response to "Has anyone lost something big via the Mandela Effect?")

I am going anonymous on this one; I don’t want people I know thinking I am crazy. My experience isn’t as big as your question is asking, but I believe it is bigger than average. This might take a bit to sort out the multiple levels of a Mandela effect…

In my senior year of high school, we watched a movie: Of Mice and Men. This was based on the classic novel of John Steinbeck. This movie starred Bill Fagerbakke (playing Lennie) and Gary Sinise (playing George). Most people know the name “Sinise,” but they might not remember Fagerbakke. Fagerbakke is perhaps best known for his role on television show Coach. He played the role of the aging “dumb jock” that could never graduate, and sort of transitioned into a member of the football staff. Fagerbakke is on the far right in the picture below.


When I watched this movie for the first time in my senior class, I remember thinking that Fagerbakke was the perfect actor to play the role of Lennie; Lennie is a mentally challenged character in the Steinbeck classic. If you can imagine, Fagerbakke looked similar to an overgrown Dennis the Menace with his blond hair, and wearing the old blue jean overalls. In fact, this movie was such a hit, that Fagerbakke and Sinise would work together again a few years later in a movie of Stephen King’s The Stand. Once again, Fagerbakke played a mentally challenged character. Further, Of Mice and Men was obviously an inspiration landing him this next role. In fact, he even wore blue jean overalls in this movie as well. From The Stand, Fagerbakke is pictured to the right, below.


Now, the weirdness begins:

In 1994 or 1995, my wife and I watched Of Mice and Men together. She would often pick up movies on her way home and we would watch them together. I was excited to watch the movie and I told her how much I enjoyed watching it again and that we had also watched it my senior year of high school. Here is the first problem: She reminded me that I had graduated high school in 1988 and that this movie was released in 1992. I said, “But that isn’t possible!” You can imagine the long conversation we had over that. It bothered me, but what could I do? Reading the box, it CLEARLY stated 1992. How could I have watched something four years prior to it being released? Of course, there was nothing I could do, and there was nothing to be done; I simply had to let it go. On a lighter note, we both at least had a lengthy discussion about how Fagerbakke was perfect for the role because of his acting on Coach.

So, this little incident had bothered me for many years. From time to time over the years, the conversation would come up again. I was always lightheartedly dismissed as “mistaken.” More recently though, I hadn’t thought about this incident for many years. But then “The Mandela Effect” had been gaining in popularity. I had dismissed it as a common psychological phenomenon. In my opinion, it is intuitive that most people wouldn’t notice C3PO’s subtle silver leg, a wrong quote from Star Wars, an unusual spelling, etc. Taking The Mandela Effect seriously was something I judged as silly. Regardless, it was at least interesting to read about, but not something I would take seriously.

A couple of nights ago, I was reading more about The Mandela Effect, and I suddenly remembered the “Of Mice and Men incident.” I was still disturbed by watching a movie in 1988 that came out in 1992. Being curious, I decided to do some googling and I was VERY surprised at what I found:

The movie doesn’t exist! Everything I have written above, every high school memory, didn’t happen! Further, the discussion I had with my wife about how Fagerbakke was perfect for the role never happened! Oh, there WAS a movie! It DID come out in 1992! Gary Sinise WAS in it. But, Fagerbakke wasn’t in it!

Let me repeat that. Fagerbakke WASN’T in the MOVIE! John Malcovich played the role of Lenny! Sinese and Malcovich are pictured below.


Let all of this sink in: Me watching the movie in high school in ’88 with Fagerbakke never happened. Talking with my wife in ’94 or ’95 about Fagerbakke’s acting while also misremembering a ’92 movie never happened. Numerous conversations through the years about misremembering the YEAR certainly happened, yet numerous conversations through the years of Fagerbakke’s never happened!

Further, I also discovered that the show Coach didn’t come out until 1989.

But I was there! I “know” what I remember! Or do I?

In my opinion, any ONE of these events is disturbing. But the collection of them all together! The MULTIPLE conversations through the years about it!

I tend to believe that there is something to learn here. I think it may be more a symptom of how our minds really work, how SERIOUSLY unreliable memory can truly be, and far LESS of any evidence for some paranormal or superordinary phenomenon. But the jury is still out, and I am still disturbed by it.

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Sean Thomas, been a Christian all of my adult life #fundie

(in response to: Christians believe you go to heaven or hell. Then how come psychics are able to talk to dead people who were not Christians and they say they are in a good place?)

Because most “psychics” are frauds that have been taught a variety of strategies for getting you to give away details without realizing it, that they then capitalize on to amaze you.

A single semester of Psychology 101 will have you seeing through those tricks.

The small fraction that are legitimate sorcerers are communing with demons, not dead people, and you should stay well away from such people.

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Nathan Ketsdever, Passionate about Critical Thinking & Philosophy #fundie

“Rationality” as explained on the internetz. One has to understand the opportunity cost of such a view of both rationality and skepticism. No one is being skeptical of skepticism. No one is doubting their doubt. Thats foundational to the theory—if you take it seriously.
Postmodern type deconstruction that doesn’t realize its eaten itself. That is to say its self-contradictory.
The inability to see the limits of skepticism. Skeptics throughout the ages have been faulted for being academic and ivory tower. For instance, Harris’ suggesting life is deterministic, but living like free will (and presumably human dignity, justice, and rights) are real things. Thats a fundamental cognitive dissonance of the highest order.

The assumption that things one can’t see aren’t true, even though one can see and in fact daily rely on their existence is absurd.

The same logic applied to Gravity, Friction, or other forces would be thrown out and this assertion should be thrown out too.

Not to mention, materialism and physicalism fail to understand the human personality fully. Life is more than skin and bones. Life is more than biology, chemistry, and physics. Otherwise, libraries and bookstores would be half their size.

Anyone who thinks Descartes is the kind of skeptic that skepticism that exists on the internet. Descartes deconstructed and re-constructed. There isn’t much of an element of understanding the necessity of re-constructing so we can live our daily lives and survive. Descartes used skepticism precisely to push knowledge and civilization forward—I think therefore I am—helped the cause of pointing to identity rather than navel gazing and ivory tower. Descartes used skepticism to bring extreme forms of skepticism to bear. That is to say Descartes form of skepticism is exactly the opposite in orientation as internet skepticism or modern day skepticism.

If rationality was as reductive as internet skeptics proclaim, we would all be Ayn Rand. The thing is Aristotle viewed logic and rationality through a different lens. And it’s precisely this lens that is the foundation of the Western legal tradition. Reductive forms of logic lost. It not rationality, but reductive rationality, and thats a whole different ball of wax my friend.

The evidence for God is everywhere…you just have to pay attention.

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Charles A. Veilleux, B.A., B.Sc. B.Sc.A Materials Science and Engineering, Université Laval, Québec (1961) #fundie

Very short question and a very long trip for answer. You know that you are born in the Christ Michael kingdom. A creator son (there are 700,000 of them). First after death, one part of you, your thought Ajuster this divine part that you have received at about 5.5 years old at your first moral act will leave you and joints HIs Father God for a while, Your other part, your immortal soul that has developed with the help of your thought adjuster will be transported to the system universe created by your Christ Michael where you are going to be reassembled with you Thought adjuster, (resurrected) instructed, and trained. On there you will believe that you are already on Paradise because you will find that there are 10 categories of life compared to two on earth (vegetable and animal) moreover you will find that the periodic table of elements is now 200 instead of 100 on earth. Everything is beauty. nicer and nicer. You live on architectural spheres created by our Christ, After instructions on 8 of those spheres you are going to be transported to the capital of this local system (Jerusem), After a long stay there you are going to be transported to one of the 100 constellations created by Michel where you are going to be schooled and trained on 771 spheres, Being graduated from the constellation you are going to be transported to the capital of the kingdom of Christ where you are going to be trained and instructed on additional 491 spheres, Remark here that each time you were transported on a new sphere you were given a new body to better fit your new intellect. On or around this capital there are now 500 elements this imply much more beauty, Before leaving the kingdom of Christ you are going to graduate as first stage spirit, 6 more to conquer. Then you will be transported to one of the minor sector of the milky way, then on one of the 10 major sector of the Milky Way to find more instructions and training then comes the capital of the Milky Way with 800 elements and 491 spheres where to learn and be trained.

Then come the very long transport towards 1 billion spheres circling around paradise in seven circuits, each of them with 1000 elements, imagine the beauty. unfortunately you will have to learn and be trained on each of them. You will finally reach the last one as a 6 stage spirit before being transported for the last time to paradise. You do not perceive time during those transports .When you awake in Paradise you will stay awake up for eternity.

Why all this training? on earth you learn to be either a doctor an engineer or an accountant

now you have learned to be a son of God, After your long stay on Paradise. You will be graduated as a 7th stage spirit before departing for somewhere in the universe to instruct and train the new inhabitants, As you see God need you he need us to grow up His universe.

We were told go and multiply yourself exactly for this reason.

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Dieter Neth, Converted to Catholicism being almost middle age. #fundie

One might just start a prayer:

Please Lord, throw some brains down here…. Atheists are trying to be smart again here on Quora.

How do YOU know that the Earth is round?

Yes, right. You have heard a teacher TALK about it being round and you trusted your teacher to tell you the truth.

The title of Jesus is “Rabbi”. That comes up a few times in the Bible. That word means “teacher”.

So the Apostles may have heard the story about Jesus being tempted by the devil in the wilderness from Jesus himself. After all, they were hanging out together for 3 years straight and had ample time to talk. No stupid users needing smartphones back then to seem intelligent. And the trusted their teacher.

So the apostles heard about these details from Jesus and then told Matthew, Mark and Luke and probably a whole bunch of other folks as well.

I can still reproduce to great detail my story how I have met my wife, and that was almost 30 years ago. I do not claim to be smarter or to have better memory than any author from biblical times. If I can remember things like that, anyone could. The experience at hand only needs to cause a great enough impact on you and you remember it for life.

And this is Jesus after all. He should be able to remember a few things. After all, this incident in the wilderness was some 40 days before His entrance into Jerusalem. They had some 6 days together before Jesus got crucified - enough to talk about these “details”, with His Apostles, maybe during Last Supper.

Of course, these days people do not talk to each other anymore about meaningful things during supper, thanks to…… “smart” phones. And they assume that people have always been som limited throughout history. There is nothing supernatural or miraculous about sharing and remembering a story and then write it down a few decades later.

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Milan Woodson, 27 years as an ordained minister #fundie

Yes I have. A real witch was sent after me and cursed me with a spell. She sealed a bad spirit in me. You see, I am a servant of God with special privileges and a special relationship with God. I also have a destiny to fulfill. Don't get me wrong, I am an average person. It is my relationship and situation that is special, but my situation is also one of a kind. It is a situation that happens once in a lifetime, if ever for anyone. The impossible has to be a accomplished against impossible odds.

There has been a challenge between good and bad spirits for my soul. God has allowed this to happen as a challenge. I have to overcome before the return of Christ which is not to long from now, within a decade.

The curse at times affects my brain, heart and hormones beyond my control. This most often happens without any conscious thoughts and feelings of my own.

It takes a lot of inner strength to regain control of its affect on me. Usually I gain control within minutes, but there are times when it takes longer. The spirit inside me is here to make me fail in reaching my destiny. It is trying to corrupt me from within and to get me to do things, my God forbids, of my own will, deliberately. If it succeeds in corrupting me I will loose everything with which God is waiting to bless me. It also can and will take over my soul and destroy me if I sin and fail. Then God will have to choose someone else in my place because of my failure. You see God and it knows that without it within me it would not even be nearly possible to corrupt me from outside myself through what I see, hear or through temptation by people because of my love for God and his ways, my hatred for sin, and my inner strength of character.

It is powerful enough to make me do what is forbidden but God would still be with me because he knows it will have forced me from within. So it tries to make me want to do something seriously sinful on my own so that I will do it of my own free will so as to loose my favor and inheritance from God. I can only obtain my inheritance by overcoming, breaking the spell. I keep my mind and heart, thinking and emotions clean so that I do not become overcome by any temptations from outside myself while the spirit from within myself influences me at times. God knows how much I hate seriously sinful behavior. So temptations turn me off grossly, and may annoy and irritate me. But I try not to show it in my face, expressions or actions before those who enjoy such behavior. I try not to offend those who feel such behavior is normal and natural before God. We live in a world where people have grown up where sinful practices are the norm. People are obsessed with certain sins. They often or consistently talk, gesture and joke about sinful things. I avoid and ignore it as much as possible. The bad spirit at times will come out of dormancy within me when I am around such behavior or talk to manipulate me. But I always evade and resist it to regain control. God strengthens me afterwards whenever it saps too much of my inner strength and resolve, it can also at times lower my inhibitions.

Each time the opportunity to break the spell arises the bad spirit within and all those outside myself interfere through people by manipulating their minds and hearts to interfere by their words, conduct and attitude beyond or below their sense of awareness. Also sometimes, to frighten someone away from me the spirit will cause such a hormonal reaction within me, mostly tingling, which ranges from mild to extreme uneasiness orcdiscomfort, and somehow (probably by the Ouija to) frighten the other person. In a way it is saying: “Boo!” It especially does this when I meet a real potential for breaking the spell. Yet I have to somehow overcome this as well to succeed. I have failed every time since it started. But I must keep on going until the next opportunity that God directs me. If his holy spirit within me does not move me I often do not act but just wait for an indication of when I should act. Sometimes I act on my own to make something happen though. But I have more complete confidence in a choice when God directs me, even if my imperfect thinking may get in the way temporarily. According to the rules of challenge God cannot do it for me but can only assist me to certain degree and bless me with success once the right conditions and circumstance is achieved. I have to overcome in faith on my own. What God does do is protect me from bad people who want to do me harm. People are responding from what the bad spirits are doing to attract negative attention to me. People are helping and on the side of bad spirits and most do not know it when opposing me. Yet, I have to do what I have to do to break free despite what others think. At the same time I have to balance doing what God directs me to do with not fully disregarding nor fully encroaching upon the rights and feelings of others. God's will is paramount but the will of others should not be completely dismissed. God also, at times quickens (:imparts power to) me with holy spirit. He keeps my spirits up.

My situation often looks as if I am in danger, which is allowed by God, but it is those who think they can harm me that are in danger without knowing it. You see, God and all his angels are watching and listening to all those who are in earned with what is happening. Because the angels simply in practical ways recent them, without causing them harm or death they continue to try to harm me thinking no one nor anything can or will stop them. They feel that they are not in danger but I am. Heaven and I know the danger they are in with God. There is only one true God. Those who want to play God will sooner or later face the consequences of playing God. Interfering in the divine will lead to consequences. The results of meddling will be that no one, nothing in the universe, nor any army could prevent the consequences that will insue, however mild or detrimental they may turn out to be as determined by the degree of motive and actions attempted. Erring on the side of caution is the wisest course.

You might ask, why would God allow such a thing. Well, we were all created by God and given life by him. We were created for him and we should want to do whatever he asks. Besides God knows each person better than they know themselves. It is bad angelic spirits that pose the challenge. If God allows some extreme challenge upon a servant of his he knows that he or she can handle it with his help and eventually come off victorious no matter the odds. With God all things are possible. So if God allows this to happen obviously he knows the character of that particular servant is strong enough to handle it and he will give his holy spirit to ensure that his servant can, when and where he or she lacks strength.

It is always for his glory and our own good and future. God always blesses the faithful generously. Often such blessing are unimaginable and unforseen. Look at how God blessed Joseph and Job. Their life story is even recorded in history. We can read and many have read about them over some 3,500 years later.

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anonymus coward #fundie

God is not going away and is still in the finishing process of His plan for creation. What makes people think they can escape what is coming? Is it technology?

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Michael Arriola #fundie

I was enamored with you as person who was a believer in Christ. I'm assuming your belief was inextricably tied to the kind that imparts the gift of Eternal Life to the believer.

OK so far?

Now, now I your help solving a problem I'm struggling with. So, please bare with me.

The gift of God to believers is Eternal Life. It's freely given to all believe in the Gospel(good news of His Resurrection). Death no longer has a sting, because, it was defeated by virtue of His Resurrection.

So, the only kind of life that God gives is Eternal (Greek: Eionis Zoe) lifeJn: 3:16, for example. When is this gift given? When, you believe. Not when you die, but the moment you BELIEVE!

Now stay with me, OK.

The word “Eternal” is always defined as something that never ends.

It gets better! Vines Interlinear Greek/English Dictionary reveals that the word “life” in English has two in Greek-: Bios; refers to temporal life of the body. That's were we got the word Bio- logy( the NT was written in koinai Greek) ; the language familiar to Christ.

Now, in every passage in the NT where the word “life” is used conjoined with eternal applied to the gift of Life Eternal the Greek word is Zoë, not, Bios. Zoe refers to the conscience Spirit within all human kind. Never used to denote the temporal body-bios.


The moment you believed you were gifted with Eternal Life(never ending).
Because life is eternal, by definition, there is never going to be a cessation of consciousness, because you have ZOE. not BIOS.
IF God's gift of Eternal Life could be lost, repossessed, or given away, then, by definition, it was Not Eternal Fri the get-go. . All I'm doing is brain storming, because it makes sense. You make sense about the the Church. If I didn't know better I'd have left too. But we're all in this place together, as patients in a great big hospital for the sick, lame and lazy. But, if God justified you at the exact millisecond that you by believed, then you justified today. God is not an indian giver. saying is that if you were saved then, you are justified today. You once wrote me to say that your beef wasn't with Jesus, but the Church. Gods omniscience precludes to be mutable, “ oh your saved, oops, now your not…” That's not how He works. That's how someone who doesn't know what to do works. He said He would never leave or forsake you. Saved by His Grace. You are not your own, you have been purchased with a price
So why not glorify Him? ,

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Hugh Ackmann, studied Engineering Technology at Pennsylvania State University #fundie

The World is a Lot Less Scary without the “Godless”, ‘Faithless’ Self Serving, Non-Believers, who would otherwise Rob, Steal, Kill, Murder, Lie, make False Accusations, and generally be a Menace to Decent Society!

Without a healthy Fear of God, and Fear of Punishment, ‘special’ Humans feel free to do whatever they want to Serve themselves!

The Devil says, “Do what thou willest”!

That means, ‘Do whatever You want!

And that’s Pretty Much what we have in Society, Now adays!

Someone who Rejects God may very well serve the Devil!

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Kevin Yue Kevin Yue, studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology #fundie

I want to be absolutely clear that I mean no insult to any atheist when I say:

It is impossible for an atheist to argue with me about God

The reason for this is simple, compelling, and inarguable.

They don’t know Him.

I want you to imagine a scenario with me.

Imagine a man who comes to me with an argument. He is eloquent, intelligent, and well-spoken. In fact, he is far more so than I am. He has done his research, read all the relevant literature, and carefully planned his presentation.

He stands confidently, clears his throat and says,

“I am convinced that you do not have a younger brother.”

Then he begins to tell me how he couldn’t find a copy of my brother’s birth certificate, how my family’s stories about my brother sound contradictory, and how Google search didn’t find any pictures of him.

Tell me, do you think I will be swayed by this man’s eloquence or intelligence?

Me and my brother.

This is the problem with Atheists who try to talk about my God.

Their arguments are (when done right), lucid, well-thought, and completely irrelevant.

The intelligence or preparedness of the Atheist is irrelevant when he’s waving the equivalent of a plastic cafeteria knife around in a gunfight.

Abstract arguments NEVER trump personal experiences. NEVER. Conjecture is second to evidence, and should be.

There are many people who are convinced that the moon landing was fake, but I 100% guarantee you Neil Armstrong will never be one of them.

Do you really think there is even a single word that you could say which has anywhere near the weight of 23 years of personal interaction with my little brother?

Do you think any amount of “inconsistencies” are going to suddenly make me say “oh gee, I guess I’ve just been imagining him this whole time?”

So if there’s anything I would like Atheists to know, it’s this. When Christians talk about having a “relationship” with God, we aren’t speaking in code. There are no hidden double-meanings, it isn’t some sort of bizarre speech impediment.

I literally mean that my relationship with God is like my relationship with my brother.

God isn’t someone I read about in a dusty book that fits conveniently into the pew in front of me. He’s someone I talk with, go out to eat with, laugh with and sing with and cry with.

In other words, God is integral to my life. Without him, no part of my world even makes sense anymore. As CS Lewis said:

Atheists know about God.

Christians know God.

There is a difference. You can tell me what God’s reported to have said. I can tell you what His voice sounded like when He said it.

You’ll tell me that you don’t believe I can have that sort of relationship with a nonexistent entity.

I don’t care.

You are arguing in a field where I am the expert and you are the layman. Your evidence is not only insufficient, it’s inadmissible. Every single thing you can say about Him is hearsay!

Even the most fervent Atheist has only the theoretical supposition that his lack of experience with God can be extrapolated to the reality beyond his experience.

Whereas even the youngest and least mature true Christian has the bedrock certainty of “Of course he’s real. I actually know the guy.”

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Laura Jacobs #fundie

The Bible clearly states of those who do not believe what it says, Satan has blinded their eyes and muted their hearing (2 Corinthians 4:3-5). Meanwhile, these non-believers brag and make light of the fact that they look forward to going to Hell, where they will enjoy their works of evil without the righteousness of God hovering over them.

The reality is that none of us will ever escape the righteousness of God. The psalmist wrote:

Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence? If I ascend into heaven, You are there; If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there. — Psalm 139:7-8

While we cannot escape the righteous judgment of God, it is also true that God, in His mercy and grace, wants to impart His righteousness through salvation to all people.

Yet there are those who refuse such a gift.

So why do people want to close their eyes to the idea of Hell when the world is talking, blogging, and writing about a literal place that intrigues and inflames such passion? Hell is not an idea, a figment of the imagination, or the setting for a horror movie. It is the hideous reality that awaits those who refuse to let God come into their lives and make them new creations, filled with His forgiveness and love.

Please hear this truth: you will not escape God’s righteousness by going to Hell.

Consider this: Multitudes do not flinch when they condemn to Hell people such as Saudi Arabia’s Osama bin Laden, Germany’s Adolf Hitler, or Cambodia’s Pol Pot; or notorious Americans, such as Jeffrey Dahmer or Ted Bundy. Their accusers do not hesitate to suggest that certain people who have “stepped over the line” of what they consider evil will land in Hell when life on earth is over. In the next breath, however, many will say, “I do not believe that God would send good people to Hell.”

Herein lies the problem — we see ourselves as good and refuse to see that we, too, harbor wickedness within. As the Bible says,

The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it? — Jeremiah 17:9

And further:

From within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wicked- ness, deceit, lewdness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. All these evil things come from within and defile a man. — Mark 7:21-23

You see, God does not play favorites. The sin of pride is in the same sentence as the sin of murder.

Where do you fit in? Are you like the rich young ruler who declared to Jesus that he had lived a perfect life? Or perhaps you feel only certain sins merit Hell. It does not really matter how we think of it; the truth of the Bible is what matters. And God’s Word proclaims that all people are sinners. God — not man — has set the standard, and we all fall short.

The bloggers I mentioned earlier stated emphatically that no murderer should go to Heaven. The Bible says,

The Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful [people], and be crucified, and the third day rise again. — Luke 24:7

Who are these sinful people? You and me. Our sins nailed Jesus Christ to the cross, and we have His blood on our hands. But God wants the blood of His Son to cover the sin in our hearts. This is why He came. Jesus looked down on mankind and said,

“I love you with an everlasting love; repent of your sin and follow Me that where I am going you may also go.”

Many people teach today that the blood of Jesus covers all sin, regardless of whether the sinner repents or not. This is Satan’s great lie. Some believe they will automatically walk into Heaven when this earthly life is over because God is love. That would negate the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. Don’t be deceived, for God is not mocked. God is also a God of justice and righteousness.

He is not preparing a place in Heaven for unrepentant sinners.

While we have contributed nothing to God’s free gift of salvation, there is a condition to possessing it — we must confess our sin, turn from it, and receive Christ on His terms.

This truth is repulsive to many. The pride that flaunts our self-proclaimed innocence is the very evidence of our guilt. Continuing in rebellion against God, whether the sin be pride or murder, will send souls to Hell. Then there will be no turning back, no second chances. There is no afterthought in the afterlife. Today is the time to decide where you will live forever — either Heaven or Hell. This may very well be an unpopular teaching, but popularity polls do not determine destiny for anyone.

What will be your eternal destination after this earthly life is over for you? Are you going to Heaven — or to Hell? This is the most important question you will ever face.

I pray you will answer it honestly and that you will know the reason behind it. If you say that you will go to Heaven because you are good, the Bible says,

There is none who does good, no, not one. — Romans 3:12

So if no one is good and Heaven is filled with only the righteous, who will be there? The answer is found in salvation — for God desires that all people be saved. Those who repent of sin against God, receive His forgiveness, and live in obedience to Him, God sees through the righteousness of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is preparing a place in Heaven for those who belong to Him. This is the goodness of Heaven.

The doom of Hell was not intended for human beings. God created us for fellowship with Him, though many have turned their backs on Him. Hell was created for the devil and his demons, and Satan wants to take the world with him into this diabolical place.

Don’t think for one minute that Hell will be the “hottest” happy hour of all.

The world wonders about Hell every day. It is one of the most daunting and repeated topics seen in art, read in literature, debated among educators, and heard in music.

One blog took on the subject of Heaven and Hell. As people weighed in, the discussion became a vicious cycle. Finally one commenter frantically typed in, “Could someone please explain how to avoid Hell?”

Another asked, “How do you spell Hell?”
The flippant reply was, “Hoping Evil Lives Long.”
But the Bible spells it this way: Hopelessly Everlasting, Literally Loveless.

You may be thinking, Billy, surely you do not believe all of this Hellfire and brimstone! My dear friends, it is not what I say that counts; it is what the Word of God says. Jesus spoke more about Hell than Heaven. Why? Because of His great compassion for souls. He gave His life to spare you the agony, torment, and gruesome reality that Hell is reserved for those who reject Christ.

I can tell you this: not one word about Hell in the Bible would ever make you want to go there. And no one who understands the peace of Heaven would ever want to end up anywhere else. As Scripture puts it,

He who believes on Him will by no means be put to shame. — 1 Peter 2:6

The world is talking about eternity. It is high time that the true church of Jesus Christ declares to the world the promises God gives in His Word on how to get to Heaven and how to avoid Hell.

The alternative to Hell is the glorious joy that awaits those who will follow Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, to His heavenly home.

Jesus prayed,

Father, I desire that they also… be with Me where I am. — John 17:24

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Gerald McDonald #fundie

’m sorry. But what proof do they have that the book of Exodus is fiction. They were not there, when it did or did not happen. The best authority that there is for us to verify this is the very book where the book of Exodus is found. All of the Bible at one time or another has been place under a microscope. And each time it has been proven as accurate. No one has ever produced any evidence that what the Bible has said, is inaccurate. On the contrary time and again, it has been shown that what is recorded within the pages of the Bible is accurate.

Take for example the nation of the Hittites. Critics on every had lambasted the Bible for the history of of the Hittites recorded within. But all those same critics went back into the wood work, once the paleontologists uncovered items that exonerated the Biblical narration.

So just because no evidence has been found that shows the book of Exodus to be true, does not mean that what it written within is not true.

As a matter of fact, the reason that these critics of the book of Exodus say that there is no evidence is because they don’t recognize existing evidence that has been found because of the time frame that they have allowed for the Exodus to have taken place. So if they would be willing to go back and adjust their timing then the evidence would prove supporting.

As I’m sure these critics are aware, the award winning documentary “Patterns of Evidence:Exodus” by Tim Mahoney, shows some very good reasoning as to the voracity of the claims of the book of Exodus.

And since the critics of the book of Exodus are not the only ones to have attacked the historical of the Bible, then we should not be taken aback that continue their assault on God’s Word. Even though the critics of a world wide deluge, have at least admitted that there was some kind of historical flooding, stopping just short of a world wide flood, they over look the tons of plants and animals all buried at one time around the world, they over look the fact that many cultures all document the story of a world wide or partial flood, and they refuse to admit that the flood could have been possible. So. I wouldn’t loose any sleep over what the atheists say or don’t say about the Bible. Search the Scriptures for yourself and you will find that what man does not know or won’t admit to knowing, God know very well. And He longs for everyone to have the opportunity to know their most bestest Friend ever. Jesus Christ.

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Wendy D. Beard, Reserve Teacher #fundie

I have not read all 48 answers, but I am very disappointed in the ignorance out there on this subject.

There IS overwhelming evidence of Semites in Egypt which could very well be the Israelites. Google Avaris. A huge settlement underneath the more modern city of Rameses of which the Bible refers to! Besides a huge Semitic settlement, is evidence of larger numbers of infant boys being killed, and of the settlement being vacated suddenly in the spring! On top of that is an Egyptian pyramid for a Semite! alongside a huge statue of a red-haired man with a multi-colored coat. It appears Joseph, as second in command to Pharoah, got to have his own pyramid and statue! This is overwhelming and specific evidence of Israelites in Egypt, Joseph in particular, the killing of Hebrew boy infants, and a quick exodus.

This escavation is a newer development. But should be quite common knowledge now. A documentary called “Pattern of Evidence” has been out in theaters in addition to being available online in multiple websites.

As to Mount Sinai, there HAS been a lack of evidence because the mountain that is NOW called Mount Sinai has no evidence. However, when this mountain was named by one famous woman, doesn’t mean she was ever correct.

There is a mountain named Jabal al Lawz of which all the locals claim it is the “mountain of Moses (or Musa in Arabic). It has a charred top like described in Exodus. It has Egyptian Hebrew hierogyphics, pictures of huge calves on the walls, and 12 pillars of stone. There is evidence of large amounts of water around a rock which could certainly be evidence of when Moses struck a rock and it provided water for all the people and their animals. There is also the bitter stream mentioned. The entire area seems to match that described in Exodus.

There is also a land bridge from Egypt to Saudi Arabia which could be the remains of the crossing of the Red Sea complete with Egyptian chariots in the Sea next to it.

So IF you look at the CORRECT mountain and the CORRECT pathway, the evidence is there. It is just that for many centuries, people were assuming that the Mount Sinai on our maps was the same Mount Sinai as in the Bible, but it is not.

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Iggy Price #fundie

“25:55 For unto me the children of Israel are servants, they are my servants whom I have brought out of the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God. “

We ARE ALL supposed to be HIS servants. Is what it is saying.

Just like we were supposed to be taking care of His garden and all the animals Adam got to name. Everyone thinks they are too good to serve anyone. Just like the fallen angels. Get off yourself and on your knees but not to false gods and Antichrist's and devil worshipper’s that changed the scriptures and the Sabbath Day. But to the One Jesus Christ who became the perfect sacrifice to offer for our sins.

Not to mention the only humble servant yet without sin and who proved it is possible for a spirit to live in a body without sinning.

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Robin Dale #fundie

Not only is everything you are attempting to change the meanings of— incorrect but is also all lies. The Sons of Israel who were Given to God were to become Priest they were never child sacrificed as you claim here. Your taking verses out of context and not reading the whole passage. Putting what you wish to believe in its place.

Foreign slaves were to be treated with love and respect and care by their owners as the Law itself was commanded in Leviticus and not as the Egyptians had done by whippings and brutal treatment and harsh labors.

Your Living Large In the City. Numbers clearly states “WAS” which means that after they defeated Sihon and afterwards the Israelite's settled all the lands they were promised just as the Bible foretold.

Why did God harden Pharaoh’s heart? Pharaoh who was a ruthless and self centered man had refused repeatedly to give in to God’s demands. As a result both mankind and animal at that time had to suffer immensely at Pharoah’s hands. The Pharoah contended with the Living God Almighty and God was kind enough to give him and all Egypt twelve signs of his power and authority. Many Egyptians left with the Israelites also as stated in the Bible. Pharaoh chose his course and decided in his own mind to slaughter them all and God lead him into a trap by his own greed and destroyed him.

Your 11th Plague of Snakes is Exodus 13;6 is a lie for here is that verse as it reads Exodus 13;6,,,6 Seven days you are to eat unleavened bread,+ and on the seventh day, there will be a festival to Jehovah. 7 Unleavened bread is to be eaten for the seven days;+ and nothing leavened is to be found with you,+ and no sourdough is to be found with you within all your territory.* 8 And you must tell your son on that day, ‘It is because of what Jehovah did for me when I came out of Egypt.———Snakes Doesn’t exist there.

If you would taken the time to finish those versus you would have realized your mistakes. Clearly you have a hatred of God by your actions. But why attack what you know nothing about. I suggest read it the Bible from start to finish before posting unfounded things. What your unknowingly doing is the same as what Pharaoh had done. That in itself is a dangerous course.

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Robert Smith, studied at School of Common Sense #fundie

Actually if you say Jesus is not the son of God you are bearing false witness,. Islam teaches God has no son and does not begot . How you could think you are denying him is by saying he is i do not know why you would think that. For God so loved the world that he sent [ his only begotten son], that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. is this not clear ?? Any religion that teaches Jesus is not the son of God is anti christ !! For if anyone preach a different gospel than what we have preached to you he is ?????? now ask yourself who is it that preaches a different truth than the disciples of Christ taught ??? Which religion teaches that Jesus was not crucified and is not the son of God, this is anti christ there is no other way to say it,

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George Clark #fundie

The writers of the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation had no training in astronomy or astrophysics. Neither did they know about “red giant stars”. That does not change any prophecy about the resurrection, matters of faith, or current science.

What the Bible does say is that the Lord God will make a new heaven and a new earth as a forever dwelling for all the faithful. Since God made our existing sun and solar system and the entire universe in six days, Almighty God has the capacity to make anything go away, dissolve the universe, and design a world fit for eternity at the speed of divine thought.

Secondly, the light that will illuminate heaven will be the divine light from the very glory of Jesus Christ in his divine state. There will not be a need for the sun or the solar system in the new earth and new heavens [all the stellar universe]. Jesus has been creating places for all believers now for at least two thousand years nearly. I cannot imagine the detail and particulars Jesus has in mind. So I am not worried about our Sun going to Red Giant status.

Jesus did promise to return on the Last Day of human history, resurrect all the dead both righteous and the wicked, change the living at the time of His return in the blink of an eye, judge every person from all of human history fairly, separate [actually throw them] the wicked into a lake of fire forever, and then celebrate with all the faithful in our new eternal home!

The universe only appears to be billions of years old because of the current speed of light. Based on Genesis 1, originally…. light could have had unlimited light speed. This would account for God saying,” let there be light”. Then when God separated light from darkness, He changed the speed of light to the current speed. This secondary change then made the universe seem much older.

Gen 1: 1 says that in the beginning God created space [universe, Hebrew word used was heaven] and matter [Hebrew word used was earth]. Therefore, I would not ascribe any limitation to Almighty God.

But I would note that God foretells literally melting this earth with fire in the book of Peter as a form of judgement. He destroyed the earth once with water in the flood. He promised not to repeat that action. The next time, He will use fire. Perhaps God will cause the Sun to go into supernova mode at that time. Who knows.

Those who are among the faithful will be with Jesus in that New Earth and New Heaven in Revelation.

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Elaine Vandort #fundie

All suffering is a consequence of sin and sin originated in this world from mans disobedience. If man had obeyed the simple commands of God from the beginning, there wouldn't be any of the suffering we see today. Satan, the father of sin, loves to torture what God loves and it's very clear in the Bible that God loves children. Mans disobedience in Eden opened the gateway for Satan to cause utter destruction. Could God step in and prevent it? Yes. But He doesn't. Why? Because man needs to see the consequence of sin and straying from Gods path to be willing to turn away from it. People need an understanding of how adverse sin is to never want to do it again. But that doesn't mean that God doesn't grieve. Remember these are His children we're talking about. His heart burns for them every second. Most people think that He just sits back nd watches the world as if it were TV screen. But in truth, He’s with all of us e every minute. He suffers with us. He sent His own Son, spotless and pure, to die a gruesome death so that we might be saved. But one day all suffering will come to an end forever. God has every single life in mind as if each one was his only priority. Justice will be done to every living soul in the end. We cannot understand every aspect of the divine plan of an omniscient, omnipotent God. But we just need to know that He has assured a fair ending to this great controversy. It's not for us to try and fathom everything. That's where faith comes into the picture.

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Jackie Walker #fundie

Jesus Christ DID actually exist. It is a HISTORIC FACT.

Now, assuming he was the Son of God and Savior, why would anyone refuse his freely offered gift of salvation? (I agree, it was a GREAT sacrifice!!)

I don’t know. Stupidity? Selfishness? Refusal to yield control of one’s life? Desire to live a life of sin?

The fruits of the Spirit are: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control. Not saying that people who aren’t Christians don’t have some of these, but they don’t have ALL of them at the same time.

I understand that some of the greatest Darwinists today actually have admitted privately that they can’t believe in a Creator because then they can’t live the kind of life they want to, chasing girls (yes, they were all men), alcohol and other drugs, etc. They would have to answer to God on Judgment Day. This was unacceptable! So they refuse to believe.

Well, I have news for them - come the End, they’ll believe, but it will be too late to change anything. God has given them LOTS of evidence of his existence and they refuse to listen. So they will pay the price. But they can blame no one else! And it’s eternally sad for them. (sniff sniff)

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Dean Cooper #fundie

(In response to: Assuming Jesus Christ actually existed, and he was who he purported to be, why would anyone refuse so great of a sacrifice?)

they love their sin and hate the idea of someone else being in charge.

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Rosie Greene #fundie

Jesus Christ did exist. He is a historical person proven not just by the Bible, but by documents dating back to that time. Also, it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was crucified and died.

What people debate is whether or not he rose again from the dead or whether His disciples came in the night and stole His body. To this, I can answer that He did indeed rise from the dead. It would have been entirely impossible for the disciples to steal the body because Jesus was buried in a rock hewn tomb that was covered by a gigantic boulder. Roman soldiers were placed on guard at the tomb. The boulder would have been impossible to move without significant effort and a great deal of noise. Even the heaviest sleepers would have woken up by the racket. Also, many people purport to have seen him after he rose from the dead. His burial shroud lay as if he had just lay in it. It was not disturbed by any normal movement, but completely flat as if someone had just completely vanished from underneath it. It could not have been done except by miraculous means.

The next proof of Jesus’ divinity lies in the well documented miraculous healings that have been worked through the centuries. Medical science has failed to come up with an explanation for the miracles at Lourdes and other places in which people have purportedly seen the Blessed Virgin Mary, Christ's mother.

We resist the redemptive work of Christ because it is an uncomfortable reminder of our need for repentance and living according to God's laws. It is easier to not believe in the saving work of Christ than to admit that there is something larger than ourselves that we are being held accountable to. To know that there is a God who judges our deeds is a truly humbling experience. It is much, much easier to think of ourselves as “ little gods”. However, we must acknowledge ourselves as creatures created by God and redeemed out of love.

Let us not be so proud that we think ourselves to be “gods” of our own destiny and that there is no God or No One who loved us so much that He paid the price for our many offenses against His sovereignty. If we humble ourselves in prayer and ask for faith, it will not be denied us.

“For God so loved the world that he sent His only begotten son so that whoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

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Jerry Martinez #fundie

Never loose faith in God and never forget him.
Our Faith in God opens our senses to pierce past the illusion which is this world and see the world for what it truly is.
Take regular trips to Synagogue and Churches.
Always read the Torah Texts and Holy Bible, for they carry a greater wisdom and understanding if you truly see it.
Remember, Science is not meant to disprove God, it is a means of communicating an understanding God. Science is good, God gave us reasoning skills, why not use them to better humanity.
Avoid Leftist, “Gender fluid” Atheists… such people have hearts which are poisoned and wield corrupted wills… for their fantasy spits on the very face of Creation itself… and would halt the progression and faith of humanity, thus create humanity’s downfall.
Scientifically speaking, it is obvious that we all evolve and adapt over time. When it comes to whether evolution created humanity, that is a complete lie, no true solid proof.
In Science, Nothing is True, for anything can be proven wrong, given as how the splitting of the Atom is a prime example of nothing is true in science.

In the end, it is up to you do find a path to follow. I cannot choose for you. Knowledge will give you the clairvoyance you need. Clairvoyance is a metaphorical reference to being able to see the strings to see past the constructs of the world and to truly see the beauty of creation.

Only then can you every be wise and free.

Don't be Afraid. Trust in God. For he is the way to the Truth and the Light.

EDIT: Good Question. Many Answers are below are hilarious. To see Atheist filled sight such self-righteous fury. Damn. I thought they were scientists. Not radicals.

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Jay Jake #fundie

First, you don’t know what real racism is. You’re a brainwashed little punk with no life experience. Second, you are a minor and you have NO rights regardless of what liberals tell you. You have rights when you turn 18. Third, if i was your parent i’d tan your hide if you disobeyed me.

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Peter Baumann #fundie

I was doing Bible studies at my local church and the pastor described one time an event to me that changed my view permanently. It went something like this;

He said "When a person sins it crushes the heart of God". He took a piece of paper and said "When we sin it is like this" and crunched the paper into a ball with one hand(we single handedly hurt God). Threw it on the ground and stompped on it. Then he said "this is what every person on the planet is doing all day, every day to God". "7 billion times a day all day". "Who does that to their father"? "We deserve hell". "But through the death of Jesus we got our second chance". "Don't waist the blood". Punched me right in the face that did, I even had a tear run down my cheek at the time. Yes I make errors but never deliberately or without care, that's negligence.

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James Daniel Smit #fundie

Did the writers of the Christian Bible not understand that our sun would eventually burn out, go red giant, and destroy the Earth, when they wrote that their departed faithful would be revived and live here forever?

I find it… interesting… that those who oppose the idea of a 6000-year old Creation that is prophesied to end sometime in the very near future, worship a lie that everything came from an explosion of nothingness that will end after some billions of years, while their own unscientific “science” (read: untestable and unprovable hypotheses) are opposed by tested and testable science and historic writings.

Are you aware that historical writings indicate that Sirius was a red star between a thousand and two thousand years ago? How long is a red giant supposed to take to become a white star?

Are you aware that the same evolutionary laws that put the terran planets on the inside of the solar system and the gaseous planets on the outside, also explain why the earth is an abomination which is not supposed to exist according to those same “laws” (read: wishes).

When it comes to stellar history and -futurism, astrologers and evolutionary astronomers do the same job: speculate on what might have happened and what they hope will probably happen in the future.

When the Lord returns, the dead in Christ rise first and those who are alive in Him, join them on their way to meet Him and come down to earth and rule over the nations with Him, for only a thousand years. Then the nations of the World shall follow the father of democracy and socialism, the fallen angel lucifer, in his final attempt to remove all authority (except his) from earth, in their final siege of Jerusalem.

The Father will execute them all with fire from heaven and cast their leading spirit into the eternal lake of fire, when He comes down with New Jerusalem. All flesh is replaced with spirit, the sun and moon shall be no more and all who opposed His rule shall be cast into the lake of fire to be with their leader, the traitor lucifer, while those who have submitted to the rule of Jesus Christ as Lord over all, shall live with Him and the Father in New Jerusalem forever.

When in the presence of The Light, you do not need the sun.

Repent of the lie of evolution while you have time, submit to the rule of Jesus Christ while you are still alive. All who love and make lies are cast into the lake of fire. You have this one life and thereafter the Judgement, be it for a good, or for a bad ending.

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Warren Kramer #fundie

Why does an omnipotent God need believers to defend him? Omnipotent means he has the power to defend himself. If god is real why does he shy away from his own existence and leave the burden of proof to his followers? Does not make any sense. A mother gives birth then makes herself invisible to her own child. She guides it. Loves it. Watches over it every second of its life. Tells the child she will provide anything the child requires. Informs the child to preach unashamedly to the world she is the kindest most loving mother in the universe. BUT she will only allow her child to meet her after they are dead and only if they worshiped her correctly. How does that make sense?
You are the greatest King the world has ever seen. You’ve built a palace, brick by brick with your own two hands, and invited all your subjects to come live in it with you. A few have accepted your invitation. But there are others:

Some say you’re arrogant for claiming to have created the palace.
Some say you’re selfish for trying to take credit for it.
Some say theories about the existence of other kings means you don’t exist either.
Some say you’re evil for building it the way you did instead of the way they think it should’ve been built.
Some say you’re “delusional” for believing the palace was actually created instead of just popping into existence by itself.
Some even say you’re imagining things by claiming the palace exists, accusing you of also believing in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, unicorns, leprechauns, and the flying spaghetti monster.
And some look right past the palace as if it didn’t exist and claim that even YOU—the King who built the palace they refuse to see—do not exist.
“But it’s right there in front of you, can’t you see it?” You say.
But they either cannot, or they refuse to. What’s worse, they have all but destroyed the lands outside the gates. Yet they refuse to come inside.

Did you “shy away from your own existence,” or did you build the most magnificent mansion ever seen, right in front of the eyes of all your subjects?

Some of your subjects who have accepted your invitation are concerned about the other subjects who are living in hovels and tents, or sleeping on the ground, in the ruined lands outside the palace gates. This when there is a standing invitation for them to come in. There are signs right on the gate, but many people just make fun of them or claim they aren’t real. The subjects inside the gates point to them, but those outside the gates just tell them to mind their own business.

Some of those inside the gates get into fights and do other evil deeds, just as some outside the gates do. So those outside look at them and say, “See? That means the King isn’t real!” even as they are gripping the palace gates and looking in on the only un-ruined lands around.

You could compel the unruly subjects to act better and obey your every command if you wanted, but you would rather have their love given freely and voluntarily.

And some give it. Including those who go outside the gates and say things like, “Come in! There’s no trick. It’s all free, the King’s palace and table are free gifts. Your room awaits you now, free rooms for all, warm and dry! Won’t you come join us?”

Some accuse them of “forcing” their beliefs on others.
Some say they abuse their children because they raise them inside the gates. They say the ruined lands outside the gates are better.
Some look directly at the palace gates, yet claim those inviting them in are “delusional” for believing the palace and the King exist.
Those inside have a continuous relationship with you, but those outside consider those who claim this the most “delusional” of all, saying you are an “imaginary friend.”
“Then who built this amazing palace?” they ask.
“It just grew there by itself, stupid!” they say.
Others say the palace is only an illusion.
Some echo your cry, “But it’s right there in front of you, can’t you see it?” But they either cannot, or they refuse to. And you—the King—will not force them, but only leave the invitation open, and encourage those with you to continue inviting the rest.

Are you “leaving the burden of proof to your followers,” or are you only asking them to participate in your standing invitation to all?

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Joseph McDaniels #fundie

I am what most would consider quite religious,, but I will tell you right her and now, without question or doubt, that God is NOT fair, nor do you want Him to be!

If God we’re fair, he would condemn even the most religious of us to an eternity in the pits of hell! We are sinners, each and every one of us. God on the other hand is perfection, and the two cannot exist with each other. Yet, He is also extremely willing to forgive us even the most severe of our sins.

When God extends that forgiveness to someone, the “stains” of his/her sin are washed white with the blood of the lamb (the Lamb is Jesus Christ, who lived a perfect life and died for our sins so that we don’t have to) and are no longer visible, even to Him. This is why it is said that the only way to God is through his Son. Jesus Christ is the only way to achieve full forgiveness of any sin, and so Jesus is the only way into heaven. Otherwise, God would be fair, and that would be most detrimental to every human who has ever lived, for none would be granted everlasting life.

No, God is NOT fair! He is merciful!

You have obviously been thinking about this question for a while. I would strongly suggest that you meet some Christian friends who will be able to help you with the many questions that we’ve all had about God. He/she will be willing to explain things to you whenever something doesn’t quite make sense, or even when there seems to be a contradiction.

I will be praying to the Lord that you soon find your way, friend!

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Richard Van Steenberg #conspiracy

(In response to: Why are we here on earth? What happens after we leave this earth?)

you wake up in a hospital bed on another planet. they put you in a new body and continue to use you as a slave just like they did on Earth. You realize all the people that have been on Earth are alive on other planets.

Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU) they have been here the whole time mankind has been on Earth EA (EArthlings) have no idea whats going on.

It is all either misdirection or subnation (subliminal dissemination) by the Government (Hextocracy) and Military (Hextary) in preparation for ETA (Extra Terrestrial Architecture) disclosure. Religion is psytion (psychological sedation).

If EA (EArthlings) would sign the Extraterrestrial Disclosure Petition they could force premature disclosure.

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Terrence Harris #fundie

The Anti Christ is a spirit that men surrender to who, like the gentleman who answered previously, is anti Jesus Christ. Anyone who denies that Jesus Christ (God) came in the flesh to this earth, died on the cross for our sins, and rose again through the power of the Holy Spirit has the spirit of the AntiChrist. For what the Anti Christ calls for men to receive basically that there is no God, and if there is no God, then there is no heaven, thus there is no forgiveness of our sins, real peace or joy, and that there is no greater Creator who loves us enough to create us, intercede for us, or even die for us- even though the evidence for God’s existence is evident in nature around us. For we know these three things for sure:

1.) Nature wasn't created by men/mankind. We know this because this makes absolutely no sense.

For here’s the new question: Which came first? Nature or mankind? Because if mankind came first then he would still be floating in space because there would have been no earth to stand on because mankind didn’t make it exist first. The only other way for man to have existed is that a Creator greater then mankind himself would have had to place him here…Then if nature existed first, then how did it get here apart from mankind existing? Or, where did men get the materials to build the objects to build all of nature?

2.) For the evolutionists: if it wasn’t created by men, then it definitely wasn’t created by animals.

3.) “Big Bangs” are all the same. If they (huge explosions) don’t produce life now but rather destruction, why would they produce life ever?

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Jeffrey Brown, Day Age Righteous Christian #fundie

There are no atheist, only those that say they are which originates from willful suppression* in protest to God’s authority.

* Rom 1:18-20 18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness. 19For what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

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David Hague #fundie

we are living in a spiritually sterile l materialistic, faithless, Soulless, Godless drunken, drug infested, sexually perverse, Men marrying men-Age of darkness and ignorance and aggressive disbelief and irreverence for anything truly pure Holy clean and true! That the laws of light, life and God are now subverted that those atheists think now that Good is Bad and bad is good! Yep! T'is truly the End of days!

Even Michael Jackson knew the truth of it as he was always singing- you know I'm BAD! I'm bad I'm really really bad! And everyone's going -

Good! Good! Good! He! He!?

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Michael Tracey #fundie

(In response to: Did God prefer Adam and Eve as they were before their eyes were opened by the fruit of knowledge, or after?)

A Christian Perspective

I don't see how that is even a question.

They knowingly disobeyed Jehovah.

They chose Satan as their God.

They were executed.

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Jim Demetrakis #fundie

The way you phrase your question you are trying to preordain your reply as intended in the wording of the question, that in the absence of all other things God is guilty, he is mean and heartless! He is not a caring God. This is a fallacy on the grandest of proportions; for you do not take into account what God gave us.. that is the most important issue for you to examine and think about; this is God’s granting of the concept of “Free Will to Man”.

This is a difficult concept to understand in the historical past as it relates directly to past, presence and future actions as well. What we have come to know as “Civilized Man”;man’s history is spotted throughout with violence, death, destruction, war’s & civil unrest. I firmly believe that God wants us to love him as Christ taught us, with all of our hearts, mind & spiritual souls. He did not make us his slaves for whimsical amusement, he gives us free reign to accept & approach him in the fullness of our love toward him; in which case he may decide to intervene on our behalf or use us to effect other people’s actions & feelings to accomplish his goal for the betterment of mankind.

God is infinite in his wisdom & love for us, we cannot judge his reasoning or purpose. The only thing that we can do is to try to obey, understand his love and carry out what God speaks to us thru that little thing known as “the little voice in our hearts & minds known as the conscious” of man. Man has a the propensity of doing good or evil to our fellow man. That is my & your choice. You decide, it’s up to us individually.

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Maggie Eriksson #fundie

Jesus is the most real person I have ever met. I wrote a book recalling 300-plus- conversations He and I have had together called The Still Small Voice of Jesus. I met His Father first, 50 years ago.

I was homeless, totally alone in a strange town, friendless, unemployed, sick, destitute, and my car lien was being foreclosed due to the long-term illness and job loss. I said “God, I don’t know if you’re real, but if you are, I need help, and I’m willing to listen.

I did not know who Jesus was at the time, but I knew that Christianity revolved around Him. I also knew that if “something” could intervene in my life so I would have a place to live, someone to care about me, food, time to recuperate so I could eventually find a job, a way to pay off my car lien and finance a new loan, that “something” would have to be God/Jesus.

I knew one person in that town, my doctor’s nurse. I had been discharged after six weeks in the hospital far from anyone I knew, and used most of my money to rent a room. The day that I prayed asking God if he was real was three weeks later. I had no way to pay the next month’s rent. I had just enough to buy some food. The next day I went to the grocery store, but started sobbing in the check out line. The woman ahead of me turned around and it was my doctor’s nurse - the only person I knew. She immediately befriended me and invited me to come home with her. The next day she and her husband invited be to live with them until I was well enough to work again. Neither one of them knew me, and I had never met him.

The next day I met a man in a waiting room, he was idly reading a newspaper and we struck up a conversation. He was fascinated by my background. I had been a scientist with NASA on Apollo Eleven, and the first lunar landing was just a week away. I was waiting to speak with a bank lending officer about getting a loan for my car and just then he called me in. The stranger went ahead of me and told him to give me anything I wanted. He was the president of the bank - and knew I was unemployed, just out of the hospital. The next day my unemployment compensation came in so I could make the payments.

In three days every impossible need I had cried out to God about, was met. How could I NOT believe God was real? If God the Father was real, then God the Son is real. God is a trinity, whether he moves as Father, Son or Holy Spirit, He is real. Because Jesus allowed Himself to be made a living sacrifice as a way for humans to receive eternal life, the Father honors the Son above himself, and would have us call Jesus, Lord. He has promised that whatever we ask in faith, in Jesus’ name we will receive. (Asking in faith means we are just assuming God wants to have something for our own purposes, but we KNOW that what we ask is according to His revealed will.)

I have received MANY miracles in my life, praying in the name of Jesus. I was miraculously healed of diabetes, stage 4 kidney disease, and dependence on a walker due to weakness in my legs - overnight. I went from not being able to walk three feet un-aided to being able to walk half a mile without aid. It has been three years since I needed a walker. Once I was unemployed and $1,000 short of being able to pay my mortgage and utilities for two months. Two months in a row total strangers handed me a check for $1,000 saying “God told me to give you this.”

Yes. God/Jesus is real.

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Nelson Fernandes #fundie

Jesus was God, and one with the Creator and who existed at the time of creation. He became man in every aspect but sin and conquered sin and death which is a victory for mankind as he became truly man and opened the way for mankind to attain God/heaven.

Buddha was a man who sought enlightenment as a human. He was among the greatest humanitarians, but then there are a lot of humanitarians in history. Only being a great humanitarian does not lead to the realisation of God. They are very close to the beatific vision, but miss it as they seek enlightenment only up to the human level. For eg. Bill Gates the richest person on the earth is also a great humanitarian, but unfortunately he is an atheist like Buddha.

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Ray Floyd Southard #fundie

(In response to "Why do you not believe in Jesus?")

They don’t study the Bible or attend a church or consider creation verses evelousion, a couple questions to ponder. 1. Why does man have dominion over animals. 2.would a human eye evolve when it has over 2 million curcutes

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Sierra Wright #fundie


It should be noted that all the facts used by the Christian in the above hypothetical conversation are true. Yes, God is the first cause, the designer of life, the resurrected Christ, the Author of Scripture, and the Savior of Christians. Yet the way these facts are used is not decisive. That is, none of the above arguments really prove that God exists.

Some of the above arguments are very weak: appeals to personal experience, vicious circular reasoning, and appeals to a first cause. While the facts are true, the arguments do not come close to proving the existence of the biblical God. Some of the arguments seem stronger; I happen to think that irreducible complexity and information in DNA are strong confirmations of biblical creation. And predictive prophecy does confirm the inspiration of Scripture. Nonetheless, for each one of these arguments, the atheist was able to invent a “rescuing device.” He was able to propose an explanation for this evidence that is compatible with his belief that God does not exist.

Moreover, most of the atheist’s explanations are actually pretty reasonable, given his view of the world. He’s not being illogical. He is being consistent with his position. Christians and atheists have different worldviews—different philosophies of life. And we must learn to argue on the level of worldviews if we are to argue in a cogent and effective fashion.

The Christian in the above hypothetical conversation did not have a correct approach to apologetics. He was arguing on the basis of specific evidences with someone who had a totally different professed worldview than his own. This approach is never conclusive, because the critic can always invoke a rescuing device to protect his worldview.1 Thus, if we are to be effective, we must use an argument that deals with worldviews, and not simply isolated facts. The best argument for the existence of God will be a “big-picture” kind of argument.

God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists


The Bible teaches that atheists are not really atheists. That is, those who profess to be atheists do ultimately believe in God in their heart-of-hearts. The Bible teaches that everyone knows God, because God has revealed Himself to all (Romans 1:19). In fact, the Bible tells us that God’s existence is so obvious that anyone who suppresses this truth is “without excuse” (Romans 1:20). The atheist denies with his lips what he knows in his heart. But if they know God, then why do atheists claim that they do not believe in God?

The answer may be found in Romans 1:18. God is angry at unbelievers for their wickedness. And an all-powerful, all-knowing God who is angry at you is a terrifying prospect. So even though many atheists might claim that they are neutral, objective observers, and that their disbelief in God is purely rational, in reality, they are strongly motivated to reject the biblical God who is rightly angry with them. So they suppress that truth in unrighteousness. They convince themselves that they do not believe in God.2 The atheist is intellectually schizophrenic—believing in God, but believing that he does not believe in God.3

Therefore, we do not really need to give the atheist any more specific evidences for God’s existence. He already knows in his heart-of-hearts that God exists, but he doesn’t want to believe it. Our goal is to expose the atheist’s suppressed knowledge of God.4 With gentleness and respect, we can show the atheist that he already knows about God, but is suppressing what he knows to be true.

Exposing the Inconsistency


Because an atheist does believe in God, but does not believe that he believes in God, he is simply a walking bundle of inconsistencies. One type to watch for is a behavioral inconsistency; this is where a person’s behavior does not comport with what he claims to believe. For example, consider the atheist university professor who teaches that human beings are simply chemical accidents—the end result of a long and purposeless chain of biological evolution. But then he goes home and kisses his wife and hugs his children, as if they were not simply chemical accidents, but valuable, irreplaceable persons deserving of respect and worthy of love.

Consider the atheist who is outraged at seeing a violent murder on the ten o’clock news. He is very upset and hopes that the murderer will be punished for his wicked actions. But in his view of the world, why should he be angry? In an atheistic, evolutionary universe where people are just animals, murder is no different than a lion killing an antelope. But we don’t punish the lion! If people are just chemical accidents, then why punish one for killing another? We wouldn’t get upset at baking soda for reacting with vinegar; that’s just what chemicals do. The concepts that human beings are valuable, are not simply animals, are not simply chemicals, have genuine freedom to make choices, are responsible for their actions, and are bound by a universal objective moral code all stem from a Christian worldview. Such things simply do not make sense in an atheistic view of life.

Many atheists behave morally and expect others to behave morally as well. But absolute morality simply does not comport with atheism. Why should there be an absolute, objective standard of behavior that all people should obey if the universe and the people within it are simply accidents of nature? Of course, people can assert that there is a moral code. But who is to say what that moral code should be? Some people think it is okay to be racist; others think it is okay to kill babies, and others think we should kill people of other religions or ethnicities, etc. Who is to say which position should be followed? Any standard of our own creation would necessarily be subjective and arbitrary.

Now, some atheists might respond, “That’s right! Morality is subjective. We each have the right to create our own moral code. And therefore, you cannot impose your personal morality on other people!” But of course, this statement is self-refuting, because when they say, “you cannot impose your personal morality on other people” they are imposing their personal moral code on other people. When push comes to shove, no one really believes that morality is merely a subjective, personal choice.

Logical Inconsistency

Another inconsistency occurs when atheists attempt to be rational. Rationality involves the use of laws of logic. Laws of logic prescribe the correct chain of reasoning between truth claims. For example, consider the argument: “If it is snowing outside, then it must be cold out. It is snowing. Therefore, it is cold out.” This argument is correct because it uses a law of logic called modus ponens. Laws of logic, like modus ponens, are immaterial, universal, invariant, abstract entities. They are immaterial because you can’t touch them or stub your toe on one. They are universal and invariant because they apply in all places and at all times (modus ponens works just as well in Africa as it does in the United States, and just as well on Friday as it does on Monday). And they are abstract because they deal with concepts.


Laws of logic stem from God’s sovereign nature; they are a reflection of the way He thinks. They are immaterial, universal, invariant, abstract entities, because God is an immaterial (Spirit), omnipresent, unchanging God who has all knowledge (Colossians 2:3). Thus, all true statements will be governed by God’s thinking—they will be logical. The law of non-contradiction, for example, stems from the fact that God does not deny Himself (2 Timothy 2:13). The Christian can account for laws of logic; they are the correct standard for reasoning because God is sovereign over all truth. We can know some of God’s thoughts because God has revealed Himself to us through the words of Scripture and the person of Jesus Christ.

However, the atheist cannot account for laws of logic. He cannot make sense of them within his own worldview. How could there be immaterial, universal, invariant, abstract laws in a chance universe formed by a big bang? Why should there be an absolute standard of reasoning if everything is simply “molecules in motion”? Most atheists have a materialistic outlook—meaning they believe that everything that exists is material, or explained by material processes. But laws of logic are not material! You cannot pull a law of logic out of the refrigerator! If atheistic materialism is true, then there could be no laws of logic, since they are immaterial. Thus, logical reasoning would be impossible!

Laws of Logic

No one is denying that atheists are able to reason and use laws of logic. The point is that if atheism were true, the atheist would not be able to reason or use laws of logic because such things would not be meaningful. The fact that the atheist is able to reason demonstrates that he is wrong. By using that which makes no sense given his worldview, the atheist is being horribly inconsistent. He is using God’s laws of logic, while denying the biblical God that makes such laws possible.

How could there be laws at all without a lawgiver? The atheist cannot account for (1) the existence of laws of logic, (2) why they are immaterial, (3) why they are universal, (4) why they do not change with time, and (5) how human beings can possibly know about them or their properties. But of course, all these things make perfect sense on the Christian system. Laws of logic owe their existence to the biblical God. Yet they are required to reason rationally, to prove things. So the biblical God must exist in order for reasoning to be possible. Therefore, the best proof of God’s existence is that without Him we couldn’t prove anything at all! The existence of the biblical God is the prerequisite for knowledge and rationality. This is called the “transcendental argument for God” or TAG for short. It is a devastating and conclusive argument, one that only a few people have even attempted to refute (and none of them successfully).5

Proof Versus Persuasion

Transcendental Argument

Though the transcendental argument for God is deductively sound, not all atheists will be convinced upon hearing it. It may take time for them to even understand the argument in the first place. As I write this chapter, I am in the midst of an electronic exchange with an atheist who has not yet fully grasped the argument. Real-life discussions on this issue take time. But even if the atheist fully understands the argument, he may not be convinced. We must remember that there is a difference between proof and persuasion. Proof is objective, but persuasion is subjective. The transcendental argument does indeed objectively prove that God exists. However, that does not mean that the atheists will necessarily cry “uncle.” Atheists are strongly motivated to not believe in the biblical God—a God who is rightly angry at them for their treason against Him.


But the atheist’s denial of God is an emotional reaction, not a logical one. We might imagine a disobedient child who is about to be punished by his father. He might cover his eyes with his hands and say of his father, “You don’t exist!” but that would hardly be rational. Atheists deny (with their lips) the biblical God, not for logical reasons, but for psychological reasons. We must also keep in mind that the unbeliever’s problem is not simply an emotional issue, but a deep spiritual problem (1 Corinthians 2:14). It is the Holy Spirit that must give him the ability to repent (1 Corinthians 12:3; 2 Timothy 2:25).

So we must keep in mind that it is not our job to convert people—nor can we. Our job is to give a defense of the faith in a way that is faithful to the Scriptures (1 Peter 3:15). It is the Holy Spirit that brings conversion. But God can use our arguments as part of the process by which He draws people to Himself.

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Keith Rockefeller #fundie

(In response to: "Is there evidence of plagiarism within the Holy Bible… and if so, what is it?")

Plagarism is not the right term here. The Bible quotes and paraphrases itself in different passages. We see this in New Testament quotations of the Old Testament in many places, and the texts do not use a modern format of citation for stating where a quoted passage comes from. It’s not plagarism, because it quotes itself, and (by inspiration) the same God who inspired the Bible books uses the same quotes in different parts. There are cases where the Bible refers to the Book of Jashar (Joshua 10:13; 2 Samuel 1:18) and books of the Kings of Israel (I Kings 14:19). It quotes from the book of Enoch (Jude 9) about the body of Moses. Since many of the quotes are internal quotes, or are not documentable by modern standards, plagarism is not the right word.

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Muhammad Rasheed #fundie

Christians are right tho. Our Bible came first. And the different translations are simply different angles on one Truth. Jesus did die on the Cross. No dithering around, where angels took him off. Even the Koran says Jesus was the Messiah. Well what is a Messiah.

And Muslims love to ask..”where in the Bible did Jesus Himself actually claim to be God?’ Answer. Many places, but to start, in the Book of John.

And also in what was not said. Notice how the disciples prayed a lot. But not when Jesus was with them. Only after He had died. Also Jesus said ..’before ABraham was, I Am.’ not know ‘I was’….He was with us way back before time began.

Jesus said He was humble. And we believe Him. But at the same time left a Jesus said he forgave sins. One man sins against another. Doesnt sound humble.

The Bible says, ‘whoever brings a religion other than that Jesus is Son of God is of the EVIL one’.

Jesus said. ‘I am the Way, the Truth, the Light. Nobody comes to the Father except thru me’….well of course. HE IS GOD

but despite these bold claims, we still believe Jesus when He says He is humble.

And unlike Mohammed, who is likely roaming in Hell, Jesus did nothing wrong ever.

So….we will be welcomed into the Joy of the Lord.

P.s. all we have to do…is place our hands into His…muslims can never know if they have made heaven in this life. I read that. ‘we are never safe until we die an nd only then will we know we made jannah’

We place our trust in Jesus and wall and talk with a loving Heavenly Father who knew we could never ever earn heaven. So He came Himself. As Jesus died on one side of the Cross…we…Susi, Tom, Dick..Harriet…all died on the OTHER side of the Cross. We died too.! And are already seated in the Heavenly places

But we are at the same time stuffed back in to these suits of human flesh. Which has mortal human urges. So we confess and are forgiven.

I will not see a stranger when I die. But a friend.

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Andrew Whitman #fundie

If humanity created a jail, does that make us a monster?

I am always fascinated by the assumptions inherent in this kind of question. Have you ever considered them? It assumes, first of all, that Hell is inherently evil. Why? Because, in our minds, it is unfair to humans. Which is to say that it is an injustice against humans. Which is to say that it is a sin against humans.

We humans are happy to love a God that does not offend us. We are happy to love a God that gives us what we want, provides for our needs, and accepts us with all of our faults. If he does not do these things, he is apparently unworthy of our love. And if he strikes us for offending him, then he is in the wrong. He should be judged by us and condemned if he sins against us.

So, you can see, then, that we agree that sin should be punished. We simply disagree on who God is. If God is God, then He is in the right, and our offense against Him deserves to be punished. But if humanity is God, then we are in the right, and God deserves to be punished for have the audacity of imposing on our sovereign self-determination.

Good luck enforcing your discipline on God. Good luck creating a Heaven where you can live eternally apart from God. Which, consequently, is the definition of Hell.

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Brian S. Holmes #fundie

Anyone who lives a sinful life in rebellion to God, guilty of breaking His moral law, and dies in their sins, will go to Hell. This includes non-Christians and even some who consider themselves Christians alike.

God is Holy and righteous, and He is just. The Bible says “God cannot be mocked. We will reap what we sow.” Sin, evil, wickedness, etc will be accounted for. No one who does what is evil in the eyes of God will escape Judgment and Punishment. Nor will they inherit eternal life in the presence of God.

Anyone who dies in their sins will appear before the Judgment Throne of Christ. (Jesus is the Judge) and they will have to answer for all of them. The guilty will be sent to Hell. The innocent will be sparred. Anyone whose name is not written in the Lamb’s (Jesus) Book of Life will be cast into the outer darkness. (Revelation 21)

The reasons true “born-again” Christians can escape this Judgment is as follows:

1. They acknowledged their own sinfulness and repented (changed their mind, are going the other way towards God).

2. They humbled themselves and realized that they are not capable of being good enough on their own. Because if they could be good enough on their own it would mean that either they are wrong, arrogant and self-righteous, and not nearly as good as they think they are, or that God is just really not all that good.

3. They believe and trust in Jesus that He is the Son of God, God in the flesh, who came to Earth and stood in their place as a substitution for them who paid for all of their sins on the cross. They can escape dying for their sins and going to Hell because Jesus died for their sins for them. Fortunately, Jesus conquered sin, death, and Hell.

4. They allow Jesus to be the Lord of their lives from that point forward. They obey God’s laws to the best of their ability and when they fall short they confess it, repent, and trust in Jesus that they are forgiven for it. They no longer live ungodly but because of God’s grace saving them they persevere over the temptations in the world.

5. They allow the Holy Spirit of God to Guide and Transform them and help them become more like Jesus. They don’t walk by the flesh, but by the Spirit of God inside of them. They allow Him to heal, deliver, and empower them to live a life worthy of someone with God’s approval.

Christians (as a whole group) are not necessarily better people they are just people who are trusting in Jesus to pay for their sins and to transform them. Everyone else either thinks they are already good enough (good luck!), or thinks that they can make themselves good enough on their own (good luck!), or thinks that God isn’t real, just, and going to judge them. But He will.

So get right with Jesus… He’s the ONLY SURE-FIRE way.

Luke 13:5 I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish."

John 14:6 Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

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Richard Quenneville Richard Quenneville #fundie

Is Jesus from the Walking Dead TV show actually the real Jesus?

No, there are multiple ‘saviors’ on the TV Show, but only one in real life.

Not being familiar with this series, I can’t tell whether there are good moral lessons.

It may be helpful to examine just who Jesus was. A man who could say, “Before Abraham was, I AM,” or “I AM the Resurrection and the Life,” but also weep publicly at the death of his friend Lazarus, is no ordinary mortal. If HE was the Messiah, he certainly fulfilled all the prophesies about HIM.

Why would we need the Messiah? Because Adam & Eve disobeyed their Creator, ate of the fruit of the Forbidden Tree, thus committing the Original Sin; a sin so serious that it destroyed grace in their souls, closed Heaven, and was passed on to their descendants. Since the offense was directly against God Himself, it could only be repaired or overcome by a Divine Person, and that Person was Jesus Christ!

Sounds like a fairy tale? No one knows the particulars—what did Adam & Eve look like, [hint: they certainly did not ACT like apes]; what did the Garden of Eden look like; what did the Serpent look like; what kind of fruit did they eat; what did the Tree look like? Or is this some kind of myth produced in order to explain why humans are so different from the other living creatures on this Earth?

There had to be first parents. Of all visible and living creatures, we seem to be the only ones with Free Will. Humans invent, anything from automobiles to pins; brute beasts do not. Humans build houses and skyscrapers; brute beasts build nests and beaver-houses, but each species seems to make the same kind of house—except humans!

Jesus Christ came in order to repair the damage caused by Original Sin. Does the TV show do that? Jesus is called ‘savior’ because HE alone suffered and died for mankind, thus saving us from our sins. Does anyone do this in the TV show?

Hope that helps!

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David horst #fundie

If your son is a child molester/sociopath and you just found out he is engaged and she doesn't know what would you do?

Funny enough that the op put child molester and sociopath in one category.

Anyway, if it would happen to be that I somehow abuse my child so it becomes a sociopath and this individual is going to marry a woman, then I wouldn't do anything. It's his life and he must be Highfunctioning one, or he would sit in jail instead of being engaged. He would maintain his mask and stays as long as the consent and trust is there.

Edit: I forgot the child molester. I wouldn't tell her anything, because as soon as he wouldn't live with me I wouldn't care what he is doing all day long.

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Christian Swanson, Living in Wisconsin #fundie

(In response to: "Thanos instantly wiped out half of existence. The God of the Bible murdered the whole population in painful circumstances except for 8 people. Why is one considered a villain and the other is worshipped?")

Because one deserves worship.

Think about it. God created us. He has the right to do with us however He sees fit. If you make a vase, don't you have the right to smash it if you don't want it anymore? God has ownership over us, and He has the right to do with us as He sees fit.

But God was merciful compared to what He could have done.

God made a very distinct set of rules. We as His creations are required to follow them. But what do we do? We break them. Therefore, we are at God's mercy. The fact that God does not strike us down at our FIRST sin shows incredible mercy and grace from God's side of the law.

Thanos, on the other hand, is one of God's creations, and is therefore accountable to God's law. When he committed mass genocide, he may have seen it as an act of mercy, but it was still murder. Sure, resources may be less spread out for the next few generations, but given enough time, the universe will be back to the way it was before the Snap.

When God sent the Flood (or any sort of massive cause of death), there was a very good reason. The Flood exterminated all of the people who were committing sins that would be considered heinous, even to today's standards. When Pompeii was wiped out, they were an incredibly evil group of people (what you never see in a museum, are all the paintings of horrid acts that the people of Pompeii did DAILY, such as beastuality). So yeah, there's still sin in the world. But the sins today are minimal by the people's pre-flood sins.

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Dana #fundie

Actually, I am posting on HERE and on Facebook that the return of the Lord is very NEAR so when millions of people disappear from the face of the earth in our generation just remember this comment. I have a few videos on Youtube about what will occur after that. I pray you’ll watch them and turn to Christ yourself at that time. [If not before] In Christ, dana

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Jackie Sweeney, A Servant of Christ #fundie

It good your heart goes out for others that don’t believe. I feel as you do but it’s nothing that can be done about it. We all have a choice and freedom to make our own decisions. There are many reasons a person doesn’t believe or stop believing. We can only pray they change and continue to love all!

Some have stopped because they were forced as a child to go to church and maybe treated bad by their Christian parents.

Some don’t like how some Christians behaves and treat others. Some people in churches has done or doing things that taken away their beliefs!

Some don’t believing because they don’t understand the Bible and think God is evil. Since they don’t understand the reason God did the things He had to do, they assume wrong. Because they don’t know God, they see His Word wrong! Someone has interpreted the Bible to them in an unbelievable and sickening way. Making God like a monster instead of righteous and good like He really is!

Some think Jesus teachings were wrong because they don’t understand what Jesus was saying. They have taken Jesus word and twisted it around to make it sound mean. A person may read misleading or wrong things on the internet about Him and His disciples!

Some want to know what kind of God will send them to Hell for not believing or worshipping Him. God doesn’t make anyone believe or worship Him. He also doesn’t send anyone to Hell. His word is what condemns you! It is written and what written has power. Everyone chooses where they go. If you don’t believe what His Word says then you made your own choice. The Bible through Jesus teaching, teaches salvation!

Then you have the ones that want proof and won’t believe or stopped because evidence of His existence isn’t there. They feel the Bible must be made up. They think God is like Santa. He is in people imagination to them. They refuse to believe! Only believers have the evidence within!

Some blame God for sufferings in this world that man-kind caused to come because of sin. Some blame Him for the death of a love one when death was passed to all because of sin. Some blame God for the evil and bad things that happens in this world when sin brought all these things. (God can’t change what His Word says, what is written will be done.)

When an innocent child dies, they will go to Heaven. It’s the one left behind that stop believing that has to worry! God may allow a child or love one to die to save him/her from suffering or something else later on. Remember Gods sees the future and we see only now! What God knows we don’t!!

WHATEVER HAPPENS IN LIFE KEEP YOUR FAITH IN GOD AND ALWAYS BELIEVE! You can’t save others but you can save yourself. You can only lead them to God if they don’t know Him but it’s up to them to become a believer.

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Andrew McCombs #fundie

Of course if God were truly good and WE were evil, an attempt by God to show us that we were not, in fact, good, would be met the majority of the time with hostility and rebellion.

Yet, since God in orthodox theory IS Good, there are two characteristics which He must embody: that of Justice and that of Mercy. If God were purely to act according to Justice, he has every right to destroy all evil. If, in fact, we are all evil, He has every right to destroy us without mercy.

Yet, God being Good, must also show Mercy. Therefore, it could be argued that if it were shown that in fact we ARE all evil, the more humble of us might see that they very fact that we have continued to exist and flourish DESPITE our evil, is proof that God is merciful, even if at times He has shown His wrath.

Jesus seemed to treat evil not as a wholly deliberate state, but more as a sickness. So… we must ask ourselves this: Is it possible that we ARE evil? If evil is a sickness, isn’t it a good thing that we know our true condition, so that we can seek a physician to heal us of our sickness?

If the Devil IS truly the adversary and destroyer of good, would he want us to know that we were evil? Or would he instead convince us that we were good, and that God was evil for judging us? Evil people rarely ever believe that they are evil. Hitler thought he was the savior of humanity. We all know that evil is highly unpleasant, and how pleasant is it for one who believes he is good to find out that he is, in fact, evil? I would assume it’s just about as pleasant as a seemingly healthy person finding out that they have terminal cancer. If it weren’t for the temporal authority of a medical doctor, we might well think that someone coming up to us and telling us we are going to die was evil for doing so, and we might react towards that person with hostility… not unlike they who believed they were righteous reacted towards Jesus.

Another thing to consider is this: If God created everything, everything is His to do with as he Wills. If, as it says in Genesis, He created everything good, and suddenly evil and death break out in the midst of his good creation, is it not within His perfectly Good authority to eradicate it? Some consider God’s wrath to be proof that God is evil… yet if Evil was destroying His good creation, it would not be God that was evil for destroying evil, but it would be those which were evil who were rebelling against Him, and in doing so, perpetuating the further degradation of His good Creation. Thus, God would still be Good if, by eradicating degrading elements from Creation, He was able to save His Creation.

Many people do not like the idea that they belong to God, and that they are both subject to His justice and at His mercy, but if this adversely affects them, why does that make God evil? If God is Good, and in fact they are evil, they have no basis for criticizing what God does with either them or the rest of His creation, because they seek to do evil and to destroy (whether or not they choose to see it that way).

Furthermore, it is logically inconsistent that God could possibly be evil, since if God were evil, everything that exists as a result of God’s will would also be evil, since there would be no other definition by which to counter an absolute evil source of all things.

Therefore, the claim that God is evil is self-refuting, since claiming evil presumes an absolute measure of good, yet an absolute measure of good implies God, thus proving that God is Good, not Evil.

Thus, to claim any moral superiority to God is also self-refuting, since claiming a moral superiority (especially an absolute one) depends on an absolute definition of Good, which implies the existence of God, the very being one is claiming moral superiority to. It is absolutely absurd to indirectly invoke God’s absolute goodness to directly condemn God’s supposed evil. Yet that is exactly what the argument presented in the post above does.

Whether or not one believes in God, one can use the logic of a hypothetical existence of God to come to the logical conclusion that, if God exists, He must be Good. Any conclusion other than that is either an appeal to emotion, an appeal to ignorance, or an appeal to absurdity.

As to whether humanity is inclined towards good or whether we are inclined towards evil, one only needs to study human history, especially the past 100 years, to come to the conclusion that it is extremely probable that humans are naturally bent towards evil, which is actually much more consistent with the Biblical view than it is with modern humanist views or even most other religious or philosophical views.

That being most likely the case, and since proving moral superiority inevitably rests upon an appeal to absolute transcendent goodness AKA God, could one really say they are in a position to declare that God is evil even in His wrath, when humans have shown themselves to be so utterly incapable of the goodness they hypocritically and hypercritically accuse God of lacking?

I thinketh not.

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Muhammad Khan #fundie

(By "Baha'i", he means the Baha'i Faith, which the government of Iran hates with a passion)

The only sect that is not allowed to get the university degree in Iran, is Baha’i. Several reasons it has.

First, the Baha’i is not a religious sect. It is a political sect. Second, their background has shown that, unfortunately, many of them were spies. Third, they spread and propagate their beliefs in the universities. Many of their beliefs are dangerous, like marriage with close relatives (incest). And these kinds of propagation are beneath the universities.

Fourth, their great scholar, Abbas Afandi, insisted on obeying the commander. So, if it is the rule to ban them from educating in the universities, they should follow. Fifth, not only the government of Iran, Baha’i scholars forbid the educating for them! Ali Muhammad Shirazi, in his Arabic book, Bayan, said:

(???????? ????????? ?? ??? ??? ?????? (??? 10? ???? 4? ? 13

It means that, every Baha’i should only learn the book Bayan!

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Dion de Beer #fundie

A true Holy Spirit filled Christian that has the Revelation of Jesus Christ? No, it's impossible. You can never become an true atheist then. You are sealed by the Holy Spirit. You might go in some state or form of denial but not all the way, the seed of the Word will never leave that person. Such a person cannot help but to believe from the heart.

Anyone that has fallen to the state of being an true atheist or even joining some other religion never had what they thought they had. Even if they sacrificed all and lived everyday with all zeal and effort. They never saw what they thought they saw. Even if they were sincere like Cain bringing his offering. But like him, their sacrifice was incorrect without revelation.

No, its impossible. Scripture says “A son of God cannot sin for the seed remaineth in him” - 1 John 3:9. Sin means disbelief or unbelief. In other words, they failed to recognize the Truth.

Now for the strange thing. A person might go crazy, loose his mind and don't know who he is anymore but if you were once sealed by the Holy Ghost then God will remain in your soul no matter what. You can never be lost. Because insanity is in the mental realm. God lives in the soul realm.

If this gospel is hid, it's hid to them that are lost. If you are a christian turned atheist you are typed by Israel that died in the wilderness before reaching the promised land. Yet they carried out the feasts, partook in the things of God and even walked with the prophet and saw the miracles.

Jesus said they were all dead. In other words, lost. They served God with the mind but did not have God in their hearts and when difficulties came there was no anchor in the soul.

But if you are talking of the nominal steriotype christian? For sure. I think today's churches are probably to blame for most christian turned atheists. I hardly blame them from turning away from the churches.

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Anonymous #fundie

Christianity might not die out completely. I think there will still be “bible belt areas” in America and pockets of Christians throughout the West but in many ways it has lost its prominence and this is having a far reaching impact on our culture.

The West was built with Christianity as the basis for its value system. Religion might not be fashionable to some academics but few can deny it played an important role in developing the ethics of our civilization. If you take away the Christian belief system, you are left with laws and a culture that is human-centered. That does not sound like such a bad thing until you realize that the laws can now be changed arbitrarily as there is no “truth” anymore (truth becomes the consensus of politicians) and human nature has a destructive dark side we can’t always control. Although people argue we can still have ethical thinking in a godless post-modernist society, ultimately anything is permitted. All you need to do is run a successful propaganda campaign and you can convince large numbers of people to follow insanity. We have seen this in Communist countries and fascist nations like Nazi Germany.

So if you take out Christianity, we are no longer treating life as a creation of God but as a material thing that can be manipulated by the new power structure. Any existing ethics can be thrown out the window, if you can convince people it is necessary.

Sadly, it is very easy to make radicals out of people. You need only make them desperate and make them feel oppressed and they will follow a new dogma that is sometimes very destructive.

People might be happy that the Church is dying out because they have seen it as an oppressor (referencing the Spanish inquisition, intolerance to early scientists, etc, etc) but Christianity was not designed to be oppressive. It is a system for living that is supposed to allow for love between people.

Church leaders have certainly made mistakes but if reference points for our lawmakers and media now become arbitrary, anything goes.

For example, Do you want to be a new gender? Forget about the biology or god’s creation, you can just make a gender up. For example, you could become a “Mermadist” and get surgical re-fitting for fish fins or whatever turns you on!

Americanization as the questioner mentions, is not really the true American culture, it is a commercialized, post-industrial big business world that first developed in the US and UK. Americanization is McDonald’s, Monsanto and corporate mass media selling you lies. In such a culture, a persons worth is decided by their bank account and not their virtue or value as a person.

Sadly, churches are dying out while fast food and alcohol/drug taking are on the rise. Instead of soul food, we now have refined sugar, fried food and toxins. Music is no longer about the glory of the Creator and creation but all about self-righteousness. The quality of the music has gone from Bach and Mozart to Justin Beiber and Max Martin. Science will be used to give people fish fins or whatever Frankenstein-like perversion of nature Monsanto can conceive of for profit. We have people who have decided an entire gender is bad and anything they say is not to be trusted. These same people are deciding legislation and how your child is to be educated. Ideas such as, “God is the asshole to blame for making my life suck” are gaining root in immature minds.

The truth is, without a spiritual structure in a society, the civilization will fall as did the Greco-Roman world. The people turned away form the gods and the barbarians invaded and conquered.

God is your protector and is not to blame for the fact you or others have turned away. In a “monetized” and “godless” world, humanity becomes its own worst enemy where vice becomes the norm and “family values” are measured in monetary terms.

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John Rogers #fundie

There are no mistakes or errors in the Bible. Every Science book that has ever been written confirms that the Bible is accurate and true. There is one book called an infidel Bible that disputes that. This is based on reprobate thinking. Infidels do not use sound reason or logic. This is why they have to reject Science.

Science confirms the Bible and the Bible confirms science. So you can not reject one without rejecting the other. The Bible is the word or the Expression of God.

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Della McKern #fundie

(in response to: "What is the relationship to Judaism and Christianity?")

We don’t really have a relationship, technically speaking Judaism is a form of Christianity, as is Catholicism but Jews don’t believe in Jesus and don’t use the new treatment ( they believe it to be false), Catholics believe in Jesus but never took out what is false books, such as the gospel of Thomas, and rely mor on the priest, whilst Christians rely solely on the Bible and read what is being said.

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Bob Triez #fundie

>> As a Christian what would you tell an atheist to convince them in Jesus without using the Bible as evidence?"

Nothing. As a Christian, it is not my responsibility to convince them of anything. God says that His law is written on man's heart and that with all of creation as a testimony to the reality of God, man is without excuse if he chooses to reject God.

So all I do is present the Gospel. If they reject it, that is on them and they will have to account to God one day for why they still rejected Him.

But if they pushed, I would ask them to prove to me that evolutionism is true and they can not use any textbook, paper or lecture to prove it. They must prove it all on their own and only using evidence that they themselves collected. They can't use anything they were told in school or read about.

That is only fair, right? If I can’t use my Holy Book, they can’t use theirs. That is cheating and cowardly to demand I can't use my book as evidence but they can use theirs when both are collections of words written by other people and passed down over the years.

See, evolution and atheism take faith in other people's words to believe. They trust in something they can not see or prove to base their beliefs on. They deny this, but it is true.

The difference is, I admit I have faith, and they won't…but they do and they must or else they can not possibly believe as they do. It is a faith based belief system they have.

Usually if asked to do this, they walk away mumbling something about me being a stupid Christian. I have never once had one take me up on that and even attempt to try.

They claim religious people believe the way they do because they are a product of their environment growing up. Well, look at them. They are too and after years of indoctrination in public schools, they already have it in their mind God doesn't exist. Because of the environment they grew up in, they trust that evolutionism is true.

There is no difference here. Evolutionism is a religious world view. They just try and pretend it is science— but it isn't because real science must be observable, testable, be able to demonstrate it and it must be repeatable. Evolution is none of these…so they believe it is true. And that is called faith.

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Martin Cosentino #fundie

Mr. La, I have read many articles here, but yours comes straight from the heart.

The reason that Christianity presents the greatest difficulties of belief, is exactly because it presents the greatest rewards for continuing faith.

Any Christian, who lapses into despair and nihilism, ends up going insane like the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

For me, Jesus of Nazareth was, and IS, the greatest Quantum Scientist that will ever live. He told us , 2,000 years ago, that we could speak DIRECTLY to the Father, in his Name. We did not need the Levite priests to tell us how to pray or the infinite abundance of G-d’s love.

Most people are afraid of Jesus’ message, because it tell us real things, about ‘picking up our cross daily to follow him.” That does not fit well with our comfortable life-styles and instant gratification.

Your mention of Jesus ‘interacting with us continuously’ is a definitive confirmation of quantum mechanics, which Jesus already knew two thousand years ago.

If Jesus himself, dying on the cross, can experience the loss of his Father (“My G-d, My G-d, why have you forsaken Me?”) how much more can we, in the comfort of our society, ask him to strengthen our faith when it becomes weak.

You are also spot on with ‘ absolute logic’. - which is the tool for material scientists, but not for maintaining subjective faith in G-d.

“Seek first, the kingdom of G-d, which is WITHIN YOU, and all of these things you ask for shall be added to you.” Matt. 6:26

The discovery of quantum physics is the verification that Jesus knew THEN, what faith will bring to those who remain the “True and Faithful witness.”

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Michael Pedigo #fundie

I've had this conversation a thousand times. There is no likely version where you believe because you have placed your faith in science and what your senses tell you. That is your God given right in this life.

I was confronted with the same information and believed God’s word and in the Lord Jesus Christ and called on him. I was born again as promised. God works in my heart. I can't impart to you my faith nor what I have experienced.

They are not threats, they are promises. I'm looking forward to that day. The Jews certainly will be.

Now Satan and every one who had rejected will see the coming of Christ as a threat, and I can certainly understand why you would. If they were just my threats you could laugh and pity me, but they are not mine, they are promises the Almighty made in his word. Go on confident in your science, but I beg you to consider the what if the Bible is true? I believe it. I know Jesus Christ will grant me eternal life one day.

Just remember, you made your choice. As long as you have breath, you could change your mind, but when Jesus comes or you die, your decision is your decision. Just be man enough to appreciate the consequences.

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Red Subijano #fundie

Most people, especially those outside the country but also including people living here, seem to think “Duterte = war on drugs = killing people”. This is not true.

Duterte is not all about the War on Drugs. Yes he is pretty determined and focused on this, and is a top priority for him, but he has also done a lot of other great improvements to the country and has also tackled other problems. (Relations with the Muslim population, traffic, online gambling, etc)

This being said, “war on drugs =/= killing people only”.

People and most media often highlight “man killed in war on drugs”. Often the main points are just the negative effects, or the effects explained in a negative tone. What they don’t know is that:

After 6 months of the drug war, only 6000 have been killed
Most of these are the dangerous individuals of the community. They are the ones who will kill you for failing to pay up, failing to sell enough, trying to come clean and stop drugs, reporting them to authorities.. and even for just accidentally entering their illegal drug dens.
Most of these would rather shoot back at police and die fighting that surrender peacefully.
After 6 months of the drug war, more than 1 million have surrendered on their own and are currently getting the much needed rehabilitation they need. No other president has achieved this. (Palace: more than 1-M surrendered amid drug war)
If they can be disciplined and determined to stop, after a few months, they will be off their addiction and have a 2nd chance as a new clean life.
Just because someone was killed in the drug war does not automatically mean it is related in the drug war. A person could have been shot in a failed holdup attempt. A person could have been shot due to road rage. A person could have been shot because of unpaid debts.
Some of the killings are actually from the drug lords who want to silence pushers/buyers who want to surrender (and possible rat them out to police)
If your drug-using family member was accused of using drugs, most often you would plead to sympathy and insist that he/she is “a good responsible person who would never hurt anyone.”, that he/she is “someone who would never use drugs.” Even if it is not true.

The government has already taken hold of drug and non-drug evidence amounting to P8.21 billion, exceeding the value of drugs seized in the past 5 years.

Based from my readings, once a drug addict has been into it for some time now, it will be very, very difficult for him/her to get back to the normal state. It will take a lot of time, effort and money to rehabilitate the patient. And in some cases, relapse is common, because the environment of the patient is one of the 'cues' for relapse - it acts as a stimulus that is very hard to resist.

Duterte wasn’t my choice for president. But I admire what he has done and achieved as our elected president.

He has achieved many things, among those is the drug war, but not just the drug war itself.

LIST: Duterte admin's 2016 accomplishments

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Mario Calvo #fundie

Is it okay for children to have sex? Why or why not?

I do not care who, how old, what gender, what ethnicity, what sexuality, or what zodiac sign you are. Anyone may be allowed to have sex with whomever they want to as long as All Individuals involved:
a) Consent to any and all actions they partake in
b) Know what they are doing
c) Understand what they are doing
d) Know the consequences of such actions

Yes, it is possible for children to meet all the above requirements. Yes, it is possible for adults to meet all the above requirements.
Yes, it is possible for children to not meet one, multiple, or all of the above requirements. Yes, it is possible for adults to not meet one, multiple, or all of the above requirements.

I also always suggest(even though it is not required for having okay, consensual sex) the 3C Rule. It will lead to a fun, comfortable, and free time.
Cleanliness, Consent, Compassion
Cleanliness- know and understand consequences of STIs, STDs, etc…; Understand and know about contraceptives and protection and how to use them!
Consent-Do not rape anyone. Also, keep within the comfort zones of participating parties.
Compassion- It would really help if all individuals actually wanted to be partaking in the sexual activities. They may consent…but are they actually into it? wanting it?

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Danielle Morrison, Mario Calvo #fundie

What do you think about a 14-year-old girl and a 24-year-old guy having a "thing"?

I've known him literally my whole life. He remembers the day I was born. We never had anything when we were younger though because when he was 18 I was only 8. I use to play games and listen to music all the time with him. I even went to his high school graduation. We just re-connected about 4 months ago. He's in the army and he's also an MMA fighter. He's coming back to our home state next week. And we plan on hanging out.

(Danielle morssison)

Youve known him for a long time. I would say “ follow your heart”

There will be a lot of negativity. No one except you knows how you feel or what you desire BUT everyone and their dog will make it their business to tell you how bad this idea of yours is. Do what you think is right and what works for you. They will also give you their own experiences and stories of how the “young girl” gets taken advantage of and how inappropriate it is for an older guy to be interested in someone as young as you. Well, Well, just tell them that this is how we are wired and that nature knows best what is right and what is wrong. This is instinctive and happens when we hit puberty. You obviously are attracted to this guy. There is a reason for this. You are not exactly throwing yourself at him. You just want to see how things work out between you and him because you have grown up together and you trust your judgement and feelings towards him. Great!! You have had time to think and you want to put that exercise to work. I wish you the best. Please do not let all the negativity distract you. Do not let all this garbage about mental and physical maturity affect you. People will also talk about brain development and readiness for relationships. Well, in that case most people who are married should not have got married. You will know many older girls and guys who are mentally so immature even though they are adults. But, society let them get married because of this artificial age rubbish. Then 50 to 60% of the married population get divorced. Please don’t get dissuaded by those arguments that are brought to you.

My only advice to you would be to make sure not to get into alcohol or drugs and make sure you take precautions against pregnancy and STDs. Make sure he proves to you that he is free from STDs. If that means medical testing the so be it. Dont have sex if he wont get tested. Also, make sure he is honest and you can trust him. He needs to be a gentleman and not get you into any kind of mess.

I have a much older boyfriend and it is fun. I was younger than you when I started and it has been an awesome experience. I am still with him.

(Mario Calvo)

Go for it…It’s not really my business what they do as long as they are in a consensual relationship

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Mario Calvo #fundie

Can an 11-year-old date an 18-year-old?

can they? Why, of course!

Does society scream at the older one for it? Why, of course!

Do they think it’s their business to stick their noses into other people’s private lives? Why, of course!

Do they themselves want their private lives to be private? Why, of course!

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Jesse Pinkerton #fundie

[ on a 13 yr old dating a 24 yr old ]

Hey sweetie …

First off, waiting 3 plus years is ridiculous advice.

Second, forget about that west whatever it is effect. That alleged research has been sharply criticized and other real research contradicts it.

Third, the age of consent varies from state to state, and the army can't do a thing if you are abiding by your state law,

Fourth, your brain development isn't what any of these people are concerned about. They just want you to wait until you are married, because God hates fornicators and so do they.

Fifth, if you don't want to wait at all, you can marry him in 28 states. That leaves 22 that you can't marry in, but the odds are in your favor that the state you are in allows it.

The fact that you can marry and have all the sex you want legally either means God will magical mature your brain the instant you are legally married … or as I said above, they really don't give a fuck about your brain development, because in those states a 60 year old man can marry a 6 year old girl and have sex.

Seriously, it's all about pleasing God.

Lastly, my personal opinion is this is just another fake thread.

Christians can't stop pounding their ignorant anti fornication propaganda.

I say this because I can't believe that you wouldn't know how Quorans would react.

“Wait till your at least 18 dear … “

So funny

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Timothy Lokker #fundie

Do you think it's a simple ordeal to be crucified? Jesus lived for thirty three years likely knowing he would be subject to an agonizing death. He came to earth knowing what had to he done.

He also left a perfect existence in Heaven with his father, to descend to a grimy, tortuous world.

Do you, question asker, think you could say, it's only an extended period of torture, but I'll get through it? Do you think, as a father, you could watch your son be tortured by sadists, when you have the power to wipe them out? Could you love these people, ask your father to forgive them while they torture you?

The aspect we commonly see, is only the physical pain, which is bad enough. There's so much more, I'm completely sure, that had to make it much worse for Jesus that we can't even understand. He was pure, perfect, innocent - taking all sin upon himself. We can't know what that feels like to perfect God. And... I can't possibly know this, but maybe Jesus will always have those scars in his hands and feet?

Finally, no matter how hard it is to accept something more important than ourselves... Jesus is eternally superior to us in worth, even though he shares his glory with us, his blood. We can't compare Jesus with anything man has done. Any terrible thing that has happened to man, any good thing a human has done, it can't compare to one iota Jesus has suffered, it can't compare to one step Jesus takes out of heaven for us. Jesus is deserving of all glory and praise, we are deserving of death. Yet still Jesus came down and let himself be tortured, he gave his life through us. God, who rules over all, who has perfect joy, who doesn't know time or inability, became subject to pain, became the suffering servant. He owes nothing to us. Yet he sacrificed his son in love.

Lest you think I can't empathize, I've asked this question before. I've struggled with it. I still can't understand how much Jesus really did sacrifice himself ultimately.

But when your next sacrifice comes along, think about this. Would you be able to go through with something, that literally makes you sweat blood in knowing what horrible pain is to come?

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JJ KeisT #fundie

(In response to: "What would your reaction be if you died and found out that God exists, and so is hell and heaven?")

They do exist. If you'll read the Bible, my friend, you'll see that. They are every bit as real as the sky, or trees. And God is a name, the holiest there is. Therefore, as a name, it should start with a capital "G".

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Rick Tuit #fundie

(In response to: "How can the Lord’s plan be merciful or just if it requires every accountable individual to be baptized when billions of people have died without the opportunity to hear the gospel and choose baptism?")

Your are assuming that God owes humanity a favor when we chose rebellion over obedience.If we all were to receive justice,we'd be vaporized in a millisecond.Just be thankful that there is a chance for salvation,and take advantage of it,but don't wait too long.

No person will be unfairly judged,because God is just and merciful to all who believe,and doesn't desire anyone to be condemned.A person's sins condemn him or herself,not God.He is bound by His own nature,which demands holiness,only possible through Christ,where justice and mercy meet.

So is it unfair that someone dies without ever hearing the gospel?No,only that anyone is ever saved at all.We are all defendants and not in any position to sit in judgement of our Creator and Judge.The cool thing is that He has already punished the sins of the faithful by having His own Son take the punishment,and then looks at them as if they are as sinless as His own Son.

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Thomas Warmuth Thomas Warmuth #fundie

Repent and believe that Jesus is your Lord and Savior would be more accurate. You do not accept Jesus; He accepts you upon repentant faith.

The idea of “accepting” Jesus is very poor terminology. Imagine that I drove into the Augusta Country Club, loaded my golf clubs onto a cart, then walked into the clubhouse and announced that I had accepted them and would be teeing off in 10 minutes. What do you think the reaction would be? Most likely, I would be escorted off the club grounds because I do not accept them, but rather they accept me. That is the order of things, and it is the same with God.

God is in authority. I accept His terms of surrender. I do not accept Him, He accepts me when I lay down my arms and surrender on His terms. Repentance is laying down your arms and surrendering. Faith is believing that Christ died to pay the penalty for your sins, and that the perfect righteousness He earned can and will be credited to you when you surrender.

So, as the Holy Spirit says:

“Today, if you hear his voice,

do not harden your hearts

as you did in the rebellion,

during the time of testing in the wilderness,

where your ancestors tested and tried me,

though for forty years they saw what I did.

That is why I was angry with that generation;

I said, ‘Their hearts are always going astray,

and they have not known my ways.’

So I declared on oath in my anger,

‘They shall never enter my rest.’?”

Hebrews 3: 7–11

Repent and believe while you can, for a time will come when God will say “You shall never enter my rest.”

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Red Subijano #fundie

Would you press a button that kills a random person and gives you $1 million, if no one ever knew about your crime?

The planet is greatly burdened with human overpopulation. We are not only affecting and damaging almost every specie on the planet, we are destroying the planet itself.

At 7+ billion there are TOO many humans.

I am not sure about the true ideal human population but googling a bit gave me an answer of 3 billion.

I would press the button 4 billion times (if possible, damn that’s a lot)

Actually, even pressing that button once every second for 4 billions times, will take me 126 years non stop. Maybe if I could have 20 duplicated buttons and automated arms pressing for me at 6x a second, it can be done in a year or so.

I agree that there is a chance I, or someone I know, would be one of those 4 billion. I would list a specific number of dependents who would get the 4 quadrillion (4 billion x 1 million, correct me if I am wrong) in case I get selected. The automated arms will continue hopefully in case I am selected. In fact it isn’t even about the money. I would choose to have the 4 quadrillion divided equally among the 3 billion left. That’s 1 million to every man, woman, child, baby, grandpa, grandma, etc.

I understand that a few great people who had made great contributions to society might get selected. Natural-born leaders, inspirational speakers, talented doctors, etc. After the year, humanity might be forced to have a rough start. But the human will is amazing and I am sure they will get back on track in a short time. Hopefully though, they would learn from our mistakes and try not to repeat the errors of the past.

That is the good thing about random. There is no bias. Unlike the movie 2012 (image used above) where rich people were able to buy seats, the randomness of this button means Obama has the same chances as the Pope, the IS leaders, the sick cancer elder, the poor homeless child.

Humans are overpopulating the planet, and affecting every other living creature here for their sake. Not doing this for myself.

Doing this for the planet first. And humanity’s future second.

Every survivor is made a millionaire instantly. As the few lucky to have survived, they should take this time to reflect on what happened, and consider changing ways for the future. Enough with selfish greed and crab mentality. They are given a chance at a fresh clean start. Whether they take this chance, or waste it and repeat the mistakes of the past, we will never know yet. But the chance is there. No harm being optimistic.


I am assuming this magic button has a magic way of killing the person.

disappears totally. No issue of billions of corpses suddenly


humans killed colonies of ants that were in their food
humans killed thousands of weeds that grew among their farms
humans killed thousands of insects that were eating crops
humans killed thousands of invasive destructive species that were damaging the local ecosystem

All of this, we saw a plant or animal damaging something and being destructive.

Humans are doing the same to the planet. We are overpopulation, polluting and destroying the environment.

Are we too arrogant that we think we are above and immune to that? Are we too arrogant to think we don’t deserve to be under that rule as well?

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Tamara Wilhite #fundie

One’s social value is tied to the economic value you produce. The men can handle the plow better and produce more food than the woman’s small vegetable garden. If the man is disabled or dies, the family’s ability to feed itself suffers. Thus he’s more important to the survival of the family than the mother and valued more.

It is similar to hunter gatherer societies where she’s catching some animals with snares and gathering fruits and vegetables, but his long dangerous hunts are bringing in most of the high value protein.

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Richard Conaway #fundie

(In response to: Does the multiverse exist because of Jesus’s death and resurrection? Did he made quantum immortality possible?)

probably. the quantum mechanic of schrodinger’s cat sort of explains a passage in the bible of revelations and somewhat explains how and why god is omnipotent. in the second white throne judgement every man woman and child’s work will be tested with flame and the good shall endure whereas the wicked acts shall be devoured and destroyed by flame in essence the same yes or no present in divergent parallel universes in quantum physics, a yes for a no, a positive for a negative. similarly since god is present across ALL quantum parallel realms or universes unlike us who are only singularly present bits and pieces of our true selves this means that he sees all in sum total and he therefore knows all. god does mention that he is above time and space so those quantum dimensional walls would not obscure his vision.

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Martin Watts #fundie

Native American tribes enslaved whites and ethnically cleansed each other.

The first peoples in the Americas were white Europeans who ironically went on to become the Native Americans we associate with being red skinned.

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Larry Walden #fundie

(In response to: How would Christians feel if they were praying to the wrong god, who will punish them for it?)

Christians do not pray to the wrong God if they know Christ. It would be impossible to miss God. Christians do not fear punishment from God because He loves them and has promised them eternal joys in heaven.

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Carl Winters #fundie

Garbage. I know what youre trying to do recruiting more weak gullible people with your mind control. Lemme tell you something. I know who runs your church. Not everyone is stupid here. We know what you stand for. There is many soldiers of GOD, true bold and righteous men out there exposing your garbage and your church and your teachings of Alister Crowley, Lavey , magick and withcraft and satanic ritual abuse. Jesus defeated your weak master and no matter what you do and what you believe you will lose in the end. You might get away with a lot here on earth but you will burn in hell for an eternity , Where there is weeping, moaning, gnashing of teeth, sorrow, pain an misery for 24/7 YOU BETTER repent you devil.

Isaiah 5:20–24 (KJV)


Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

21Woe unto [them that are] wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

22 Woe unto [them that are] mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink:


Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!


Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, [so] their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the law of the LORD of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.

Acts 8:22 (KJV)

Repent therefore of this thywickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee.

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Red Subijano #fundie

How do I deal with a husband (stepdad to my daughter since she was 2; biological dad is not around) who tried to touch my 16 year-old daughter’s private parts?

Divorce is legal in the USA and I am sure there are advantages to it. But people should not use divorce whenever however etc. Stop using divorce as an excuse to every little problem.

When there’s a will there’s a way.

Many people have suggested “NO TALK!” here. I am trying to compose and control myself here to abide with the BNBR policy but every time I see that, and remember the broken families very much common in western countries, I feel my blood boiling inside.

No talk? Imagine if nations on the brink of war had a “no talk” policy? An ambassador was assassinated? No talk, we bomb you! A foreign national was kidnapped and beheaded? No talk, our soldiers are landing at your beaches.

Sometimes problems can’t be resolved by communication but it SHOULD be the first attempt. You send a message or call the other head of state instead of launching missiles at once.

Am I saying a divorced family is worse than an abusive family? No.

Am I saying an abusive family is worse than a divorced family? No.

Both are terrible things. Both are things a child should not go through.

What I noticed though, is that the OP has a daughter and this husband is her stepdad. Which means the OP has already left and divorced her first husband, and daughter’s biological dad. These ladies have already gone through the experience of being in a broken family and divorce.

This incident has happened. That is clear. What’s done is done. The man has done it. He did this. He has broken their trust. He is at fault. I am clear on that.

Let us consider the possible outcomes.

She does get up and leave right there and then, taking the daughter with her. This will 100% guaranteed they are both going to go through the pains and struggles of divorced and being in a broken family again. That we can be sure of.

If they all decide to sit and talk it can end as:

he is given a 2nd chance. He tries it again sadly. Abusive family. They divorce and leave.
she decided to leave regardless of talking. Divorced family.
they work things out. He becomes the father he wanted to be, she gets the father she never had, OP gets the husband she deserves. Happy family.
There is a CHANCE at making things right. A CHANCE to be a happy family. Where as in the first option, that is absolutely 0.

When you get burnt by your oven, do you toss it away suddenly or try to fix and check it at first?

When you accidentally get zapped fidgeting around the wiring of your PC, do you punch the screen, kick the CPU and scrap your PC, or do you carefully check the wiring first and see what might have caused it?

“Until now, there was no attempt from both ends to sit down and talk about what happened and how to move forward”

Can you blame them? This is probably difficult for BOTH of them. She is embarrassed and scared to face him. He is embarrassed and scared to face her. If you just sit and wait, nothing will happen.

If you make a mountain of a molehill, if you escalate the situation drastically, chances are you might cause an unexpected negative reaction and lasting impact to either or both of them.

he could turn spiteful, depressed, violent or suicidal
she could turn spiteful, depressed, violent or suicidal
you could turn spiteful, depressed, violent or suicidal
I would suggest you personally plan, and sit down together with BOTH of them. You will act as the middleman and the neutral ground between two of them. You will be the one in charge of keeping the mood as non-aggressive and calm as you can. Tensions will rise and you will have the responsibility to make sure to call for a time out if it gets too much.


This is not a random stranger on the bus or street, this is your husband and her stepdad.
You are married to a human being who is not perfect and can make mistakes. You are not married to the son of god or something.
Would he do it again? Maybe? Maybe not. It is the first time. You can not judge and condemn a person outright for a first time mistake.
She is not a child anymore, but still not an adult. She is 16. She is bothered by this but she is already capable of facing it and learning how to deal with life problems and situations, things she will surely face herself in the future.

It is up to the OP and her daughter to decide, and that the husband can only agree to whatever decision they make.

But talking opens up opportunities to hear both sides as well as for OP and daughter to set new rules and restrictions for husband and challenge him to regain their trust.

She can organize the talk, give a chance to the man to prove himself, and at the same time still protect her daughter. She is NOT leaving her daughter as bait.

Also I noted that the daughter chose to go and talk to him at first, even before this question was asked, leading me to assume that the daughter herself wants to work things out. This is what the daughter might want. The OP is just there to be with her throughout this.

You have said you has been with this man 14 years (daughter is 16 and he has been with you since she was 2)

which is why we should not resort to divorce outright!

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Bob Triez #fundie

>> Why is dating expressed as AD and BC, yet scientifically speaking the Bible is just fiction ?

So you have some scientific proof that the Bible is not true ? Please do show me what it is.

If you're going to make an outrageous claim like that, at least show what proof there is to support a claim the discredits the Bible or Christianity. Because neither myself nor anyone else who believes in Creation instead of your religion of evolutionism has ever been given proof.

We are always told to take their word for it that it happened- and that's not science…that's also a religion because it is something you believe happened but have no proof that it happened.

So dazzle me please with all this copious amount of evidence you have to prove the Bible is not true. And I am talking about real science - something that is observable, testable and repeatable which neither big bang cosmology or evolutionism is. So merely staying “evolution is my proof” or “the big bang is proof” is not acceptable since no one has ever seen it happen.

See, the problem is you have faith in your beliefs and I have faith in mine. You think your beliefs are science and mine are religious but they're not…they're both religious because nobody has ever seen the big bang happen and nobody has ever seen evolution happen.

You believe it happened because somebody told you it did. And that's religious, not science.

So cough up your evidence that the Bible is fiction. And I want proof you can show without refering to some else's work. Just your own proof because if you use somebody else's work, that makes it religious because now you have faith that what they are telling you is real even though you've never seen it. So I need to see some proof that you've come up with all on your own please.

( And I have a feeling I'm going to be waiting an awfully long time for this because I know for a fact that you don't have any proof. All you have is a belief that the Bible is fiction. )

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Dawn Heistand #fundie

Read your bible for you do not know God at all ! God does not go along with you people killing your innocent unborn babies and all the killing that you do to your own selfish , evil ways !