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Lol really?

In the leftist corner you have senile Joe, a incredibly corrupt, traitorous, demented, soulless creature who is certainly going to hell.

In the right corner you have Trump, a man who seriously wants to push American values, including Christian values and like many people has his own faults to deal with.

I don't care if Trump cheated on his wife, or sold crack on a corner somewhere back in the 90s.

The question is; who is better for America?

Under Trump we had low prices on everything, secure borders, no dumb wars, etc, etc.

Under Biden it's been the exact opposite and magnified terribly for all of us, you included, and you have the audacity to question why any one would vote for Trump vs Biden?!

Are you retarded?

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I love the evolutionist stories lol, they're so funny because they're so dumb.

The shrinking pond theory, the hooved dog crocodile turning into a whale because it wanted to swim lol, the apes coming down from the trees because they wanted to walk upright, and the flightless birds that grew wings over millions of years rofl.

Great comedy.

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They (atheists) certainly can't understand the Bible, which is strange and more evidence the Bible is the truth.

Many claim a college education and yet cannot comprehend even simple things and concepts in the Bible.

It mixelplixes their brains or something.

That's why you see them say the Bible has thousands of contradictions - except they're not contradictions, they're evidence of the atheists inability to comprehend scripture.

Their whole life is predicated on multiple lies to shield them from the truth.

Abiogenesis, macroevolution, there is no God, etc are the lies they willfully swallow.

The Bible says they are under strong delusion, a consequence of living a lie.

It's incredible.

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Math is the language of God and doesn't prove evolution at all.

Math says if evolution is true the whole earth would've been overrun with humans long ago.

Math says that the population we have now, 8 billion, can be rewound to come to 8 people who got off a boat.

Math also says there was a y chromosome bottleneck a few thousand yrs ago or so and that we are all from three individuals, namely the sons of Noah.

Math says our sun is special and very rare, just as our moon and planet are equally rare and unique.

Math says way too much as evidence of a Creator Designer.

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Because atheists' are by definition learning disabled and dullards.

They can't even think that big to begin with. They think the movies Prometheus and Frankenstein are based on true stories.

Now that science is starting to refute Neverbiogenesis and Neverlution they'll be saying it was aliens that are our creators lol.

Anything but God you know.

They always toot their horn that they're so smart while believing that jello came alive one day from a lightning bolt hitting a mud puddle and then the jello compiled its own DNA from nothing and then populated the world with plants and animals lol.


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You mean Islam.

Hitler admired the fanaticism that Islam provides. These idiots will go kill themselves because they think God told them to.

In theory it is great for warfare, but the muzrats are known for their cowardice and treachery.

They've been getting their ass kicked back and forth for centuries. Greeks, Alexander, Rome, America, whoever.

They make a good fight of it at first but as soon as there's a chance they might lose they break camp and haul ass.

But, with WW2 German soldiers, such fanaticism would've aided the German army very well.

They still wouldn't have won though.

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Atheists attack Christianity, and not other religions, because they already know God exists and who He is.

Their irrational anger and hatred is evidence that they know God exists.

Why would anyone be angry at a Being who doesn't exist?

They demand proof when it is literally right in front of them.

The other evidence is that they accept abiogenesis and macroevolution without ever questioning it. Even though there is no evidence for abiogenesis or macroevolution.

Why do they never question abiogenesis and macroevolution?

Because they are the pillars upon which their delusion depends on.

They are already living a lie to begin with, so a few more can't hurt; especially if they support their position, even without evidence.

What a terrible existence for them, is there any wonder they are so angry?

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You apparently assume that the Palestinians are somehow innocent in all of this.

They are far from innocent, they teach their children to hate and kill Jews, the women also fully support Hamas.

In earlier times any nation would've just wiped them all out.

That's why they should've thought about all this before attacking Israel, but they're stupid Muslims and as usual, are getting their asses kicked for being stupid.

Israel needs to just carpet bomb the whole area and be done with it.

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You have to realize most people are idiots.

Millions of people will vote for Biden even knowing he has basically destroyed the country in 3 yrs, along with his Democrat lackeys.

That's millions of idiots.

So, evolution is also where most of the atheists hide, because they think it means God doesn't exist.

The problem though is that macroevolution and abiogenesis are shot down pretty easily. They're both complete bullshit and imagination.

So, if macroevolution and abiogenesis don't exist what does that leave? God.

You have to be real stupid to think all this just came about by chance.

Ask a evolutionist how invertebrates became vertebrates - ask them for proof.

Ask a evolutionist to show you the transitional fossils between the last whale ancestor and a whale- they will show you a picture of a four legged creature and a picture of a whale- with nothing in-between

Ask a evolutionist to show you proof that abiogenesis is possible- and they won't be able to.

Ask a evolutionist why, after gazillions of generations of fruit flies they've tried to make evolve, none evolved.

Wake up.

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calling one historic tribe Germanic and the other not, is based on what ? Material culture or modern Germany's wishful thinking and nation building myths with supporting historiography.

DNA studies of historic samples blowing these myths apart.

For example suevi or svevi were not what those German pseudo historians would want you believe And people before them knew it very well that.

R1a presence predates R1b on territories from Rhine to Vistula collectively called Germania. Before Catholic crusade to conquer and convert fellow Christians and ostsiedlung.
But we are till present day trapped in this late XIX-th century nationalistic chauvinism designed to grant Germans a historic reign over their imagined lebensraum, by denying peoples (that turned out via genetic testing of today to be by en large the autochtons on the land contrary to German theory making Slavs appearing out of blue from somewhere else, presumably swamp) their history, and right to their homeland.

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Gary Ayers
Then please offer examples and data that prove the existence of The Patriarchy.

I really tend to think that it is like God to the feminists: It is apparently eternal, omiscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. It has been crushing the female sex under its boot for ALL of human history, and yet each generation of feminists believes that THEY will be the generation that will FINALLY destroy it. Even though feminists NEVER have made up more than 7% of the female population of any country at ANY time since their movement began.

Gary Ayers
Oh PLEASE tell me you're not a male feminist. Those are documentedlybthe worst type of men.

Set aside the feminist propaganda for a moment: did you ever consider that maybe there was good reason ancient cultures governed their women and girls in such a way? Maybe with a 60% divorce rate (80%of which initiated by women), a 76% single-parent rate, and a 70%-and-increasing hookup culture participation rate, maybe women are proving they're lousy at picking men? And the rest of your diatribe is about 50 years out of date, isn't it? And if corporations actually could get away with paying women less than a man for the same work, why wouldn't they hire only women? Think how much would be saved on labor costs alone. But that isn't true and you and every other feminist fucking well knows it. And what rights have been taken away from women? Abortion was merely returned to the states to decide as their populations wish. It was not outlawed or “stripped” from women.

Society bends over backwards catering to women now. Show me where men have gotten women thrown in jail on false accusations. Why do women get less prison time than men for the same offense? Why is the entire domestic violence infrastructure built on the feminist Duluth model of sexual power, where the woman is automatically presumed to be the victim in every case of domestic violence, even in cases where it is CLEAR that the man is the victim? Why is sexual behavior in women treated as less serious or explained away when such behavior would be considered reprehensible in men, such as sexual assault of school students?

So just spare us the women are so oppressed schtick. The facts of today's world render it invalid.

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the destruction of the twin towers was the real world equivalent of the destruction of the Death Star.

the World Trade Center was (shockingly) the center of worldwide trade. it housed some of the biggest—and therefore most oppressive and harmful—companies, and most influential capitalists on the planet. luckily on 9/11, around 2,000 scumbag imperialists died in the attacks.

no hero would interfere with those attacks, because the attacks themselves were heroic actions. to quote Leftöver Crack; fuck world trade.

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Slaves were given meaning to their pathetic existence. They were given food, shelter, water. They were kept in cool climates. They were treated better than by tribes or muslims. Slaves were also more orderly, since they were not free to throw their shit at each other, like the monkeys that they are. Colonialism in general brought law and order to the subhuman monkeys, who were originally muslims (of course).

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Actually women need men a trillion times more than men. Men created civilization, society, democracy and alllll the countless amenities and benefits that jaded, crone, old-bitter-hags enjoy. Men only need women for 1 thing. Women need men for everything. Enjoy!

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Yes, a feeble attempt to understand reality. Creation continues forever, the Earthly creation will end at the End Of “Days” when God sees the Earth as good [the Bible is a predictive book], so creation is a more advanced form of evolution. Aeons [today eons] were spiritual Beings concerned with time as are the “Days.” In ancient times all and everything was the result of spiritual beings. The Catholic Church decided the living universe was a pagan teaching and Catholic scholasticism or science invented the clockwork, mechanical universe.

Science is the gathering of data no more no less. Nothing in science “explains” anything or proves anything, it comes later with the theory-opinions that scientists generate from their imaginations which generate the strong beliefs in science, always keeping to the guidelines of the original dogmas of science that the universe is an accidentally generated clockwork machine in which life and consciousness cannot exist. So somehow in an unknown manner, which science is unable to demonstrate or replicate “scientifically,” life and consciousness appeared.

Which means that matter or the Mineral Kingdom is more intelligent than science as it can produce life and consciousness.

Freudian Slip Award

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A Godly America is one who teaches Puritan Christian Dominionust Values, who teaches the strongest fact of science there is, that the Earth is a flat disk topped with a firmament, like Sandy's threesome from SpingeBob. One who teaches men are a beautiful creation of the Lord they God, not a monkey's mutated period blood. One that teaches that Man's purpose in life is to Serve and Fear God all our days. I miss the puritans every day and I cry of nostalgia just thinking of the times! Good old days!

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Question: Did giants exist before the deluge?

Chris: It takes no effort to dismiss anything everything, even reality.

Every animal was giant in the past.
Every plant was Giant in the past.
Every single celled organism was giant in the past.
Every human was giant in the past.

The question would be easier to answer, “What is not giant in the past?” … and that answer is “nothing but babies.” (they’re still rather small)
To dismiss giants shows people are uneducated, academia is incapable of educating beyond a point.

Pre deluge everything was larger and there are no exceptions.

If evolutionists didn’t mislabel 98% of the fossil record extinct, then ignore it they could learn what is actually in the fossil record.

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The invalidation of the theory of evolution as the explanation for the origin of intelligence, language and laws of nature:

• Despite centuries of exhaustive research, the theory of evolution still hasn't provided a satisfactory explanation for the origin of intelligence, language and laws of nature. Let alone, how they are related;
• According to the biblical world view, God has created laws of nature – including laws of intelligence – to make his creation run like clockwork. Being based on Natural Laws of Intelligence embedded in Grammar, only Thinknowlogy implements the intelligent function of words like definite article “the”, conjunction “or”, possessive verb “has/have” and past tense verbs “was/were” and “had”. Other Controlled Natural Language (CNL) reasoners are limited to sentences with present tense verb “is/are”. They don't accept the words mentioned above.

I am using fundamental science instead of cognitive science:

• Autonomous reasoning requires both intelligence and language;
• Intelligence and language are natural phenomena;
• Natural phenomena obey laws of nature;
• Laws of nature (and logic) are investigated using fundamental science (Basic research - Wikipedia).

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Goegre Floyd was a rotten criminal. He deserves to be killed and then burn in Hell with Staan. He should have enever even been born into this world. Criminal apes need to be aborted and their little brittle baby bodies stomped on the floor and cast down to Help where they will be raped by the Devil for eternity. Fuck Goerge Floyd! Fuck his gay retarded family! Floyd was a hideous mongrel monster that never meant to be born! His mother should have had hear motherfucking tubes tied to prevent this beast creature from ever having been born at all!

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You’re no Christian if you believe the Bible has textual issues. Did you know that even Muslims believe that Jesus existed? If you follow Jesus, but disbelieve in the Bible, that makes you a Muslim, which is a stepping stone to atheism.

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(In response to: Were there stegosaurs (Stegosaurus, Kentrosaurus, etc.) in the biblical Garden of Eden?)

Very unlikely.

The dinosaurs were probably long dead before Adam and Eve came on the scene.

Unlike humans, animals are allowed to either diversify and/or go extinct as the situation occurs. The fossil record shows that all life forms came into existence in very sudden bursts. After that, they largely remain the same with the exception of diversifying within their kind until they eventually go extinct.

This pattern is, interestingly, the exact opposite of what one would expect from an evolutionary standpoint, and precisely what one would expect if they believed in a special creation by an intelligent designer.

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Were Cro-Magnons smarter than current humans?

Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal, and so on, have never existed.

None of the hypotheses that are related to Darwin's common descent /Tree of Life hypothesis can be applied to daily life. So, none of these hypotheses is scientifically proven.

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Question: Is it possible that North Sentinel Islanders are not homo sapiens?

Joshua Light: A perfectly racist question. The essence of racism is the belief in “races” - that people-groups are somehow in different stages of evolution than others and “not quite human”. Darwin believed the Australians to be of inferior breed.

Margaret Sanger believed “negros” to be of inferior breed and wanted them “bred out” of the human race entirely. She formed what is now known as Planned Parenthood. From the grave, she has been largely successful - over 30 million black babies - black voters - have had their vote suppressed in the most permanent way - by killing them in the womb. 30 million is 5 times more blacks than the total Jews killed by Hitler.

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How the f*ck is it possible that Assyrians and Greeks are still existing yet ancient Egyptians, Romans and the first Indianized Kingdom of modern-day Cambodia known as Nokor Phnom or what the Chinese call Funan don’t? Did they magically disappear?

The Truth is that its the Europeans which don’t exist.

Europe got invaded from Northern Europe by Mongols which were Hun Tribes, Turks Tribes and Han Tribe (Mongolian).

Huns killed off Western Asians (Europe), Turks killed off Middle Asians, while Hans attacked Eastern Asians.

Once they killed them off they took their identities… the phrase “When In Rome”, you become “Roman”. Huns claimed to be Celts, Romans, Greeks, etc. Turks claim to be ancient Aryans, Hebrews and Egyptians. Hans we all know weren’t the ancient Chinese and are seen as the Mongolians they are.

The Original Europeans were Brown skin form Humans… While the Mongolians are descendants Humans and Neanderthals Children. These half breed children were pale skin, hairy bodies, different color eyes & different color and type of hair… all features which Primates have, many Europeans even grow tails. Please google “The Vestigial Tail” which is a European Trait which no one wants to address.

This is because no White People are Ancient, so they couldn’t not have been Ancient Europeans!

History = His Story, and he writes it how he chooses!

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Post: “To all the relatives, “friends”, and random ass strangers that have been telling me since I was 16 that being 6’3” made me too tall to wear dresses or find a guy willing to date a girl taller than him: my 5’2” girlfriend loves when I wear dresses, thank you very much.”

StumbleCakes: Idk why, but just ew.

Aimee Hudec: Most women aren’t naturally so tall. But regardless of height, “she” still has male anatomy. That is the real issue.

My respond to Aimee: Biological women can be taller than 6’0 genius.

(My comment was removed for harassment.)

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Using fundamental science, I gained knowledge and experience that no one else has:

• I have defined intelligence in a natural way (http://mafait.org/intelligence/);
• I have discovered a logical relationship between natural intelligence and natural language (http://mafait.org/intelligence_in_grammar/);
• I am implementing these laws of intelligence in software, which is published as open source (http://mafait.org/download/);
• And I defy anyone to beat the simplest results of my CNL reasoner (http://mafait.org/challenge/) in a generic way: from natural language, through algorithms, to natural language.

The Laws of Intelligence embedded in Grammar are demonstrated by:

• Programming in natural language (http://mafait.org/screenshots_programming/);
• Reasoning in natural language (http://mafait.org/screenshots_reasoning/):
• drawing conclusions (more advanced than scientific solutions),
• making assumptions (with self-adjusting level of uncertainty),
• asking questions (about gaps in the knowledge),
• detecting conflicts and some cases of semantic ambiguity,
• displaying of justification reports for the self-generated knowledge;
• Multilingualism (http://mafait.org/screenshots/), proving: Natural languages have one common origin.

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[Context, for those that don’t know or remember, basically Hindutva is hindu fascism. Think of it as the indian counterpart of the USA evangelist fundie.]

Hindutva is a wrong narrative put up by some people against the Islamo-Marxist narrative. It is a conditional secularism. The Islamo-Marxists wants it to be unconditional so that they can meet their prerogative to break the norms of Indian culture. And they shall achieve it by demonizing Hindu values.

Hindutva is a counter to such low mentalities.

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Unfortunately, that's not so the case with women who are 24 or older. Without being rich, they cannot afford the necessities to be or remain attractive after 24, and said necessities of attractiveness include cosmetic surgery, expensive skincare and makeup products, and gym memberships, all of which are far out of reach for the middle class person. This ultimately means that women who are 24 or older and aren't rich are doomed to be overweight/obese, man-faced, short-haired and/or extremely wrinkly and old-looking. You'd be forgiven for thinking that a woman over 24 you met was a man.
With so much influence that feminists have, of course men are going to be forced to realize that all the attractive women they they met are only attractive because said women are in the 18–23 range and that they will be ugly once they turn 24 (unless said women are multimillionaires, but then these men will never be able to even talk to them unless said men are multimillionaires as well).