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the destruction of the twin towers was the real world equivalent of the destruction of the Death Star.

the World Trade Center was (shockingly) the center of worldwide trade. it housed some of the biggest—and therefore most oppressive and harmful—companies, and most influential capitalists on the planet. luckily on 9/11, around 2,000 scumbag imperialists died in the attacks.

no hero would interfere with those attacks, because the attacks themselves were heroic actions. to quote Leftöver Crack; fuck world trade.

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The invalidation of the theory of evolution as the explanation for the origin of intelligence, language and laws of nature:

• Despite centuries of exhaustive research, the theory of evolution still hasn't provided a satisfactory explanation for the origin of intelligence, language and laws of nature. Let alone, how they are related;
• According to the biblical world view, God has created laws of nature – including laws of intelligence – to make his creation run like clockwork. Being based on Natural Laws of Intelligence embedded in Grammar, only Thinknowlogy implements the intelligent function of words like definite article “the”, conjunction “or”, possessive verb “has/have” and past tense verbs “was/were” and “had”. Other Controlled Natural Language (CNL) reasoners are limited to sentences with present tense verb “is/are”. They don't accept the words mentioned above.

I am using fundamental science instead of cognitive science:

• Autonomous reasoning requires both intelligence and language;
• Intelligence and language are natural phenomena;
• Natural phenomena obey laws of nature;
• Laws of nature (and logic) are investigated using fundamental science (Basic research - Wikipedia).

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[Context: he’s talking about Marvel’s portrayal of Thor, both in the comics and the movies]

As a Scandinavian, I feel I can answer this question…

I think theyr portrayal is an attempt to “piss” on our heritage. Nothing less.

Their portrayal of Norse mythology falls in the same vein as everything else they do. They have an agenda, and it’s anti anything European.

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Using fundamental science, I gained knowledge and experience that no one else has:

• I have defined intelligence in a natural way (http://mafait.org/intelligence/);
• I have discovered a logical relationship between natural intelligence and natural language (http://mafait.org/intelligence_in_grammar/);
• I am implementing these laws of intelligence in software, which is published as open source (http://mafait.org/download/);
• And I defy anyone to beat the simplest results of my CNL reasoner (http://mafait.org/challenge/) in a generic way: from natural language, through algorithms, to natural language.

The Laws of Intelligence embedded in Grammar are demonstrated by:

• Programming in natural language (http://mafait.org/screenshots_programming/);
• Reasoning in natural language (http://mafait.org/screenshots_reasoning/):
• drawing conclusions (more advanced than scientific solutions),
• making assumptions (with self-adjusting level of uncertainty),
• asking questions (about gaps in the knowledge),
• detecting conflicts and some cases of semantic ambiguity,
• displaying of justification reports for the self-generated knowledge;
• Multilingualism (http://mafait.org/screenshots/), proving: Natural languages have one common origin.

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Were Cro-Magnons smarter than current humans?

Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal, and so on, have never existed.

None of the hypotheses that are related to Darwin's common descent /Tree of Life hypothesis can be applied to daily life. So, none of these hypotheses is scientifically proven.

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[Context, for those that don’t know or remember, basically Hindutva is hindu fascism. Think of it as the indian counterpart of the USA evangelist fundie.]

Hindutva is a wrong narrative put up by some people against the Islamo-Marxist narrative. It is a conditional secularism. The Islamo-Marxists wants it to be unconditional so that they can meet their prerogative to break the norms of Indian culture. And they shall achieve it by demonizing Hindu values.

Hindutva is a counter to such low mentalities.

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What role does our Neanderthal ancestry play in our aggression today?

zero role.

What exactly do you think Neanderthals were?

Humans have always been human.

Neanderthals is part of the macro evolution myth which is devoid of credible scientific evidence.

Evolutionists have a vivid IMAGINATION but are really poor on credible scientific evidence.

Dr John Sanford (Geneticist and inventor of the Gene Gun) said :

“The bottom line

is that the primary axiom [of Darwinian/Macro evolution]

is categorically false,

you can't create information with misspellings,

not even if you use natural selection.”

Dr Ben Carson; ex Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at one of the world's greatest hospitals (John Hopkins), a groundbreaking surgeon, best-selling author, and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom said:

"I think one of the most damning pieces of evidence against evolution is the human genome.

You can see that you have very complex, sophisticated coding mechanisms for different amino acids, and various sequences that give you millions of different genetic instructions -- very much like computer programming, which uses a series of zeros and ones in different sequences, but gives you very specific information about what that computer is to do."

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Question: Is it possible that North Sentinel Islanders are not homo sapiens?

Joshua Light: A perfectly racist question. The essence of racism is the belief in “races” - that people-groups are somehow in different stages of evolution than others and “not quite human”. Darwin believed the Australians to be of inferior breed.

Margaret Sanger believed “negros” to be of inferior breed and wanted them “bred out” of the human race entirely. She formed what is now known as Planned Parenthood. From the grave, she has been largely successful - over 30 million black babies - black voters - have had their vote suppressed in the most permanent way - by killing them in the womb. 30 million is 5 times more blacks than the total Jews killed by Hitler.

Freudian Slip Award

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A Godly America is one who teaches Puritan Christian Dominionust Values, who teaches the strongest fact of science there is, that the Earth is a flat disk topped with a firmament, like Sandy's threesome from SpingeBob. One who teaches men are a beautiful creation of the Lord they God, not a monkey's mutated period blood. One that teaches that Man's purpose in life is to Serve and Fear God all our days. I miss the puritans every day and I cry of nostalgia just thinking of the times! Good old days!

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Goegre Floyd was a rotten criminal. He deserves to be killed and then burn in Hell with Staan. He should have enever even been born into this world. Criminal apes need to be aborted and their little brittle baby bodies stomped on the floor and cast down to Help where they will be raped by the Devil for eternity. Fuck Goerge Floyd! Fuck his gay retarded family! Floyd was a hideous mongrel monster that never meant to be born! His mother should have had hear motherfucking tubes tied to prevent this beast creature from ever having been born at all!

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You’re no Christian if you believe the Bible has textual issues. Did you know that even Muslims believe that Jesus existed? If you follow Jesus, but disbelieve in the Bible, that makes you a Muslim, which is a stepping stone to atheism.

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Question: Did giants exist before the deluge?

Chris: It takes no effort to dismiss anything everything, even reality.

Every animal was giant in the past.
Every plant was Giant in the past.
Every single celled organism was giant in the past.
Every human was giant in the past.

The question would be easier to answer, “What is not giant in the past?” … and that answer is “nothing but babies.” (they’re still rather small)
To dismiss giants shows people are uneducated, academia is incapable of educating beyond a point.

Pre deluge everything was larger and there are no exceptions.

If evolutionists didn’t mislabel 98% of the fossil record extinct, then ignore it they could learn what is actually in the fossil record.

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How the f*ck is it possible that Assyrians and Greeks are still existing yet ancient Egyptians, Romans and the first Indianized Kingdom of modern-day Cambodia known as Nokor Phnom or what the Chinese call Funan don’t? Did they magically disappear?

The Truth is that its the Europeans which don’t exist.

Europe got invaded from Northern Europe by Mongols which were Hun Tribes, Turks Tribes and Han Tribe (Mongolian).

Huns killed off Western Asians (Europe), Turks killed off Middle Asians, while Hans attacked Eastern Asians.

Once they killed them off they took their identities… the phrase “When In Rome”, you become “Roman”. Huns claimed to be Celts, Romans, Greeks, etc. Turks claim to be ancient Aryans, Hebrews and Egyptians. Hans we all know weren’t the ancient Chinese and are seen as the Mongolians they are.

The Original Europeans were Brown skin form Humans… While the Mongolians are descendants Humans and Neanderthals Children. These half breed children were pale skin, hairy bodies, different color eyes & different color and type of hair… all features which Primates have, many Europeans even grow tails. Please google “The Vestigial Tail” which is a European Trait which no one wants to address.

This is because no White People are Ancient, so they couldn’t not have been Ancient Europeans!

History = His Story, and he writes it how he chooses!

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Question: Have creationists read Darwin's "The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection"? Did you finish the book and comprehend the work?

Chris: https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-f935a98f8eb12738589b4ea856d566e9-pjlq

Yes, and other works, but it is likely that the “Origin of Species” was not written by him”.
Should we expect a new book from the Brookwood miners? Its been 20 years ago that 13 miners lost their lives due to an explosion.

What about the former Beatle George Harrison? Is he coming out with new music this year?

The book of Mark was within 35 years of Jesus death and it gets dismissed.

The Buddha was written of 600 years after his death and it doesnt.

I think if Charles had written the Origin of Species he’d of done it in a hurry, it wasnt his first book, he never hesitated on them.

Many of the people he was in correspondence with were in a rush to get Britain to follow India’s religious belief as British Science. So there was an urgency to publish.

20 years is more than long enough for someone to write the Origin of Species, and attribute it to someone who wasnt physically or mentally capable of writing the book in that condition.

Charles Darwin didnt write the Origin of Species.

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Why isn’t Encyclopedia Dramatica shut down?
Why hasn't Israel surrendered to Palestine? Because the Lord won't have it!

ED routinely exposes the lies and fraud of NASA and the evils of American politics. That's why the Illuminati/Deep State/globalist parasites want it dead. Their diabolical agendas are slowly but surely being cast out of the woodwork and the rose coloured glasses are being lifted off the masses. They know their hour is dying. Where will NASA run off to when the Lord comes back and demolishes their system for good? They'll be crawling on all fours for a dime. ED is a Godly website for standing up against the craziness of our world in these apostate times!

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Lincoln was one of our worst presidents. He made enemies of succeeding states instead of creating an alliance with the CSA and pitted brother against brother in a bloody war. Lincoln violated the civil liberties of Americans on both sides both before and after the war between the states. I would dare say that Abraham Lincoln was under the influence of the anti-christ.

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Homsoexual babies need to be aborted. They were enever meant to be born at all. Jesus heart breaks every a time a homo baby comes into this world. They shouldn't exist here at all. They shouldn't even be looked at or even be breathing. They should be banned form ever being born because God hates them! The aborted homo babies belong in Hell ehing raped and molested and penetrated by the devil's big red ffatass cick in hell! Fag Fetsues, PREPARE FOR SATANS COCK IN HELL!!! HES WAITING!!!!

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Question: Why are pigs similar to humans in some ways?

David Bump: God thoughtfully provided an animal suitable to raising as common cattle that would be helpful in studying for human medical purposes and at least one replacement part. Notice also the use of guinea pigs, rats, and mice in medical testing and research.

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Is Doctor Who pandering to SJWs?

The answer is obviously yes, unless you think it’s by chance that in the past season as the SJW’s rose, suddenly Jesus was black, all of history is whitewashed, the doctor will be becoming a woman, and the sidekick is a black lesbian. All they need is an Asian and they’ve ticked all the boxes - and you guessed it, next season will also have an Asian. And it’ll go like this - the women will be in charge, they’ll be brave, intelligent etc., and the men will be complete wimps, stammering about hardly able to put a sentence together. Apparently this is ‘progressive’, despite the fact to anybody with a brain, it’s regressive.

Given most people are indoctrinated, they probably see this as normal. Regardless, whether you like the pandering or not, the show has lost it’s magic. Tbh I wouldn’t say SJW’s ruined it, even before the pandering, after Matt Smith’s departure, the show’s just…..boring. Far too iterative, they need better writers - but finding good writers is hard when SJW’s will lynch anyone that even slightly deviates from their agenda. But, I don’t know why they can’t find good writers, could be a number of reasons.

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Where have the oldest Caucasoid-type skulls been found?


As you can see the skull morphology of Rameses II is closest to the Negro skull morphology with Mongoloid Face structure… That makes these words a lie-

“Ramses II has zero prognathism and the nose… that is more Middle Eastern like seen in Jews and Arabs. He even looks like the Caucasoid skull in your graphic above.

His lack of intelligence scientifically is also displayed by his inability to acknowledge that all Arabs and Jews and Sub Saharan Africans belong to the same Phylogenetic tree of “E” they all share a common Male Ancestor.

What he/Alex calls Middle Eastern Features are clearly Negroid and the Mid East overbite is really Negroid Prognathism.

And the obvious cognitive dissonance makes discussion unfruitful so the graphics are provided simply to demonstrate detached from reality some people can remain even when the evidence is unassailable.

“Wow, you guys are something. Yeah, the color of the skin could be incorrect, but the facial features are not Africoid- Negroid. There are either Europid or Mongolid (like the Oase man)- There are 3 Anthropological Skull classifications


The Oase Man is Negroid- Negroid skull morphology, this means he could only be 1 of 4 Y-DNA groups that are Africa in origin/Negroid= Y-DNA A’s, B’s, D’s and E’s- therefore the SSA’s were the EEF’s/Anatolians, not only the EEf’s but also part population of the ANE’s.


because this is the real scientific debate, when did Western E1b1a’s and Eastern E1b1b’s *Eurasians= Y-DNA HAPLOGROUP E NEGROIDS split, …. not your weird rant like yours.”

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Those are NOT ridiculous. Both acts are dangerous and sinful deeds which should not go unpunished. Marijuana causes hallucinations and feelings of paranoia, which can lead to violence. It also may cause somebody to hallucinate a pagan “God” and turn Muslim or atheist. Prostitution, aside from being atheistic, sinful, and often homosexual, promotes the spread of diseases, many of which are incurable and untreatable. People definitely SHOULD be jailed for their crimes against God.

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A true President Trump supporter, like me, would SUPPORT the protestors at the Capitol today. If you condemn them, you are a progressive socialist Never-Trumper MASQUERADING as a Conservative. I put people like you in the same category as AOC. I think you are secretly an atheist, too.

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As a resident of NorCal, I’ve seen how California has changed from liberal, to leftist, to radical-left. It pains me to see how my state has fallen for the propaganda of far left dems. I am devoting my time to debunking the 18 fundamental lies of leftism.

Biden won fairly
Russia interfered with the 2016 election
President Trump is racist
Justice Kavanaugh is guilty of sexual assault
Kamala is black
Abortion is not murder
Taxing the rich will grow the economy
Affirmative action works
Christianity is false
Legalizing drugs lowers drug abuse
There is no leftist indoctrination in public schools/universities
Humans are changing the climate
Gun control works
Mass immigration grows the economy
Obama was born in America
Michelle is a woman
Earth is a billion years old
We came from monkeys
Every one of these points is false. I am challenging every leftist in the world to prove ONE of these points to me. If anybody can do that, I will denounce my religion and become a Never-Trumper. However, I don’t think you can prove any of these. I don’t think ANYBODY can prove these, because they are LIES.

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(A psycho woman named Jen Wenny on Quora answering questions. Possibly a troll?)

Question: Is my 7 year old sister a pervert? She always watches me in the shower. I tell her to stop and leave my room but she never listens, what should I do:

Answer: Don’t! Invite her into the shower and have fun!

Question: I’m male, and me and my brother used to suck each other off when we were 13 and 14, is this normal?

Answer: Not with the same gender! But with boy and girl siblings, sure!

Question: How do I come up with a plot that isn’t cringe?

Answer: you don’t, and I don’t care about your pronouns; OK MAN?

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Question: Can mutations create new traits?

Eid Badr: The problem with your question is the definition of trait.

If you consider the ability to digest something that your stomach never digested before a new trait then yes mutations create new traits.

If you are asking about something like an animal that does not hair at all and does not produce hair at all to go through mutations and then produce hair then no, this is not possible.

Or for example if you are asking abotu something like an animal that does not have wings at all to go through mutations and then graudually have wings then not this is not possible and mutations cannot do that.

On Quora questions like this ask about brand new generally beneficial traits. Traits that are not only beneficial under certain conditions. For example E.Coli is able to activate a silent Citrate digestion gene using mutations but only if it is put in a citrate medium. And this is only beneficial when E.coli is put in a citrate medium, if this medium has no citrate then this mutation is not beneficial. So it is not generally beneficial for E.Coli to activate the Citrate digestion gene.

Another example would be becoming lactose tolerant or lactose intolerant. Either would be beneficial only under certain conditions, and that depends on your diet.

Mutations are not random.

Mutations cannot create brand new generally beneficial traits.

Mutations help species adapt to their diet and their environments and conditions.

Mutations cannot get a species or an individual out of its genome type to which it belong.

Mutations cannot transform a genome type to another genome type.

Humans had only human ancestors.

Moneys had only monkey ancestors.

E.Coli is still E.coli

Lizards are still lizards.

Finches are still finches.

Evolution is a myth.

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It is said the chimpanzee and the bonobo share 98.6% of their genes and has the same number of chromosomes but are incompatible they cannot reproduce.


An early evolutionists fake news is surprisingly still part of today’s urban legend; both have the same number of chromosomes. No, they don’t. humans have 46 and big primates 48. Few people know this, it seems that the pig is closer genetically to humans than the chimp. In other words, chimpanzees and humans are incompatible.

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Soon, God the Father will Demonstrate HOW He can imprison 7.9 Disobedient, SELF-Leading God-created Souls, in hell for Eternity.

You just wait.

or you could . . .

RUN to GOD, and beg God the Father to teach ‘you’ to live His Unselfish Ways, so that ‘you’ will become selfless, like Jesus, our Example, so ‘you’ are working WITH GOD, instead of with satan, AGAINST GOD.

TIP: ‘Good Intentions’ lead to hell.

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[wanted to share my first run in with creationism on quora]

Original question:“What will happen if I could falsify the Theory of Evolution and replace ToE?„

Answer by Thraxas:
Well you would get a Nobel prize.

But not sure o get you down but the ToE is The best researched Theorie in all of scientific history, with the most evidence for it, even more so than the Theory of friggin gravity.

So you first had to discover something that fundamentally changes our perception of biology, chemistry or physics. But good luck

Comment by Philipp Cole:

Absolute nonsense. There is absolutely no observed evidence to support evolution. Evolution is just the science fiction writings of men.

Gravity has observed evidence.

Comment by Thraxas:

Erm no just no. While there is indeed observable evidence for gravitation it isn’t letting your pen Fall that could also proof intelligent falling:

[Link to the rational wiki Site about intelligente falling, the thumbnail is the pictured of jesus holding the Universe]

It is actually a lot more easy to get evidence. I actually read some papers about it and also you should know a common actual example which is COVID 19 and it’s mutants.

I also don’t see what you nuts get out of it claiming that there is no evidence for evolution, it’s easily verifiable, like you could actual do it. Also it’s just a Natural process not even directly contradicting your favorite fairy tail unlike a heliocentric Model or the fact that the world is round.

Comment by Philipp Cole

Regardless of how many times you make the false claim, there is still absolutely no evidence to support evolution.

LOL, the Covid variants are due to reproduction and genetics NOT evolution.

FYI, it is true that Jesus holds the universe together. Jesus created it and He could easily destroy it.

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As certain governors and mayors have shown recently related to the Wuhan Virus, the local or state executive can get away with being a dictator, at least for a short time. They can seemingly ignore their legislatures and shut down the courts and prohibit protests and claim health and safety as the reason. They have even used Stasi-style tactics of using the people to inform on their neighbors.

Ultimately if the people are sheep, and most are, the governor/mayor can get away with it. How they immediately reversed these policies to permit and encourage the protests after the senseless death of George Floyd demonstrates that for some of these leaders that the health and safety reasons they gave were a canard, hollow excuses foisted on a naive public and spread by a complicit media, all in an effort to grab and exert power. They told us that peaceful protests of their restrictions, and civil disobedience in the form of businesses daring to re-open, were a grave threat, and were put down in some cases with fascist efficiency. But apparently protesting racial injustice, violating all of their safety protocols while doing so, is not only allowed but encouraged, and rioting and looting need to be “understood.” French author Francois de La Rochefoucauld was surely prescient when he wrote that “hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue.”

And since this time the wannabe dictators got away with it, they will be emboldened to exert such power in the future as it suits them. The Wuhan Virus claimed over 100,000 lives and counting in this country, and you can count the Constitution of the United States of America among the dead.

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No what ifs. ALL lost Unbelievers will spend Eternity in hell and the lake of fire for Eternity needlessly. We must be Truly Born Again Christian Believers In Jesus Christ Alone to go to Heaven. I have found that Only a life lived in Jesus Christ Alone daily matters. Are you ready to meet Jesus Today, find Truth, Forgiveness, Salvation, True Peace, Contentment, Joy, Love. Jesus is Tenderly, Lovingly, calling Today, Come, Come as you are, Come Now

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Uh, none of the evidence of eviloution is undisputed, it is ALL disputed, and highly disputed BTW, as it is all based upon flawed and imaginative assumptions,preconceived assumptions again btw.

And there is no way to KNOW the sea floors are any younger than any place else on the earth. Answer me this where did the sea floors come from if they are younger- did they just poof appear or what; your thinking is almost comical when thought out. All the matter is same age ALL of it, none of it could be any older or younger unless it was CREATED later (lol).

Yes the materials have been sifted sorted BY the global flood of Noah’s day; we see the flood strata everywhere on earth. And the water receded back in to the earth and the Mtns rose up after the flood as Bible tells us and we see the overt/obvious evidence of their too in the inverted broken strata layers so we KNOW they rose up and water runs down hill, it always has btw, except in Grand Canyon where it had to flow up hill for millions years to form the canyon but that is the only exception (lol).