greginaurora #sexist

Women make babies.
Men make Civilization.

Without Women, Mankind dies.
Without Men, Mankind reverts to nothing more than very smart animals.

But there’s a catch. Women care nothing for Civilization. A woman’s life is consumed by sexual desire for her one-true Alpha-love, and the empty chattering with other women that composes everything important in her thoughts and actions. Even her children are nothing more than an afterthought.

Men, by contrast, can be happy in nearly sexless, nearly loveless lives, totally devoted to the maintenance of Civilization. If they’re Betas. And if Civilization itself spurns them?

They burn it all to the ground and revert everything back to animalism. Who’s to stop them? Civilization only exists because they themselves wish it so. And when their great love betrays them, they destroy it. With finality.

And those Betas are both the only ones whi truly understand that, and the only ones who care.



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