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25+ women don't EVER want to be seen without makeup outside.

And I've seen and approached attractive 30+ women. They have *even more* makeup on.

Life for a 25+ year old woman is an *ARMS RACE* between beauty/makeup/anti-aging products and the effects of sun and aging.

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When I wrote Navigating the SMP, the reason I used 30 as the general age women typically hit the ‘Wall’ is really a combination of factors. Most importantly it represents the threshold at which most women realize their lessened capacity to sexually compete with the next generation of women in their ‘actualized’ sexual peak (22-24). However, there is a male part of the Wall equation that needs to be understood. 30 is also the general age at which men (should) become aware of their own, longer-lasting sexual market value and potential. This affects women’s interpretations of the Wall. Once a Man is aware that he has the capacity to attract the sexual attentions of the younger women he’d previously had limited access and understanding of, his actions and imperatives define the Wall for women who are approaching that threshold. And unsurprisingly this is the point at which Wall-fearing women begin their accusations of men’s infantile ego issues, shaming, etc. for preferring younger women than themselves.

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Tell me, you solipsistic cunt, what special word(s) are you not allowed to use to insult a man? Is there any word that is off limits no matter what? Of course not.

Why then is cunt a problem? Answer: Because it represents depedestilization. You see, I cannot have a cunt up on a pedestal. A bitch, yes. But a cunt? Nope, I can only call a woman a cunt if she is actually knocked off her pedestal first.

Sure, I could call you an asshole or a dingbat or a bitch – all surely apply. But I choose to call you cunt because I know it sends you batty and because it makes clear that you get no quarter with me anymore just because you are a woman.

I never called a woman a cunt for most of my life. It’s so satisfying and liberating to do so now, and to watch you act like a 9 year old girl over it is even better. Just get that your overreaction to it is a prima facie case in support of all that is written here.

Cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt. You guys who get squeamish over my use of the word should consider it may be a vestige of Blue Pillness and pedestalizing women echoing out through your consciousness.

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I’m not bitter, not a misogynist, not a threat to others (except when I want to be) and have improved myself as a self respecting masculine male with red pill awareness and game actions. I’m ten times the husband over the last two years and a much better father. I love and support my wife and children without regret. That could change tomorrow, but for now it holds as self evident to me, (Ego-Investment or not). In short I’m not evil now, where I could have been bitter and malevolent 5 years ago until I gained red pill awareness out of evo-psych principles. I’m feeling great this week.
And I think (in my INTJ brain) that you have to be ignorant, dumb, stupid or lazy to not see evo-psych proven premises as not actually being self evident and observing behavior for 50 years. Or reading a book or two (or hundreds).

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Have you heard of unbiased, peer reviewed academic research?

Take genealogy, history. Take the Bible and the Koran: All over history, men have married 15 year olds, 12 year olds, as the norm. Check anthropology: at what age do women in Hunter-Gatherer societies marry? And what age men do these women prefer? 12 year old boys or over 20 or over 30 year old powerful experienced men?

Then look at Charlie Chaplin. Rock stars in the 1970’s. Hugh Hefner. Men who get admired by adolescent girls.

Then check psychology: Show men the photos or video clips of 15 year old girls, tell them they are 19 (to overcome the ingrained fear of jail bait). See if they are interested or if they find these girls repulsive. You can even check with contraptions that measure penile growth, excitement.

This is how one does science. Your knee jerk reaction can not change past history.

Sadly, through feminist world dominance, feelings like yours did change the history of the last 50 years and of I dont know how many years ahead.

But, as long as it does not become criminalized, a few people like me will insist on telling the truth.

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It is easy to do research on attractiveness. You can read books and research by David Buss, for example, to check what age women men prefer as mates. Observe the mate selection of men that are powerful and attractive and can choose among many willing women.

Nowadays most men don’t have the courage to pick much younger women, as this is shunned and criminalized. But Cougars who like much younger boys are empowered women

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The reader who recently submitted a very helpful and much sought after graph, which shows the rapidly declining ‘reproductive value’ of a woman once she is past her teens, has given an explanation as to exactly how it should be interpreted. A couple of other readers suggested that the graph appears to show that evolutionary psychology would predict that men ought to find 3 year olds more attractive than 30 year olds, which obviously isn’t the case, and which makes clear that the graph isn’t a strict correlation between ‘reproductive value’ and ‘sexual attractiveness’. However, once a girl is capable of giving birth, then it is reasonable to expect there to be a strong correlation between her reproductive value (as defined by David Buss and illustrated in the graph) and her sexual attractiveness :

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In my own life I’ve known several men who anyone in the ‘sphere would objectively call Alpha. Their default is to action, dominance, authority and control of whatever life puts in front of them. They handle their shit, they own their business ventures, they have all the Dark Triad traits you might expect from a guy like this – but put them in a social setting with a girl and they go as Beta as any Blue Pill guy you’ll ever know. Their Blue Pill conditioning predisposes them to compartmentalize this aspect of their personality to effectively put their dominant personality to the use of the Feminine Imperative.

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Daily Mail jailbait of the week : Cindy Crawford’s 15 year old daughter –


Meanwhile, British women ‘volunteers’ are flocking to the infamous Calais jungle to suck the big black cocks of low IQ desperate African refugees :


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It’s going to be a hard sell to convince the public that 14 year old females are ‘young adult women’, and certainly any females younger than that (for those of us who believe that post-pubescent 12 and 13 year olds are at least sexual beings and have ceased to be ‘children’)

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“It looks like it’s abnormal NOT to fancy 12 year olds!”
Well it is indeed: If only (normal, non-gay) men were honest (instead of allowing themselves to be intimidated by jealous old feminist bats) and unashamedly admitted that such young girls are attractive to them, it would not even be a topic worthy of discussion; while the jealous old femihags who invented and propagated these destructive narratives about male sexuality, (and successfully lobbied for the Draconian laws that stem from them), would instead just have to grin and bear it and shut-up.

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Here’s a graph you might find a bit interesting. Several thousand men on the internet were shown pictures of girls and women of all ages without being informed of their age and asked if they found them sexually desirable or not. Here’s the result:


What’s interesting is how sharply the graph falls under 13. I imagine the men guessed the girls were under 13 and became reluctant to rate them as attractive. The true rating for girls under 13 is probably a bit higher than reported. But anyway, make of it what you will.

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Finally a man falsely accused of rape did the same thing I would do in that situation…

He killed the thuggish twat confronting him!

Finally an accused sex offender with some balls. Perhaps if there were a few more of these cases then these thugs might suddenly realise that they aren’t going to get away with beating up someone just because they “think they’re a paedo”.

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I’m not saying that a relationship between a middle aged man and a very young child is normal and perfectly natural. I’m saying a relationship between a 40 year old and a 14 year old is normal and natural. Nor have I ever presented “child abduction” in a positive light so take that in your pipe and smoke it!

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Its as plain as the nose on one’s face that feminism is based ENTIRELY on bitter sexual jealousy and nothing else. It’s a ‘no brainer’.
The only possible reason I might have for doubting this simple fact about women (particularly when considering or discussing overweight, over 35 y/o FRUMPS), is that it seems that only you, me, Eric, Evilwhitemaleempire, Inclined Reader and a few more that could easily be counted on my fingers, out of about 4,000,000,000 other men, seem sure of this fact…
Is it possible therefore, that such a tiny minority of us could be wrong?…

Not at all!

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One intelligent reader of mine has suggested that there may be a difference in sexual preferences displayed in men with regard to casual sex and the search for a long-term mate. On his view, EP would predict that men should find ‘peak fertily’ females most attractive for casual sex (20-25?) and young girls (13-19?) most attractive for long-term mating.

That’s certainly an interesting suggestion, and it seems to me to have a high degree of plausibility to it. But one of the glaring things missing from Primate’ analysis, as well as most of the discussion thus far on this site, is the high reproductive value that a virgin would possess for a man, in terms of the ‘mummy’s baby, daddy’s maybe’ argument, and which seems to me would suggest that, in this regard, a young girl in early puberty would have the highest value for a man in relation to both casual sex AND long-term commitment.

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Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of paedohysteria today is generated by the fact that unmarried nubile teenage daughters are in the family environment, dressing slutily, for up to 8 years before they finally go off to university. It’s about father coming to terms with the bulge in his pants when his little princess bends over for the tv remote wearing her see through leggings and thong. For most of history, girls began puberty at 13 and were quickly married off. Having post pubescent daughters stay with their natural fathers without even having the mother to keeep an eye out or satisfy him sexually is likely going to lead to a huge increase in incest I would have thought.

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Adolescents are adults, Adult is someone who is mature, these ‘adolescents’ have matured enough their sexual organs and their cognitive abilities, adolescence has never existed, was created by psychiatrists a century ago, in ancient Rome, ‘adolescent’ was another word For young adults even aged 30 year olds, in no society before the invention of psychiatry was considered the existence of something called ‘adolescence’ for those under 20’s.

5 yrs old are children (an nondeveloped human), 14 yrs old are adults (a developed human, indeed young adult is the biological term, ‘adolescent’ is the false psychiatrical concept), and as an adult must have the same rights and obligations as the rest of adults

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You once put in a comment in Human-Stupidy that there could be men who refused to have relationships with those over 18, because it was a type of rape to them try to force us to do so. I am one of those. I believe that each time someone gives up and goes with an adult, they (our rapists) win. Every time someone has a relationship with a “minor”, we win. The problem is that I will not allow people to have sex and enjoy just to be of “the same age” or “adults” while I suffer for being an adult and fall in love with a minor, so that is why I talk about have only sex exclusively with teenagers to I can take revenge on my rapists and be able to have a girlfriend, even if it is in an post-pubescent age as an 16 years old, but Is better than nothing, I think you understand me.

But BTW I would not be an “ephebophile” like H-S and aspies in general, if I am something at all it would be an hebephile because I want a girl in early pubescence to groom her (in the good sense that originally had the word), also that seems to you to that hebephiles are “social misfits” for being attracted to persons who are exclusivenly in pubescence? And normal heterosexual mens can not love children not even older as ten or so even if they are beutiful at their manner?

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As to why young white girls like black men, it could be to do with them having massive penises, massive athletic ability, natural confidence and flowing conversational skills with women, and a domination of urban youth culture including popular music. Also, as you say, black men are about 14 times more likely to be violent criminals, and about 70 times more likely to be violent rapists, so if it’s true that white girls like thugs, then even a white girl with an IQ of 30 would be able to work out that black men are ‘desirable’.

Alan Vaughn #fundie google.no

I don’t believe that any normal man, of any age is HONESTLY attracted to the aged and grossly unattractive ‘cougars’ you refer to either and I most certainly include myself in the ‘any man’ demographic.
What these buffoons who are clearly brainwashed by feminists and their hateful ideology seem to have forgotten, or as I’ve just explained above, are too afraid to discuss or even consider, in the privacy of their own thoughts (because there is such a crime now as thought crime), is that girls are at their most attractive in their teen years. (The very teen years that the stupid sheeple now believe men are ‘paedophiles’ if they admit to finding girls of that age group attractive).
They are at their most attractive at that age for a very good reason too: God actually made it so (if you believe in God, but if not, let’s say ‘Nature’ made it that way). He made girls most attractive in their teen years because they are most FERTILE at that age. I.e. they SHOULD be bearing children during their teen years, thus obviously: should be sexually active.
IOW: They have been designed to be MOST attractive to men at that age in the hope that at least one such man will be so attracted (as God hoped) and become a mate for the young woman then, hopefully impregnate her… All by His (or Nature’s) Great design.
It’s no coincidence that girls are most attractive at the same time in their lives that they are most fertile. God or Nature, made it that way. On purpose.

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Fucking King Edward I married a 13-year-old and managed to rule Britain. He doesn’t have problems like this these days. He was a sane man and people didn’t have the uncontrollable urge to throw him off the ledge. He wasn’t ashamed of being a man or of his sexuality.

I agree with the idea of the Sexual Trade Union. It is blatantly punishing the natural male heterosexuality.
As the trend continues, I think we’ll become increasingly asexual… and the population would drop… due to unnatural circumstances.

Alan Vaughn #fundie google.no

A further spin-off from what you’re pointing out is the similar (yet in a sense opposite), association with mature (femihag) women, affectionately referred to as ‘Cougars’ or ‘MILFs’…
In that culture, they use terms such as girl, or chick to further enhance the paedohysterical notion that girls under 18 are ‘children’, by artificially DEflating the relative age and mature appearance of those hags as (sexy or attractive) girls.
(They are trying and I think possibly with limited success, to brainwash men into believing and accepting mature women as being as sexy or even MORE sexy and attractive than younger girls).

I remember having quite an intense belly laugh when esteemed reader ‘MRA Front’ directed me to the so-called ‘Cougar’ culture, where I saw images of ugly old hags with 18 to 20 year old boys and splashed across the top of the page was this exact phrase: “You go girl!!”
Other pages contained similar pictures and short stories of Cougar ‘conventions’, where ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’ Cougars go for the exclusive purpose of meeting young men and having sex with them and they were even referred to as ‘hot chicks’, ‘Hotties’ or ‘Gals’. I.e. words normally associated with young women and girls.

I think you might, as I do, perceive this as yet another publicity ‘trick’ (in propaganda) the gynocracy has developed and deployed, to effectively conflate all females AT or OVER the age of consent to be either women or ‘girls’, but any girls BELOW the AoC are children. And of course, any man showing the slightest sexual interest towards them (including looking at drawings of anything that looks remotely youthful), are indisputably vile paedophiles, worthy of nothing less than life in prison or death (if not already deceased); or, at the VERY least: a lifetime of public scapegoating, ridicule and stigmatization, via their highly successful: publicly accessible sex offender registry system.

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Regarding my thought over teenage girls being taken to retirement homes, regular readers may recall that I’ve expressed the same sentiment several times in the past, and I explicitly stated that in an ideal humane world, 16 year old girls would gladly visit retirement homes to give the old codgers blowjobs as part of community minded service. I also state in this very article that such a world is likely impossible given female sexual psychology. Not even a deranged femi-hag with poor reading skills could concievably believe that I am ‘encouraging’ teachers to take their underage pupils to retirement homes to have illegal sex with the residents.

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When women get past their teens, they grow armpit hair, leg hair, pubic hair, body odor. Men don't like this... it's natural for men not to like it. It also means she may not bear as many children in the long run. Men are natural hebephiles. In modern society men forget how necessary it is for post-pubescent women to alter their bodies to be attractive. No man would accept a post-pubescent woman in her natural skin. She must remove her post-pubescent traits and mimic adolescent traits to be attractive again. Men in modern society think this is normal.. but it's not.. It's very unnatural. It's very fake and manipulated

Rollo Tomassi #fundie google.no

Anyone who’s read my soon to be 5 years of writing on TRM knows what my take on marriage is. I don’t subscribe to the idea that being married automatically makes a man Beta (Alpha and Beta are mindsets, not demographics), but I do understand why marriage seems to be the ideal for Beta men trapped in lives of subservience, scarcity and endless tail-chasing to appease all women. I do understand why a Beta mindset pervades the vast majority of married men – so I get the association that marriage is Beta.

As part of my career I have had the opportunity to bang beautiful women for the 20 years I’ve been married on almost a weekly basis. My N-count was 40+ before I did get married.

I can tell you how and why Game works from a social, evolutionary and psychological perspective. I can tell you how a Red Pill father raises a daughter. I can tell you how to deal with a BPD woman. I can tell you how a mature man can interact with young women and generate attraction. I can tell you how a man can recreate himself in a Red Pill awareness. I can tell you how a man can deal with women as a fuck buddy, a SNL, and as a husband.

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Women make babies.
Men make Civilization.

Without Women, Mankind dies.
Without Men, Mankind reverts to nothing more than very smart animals.

But there’s a catch. Women care nothing for Civilization. A woman’s life is consumed by sexual desire for her one-true Alpha-love, and the empty chattering with other women that composes everything important in her thoughts and actions. Even her children are nothing more than an afterthought.

Men, by contrast, can be happy in nearly sexless, nearly loveless lives, totally devoted to the maintenance of Civilization. If they’re Betas. And if Civilization itself spurns them?

They burn it all to the ground and revert everything back to animalism. Who’s to stop them? Civilization only exists because they themselves wish it so. And when their great love betrays them, they destroy it. With finality.

And those Betas are both the only ones whi truly understand that, and the only ones who care.

Human Stupidity #fundie google.no

Like virginity, rape should be taken less seriously today: abortion, DNA testing eases the consequences of rape

We do not claim that rape is inoffensive and harmless. Rather, our point is that the advent of birth control, abortion, and DNA testing changed the consequences of sexual behavior. Just as virginity became almost irrelevant, rape has lost most of its terrible life changing consequences:
•Rape does no more make a women unmarriageable
•Rape does no more force a woman to give birth to an unwanted baby fathered by the rapist (there is always abortion)
•Rape does no more leave the actual or future husband unsure about paternity, if he is the father (DNA testing) nor put a husband at special risk of having a wife pregnant from a rapist (abortion, birth control)

Of course, constant feminist brainwashing, how terrible rape is, takes its toll. Constantly suggesting victims how terrible their ordeal was, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy

Eivind Berge #fundie google.no

Facebook is evil

This week we learned that Facebook has kicked out Rune Øygard because he is a convict of the victimless sex crime of having a consensual sexual relationship with 14-15-year-old girl (there is nothing really unusual about this criminal case, which just shows run-of-the-mill misandry and sex-hostility at work, but it received a lot of publicity in Norway because Øygard is a politician). It turns out that Facebook has an actual policy against convicted sex offenders. To me, this crosses the line and demonstrates unambiguously that Facebook is an evil instrument of political correctness, in the business of enforcing feminist sexual taboos. I believe a private company such as Facebook should have the right to exclude anyone they want, of course, but this policy raises the issue of whether it is a good idea for us to spend so much of our time there. The issue is our willingness to give them power over us. Facebook's ostracism hurts because we have trusted them with too much power and now they abuse that trust, but the fundamental problem is our gullibility. The moral is: Don't make yourself too dependent on any morally corrupt entity. This is an inherent risk of centralized platforms, so we should probably try to avoid these whenever possible

Makeshift Alpha #sexist google.no

Most people think ow if I can become an Alpha male, women will like me and want to sleep with me (often not even sleep with you most the time men are just looking for female approval). The truth is women will want to sleep with you more, Hypergamy is women’s natural state, meaning that they are always looking to mate with the Alpha male.

Hypergamy (colloquially referred to as “marrying up”) is the act or practice of seeking a spouse of higher looks, socioeconomic, caste or status than oneself. The term is often used more specifically in reference to a perceived tendency among human cultures for females to seek or be encouraged to pursue male suitors that are higher status than themselves

The problem with this line of thinking is it’s in itself very beta and weak. Wanting to become all Alpha for someone else approval, it’s very externally referenced. The attraction from women is a byproduct. You should want to ‘become a alpha’ for yourself, for the piece of mind, for the ability to enjoy your life and to have power in the world

Makeshift Alpha #fundie google.no

I have just skim read the book ‘Date like a woman think like a man’ by Steve Harvey. It could be considered ‘The Game’ for women. In that case, I believe it could be considered a good thing. However, I don’t think it would actually work. Now, if you were to actually write the game when for women, it would be a really short book. It would go something like this “marry young, lose weight, be affectionate“. This however would not sell and would not get a huge film deal. So this book has been padded at and am filled with crap

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I imagine that because prehistoric men focused their efforts on acquiring girls before about 17 when they start reproducing, girls have evolved to invest the most in bodily attractiveness before that age and deteriorate afterwards as their attractiveness would have become less and less important

Ian B #fundie google.no

24? Bit strange, that. Sounds a bit like setting the bar high due to the current paedohysteria. Men are maximally physically attracted to women from the completion of puberty until the start of negative ageing signals; a golden decade from the mid teens to the mid twenties roughly; which is why Britain's top Page 3 girl Sam Fox first shot to fame at age 16 (until the SOA in 2003, topless models frequently started at 16 and 17, when their boobage is in peak condition). The dismissive term "caveman hypothesis" sets a negative gloss on something totally normal- maximal sexual desirability is when a woman is in peak physical condition, in the golden decade. The idea that this might, or should, change, indicated in the later part of the article is silly.

Doing some futurism (always a risky proposition), this century is likely to see the first genuine age-combatting biotechnologies. It is likely that in the near future, and certainly in the future at some point, ageing will be entirely vanquished. And when that happens, everyone will choose to be, forever, in peak physical condition. Expect a human race whose entire female cohort look about 18, and males who maybe look a little older, maybe mid 20s (women prefer a man to have a bit of a mature look, due to their innate hypergamy. A five year age gap seems about standard). They will look at the bizarre Clooney/Almuddin wedding extravaganza- a woman rapidly fading into middle age, and a grey haired old clunker, and feel pity and amusement at the sight.

Heartiste #fundie google.no

As CH has asserted in the past, and as science has now proven, men are most attracted to women aged 15-25, and the raw physical attraction is strongest for girls between 15 and 20. Men are not most attracted to maximally fertile women (which would correspond to the mid to late 20s for most women); rather, men are most attracted to women with the GREATEST POTENTIAL for reproductive success over a lifetime, aka RV (residual value).

Todd Strandberg #fundie google.no

When I talk to unsaved people about the rapture and world events, 90% of them agree with the validity of Bible prophecy. Most of them even admit that we are headed towards the tribulation hour. If I try to tell them we might be getting near to the end, that's when I get strong opposition from them. "Not in our lifetime," is the average reply I receive. I always try to reason with them by saying, "You agree Jesus is coming back, and the likelihood of His return only increases each year. Because there is nothing to prevent Him from returning, why not at least be open to the possibility?"
A large portion of the population strongly refuses to consider the prospect of prophecy being fulfilled in our generation. In all honesty, many of these people probably have a good reason for not wanting to see the end times: the start of the tribulation would signal their doom.

In most wars in which two main forces are at odds, it's historically common for fighters to realize they're on the losing side and then defect to the side that's winning. This is particularly true in tribal conflicts. If you're not in Jesus' camp, you're on the losing team. For the time being, sinners still have the opportunity to abandon their loyalty to Satan and to realign themselves as soldiers in God's army. Once Jesus returns to earth, it will become too late for someone to change his or her allegiance

Ollie #fundie google.no

The average beta does not know of the Venusian arts, and he is adrift in a harsh sea of confusion, begging to take any way out. He does not understand why he cannot succeed, has given up, and is thankful for the few scraps he gets – because in his mind it is never, ever, going to get any better. This helplessness and hopelessness is a lot like what those in cults (who routinely do amazingly self-abasing things you or I would laugh at) feel. The only difference is that this cult, the cult of feminism, is heavily supported by the academic, political and media establishment. If Scientology got half the support that the fembots did, it would be THE dominant religion in America. The fembot message is ever-present and almost-inescapable – a lie repeated so often it is the de-facto truth for so many. That’s why so many MRM types like to use the whole “red pill” analogy. The fembot program is so ubiquitous that average man is totally, cluelessly immersed in it, like the matrix, and he needs an external, Morepheus-type character to help him snap out.

tteclod #fundie google.no

White” Girls are “good to go” by 13, easy, with exceptions for those not yet “bleeding.” Some of the sub-Saharan’s may skew younger, as may some other particular breeds, but the age we’re taught to prefer in modern society, early 20’s, is about ten years late.

Sparks #fundie google.no

They had it right in the old days – women were married off at 13/14, in fact in Roman times it was customary for men in their mid 40’s to take wives in their mid teens (the lucky bastards) in order to ensure children and that the wives could look after their husbands in old age. Modern society expects a man like me to marry a modern mid 30’s woman with her shrivelled ovaries instead of a dewy, juicy teen and the thought of it makes me almost nauseous.

Heartiste #fundie google.no

Chateau Heartiste has written that game can save the West. Disbelievers scoff. But if this outpost of sanity had been around during Hitler’s flowering youth to enlighten him about the nature of the fairer sex, the West might very well have been saved. Saved not just from war and genocide, but from every evil — cultural Marxism, feminism, equalism, and now racial self-annihilationism — that has come after.

Krauser PUA #fundie google.no

If a woman has any regard for her own future, she will husband hunt while near her prime sexual market value (aged 18-24), as this is when she can best score a top quality man. As she ages, her choices reduce. By 34 she hits her “Wile E Coyote” moment when her SMV is close to zero. There’s no chance of scoring Mr Big then