Jan Snyder #racist moonbattery.com

No, Hitler and the Nazis were NOT a plague on the white race. The Jewish led Bolsheviks had slaughtered 20 million Russians and were poised to do the very same thing to Germany. Go back and read about it. That explains the Nazis quick rise to power. And the Nazis had no intention of “exterminating” the Jews; the Nazis had lots of ammo and could have killed every last Jew if they wanted to. The Jews were detained because they could not be trusted, the same way that we detained the Japanese. And the Jews that died mostly died of typhus and starvation. Allies bombed the railroad lines and cutoff supplies to the camps causing many to starve. The Jews were not the only group to suffer, the whole world suffered during those wars. Look at Dresden or Holomodor, or Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Millions died period, not just Jews. Pick up a copy of the Gulag Archipeligo and see what it was like in a Jewish run Soviet gulag.
Start reading and just maybe the truth will start to sink in.



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