GCFemcel #sexist reddit.com

[In case it's not obvious, the community she refers to is r/TruFemcels]

I'm tired of trans people and their compulsive need to take over every community specifically for women.

I'm part of a community for women who have problems with dating/romance. And somehow trans people keep brigading and making it all about them. About how they have it harder, how they feel like they can be a part of our community even though they're clearly not. They can understand some of our troubles with dating, but they are not women! They have different problems entirely, are entitled to free cosmetic surgeries, and never grew up an ugly girl and they never had to deal with society's expectations of women in the same way we do.

I don't know how the moderators feel about trans people. The community already is divided with some women defending them and saying that "trans women are women". Some of them have already requested access into private subreddits for women only and I just feel so uncomfortable and I just feel like I don't belong there anymore.

I don't feel comfortable discussing my issues as a woman in front of men pretending to be women. This is just an online group that is constantly being brigaded by incels yet I'm even more scared of the trans brigaders (we got linked on a trans subreddit) because I don't feel like I can trust anybody.


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