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[Re. the NY State Supreme Court tossing out a lawsuit that would have blocked the construction of the "Ground Zero Mosque"]

The same people in the legal system who sold their soul and turned their back on the principles of the Constitution and Rule of Law. The people who have no belief in God—just a belief in the almighty dollar and absolutely no common sense.

Would we allow the Nazi’s to build a gas oven in NYC during WWII? No.....not even AFTER WWII, until now. And it is a Jew that is allowing this monstrosity which declares that he is an ape and should be killed. Mosques should be banned because they are antithetical to the Constitution. We do not recognize belief systems in this country that kill, torture, and allow no free will and we should NEVER acknowledge such a belief system as a “religion”. It is a cult.

Our standard of right and wrong stems from the Judeo-Christian God and should not recognize those “religions” which defy the laws of this nation. The Founders probably wouldn’t have allowed any mosques in this nation because of their ungodly beliefs. When was the first mosque allowed anyway???? After the Marxist takeover of our legal system and school system????? When was Wicca recognized and forced onto the military in an unconstitutional method.

This moral relativism which was implemented by John Dewey and this “diversity” was brought in by the cultural Marxists to destroy Christianity and destroy destroy our nation. It is easy to research. Politically Correctness comes from Marxist ideology to destroy logic and reason and science...which destroys all cultures because it destroys the minds of children....therefore, creates useful idiots who can not this judge.



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