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Witchcraft/ Wiccan symbol OK for soldiers' graves

After seeing the this article on tv and then having to read it to make sure that I was not dreaming. It made blood shoot out of my eye's, What is this country coming to? The far left is coming out now far more insidious and offensive than any other time before.

It's bad enough that we had to put up with the west side baptist nuts spreading hate for Americans who fight and die for this country by protesting funerals and now we have to put up with people who want to defile the graves of our fallen soldiers by letting these nut jobs post Pagan/Witchcraft symbols on or near other soldiers graves. And really for what? A political statement against the Bush Administration. Even so called diversity has limitations.

The implementations of this is far more reaching than what most people actually will ever realize. All I know is that, If these people try to put something like this near my family it will come down by what ever means necessary. Somethings are about right or wrong, Not left or right political beliefs.


While I have no problems with one last wishes, They need to take it where it will be accepted.

I my self think that this will not last. In my part of America the community will tie these people up in court Or take it upon them selfs to remove an obscenity from the burial site of multi-generations of jedo-christian who actually fought for God, Country and Christian beliefs.


In the tradition of our great country, I did not think about atheist, to think about atheist is to think about communist as they both go hand in hand.

Both believe in Communist organization called the ACLU who's sole purpose is to use our courts to pervert American values.



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