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All men are judged since birth.
Atheists and unbelievers reject the pardon of the judgment, that is in Christ.

I will try a parallel story:

It is as if you are on death row.

The son of the warden states "I will be judged in your stead, not only yours but for the rest that is on death row."

The warden finds that is acceptable in the law.

They kill his son in your place.

Some on death row will claim what the son did, and be saved from judgement..
They will say I believe that judgment upon the warden son, and have peace with the warden.

Atheists look at that the work that wardens son did and reject it.
Atheists say that is not a bright thing to believe on his son.
Atheists say they are not even in prison.
And there is no warden.
Why do we need to claim any thing about his son.
So they focus on a system of being good, and keeping the jail house tidy.

When judgment day comes, you will find the warden is not only unimpressed with your good tidy record.
But he is is a tad upset that you rejected the sacrifice his son personally did for you.

The judgment will be carried out, with a firery wrath;

It will serve as a example to the glorify the mercy of the warden, and a example of what occurs to those who reject his mercy.



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