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Muslims Subject Christians to Ritual Sacrifice

If you have spent any time around liberals, you have probably noticed their tendency — particularly pronounced since 9/11 — to reflexively side with Muslims. They are reflexively siding with this:

After exposing videos of “ritual human sacrifices” of Christians by Muslims, a former Palestinian Liberation Organization member-turned-Christian has discovered a new set of shocking videos that show human slaughterhouses in which non-Muslims are executed.

The videos, posted by Walid Shoebat, and his son, Theodore Shoebat, are horrific, showing heads neatly lined up against a wall and bodies suspended by their feet in a room. —

“This is the reality of Islam, it is a pagan and utterly depraved and sadistic religion. It takes the soul of a man and purges any remnants of human affection from his very being. Look to your own soul, and understand your own obligation to help the Christians,” Shoebat said. —

Shoebat noted the speaker in one video uses the term Qurban just before gunfire erupts and men lined up in a row fall to the floor one by one. Shoebat explained that the Arabic term “can only signify a sacrifice, which indicates that the filmed slaughter is nothing but a ritual human sacrifice.”

Another video shows the throat of the “sacrifice” being slit with a knife.

These are the kind of people on whose behalf Obama and his ally John McCain wanted the USA to go to war against the Syrian government last fall, evidently in order to salvage Obama’s lost credibility after he foolishly drew a red line that was called as a bluff — and also to advance radical Islam, as Obama has attempted to in Egypt through the malign Muslim Brotherhood. Fortunately Obama’s designs were stopped by massive political resistance, both in the USA and in Egypt.

If you have a strong stomach, check out the videos at WND.



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