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militaryutahguy #fundie au.youtube.com

I cannot believe we are discussing whether or not gays can marry or not! The Bible is quite clear, in the Book of Leviticus - the penalty. Let's stop the idea of gay rights, and instead round up these anti-American criminals and at the very least hold them in detentiion camps or prisons, and decide or not decide to execute them.

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Dudex58 #fundie au.youtube.com

no ,its because darwin states in his theory that black people are less eveolved than whites because they came from less evolved apes,and that women come from an even less evolved one, what are black women scared of?The black women I know my ancestors,some were stronger and smarter than the males,stop putting stupid rehersed atheist comments

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YesJesusYes #fundie au.youtube.com

My sister recently graduated from medical school (and seems to think that makes her smarter than me.) She had the gull to tell me that the American? Medical Association thinks homosexuality is normal and natural, and that it shouldnt be changed. Is that even true?! If it is, then obviously American doctors are unchristian. When my family gets sick, we PRAY and ask Jesus to heal us. If more homosexuals would trust Jesus to heal them, then they wouldnt need equal rights.

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nododon #fundie #homophobia au.youtube.com

Dear Queer

This is your fate
to end all the hate.
Now lets close the gate.
Boys on boys dont equate
when you consummate,
at least in this State.

So, before its too late,
find an opposite mate.
Take her on a date,
you will feel great.
No need to masturbate.
Now vote YES on? Prop 8!

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missionarysarahbarry #fundie au.youtube.com

Abortion is an issue only because our society has abandoned Gods Word. God would rather nip this problem in the bud before any abortion could take place. Deuteronomy 22:13-21 says if a husband marries a girl and finds her not to be a virgin, then she is to be stoned to death. Notice the girl is to be killed without a concern of whether she might be pregnant. God doesnt want that selfish man stuck raising a baby which wasnt his! The bible god's answer is to kill both the girl and the baby

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1140Cecile #fundie au.youtube.com

I can't believe the liberal media attacking Sarah for simply doing what God told her to do. Monogan, or whatever his name is, was obviously an emissary? for Satan in keeping Sarah's brother-in-law safe when he should obviously been fired for his and Sarah's brother-in-law's evil ways. Society will one day come to understand that Sarah is an angel of God who has come to rid us of people like Obama and other do-gooder liberals who fight against God's will of Capitalism for the world.

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ukchristian28 #fundie au.youtube.com

God glorifies Himself in two ways. In His grace in saving the elect and in His justice in damning the reprobate.

(So he creates people he KNOWS will fail, just so he can punish them. How is that loving?)

You know, it seems that everyone expects God to be some soft fluffy bunny type deity who just turns a blind eye and refuses to punish people people because he love, all love and nothing but love. You seem to want to require Him to be God almatey rather than God almighty. God is holy, just and righteous. Sin is abhorant to Him and we have broken every one of His laws. God is merciful and graceous if you are still alive and well this time tomorrow. Grace is undeserved. It can't be demanded.

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blueblue1891 #fundie au.youtube.com

Perrin234, Sweden is more violent. The more anti-theist garbage we get the more violent it turns as well, Sweden used to be a great nation, now it's a crapper thanks to your swedish atheist friends. Anti-theists like sodomites know one thing and that is how to destroy nations.

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GodSoulSpiritHope #fundie au.youtube.com

(really? so you need your specific god to love? how do hindus love? how do muslims love? how did the ancient egyptians and greeks love? how did pagans love?)

they took Gods love and made it their own ,brother. while you aply it to your car ,house and money . well they took it and they made their own god with it! God is from of old since the beganning friend. he word was as strong now as it was then.
brother ,its not what my "mummy" told me. its how the word of god has changed my life. i am not who i used to be ,because of God. i truely love god and his word. ask your self something. why do Muslims, And Hindus convert to christianty?

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ebief76 #fundie au.youtube.com

My wife were recently (2 months ago) severely chastized and hospitalized with psykosis (mental illness) just after she met Jesus Christ while breastfeeding our 4 month old son in the middle of the night. She was in rebellion, and I, trying to be 'a nice guy' didn't correct her. She is back home again now, and really submissive, doing things in the home she would leave to me,in former times. Allthough I didn-t understand what was happening when she got ill, I understand now. Praise God.