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If you accept the Jewish-controlled media version of 09/11/01, a rag tag bunch of low-tech warriors, led by the holy warrior sheik Osama bin Laden from a cave at the end of the earth, and armed with nothing more than a few pairs of box cutters, pulled off the most astonishing and effective attack in world history. In response, we destroyed American liberties with the USA "PATRIOT" act.


Osama was smart enough, ( As are many other Middle Easterners ) to realize the bandit state Israel is not a legitimate nation, it needs to be wiped off of Western maps and returned to its rightful inhabitants.

It is quite a shame that he fell for the global warming scam though, goes to show that even great men like bin Laden can fall for these elaborate hoaxes perpetrated by the Jewish supremacists.

Oscar Yeager #racist dayoftherope.blogspot.com

[Commenting on a photo of Obama resting his feet on his desk as he uses the teleophone]

Maybe this half-nigger President isn't as subserviant to the Jews as I originally believed? At least I'm hoping.

In any case, he has the balls to expose the sole of his shoes while on the telephone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu while being photographed, strongly hinting he believes the Jews are beneath him.

The Kike-controlled media made sure this Negro got elected, I sure hope it comes back to bite them.

Oscar Yeager #racist dayoftherope.blogspot.com

I received a lot of negative commentary about my Facebook posts, the main theme of the majority was along the lines of: "Oscar, Why are you so hung up on the discrimination of white chickens in what is only a game? Shouldn't you be more focused on the actual Genocide and extermination of the white race that is currently taking place?"

After some thought my answer is that yes, I should be, and thought I have been mostly concerned with that. But I DID want to point out that the Jewish Supremacists and their cohorts are working on so many levels to thwart the advancement of our peoples.

The overt displacement ( Genocide ) that is happening to whites is all too easy to see, I just thought it worth a bit of time exploring the less noticeable aspects of their hatred towards us, and besides, it was really another Pan Aryan survivalist that initiated the letter-writing campaign, and pointed out to me some of the trends of the social networking sites. I do not visit them regularly, but agreed to write my one letter along with his and the other organizations that participated.

I will have to say though that I was appalled at the "psychic-vampire" style of warfare taking place against us on Facebook and some of the other sites frequently visited by the lemmings.

Oscar Yeager #racist dayoftherope.blogspot.com

[Commenting on the Facebook game Farmville, in which chickens come in white, black and brown varieties]

One of the earliest things I noticed observing this game is the chicken coop.
It seems Aryan chickens lay eggs which are worth 8 points, while Mixed-race, or what I call "MUD" chickens lay eggs worth 16.

Nigger chickens lay eggs worth 32:

It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that this is a blatant attempt to continue the white inferiority complex, to instill upon whites the notion that anything white is practically worthless, while something of mixed race or black ancestry is to be worshipped beyond all reason.

Oscar Yeager #conspiracy dayoftherope.blogspot.com

If your town is large enough to have an all-volunteer philharmonic orchestra, you might want to know how the Jews will attempt to gain control of it, and then use it as a weapon of psychological warfare against white people by conditioning your community into embracing degenerate music.

The process is gradual, subversive, and carefully conducted to gain and maintain maximum results. While the details will vary from community to community, the following example will serve both as a warning and a working guideline for recognizing similar Jewish operations.

(seems really roundabout way for Jews to work... The actual post is too large to post here but the link itself is worth gold!)

Oscar Yeager #racist dayoftherope.blogspot.com

A much more credible idea that is gaining steam however is the concept of peak Jewish supremacism. As we know from history, the Jews always overplay their hand, to the point where people eventually become furious at them and throw them out of their lands. This has happened time and time again over the centuries.
What we have now is that things are reaching a climax. The Jewish supremacists have been issuing their marching orders over the last 40 or so years, instructing the "Goyim" to worship Negroes, be filled with sympathy and self-guilt over slavery, and spend their weekends watching nigger ball on the Jew tube, and race-mix and integrate with Negroes.

The Jewish supremacists are getting ready to shoot their load, by electing Barack Hussein Obama to president of the United States.