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First Elsa and now Captain America too? NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE GAY

just heard this earlier on my way home from work on the radio.

Previously, I heard Twitter was pushing for Elsa to be a lesbian in Frozen 2. Now I hear that there's a push for the Cap to be made gay as well. And on TOP of the stupidity that is apparently him being a spy for a villain (I won't get into this because there's another thread on it).

WTF is this bullshit? Elsa has no clear sexuality, sure, but if she was meant to be lesbian, wouldn't Disney have done that with her already from the start? Like put little hints here and there on the side in the first Frozen? Her suddenly being a lesbian would feel forced and out of place.
And awhile back DC started making previously straight characters gay, like Green Lantern. There IS more than one named Green Lantern (three that I know of, in fact. Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner), but as far as I've seen, all of them have been portrayed to be interested in women before this. Why change this because a few whiny babies begged for it?
This radio broadcast also mentioned other media that's made up of entirely gay relationships. WHY IS EVERYTHING BEING MADE GAY? (the radio guy even asked this as well)

Look, I'm all for LGBT+ rights and all, but this is not how you get it. You don't try to force your lifestyle on people or existing media that's been portrayed to be straight. That's totally stupid and wrong. If you want gay characters, say "I'd like to see a gay character" not "make character X gay!" See the difference? The former isn't forcing anything on existing stuff, it's asking for brand new stuff.

I REALLY hope Disney is smart and doesn't make either of these characters gay/lesbian. Especially Elsa, because she's one of my favorite characters now, and I totally love her. I actually think she should be like Queen Elizabeth I and be asexual and never get with anyone at all. She seems like that type of woman to me. Besides, Kristoff and Anna are already together, so it's not like there's any issue with the possibility of either sister producing heirs.

EDIT: Sorry, meant to say DC for Green Lantern. xP Derp.