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George Floyd was a violent career criminal and a worthless piece of shit. But it makes sense that he has become the left's Jesus Christ because he was everything that the average leftoid wishes that they could be: black, perpetually unemployed, ex-con, amateur porn star, with easy access to all the drugs he can handle. The holy grail of leftism.

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Experience: I paid to have my daughter kidnapped

That first day I grieved. I knew deep down I was right, but I didn’t know if my daughter would forgive me.
It was 3am. I went into my daughter’s room, woke her, told her I loved her and that she was going on a trip. She was drowsy from the sleeping pills I’d slipped in her drink a few hours earlier. Then the two strangers I’d hired to take her away went into her room. She tried to get her bag and makeup. “Where you’re going, you don’t need anything,” they told her. I stood outside the door, shaking. Had I just created a situation in which I would lose my 17-year-old for ever?

I’d quit a successful financial career and moved across the country to bring up my daughter and son in Florida, so we’d have time as a family after their father and I divorced. I loved them fiercely and we were close. They knew I had high hopes for them. But at 17, my daughter started hanging around with different people; her straight-A grades dropped and her attitude changed. We started to fight about her going to school. “Even if you drive me there, you can’t make me go inside,” she would say. Then she told me she had decided to quit school to become a high-end hairdresser and wanted me to pay for her to go to beauty school. I was distraught. There is nothing wrong with hairdressing, but I wanted her to get a proper education first, so she would have choices.

Around the same time, police twice caught her 14-year-old brother with drugs. I wasn’t having it a third time, so I sent him away to a strict boarding school in another state. On a weekend visit, it struck me how much he’d changed and how my daughter would benefit from the same intensive treatment.

But I had to act fast. Her beauty school fees were due the coming Saturday. And, legally, I had control over her only while she was still under 18. I found a boot camp for troubled children in Utah and hired a private service to escort her there, whether she wanted to go or not. That Friday night we went to dinner on the pretence that it was to celebrate her new school. It was actually to stop her seeing friends and ensure she’d be home for the escorts.

After their appearance in the middle of the night, the security service flew with her to the Utah desert. That first day I grieved. I knew deep down I was right, but I didn’t know if my daughter would forgive me: I had to be prepared to lose her in order to help her. Her friends called and I said she’d gone on a trip. “Where did she go? When will she be back?” they asked. I told them I didn’t know.

I had paid $16,000 (£11,380) for seven weeks of gruelling physical and mental challenges. The other kids were in desperate situations: young offenders, drug addicts, some were suicidal. I was aware my daughter didn’t share their circumstances. They lived like cavemen: they didn’t see a roof the whole time, took care of their sanitary waste, learned survival skills and did physical labour; some cut off their hair because they couldn’t bathe.

They had daily therapy and wrote letters to their parents. My daughter’s were full of apology: how she had made mistakes, wanted to be forgiven, how she loved me. Sure, she was angry at first when she didn’t know what was going on, but she soon understood why I’d sent her there and was embarrassed.
Experience: my plane was hijacked
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At the end, parents were taken into the desert to be reunited with their kids. We could see them walking towards us from a mile away. I was scared. I didn’t know how my daughter would react. Then I spotted her; she was muscular and dirty. We hugged and cried. She was back to the daughter I knew, the one without the attitude.

She finished high school with straight As, went to college, then did a master’s. She works in the legal system now. Both my kids joke that I’m a psycho mom, but they forgave me and we remain close. It’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. Could they have got where they are today without such drastic action? Perhaps, but it wasn’t a chance I was willing to take. I believe the more we suffer in life, the more we grow. I have two strong, amazing kids, and I’d do it again.

• As told to Candice Pires. Raye Johnson is a pseudonym.

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If someone presents themselves as a woman when they are a transgendered woman, without disclosing such information to their significant other, then yes, that is "lying".

A trans woman is a woman as far as being my friend is concerned. But not as far as being my lover is concerned. I will fight to the death to defend someone's right to get gender reassignment surgery if they truly have gender dysmorphia. But I will not pretend that I see no difference between a woman who was born that way and a woman who was constructed. Most men feel the same, though -- lucky for transgendered women -- there are men who don't care.

Reconstructive surgery is not necessary for living with gender dysmorphia.

To be honest, I don't really care how much the fact that trans people exist and some of them are women you might be interested in makes your boner sad. A trans woman living as a woman is neither a lie nor a "lie."

I didn't say that "a trans woman living as a woman is neither a lie nor a 'lie'". I said that it would be lying -- or at least, omitting the truth -- if a trans woman were to carry on a long-term relationship with a man without telling him that she used to be a man. Because most - though again, not all - men care about that sort of thing. And not because it's logical. But because a dick wants what it wants. You think a gay guy wouldn't be upset if the guy he was dating turned out to be trans and didn't know until 6 months in? (OK, maybe a bad example. I don't know any gay guys who would wait to have sex that long.)

But my point is, I think you may be letting your preconceived notion of me as a gay-hating librul-bashing conservatard (which couldn't be farther from the truth, btw) color your perception of my comments. All I've said and all I'm saying now is if someone isn't honest about something like that to their partner, it's not fair to their partner.

EDIT: And for the record, I understand that you feel offended or whatever about things I've said and that you're upset, but this is not a good way to go about bringing people to your side:

> To be honest, I don't really care how much the fact that trans people exist and some of them are women you might be interested in makes your boner sad.

Because, for one, you obviously care or you wouldn't be having this discussion with me. But also because it's a very spiteful thing to say. And utterly silly, since I'm not upset about trans women existing pre- or post-op, and I already have a girlfriend who I will likely marry. I don't have any personal vendetta against LGBT people [as I mentioned before, I'm very pro-gay rights and have close friends who are LGBT in one way or the other]. I'm simply having an intellectual argument with you. And I hope you know that. Because there's already enough hate in the world without you and I adding to it.

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Man, i can't believe we're getting downvoted for saying we want to have sex with a woman. Is it politically incorrect now if you don't accept having sex with someone who used to or currently has male genitalia? How is that wrong? It's not like races. As a culture, we are successfully learning to love and be able to date anyone of any race. But there is never going to be a time when males (in general) are going to want to be with transergendered women over a natural-born woman. That's just biology!

Smells like bigotry.

You know that that's the same thing people say about the entire LGBT community.

What are you talking about? I said nothing bad about transgendered people other than that I wouldn't want to sleep with a transgendered woman. Just like I wouldn't want to sleep with a man. Because I'm a straight male. So what?

I don't know if you're trolling or just dumb, but I have NOTHING against LGBT people and said nothing to that effect. This may be cliche, but some of my closest friends are gay, I have a good friend who is female-to-male, and I'm bi-ish myself. So gtfo with your stereotypes and assumptions.

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HORRIFIC footage of a dad beating his son because he believes the boy is possessed by the devil has been screened on medical talk show, Dr Phil in the US.

Twelve-year-old Jack, whose mother claims he suffers from a mental illness, is seen being held down by his neck while smacked by his father.

“I believe my son is possessed. Is it a demon or is it the devil, I can’t say, but it’s scary,” John says of his son, when speaking about Jack’s condition.

“I feel that it is demons inside him controlling him. There is definitely something not right with Jack"


It’s really easy for autism experts and people who have autism to KNOW WHAT TO DO and look down at people who have no training or knowledge of this sort of behavior in autistic children. My mom would have beaten me to death for behaving like that. That is no exaggeration to say this. Neither of my parents would have known, and would probably consulted a priest for exorcism too as they were devoutly faith based, as is this father. All come from a background where one does not spoil the child, and one does NOT spare the rod.

Honestly though, that kind of screaming and the physical threats and violence that kid has done, would leave me feeling murderous and abusive too. Honestly, I have NO coping skills for melt down behavior, and I would be seriously scared by that violent, threatening, disruptive kid. So, what would be the helpful steps for that father to take with his son rather than do what was probably done to himself as a child?

It’s not helpful to just criticize him. What would a parent do...it would seem that maybe this family lives in a poor rural Bible Belt, and do not have education or access to the services found in the big cities.

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Can you envision a world in which mtf crossdressing is normalized

That'd be a horrifying world
. You couldn't look at a high-heeled short-skirted figure anymore and go "I'd tap that" because it could be a feminine man.
That's a terrible thought.

I have nothing against crossdressing, as long as it is done at home, with the curtains closed.

Yeah, but if most of society has a problem with a tiny minority (and let's be real, if only 3.8% of people are gay, there'd be way less than 10% crossdressers), it's the minority's problem, not the majority's.

That's a remarkably relativistic way of thinking about something as inane as wearing a skirt.

What problems, other than mild discomfort, would this cause the majority? And also, who claims the majority has a problem with it?

It's not "mild discomfort". I'm close to vomiting if I notice I was mistakenly attracted to a woman that turned out to be a guy.

It would also cause much awkwardness when you approach a woman based on the appearance of her behind and then notice you just hit on a guy.

And it could cause sexual confusion in teens, that are still looking for who they really are.

It's funny to me that you are touting age-old conservative dogma.

Cause sexual confusion in teens?


I don't believe gays are born gay. I think they become gay through influences in their childhood and teens.
Now, being gay isn't bad, but only as long as there are still enough hetero couples to produce children. And if you do that and confuse younger people, that could end up making more people gay.

Let me get this straight:
You don't think gayness is innate. But you don't think being gay is wrong. However you think we should protect children from "gay influences" to assure that there enough hetero couples?
These are astoundingly irrational statements

I don't see the irrationality though.

Let me spell it out for you. You're contradicting yourself.

If there really is nothing wrong with being gay then you don't have to "protect" children from themselves.

You attach the most ridiculous rationalization to it: to further the human race.

This is so simple minded it is stunning

I have nothing against gays because they aren't hurting anybody. Have consensual sex with adults, I don't care who they are.
But the fact is that they do not contribute towards the continuation of the species.

As such, introducing major things that could cause confusion should be avoided.

Always vague fears and no real argument. What about progress and education and acceptance?

I'm all for those.
I accept gay people. I don't have anything against them. I don't think they should be killed, or converted, or whatever other stupid shit there is. Let them live their lifes and fuck other dudes or girls or whoever they want.
I just don't think that we should unnecessarily create more of them.

"Progress" is hard to define though. "Progress" towards what? One person's progress is another person's regression.

The cross-dressers can live their life in their homes if they want to.
Outside of that, society has certain standards of decency that you need to conform to and I'm grateful for them.

Your fears are very telling

I am not gay and I'm most definitely not a crossdresser and I'd appreciate it if you didn't insinuate it either.

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Thugs demand Justice

[Panel 1: Black man with sagging pants shouts "We demand civil rights , equal treatment ,full justice under the law" while another black man holds a sign saying kill white devil

Panel 2: same black man says "But we'd settle for five Hi Def TVs and a few cases of beer" while another holds up a sign saying "torch the shoe store last"]

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Daily reminder - George Floyd was a violent felon (5 years for home invasion and robbery) who overdosed on fentanyl and methamphetamine while being arrested. This is the nigger that the left has chosen to lionize this week in their ever growing need to suck every colored cock they come across.

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Straight men of Ask Men who object to gay (and bi?) guys in the locker room: why?

They are men that might find me sexually attractive and I'm not gay.
They should get their own locker room.

If they're not sexually assaulting you, ogling you, or otherwise treating you in ways that are inappropriate, then why? What's your objection?

I don't want men to be attracted to me, and I certainly don't want men that are attracted to me anywhere near me when I'm naked.

The thought of two men together grosses me out a lot (nothing against gays, as long as they don't do PDA though, do in your bedroom whatever you want), and me being one of those men in someone else's head is just outright vomit-inducing.

Straight Men: Do you see male-to-female transsexuals as female and/or women? If so, would you pursue one?

I'd be perfectly happy to treat them as women, as it makes them feel better and I don't really care, but female they are not. Females are born female while gender can be chosen.

I'm only attracted to females.

Edit: And before someone claims it again: I don't hate transsexuals. I don't think they should be beaten or killed or what have you. I simply don't want to sleep with them and believe that they should state their transsexual status before having sex for the first time, as it's a dealbreaker for a lot of people.

Would you have sex with a [b]transman[/b] (pre-op or post-op)?
Pre-op: If he looked sufficiently feminine, yes.

Post-op: Nope.

I'm a trans guy (so I was born female, but identify as male and am starting to [b]transition with hormones, chest surgery,[/b] name change, dress, etc). I'm mostly into men

I'd be more open to a relationship with you as a straight man.
I mean, you were born a woman, so it isn't really gay. Might be worth a shot, just for the experience.

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Privately thinking you’re better than other people is your business. “making it clear” to the people around you that you look down on them is rude and potentially hurtful? Telling people you think you’re better than them is an action? How is this confusing?

Ohhhhhhhh, so my value as a human being depends on never ever talking about my mental illness in any capacity. Got it.

It’s not “confusing,” it’s expected; it’s just a really fucking shitty way to treat people.

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Men of Reddit, How Would You Respond to Being Hit on by a Man

Cold, but civil.
If he doesn't get it quickly though, I'd be perfectly willing to get violent too.

Because I don't like being badgered after I've said no, and punching a man is a lot more socially acceptable than punching a woman.
I'd also say being badgered by a guy is worse than being badgered by an unattractive woman. At least the woman still has a vagina, I could be theoretically be interested.

So, you're just a run-of-the-mill homophobe and a violent meathead, good to know. You: beating that gay guy if he wasn't physically assaulting you would be a hate-crime, and you should be punished/tried as such for it.

No one wants to suck your miracle dick and eat your holy-semen so badly either. get over yourself.

How is it homophobic to want my no respected?
I have nothing against gays, just leave me out of it.

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[image:I used to patrol low income housing so let me fill you in
with what I experienced.
How many of you anti-police ever had to go face to face
with a violent criminal and had to put handcuffs on him/
I can tell you they though I was cold and fearless, truth
be told I was scared shitless.
How many people had someone come up to you at 1:00
am in the back of a building and say I got a gun and
reach, that was the closest I ever come to shooting
someone, I pulled my firearm and had pressure on the
trigger, dumb ass luckily put his had in the air and said
fucking with you.
If he didn't immediately put his hands in the air and he
continue to reach under his coat I would have fired.

In today's world I would been put on death row.
When the cops stop coming let me tell you who will be
paying the price,mostly poor minorities.
Let me tell you a couple of cases I had.
1: Elderly black man beaten with a hammer and robbed.
2: Pregnant Hispanic lady punched and robbed.
3: Young Black lady throat cut by jealous boyfriend.
I used to walk with a lady who came out only when I was
there, she was scared, not of me or the police, but by
It's the innocent that will pay the price of the police
I've seen cases where the police officer deserves to be
arrested, and I see cases where good police officers are
railroaded and for that many innocent people will
unfortunately pay the price. ]

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#69 - Outrage

[ Panel 1: shows a black thug dressed in red shooting a random black person dressed in blue

Panel 2: Shows a police officer shooting the black thug

Panel 3: shows a group of black lives matter activists holding signs saying "Black lives matter" with a picture of the thug that just got shot by the officer]

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I don't think gay people should be raising children.

Not because I think they are more likely to be child molesters or any of that nonsense, I just don't believe that gay people are born gay. I think they turn gay through experiences while they are growing up and while I have nothing against gays, they can't naturally have children.
Since gay and straight people are otherwise the same, I don't think that an influx of gay children would be helpful.

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Something Ironic I realized About The Riots.

Now what happened and what is happening is a Tragedy. But I gotta ask.Where the hell is this kind of Outrage and Disgust When an Innocent Child is Raped and Murdered?Where The Hell Are The Protests For The Innocent Men, Women and Children Killed by The Likes of MS13 and the like?

A Child dies. No one bats an eye.

A Man is Killed by Crooked Cops and Everyone looses Their Goddamn Minds.

People of All Race Die EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY OF EVERY FUCKING YEAR! and No One Does A Fucking Thing About It.

But One Man Dies thanks to a Cop who fucked up in handling the situation and The Whole Damn Country Goes Mad.

What The Fuck Kind of Moral Compass Does Humanity Have for This Shit? I'll Tell Ya What Kind. None .Just an Excuse to Riot against those who are supposed to protect us.So People will go out and attack every Cop they see.

But when a Family is Slaughtered by a Gang...nothing is done. Leave it To The Law.When The Law Mistreats The People. The People Mistreat The Law. Congratulations Humanity,You're Retarded.

Both Sides are Wrong and in The End. Humanity is One Fucked Up Piece of Shit.
If people want to go and kill each other over something as pointless as Racism but won't go out an exact this kind of violence on Gangs and The Like. Go Right Ahead. We're Good at One Thing. Being Fucked Up.
That's It. I'm Done. I'm Fucking Done.

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Faith Healing

[Doctor:”Your son is healthy.
Let's amputate the tip of his penis.”
Mom:”Well, if the acience says so.”

Doctor:”Your son finds school boring. Let's give him prescription meth.”
Mom: ”Well, if the science says so.”

Doctor:”Your son is your daughter. Let's give them hormone blockers”
Mom:”Well, if the science says so.” ]

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#130 - Appropriation
[Panel 1: Black woman says"you white people wearing dreads are approciting black culture. Cut it out" to a white dude wearing dreads

Panel 2: white dude in dreads replies "yeah , how about you stop appropriating stuff invented by white culture"

Panel 3: Black woman says "hah no problem"

Panel 4; cuts to a scene showing the black woman living in an empty wooden hut with a jar of peanut butter on the table ]

Inspired by this video, where an actual white student was harassed for his own dreadlocks appropriating black culture.

In the paradoxical mind of a leftist, the notion of celebrating diversity can somehow coexist with the prohibition of cultural appropriation. Moreover, not a single one of their proponents would think of relinquishing the benefits of electrical appliances, most of which are innovations from white culture.

Beyond that, the prohibition of cultural appropriation would be devastating to the well-being of many minorities. Most customers who frequent ethnic restaurants, be it Mexican or Chinese, are neither Mexican nor Chinese. How many ethnic business owners would remain if they turned away the money of whites?

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[about the protests over George FLoyd ]

A violent felon junky dies after resisting arrest, and people are still pretending like he was a saint who dindu nuffin that was hunted down and lynched because he has shit colored skin. I'm done with this society. Let it all fucking burn for all I care.

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When I started attending the indoctrination centres Americans call college, I was on the fence regarding gay rights. I am Greek Orthodox myself, so I come from a similar religious background as most religious Russians (and others from the Balkans and Eastern Europe).

But as I was exposed to the "gay rights" crowd, I saw nothing but disdain and hatred for my religion. This was quite surprising to me, as learning about the civil rights movement in the US it's obvious faith communities played a vital role. Martin Luther King Jr was a pastor, and he marched with prominent Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox church leaders, along with rabbis and the Muslim community.

So as time has gone on, the view held by most occidentals (westerners) and the bigoted way they talk about any religious views regarding social issues, ended up cementing my view on the issue. I won't condone violence or the killing of gays, but if the Russian government has the backing of the majority of the populace in making laws without being dictated to by less than 5% of the population, more power to them. I'm fine with the Russian laws. I may have been more open to the issue years back, but actually meeting the other side showed me they have no respect or even basic decency for people with religious beliefs. SO I have no reason to support them. At all.

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Most People Who Claim To Be Mentally Ill Actually Do It To Themselves
Mental Illness is a bit of a grey area when it comes to the 'whodunit' opinion since most say that it is never the patients fault. However, after years of observation, I can safely say that the majority of people diagnosed with a mental illness have convinced themselves to adopt this mindset. Motive is variable, but the leading incitment seems to be to play a sick role. Funny enough, this in and of itself is actually its own mental illness but thats beside the point, depression, bipolar, psychosis and many other commonly diagnosed disorders are given to the wrong people, since research will be geared towards the wrong people, it isnt cool and its killed the already brain dead mental health system. As for how we could sort this out without risking being false about someones true intentions...I have no clue, which is why im not really pushing for a change but just to make others aware, seems like a viable middle ground

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[ Adam is his autistic son ]

Autism is worse than cancer in many ways, because the person with autism has a normal lifespan. The problem is with you for a lifetime. The problem is with you seven days a week, 24 hours a day, for the rest of your life. My wife and I expect to have responsibility for Adam until we die. We lose sleep over what will become of him after we are deceased. Our financial resources are depleted, so our ability to provide for him is limited.

EurocentricZionist #ableism removeddit.com

Autism for instance is not a death sentence, but it could certainly be considered a fate worse than death. I wouldn't blame a parent who wants to put their autistic child to sleep. We're talking 80 years of being a helpless vegetable who bangs his head against the wall and can't speak, only moans when he wants something. Or 80 years of being a socially inept, ostracized leper who has no friends and no hope of ever being "normal." Silicon Valley notwithstanding, ForeverAlone and unloved isn't exactly a picnic. And there's not even any treatment for autism that can "fix" the person to live a normal life and be a normal person, like there is medication for bipolar disorder or depression that can "fix" the person's mood. There's always some degree of spergishness about them that can't really be suppressed.

I mean really, would anyone want that kind of a curse for their kids? A life where, depending on how the coin is flipped, you're either Hulk 24/7 aka I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, or you're Sheldon Cooper and everyone hates you, and you know they do but you're so inept you don't get why (and therefore can't

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George Floyd annuda goot boy who dindu nuffin with a mile-long criminal history
Yep another goot boy who dindu nuffin he was turnin hiz life aroun!

Bet he wuz fixing ta go ta skoo...at da community cottage!


Floyd had been sentenced to five years in prison in 2009 for aggravated assault stemming from a robbery where Floyd entered a woman’s home, pointed a gun at her stomach and searched the home for drugs and money, according to court records

Floyd had at least five stints in jail. In one of the charging documents, officials noted Floyd had two convictions in the 1990s for theft and delivery of a controlled substance, but it is not clear if Floyd served any time for either of those offenses

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. I would love to insult you, but instead I'll inform u, why are you spreading false information abt ABA some of my closest friends help children eat properly, socialize, take care of themselves.How is helping some1 function in society a bad thing

“Look how gracious I’m being by not treating you like the subhuman I think you are. I’m going to inform you by demanding that you justify your position against child torture. Despite not actually being involved on any level, I’m an expert because some of my friends support torturing children to make them look ‘normal.’”

Notably absent from any of this is any sign that you’ve listened to what actually autistic people who have actually been through ABA have to say about it.

Fuck off out of my inbox, anon.

#answers #aba #abused because autistic #ashlyn isn't giving you brownie points for your 'restraint' either #Anonymous

Stonetoss #racist stonetoss.com


[A comic depicting a person holding an all lives matter sign. Another person asks them "How can you say that while so many black people are killed by police?". The comic cuts to a scene where a black gangster is standing atop a mountain of dead bodies behind the person holding the all lives matter sign]

Cassidin #homophobia mmo-champion.com

[on a family beating up their son for being gay]

First off......... This all sounds and looks so staged - so I don't believe it anyway.....

However..... Someone may not choose how they are - but they choose if they follow how they feel or not. Note I am not making a comment for or against any lifestyle here - just pointing out. Some people are also predisposed to being attracted to children - but not all of these people become predatory paedophiles. Again I am not likening this to being gay, I am just pointing out that people don't always have to follow how they "are". There are times when we are truly grateful when they DON'T follow "who they are".

The other thing that people never seem to pay any attention to is that while someone may have every right to be gay/lesbian/bi/straight/whatever, and to believe that this is totally fine whatever it is.... people often ignore that people also have the right to NOT agree with that. Abusing someone based on their orientation (or any other factor) is never ok, but neither is it ok to abuse people because they do NOT share the commonly accepted view. If this video was not staged, then we have a family that have decided they disagree with homosexuality - and surely they have that right? Everyone has the right to believe as they want to. If you try and remove peoples right to believe how they want to on this subject then all you are doing is abusing people because they want to stand out as different. Isnt that EXACTLY what people complained that gays were doing a few years ago? They were abused for being "different" - so not everyone abuses those that disagree with homosexuality because they do not conform.

You cant have it both ways.... either people are free to form their own opinions or they are not. As for the person saying that the parents should be killed because they do not want their son living with them if he is gay..... I suggest a long look at your priorities.... murder because someone has a different view to you? Ever heard of tolerance? It DOES go both ways you know.

I am not stating my view on this matter - just putting some of the comments into a perspective that is very rarely heard - that people ALL have the right to their own opinions, and if someone's just doesnt happen to agree with the majority that is no reason to be abusive to them. This is somethign that gay rights activists have been fighting for for years. It kind of makes a mockery of it when those very people then start to abuse those against them now they have become more popular.

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Honor Trayvon by Ending the Black Genocide

As far as the Trayvon Martin situation goes, acquittal or no acquittal, the whole event and subsequent trial is a tragedy. And Skittles and iced tea or not, 17-year-old Trayvon should never have been lurking about in a hoodie between buildings on a dark rainy night in a townhouse complex. Now, regardless of how or why this boy died, a child is dead and will never have an opportunity to grow out of the typical youthful foolishness which ultimately cost him his life.

And for every hoodie-wearing thug out there who's now blaming George Zimmerman for Trayvon's death, know this: the behavior of those who give good, upstanding young black men a bad name are ultimately much more responsible for Trayvon's death than one legally-armed American citizen defending himself against an out-of-control teenage boy slamming his "crazy ass cracka" head against a concrete walk.

Instead of blaming racism for profiling a black kid strangely meandering around in the dark on a drizzly night, how about placing the blame at the feet of all the black youth, like Trayvon, whose behavior on other occasions causes suspicion to be focused in the general direction of the larger population of perfectly innocent black teenage youth?


Black Americans hung up on fomenting racial unrest or buying into the victim mentality lack credibility too, because although they cry racism over the tragic loss of Trayvon Martin, who they call one of their 'babies,' they have shed few tears over the extermination of actual babies taking place for the last 40 years in abortion clinics all over America.

While focused on Trayvon Martin, socially liberal black Americans continue to ignore the genocide that kills thousands of black baby boys (and girls) every day, many of whom, if given the chance to live, much like Trayvon Martin might have grown up to look like the son Barack Obama never had.

Does it matter that blacks constitute only 13% of the population but account for 36% of all the abortions that take place every year? Where are the tears, protest signs, and New Black Panther demonstrations for the deaths of innocent children who didn't break anyone's nose or smash anyone's skull against a sidewalk?

For perspective, 13% of the U.S. population contributed 22,000,000 of the 60,000,000 children aborted since 1973. Each and every day in the U.S., approximately 1,876 black children are aborted. And yet pro-life people are supposed to believe that the angst over Trayvon's untimely end is based on the black community's respect for the sanctity of life

Wolfblade111 #homophobia #conspiracy deviantart.com

[ on star vs the forces of evil showing gay kisses on screen ]


Aaaaand this is one of the reasons I stopped watching Disney. XP Before anyone attacks me I'd like to point out that while I'm not the biggest fan of LGBT's I'm all for their rights and what not but come on, this shouldn't be forced in front of smaller kids who don't know any better. Before we know it 6 year old will probably think it's okay to kiss their same sex class mate cause a cartoon said it was alright.

KEEP POLITICAL BULLSHIT OUTTA CARTOONS YA FUCKS!!! Leave that for shows targeted at teens and shit.

Sure but isn't Star vs forces of evil more like a older kids/teens show way?

No idea never seen it and have no plans to.

College_safe_space #sexist #psycho reddit.com

I kept a woman’s wallet and stole her money because she was a bitch
I get that women get hit on constantly. All women, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to be an asshole right off the bat. This woman had dropped her wallet. I picked it up and tapped her on the shoulder, smiled and said hello. As I was about to continue she started with this “oh my god I’m so tired of men thinking they can just hit on me.....” the rest was a blur. I excused myself, apologized for bothering her and turned around and left. Then I opened her wallet pulled out the $437 that was in there, and dumped all her IDs, social security card and everything in the trash. I then sold the wallet on Poshmark because it was Louis Vuitton. #metoo earned me some coin.

Wolfblade111 #racist #homophobia #sexist deviantart.com

Although I have recently heard for the latest issues of the Secret Empire comic that Steve Rogers will be coming back, no not the Hydra one. The REAL Steve Rogers aka Captain America. Good, maybe he can kill that SJW/Hydra piece of crap then.

Yes I do infact hate Captain Hydra, well not just him but the goddamn idiot SJW's in Marvel that made it happen in the first place. Figures they'd have no problem turning an America Superhero into a Nazi, SJW's are practically the Watered Down Versions of Nazis...for now anyway.

For those who don't know SJW stands for Social Justice Warrior...which they are none of, they are Not Social, they don't know what Justice is and if they are Warriors...then humanity really has wimped out.

Now before someone comes along and says some BS about how I must be against Diversity I'll have you know I Am Not against Diversity in Comics, I'm all for having Different Race /Homosexual/Whatever else kinda Diversity there is. But by basically having a Young Black Girl take up the mantle of Iron Heart and pretty much killing off the original Iron Man and turning a Symbol of America into a Nazi and not to mention adding in all kinds of SJW Propaganda is NOT Diversity, it's a little thing that I like to call. STUPIDITY!!!!

You want more Diverse Characters!?! Oh well I'm sorry we could just bring back all the other DIVERSE Characters we already have but nah we'll kill of a Famous White Superhero and have a Young (Insert Race & Gender Here.) Take they're place. Oh you want Mutants? Sorry fresh out here have some Inhumans they're just as cool but not really. What's that? You want Gay Characters? Well again we could just bring back some of the Gay Characters we already have but nah we'll turn an already straight character into a Gay One.


Oh and one other thing...QUITE BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warning Rage Levels Increased To Dangerous Levels Evacuate The Nearby Area!


RAGE Rage face emoticon Rage face emoticon Rage face emoticon Rage face emoticon

Error WOLFBLADE111.EXE has shut down due to increased Levels of Pure Rage, please allow cool-down of up too 1 Week Before Reactivation.

Deadpool: Damn, haven't seen him rage this much since he found out that DC got rid of The Superman and Wonder Woman pairing. XD Well ya know what that means, time to Cue The Outro!

Tom3858 #ableism #psycho reddit.com

I do not sympathize with depressed people, people who kill themselves, or dead people.
Let me give examples of each:


someone depressed seeks comfort from me but wont accept my advice. They chalk this up to their depressions

Someone makes repeated bad decisions that effect other people. They chalk this up to depression.

Someone makes bad decisions that affect them, and blame everything else. They chalk this up to depression.

Im not doubting your depression may impair your ability to think clearly and act raitionally. But I dont care. Why should that be my problem, why should I tolerate you, and why wont you seek help instead of looking for someone to comfort you?


Someone comes to me and tells me they are going to kill themselves. Ok you can do that.

Again, I don't believe it is my obligation to convince them not to, or even call the police or whatever it is your supposed to do. Morally and ethically I dont think im educated enough to decide whether or not a persons decision to kill themselves is "right" or "wrong" either, so im just not going to bother with that.


Someone kills themselves. Someone (or even me) brings up a dead person as an example of a person who couldnt handle life or as an example or conversation topic for any number of other things. Everyone around gets incredibly offended by this.

Im convinced most people who pretend to care about a dead person only because it the socially acceptable thing to do. "Don't talk bad about a dead man," they say, but its ok to talk bad about a person who is alive? I dont follow the logic. If I knew the person better than you did, and i knew the person was a crappy person, am I just supposed to lie and pretend they were great and I secretly always looked up to them?

"Well you could just not talk about them" I disagree with this logic. Im not willing to censor my thoughts to please a person who may very well be faking their sympathy for a dead person. Furthermore my beliefs on what is ok, and not ok to talk about, lean in the direction of the idea that you should be able to talk about anything. Much like dark humor, people try to put a label on the things they deem innapropriate, that states you cannot talk about them. Is it ok to joke about nazi germany? In my opinion yes. Simply cause the criteria for what is not acceptable as a joke, does not exist. And if it did, it would be just as opinionated if not much more, as my belief that it is ok. And so I apply the same logic to dead people in conversation.

I will admit im a selfish person. Ill admit that generally being around a depressed person makes me uncomfortable. And I will also note that in my family, when I was young, if one of my sibling were to day they were depressed, my parents would tell them it's in their head, and to get over themselves. Of course I dont believe that final statement, but my attitude towards depressed people has probably been influenced by this.

That's my unpopular opinion

Edit* Instead of keeping to your righteous ideals and exemplifying my final point, you could try to provide valid arguments to help me understand your perspective. (Im not so stuck in my ways as other people)

Or just call me a chad. You know it is the internet after all

Anacybele #homophobia forums.serenesforest.net

First Elsa and now Captain America too? NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE GAY

just heard this earlier on my way home from work on the radio.

Previously, I heard Twitter was pushing for Elsa to be a lesbian in Frozen 2. Now I hear that there's a push for the Cap to be made gay as well. And on TOP of the stupidity that is apparently him being a spy for a villain (I won't get into this because there's another thread on it).

WTF is this bullshit? Elsa has no clear sexuality, sure, but if she was meant to be lesbian, wouldn't Disney have done that with her already from the start? Like put little hints here and there on the side in the first Frozen? Her suddenly being a lesbian would feel forced and out of place.
And awhile back DC started making previously straight characters gay, like Green Lantern. There IS more than one named Green Lantern (three that I know of, in fact. Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner), but as far as I've seen, all of them have been portrayed to be interested in women before this. Why change this because a few whiny babies begged for it?
This radio broadcast also mentioned other media that's made up of entirely gay relationships. WHY IS EVERYTHING BEING MADE GAY? (the radio guy even asked this as well)

Look, I'm all for LGBT+ rights and all, but this is not how you get it. You don't try to force your lifestyle on people or existing media that's been portrayed to be straight. That's totally stupid and wrong. If you want gay characters, say "I'd like to see a gay character" not "make character X gay!" See the difference? The former isn't forcing anything on existing stuff, it's asking for brand new stuff.

I REALLY hope Disney is smart and doesn't make either of these characters gay/lesbian. Especially Elsa, because she's one of my favorite characters now, and I totally love her. I actually think she should be like Queen Elizabeth I and be asexual and never get with anyone at all. She seems like that type of woman to me. Besides, Kristoff and Anna are already together, so it's not like there's any issue with the possibility of either sister producing heirs.

EDIT: Sorry, meant to say DC for Green Lantern. xP Derp.

Atsawin26 #homophobia mmo-champion.com

The yelling and smacking is where I think the family is in the wrong here.

They have absolutely every right to not approve or support him if they so choose and he is 18 or older. I'd probably distance myself from my son if he was gay, and if he was 18 or older, he'd need to move out and get his own place. I wouldn't yell or become violent. He has the right to do what he wants with his life after he's 18. And I also have the right to distance myself from him like I would anyone else I don't want to associate with.

But the screaming, and more importantly, the smacking, is totally uncalled for. Histrionics never help anything.

Nikita46 #sexist removeddit.com

After I found out that my girlfriend cheated on me, I leaked naked pictures of her.
I had found out earlier that day and I was sitting at my computer. I was just browsing /b/ and an "exposed sluts" thread came up and I angrily posted a few photos that I had of her. Even worse, two of the photos that I posted were of her with the phrase "chink slut for white cock" written on her chest. So if it gets linked back to her then they'll think that I'm a racist and that she's self-hating (neither of which is true obviously, it's just that she was into race-play). Imagine if her family saw that. Fucking hell.

I am such an idiot. I regretted it like 5 minutes after I posted them but at that point it was too late. I'm just hoping that no one saved them and that they've now drifted into /dev/null.

Uh, you had a girlfriend that let you write that sick crap on her naked chest and take a picture?!? Can't say I feel sorry for her...

[ in another thread ] I'm a feminist and I don't think men need to change as much as women need to change. For instance, women's attitude about relying on men for money instead of relying on themselves. Adults should be grown-ups who are responsible financially for themselves and shouldn't be dumb enough to put themselves and their children in poverty situations in divorce, death, etc. All women should be educated, trained, have some work experience and a savings account all their own. If they're intelligent, they work at least solid part-time. I have zero respect for women who leech financially off of men...its just pathetic.

In yet another thread

I don't make friends with the "stay at home mom" crowd...at least the ones with no work prospects. (I do have very educated, skilled friends who have taken leaves from work to get through the baby years and have gone back to work). I have zero interest in women who put themselves and their children in danger by having zero income and no education and are solely relying on a man like a toddler. The ones that drive me the most nuts are the ones who's husbands leave them for better women and then they want lifetime alimony for being lazy.[/ I also just find that women like that have very little to contribute to an adult conversation and, even though I have kids, I have zero in common with them. I have no respect for anyone that leeches from someone else and that's what I consider this lifestyle

I rarely find other women that are like me or that I can tolerate

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[ on Lando being pansexual ]

SJW's Continue to Ruin Star Wars.


SJWS trying to force their politics in the things we love"

IAMCHEESE22:"And now I'm done. -_-"

Dreddzilla: "I'm so done with Star Wars!"

wolfblade111:"Same, until they get their acts together with it, I'm focusing on my own headcanon. XD"

wolfblade111 #racist #sexist #homophobia deviantart.com

They wanna do WHAT to Magneto and Prof X?!
[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvBwYvUT1fE]Marvel & Disney Looking For Black Professor X & Magneto - WHY?[/ur]

yeah sure, Turn Magneto into a black man, like that's any worse than when he was in a CONCENTRATION CAMP IN THE COMICS DURING WW2!!! JUST SHIT ALL OVER THAT TRAGEDY TO PUSH YOUR OWN AGENDA WHY DON'T YA!

Also..doesn't having Prof X as a Bald, Black Man in a Wheel Chair sound...I dunno, maybe a smidge offensive PLUS sound like they gave back Fury his eye and made him crippled?

At this point, I think Disney is trying to cause Social Unrest. No really, make your favorite white character into (Insert race here plus add in Changed Gender and sexuality) and you got the perfect stewing pot for people blaming other people existing for ruining the characters.

For Christ sake Disney COME UP WITH BETTER IDEAS OR BETTER YET...USE THE BLACK CHARACTERS YOU ALREADY HAVE!!! WHAT NEXT?! YOU GONNA MAKE WOLVERINE GAY TOO Oh yeah that outta go over Real well with The Fandom, for crying out loud, his alternate gay counterpart in the comics is pretty much forgotten at this point cause that was just a stupid idea.

And no offense Stan The Man, but your original idea for Wolverine to be Gay...I'm sorry but that was just a STUPID idea. You cannot have a burly wildman like Wolverine be gay but I'm sure (NOT counting YaoiFans cause FUCK THEM) everybody would be grossed out to high hell if there was a Make out scene between Logan and Sabretooth and yes, you're all welcome for That HORRIBLE mental image.

Now I'm not being Racist or Homophobic here, I wanna see black characters in comic book movies...But ONLY THE ORIGINAL ONES! Like Miles Morales, Blue Marvel, Night Thrasher or Icon from DC.

Gay Characters...I'm just not a fan of them so I couldn't give Two shits whether or not they showed up. But Gender/Race/Sexual Orientation swapping already established characters is BS.

For gods sake Disney...Get your fucking act together You Fucking Morons.

If you somehow agree with their choices...I think you need to have your brains checked out cause this is becoming a bigger and bigger pile of Shit by the fucking minute.

Okay Rant over, go back to your stations people.

Wolfblade111 #homophobia deviantart.com

Last of Us 2 VA Asks For Us to Be Open Minded.


Aaaaaaand yet in a Zombie Apocalypse they have a Christian Cult hell bent on killing any and all infidels when they should be more worried about Zombies...Ugh, I knew Ellie being a Lesbian in the first game would bite them in the ass in the next one. We just want a good game ya morons, not some propaganda about how White Men are all supposedly evil. Sheesh. Bunch of idiots.

Fuck you and fuck Naughty Dog. If this whole goddamn game is Ellie The Lesbian (since apparently that's all she is now! Not Ellie the hunter, Ellie the girl who took care of Joel, no no, she's a lesbian, that's all that matters about her character now.) fighting "evil skinheads", I pray to the powers that be, that this game gets shit on from every direction. If these leaks are true, this game is gonna suck.

Agreed bro, agreed. Should have just left it TLoU 1 and left it open ended. Leave what happens next up to the fans to decide. This was one of those games where they could have done that and it would have been perfectly fine. But of course they had to milk it dry and make a sequel with character developments, story and villains that feel as stale as cardboard.

If this game is as bad as it's sounding, then I too hope it gets absolutely destroyed by people who have brains because from the sounds of it, this sounds like another shitty excuse to try and shove progression down our throats when the only thing progressive about it is that it is progressive in destroying loved franchises.

Wolfblade111 #homophobia deviantart.com

Takes a sip out of a cup title "SJW Tears.") Aaah, nothing like a good salty drink in the morning...one sec. (Barfs up the water) Bleh! Tastes like Uselessness and Stupidity. Gonna need to use mouth wash after this.

But yes incase you couldn't tell already I'm one of those nerds whose not that big on the whole Progressive Movement of Gay Characters in Fiction. Now hold on a second, I don't hate gay people, men or women. However I do hate a lot of them in fiction. You want to know why?

Because it's blatant Fan Service. It doesn't feel Organic have ANY Substance to it at all.

Blake and Yang or as the ship name is called...Bumblebee. (RIP Transformers Bumblebee your name is now used for a dumb ship.) is obviously fan service.

These two felt like Sisters at the beginning and now...now it's just awkward. Ya know how ya have those fantasies of sleeping with two hot sisters? In your mind it seems Hot, but I'm sure if somehow such a situation Actually presented itself to you, well first you'd probably pinch yourself to see if your dreaming, then once you realized you weren't and you had any sense about you you'd Nope the fuck outta there cause that'd be just too damn awkward. Unless you're one of those really perverted people then in which case Get Help.

Yeah...That's the Bumblebee (YangxBlake) Ship in a nutshell to me. The twisted thing is there are those who ship Yang with Ruby and those two Are Actually Sisters! XD

Then we have Korrasami. Again, seems all well and good on Paper but it just...came outta left field and not in a good way. You could Literally feel the writers write Mako out of the story and just FORCE these two together, again, I see these two as having a sisterly relationship. One second they're best friends and then the next they're suddenly into each other. Korra I could see as being Bi, she's a Tomboy after all, I could see it. Sure maybe Asami too, but together? This is why fiction and gay characters these days don't really work. Because all it ever feels like is for Propaganda and NOT actual character development.


Soldier 76 from Overwatch...that was just outta left field and again, felt like an excuse to have a gay character and they went with the old soldier dude to be different.

So before I go on a day's long rant about how much I hate LGBT in Fiction when it's done wrong. I'm gonna come out and say it.

Techouspeaks #homophobia #transphobia techouspeaks.tumblr.com

I LOVE headcanoning Aurora as a lesbian and Philip as a trans woman. A friend suggested Phillipa or Fiona, and I love it. And look, I KNOW they’re coded as straight, but I’m bored of straight cis people in media, and seeing Aurora is my fave, I love changing her sexuality to make her more relateable to me.

What would it matter? I mean, you’re changing the sexuality and gender but this post says nothing about it effecting personality. This OP is clearly saying that gender and sexuality are the only things that matter in a relationship. There’s nothing to make it relatable. Like the characters don’t go through the same judgement or ridicule as LGBT+ people, so saying Aurora is lesbian is relatable how? There’s no change to personality or what the character experiences so I don’t get this pretend thing to make her more relatable? They’re not hiding because they’re gay, she’s hiding because a witch wasn’t invited to a party, everyone else in the movie loves both the prince and the princess. This makes no sense!

This person is an SJW wanting to feel special or wanting to feel special but are afraid to admit they might like a straight pairing, because straight people are evil and it’s bad to like them. (Note to idiots reading this, I’m being sarcastic.)

I mean, this is what ticks me off about people who post this kinda shit. It’s contradicting because a lot of trans people keep saying “it has nothing to do with what’s in between your legs” and gay/les people wanting to feel equal but bash on straight people or be ashamed that, they might actually like a straight couple in a media format! You either want equality or you just want to feel like a special little snowflake you think you are. The latter is how I feel about this post since just changing the sexuality and gender changes nothing to them and being Phillip and Aurora are about as interesting as a bag of bricks. There’s nothing relatable about them unless you’re as blank as they are.

It’s as I said, I don’t relate to Ariel because she has fins, I relate to her passion, the love of collecting things, curiosity and some of her family problems.

I’m all for gay characters, maybe even trans, but they have to feel natural and genuine. These people like this OP are the reason why many don’t see LGBT+ as a natural thing. Cuz of this “special snowflake mentality” and that if they hate on straight people, that makes them different somehow than those that judge them. I’m not saying all LGBT+ people do this but a good amount, especially on tumblr do.

Also saying Aurora is relatable to this person AFTER a sexuality change, is kinda saying they’re not the sharpest tool in the shed. They need people to baby sit them 24/7, otherwise they’re gonna end up dead unless someone saves em. But I won’t judge since they clearly have an understanding of what makes a relationship work….

Iamcheese22 #homophobia deviantart.com

Be open minded." That's SJW talk for "It's not made for the fans, so get ready for a shitty product."

Fuck you, Troy Baker.

White people have been the stereotypical villains when it comes to religious cults, but what about the other religions that to this day, target and even kill homosexuals? Oh, but they're from the Middle East, and we can't portray THEM as bad people, right? Just white people. Not the fucking mushroom zombies that destroyed the world as we know it, no no it's the white people.

Fuck you and fuck Naughty Dog. If this whole goddamn game is Ellie The Lesbian (since apparently that's all she is now! Not Ellie the hunter, Ellie the girl who took care of Joel, no no, she's a lesbian, that's all that matters about her character now.) fighting "evil skinheads", I pray to the powers that be, that this game gets shit on from every direction. If these leaks are true, this game is gonna suck.

I knew it, as soon as the trailer showed Ellie in a relationship, this game was destined fo

Uniqlohobo #pedo reddit.com

Not my story but my husbands uncle told us this story several times He’s been a lawyer for over 40 years

.... I was involved in a case when this man had been molesting his girlfriends two young daughters (I don’t remember how young they were but under the age of 10) for several months. The girlfriend happened to walk in on the act one night and out of rage she attacked the man.[

She beat him with everything she could find and hurt him so severely that he was in the hospital for weeks.

When she tired to get him arrested for molesting her daughter he sued her for attacking him

I was so good at my job that I got the molestation thrown out(he wasn’t even convicted of it) And she was sent to jail for 3 years for hitting him .

The guy got off scott free. Nothing on his records.