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[ Context: about a grown adult chatting with minors online ]
There’s nothing at all wrong with it. Up until the last 20 years, many older men used to enjoy talking with teens, both boys and girls, even having them as friends. Platonic ones, by the way.
Interaction with them brings out dreams of our past youth, the* paternal, maternal instincts,* and, with members of the opposite sex, a touch of sexual lure. (Don’t you dare sneer! It’s biology because kids are at their most sexually powerful between 14 and 25. History shows that most children were married from ages 12 to 20. Usually as soon as the girl had her period, she was considered marriage material!! Women reaching 22 without being wed were considered old maids!!) Teens can give off sexual cues without meaning to because of biology.

I love talking with teens on the web, watching them around town, listening to them chat in groups in stores, admire their grace and awkwardness as they go through that leggy, big footed state where their limbs seem to grow faster than the rest of them. The girls are cute as heck.

The best thing is their simple beauty, their unlined faces and most do not have that awful ‘look’ adults get over race, religion, job conflicts, accumulated emotional injuries, money problems, and all of the beatings a ‘grown up’ gets trying to live.
Several years back, I dug up the standard profile of child molesters and read it to find out what one needs to look for and, surprise, surprise! I technically fit the stereotype!!

You know you’re not going to go and seduce some kid, so don’t worry. Besides, you might be surprised at the amount of kids who try to seduce their young, good looking teachers in high school, especially by girls. Feel sorry for those male teachers in their twenties when some pretty young thing of 15, oozing sexuality from all pores, just busting with nubility thanks to nature telling her it’s time to reproduce, turns on the heat.

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I'm nearly 35 and I've been banging the shit out of what is probably one of the hottest 16 year olds in the world for nearly 9 months. In fact, the first time I got her into bed was on her 16th birthday. Am I a degenerate?

Most likely. I realize it's a minority position here, but I think adult men should generally prefer adult women. I get that teens can be hot, but that's pretty much where the attraction ends.

I like all kinds of females. My neighbour has two incredibly gorgeous daughters who will be head turners in a year or so and they are only 12. I spent an amazing weekend in Phoenix making a 39 year old redhead scream while she was at the same hotel on business and I've taken my 49 year old lab manager to bed on more than one occasion.

As long as she's well into puberty or nor fully menopausal, I'll find a female attractive.

Why are blacks called African Americans?

I still call them negros, or isajeeps. The term "african american" just sounds plain stupid

12 year old girl speaks against abortion, and she does it well.

From the looks of this little trollop, she hasn't even hit puberty yet, let alone know what a dick feels like. She hasn't the slightest fucking idea what she is talking about.

On a somewhat related note, I don't consider a human to be a human until they have achieved sentience, so if you want to abort fetuses, have at it. Not sentient = not human.

I'll gladly give her a half cooked grenade.

And a coat hanger so she can give herself that abortion she hates so very much when she gets pregnant to her 35 year old boyfriend a year from now.

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In fact, I am all for an all white state.

I would gladly live in an all white community where I can be surrounded by bright, intelligent, civilised, law abiding citizens and not have to worry about being assaulted or robbed when I go for a walk in the evening. Could you imagine it? No rap, no hiphop, no R&B. Very little crime, almost no violence and certainly no gang activity.[ Hell, I could let my daughter take the bus to school and walk home without having to worry about her getting raped on the way home. I could even let my kids go to the movies without some degenerates trying to sell them drugs or gang rape them in the cinema parking lot. Hell, they could even ride their bikes down the street without having to always be on their guard and ready to hit the dirt in case of a drive-by.

Sounds like heaven to me.

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Remember that you can give foids a fate WORSE THAN DEATH in 1 second through acid attack.

Why are incels not acid attack ing but going er?

They’ll give you the equivalent sentence of murdering someone, but looks don’t matter right? :what:

😂😂😂 i will get my revenge in the philippines on the chheap foids there and i will never get caught. If escort pisses me off or i beta buxx and she tries to pull a fast on me i am acid attacking her

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Date rape drugsin the system, yes. Alcohol no. Everyone gulps down alcohol, girls exist in bars to get guys to "buy me a drink". But sure if she has a ton of benzodiazepines that she’s not prescribed in her system, i might consider that evidence. But I also know how people buy and trade pills, especially benzos, and like to use them when they go out drinking to get extra-wasted.

As for greivous bodily injury, like... seriously bruised, broken bones, cuts, extreme vaginal tearing, ok definitely evidence of an assault and rape, but how do we know she accused the right guy? Were they on a date? Because there’s certainly no epidemic of guys beating up their dates.

Also, and this is something I learned recently that i still find disturbing... women love rape play. They love a big strong guy coming in, slamming them down on the bed, ripping off their clothes, being extremely rough, grabbing their throat and hair, tossing them around and taking his huge cock and fucking her brains out... all while wearing a ski mask as she yells no no nooo, ohhh yess yess yesss!

I didn’t even believe this until i saw how big the "rape play" forum is on fetlife.com. I heard there were some complaints so it might not be there anymore, this was like 2 years ago. And it was ALL women talking about how hot being raped is - as long as the rapist doesn’t mess up her hair and makeup too badly.

I could never do that to a woman, i guess because I’m a pathetic beta male. But hey, I’ve seen the type of guy women are attracted to. I’m just not sympathetic to rape claims

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There is never evidence of rape, just "she said" and maybe "she cried on the stand".... DNA tests don’t prove anything except two people had sex. People fuck all the time, especially after drinking. So the accused saying "we had sex, it was consensual" is reasonable to believe and casts doubt on the accusation. In other words it’s reasonable doubt. Defendant should be acquitted every time.

The only time someone can legitimately be convicted of rape is if it’s done in the middle of a public place, or if the rapist films it or confessesto it in a diary or something like that. This practically never happens... once a decade maybe. So there should be only one rape conviction every decade. If even that. It’s a crime that cannot be proven by its nature.

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[on experiment called "Rhythm 0", a six-hour work created by performance artist Marina Abramović. The audience was invited to do whatever they wished to and/or with the artist, using one of 72 objects she had placed on a table for this purpose including a rose, feather, scalpel, metal bar, and a gun loaded with one bullet. Some audience members started to cut her throat and drink her blood with the scalpel , some sexually assaulted her. One man even put a gun to her head and tried to pull the trigger ]

I could see myself becoming violent in such a situation, not because I'm evil inside, but through sheer curiosity. If you look at modern society and the way we live our lives, emotions like love and tenderness happen regularly. Kissing our family or hugging our friends is very natural to many people, and many of us are taught from a young age to treat others with kindness and not aggression.

When we are presented the opportunity to see the other side of the spectrum, to treat someone not like a human being and with kindness, but with hate or violence, it becomes interesting.

This doesn't mean that the person who ends up slapping someone is evil inside, or even that he enjoys it. It's our natural curiosity that also drives us to perform such an act. In the end I could walk away from this experiment where I would have been aggressive and violent and decide that I generally prefer being a nice person over doing that.

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[on a 10 year old child giving birth in mexico]
If you think 10 year olds are too young, you really shouldn't look at human history.
There's a reason for the remark "if she bleeds, she breeds".
Back in the day, before penicillin, infant mortality rate was really high. In addition, you needed kids help to work the farm and whatever. The only way to accomplish a lot of things it to breed as fast as possible. This included what we define as kids.

The big deal for us is 10 year old's have no method to survive on their own. We deem them irresponsible and incapable of making live changing decisions. We believe at 18, you're smart enough for live changing decisions (excluding alcohol, being the President, a member of Congress, etc). From others perceptions about it, they look at us as we're going out of our way to teach children (<18 yo) that they can not be responsible until this magic number 18 hits them. In Texas, it's 17, btw, with a 3 year Romeo and Juliet clause.


I think far too often people forget we are still slaves to our biological masters. We're horny because our body says "MAKE BABY NOW!". There are 13 year old that look like 18 AND get in to bars with a fake ID. They are horny like anyone else but are held to a different standard. Right, wrong, or indifferent -- that's the way it is and it'll be a political war to change it. The war won't be able what's best for the children or adults. It'll be what looks best and will help assist in voting people in to power.

In the US, sex is a scary thing. Showing vag in a movie will get you an X rating. But showing someone losing their torso and blood everywhere may still net you a PG-13 or maybe an R. Sex is natural and something your body really likes. Killing, not so much. Personally, I find us as backwards

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Everyone deserves a second chance. And, if it is a case of "Statutory Rape", then I have no ill, because that charge is bullshit.

Though, if I find out he had sex with say... a 7 year old girl, well... it had better been consensual, not full on rape.

If rape, I'm not going to like him much at first. But, if the alleged victim forgives him, no hard feelings in my book.

Many shall disagree with me. inb4 "what do you mean consensual?"

Seriously, have you ever met an actual 7 year old? There's no way they have anything like the maturity level to consent, and claiming so is a common justification child abusers use for their crimes (not saying that you would).

I have a 7 year old sister and I can tell you now that if anyone had sex with her, supposedly "consensual" or not, I'm not exaggerating when I say they'd be lucky to still be alive by the time I'd finished with them.

OT: Knowing that someone had done that, I just couldn't employ them. I'm all for second chances but I couldn't stand to work in the presence of a child abuser...

Actually, many seven year olds actually do have such maturity. Hell, I know a 5 year old with more maturity than one of my 35 year old friends. Yes, he indeed needs to stop making dick

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A young adult in New York has become the first US resident in nearly a decade to contract polio, state health officials say.

The unnamed patient in Rockland County is said no longer to be contagious, but has developed paralysis from the virus.

Officials say the person was unvaccinated, and was probably exposed to an individual who received a vaccine that contains the weakened live virus.

The last known US case of the highly contagious virus was recorded in 2013.

Once feared across the nation, the disease was largely eradicated by a national vaccination campaign that began in 1955.

Annual cases quickly fell from fewer than 100 in the 1960s to fewer than 10 in the 1970s - and the US was declared polio-free by 1979.

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The so-called "life of the mother" exception for abortion is unnecessary and dangerous. To begin with, there are no situations where abortion, defined as the direct and intentional killing of an unborn child, is medically necessary to save the life of the mother.

Medical operations such as the removal of a cancerous uterus or the removal of an ectopic pregnancy are moral even under Catholic teaching and are not considered abortions. If a pregnant woman has a cancerous uterus that imminently threatens her life, then the uterus may be removed even though such removal results in the death of the unborn child. Similarly, when a fertilized ovum lodges in the fallopian tube and grows there, the damaged portion of the tube containing the baby may be removed where it is clearly necessary to save the mother's life. Such operations are justified by the "principle of double effect," because the death of the child is an unintended effect of an operation independently justified to save the mother's life. They do not involve the intentional and willful destruction of an unborn child.

Legally, such operations are not considered abortions. The removal of such conditions has never been prosecuted in this country, even when the mother's life was not immediately threatened. There is, therefore, no need to provide a specific exception for such cases in a statute or constitutional amendment prohibiting abortion. Moreover, an explicit exception for the life of the mother is dangerous. One should never attempt to codify in law the importance of one innocent human life over and above another. Physicians must make their best effort to save both patients, giving equal care to mother and child. They should never be given a license to intentionally kill either of them.

Finally, many abortionists believe that the very condition of pregnancy itself is a life threatening condition. Consequently, a "life of the mother" exception can become a massive statutory loophole through which to drive abortion on demand.

Once pro-lifers say there can be a "good reason" to kill a preborn baby, the foundation of the pro-life movement crumbles. The argument is lost. Either the preborn child is a person, or the child is not a person. Since the preborn child is a person, there can be no exceptions for abortion.

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Lynn Beyak did nothing wrong, Indians got billions for going school. Stop whining about it and start paying your fair share to Canada.

What she said was true.
From 1800 to 1970 about 150,000 children attended residential schools. Relatively small number for a span of 170 years when you look at how many first nations people lived during that time.

The deaths can be almost entirely attributed to illness as they occurred before most vaccines.

It is SO FAR beyond reason to even suggest that most of these kids were sexually abused at the hands of the teachers/priests/nuns. To believe that most of these people, who dedicated their lives to educating, caring for, and preparing indigenous children for the new society were SO evil they would rape, torture, and murder kids or stand by while other teachers did it, is insanity.

Plus there is like no proof of most of these outlandish claims.

Not saying not a single child was sexually abused, but it wasn’t as widespread as they will have you believe and alot of it was student on student sexual abuse.

Not to mention that compulsory attendance ended in 1950 and the running of the schools was taken over by the native bands around 1970 if I remember correctly?

Anyone who has done their research on residential schools and has read old newspapers from that time will see stories of these kids being taken in to spend holidays with local families, travelling brass bands, travelling sports teams, etc. Not so doom and gloom after all.

It was not the torture chamber they make it out to be. They probably got 3 more square meals a day then they did at home on the reserve.

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There is no such thing as indigenous history prior to when Europeans showed up. They didn't have a fucking written language. They just had mythology and traditions which is like the telephone-game of history. It of course has value like religion has value but you can't treat it as hard history. Plus compared to Christianity it doesn't seem to have gotten them anywhere so it's like the hobbyist's mythology.

Speaking of which, anyone go to the Museum of History (formerly Museum of Civilization) in Ottawa? I went last month, hadn't gone since I was a kid. So long story short they basically reworked the entire fucking thing into the Aboriginal History Museum. Right at the bottom of the place is all the recovered shivs and bats and whatever other bullshit they found, but as you go through they really focus on Aboriginal culture and there's this area right at the start with a massive video screen about how "Canada started." I'm not even joking, it's some Aboriginal elder woman describing how giant space animals came down to Earth and fucked around and made the continents. It's an otter and a bear and a fish, and it's just like "yeah and this is how it all started!" I wouldn't believe it unless I saw it just recently. Then the rest of it is boring tribal bullshit and arrowheads. Oh, and in "modern Canada" near the end there's some #IdleNoMore shit and Residential Schools and all that.

That was a bit of a tangent. I guess what I'm trying to say is Aboriginal historical study is fucking retarded (it's indistinguishable from modern aboriginal culture) and while I like Aboriginal culture in many ways - especially the connection to their ancestors and the belief that their history is passed through genealogy and blood - this infiltration into education is purely rebellious colonization by way of goofy bullshit literally nobody in the 21st century needs to know about. Fucking hell, when they were throwing spears at fish and believing crows were super-intelligent, the Chinese were building the Great Wall and the Greeks were inventing modern human thought.

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[ on indigenous people in canada]

They were literally stone age barbarians. The only metal they saw was the Inuit finding meteoroids on the tundra.

Scalping and raiding other tribes and making snowshoes are all they really accomplished in 16,000 years.

I've known this since I was a kid. You can blame the CBC for young me learning those "hate facts"

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Kids should be put in cages.
A couple of days ago I took a trip to the zoo for my birthday! I absolutely love the zoo! But if there is one thing I can't stand is when people taunt the animals, but of course as we all know "Kids will be kids!" (read as "assholes will be assholes!").

Anyways, as I was walking through the catwalk there was one little asshole little girl who was worse than the rest. She sat next to the cougar cage growling and hissing and making stupid cat noises at the cougar who looked like she had just about had enough of everyone's shit. The little girl made one more growling noise and the cat looked like she wanted to devour the little crotch demon, and oh how I wish she would have :/ The little girl got scared and ran off to her mommy. What the fuck did she expect? little cunt.

Kids should be put in cages, not animals.

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the normal status quo is man plus woman. It has nothing to do with state vs federal (for me anyway.) I simply see no reason for society to go out of its way to support every single oddity people can come up with. Especially since, if we deviate from the obvious norm once, then why not do it again? Why not legalize incest, provided both parties consent? Why not lower the age of consent to post-puberty, since they do it anyway? Etc. None of those things are "natural restraints" and all of them involve "natural attraction." If we revoke our purely man-made laws for one deviation, then all the others start asking for it, and the reasons for denying them become flemsy. Better to just not cross the line in the first place and have a set standard in my opinion. And that principle can apply to basically everything, not just this. It has nothing to do with "hating" gays, or wanting to deny rights, but rather having more concrete, set standards of life. Of course, as we become a more liberal society, my "archaic" standards will continue to get phased out in the name of goofy political correctness and an "everybody wins!" mentality.

But, as someone said earlier, it gets ridiculous having laws completely change from one state to the next. So as much as I would rather keep my conservative state conservative, I understand why the federal government steps in sometimes

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It was a mutually exclusive deal. The women must cover herself in front of men, to stop any temptation, and at home, she is free to dress as she wishes. These days though, that has been taken totally out of context, and had religious views stamped all over it.

Sadly, this isn't restricted purely just to Middle-Eastern Societies, but it is more prevalent due to the media coverage. Over here, we allow women to dress as they please, and rape cases are higher here, then they are in the Middle East. Now, I'm not saying they've got a good system, but merely pointing out, they had an old system (and I am talking, hundreds, if not thousands of years by the way) that ensured that both Men & Women were safe and could lead happy lives.

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for what crimes would you turn in a loved one


I would have included election tampering, witness bribery, gay bashing and animal abuse.

And I’m appalled that there are significant numbers of people who wouldn’t turn in someone for serious crimes like child rape or serial murders.

Well let me clarify my case. I don’t have any loved ones who could be capable of those things. If they did them, it would mean they were having a major brain malfunction or some similar crisis and I would make sure they got the help they needed, or some kind of isolation, rather than letting the police push them through the legal system into a hellish future of incarceration.

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Will the Real Columbus Please Stand Up?
Some revisionists would have us believe that the natives with whom Columbus interacted were all peace-loving, free of all major diseases, and living in a Garden of Eden state before Columbus “destroyed” it all. The facts reveal, however, that many tribes were continually at war. Furthermore, the facts reveal that some of these natives were cannibals, some ate their own children, some were subject to major diseases, some possessed slaves, some used captured women as sex slaves, some were addicted to cocaine, some performed human sacrifices, the vast majority were uneducated, and some practiced witchcraft, among other atrocities. To suggest that Columbus destroyed their peaceful, civilized, and harmonious societies is pure, absolute fiction.

To the contrary, Columbus brought them a much better way of life— Christianity. That is why the Americas today are filled with Christian nations where cannibalism has been eradicated, slavery abolished, human sacrifices done away, major diseases minimized, women treated with greater respect, life expectancies extended, poverty reduced, and education made available to most. That is the true legacy of Columbus.

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I had sex with a guy and in the middle of it he took off condom without me noticing, after everything he said that his dick wasn't hard enough with condom so he took it off. He did apologize when I got angry and all he can say now is why you mad I didn't finish in you. I like this guy a lot, but I feel so betrayed should I end everything with him?

Okay, so it is or isn't rape depending on where you live. If you live in "Reddit-land" it's 100% rape for sure. If you live in UK or Canada I will take people's word on that-- people can be charged and it's illegal.

I gave a pretty good look and as far as I can tell in the United States, right now, 2018, it's NOT illegal and therefore it's NOT rape.

One of the many sites I looked at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-consensual_condom_removal

That's just the legal definitions.

Legality is not morality.

You can feel pissed and violated, but I am very much not in favor of calling every unwanted sexual situation a "rape". As a woman, I think it takes away from REAL RAPE--- and yes I said it! Real rape, like 6 strangers in a back alley sodomizing you in every hole.

If my husband takes off his condom while we are having sex, then yes it is sexual assault/rape. I consented to protected sex, once he removed that condom, the consent is revoked.

guess you are the type that thinks I was raped every time I would go out and get drunk and have sex--- because I couldn't consent. I don't. I was never raped. I was never a "victim" because I didn't feel like a victim.

Different times and I'm glad I am not young and single. Today's women repulse me as much as I repulse you. I think you are a bunch of entitled whiners that cry rape if someone literally looks at you wrong. Or whistles at you. Gross.

I always wanted equality, meaning being equal to men. Not a perpetual victim, who wants equality and yet still wants the door held and guys to pay for dates.

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If they agreed to be fucking a guy and then only say stop because they have climaxed..... they aren't being raped, they are being a cunt that NEEDS TO BE RAPED.

I always wish that girls that cry rape over situations that they agreed to-- should be anally gang raped by strangers in an alley, so that they learn what rape really is.

And for the record.... didn't the girl just want him to hurry up and finish? That's not telling him to stop.

.You are a terrible, terrible person

Nope. I just think that women who are in bed with a guy, doing it... change their mind and cry rape really aren't being raped. It is a scary world for men out there when women are allowed to call a change of heart, guilt, or remorse, RAPE. I think it devalues the meaning of the word for women who are truly forcibly raped. I can't help it what hivemind thinks.... hivemind isn't always right about a lot of things.

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Unnecessarily my fucking ass.

50,000 native kids aren’t in care outside of reserves because guilty white liberals want them there — they’re there because 50,000 native kids have piss poor parents that can’t even look after themselves due to a variety of issues.

Of course the native industrial complex in Canada will tell you that the parents are bad because of ‘residual damage from residential schools’, which is a major cop-out; quickly followed by the demand for more funds from whitey as repetitions for things and stuff.

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We came here and created a blank slate. We birthed a nation from nothing," he continued. "I mean, there was nothing here. I mean, yes, we have Native Americans but candidly there isn't much Native American culture in American culture. It was born of the people who came here pursuing religious liberty to practice their faith, to live as they ought to live, and have the freedom to do so.

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My friend asked me for money for an abortion
You would think that being extremely close friends for over 24 years would give her a clue that I don't agree with abortion. I believe it is killing unborn babies. I had my first child at 19, and I did just fine.

My friend chooses to have completely unprotected sex while not being on birth control. In your late 30's you should know better than that. This isn't an accident. It isn't the first time. Her primary form of birth control is apparently abortion. I have a big problem with that.

I am so upset over this. I think, more than she is. My husband does not want any more children, so adopting her baby isn't an option, though, I probably would if it were only up to me. This whole issue has me heartbroken and pretty depressed.

My whole adult life I have been a mother. I love being a mother. My youngest is almost 12. I want another baby, but under my husbands pressuring I got a tubal sterilization, so I know that it's never an option. I am sad for me, and angry about her.

I don't want her to kill her baby. I don't see how she can do it, repeatedly with so little thought. I don't know if I can think of her the same after this. In fact I know I can't. She has been a horrible friend to me over the years. There are too many examples to even start. Yet for some messed up reason, I lived her unconditionally, like a sister. I don't think that I can handle this though. I guess there was a condition, I will probably still love her like a sister. I just don't see it being the same.

I am probably going to have to yell at her for being an irresponsible fucking whore, because if I don't know one else will. I am not slut shaming. I have no problem with the amount of different dudes that she fucks, it's that she is being so unsafe when she has children and could get pregnant.

Thanks for listening to the venting.

J973 #sexist reddit.com

Well.... I guess I am slut shaming, but if you act like a whore than you are a whore. The stuff that she has done around children, including her own is inexcusable.... to the point if CPS found out, she would probably AT LEAST have an open CPS case if not have her children removed.

So, yes I guess I am saying if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck.... it's a duck. If she acts like a whore, fucks like a whore.... she is a whore.

It's really not up to you to decide how much sex a person must have in order to be called a whore. If things are really so bad for her children you should be responsible yourself, and call CPS to get them some help, not trash her uselessly on reddit.

wouldn't call CPS on anyone that I know unless I felt the kids lives were in danger. Their psychological and emotional well-being are not for me to decide. By law mom's are allowed to trollop as many sketchy dudes through their front door as they want to have sex with for beer and cigarettes. It doesn't make it "right" though, now does it? If she wants to maintain that lifestyle she shouldn't have had any children.

And... I can judge her all I want. She is my friend, not yours. I don't have to like what she is doing and I am allowed to tell her so.

Really? CPS takes away the children of people who have "too much" sex? Could you please provide a link or something for that? In a country as obsessed with keeping government out of our lives as the US is, it seems strange that this kind of interference would be countenanced. But well, I don't know a lot about CPS, which is why I'm asking.

I did CPS.... and no, you can't get your kids taken for "having too much sex". Now if you are getting drunk and fucking out in the open in the living room with random people and the kids are seeing that on a semi-frequent basis, you would probably get in trouble for neglect. If you have frequent loud drunken fights with these random men and the kids hear it... you can get in trouble for neglect. She has already had several open CPS cases on her for neglect and Domestic Violence after a guy pressed charges on her from throwing something that apparently hit him in the head.

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it might not be harmful for them to lose their childhood, but it is really, really really fucking wrong. a kid should only have to think about playing, making friends, and doing homework. they shouldn't have to think about the things that come with sex, that's just wrong.
and no, danger isn't a good reason to outlaw bestiality. if danger was a good reason to outlaw something, you'd outlaw smoking and alcohol.

Yes, yes you would. And I think smoking should be outlawed, and I think it will be, with time. Alcohol has other benefits - social lubrication, mostly, that have value to society. Bestiality does not have any value beyond baseline.

So I assume you're okay with people having sex with anyone post-puberty, given your idealistic 'playing, friends, homework' trifecta. So you've lowered the bar to ~12. Logically, I used to agree with that. But I've come to understand that sexual interactions are not innately harmful, not matter the age at which they take place. These organs are functional in all regards except reproduction from the moment we're born. I would rather see parents, like bonobos, use pleasure to calm their kids, instead of violence. Only in this fucked up post-agricultural culture do we think that violence is a more acceptable means of disciplining children. If you're so worried about mental effects, maybe you should start there.

So smoking should be illegal, but parents disciplining their kids by fucking them should be legal?

Context matters. If harm is caused, it needs to be justified with a benefit. The benefit to smoking is feeble at best.

I'm not advocating for rape. Rape is simply a destructive act. But my disdain for rape does not translate into a disdain for sex, or other sexual interactions. In the context of this argument, I would say sexual interactions to calm children would be permissible and preferable to spanking or psychological abuse in the form of isolation. That doesn't mean rape, beatings, or violence.

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I assume you want it banned because of secondary smoking, so justify it in the context of children. Do you think the overall negative impact of having a smoker for a parent is greater than the negative impact of having a parent who had sex with you since childhood?

Yes. If that parent is nurturing and fosters positive traits, I see no reason for harm to be part of this calculation. Sexual interactions (not necessarily penetrative sex - that's quite rare in pre-pubertal individuals who are victims of sexual abuse, more common in ephebes) can serve as a powerful mechanism of pair bonding that can act to strengthen familial ties and improve trust between individuals - as long as you don't have a culture that condemns you as a victim with no agency, and your parents as rapists who are going to jail.

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Lady here. It is only a cunt that gets off and then says stop. Unless there is pain or a medical reason involved. He should have finished. This whole rape thing is getting way out of hand.

No, when somebody says "stop", it means "stop"--no questions asked. That isn't the "rape thing getting way out of hand".

If they agreed to be fucking a guy and then only say stop because they have climaxed..... they aren't being raped, they are being a cunt that NEEDS TO BE RAPED.

I always wish that girls that cry rape over situations that they agreed to-- should be anally gang raped by strangers in an alley, so that they learn what rape really is.
And for the record.... didn't the girl just want him to hurry up and finish? That's not telling him to stop.

You are a terrible, terrible person

Nope. I just think that women who are in bed with a guy, doing it... change their mind and cry rape really aren't being raped. It is a scary world for men out there when women are allowed to call a change of heart, guilt, or remorse, RAPE. I think it devalues the meaning of the word for women who are truly forcibly raped. I can't help it what hivemind thinks.... hivemind isn't always right about a lot of things.

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I'm a liberal and I have only been in a church for Weddings and funerals. I still think killing unborn babies is wrong. I don't need a f-ing book to tell me that-- and I could give two shits about how a woman feels after having an abortion. At least she gets to feel, something she took away from her unborn child/ren.

So if you think it's cruel to kill an unborn child, then don't you think it would also be cruel to force another child who got pregnant at a young age from rape to keep the baby, have a constant reminder of the incident that could prevent the child from learning to move on, and being bullied for something they could not even control.

Rape cases are rare. Most abortions are for convenience. I would be understanding if it were an actual rape situation, that was like PROVEN. As woman, I know another woman could say anything in order to get the desired result. Though, a rape victim would only have to think about the unborn rape child for about 9 months then it would never have to be around them again.

Because someone is raped, it's okay for them to murder another human? That's great logic. Do we give rape victims a pass if they don't abort the baby but decide to kill it after birth??

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We could start by all learning the definition of "genocide", then we could all learn to stop using hyperbole and words that don't apply to the history of Canada. There was never a genocide in Canada. Ever. Stop robbing the people of this world who have gone through genocide of their dignity by trying to steal empathy directed at them.

This is genocide. There was no campaign of murder to eradicate the native gene from. The gene pool. Revisionist lies and hyperbolic nonsense. Shame

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

The sixties scoop.


Hyperbole hyperbole hyperbole. The 60s scoop was a legitimate CFS action. It isnt "genocide" when children are removed from terrible parents or abusive situations. Nobody has ever shown me evidence that this wasn't the case in the 60s scoop.

As for all. Your other nonsense, it isn't genocide to not feed people when they have a clear path to opportunities elsewhere. All they had to do was move. The land was expropriated, as is still done today. And it was a good thing it was expropriated. Passing influenza to people isn't genocide. Complete nonsense. You should have your mouth washed up with soap.

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God I hate these disingenuous comments on residential schools. They are an annoying kind of technically correct. Acting like they were an internment camp trying to harm the natives is just blatantly dishonest. You have to take the good when you're going to rattle off the bad.

After the 1940s the government was going to end them, natives wanted them kept open. From then on they were made non mandatory because the government still wanted to cut the cost of it if they have to keep it. It then ended up becoming a defacto child services home. They put kids removed from bad homes in residential schools since it's not easy to find actual homes for them. An uncomfortable, underfunded, and sub-par school is still a vastly superior place for the kids than homes where their parents beat them and give them nearly no education.

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You’d “encourage” him to find another job, but you wouldn’t bother to inform his employer that he has stated he wants to rape the childrn he’s entrusted to take care of?

Yes, for his own sake. He should question why he is in that line of work, and where it’s going to lead him. But I can’t force him to make the choice. Again, flaming liberal speaking. The oldskool kind of liberal.

Personally I’d have little moral problems with beating the living crap out of the individuals who have raped friends of mine, but would that make me unqualified to work in an environment where I come into contact with convicted rapists? I can control my instincts, why shouldn’t he be able to? Slight hyperbole, but merely stating an example.

“Whether he acts on his instincts?” So you’re willing to wait around until AFTER he’s already raped a baby (a BABY) to decide wether it’s dangerous to let someone who says he wants to rape babies take care of babies?

I’m not saying I like the idea, but once again…you’re promoting the punishment of an individual due to what’s inside his head. Lets wander that path a bit further, shall we? Would you like to have him locked up? Forbidden to use the internet? What about castrated?

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Canada failed in its duty, Trudeau says as parliament holds special debate on residential school mass grave

It is really a “mass grave” or is it many separate graves created over many years? This occurred in a different time and no matter how wrong it is now, deaths from TB and other diseases many years ago were much more common than they are now. Terrible situation, but not genocide

Duncan Scott ran the residential schools in Canada for the federal government. Dr. Peter Bryce was hired to evaluate the schools in 1902. He found the conditions deplorable and subhuman. He made a list of recommendations for necessary changes. Scott rejected them all.

People who respond to others’ comments with “fact:” are virtue signalling douchebags (see what I did there?). If you have an opinion start your own thread.

Truth & Reconciliation Com. held at least 3,200 children died at the Schools; one in every 50 students of the program’s nearly 120-year existence. The true # is likely as high as 6,000. TB was primary cause, but the Schools were hotbeds, given cramped conditions & negligence

Different times and different values. We can learn from history without cancelling it. Canada would not exist without our imperfect, flawed, fathers of confederation. We shouldn’t excuse them but we have to recognize all that they did, the good and the bad.

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At least there's a little hope with cancer. There's no hope for children with autism. My daughter has Asperger's and she's constantly embarrassing everybody with her lack of social graces. She refuses to participate in any sort of therapy. Medications don't quiet or calm the symptoms. There's no palliative for it. She's always going to be autistic and she's never going to fit in anywhere, I don't care how smart she is. At least with cancer there's a cure or there's death. Autism isn't that easy.

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American Black people are the most fragile and easily manipulated people there are.

Say one word and they turn into animals, then they wonder why they get treated like animals.

I personally support reparations, but only the ones where we buy them plane tickets to where their ancestors came from and pull their citizenships so they can’t come back. It’s a win-win for America.

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George Floyd got the justice that counts because he spent his life making stupid choices: Ingesting illegal drugs, defrauding merchants, resisting arrest, god knows what else. On top of that, he neglected his health, because he had clogged coronary arteries which contributed to his death. I don't feel sorry in the least for this loser. Count me as one of the Chauvinists.

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[Panel 1: a black person is doing the "black power fist" while another black person is lying on the ground bleeding.
Panel 2: Reveals that the black person doing the "black power fist is holding a bloody knife behind their back, implying that they killed the person lying in the street.]

Revealed Preferences
Black lives matter? Tell them that.

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Women-Only Rape-Relief Shelter Defunded, Then Vandalized

Despite boycotts, threats, and a slaughtered rat nailed to its front door, this Canadian women’s shelter soldiers on.

This week, staff of the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter (VRRWS) in British Columbia found messages such as “Kill TERFS,” “F*** TERFS,” and — what else? — “Trans women are women” scrawled across their windows and walls. (“TERF,” for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist,” is a generally derogatory term for feminists who do not believe certain things about transgenderism.) This is not the first time something like this has happened. Three weeks ago, a woman seeking the shelter’s services was alarmed to find a dead rat nailed to the front door.

“The women who come to our support groups are rape victims and battered women,” says Hilla Kerner, VRRWS’s spokeswoman, who has worked at the shelter for 14 years. “One of them said to me, ‘Haven’t we suffered enough?’”
Founded in 1973, VRRWS is the oldest rape-relief center in Canada. Their staff is a collective made up of 20 women who serve around 1,200 women every year. Some of the staff are paid, others are volunteers, but they all do a lot of voluntary work. “Because you cannot change the world Monday to Friday, 9 to 5,” Kerner explains. “It’s a full-time life.”

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Johnson Aziga, 55, an African migrant living with HIV, is a now officially a “dangerous offender” according to Canadian criminal law.

Mr Aziga is already considered a “murderer” two times over. He was convicted in 2009 of two counts of first-degree murder, ten counts of aggravated sexual assault and one count of attempted aggravated sexual assault, because he had unprotected sex with eleven women without telling them he had HIV. Seven of the women subsequently tested HIV-positive, and two died of AIDS-related cancers within a couple of years of having had sex with Mr Aziga.
I am the only person that sees this as absurd – as both racist and HIV-phobic?
Mr Aziga and Mr Williams are being punished twice over. The idea that society is protected from HIV by keeping them in prison indefinitely is erroneous and outrageous. In the past men used to “lock up their daughters” when a man of purported huge sexual prowess came sniffing around, as if their female offspring did not have a sexuality or a choice in whether or not to have sex with their suitor.

Now, society locks up “HIV monsters” because it thinks female members of society need protecting from them, as if they did not have a sexuality or a choice in whether or not to have sex with their suitor.

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Former Bullies of Reddit: Why?

Didn't really have a reason other than "because I could, they annoyed me a couple of times". I wasn't insecure, didn't need validation, was generally a nice and thoughtful person, home life was fine, had friends and fit in with most social groups, was able to take my energy/frustrations out in sports, etc. Honestly, most bullies I knew didn't have a reason for it.

I honestly only feel bad for picking on one kid, because I feel like he genuinely didn't deserve the amount of targets he had on his back. He was awkward, scrawny, and would always try giving a comeback that just didn't quite come out the way he had hoped, but he stood up for himself every time. M. Pierce was his name, and I won't forget it. The rest of the kids I picked on were generally considered assholes and loners, which is what the majority of the victims are. Hate to say it like that for anyone that was bullied, but there's a reason you got put on radar. If you didn't have friends, people looked the other way when you were being picked on, teachers didn't want much to do with you, then you probably were an asshole and got snippy with the wrong person (expecting the downvotes for that, but it's true). Bullies don't want to deal with a group of friends that'll stick up for each other, or choose a target that is well liked and would be backed up if reported, and even better if the teachers didn't like them or trust them. Most victims of bullying don't realize or want to admit that they themselves were little shits too.

If you are a victim of bullying, make friends. It's going to be the best way to both get the target off of you back and get past the feeling of being alone.

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. Grocery store worker may have infected 300 people with HIV, prosecutor says

I have a hard time thinking it is okay to charge someone for assault/attempted murder because they have a disease and raise your risk of infection due to mutually risky behavior simply because they didn't tell you about it.
The act of contracting HIV is not criminal so why would it be criminal if one of the partners has ill intent?

And what is up with the obsession with HIV? How about hepatitis? Do you think that person on the airplane a few years ago that knowingly exposed and thereby infected people with a rare form of resitent TB should be charged? Do you think the way Typhoid Mary was treated is appropriate? Until the discourse about charging sick people with assault/attempted murder stops centering around HIV I can't believe it is anything but hysteria specific to that disease.

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Fuck the elderly. They demand socialist policies to support themselves while trying to strip away any support programs for anyone who is t a geriatric fuck. They’re overwhelmingly racist and homophobic. They don’t provide anything while draining our resources. They’re also currently destroying the planet without any sense of responsibility to the younger generations. They don’t give a duck about us, we should abandon them.

The elderly, especially boomers, are a cancerous generation that the world will be better off without.

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If you would ever call anyone a “degenerate” or “freak” in hostility, for any reason, under any circumstances, you’re already on too many levels of fascism. Unpack it.

how is calling twitter pedophiles freaks inherently fascist though like, really, how does that line up at all???

I'm sure that if you think for a few minutes, you can figure out what's wrong with attacking people from deviation from a mandated "normal" and normalizing harassment.

There are plenty of things you could call a pedo out for. Being weird isn't one of them, because the idea that it's okay to punish abnormality with violence... is fascism.