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At least there's a little hope with cancer. There's no hope for children with autism. My daughter has Asperger's and she's constantly embarrassing everybody with her lack of social graces. She refuses to participate in any sort of therapy. Medications don't quiet or calm the symptoms. There's no palliative for it. She's always going to be autistic and she's never going to fit in anywhere, I don't care how smart she is. At least with cancer there's a cure or there's death. Autism isn't that easy.

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American Black people are the most fragile and easily manipulated people there are.

Say one word and they turn into animals, then they wonder why they get treated like animals.

I personally support reparations, but only the ones where we buy them plane tickets to where their ancestors came from and pull their citizenships so they can’t come back. It’s a win-win for America.

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George Floyd got the justice that counts because he spent his life making stupid choices: Ingesting illegal drugs, defrauding merchants, resisting arrest, god knows what else. On top of that, he neglected his health, because he had clogged coronary arteries which contributed to his death. I don't feel sorry in the least for this loser. Count me as one of the Chauvinists.

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[Panel 1: a black person is doing the "black power fist" while another black person is lying on the ground bleeding.
Panel 2: Reveals that the black person doing the "black power fist is holding a bloody knife behind their back, implying that they killed the person lying in the street.]

Revealed Preferences
Black lives matter? Tell them that.

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Women-Only Rape-Relief Shelter Defunded, Then Vandalized

Despite boycotts, threats, and a slaughtered rat nailed to its front door, this Canadian women’s shelter soldiers on.

This week, staff of the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter (VRRWS) in British Columbia found messages such as “Kill TERFS,” “F*** TERFS,” and — what else? — “Trans women are women” scrawled across their windows and walls. (“TERF,” for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist,” is a generally derogatory term for feminists who do not believe certain things about transgenderism.) This is not the first time something like this has happened. Three weeks ago, a woman seeking the shelter’s services was alarmed to find a dead rat nailed to the front door.

“The women who come to our support groups are rape victims and battered women,” says Hilla Kerner, VRRWS’s spokeswoman, who has worked at the shelter for 14 years. “One of them said to me, ‘Haven’t we suffered enough?’”
Founded in 1973, VRRWS is the oldest rape-relief center in Canada. Their staff is a collective made up of 20 women who serve around 1,200 women every year. Some of the staff are paid, others are volunteers, but they all do a lot of voluntary work. “Because you cannot change the world Monday to Friday, 9 to 5,” Kerner explains. “It’s a full-time life.”

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Johnson Aziga, 55, an African migrant living with HIV, is a now officially a “dangerous offender” according to Canadian criminal law.

Mr Aziga is already considered a “murderer” two times over. He was convicted in 2009 of two counts of first-degree murder, ten counts of aggravated sexual assault and one count of attempted aggravated sexual assault, because he had unprotected sex with eleven women without telling them he had HIV. Seven of the women subsequently tested HIV-positive, and two died of AIDS-related cancers within a couple of years of having had sex with Mr Aziga.
I am the only person that sees this as absurd – as both racist and HIV-phobic?
Mr Aziga and Mr Williams are being punished twice over. The idea that society is protected from HIV by keeping them in prison indefinitely is erroneous and outrageous. In the past men used to “lock up their daughters” when a man of purported huge sexual prowess came sniffing around, as if their female offspring did not have a sexuality or a choice in whether or not to have sex with their suitor.

Now, society locks up “HIV monsters” because it thinks female members of society need protecting from them, as if they did not have a sexuality or a choice in whether or not to have sex with their suitor.

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Former Bullies of Reddit: Why?

Didn't really have a reason other than "because I could, they annoyed me a couple of times". I wasn't insecure, didn't need validation, was generally a nice and thoughtful person, home life was fine, had friends and fit in with most social groups, was able to take my energy/frustrations out in sports, etc. Honestly, most bullies I knew didn't have a reason for it.

I honestly only feel bad for picking on one kid, because I feel like he genuinely didn't deserve the amount of targets he had on his back. He was awkward, scrawny, and would always try giving a comeback that just didn't quite come out the way he had hoped, but he stood up for himself every time. M. Pierce was his name, and I won't forget it. The rest of the kids I picked on were generally considered assholes and loners, which is what the majority of the victims are. Hate to say it like that for anyone that was bullied, but there's a reason you got put on radar. If you didn't have friends, people looked the other way when you were being picked on, teachers didn't want much to do with you, then you probably were an asshole and got snippy with the wrong person (expecting the downvotes for that, but it's true). Bullies don't want to deal with a group of friends that'll stick up for each other, or choose a target that is well liked and would be backed up if reported, and even better if the teachers didn't like them or trust them. Most victims of bullying don't realize or want to admit that they themselves were little shits too.

If you are a victim of bullying, make friends. It's going to be the best way to both get the target off of you back and get past the feeling of being alone.

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. Grocery store worker may have infected 300 people with HIV, prosecutor says

I have a hard time thinking it is okay to charge someone for assault/attempted murder because they have a disease and raise your risk of infection due to mutually risky behavior simply because they didn't tell you about it.
The act of contracting HIV is not criminal so why would it be criminal if one of the partners has ill intent?

And what is up with the obsession with HIV? How about hepatitis? Do you think that person on the airplane a few years ago that knowingly exposed and thereby infected people with a rare form of resitent TB should be charged? Do you think the way Typhoid Mary was treated is appropriate? Until the discourse about charging sick people with assault/attempted murder stops centering around HIV I can't believe it is anything but hysteria specific to that disease.

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Fuck the elderly. They demand socialist policies to support themselves while trying to strip away any support programs for anyone who is t a geriatric fuck. They’re overwhelmingly racist and homophobic. They don’t provide anything while draining our resources. They’re also currently destroying the planet without any sense of responsibility to the younger generations. They don’t give a duck about us, we should abandon them.

The elderly, especially boomers, are a cancerous generation that the world will be better off without.

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If you would ever call anyone a “degenerate” or “freak” in hostility, for any reason, under any circumstances, you’re already on too many levels of fascism. Unpack it.

how is calling twitter pedophiles freaks inherently fascist though like, really, how does that line up at all???

I'm sure that if you think for a few minutes, you can figure out what's wrong with attacking people from deviation from a mandated "normal" and normalizing harassment.

There are plenty of things you could call a pedo out for. Being weird isn't one of them, because the idea that it's okay to punish abnormality with violence... is fascism.

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What is something/someone who other people find ugly but you find attractive?

Obsession. I'm not saying I wouldn't call the cops if she showed up at my doorstep with a bouquet of the severed heads of the girls who I'd looked at that day, but I'd be sad to see her go.

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Not to be offense but why do we still not consider mercy killing people with extremely severe retardation?
I was sitting in an office at a local school and I witnessed a staff member spend 30 minutes trying to move a spitting smelly staggering adult who couldn't walk. He couldn't talk either, just screamed Disney VHS quotes. Why is he accommodated so well into society that we support him completely from when he is born until he dies, never havin contributed once to society?

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What should be done with First Nations people?

[deleted]: "Tell them to adopt a real value system like, oh let's say, Christianity or Judaism instead of their fucking tree worshipping spirit animal raping communist neanderthal tribalistic monkey voodoo ice age crap fest of a way of life.

Seriously. There's a very good reason they all got their asses handed to them.

"Hello natives. We bring Capitalism. We are going to build spaceships and explore the universe with science."

"Uhm, Runs-With-Bear says we must worship the trees."

"Riiiight. Say, let's box you retards into little areas while our civilization prospers." "

CapitalMM:"Remove Indian act Create official heritages (no financial implications, simply a system to celebrate their heritage) Remove nafta and increase manufacturing Remove high amount of energy restrictions and make Canada energy self reliant.

Many will leave reserves if they are not gifted a free house/land. Those that want to stay in the area can create businesses/farms (many reserves are on amazing agricultural land) or join Canada in becoming energy independent (many pipelines/oil wells ect are in remote locations)

Lastly: make them pay reparations to the tribes they wiped out before europeans came to NA. Lol can you imagine their faces."

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Native "leaders" blame just about everyone else for Tina Fontaine's death except themselves, who did nothing personally to help her

GlobalismIsEvil:"This is a common thread among almost every MMIWI story I read about. These women are abandoned by their families and tribes, who only seem to start caring after they're dead."

[deleted]:" Why can Natives of all people not understand: The world is a dangerous place, you need to protect yourself and protect your children and your communities.

If you swim in crocodile-infested waters and get bitten it's not the crocodile's fault it's their nature. There ARE psychos out there and maniacs. People need to avoid them and not put themselves in circumstances where they're vulnerable to harm.

ie: passing out in strangers' homes, being in gangs, doing drugs with strangers

It's weird on one hand they call Canada a racist dangerous place,. but then expect their women and children should make no effort to keep themselves safe

I'm a 35-year old man I'm not going to hitchhike and stumble around drunk with strangers in Winnipeg, because I'd fear for my safety doing so"

Diversity is our greatest strength

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Except indigenous people weren't a society. In thousands of years they invented nothing, made no lasting structures, discovered no science or philosophy and have contributed nothing to civilisation. So what are we to celebrate with indigenous people's day, living in illiterate poverty, tribal warfare and dying in childbirth?

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LA City Council votes to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day

The problem is that the ball never stops rolling. "Indigenous Peoples" were murdering, torturing, raping, ethnically cleansing, slaving, practicing human sacrifice, and (in some rarer cases) practicing cannibalization loooong before Columbus showed up, so why are we now celebrating that barbaric behavior? Columbus may have been a bad guy, but replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day is little more than low-grade ignorant pandering.

If you want to (*asterisk) history, look up and see how real the myth of the "peaceful, pensive and wholly in touch with nature Native American" is. Its a troupe that came up out of Disney/westerns in the 1930-1950s, and its utterly detached from reality and history.

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It’s Great Turtles All the Way Down

[ PANEL 1: Racist redneck asshole wearing a Confederate flag shirt says "go back to where you came from"
PANEL 2: A native American wearing red asks
the redneck "cool, when are you leaving"

PANEL 3: Reveals that the first Native American buried an axe in the head of a second native American wearing blue. The native American wearing blue asks the red-wearing one "cool, when are you leaving?

Panel 4: a native American wearing green asks the other two when are they leaving]

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FFS enough of the white guilt "evil colombus" bull shit. No one bitches about Ghengis Khan like this. Colombus changed the course of history and opened to the americas to Europe through great personal risk. He did what all conquerors did. The natives were all doomed so get over it.

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Alaska Renames Columbus Day 'Indigenous Peoples Day'

People in the past were violent immoral brutes. If you think the native Americans didn't murder and rape the shit out of each other, you're delusional. In fact, we know they did. They weren't some peaceful people living off the land and singing fucking songs about mother nature. And yes, the US also murdered them, and ended up winning due to their strength. But everyone back then was savage, and might was right. So either we just don't obsess over the fact that everyone in the past is by our standards evil, or we never celebrate any culture or national event more than a few centuries ago.

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Columbus statue in Baltimore vandalized
As a Native American fuck this statue, and fuck the holiday all it celebrates is the time white people first started coming over and killing and rapping all of us then a few generations later acted like we are should be thank full for turning the country in to a capitalist shit hole.

Native Americans also killed a ton of innocent women and children, should we take down their statues? Native tribes killed and enslaved other native tribes, so don't make it sound like your ancestors were sitting around singing kumbaya all day long. Your ancestors were beaten by a smarter and more technologically advanced people, just like my ancestors were killed by smarter and more advanced people years before yours. Your just salty because you guys lost.

EDIT: My first gold!!!! woooooo!!!

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{note: this is from 7 years ago}

Scathing report says Mounties raped, abused aboriginal girls

I can probably give a little insight into why more police officers grow to dislike natives.

I grew up in a town which had a reserve located just outside of it. I'll start with my experience with them first. If I was getting bullied by someone, it was going to be a native kid. If a kid was being disruptive in class, failing to do assigned homework, or fail tests, likely native.

A half native, half white girl was gang beaten by three or four native girls in a school bathroom. She did end up in the hospital. There weren't charges pressed.

One of my friends while walking through a downtown park was mugged, can you guess by whom he was mugged?

Their parents don't give two flying fucks about their performance in school, how they treat others, or pretty much anything.

My dad, he's RCMP. He dealt with natives regularly, frequent domestic violence calls to the reserve. Typically they would be drunk. Of course he dealt with a variety of calls but the ones to the reserve were easily the most stressful ones.

What other group of people can call essentially an all out war on police forces, firing on them indiscriminately, and not get obliterated in return?


I have never met a group so entitled and lazy as reserve natives in my life. Hell, I regularly get complaints about charging them taxes on fucking pizza. They get $10, 000 dollars in government money for doing nothing, over something that happened 150 years ago http://www.firstperspective.ca/news/2462-first-nations-dole-out-10000-federal-settlement-cheques and then they complain about $5 taxes

Of course I'm a decent human being and give everyone multiple chances to prove they aren't a dick head. I don't let my previous experiences effect how I treat new people, but not all people do. After dealing with shit like this themselves, and watching others deal with similar shit, I can understand why they'd have a hard time being pleasant all the time.

Also, don't think for a second I'm trying to excuse RCMP actions for what may, or may not have occurred with this girl. That is undeniably fucked up if true.

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The horrors of St. Anne's: the history of abuse at the notorious residential school that built its own electric chair

Akaitcho Hall, Yellowknife NWT: a history of good education, positive experiences and literacy where there was none.

Easy to knock them and to over emphasize the bad. These schools also did something nobody knew how to do, and was absolutely necessary: supplying education and literacy to remote, illiterate villages spread over a large, inhospitable landscape.

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[ On the resident schools in Canada ]

The abuse aspects that went on in those schools was common in any school of that era (strapping, paddling, etc.) the government of Canada literally tries to modernize the aboriginal people so they could learn to function in a proper society. In that sense it did fail casue now all they do is blame Canada for their lives sucking even tho they still have every opportunity to do something with themselves.

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You see, you start pretty much from scratch when you work with an autistic child. You have a person in the physical sense – they have hair, a nose and a mouth – but they are not people in the psychological sense. One way to look at the job of helping autistic kids is to see it as a matter of constructing a person. You have the raw materials, but you have to build the person.

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I’m in favor of killing a few innocent people so that no guilty man goes free or lives another day, if he/she were facing the death penalty.

It is the sacrfice that some innocent people will have to make. Kind of like war. Innocent people die to protect us. In the war on crime, same thing.

Really? What if you were the innocent person?

It’d suck. What about the people who lived and/or avoided the wrath of someone who was a repeat offendor or parolie because we had a system that was more aggressive?

I’m not against the death penalty, and that is a GD issue.

We could go 'round and 'round, and we won’t because this is IMHO.

Normal_Success #pratt #racist reddit.com

People keep staying black people are killed for these small crimes like counterfeit money or whatever, but that’s a deliberate (hopefully because otherwise it’s really dumb) misinterpretation. They’re killed for putting officers’ lives at risk. No cop says “oh you’ve stolen, I will shoot you now”, but if they tell you to put your hands up and you just waltz to your car and reach inside, now you’ve put them at risk when you could have just put your fucking hands up, for everyone’s sake.

How did Breonna Taylor put officers' lives at risk?

Not that I really expected an honest discussion, but I’m still disappointed this was your chosen tactic.

How was that dishonest? Because it doesn’t fit your “black people are dangerous” rhetoric?

Because you’re picking an incident that was almost certainly accidental and using it as your main argument against something that is purposeful. Cops also get in car accidents with innocent people, but that’s not a good example to use in this context and doing so is just silly and dishonest.

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The Homeless Should Be Exterminated
Those filthy animals are nothing but failures. They have failed at the game of life, and our pity only preserves them.

They are weak, as in the case of addiction, defective, as in the case of insanity, or substandard, as in the case of poverty collapse.

They are wretched maggots, stinking up our streets with their piss and shit. They are liars with their panhandling bullshit.

They should be fucking rounded up and thrown alive into mass graves where they can choke to death on the lyme in the dark.

DrDiarrhea #psycho reddit.com


I Like It When Children Die
People define themselves through their children. When having a child you begin to realize that the ability to create a human being, form it's personality, and watch it develop into a loving and intelligent adult is a gift. Children can give you so much joy with such little effort.

But sometimes children die. You lose them, and the world loses them. They can die from almost anything: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Lunaria, a car accident, accidental poisoning, a fire, or murder.

No matter what mode of death befalls a child, I laugh at each and every child death. I even laugh at the mere anxiety over the potential death of a child. I laugh because the greatness of the child is snuffed out.

The world will be deprived of that child's uniqueness forever. All the potential stored within a child ends up putrefying in a tiny coffin and is processed through the digestive tract of a hundred thousand maggots.

The unconditional love it feels is gone. I laugh at the grief of the parents. It is a pain that is light-years beyond my comprehension because I am childless, but I can determine that it is a crushing grief in which your own person-hood is shattered beyond repair.

I am speaking to you. I am speaking to anyone who has lost a child. I know the pain skews your vision and makes you cry in the night, and I wish more suffering upon you so that I may watch your agony get the better of you.

You deserved this loss, and you suffered it because you were a bad parent. There ARE no random accidents. You allowed your child to get sick because you did not take care of it.

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Body Count


[Panel 1: Someone kneeling on a black man's neck. The black man as a fentanyl needle in his arm

Panel 2: Man in the background hildst a rifle while guy on skateboard appears to have a heart attack

Panel 3: judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies in a chair while sitting beside the other judges

Panel 4: Trump coughs with a mask on while an antifa member prays "please let us have this one"

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Christopher Columbus is a HERO!!!

People who hate him , are the typical dumb self-hating liberals . Without him the americas would have been barren lands inhabited by people using bronze age technology, look at the isolated tribes in brazil or peru who have no idea that europeans came , they still act like savages with arrow's in their hands and running naked and living in their huts .

Judsonkr #wingnut moviechat.org

Columbus was a mass murdering tyrant

Ridiculous subject

Columbus was a man of the times. By today's standards he is everything you say. By the standards of the time he was just another explorer/conquistador.

His brutality has been greatly exaggerated by academics who must have as many evil white men to rage about as possible to assuage their liberal guilt. The very same people BTW who downplay the atrocities committed by such heroic (to liberals) figures like Stalin and Mao.

No one speaks about Alexander The Great like that. Imagine the number of people he killed. But alas, he was a man of the times as well.

Give it a break.

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CMV When parents murder a disabled child it is justifiable homicide
From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justifiable_homicide

It differs from other forms of homicide in that, due to certain circumstances, the homicide is justified as preventing greater harm to innocents.

Families with disabled children suffer from poverty and stress. The parents are often forced to give up their careers to care for the disabled child.

The stress on the family due to a disabled child often results in suicides of the caregivers, http://www.disabilityscoop.com/2012/03/27/disability-advocates-parents-kill/15248/

Social supports don't reduce this stress but only spread it out to more people.

Raising disabled children's causes a great deal of stress, http://www.disabilityscoop.com/2009/11/10/autism-moms-stress/6121/

While the disabled child is innocent the burden of care can destroy the life of their parent. The life of the parent is more valuable to society than that of a disabled child because a parent can work and support themselves while a disabled child will be very unlikely to work or support themselves.

While the disabled child is innocent the burden of care can destroy the life of their parent. The life of the parent is more valuable to society than that of a disabled child because a parent can work and support themselves while a disabled child will be very unlikely to work or support themselves.

hit_shit_respect #ableism #psycho reddit.com


If all autistic children who were born were anesthetized and euthanized, the world would be better.
People with autism cause strain to their parents through the difficult steps of raising an autistic child. People with autism cause strains socially because of their inability to appear and act absolutely completely normal, which resigns them to the uncanny valley of social perception. Autism may bring an occasional child with savant characteristics, but the vast majority of people with autism will never build a career. The challenges that autism brings will not allow the majority of autistic adults to succeed at more than being worker drone in a factory or similar employment requirements.

My train of thought was spurred my Nietzsche. Something like 'we are not born human, we live to become human'. A baby has no value to society. It only has potential. Autistic children have much less potential for success and much higher potential for avoidable stress on parents, schools, and society.

Just because a parent develops an unavoidable bond with a child doesn't mean that the child should be saved if they are destined to cause issues a difficulties. Old cultures knew the advantages of favoring babies that were absolutely 100% healthy. Just because we CAN save and care for all children, doesn't mean it will contribute positively to a progressive society.

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I stalked someone in high school. I'd spend nights outside her window just to be near her, after walking ten or so miles to her house. I still have the first thing she gave to me, a piece of a microwave pizza box to throw away for her, which I kept and cherished because it was the first thing she gave to me. When she dated someone else, I went to his house as a friend of a friend, and while he and some others were passed out drunk I just sat there with a straight shaving razor thinking how easy it would be. I was, in a word, obsessed.

And I still am. It's been almost 18 years now since I fell in love with her the first time I met her, and right now she's out getting her hair done. I'll probably be in bed by the time she gets home, and I'll wake up early to make her some food so she won't get hungry during her work shift.

How intense of a stalker you are now

I look through her phone, I bought a GPS tracker for her car, but she knows about all of it and is cool with it. Honestly the stalkerish behavior sort of mellows once you've been with someone for a few years and start to become convinced they won't leave.

is the person you're stalking still in a relationship?

Yeah, with me. It's been a long road but we're together.

Melyssa1023 #psycho reddit.com

I've outright stated that I would murder my own child when my patience runs out, which would be pretty much long before its first birthday. I've already tried to choke close relatives for the same reason, once as a kid (to another kid, to boot) and once as an adult. I won't "grow out of it". And their response? "Oh, bit it's different when it's your baby, you won't want to hurt it". Bitch, I'll feel even more entitled to beat and murder it BECAUSE it's my baby, with other kids at least I have the fear of their parents, but if I'm left alone with a kid there will be no one to stop me.

Thankfully I'm fixed, and any unwanted pregnancy will be aborted because it will most surely be ectopic. And even if it isn't, I'm still yeeting that parasite.

Back to the topic, I feel much more sorry for the parents who murder their kids than the average Jane. Everyone's bawling over the kid, but I'm here thinking "Did s/he actually want to have that kid? Was s/he pressured into having it? Was she denied an abortion?" and I can't help but think that it could have been me in the news, not him/her.

Beneficial-Title5869 #psycho removeddit.com

I reported a family to cps for smoking weed and they got there kids taken away.(self.confession)

They were my neighbors and they were stereotypical annoying potheads, they hardly ever actually watch there kids(there’s 3 of them). They also walk around smelling like pot in front of there kids it was disgusting and I couldn’t take it anymore so I reported them to cps. I did it for the welfare of the children, no grown adults should be smoking pot and they damn sure shouldn’t have it around a child.

I'm cool with parents smoking pot but not while the kids are awake and not in front of them, negligence is also inexcusable. I'm glad you did it OP.

P.S. look up the usage of They're/there/their :)

They didn’t smoke it in front of them, they would do it outside I just do this because I hate stoners.

Michael Alan #ableism #psycho amazon.com

[ "I wish my kids had cancer" is a book by Michael Alan, a father of two kids with autism ]

I Wish My Kids Had Cancer: A Family Surviving the Autism Epidemic

I Wish My Kids Had Cancer is a father’s gripping, real glimpse of his family’s struggle to survive with two children with Autism. The book intimately, honestly, and powerfully, addresses the emotional, social, financial, political and medical aspects of a family fighting for their very existence. Learn about the struggle, the epidemic and Help Families In Need! Support Autism Through Song! Download the song “State of Emergency” by world-renowned recording artist Sara Hickman. ALL Proceeds Donated to help Families with Autism! Visit www.iwishmykidshadcancer.com to download or visit www.sarahickman.com to download this powerful, emotionally charged song written in response to this book. Encourage others to listen and download! Help provide hope for those with Autism!

Yin-serpent #psycho yin-serpent.tumblr.com

[Image transcript:#FreeThemAll
Cases like Cyntoia Brown's are all around
us. Chrystul Kizer is an 18 year old girl
from Milwaukee who could spend her
WHOLE LIFE in prison for killing the 34 year old man who made child pornography of her abused her

link to info on Crystul Kizer's case here

Oh boo hoo. She killed a person and now has to to face the consequences.

Oh…my god???

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Nothing? I just think if someone kills someone they should be in jail for life.

Killed a rapist, child trafficker and child pornographer who was likely sexually abusing her. Did you just omit that part in your brain?

I did not. He should have spent life in jail. Now she should for killing him.

coconutcurrychicken ,Jackson2615, azrael-legna #psycho reddit.com

[ in response to this post about someone being accused of poisoning ba neighbour's dog ]

coconutcurrychicken:"Maybe I'm heartless, but who gives a shit if a dog dies? Like why does that require police intervention to solve this "crime?" The dogs sound moronic, probably lapped up antifreeze while the owners weren't paying attention."

Jackson2615:"The world over reckless dog owners are letting their mongrel dogs bark constantly which drives the neighbours mad. Its no wonder sometimes someone cracks and takes matters into their own hands. It always amazes me that the barking dog/s don't seem to bother the owners??? As in this case doing the right thing only brings grief, frustration and ultimately NO help from the animal control authorities. BUT as soon as someone cracks the police are all over it trying to pin it on someone. If even 1/2 as much effort was put into making owners keep dogs quiet, especially at night, including removing the dog/s then it would be better for everyone including the dogs."

Azrael-Legna:"If you allow your dog to bark nonstop all the time, then it's 100% your fault if it ends up getting killed. And the people who killed the dog shouldn't be charged with anything, the dog owners should. They're the ones that allowed this to happen.

And that's assuming that someone killed the dog. The dog was obviously untrained, it could have gotten into it's stupid owners antifreeze, and the owners are trying to blame OP for payback for OP daring to not worship his masters (the dogs)."

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How do you guys get rid of stray dogs without guns?[Cheap poisons that work]Miscellaneous(self.Dogfree)

I am from India and the local municipal corporation won't do anything about the ever increasing dog population in my neighborhood since they didn't bite anyone yet and no one else is complaining about them. There are people you can hire who takes care of strays illegally for a certain sum of money. Since I am a student, I don't have the money to pay them to do the job. The thing is if I try to kill or harm a dog in the open people bats an eye. They won't do anything but there are a lot of instances where dog nutters not understanding that they live in a poor country where everything isn't ideal jump on the bandwagon that killing dogs yourself is bad and they try to impose morals that might work in western countries on others. They literally start a protest for dogs and make the lives of people who kill dogs, hell.

What I want to do is kill dogs secretly. I am thinking about poisoning. I tried lacing food with human medicines that harms dogs but it didn't work(it only worked once). What are certain poisons that are cheap and will work? I read that kerosine is poisonous to dogs but if I spray kerosine on their noses will it do the job? I read that antifreeze works too. Do I need to lace it with something or will these fuckers eat it directly? Will the cheap antifreeze work?

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[Comic shows a black man holding a bag of money shouting "Time for reparations" . A visibly injured white man using a crutch and holding a bag replies "Agreed!"]

Justice for Cannon:


[Image headline:Black Man Executes White Child in Broad Daylight in
North Carolina Neighborhood

Police :Five-year-old boy shot in head because he accidentally rode into man's yard ]