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ema #fundie graphjam.com

[In response to a graph showing that God killed 2,038,344 and Satan only killed 10]

Well, God created everything He has the right to kill it if He wants to. I trust Him.

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Klishu #fundie graphjam.com

[On a graph showing number of people killed by God vs. by Satan in the Bible.]

God killed the people during the flood that were under the influence of Satan so it’s Satan’s fault that God killed them. :P

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ValiantDefender #fundie graphjam.com

It isn’t a true statement. Gay’s being married = change the definition of marriage. Yes, I’m fundamental and proud of it. AND we don’t cry foul every time someone wants to do something different.

I have a right to believe that marriage is sacred, holy and the definition is not to be changed because someone thinks it ought to be. What gives them the right to be upset and intolerant of my beliefs? They want tolerance but give none? Hypocrisy! Tolerate gays? Sure. Love them? Sure. Allow them to force their theological changes on me? No way.

Saying they are getting married is a complete misunderstanding of the sanctity of marriage, the purpose of family and spouse. They can have their own religion that ignore my beliefs, and make their own biologically unsound decisions that goes again how many billion years of evolution and not choose to pass on their genes and infect eachother with incurable diseases…and thats fine. Straight people do stupid stuff like that all the time…and when they do, we try to tolerate that too. However, it is logically backwards to say that I must tolerate their beliefs and not say that they must tolerate mine. Who wins when to beliefs are polar opposites? To demand that one party is allowed to force their beliefs on someone else is heavily biased. Marriage is a religious belief. The state should butt out…and you should tolerate my right to believe as I do.

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Layaway #fundie graphjam.com

Joolz - Christians and Mormons are NOT affiliated with eachother. They may have some basic belief status, but the polygamist sect recently brought to the media’s attention some time ago was a branch of The Church of Latter Day Saints, or Mormons. Not Christians. Do some research before you post nonsense.