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You’re not replying to my emails or posting them any more so I have to assume that you are trying to ignore me. This is grossly unfair as you have not allowed me to complete the discussion and left me sounding like a jerk.

I am not at all saying that rape is okay or allowed. My point is that it’s a topic like Hitler that people (atheists) always bring out in arguments for shock value when it really doesn’t fit their point. I admit that I have maybe a bias because I’m a man and frankly I have a hard time imagining that I’d be traumatized for life if a woman forced herself on me. Maybe it’s really different for women but you have to admit that on the surface it doesn’t make a lot of sense for something to be incredibly pleasurable if one person does it to you and horrible if another person does it to you. I admit I might be wrong but I still think it’s probably overblown. There are a lot of worse things (like abortion).

In addition I’m not advocating that God only punishes people who rape Christian women or only protects Christians. What my meaning is is that Christianity makes us strong and that a Christian can stand up to ANY kind of adversery better than a non-Christian because he has God’s strength behind him. You also must remember that God never gives us more of a trial than we can handle. If you have been raped and feel traumatized by it take comfort that God has not abandoned you and that He knows you can get through this.

I’m praying for you all.

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As I predicted you like banging the rape drum. Yes, I know that rape is bad but you have to admit that there are a lot of worse things, like terminal disease, loss of a limb, or despair. I know it’s humiliating but when it’s over it’s over, not like cancer.

Yes, a Christian woman suffers less from rape than another woman. Are you asking me if I think rapists should go after Christian women? Well if they do they will be faced with the strength and will of the Lord and may even come to His side when they see how little their pathetic abuse can do to a woman of faith!

No you didn’t misunderstand about why rape is a sin. It makes no sense for it to be a sin for a man to rape his wife since a man can’t rape his wife. It’s just not logical, like stealing your own car or pocking your own pocket.

Maybe you got raped and enjoy harping on it. Well the whole world doesn’t revolve around you. Get over it, clear your head and come to God. [Emphasis added]