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Ku Klos Knights #racist #homophobia kuklosknights.com

We are White Christian patriots of the true Invisible Empire of the Ku Klux Klan of our great country. We are for the future of our white Christian children and for our generations to come, join a traditional white klan who believes in the teachings of Jesus and therefore we do not believe in HATE. We are against homosexuals of both genders and we believe that marriage is between one man and one woman as Jesus teaches.

The ku klux klan of our country has never been more relevant than today and we stand for the protection our past history and for our future. This is a message of hope, that we of the KKK believe in our country. There is now a war going on against our people, our children, our cherished way of life and our principles. We must stand true to our klan and our brothers and sisters and family and pray that we can maintain our sense of loyalty to each other. Stand up and be counted!

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plamonica100 #racist kuklosknights.com

As Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klos Knights, I hereby order that all dens, in all states, are to start handgun training and to make sure that all members will obtain concealed weapons permits, before that right is taken from us. This country is being attacked by Muslim Extremists who are out to destroy us! You will never go anywhere without being armed, you WILL know your enemy and where he congregates and with whom, you will learn how to act and react to the danger within. You can expect no help from the Head Muslim in Washington because he is doing all he can to aid and assist ISIS and their ILK --- BE PREPARED - - STAY PREPARED!
Remember it was the Democratic President BILL CLINTON, who signed the order to remove all Guns from Recruiting Stations.