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Hey for Parent adult child releationships, Is it ok if They want kids Together?

Short Answer: Yes
Long Answer:
Deciding to have a(nother) child is one of the biggest decisions someone can make, regardless of partners. Children require a lot of time, money, and parenting. For consanguinamorists, there is the added consideration of the bigotry of others. In many places, it it still illegal for an adult to have sex with their parent, meaning the lovers can be imprisoned and their children taken away. Having a child together can be used as evidence against them.

As with anyone else, there are many considerations.

Health. It becomes more difficult for a person with ovaries and a uterus to get pregnant, carry, and deliver a healthy child as they age. Pregnancies after 35 are increasingly considered higher risk. Genetic concerns are always there, whether someone is closely related or not, but if a serious genetic disease runs in the family, consanguinamorists might want to consider other options than natural conception together.

Being there for the child. Who is going to raise the child? If, for example, there’s a cisgender woman of age 30 and her cisgender father of age 70, chances are, the father will not live to see the child fully grown, and he might not have energy or health to play with the child. Of course, this can be handled by having multiple involved partners, but some people do not want that.
Some people wonder if and what to tell the children. Children care far more about being protected and cared for than the relation of their parents.
People can and do have children with their parents, and that’s OK, as long as they have considered the risks. It is ridiculous for someone to say someone can freely choose to have a child from a hookup, one night stand with a stranger, or a sperm bank, but they can’t consent to have a child with someone they know and love.