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Hey for Parent adult child releationships, Is it ok if They want kids Together?

Short Answer: Yes
Long Answer:
Deciding to have a(nother) child is one of the biggest decisions someone can make, regardless of partners. Children require a lot of time, money, and parenting. For consanguinamorists, there is the added consideration of the bigotry of others. In many places, it it still illegal for an adult to have sex with their parent, meaning the lovers can be imprisoned and their children taken away. Having a child together can be used as evidence against them.

As with anyone else, there are many considerations.

Health. It becomes more difficult for a person with ovaries and a uterus to get pregnant, carry, and deliver a healthy child as they age. Pregnancies after 35 are increasingly considered higher risk. Genetic concerns are always there, whether someone is closely related or not, but if a serious genetic disease runs in the family, consanguinamorists might want to consider other options than natural conception together.

Being there for the child. Who is going to raise the child? If, for example, there’s a cisgender woman of age 30 and her cisgender father of age 70, chances are, the father will not live to see the child fully grown, and he might not have energy or health to play with the child. Of course, this can be handled by having multiple involved partners, but some people do not want that.
Some people wonder if and what to tell the children. Children care far more about being protected and cared for than the relation of their parents.
People can and do have children with their parents, and that’s OK, as long as they have considered the risks. It is ridiculous for someone to say someone can freely choose to have a child from a hookup, one night stand with a stranger, or a sperm bank, but they can’t consent to have a child with someone they know and love.

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My cousin may be a pedophile, and he said he wants to be a teacher. Should I say anything to him?
A few years ago, my cousin and I had a late night discussion about our sexual experiences and preferences. He wound up admitting to me that he was attracted to young girls. (He was 18 at the time.) He said that he had never acted on these feelings and never would. We haven't spoken about it since.

Anyway, he's in college, and he's been talking about possibly becoming a teacher for middle school/high school.

A lot of pedophiles work with children, just like a lot of heterosexuals men work with women. Is that a bad thing? You wouldnt imagine how many pedophiles work with kids, and people never know because they are excellent at their job.

Saying that a pedophile shouldnt work with kids is like saying that a homo shouldnt work with other men. Is bigotry. Most pedophiles are perfectly capable of working with kids, and whats more, for many is one of the few things that make them happy.

OP, I wouldnt worry. He has all the right in the world to do whatever he wants. If being a teacher is what makes him happy, then so be it. I bet he is a great guy and girl-lover.

IF he trusted you enough to tell you about his feeligns, you should honour his trust. He hasnt done anything and said that he wouldnt. It's like saying that a normal heterosexual man shouldnt work with women just in case he might rape them. Is absurd. There is nothing wrong about that.

TL;DR: He has all the right in the world to be a teacher and you should let him become whatever makes him happy.

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[ On the question of “why feminists support abortion but not prostitution” ]

most feminists I know..myself included...would fully support safe sex workers where women are earning their own income, paying taxes, etc. Frankly legalizing this would be great for the economy.

[ On a man cheating on his asexual wife with a sex worker ]

The only thing more pathetic and gross than a dude who cheats on his wife because he's too much of a pussy to divorce her...is a dude who cheats on his wife with a filthy used-up hooker and is stupid enough to pay for it. At least stay away from your wife so she doesn't catch your disgusting STD. Stay classy.

How is his wife who doesn't have sex with him going to catch his disgusting STDs?

Good point...his wife already figured out how gross he is and won't touch him. That's why he has to pay someone to lower themselves to have sex with him. Hopefully, she divorces him and takes whatever she can.

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Jacob Blake is accused of raping a woman, violating a restraining order - but you call him victim.

George Floyd was a drugged out ex con who held a gun to a pregnant woman's belly while his friends ransacked her home - but you call him hero.

Juliet Germanotta is a passenger in a car seen on video being attacked - and you question her morals.

I was going to say it must be difficult keeping the different rules straight - but then I realized all you do is determine left or right to decide which one is the victim and which one the criminal.

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[ in response to this article http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/alberta-judge-delivers-blistering-rebuke-of-lower-court-sex-assault-decision-1.3694814 regarding a boy being acquitted for raping a girl depite the girl clearly saying no and fighting back ]

Question for the other guys out there:

How many of you had an experience in college where a girl was initially pretty unresponsive or even kind of weakly defensive but suddenly really got into it after you made a few moves? I certainly did, and it wasn't a situation where she was blackout drunk. She just ended up in my bed on some pretext (I think her roommate was hooking up with someone, but she had other options besides climbing into a twin bed with a single guy so it seemed pretty clear what her intent was). Her actions after getting in bed left me pretty confused, she was totally unresponsive to kissing and groping but didn't stop me. However, when I did the right thing she was suddenly all over me. I kind of figured out the boundaries through trial and error. On subsequent nights, I kept pushing and they gradually expanded too (lol).

I wasn't some sort of sexual predator, I was just a shy kid. I read the (nonverbal) signals correctly and it worked out, we dated for a few months after that.


That's why, when I hear something like this, I think: here's a guy who's gotten the wrong message, but he's young and hasn't figured this whole dating/sex thing out yet. Make sure he knows that what he did is very wrong, punish him, but nothing that will impact his life long term. He deserves the chance to prove whether he's learned from his mistake.

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I risk sounding like a major AH but my SO's dog finally died
Relationship / Family
I'm trying my best to be sensitive of his feelings because I know this dog was in his life before he met me and meant a lot to him. I bought the dog a nice headstone with a picture of it engraved on it (in my opinion I sacrificed the nice view in my yard for him to bury his dog and have a dog shrine basically) I planted flowers on the grave and I've said everything I can think of that would be comforting and helpful. I'm not a total asshole, I do feel bad, not because the dog is dead but because he's upset about it.

However....I'm running low on my ability to keep my mouth shut about how it was just a dog. It's been a few weeks and it's literally every time he sees/hears something dog-related (which is often in this dog obsessed society) he gets emotional but I think what grates my nerves the most is how he always says "that dog was my best friend" like...hellloooo??? I'm sitting right here, a real human. With real ability to have back and forth discussion, share your interests, and have genuine emotions. I guess I just needed to vent somewhere about it so I don't say something I'll regret and have a safe place to say- I am so happy the dog died so I can move on with my dog free life!

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[SuicideFuel] Foids are ugly on the inside, and that makes them ugly on the outside.

On the anniversary of Bianca Devlin’s death, @goydivision made a thread about the event, and he included a number of photos:

It's been almost a year and a week since Bianca (aka Oxychan) was beheaded by an angry normtard. It is long past due for celebration.

| Incels.co - Involuntary Celibate
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Bianca_Devins I do not recall anyone here making a thread about it, and I only realized the anniversary was recently. If anyone does not have the corpse images, you can find them here -> (warning, [NSFW])...
incels.co incels.co

The first photos showed Bianca in her living form, as she presented herself to the world through social media. This was an idealized form of herself that she believed to be most attractive.
Then the last photo showed the dead Bianca in the car seat, blankly staring into space. This was an image she obviously would not have approved to be seen in public.

As I examined and compared the living and dead photos, I was struck by how different they were. They seemed to me to be photographs of two entirely different people -- one acceptable and one not. The blank expression in the dead photo had similarities to the “thousand-cock stare,” but there was a crucial difference that’s hard to pinpoint. And that difference allowed for forgiveness. Forgiveness of what? The forgiveness of being a living female, a conscious and sentient female.

A foid is basically a piece of shit wrapped in a pretty packaging. But the grossness of the female spirit still shows through in the living photos -- in her bitchy expression, in her high-handed arrogance evident from her expressions. And then that shitty spirit contaminates the outside and makes foids ugly to look at as well. But that ugliness isn't natural. It's learned by us and has replaced the original beauty we were able to see. Now we're blind to that beauty, or at least, I am.

Living foids move. A lot of the beauty of the female evaporates in movement. And what do foids do when moving? They twerk, they dance, they scoff, they suck dick, they have sex. But once movement and consciousness is removed, a foid returns to the original beauty that was her birthright from the start. Then we see it was not really the body itself that is ugly, but the consciousness beneath the flesh, the animating spirit. And that spirit has desecrated the concept of feminine beauty by tainting the outside of a foid with its ugliness.

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[on someone (the OP) being the victim of a completely fabricated and obviously false call to Child protective services. The report was full of blatant lies ]

I don't understand why everyone is so up in arms about the person who called you in... There are several professions out there that they are mandated reporters when it comes to child abuse.

Since you claim and proved your innocence (well done) I'm sure the reporter saw several things that added up which raised an eye brow which warrants a report.

Blows my mind that people are up in arms when someone called you in and it turned out to be a false case. The day child abuse goes on and it's not called in, they are furious that no one did anything to save the child. Now, when it's called in, they are pissed at the person who called them in...

I trust the system enough that I'd rather more calls come up empty than child services not getting any calls at all. Unbelievable that this many people are against system which protects against child abuse.

Try having it happen to you, out of the blue for no reason at all your family is the victim of a modern day witch hunt.

I understand that aspect of it but as I said, some people are mandated reporters.

If there is a possibility, they have to report it. Failure to do so would result in them losing their job and possibly ending their career path. Call it a witch hunt if you must, I see it as someone who is looking out for the children. This doesn't mean you don't have some nut cases out there, that'll call with hardly anything to go on, services know this but they are still going to give it a look and do their job. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.

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Screw it, I’m not gonna hide it anymore. I hate fucking Mexico. I hate other Mexicans. If I had been born in another country, my story would have been a much happier one.

There’s LITERALLY NOTHING about this country that I don’t hate. I hate the women, I hate the pigs that are men, I hate the culture, the attitude, their fucked up morals, their hygiene, their music, it’s streets. I hate it’s actors, it’s food, it’s very air. I hate their appearance, I hate their personality. I hate their malice.
Most of all
I hate the way in which they look down and treat the dogs.

I hate them all…

I’m gonna start meditating today on… But this hatred… is here already.

Now I’m alone, and without a dog to return me to my kind self, and I haven’t even touched a girl in so long. I have so many school life regrets, and I hate everything about all of my schools. I never liked anything about any of my school day, not even the schools itself. Not the classmates, not the teachers, not the dirty aisles.

I never had a school romance. That’s why I love school-life anime so much. Because of all the regrets I have.

But even looking back, there’s not a single girl I would have liked going out with. Not a single thing I could or would have done different. Not a single megane bishoujo in all this mud. Only ghouls. Ugly and malicious ghouls.

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Confidence is entirely overrated. Doubt, insecurity, not only are these more rational and useful for reality, but in the long run they're more attractive than confidence

How is insecurity more attractive? I'd like to hear your opinion, if you don't mind

I don't want a woman who thinks she's attractive, because that's not something I can or want to commiserate with. As appealing as the idea of some super-scottie-2-hottie is, realistically I know that I'd never be able to understand them the way I understand my girlfriend, who knows what it's like to go through life without the privilege of being the apple of everyone's romantic eye. I want someone who doesn't see my own insecurity, something I cherish and consider a deep part of me, as some defect, but rather an entirely understandable part of growing up in the world.

was in love with them that I've never leave them.

Intellectually speaking confidence is just horribly unattractive. The best learners are those that understand the position of ignorance from the start. Those who confidently stroll into the temple forget to take off their shoes, so to speak.

In general this is just a part of me. I highly value doubt, insecurity, and the like. I never get tired of reminding my girlfriend that yes, I do indeed love her, and rather than be offended by her doubt, I'm assuaged by the fact that she's so concerned, because that lets me know it's real.

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And I sure as shit never heard of any sane person ever claim anything even remotely like "guys who don't feel entitled to women don't feel bad about not being in a relationship" which is fucking crazy.

Are you kidding? "Be happy with yourself." "You have to love yourself before someone can love you." "You have to be okay alone before you'll be okay with someone else." We're basically educated from birth that we're somehow broken if we're genuinely unhappy when we're not with someone. This has been extrapolated into the concept that if you're not okay with being alone, that it's because of mental deficiency, and in men whenever mental deficiency is mentioned, accusations of misogyny follow.

This is not made-up straw men. This is reality. Don't think so? Go to /r/relationships with a sockpuppet, make a post about how you've been repeatedly rejected, and how it makes you feel worthless as a person. Make sure to identify as a guy. Don't say they caused your pain, don't say you deserve them, nothing like that. Do talk about how your negative opinion of who she did choose causes you to doubt your self worth. Do talk about how much it hurts to try so hard to be a good person and be unappreciated. Watch those "entitlement" comments start rolling in.

Generally speaking, I cannot stand romanticism with people without "problems"I have tried to be with girls who were just too much psychological baggage for me, but those are extreme rare cases. In general, I tend to find someone's "problems" attractive qualities. Are they insecure about their appearance? Sexy. Do they feel a need to constantly remind me that they care about me, and be reminded back? Good, maybe I'll finally not feel apprehensive about expressing myself. Does the frustration of everyday life sometimes make her feel helpless? Great, maybe when I feel this way she won't treat me like I'm worthless. My problem is, I find all these qualities attractive which are considered "Mental Problems", and have aspects of my personality deemed to be problematic that I adore. It took me a long time to figure out that I love myself, for my own mental "problems", and don't want to "fix" them. But because of one-size-fits-all "wisdom", people like myself, who do not fit common mental ideals, are considered by many not only untouchable personally, but as someone who should not be engaging in romanticism at all and will warn their acquaintances against people like myself.

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This is going to sound really negative, but fuck it, it's what I think.

Modern progressive relationship notions are incompatible with traditional romantic love. In traditional romantic love, a person who is dumped is not gone, the relationship is simply paused for the inevitable reunion, as of course "If it's true love they'll come back to you". In progressive ideals, a person is their own and cannot be kept as such. In traditional romantic love, sex is spontaneous and often established through nonverbal and unenthusiastic consent. In modern progressive ideals, anything short of enthusiastic consent is not good enough. In traditional romantic love, there are no boundaries regarding appropriateness and power structures ("Love knows no bounds"). In modern progressive ideals, a person shouldn't engage in romance with another person if society is structured a certain way (i.e. if one is the boss or teacher of the other, etc.).

What this boils down to is that modern progressive ideals are simply not compatible with all people. This is a really big problem, in my opinion. The norms have been crafted around what appeals to middle-to-upper class white feminists, based around a hyper-advanced understanding of oppression structures and an overarching desire to fight them. When a feminist gives the advice "Don't romantically approach women at work", the advice is not designed to help them attain a relationship, but rather to further social progress. If the advice were solely based on attaining a relationship, then the workplace, being one of the primary places where romantic relationships form, couldn't be discounted as a place to take action. To put it bluntly, this advice is not about doing well in the current reality, it's about changing the reality to a more ideal one.

I mean, I'm in a very progressively-structured relationship. I as the man do the housework and work less, I make less, and am generally the carer as opposed to the provider. My girlfriend works more, gets paid more, and does less housework as a result. I'm sitting here in pink pajama pants while I type this. But we also both have an established understanding that the other is not allowed to leave the relationship, and that any attempts to do so will result in stalking and an eternally persistent effort to make sure they can't be with anyone else. According to modern progressive notions, this is wrong, as we should both feel free to leave the relationship at any time.

We need to stop pushing this stock-picture-clean version of what an ideal relationship is in a progressive light, and instead start looking at actual examples of how these kinds of relationships pan out. If Jane and Jim break up and Jim is feigning that's it's hunky dory because he doesn't want Jane to feel confined or pressured, but then later goes and cries for days or slits his wrists, that's a problem and we aren't making the world a better place by mindlessly doling out the advice that Jim should just be okay with it.

we should advice Jim to seek professional help.

Or maybe we should instead try to think about what we can do to prevent these things from incarnating again, instead of basically pawning Jim off on professionals like the society we create has nothing to do with it.

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The difference between a "nice guy" and a nice guy is the false sense of entitlement associated with the former. A nice guy is nice because he genuinely cares about how other people feel, and sincerely wants them to be happy. A "nice guy" pretends to be nice, because he's been misled all his life by romantic comedies into believing that any person he's nice to should love him just because he's nice.

Well, you can say I haven't done anything wrong all you want, I'm still treated that way, and it doesn't negate the original assertion that people are treated as if they're wrong in these situations. As a thirty year-old single guy, I can attest that the amount of gender-based difference in how peoples' expressions are treated is immense. I have never seen a 25+ year-old woman who complains that she is single or unwed told that she's not entitled to love, because the assumption is not made that she feels such; only with men is this assumption made, that being disgruntled with one's singleness is somehow an expression of entitlement to love, or in some cases even sex. I have similarly never heard a woman who complains about having been rejected frequently told that she should consider changing something about herself, or that there must be something wrong with her personality. However, whenever a guy has been rejected frequently, the first "helpful advice" is that maybe he should change his personality, grow confidence, stop looking for a relationship and look for a friend, etc. I mean, I posted a facebook status lamenting being stood up for a date cold with no call and got told that I shouldn't feel "entitled" to a woman's attention. Something is decidedly wrong with that.

I understand fully the distinction you're trying to make, what I think is lost though is how utterly impossible it is to tell the two apart, and both how ridiculously bad at it most people are, as well as how overconfident they are about their ability to discern between the two. The fact is, these mindsets of the "nice guy" aren't likely to manifest in romantically unsuccessful people; you don't start expecting reciprocity of affection out of the blue, it's a learned mentality. I mean, is it any wonder that this recent guy was rich, and quite romantically successful, but had a vendetta against girls who rejected him? We guys who have faced rejection our whole lives, we hurt from it sure, but we're used to it. You don't get this kind of reaction from someone without them having a preexisting expectation of reciprocity. In short, not only are the guys who actually get girls' attention more likely to be this, getting girls's attention is more likely to make guys become this.

But rather than see this, we see this kind of mindset as generated from rejection, and from a hatred that comes with it. Thus, we have a situation right now wherein simply voicing your discontent with your romantic situation gets you labeled this and denigrated. And if you disagree, ask yourself this; my second paragraph had little relevance to the topic at hand. Had I posted an argument such as that to, say, /r/relationships, would you not think they would deem me one of these "nice guys"? And regardless of whether they're right or not, do they really have enough information about me to make such an assertion?

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Kill people

I've become somewhat terrified that this is my end. Since I was a kid I was always really morbid and such, but that's not why. This isn't some "I'm so fascinated with death" kind of things. I just used to joke that when I grew up I wanted to be a serial killer. I'm beginning to worry, as I get older, if this will come true.

I just don't know how to handle things and people anymore. I spent so long, so long figuring out what was right and wrong, and why it's right and wrong, and I developed my morality to a personal level. And I go through my life trying my best to be good, and help others. I give strangers rides, I help people whenever I can, and I'm generally nice. I'm always honest, especially romantically, and go to great lengths to make sure I don't deceive people. In return, I'm given bile. I'm stuck at a job that can't even feed me, with a boss who does everything in her power to sabotage me mentally, socially, and emotionally. My car keeps getting broken into by neighborhood kids, regularly wiping out any money I manage to save on new windows, the worst part of which being that I'm not really being robbed because I have nothing, they're just breaking my windows for fun. I haven't had a date in years. I haven't had a relationship last more than a month in a decade. A. Fucking. Decade. The douchiest guys I know, who call girls bitches and sluts behind their back, get every attractive girl that even appears in my life. I watched yesterday as a girl, beautiful, smart, and nice, sat there trying to vie for the attentions of an acquaintance of mine, who was too busy texting his new flavor of the week for him to pay her any attention. She left today for a modeling shoot. She will probably never even notice me in that way. This isn't just her. This is every girl that comes into my life. I don't know what it's like to be someone's choice.

So, I'm beginning to have serious doubts about being a good person. It has done nothing for me. All the emotional fulfillment that I'm supposed to feel just gets undercut by the rampant depression from dealing with the consequences of being a good person. Nobody else wants to be good, they just be as bad as they can get away with and leave the rest of us to foot their bill. Why should I keep going? Why should I give strangers rides, why not rob them? I need money. Why not just take what I want from the world? It's taking everything I have, slowly. I have almost nothing left for the world to take from me. I have no money, no love, and little in the way of possessions. Even my brain is going away as I get closer to the Alzheimer's which is destined to eradicate all the knowledge I've built in my studies.

It's just getting hard to see this life of mine concluding without me killing someone, at the least myself.

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[Father who beat a man to death for raping five year old daughter faces no charges in Texas]

He should get life in prison. No one has the right to kill. No matter what the reason

Defending a child rapist? You got some serious issues

Get over your self. I’m not defending a child Rapist. I’m saying killing is unacceptable no matter what. He defended his daughter. Okay. He should live with what he’s done and spend his life in jail.

involuntary manslaughter doesn’t carry a life imprisonment anyway.

It wasn’t that. He killed someone.

involuntary manslaughter is when you kill someone, but it basically means you didn’t .intend to

Key word being kill. Whether he meant to or not. He still killed someone. He should rot in jail for the rest of his life

Fuck you, that’s disgusting. And ignornant. It ignores the idea of self defense, defense of others and the fact that people have died from one punch, thus making any form of defense virtually impossible

By your thinking that college kid raping that unconscious girl behind the dumpster was just having sex. Rape is rape. Just as murder is murder.

Its called Justifiable Homocide and under US law defending someone from violence, rape or robbery, pretty much the same as self defense.

Still murder. Still unacceptable.

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I stalked someone in high school. I'd spend nights outside her window just to be near her, after walking ten or so miles to her house. I still have the first thing she gave to me, a piece of a microwave pizza box to throw away for her, which I kept and cherished because it was the first thing she gave to me. When she dated someone else, I went to his house as a friend of a friend, and while he and some others were passed out drunk I just sat there with a straight shaving razor thinking how easy it would be. I was, in a word, obsessed.

And I still am. It's been almost 18 years now since I fell in love with her the first time I met her, and right now she's out getting her hair done. I'll probably be in bed by the time she gets home, and I'll wake up early to make her some food so she won't get hungry during her work shift.

How intense of a stalker you are now?

I look through her phone, I bought a GPS tracker for her car, but she knows about all of it and is cool with it. Honestly the stalkerish behavior sort of mellows once you've been with someone for a few years and start to become convinced they won't leave.

is the person you're stalking still in a relationship?

Yeah, with me. It's been a long road but we're together.

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16m dating a 15f online. We met from my friend who at the time had a girlfriend (also online) but also had a crush on my current girlfriend. I heard her name and for some reason felt really compelled by it and kept annoyingly asking about her. He eventually gave her my skype and we started talking. I saw her face while he was skyping with her (I was at his house) and feel in love. She saw mine and the same thing. The friend who's house I went to then hates me now and we never talk anymore. Honestly I don't care if its cliche and if I was anyone else I would roll my eye if someone our age told me that their relationship was going to last forever but I know in my heart we are perfect for each other and will always keep only eachother in our hearts. We have been dating for 5 months soon and I couldn't be happier with my life right now. We hide nothing. With the yandere part, I basically want to kill every person thats not a straight female (even speciousness then) that talkes to her. I do trust her with all my heart but I cant help but want that dude that stares at her in class everyday hanging by his neck from the ceiling. (she is the same vice versa)

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Viper: I love Yandere and would always want one as a girlfriend because the thought of a girl killing for you and obsessed with you seems like a awesome thing to me

Yukkikun624: I personally like yanderes as well. You see, my personality is usually more submissive, therefore the dominance is needed to provide me with stability. The relationship between Yuno and Yukki is far beyond perfect, in my opinion. Although she is a bit extreme in her ways, her love for Yukki is genuine, and she'd do anything, literally, to keep anyone or anything from taking him from her. Unfortunately I know very few yandere typed girls IRL, so I'm committing myself with a waifu: Most possibly Yuno. I was up til 2 am last night and I've watched over half of Mirai Nikki. She scared the hell out of me in some of the scenes, but OMG I love that..... Im gonna start fangirling if I go any futher. x3 Ill just leave it at that.

zoop I married a yandere.
She isn't bipolar, or anything of the sort - she just has a temper that burns very hot, a tendency toward chaotic evil perspectives, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get something done. We have a very pleasant dynamic - I enable and encourage many of her bad habits until things look like they're going to get out of hand, at which point I pull her back down to Earth. We both have very flexible senses of morality, so this arrangement tends to work very well.
She also warned me in advance, very seriously, that if I ever tried to divorce her, that she'd murder me. It made me feel very warm and fuzzy inside.
Love is beautiful.

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I like The whole Yandere Genre mainly because I consider myself lonely and the concept of someone who loves you unconditionally makes me happy. I also kind of have a weirdo streak where I like women who are controlling and aggressive. Follow up, Would you like a yandere in the real world with all the legal consequences and the shit people can really do in the real world? Personally my answer is yes.

It's always alarming when people say things like "I want a partner who's willing to kill for me" I always think, so you don't care if others die? And someone would have to have a big ego to be that way, imo. It's a shame that you have a low esteem and you don't mind if a woman hurts you. You might end up in an abusive relationship with someone insane or evil. :( Do you mind if I ask what makes you like violent and controlling women?

It’s a lot to unpack, But the long and short of my situation is that I’m not really good at thinking for myself or having freedom or choices I also have low self esteem and confidence so aggressive girls are good because they make the first move I’m also pretty submissive when it comes to people in general plus I sort of got this thing for feeling pain (no edgy shit) so that’s where the violence aspect comes in. Wrap that up with some unconditional love to make me feel good about myself and it’s basically the perfect girl. I literally don’t mind giving up my freedom for someone else and I don’t care how they treat me as long as they still like me at the end of the day. At the end of the day Love is all I need to be happy.

Yanderes are all around my ideal type of girl. I’d literally give up the ability to take a piss by myself if I had to.