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Alright, but as a tried and true follower of Mao Tse-tung Thought, I have to tell you, that alternative moralities are NOT a given in the Communist mode of thought. Under Chairman Mao, if someone was caught being gay, let alone transsexual, they were promptly taken out and shot. I am NOT suggesting that should occur now. I merely report what happened. Today in China, being of alternative sexuality is difficult. Perhaps not AS difficult, but still by no means easy.

I freely acknowledge that my own morals lean toward the classic Bolshevik puritanical type stuff.Obviously I am not recommending that others who disagree get shot, but I freely acknowledge that I am out of line with just about every leftist party in the United States.

What I have noticed, and frankly, I admit it bothers me, is that most people in this country are Communist or Socialist for mushy feel-good reasons, as opposed to the hard economics of the thing. In fact, most of them have never read Marx, Engels, Lenin, or Mao. This is of course based on my limited experience with the CPUSA.

Look, I don't want to be a killjoy. But if we are Communists, we have to BE Communists. And this mushy feel-good stuff might play well in preschools, but it won't do very well on the battleground of a revolution. As Chairman Mao told us, A revolution is NOT a dinner party. And I am not just talking about a traditional "pick up your guns and overthrow the State" type. I am talking about the kind that we most prefer in the USA and countries like it; revolution at the ballot box.

I mean look: we've got a choice of Trump or Clinton this year! The two HUGEST narcissists in the freaking world, and they are both running for President of the most powerful nation on Earth! Well, if that isn't just a pretty kettle of stinking fish! We Communists had better get our ducks in a row and stop supporting the Democratic Party so darned blindly. Now is the time for INFORMED Marxists to get their butts in gear. Read your Marx, read you Engels, your Lenin, your Mao, hell, even your Stalin. Get involved. But ultimately, get informed. Before its too late.

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I've been thinking about the GULAG system recently, or rather, about things like convict labour. I read an article about prison overcrowding in the UK the other day, and about how people are getting themselves arrested because they prefer prison over the outside (failures of capitalism in praxis, ftw). Then I remembered how Stalin built a canal with convict labour, and I thought that it sounded like a brilliant idea.

Dunno, maybe I'm being naive about it, but I often hear people I know complain about the way that convicted criminals don't do anything useful other than eat taxpayer's money.