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*Do Pagans eat meat?*

I don’t. As Porphyry, blessed by the Gods, argued, the consumption and sacrifice of meat is immoral. The mystery of Elusis maintained three laws for worshippers: honor your parents/ancestors, offer to the gods from the fruits of the earth, and harm no animals.

These three laws come from Porphyry who quotes Athenian law makers. His claim was that the ancient laws of Athens were only preserved in Elusis and had been abandoned in other places.

*Should we apply or consider the roman mythos when talking about Greek mythology?*

Yes - the Gods inspire the mythological works of the poets and that didn’t stop because the poets spoke a different language (this applies to any modern language too, as the gods are obviously immortal and still present in our world today).

The gods are immortal beings who are present for all people and transcend changing cultural stereotypes.

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China-Russia-Iran Eurasiosphere GDP PPP is 32.67 trillion

Anglosphere GDP PPP is 29.48 Trillion

Eurasian supremacy.

What sort of support has Macron received from EU partners over AUKUS? Deafening silence in Germany.

Remember when Denmark spied on Germany for the USA? nothing Happen.

Remember when China was the first to Help Serbia with Vaccines?

Remember when Germany crushed Greece with Austerity?

European solidarity is a Myth.

"Washington is building a NATO-like alliance in the [Indo-Pacific] region, with AUKUS at the core, and the US-Japan and US-South Korea alliances surrounding it, and the Quad at the outermost level, because India, not an US ally, can't be trusted by the US."—PRC scholar Li Haidong

Stupid statement Australia, Japan, South Korea are US vassals since the cold war , USA is not building or gaining NEW allies its the same group of Asian countries during the cold war. Secondly the India part is right. India will never accept USA full dominance.

The French have thrown their toys out of the pram and withdrawn their Ambassadors from the USA and Australia.

French tech was way out of date and EU States do not suit the 21st century.

The Anglosphere is back and they hate it!

We need a Eurasian sphere now!

One of Chinese policy makers objectives in this decade is the creation of a Eurasian sphere this will be a huge boost for China.

Italy will not send any kind of military asset to the pacific in support of the USA

Italy needs China for trade. USA is getting pathetic , China will dominate the western pacific regardless of these stupid moves, I wonder at what stage the USA will invite Romania, Bulgaria , Albania to stop feeling insecure?????

Waiting for Luxembourg to shows its boats in Asia.


If a war breaks out India will be obliterated by Pakistan and China.

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Wtaf?! You're worried about the price of meat going up? And not about the negative environmental impact and health benefits, not to mention the suffering and torture of billions of sentient beings that the Animal Industrial Complex is directly responsible for? Try eating a climate, health and animal friendly diet, SugarDaddy1.

Try the real paleo diet: You eat nothing you didn't kill with your bare hands!

And you don't get to use them to eat it!

Ya, that's a hard no. I'm not a specieist and prefer the taste of kindness.

You'll find that just above the left ventricle. Bon appetit!

Got that right it's in my fully functioning heart that's not clogged with saturated fats. I'm also not at risk of high cholesterol which causes heart problems because there is ZERO cholesterol in a plant based diet. All cholesterol comes from meat and meat by products. High cholesterol is one of the leading risk factors for heart disease. So yeah, my fully functioning left ventricle is only one of many reasons for my feelings of compassion and why an earth friendly diet tastes of compassion. And good health. And saving rain forests and lowering green house emissions. You should try being part of the solution and not the precipitate.

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Old school. Top clearance. Extremely discreet. Attended secret Deep State meetings on 9-11. Tired of all the lies.

"An emergency phone conference was held in the early afternoon of 9/11 based on the fact that WTC Building Number Seven was still standing. Demolitions were engineered to cause the building, as well as the others, to fall into its own footprint. I attended this call.”

“No plane hit Building Number Seven.”

“The CIA was brought to cover it up. The CIA set up failed asset bin Laden to blame as misdirection, then pulled the plug on Building Number Seven.”

"The CIA doctored tapes to show Arabs entering the planes."

"Our CIA Arabists knew that if we blamed Osama, who was innocent, Mullah Omar would not give him up in violation of the laws of Islamic hospitality. Mullah Omar requested evidence: then he would turn him over. Of course, we did not want that.”

“The Afghanistan heroin war was justified by 9-11. No one in Afghanistan was involved in 9/11. No member of Islam was involved. We invaded Afghanistan for only one purpose, to restart heroin production shut down by a righteous act of Mullah Omar.”

"CIA heroin plantations in Afghanistan funded external, clandestine operations and lined some important people's pockets. That was common practice when the CIA ran the heroin operation in the Golden Triangle."

“It was never in the U.S. strategic interest to lay a curse on Islam in the West."

“9-11 was a kind of Gulf of Tonkin false flag operation justifying a war on Islam and the invasion of Iraq, followed by other invasions of Islamic nations."

“The Taliban loved us as they did not know that we lured Russia into Afghanistan. It was idiotic to think that they wanted to hurt their ally on 9-11.”

"With Iraq invaded over a new falsity, the neocons created a war of hatred against Islam."

"The apex of the U.S. command structure is not the presidency. It’s the Deep State. I use that term even though we did not as it is commonly used."

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RE: Brit LGBT Awards doesn't use the word "lesbian" anywhere

Women and lesbian are bad words now unless it’s being used to label men who think they’re women, or when describing porn categories.

It all has to be redefined to encompass men first.

Of course they didn't. The number one goal of these people is to hijack the community we built and erase us from it. No woman who is not willing to open her legs to a man will be welcome in society anymore, not even among the "weird" kids, who are really just the same old oppressors but with ugly haircuts and poorly applied lipstick.

Lesbian is only allowed to be used for men now. Lesbians™, actual female homosexuals, are supposed to fuck off and be called non-men now or simply disappear into the ether.

TIMS don’t want any pesky reminders of same-sex sexual orientation. Society says: ok men, whatever you say, whatever you want.

Lesbians are expected to compromise their unique identity/culture and assimilate into the Akira-esque Queer Blob. THIS is why lesbians need spaces away from males and "qweers".

I wish I knew how to code, because it'd be so cool to write a program that tracks LGBT news sites/blogs/social media/etc. for a given time frame and returns the frequency with which certain terms are used (lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, etc.). Not strictly related to this post but it'd be interesting to see how the usage of certain terms changes over time. All things considered, this is depressing as hell.

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RE: AOC has caved in.


She flat out referred to women as “menstruating people” on television the other day. She did so several times.

She is just another misogynist who hates women so much that she insists on demeaning and erasing us. It’s sad when men buy into the “woke” misogyny, but seeing other women (like AOC) spout this nonsense is really unfortunate.

I just don’t understand why women go along with this crap men loses are practically abysmal while women loses almost everything.

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RE: Twitter racists at it again


Is that why domestic violence is disproportionately high in the black community? The middle aged white guys made them do it!


You say that but these people genuinely believe that.

George Floyd was the patron saint of armed robbers.


To some of these people, it’s genuinely racist and evil to say “all people are equal; no one group is meaningfully any smarter, stronger or more intelligent than the others. Everyone deserves access to relatively equal opportunities, and we need to respect the right for others to live the way they want”.

I believe the quote goes: "If you demanded everyone gets equal treatment, you would've been labeled a radical 60 years ago, a liberal 30 years ago, and a racist today."

I am scared to be with room with women more, what's your point?

They right though

How are they right? It’s an opinion based off of prejudice. How is anything like that correct or incorrect?

The idea that some people feel scared mainly around white males is just as valid as someone not feeling scared around them. Then we have to ask ourselves, "why are some people afraid of them?"

Emotional intelligence is a real thing

I guess emotional intelligence really hampers your ability to understand ”per capita” crime statistics

White men made up the largest demographic of mass shooters in America as of May 2021

The white person is the less likely to be a violent criminal in comparison to the others mentioned in the post.

So could you tell me why are you so scared of white men?

Because they are angry about their small pp's and what to take that out on people 😎

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Is Men's Rights Activism inclusive of trans men?

If your MR activism isn't inclusive of trans men, it's not men's rights! It's nazism and you literally want the genocide of every single trans person!

This was one of my biggest peak moments: transwomen have to be included in women's spaces, but transmen also have to be included in women's spaces. It's up to the women to accommodate everybody, because of course the men won't.

nice try, but we know noone cares about trans men (not even the most rabid TRAs)

Trans men once again forgotten and with no power lmao. Their hairlines receding for no reason.🤣

But MRA activism is already Nazism...

TIFs are excluded in every aspect when it comes to men in power. Legit have never seen TIFs take over a company, win awards, or use their "male privilege" for anything. the only time they get attention is... when they get pregnant 🥱

Careful what you wish for, I know some TIFs who talk a lot about misandry being a serious problem.

this btw was one thing that made me peak, how nobody, except evil terven uwu care about trans men and a trans man on twitter told me that once, they only care about them when they get pregnant or in his case become gc

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So like are we gloss right over the intentional starvation of 3.9 million Ukrainians or does that not fit in your narrative of the romanticism of the Soviet Union.

The kulaks burned half their food because they wanted to resist collectivisation, their resistance was fierce and caused the death of millions across the entire USSR (not just ukraine), but ultimately they were liquidated as a class and agriculture improved since then

The word holodomor is only a recent invention and nazis from ukraine and the former ussr are KNOWN to promote what basically amounts to a double genocide theory which is indisputably a form of holocaust denial

someone got sources for me?

well for a primary source, molotov in his memoir basically says the same thing, but other than that it should be pretty well known that the 1932-33 famine wasnt intentional, and the burden of proof is ofc on the accusers but they havent produced a shred of evidence

i’m just asking because i know nothing and would rather not take a tweet for info

Im p theres plenty bourgeois historians that basically say the same thing, though i cant name them off the top of my head at the moment

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I love being a terf

I love being a woman who sticks up for the rights of other women and girls.

I love knowing biological reality & believing in science.

I love having logic.

I love sticking up to misogynistic men.

I love being speaking the truth!

I love being a part of a community of wonderful, hilarious, intelligent, witty, caring, amazing women who support each other.

I love being a terf.


Anyone else? 🙋‍♀️

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Re: Charges filed against sex offender in notorious Wi Spa incident

So what never happens has happened again. I wonder if any "right side of history" media will mention this.

I'm just wondering how many times this has to actually happen before anything gets done. I don't think I'm so far gone as to think there will never be a tipping point but I suspect when it happens we'll see a lot of hand wringing and 'well how could we have known'

How many times will they make excuses like, “oh he’s not really trans and that’s why he did it” etc. etc. it’s frustrating.

The entire point of self-ID is self-ID. So saying some one is “not really trans” becomes moot.

Especially when the criteria for being trans keeps expanding to the point where it’s vapour. You don’t need to have dysphoria. You don’t need to be uncomfortable with yourself at all. You don’t even need to insist that its not a fetish anymore- now you can openly embrace it and proclaim it.

At this point, for the transgender movement, there is no such thing as “not really trans.” They have so eliminated it at their own insistence.

Even a religion has the benefit of an established belief system against which members’ own convictions and actions can be weighted; if they don’t hold up to it, saying someone is “not a real Buddhist” or “not a real Christian” or whatever is valid. But TRAs have sought to do away with the very concept. The only thing they hold sacred is that they cannot be questioned on the basis of their identity- either that they are a man or a woman, or that they are transgender.

Their choice. But that also means that they cannot squeal “That person isn’t really trans!” every time one of their own acts on their perversions.

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Based af post on Ovarit: "The Silencing of Radical Feminism" about censorship of the "unappealing" corollaries of radical feminism, gencrit-centrism, and the Not-My-Nigel-ism provokes drama with the admins.

There is a worrying trend on Ovarit and in other “radfem” spaces of radical feminism being silenced. Whenever someone tries to initiate critical analysis and discussion on literally anything other than transgenderism, it’s immediately shot down with libfem tactics.

Radical feminism includes being critical of heterosexual marriage dynamics, PIV sex, the traditional family model, etc Some of you need that reminder

Those two simple sentences were enough to raise some hell. I got frustrated and told the commenters to stop projecting their narcissistic clit-measuring contest onto female liberation. Commenters were doing some Not My Nigel type shit and acting mad defensive. I told them that nobody is holding a gun to their head and forcing them into female separatism, which got many downvotes.

Radical feminism is about systems, not individuals, about systemic liberation not individual choice. If you are incapable of considering the bigger picture and thinking critically, then why are you even here? Why sign onto a radfem site if the mere mention of radical feminism sends you into a seething rage? Why participate on a feminist forum if you don’t even want to begin to acknowledge and analyze patriarchy?

If you want to continue wearing your heels and eyeliner and other feminine adornments without any second thought then that’s well within your right, if you love lipstick more than liberation then that is your choice.

Rant almost over. I know that Ovarit is not radfem only and I’m ok with that. It is, however, radfem run and oriented, and what I and many others on here are not ok with is radfems being censored and silenced and policed in a space made for and by us.

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Where's the backlash against Texas?

Where are all the businesses lining up to announce that they won't do business with Texas anymore because of the new restrictions on women's rights? Where's the NCAA announcing that it won't host tournaments and events there? If you ever needed proof that trans activism gets more attention and corporate support than women ever did, it's in this silence.

The difference between the response to NC over bathroom bills and the response to abortion rights is what peaked me on the democrats. I don’t know who to vote for anymore.

I won't be voting for Democrats again. The state of California, which is in a Democrat stranglehold and nearly always has been, banned state-funded travel to Texas over the "bathroom bills." Crickets now.

I did vote Dem, always have, but in recent years it's been more because "the other side is even worse." I used to be an enthusiastic Democrat but I can no longer stomach voting for a party that does not recognize women as human. I'm considering emigrating.

Not voting is better than voting for any political party.

Democrat: Pro-"trans" no matter what, misogynistic, and homophobic.

Republican: Pro-"trans" when it's convenient (e.g. "trans the non-conforming and gay away"), misogynistic, and homophobic.

Yeah, I agree. I’m at the point where I can no longer go along with “the Dems are better than the alternative.” The climate change argument was compelling for a while but at this point we’re so fucked I don’t know if it matters as much as I once thought. It does matter, but Dems aren’t exactly ramming through a carbon tax right now.

Britain's not that bad (TERF Island wooo) but good luck emigrating here with the new hostile policy after Brexit. Although it's mostly Eastern Europeans and brown people that they like to bully so maybe it's better if you're American.

Are there immigration limits because of Covid as well?

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Can you imagine a world without scrotes?

Yesterday when i was daydreaming,i thought about a world without men. Its crazy how 99% world problems are created by them. In a world without scrotes there would be: -No war -No Abuse, rape, trauma -No Pedophilia -No Rape culture -No destrution of nature -No sexual assault -No Sexual abuse/degradation -No animal cruelty -No Human trafficking -No abuse of woman and children -No violence -No catcalling/ Street harassment -No Motherhood cult -No overpopulation -No climate change -No oversexualization of everything -No racism -No Judgement (eating disorders, fat shaming...) -No objectification -No teen pregnancy -No grooming -No firearms -No nuclear weapons -No fear -No murder -No Poverty -No sex workers -No porn -No sadism -No Terrorism -No marriage -No divorce -No STD´s -No prisons -No ageism -No Colonization -No world hunger -No hierarchy -No misogyny -No forced marriages -No religions -No 3 world countries where woman dont have any rights -No discrimination -No feminism

-Woman could wear everything they wanted -Woman could travel everywhere alone -Woman could go out at night alone -Woman could have power -Woman could be free -Woman could do anything and be anything -Woman could be human

So i want to thank all handmaidens that had, have and will sons. Because of you there will never be world peace and this shit will suck forever. Fuck you.

I think the socio-economic, political and cultural environment scrotes created is the biggest thing that makes me stay on this site. I haven't been traumatised by them (based pakistani gender segregation.) I can always go WGTOW and avoid them. But I can never escape them. Male biology is there, telling me that there are five lights instead of four and that Big Brother is always watching me. They're creating the collapse that will kill third-worlders like me, creating the systems and religions that keep our countries in shitholes.

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I was treated like a man so many times I developed male habits

People think just because my face looks like this I’ll be happy to endure any filth, dirt, rudeness, forgive everyone’s disgusting flaws and habits. And also that I’m into cars, video games and trashing other women.

I’m actually very neat and sensitive (at least was) but I developed a habit to behave like a man, cause otherwise I invite a lot of abuse.

For example I’m wearing male teenager clothes (I was getting especially despiteful looks from girls when wearing high heels, males laugh when I wear skirts etc.). I never ask for help cause everyone is highly annoyed when I do and just brushes me off. I never like men to the same amount I like girls cause males never forget to remind me with their behavior or words how they’re disgusted by me. Ofc I don’t talk about girly things or sex/relationships – me expressing my sexuality or whatever horrifies everyone. Some young unstable girls cling on me like leeches, expecting me to be a shepherd and a support in this scary world (till they find a husband instead).

Every time I show weakness or vulnerability as well as sensibility or kindness I get such a storm of contempt, abuse and exploitation I’m starting to doubt this a reality and not some matrix with animals in human forms.

This gender dysphoria has gone so far I can’t imagine myself being feminine; I can only be myself when dissociating, while reading, playing or hiking alone. My daydreams don’t even include people anymore cause I can’t imagine myself as someone who can be protected or treasured/loved. In conclusion - I'm not allowed to be a woman, but I can't exactly be a man either. No matter how good I mimick, when it's inconvenient for males they suddenly remember my sex and discard my opinions/my worth alltogether. Ntm I don't wanna be an aggressive dirty bad-smelling ape.

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The trans community would gain more allies if trans women quit acting like cis men in feminist spaces

I am an extremely vocal ally of oppressed classes. I have led feminist education groups for men, I have marched hand in hand at pride parades, I have stood up vocally and physically to shut down oppression of minorities. I have bled because I stood up. I also believe intersectionality to be the most critical thought process to integrate into ANY fight against oppression.

I’m tired oppressed classes punching down, certain cultures of POC being extremely homo and transphobic.

My wife USED to be a rabid supporter of trans rights. Now, she wants the trans community to shut the fuck up.

Women have been shit on by men for millennia. This is absolutely undeniable. Even today, when a man enters a conversation, he will suck the air out of the room. The problem is, so many trans women grew up under toxic masculinity before their transition and they retain this “I am here, now bow before me” attitude. When these trans women go into feminist spaces, they demand everyone be an ally and demand that they change EVERYTHING that MIGHT offend one single person. If a woman dares to disagree with a single point, she is quickly labeled a TERF.

Trans ladies, do not fall into this behavior that is so typical of bearers of penises. You are hurting your own cause. You’re not demanding equality. You’re demanding deference from people who your birth assigned gender has demanded the same from since before recorded history.

If you were born with a penis, you have ZERO right or reason to have any say whatsoever over gynecological healthcare. Wanna talk about how creepy so many of us cis guys are? Yep, that’s a fantastic discussion.

You have allies. Abuse us and you will become marginalized again solely because of your own actions.

I am EXTREMELY vocal in holding other men and other Mayosapiens’ feet to the fire for being phobic or ist and I won’t shy away from confronting ANYONE for being an asshole.

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Boston mayor compares vaccine passports to documentation required during slavery, birtherism

Boston Mayor Kim Janey (D) compared the idea of requiring vaccine verification to the practice of having to show one's papers during slavery and the Jim Crow era, as well as the more recent birtherism conspiracy theory.

"There's a long history in this country of people needing to show their papers," Janey said during an interview with NewsCenter 5. "During slavery, post-slavery, as recent as you know what immigrant population has to go through here. We heard Trump with the birth certificate nonsense. Here we want to make sure that we are not doing anything that would further create a barrier for residents of Boston or disproportionally impact [Black, Indigenous or people of color] communities."

Janey, who became mayor after Marty Walsh (D) was chosen as President Biden’s secretary of Labor and is running for a full term, sparked backlash among her opponents for her comments.

"When we are combating a deadly virus and vaccine hesitancy, this kind of rhetoric is dangerous," City Councilor Andrea Campbell tweeted. "Showing proof of vaccination is not slavery or birtherism. We are too close to give ground to COVID. Science is science. It's pretty simple -- Vax up and mask up."

"Anyone in a position of leadership should be using that position to build trust in vaccines," City Councilor Michelle Wu said in a statement, according to NewsCenter 5.

Janey later issued a statement about her comments, saying that the "hurdles facing communities of color with lower vaccination rates" should not be excuses, but that the city "must consider our shared history as we work to ensure an equitable public health and economic recovery."

Janey is the first Black person and first woman to serve as the mayor of Boston.

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The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan back with a bang

The US 'loss' is a repositioning. Pentagon’s top mission is not the “war on terror”, but to try to isolate Russia and harass China by all means on the expansion of the New Silk Roads.

In the end, the Saigon moment happened faster than any Western “expert” expected.

That led the US and NATO to literally beg the Taliban to let them evacuate everything in sight from Kabul.

Ghani’s hasty escape is the stuff of “a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing”. Ghani, an anthropologist with a doctorate from Columbia, is one of those classic cases of Global South exiles to the West who “forget” everything that matters about their original lands.

Ghani is a Pashtun who acted like an arrogant New Yorker.

Geopolitically, what matters now is how the Taliban have written a whole new script, showing the lands of Islam, as well as the Global South, how to defeat the self-referential, seemingly invincible US/NATO empire.

After Vietnam, this is the second Global South protagonist showing the whole world how an empire can be defeated by a peasant guerrilla army.

There is allegedly no mass hysteria in the capital: that’s been the exclusive domain of Anglo-American mainstream media. The Russian and Chinese embassies remain open for business. Zamir Kabulov, the Kremlin special representative for Afghanistan, has confirmed that the situation in Kabul is, “absolutely calm.”

Every serious analyst knows that the purpose of the occupation of Afghanistan was to establish a foothold in the strategic intersection of Central and South Asia.

Occupying smaller nations has ceased to be a priority. The Empire of Chaos can always foment chaos from its CENTCOM base in Qatar.

Yet every American plotline needs a fall guy. NATO has just been cosmically humiliated in the graveyard of empires by a bunch of goat herders. What’s left? Propaganda.

So meet the New Axis of Evil. Taliban-Pakistan-China. The New Great Game in Eurasia has just been reloaded.

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RE: Message from Central California Women’s Facility (via WoLF) — Male neo-Nazi gang members are now encouraging each other to transfer into women’s prisons by identifying as trans.

Can't wait to see what Antifa is going to do to protect women, many of whom are victims of racial prejudice in the justice system, from Nazis (literal Nazis, not moms who don't want men wagging their penises in front of children).

They are not going to do anything. They "defend" categories only if it' s trendy, it' s not trendy to defend women, but it is trendy to defend men who call themselves women, regardless of the reason why they do it.

Nazis "identifying" as women will be the poor victims of bigotry, even when they rape, kill and torture biological women in prisons.

I think it would go down much the same way as Chris Chan. Mainstream media outlets will ignore the story, TRAs will be up in arms about pronouns and ignore the female victim, and a few TRAs will try to claim the Nazi rapists "were never really trans."

They will call it a hoax and say it never happens and when confronted with evidence they will say “oh but it hasn’t happened a lot” and so forth and so on

They'll go full rape apologist too. They'll claim the sex was consensual and the woman was lying.

About 60% of the women's prison population in California are women of color. Black women in particular are severely overrepresented. You'd think there'd be some concern from the people who claim they believe black lives matter about subjecting black women who have likely already experienced a lot of injustice and abuse in their lives to violent white supremacist males. But you know there won't be.

It seems like a lot of Antifa kids are young, white, middle-class men larping as radicals. Young men picking fights and destroying property for fun is the oldest story in the book. The veneer of social consciousness is new, but I don't think it reflects any deeply held beliefs.

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At risk of poverty rate in 2020, early estimates


Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain.

They call us the PIGS. They want these countries poor for their benefits.

EU has been a disaster for Spanish working class... In 2008 crisis we caught into European debts trap and we change our constitution. Right now paying debts to Europe is first priority expenses...not education or health care...very good... That provoke a transfer of wealth from Spain to Germany and others EU countries meanwhile people suffer in poverty... Meanwhile our touristic industry is absolutely dependent from anglo Germany space and only provide bad jobs and bad salaries... The rise of franquoism in Spain is been promoted by elites to control the rage of people... So slowly going to the 30's decade.

Meanwhile German companies are buying fucking everything around Europe.

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Why are white countries into war and brutality?

Is it because they had no resources back then and became very aggressive and barbaric? Did they never develop culture and civilization? Why are current whites so much like zombies or wild and uncivilized ? The scandinavians seem more reasonable.

Why is US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK so aggressive and so obsessed with race and playing keep the minority men away from white women?

It is because they stole a lot of land that they cannot control. The English speaking people cannot control a vast swarth of land, that is why they had a system of "white people". So white people are in control, non whites are not in control. And the white people, divide them into groups.

The Anglos, Welsh, Scots, would be on top, while there is a hierarchy where like minded people like brethens such as Germans, Dutch, Danes are ranked highly but they also let Italians and French in because of past accomplishments of colonialism. Even within a white group, there is a hierarchy. That is why Slavs would be on the bottom, they aren't related to Anglo genetically like Germanic people nor are they culturally related through the Roman Empire.

Anglos are violent because it is a violent clash of Celtic groups, Romans, and invading Germanic peoples. Anglos are a combination of France, Spain, Italy + Germany, Netherlands, Denmark. They are a result of conquest from the Germanic people onto England.

And the invading people were barbaric, they came from a place with no resources, they love wine and rape. They worship war. They want to go to Valhalla. Their best quality is going ape shit and going into a blind rage and becoming rational when everything is destroy, then they celebrate.

The Germanic groups also bitter because they got pushed from their homelands by the Slavs. And the Slavs got pushed westward by Turkic peoples. They rationalize conquest of lands with glory and honor.

In short, white people run a pyramid scheme.

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White queer jewish teens get white guilt and over-attach to Judaism in online circles and tell antizionists that they’re spouting antiSemitic dogwhistles every other sentence we speak, all bc they can’t accept they’re white

You’re not indigenous to the Levant you’re 14 and hyper-fixating on ‘Jumblr’

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I fucking hate these laws! These laws are an excuse for creepy fucking old men to basically legally have sex with children! I fucking hate them! It should simply be illegal to have sex with children. Period. No argument. I don’t give a shit what anyone try’s to argue. 18-21 should still be considered children for the sake of protecting them from those creepy fuckers that are 30+ from trying to get in their pants because they can’t get women their age! That should be illegal! Hands down. There are so many stories I hear where the husband is almost a decade older than the wife and they met while she was young. That’s seriously fucked up. It should be illegal. I don’t care that they’re adults! A 20 year old has no fucking clue what they’re doing in life. Now ok, maybe we can argue the 20s a little bit but I’m never, EVER going to back down from an 18 year old, or in some states, FOURTEEN YEAR OLDS being allow to LEGALLY HAVE SEX WITH SOME CREEPY OLDER PERSON! To me, when I hear a 30 year old is with a 21 year old, that tells me they want to basically rape children but don’t want to risk it. Age of consent should be banned period. The law should be you can’t have sex with anyone under the age of 22 if you are not in that age range. My god, it makes me so fucking sick to think that some countries and states are ok with grown ass old gross fat balding Cheeto dust breathing “men” be allowed to legally have sex with a 14 year old if he’s somehow able to convince her to consent.

I understand where you’re coming from but it’s ludicrous to try and control who a 21 year old has sex with.

There are ways. But I don’t think many would like them

How would you go about it?

Legal action I guess. Or tyrannical threats. I don’t know maybe I’ll become president of the United States and try to make it a nation wide law. Else I’ll start a private force to enforce it

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Incels: know what a woman is.

Taliban: know what a woman is.

Left-wing men: Woman is so indefinable. If it's anything, it's a quality of wanting subservience, to be sexually abused. Such a turn-on.

If you don't see the obscenity of it now, I don't know what will make you see.

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Matt Heimbach, a self-described radical extremist who played an instrumental role in getting white supremacists to attend Charlottesville's deadly Unite the Right rally, plans to relaunch his old hate group as soon as this weekend.

In an interview with Newsy Heimbach says he now supports violence and killings in what he says is a revolution against rich corporate executives, global elites, and even those who have caused global warming.

"These people have names and addresses. Their kids have names and addresses, and the capitalist class, by hook or by crook, has to be liquidated. You know that it's called class war for a reason. " Heimbach said. "Any violence the proletariat brings is simply in self-defense."  


He co-founded the Traditionalist Worker Party in 2015 - a neo-Nazi group that advocated for a racially pure white ethnostate. 

The group’s members and Heimbach created a coalition of white nationalist groups, showed up at key Nazi events across the U.S. , and connected with international extremists. 

The group dissolved in 2018. For a time, Heimbach said he was out of the White power movement altogether.

Still, he plans to relaunch the Traditionalist Worker Party  as what he calls a ‘national Bolshevik’ group that takes inspiration from Marxism and China and targets global elites.

This does not mean he has abandoned all of his beliefs from his neo-Nazi days.

"Do I particularly like Judaism as a religion? No," he said.

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Floods in Europe end myth of West's governance

From the Texas power outages in February to the condo collapse in Florida in June, to the floods in Germany, a series of devastating disasters this year have proven that there are serious shortcomings in Western countries' mechanisms in responding to natural disasters.

In fact, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been signs showing that Western governance is failing.

In the face of disasters the central government needs to play a strong role. But Western society has found that it cannot do so.

There is a very serious problem of decentralization in the West. The West attaches importance to local, individual, and non-governmental factors in society. When a disaster occurs at the local level, it needs to be solved by the local authorities first because the central government is not able to intervene in time. In the West, it's almost a tradition for people to oppose the government.

In contrast to the West, China has demonstrated its great advantages in governance in recent years, whether facing COVID-19 or natural disasters. China has a powerful central government and ruling party. Moreover, the Chinese people have a strong sense of trust in the government. The interaction between people and the government is seamless - even when disasters occur.

As Russian scholar Gevorg Mirzayan commented in a recent article, "Western elites understand that while they are playing at democracy, the countries with a real order (for instance, China) are marching ahead orderly, bypassing Europe and the US at the twists and turns of history."

The West has always believed that its governance model is superior. But its inability to handle various disasters has revealed its governance flaws. The governance of other countries cannot stop developing just because the West is facing governance chaos.

Times have changed. The West should humbly learn from the experiences of other countries in terms of political methodology.

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If 1 TW in the UK being murdered means they are at "disproportionate risk"... what's 10 TW in the UK being convicted of sexual offenses against children mean?

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Does that include the ones the judges “felt bad for” and let off with a slap on the wrist?

(Jame Dudey Dench: 1st Wave Feminist)

Oooh I'd love for the TRAs to explain this

The BBC had a stab at it in 2018... The main crux of their argument seems to be that we only know about the trans prisoners on longer sentences as the shorter sentence ones tend to slip through the net. Not massively reassuring!

Well wouldn't there be a proportion of females inmates on shorter sentences too for that matter? The patriarchy fights very hard to defend them male pedophiles

The point they're making is that males and females on shorter sentences were included in the stats, but trans people on shorter sentences were potentially not. However since we know nothing about these mystery schrodinger's trans people it's a shaky excuse to say the least.


Just so you know, I have nicked that. It’s even worse than the 2017-18 figures I have been using.

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Wrongly convincted - as the Wispa debacle taught us, the child was the pervert

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China hits out at ‘Western colonialism’ as it backs Argentina’s Falkland claim

I told you the world needs China people who love freedom and want to rule their own destiny need China because without China the imperialists are like a hot knife through butter

Yes, China is a contributor to world peace. China also helps countless developing countries.

Just look how many countries USA invaded in the past 100 years compared to China. Yet, USA still tries to paint China as a threat and warmongering nation.


This is a pretty interesting topic of discussion given that Falkland residents are granted British citizenship by default, while Hongkongers were specifically denied it

There are only a few thousand people on the Falklands and almost every single one is white.

Based. The British empire must be completely dismembered for humanity to have peace.

"99.7 per cent voted in favour of remaining a British territory."

The "islanders", as the UK calls them, were white British people implanted on the islands to sustain UK's colonial claims. They have no right to be called "islanders" a term which implies a native origin.

It is outrageous for the UK to still claim a territory that is 8,064 miles away, and to use referendums of its own implanted population to sustain this colonial claim. What a fucking farce!

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everyone writing ~slavic fantasy~ needs to get that it's not just a safe (white) place to write what you perceive as exotic without getting accused of appropriation.

it's exhausting to watch authors protest that they did their research, and then it turns out they just read academic writing on folktales or "slavic witchcraft". They peel cultural artifacts away from history and politics and I'm sick of it.

eastern europeans have been bringing this up in sff spaces for years, but they get ignored, and the people who turned half of europe into an aesthetic get big splashy publications.

What burns me most in these stories is that... they're the bad guys. The thick Russian accent, the cruel torturer with thick furs, etc.

truly I hate this.

Unless the Slavic writer decides it doesn't matter and want to focus on something else, right?

eastern european writers have their own relationships to their histories. that's a different conversation.

(ACAB Whisperer)

Lol- It's funny to me because I've been hearing this same refrain from asian, african, middle eastern, chinese, and native writers for years now. And I like that it is feeding back into what 'european' fantasy really consists of.

It's the problem of whiteness.

It's why a lot of social scientists et al point out there is no white culture. Irish, Rhine, Slavic - no White.

white supremacy whitewashes EVERYTHING, including European history and culture.

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How can you white wash white history?

Some people are so white, they have a white caste system. Not America right now, but Europe works like that.

Isn’t Europe the ultimate white society though?

White is not a monolith, neither are black, asian, indigenous. Painting it all with the same brush is whitewashing.

Common sense is needed here. In an ideal world skin color is meaningless, but in the actual world it’s all anyone talks about or refers to.

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Governance, organization ability protect Chinese people in face of extreme weather

"China's first strength is its 'whole nation system.' As long as the government mobilizes, it will soon get the response of departments at all levels," Yu Shaoxiang, chief research fellow with the National Institute of Social Development at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told Global Times on Thursday.

"The Chinese concept of collectivism has also played a very important part in it," said Yu. Chinese people have always had a selfless spirit of sacrificing individual interests for the public good. Chinese people advocate that personal interests are subordinate to the interests of society and the country. Every time a natural disaster happens, there is mutual assistance among people. When disaster strikes, help comes from all sides.

In the face of the heavy rainfall in Henan, China has responded promptly. The People's Liberation Army and People's Armed Police Force were quickly mobilized and deployed to the most dangerous areas. Measures, including flood diversions, were adopted in time to effectively reduce some disaster risks. This ability to mobilize and immediately respond is largely due to the advantages of China's political system.

But in the US, federal aid only comes after a request from state governments. If the state government didn't ask the federal government for help, the latter is not allowed to send any rescue personnel to give a helping hand. In addition, due to political party struggles in the US, there are often debates before taking actions. These can delay the optimal timing for rescue operations.

Western countries emphasize individualism and liberalism. They are individual-centered and care less about collective interests. This being the case, during the COVID-19 pandemic some even refused to wear face masks, the basic measure to protect oneself. This does not bode well for their countries' response to public emergency.

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(NOTE: This is a transcript of a video.)

You look at the progressive left. You know, what's, what Asian American voices are out there. You, you have some Asian American females probably, probably honestly sucking on a white dick, let's be fucking real. You know what I mean? Are they really stand for AsianAm or are they just a face of it, but they don't really stand for our interests? What are they really doing fighting for us? Are they really doing that? Yeah, they not man. I was saying look, you know the, the state of Asian Americans in this progressive movement is fucked up. And it's like yo we got some, uh, there's a Asian American female here and there and there and I'm like, yo, do you ever see a person fighting for Asian American interests? Do you ever see saying anything? You gotta face that looks like it's there, like a participating. Meanwhile, she's sucking on a white dick, you know what I mean, or Black dick. Honestly, Asian American men are, are completely fucking last and not disregarded. She's not saying anything controversial at all. She's just a... face, right, a fucking stock photo, that you could use to say "look, we're diverse". Shut the fuck up man. But you have, that bitch has zero interest in promoting our causes and zero interest in equality or justice for our people.

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RE: The latest China collapse theory according to bloomberg news


This actually makes sense if you're an American. American politics is purely a spectacle and every American roots for their "team". Actual science or material understanding of policies or actions are strictly forbidden in the authoritarian liberal "democracy". In this way, hockey is political power, since spectacle and theatre is the only political power a typical American has any access to.

Replace "American" with any democratic country. Democracy is inherently about popularity contests, best won through spectacle.

Bourgeois Democracy, yes. Socialism is fundamentally democratic though. Don’t buy the lie that western democracy is what democracy fundamentally looks like.

Its subtle racism to placate the masses. “Look at these physically inferior Yellow people...”

And Japan and South Korea add white people from north America into their ice hockey teams and not improving local talent.


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3 Reasons Why Critical Race Theory is TRASH

CRT wants you to assimilate

CRT sees race as a construct enforced by colonizers. It assumes that racism can be overcome by taking down old laws, and putting up new laws in their place.

Based off this assumption, it would be in the best interest of poor and working class Colonized people to help reform the empire and prop up a new “anti-racist” empire. An empire where hand-selected Colonized people can steer the drones killing Africans in Somalia, or show off their collection of advocates for CRT, willing to die on the same hill that their predecessors in the Civil Rights Movement died on: assimilation into the colonial empire should be our ultimate goal. “Our” in this case being the minority of sellouts willing to throw the mass majority of poor and working class Colonized people under the bus for a dollar.

Revolution can be put to the side in favor of peaceful coexistence with the same colonizers who continue to rape us, murder us, and bring us closer to climate catastrophe every waking second.

CRT is willing to settle for an intersectional empire, under the likes of a Kopmala Harris, instead of taking our land back from that colonial empire.

It says our history starts at Colonization.

The torture and murder of millions of Africans on amerikkkan plantations is sold to us as the beginning of African History.

First contact between Indigenous nations and european colonizers is likewise sold to us as the beginning of our history—the history before then, spanning tens of thousands of years being of zero value to the colonizer parasite and the genocide that followed framed as an unfortunate consequence of the “natural” development of a parasitic colonial empire.

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Mexican president slams Europe’s ‘excessive’ anti-coronavirus measures

Andrés Manuel López Obrador says ‘we do not need to exaggerate with authoritarian measures like curfews.’

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador defended his approach to tackling coronavirus as he slammed Europe’s — and especially France’s — “excessive measures.”

Speaking at a press conference Monday, the leftist president refused to bring in stricter measures to combat COVID-19 even as cases soar.

“Nothing is going to be closed, we can all look after ourselves,” he said, adding: “We have to guarantee freedom. We do not need to exaggerate with authoritarian measures like curfews.

“Why don’t people look after themselves, why do the authorities need to be behind people … giving them hand sanitizer as if they were children who cannot understand? No!”

He added that there are “huge demonstrations in Europe, France, because of the excessive measures governments are implementing there. Enough!”

At the weekend, more than 160,000 people protested across France against a bill introducing obligatory coronavirus vaccinations for certain professions and conditional access to cultural events, as well as travel, based on a health pass showing proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. That bill became law on Monday. The number of protesters was up by some 50,000 on a week earlier. Around 35 percent of French citizens support such protests, according to a new poll.

But López Obrador said although “we have all lost loved ones and we all need to look after ourselves … we need to move on without being subjugated by the pandemic.”