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My vision to help change the planet is to create a template for the perfect commune or intentional community.

Communes offer a solution as an oasis and sanctuary away from the multinational corporations who rule the planet and destroy nation sovereignty.

Communes offer genuine food security, free housing, free food, organic libertarian socialism, decentralised people’s democracy, natural medical care, beautiful organic foods and freedom.

My vision is the land is owned by governments (and the people collectively OWN the government) or public ownership so no land could be bought and sold. Alternatively options would be available where the land could be privately owned by a collective trust and this is indeed already happening widely around the world. Yet government owned or people owned or publicly owned commune land is based on the notion of pure libertarian socialism.
Many of those who know my journalism have read my stories about these benevolent human aliens/ETs called the Galactic Federation.

For 25 years I have been urging governments, countries and people to join the benevolent human Galactic Federation aliens who surround this planet in their spaceships.

Many advanced human alien/ET civilizations of the Galactic Federation across the galaxy use communes. COMMUNES ARE ABSOLUTELY USED EXTENSIVELY IN THESE CIVILIZATIONS.

The Galactic Federation want a world government based on sacred nation sovereignty and peace, somewhere near the borders of China and India, with China’s Sichuan being an ideal location.
The Galactic Federation saved Earth from negative reptilian reptoid alien destruction in 1999 and have been here ever since urging full alien official disclosure. We cannot join the federation until a world government is implemented based on nation sovereignty and this planet will be destroyed by these bad reptilian reptoid aliens if we don’t.

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To call intercourse “sex” or conflate it with women’s or even men’s sexual pleasure is not simply misguided, but rather, a deliberate and effective means of normalizing female submission and suffering and increasing men’s individual and collective power.


Because PIV and its attendant harms affect all women, across time and place, and is central to our suffering and our political and interpersonal standing, and because men’s political and interpersonal standing increase as ours decrease, intercourse should rightly be seen as the foundation of patriarchy itself...intercourse continues to be very much a political act and a political institution that is supportive of male power, and obviously so: the “Big 3″ of the patriarchal institutions, namely, medicine, religion and law, all attach to women’s bodies and women’s lives at the moment of conception.

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it's so sad to me that i spent over a decade tampering what i wanted to say (on so many issues) to try to still succeed in tech and be accepted because i thought that was the way to help build an ethical tech industry. i see the naivety now.

in regards to Palestine, what i wanted to say (and now can but should have immediately and loudly) is that: i support armed resistance, i pray for a one state solution, and i am happy when i see IDF soldiers die.

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This spell helps you summon Hamas to your location . They can be yours to command for a short period of time . #FreePalestine

You will need the following items for this spell:

* Quran
* Voice
* Will
* Belief in God

Casting Instructions for 'Summon Hamas'

Wake up at 5 in the morning and look at the eastern Rising sun. While the sun is rising raise your hands and imagine a ray of light coming through the sun to your forehead, near the third eye. Imagine that it spawns soldiers to help you protect against . The next step requires alot of focus. After creating your soldiesr next to you start chanting this in your head and slowly start chanting it with your body too. Imagine the chant and do it at the same time. The saying is:

"Guardians of Palestine, Men of Qassam , I invoke thee!"

Say it 20 times and you will be protected.

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Over 30,000 women and children have been massacred in Gaza and all of you are only concerned about Ukraine and the ongoing lies. You fear the US and you fear Israel, you stink of fear. So where is justice? What kind of monsters are you?
@John S
Israel has started every conflict, theres no way out, we can go on and on, but the fact is that the genocide of over 35,000 by coward Israel is way out of proportion. Netanyahu will answer to the ICC and the world.

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Submission received from Alliance sources.

Project Looking Glass uses a combination of quantum data collection, quantum computer modeling, artificial intelligence, and advanced visualization techniques to create a virtual model of the future. This model is being constantly updated with new data, allowing us to see how different choices and events could affect the outcome.
Project Looking Glass is being used by the Alliance to steer humanity into an age of prosperity, rapid technological advancement, and opening public contact with our ET friends. The goal is to turn our civilization into a space-faring utopia.
Peace on Earth in the Near Future (Scenario One)

In the year 2030, the world had finally achieved a state of peace that had been longed for since the beginning of human civilization. Countries that had once been torn apart by the greed and corruption of the elite were now working together towards a common goal – to create a prosperous and harmonious world for all.

It all began with a global clandestine movement for peace that started in the early 2000s with events relating to NESARA and 9/11. People from all walks of life came together in secret, united by one vision – to make the world a better place for future generations. This movement was known as the Alliance or White Hats by whistleblowers.
Borders that were once guarded fiercely were now open, allowing free movement of people and goods. People from different cultures and backgrounds came together, sharing their traditions, customs, and knowledge. This led to a cultural renaissance, as people learned to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the world they lived in.

With the end of war, governments were able to redirect military budgets towards development and social welfare programs. Poverty and hunger were drastically reduced, and education and healthcare became accessible to all. As a result, societies became more equal and just, and the gap between the rich and poor narrowed significantly.

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared an “intensifying” fight against foreign influence on kids on Monday[…]
Kim made the remarks on the final day of a large-scale national conference on improving government control over child-raising, an event the leader considers “more important than others” due to its role in ensuring “patriotism and loyalty” to his rule from a young age

“The struggle against socially alien phenomena is now intensifying,” Kim told the Fifth National Meeting of Mothers on its second and final day, suggesting that foreign pop culture remains popular[…]
Kim called out “some mothers” who “don’t do anything about their kids speaking and acting in a way not of our style”[…]
One way Kim said mothers bring their kids in line is to send them to experience difficult living conditions while working for the nation

Military service and construction sites are “revolutionary universities which give the children valuable experiences of life that cannot be gained in the yard of their families and cultivate the spirit of loving their comrades and the collective”[…]
State media promoted a story of an 18-year-old “virgin girl soldier” who died after working through a severe injury at a construction site as an example of patriotism[…]
In his speech on the first day of the conference on Sunday, Kim made a rare mention of North Korea’s “decreasing birth rate”[…]
A group of children recited a congratulatory poem[…]where they primarily praised Kim Jong Un and former DPRK leaders as well as mothers who followed core party teachings

They declared that North Korean children are “excited” to be sent by their mothers to work at “places the Party calls hard and difficult worksites” — like “coal mines, farms, villages and new [skyscraper] construction projects”

Defector testimony has long told of adults mobilizing children to mines and other dangerous worksites, while state media published images of young children being sent off to coal mines in 2021

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Another fact: 200 of the burned bodies Oct. 7 were Hamas, as they didn't have the capability of that firepower, which was from idf Apache helicopters with hellfire missiles. Ergo, all burned bodies that day were from idf missiles. The kibbutzes were attacked by idf tanks, as the idf has the Hannibal directive- to attack civilians if you tjink a terrorist is around them.
Hamas had 2 intentions: 1. attack military posts which had been targeting Palestinians and killing them for years, and 2. To kidnap around 200 Israeli civilians to use as bargaining chips to get their thousands of Palestinian prisoners back, most held without charge, tortured, some murdered, including children the idf kidnapped.
As you mentioned some of the debunked myths of that day, it's important to delve deeper, as there was more mythology generated by Israel about Oct. 7.


@changuito10 Hamas attacked in response to the ongoing illegal occupation of Palestine and the illegal, collective punishment blockade and siege of Gaza (not to mention such a blockade is itself an act of war, so another way that Israel started this).



Hannabol Protocol
Then Israel blames Hamas that Israel incinerated its own.

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Today I would like to talk to you about sexual energy as an innate quality of a person and how education influences it.

By observing children, you can easily see how early feminine qualities appear in girls, and masculine qualities in boys.

But then a lot depends on their parents.

They can either develop a child’s sexual energy by raising its vibrations, or they can lower its energy level through their upbringing.

The fact that in recent years the institution of the family was purposefully destroyed and other values were introduced into society, among which “free sexual relations” occupied not the least place, affected children in the most deplorable way.

Growing up in single-parent families and not being able to observe normal relationships between men and women, children have lost the main guideline in life: what real men and real women should be like.

As a result, from childhood their sexual energy begins to deform.

And this is how it happens.

For example, a woman raising a child alone unwittingly takes on the role of not only a woman, but also a man.

She loses one of her main components - female “weakness”, which is expressed in tenderness, softness, defenselessness.

A child, not seeing what a true woman should be like under the wing of a strong man, already has distorted ideas about the sexual energy of both.

And since children unwittingly copy their parents, in this case boys become more feminine, and girls, on the contrary, acquire some masculine qualities.

And this happens unnoticed, on a subconscious level.

Thus, the distorted sexual energy of the mother is inherited by her children.
And now, in the age of equality between men and women, such manifestations are happening more and more often.
From childhood, instill in them the “strong” qualities of a man and the “weak” qualities of a woman, which are so necessary for their development, which would help each of them harmonize their sexual energy - one of the strongest in the Universe.

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(trying to argue that the term “femboy,” even when used by and about cis men, is transphobic)

Enter femboys. Femboys often look exactly like the standard trap — a very young, semi-androgynous, flat-chested, thin, white anime girl — though they’re frequently depicted even more salaciously because the artist has no reason to “conceal their masculine traits,” instead drawing attention to their genitals.

The default reasoning people use as to why this concept isn’t transmisogynistic is that femboys are gender-nonconforming boys who aren’t trying to trick anyone into believing that they’re girls. […] However, this argument completely ignores that half of the issue with traps and futanari is that they are a fetish. In every instance, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the penis — it’s shocking and unexpected; it’s connotative of a cis boy in disguise; it’s accentuation goes hand-in-hand with male femininity, designating male femininity as inherently erotic. […]

This is what you’re contributing to when you normalize the fetishization of “femboys,” the fetishization of the juxtaposition between a feminine presentation with a so-called “masculine” biology.

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They have become used to being racially gaslit by the idea of “reverse” or “anti-white racism”, a phenomenon the comedian Aamer Rahman has pointed out would only make sense “if I had a time machine and I could go back in time to before Europe colonised the world and convince the leaders of Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America to invade and colonise Europe, just to occupy them, steal their land and resources”…

In other words, in the dominant understanding of racism heavily promoted in the context of the “whitelash” that met the global Black Lives Matter movement, racism has been stripped of what the sociologist Miri Song calls its “history, severity and power”. Racism is no longer the ideology that accompanies racial capitalist systems of colonialism, slavery and imperialism; it becomes a matter of individual morality. Race, best understood as a technology that produces and maintains white supremacy as a global system of power, is reduced to bad behaviour…

Theories that people like Sam Kerr cannot be racist because they are of Indian origin do not go far enough in exposing the problem at stake. It all boils down to subjectivity and rightwing politicians playing to the “all lives matter” gallery…

Treating all forms of vilification involving people from either side of the colour line as racist does nothing to transcend the colour line. But it does serve a view that minimises racism to the benefit of a new class of postracial Black and Brown elites.

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The mainstream media has always glorified the ‘roaring 20s’ as a time of ‘liberation’ and artistic innovation. But the post-war world was hell on earth for the working class, particularly in Germany which had to pay for a war it never wanted in the first place, and in reality, had not even, militarily speaking, lost. Germany had signed an armistice in 2018, not an unconditional surrender.

And it was America's entry into the war which forced the Germans to sign the armistice, in the hope of lasting peace. It wasn't until the Treaty of Versailles that the Germans began to realize that Zionists such as Lord Rothchild had persuaded the British to hand over Palestine to the Jews, in exchange for Zionist-controlled America's entry into the war.

Zionist bankers were the real victors of the war. Not only did they profit from the loans to Britain and France during the war, but the jackpot came with the Dawes and Young plans for German reparations during the 1920s.

By the 1930s, everyone knew that liberal democracy and capitalism were dead. And it seemed as if only Fascism or Communism could lead Europe out of its economic nightmare.

Fascism and Communism have come and gone. But now Western financier interests are pushing for another war in Europe, this time against Russia. Of course, the war against Russia has been going on now for a long time. The return of Russia as a major regional power has given the West a pretext for mindless bellicosity.

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i've read SO many disgusting comments today. swifties are heartless and cruel. this is why bearding is so harmful to us @taylorswift13
, especially considering that you KNOW your influence.
and i also need people to stop calling me biphobic. TAYLOR HERSELF is the one doing CONSTANT lesbian flagging in literally everything she does. she is not ALLOWED to date men.

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Xi has said so many times, "Soft power". Meaning economic collaboration.

Why are the United States and NATO so afraid?

Well, the key is that One Belt One Road makes shipping less important, dedollarize, and thus make United States less important.

Do you think it's stealing of IP? Nah, the no. 1 IP theft country is India. India is producing cheap medicines that are basically stolen IP. But why didn't US go after India? Well, India could steal but not innovate.

China could take an IP and then innovate and make IPs far better. No? Look, space station is one of the most difficult to do. Even the US has to beg Russia to help. China singlehandedly develop an entire space station themselves.

If China isn't that smart, the western media, wall street, western governments won't be targeting China. It's not about communism (yeah, Vietnam is communist and USA wants to be a friend.. LOL). It's not about stealing IP. It's not even about Taiwan. It is the fact that 1.4 billion Chinese who have the talents of Jews will outshine the Western Powers soon. That's scary to the Westerners.

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Israelis are really making is hard to hate Nazi's at this point...

Yet Israel gets so much sympathy for beheading and burning babies that never excisted , think people. Hamas tied up hostages to take accross so they could negotiate yet they were found burned with weapons Hamas didn't have. IDF used the Hannibal doctrine and killed their own , those who survived said IDF didn't want to negotiate and tank fired and Apache fired rockets upon their own people to get to Hamas but some did survive. IDF fired at hostages on the back of a motorbike killing their own. Majority of hostages are IDF currently held but Israel doesn't care enough. Time will tell but gazans might be out of time by then. Ps! Hamas won't surrender, they will go down fighting as this is their last do or die for liberation

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 Who are the Nazis?
The Western elite and their media lackeys love to accuse anyone who disagrees with them as a Nazi. The reductio ad Hitlerum is a common trope of our dastardly leaders. French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin recently made a fool of himself by tweeting that protesters against the Covid Sanitary Pass in Paris were making Nazi salutes. The Minister showed a still from a video on his tweet to prove his claims.

After Darmanin called for an investigation of the demonstrators, a journalist on mainstream media proved to his insolent face that the protesters were merely clapping. This would make a perfect example of how the ruling class uses fake news to wage war on the masses. But, of course, it will never make the school classroom lessons on ‘fake news' and ‘conspiracy theory’ because Western governments and media are always infallible. Gérald Darmanin is a scintillating example of ruling-class hypocrisy. Only a few months ago, he was tweeting about his great admiration for the Ukrainian neo-Nazi regime. It is all nauseatingly ironic!

“Only the Russians produce fake news.” That is why the German government banned RT Deutsch. The German government wants to protect their people from hearing Russia’s side of the story, least they come to the conclusion that it is NATO and not the Russians who are behind the drive to war.

The German people must be convinced again that a Drang nach Osten is necessary. The enemy is no longer Judeo-Bolshevism, but rather Putino-Chauvinism.

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[“So you are outright blaming Israel for the rape torture and murder of women and children by Hamas on Oct 7.”]

In a short answer...YES! Where these so called women when they were attacked? Were they in a Kibbutz? the short answer again is...YES! Well what is a Kibbutz? A Kibbutz is an illegal settlement by Jewish aliens from another country. That’s right these people are in Kibbutz’s are stealing Palestinian land and killing Palestinians in the west Bank like they have a license to kill! So do I blame the oppressed for fighting back? Do I blame the oppressed for hating their oppressors? the short answer is...NO!

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When the noted thinker, author, and philanthropist, Valiant Thor, dictated this book almost a century ago, he was just settling into his role as commander of the Venusian forces on Earth. He had actually put in many decades on our planet prior to that, although he was not, as they say, truly “in charge.”

Being a relative novice at that time, Thor decided to stick to traditional protocol and avoided mentioning the word “Vril”. (It had been decided long before that, by certain Venusian elders, to keep that particular word, and its conceptual underpinnings, secret from Earthlings - at least until the appropriate time.)

Although it obviously wasn’t the appropriate time, the term and the belief system behind it were revealed to certain nosy Germans, who had gotten heavily into the occult during World War II. These Nazi necromancers had somehow hacked into the ongoing telemetric stream between Earth and Venus, and illegally downloaded much of the information about Vril.

Herein, the author states unequivocally, and for the record, that Vril has nothing to do with Nazism, fascism, racism, hate, or bigotry. Like most Venusians, Thor follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, Tecumseh, Krishna, and Buddha, which generally state that all men are created equal in God’s sight, and are loved equally by God.
Vril is truly the essence of the active verb, the powerful sentence, and the narrative that moves people to action. It is the energy behind the words, which makes the mind react in a positive and uplifting fashion.
In these current days of extreme political divide, where lying and deception are being spread from on high (much like the Nazis and KKK of old), we need Vril more than ever, to counteract the “Antichrist” evil that seems to be sweeping the world under the false guise of “making America great again."

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Russia and Ukraine are conducting secret peace negotiations along the Gerasimov-Zaluzhny line, despite the objections of Zelensky and the White House.
- American journalist Seymour Hersh, citing US officials
The 'campaign of conquest' - The military operation Putin announced *After* the UN refused to help the begging Eastern Ukrainians being bombed for years.

Western media never mentioned the atrocities against the Russian-speaking citizens of east Ukraine nor the Banderovka who carry them out daily because Ukraine was a place politicians do not speak of...  Putin went against the grain, and decided to help them.
Constant attacks on eastern Ukrainians, constant NATO expansion and acts under this banner, Colour Revolutions (reason Soros has an RU warrant for his arrest)...
*Old Soviet Labs the US took over after fall of the Iron Curtain 30 years ago, and lied to the UN sayig they were just going to clean up/dispose of the labs...

The list of reasons is pretty lengthy;  Putin isn't the bad guy here.

thedeadflag #moonbat #kinkshaming #sexist thedeadflag.tumblr.com

(arguing that the male pregnancy/”mpreg” kink is transphobic and wrong)

Trans men are being ignored in favour of cis men, despite the cis men characters embodying traits of trans men in order to create/progress a certain narrative. This is textbook fetishization.

[…]So essentially, cis men are used instead of trans men, which is fetishistic, but even when trans men are used, it’s nearly always fetishistic in how the characters and narrative are handled.

[…]any media content that doesn’t explicitly humanize trans people will end up being transphobic.

[…]if they’re not trans, then the work is a transphobic write-off

[…]In reality, mpreg doesn’t explicitly claim to be related to trans (or intersex) people, but it cannot be viewed outside of that context in a world where trans and intersex people are also displaced from our bodies and our realities by cis dyadic people, in a world where our body parts are literally objectified and fetishized and removed from our humanity. I literally don’t give a crap what anyone’s intent is, that’s the reality of it, that’s representation that harms trans and intersex people, and if people fail to realize that, then they’re harming trans and intersex people, categorically.

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Any country East of Berlin which doesn’t submit to total Euro-Atlantic hegemony is demonized, subverted and, more often than not, attacked by proxy forces. NATO wants war with Russia because the Russian nation is an obstacle to its drive to control all of Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok. Atlanticists overthrew the government of Ukraine in 2014 because its President was not prepared to become an outright enemy of Moscow. The Americans had installed a puppet regime in Ukraine in 2006 following the Orange Revolution. But that didn’t last long. So, they had to recruit tougher types to succeed the second time: hardcore, tattooed neo-Nazis to be precise.

The Ukrainian Nazis, calling themselves Pravy Sector, murdered all before them. They marched through Kyiv holding up banners of Nazi war criminals such as Stefan Bandera. It was all good for the United States and the EU. The Americans weren’t too worried about supporting Nazis, as long as they were in Europe. Senior American diplomat Victoria Nuland, who helped orchestrate the coup in Kyiv, knew she was lighting the flames of civil war. Everyone knew then that the US-fomented civil war in Ukraine would eventually engulf all of Europe. But Nuland’s infamous attitude to that was, “Fuck the EU." Now the Biden regime -- probably one of the most unpopular in US history -- is determined to provoke Russia into fighting a war with Europe. For, although US forces are already on the ground in Ukraine training, arming, and assisting in combat operations, the reality is that a full-scale war with Russia will destroy Europe.

Gearóid Ó Colmáin #moonbat #conspiracy #racist #crackpot english.almayadeen.net

Is war with Russia inevitable? Reading the Western press, one would have the impression that the Russians are not only poised to "invade" Ukraine but ready to nuke all of Europe. But how serious is the ‘Russian threat’? Is there even such a thing as a Russian threat? Is Russia threatening anyone? If not, who is doing the threatening and why?

To answer these questions, one needs to consider some constants of Anglo-Saxon geopolitics. Alfred Mackinder, the British geographer who invented the discipline, said that if the British were to dominate the world, they would first have to ‘divide the World-Island.’ The World-Island is Eurasia plus Africa. If you look at the map, you can see one continuous landmass. Ukraine represents a key strategic target for dividing the Eurasian landmass, cutting off the European peninsula from integration with Russia.

Anglo-American interests started First World War
At the start of the twentieth century, the German industrial domination of Europe threatened British global hegemony. The Berlin to Baghdad railway would have enabled Germany to gain access to Mesopotamian oil reserves, gaining a significant advantage over the British. Germany’s alliance with the Ottoman Empire was propitious to that end. To weaken and eventually break up the Ottoman Empire, the British supported ethno-nationalist separatism; to destroy Germany, they would have to force it into a protracted war. And once war erupted in the Balkans, Germany’s plans for the Berlin to Bagdad railway would be frustrated.

The result of a largely British orchestrated system of fragile alliances was the First World War. The war led to the death of about forty million people. France lost over a million of its fittest and bravest young men. Europe never really recovered from the First World War.

motherLover #moonbat #racist #pratt dailykos.com

[Bolding added.]

Antisemites are everywhere and some will undoubtedly jump at a chance to act out violently, but everyone who acts out violently didn’t start out as a violent anti-Semite.

While you may not believe this, the people shouting gas the Jews may not actually be anti-Semites even though what they are saying is anti-Semitic and horribly callous, but they are being radicalized and becoming more dangerous.

Dmitriy Afanasyev and Violetta Yakovenko #conspiracy #crackpot #wingnut #moonbat msn.com

(Dmitriy Afanasyev)
Ukraine lost the war a year ago, you just do not want to see the truth
@Mike Resnick
So losing five territories, having 17 million people flee the country, having have a million soldiers die, having other countries provide money and weapons just to survive, all of it means that Ukraine is winning?
I am sorry to disappoint you, but Russia is outproducing NATO right now. NATO needs at least two to five years depending on what western expert you ask just to match Russia. Ukraine has been losing 7 to 1, sometimes 10 to 1 throughout this war. Do not fall for Western propaganda, which is far worse than Russian propaganda.
@worn smooth
If your statements were true, then Russian economy would have collapsed under all the sanctions. But it turns out that Russia leap frogged over Germany this year to become the fifth economy in the world. That happened precisely because Russia has boosted all of the productions. A few more years and will surpass Japan for number four spot. There is no catching US, China, and India. And if it were a crime syndicate under Putin he would never have enjoyed between 70 to 80 percent support from Russian people, which is even acknowledged by the West.

(Violetta Yakovenko)
@ Mike Resnick
Do not listen to Ukrainian propaganda. So far the ratio is opposite: 1 to 10. Check Douglas McGregor to start with. Millions of Ukrainians fled, most of the country's industry is down... NATO, SK would not last long without Russian resources. Russia is not along, even 7-folded its military production... Even being cornered the Russia would not loose. Like a wounded bear it will go to its last and most powerful attack: do not forget,- it has as many of nukes as USA has and it just completing transition to the newest and best strategic missiles... Do you know why China is so well populated? One of the reasons - its Philosophy: If a war is unavoidable and one commander has less troops/resources, than the enemy, he just peacefully going under the command of more powerful counterpart. I believe the Ukrainians just need to accept the wisdom.

Michael Dargaville #crackpot #ufo #wingnut #moonbat #conspiracy operationdisclosureofficial.com

The two major forces of the worldwide New Age movement – official alien disclosure and deep spirituality – must rest on libertarian socialism.

All three areas are entwined and are at the root of our current reality.

Currently benevolent loving advanced galactic human aliens surround our planet in their spaceships. They are called the Galactic Federation.

Our planet will be destroyed by bad reptilian reptoid aliens if we do not officially join the Galactic Federation.
All higher level human Galactic Federation planets in the galaxy are based on socialism at varying levels.

I will number key points about why and how libertarian socialism is so important for Earth.

1. Libertarian socialism is based on the notion of a 100 per cent FREE SPEECH socialist democracy where the ruling party is benevolent and socialist but where other parties and opposition groups exist fully unencumbered. And no group should not be allowed a voice.
2. Libertarian socialism advocates for the socialist ownership of industry and land. But they would allow capitalist opposition groups to have private property of industry and land (if they wish). However capitalist monopolies would never be allowed and libertarian socialism . The socialist government that’ll is always under control (in an anarchistic and libertarian way) would always maintain a 60-75/80 per cent stake of industry and land (which includes farming).
6. Libertarian socialism is the basis of advanced human Galactic Federation alien planets located across the galaxy. The higher and more advanced the human alien planet is via their spiritual development and lifespans, the more perfect the version of libertarian socialism. EVERYONE IS FREE TO CHOOSE THEIR PATH.
7. Libertarian socialism is at the basis of spirituality. The reptoid aliens can be both good and bad. The good reptoid reptilian aliens work for the Galactic Federation whose leader is Archangel Michael. The leader of the bad reptoids is Archangel Lucifer.

fransingolf5314 #conspiracy #moonbat youtube.com

There's seemingly no limit to the breathtaking depravity of this comment section, as well as Kyle himself. The fact of the matter is that what you're seeing in Gaza is exactly what would have happened in Donbas if Ukraine had prevailed. In fact, Ukrainian politicians have on many occasions spoken admirably of Israel as a blueprint for the kind of policies they wanted to implement in their own country, with ethnically Russian Eastern Ukrainians in the role of the Palestinians. The similarities go so far that ever since 2014 Ukraine has spent valuable and scarce ammunition shelling civilians in Donetsk simply to enact sadistic revenge and wipe out the population to pave the way for an invasion, just like Israel is doing in a much more asymmetric conflict. Seen in this light, the Russian SMO is best understood as a peacekeeping mission against a rabidly fascistic regime in Kiev, whose presence and survival is predicated on American support and thus incompatible with peace. For this reason, the only long-term sustainable outcome is a Russian victory and Ukrainian surrender, which fortunately is what we're seeing.
@Dave102693 I'm the biggest anti-Zionist you'll ever come across. But at the same time, I'm also an anti-imperialist, which is why I'm against America and its endless color revolutions and wars.
By the way, it's interesting that neither of these responses addressed the substance of what I wrote. I know it's because like all Zelensky supporters, your allegiance is based on complete ignorance of the facts and thus you're unable to come up with a compelling argument for your position.

Front for the Defense of the People’s Struggles of Ecuador (FDLP-EC, "Frente de Defensa de las Luchas del Pueblo") #moonbat redherald.org


89 years ago, December 3, 1934, Chairman Gonzalo was born. He was murdered on September 11, 2021; that is to say, he gave the class and other exploited masses of the world 87 years of glorious existence. But it must be said, as many times as necessary, a lifetime dedicated to the revolution; a life that has transmuted over time to be sustained by his contributions to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism

He was captured on September 12, 1992 and was detained as a prisoner of war at the El Callao Naval Base, Peru, in one of the most abject prisons ever known. He was not allowed to see the light, locked up 24 hours a day, subjected to ridicule and the bloodiest psychological and physical torture imaginable. It was obvious, he did not have the opportunity or the benefits that Peruvian justice today gives to the executioner and genocidal Fujimori, in fact, we are certain that Chairman Gonzalo would not have accepted it either

He had the most important achievement that a human being could have: he defeated death, how? Because he lives in the fervent rebellious heart of the international proletariat and the masses who, confident of victory, struggle daily to materialize the revolutionary transformation of the old society

The Front for the Defense of the People’s Struggles of Ecuador commemorates one more anniversary of the eagle of eagles, of the best son of the people, whose memory lives in our deeds and in our hearts



Gearóid Ó Colmáin #conspiracy #moonbat #wingnut english.almayadeen.net

All over Europe, hundreds of thousands of people are marching against lockdowns and forced inoculations. In many countries, the iatrogenic fear factory has been temporarily closed down. Now, we can relax about Omicron but have every reason to fear being nuked by the Russians! Now, military specialists, professors of international relations -- all hostile to Russia -- have sort of relayed from the virologists. But exhausted TV viewers will probably enjoy hating and fearing Putin more than the virus!

The recent resignation of Germany's Navy Chief after his comments praising Vladimir Putin is a strong indication of the sentiment in many military circles in Europe. Our soldiers are waking up to the fact that criminal politicians are pushing them into unnecessary wars. A third world war would be nuclear. Few would survive. There is no reason to believe our politicians will do anything to prevent such a catastrophe.

Wai Chong and VINH HUA #moonbat #racist msn.com

(Wai Chong)
Nancy and Biden are still there. Go figure. America loves corruption. It's part of America's gene.
Then Americans imagine anything when corrupted politicians are removed from Asia. Go figure.
Singapore removed one minister for corruption, one minister for affair, and three MPs for affairs. It's only the US that is corrupt and keeps those corrupted politicians like Nancy and Biden. Asia that embraces clean government kick politicians out for corruptions and affairs. Get on with life.

China hold their government officials to their highest moral and ethical standards. Unlike US any moron can get voted in. then do whatever they want. corrupt, immoral, unethical. from top to bottom. no wonder US going downhill fast.

Hasan Askari MD #moonbat #conspiracy msn.com

US and NATO are causing this NOT - PUTIN. The Expansion of NATO is the KEY cause of all this mess. We must remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki - were the first NUCLEAR USE war crimes committed by the US government on a NON nuclear country. Russia is at least warning that - NATO is pushing the war in that direction - NATO can stop and look for a political solution - Its NATO - the big bully and Russia the smaller bully - fighting. I dont like any - but, dislike NATO (the bigger killer in the world) over Russia.

Andrew Martin #moonbat #conspiracy msn.com

If the leadership of South Korea and Japan have any brains left in them at all after decades of being dumbed down by their yankee occupiers, they will not take any part in the doomed endeavor that is the attempted 'containment' of China...which only one other country in the world is obsessed with.

Michael Harrison #moonbat michaelharrison.org.uk

[From “The Peruvian Revolution”]

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Khrushchev’s denunciation of Comrade Stalin[…]in 1956 caused chaos in the International Communist Movement. For a few years this issue was ‘played out’ quietly within individual parties and internationally, in bi-partisan meetings

The Communist Party of China (CPC) still seemed to think that the renegades and opportunists could be convinced to return to the revolutionary path[…]
However, by 1960 the Revisionists, ideologically weak as they were long before the death of Comrade Stalin, had gained supremacy in various parties of the world[…]
It became obvious that there was no way that the rift between the revisionists and revolutionary[…]could be healed[…]
Within weeks of the death of Comrade Mao Tse-tung in September 1976, the revisionist and ‘capitalist-roaders’[…]were able to gain control by a vicious coup d’etat[…]
Whereas most Parties worldwide seemed to move around like chickens with their heads cut off, no longer having a society which was attempting to build Socialism on which they could hang their hats. the Communist Party of Peru (Sendero Luminoso) (CPP(SL), on 17th May 1980 declared the beginning of the ‘People’s War’

From small beginnings yet with intelligent, clever and ideologically sound political leadership this struggle against the Peruvian State was able, in the short period of twelve years, to really pose a viable threat to the old order

Then, for reasons which I, at least, don’t understand, the leadership of the CPP(SL) made a series of serious mistakes which effectively destroyed that amazing revolutionary movement in less than a couple of years. There were some who continued (and still continue) to fight on but the momentum was lost[…]
The People’s War had given a great deal of hope not only to the people of Peru but to those who are oppressed and exploited throughout the world. In that sense the failure in Peru didn’t just effect Peruvians

Nicolás Maduro #wingnut #moonbat theguardian.com

The foreign minister of[…]Guyana has said that neighbouring Venezuela is “on the wrong side of history”[…]
Tensions between the two countries have reached unprecedented heights ahead of a referendum on Sunday intended to rubber-stamp Venezuela’s claim on the region of Essequibo

Among the five questions President Nicolás Maduro is asking his citizens is whether they should convert the 160,000 sq km area into a new Venezuelan state

It remains unclear what the legal or practical implications of a yes vote would be, and the referendum is widely seen as a way for the deeply unpopular dictator to drum up public support ahead of presidential elections[…]But there are growing concerns that Maduro could push the country into war as he uses the century-old dispute to whip up patriotic fervour[…]
Venezuela has laid claim to the Essequibo ever since it gained independence[…]in 1811. Inhabited by 120,000 of Guyana’s 800,000 people, the region is largely impenetrable jungle but has large reserves of oil, gold and copper[…]
Past Venezuelan leaders have dredged up the dispute in times of domestic turmoil but perhaps none have campaigned as hard on the issue as Nicolás Maduro. The 61-year-old’s TikTok output has become increasingly prolific and his rhetoric more bellicose since 2015, when massive oil deposits were discovered in the contested region

Maduro has presented history lessons on state television, interrupted school classes to get young children to cheer on the country’s territorial claim and handed out revised maps depicting an engorged Venezuela straddling a Guyana a fraction of its internationally recognised size

The socialist government has also released a series of highly polished campaign videos of Venezuelan children playing in the lush forests and cascading waterfalls and an official song, The Essequibo is Ours

“It’s in your hands, compatriots,” Maduro pleads in one video, to the upbeat drumming of the catchy pop tune. “Vote five times yes!”

Mustang19 #moonbat #conspiracy #racist #crackpot hard-light.net

Capitalism is near collapse. As I foretold for years, Capitalism will collapse on September 17th 2026. You can find me on Pol as Mustang. Now, let's look at the data. Sunspot is temperature lagged 50 years. This is proven with the heat capacity of the ocean. The result is that the decline in sunlight after 1970 caused a temperature peak in 2020. Because of the 3 year el Nino cycle, the actual peak was 2016, with 2019 having a weakening trend.

Temperature will fall by 0.1 degree this winter which is a 10% increase in electric demand. Many blackouts will happen, and in 2024 many more. The money multiple will hit 10 on September 17 2026 and Capitalism will collapse.

…Peak oil has already caused a very mild collapse.

All oil outside Saudi Arabia is fake. EIA and RRC are inconsistent. If you use RRC oil production has fallen 10-20% since 2019. Antediluvian grain mills sustain goyslop that keeps libs alive. Meat consumption has fallen by 1/4 since 2019. This is retail sales divided by steak price. The USDA meat consumption is wrong. This would have killed 100 million Americans by now except there's reserve. The average vitamin d level is 33 nm/l with an SD of 10. Levels of 25 or below are immediately fatal from the fail aids pandemic. This means that 30% of people would die instantly on infection. The people with lower levels are NEETs and shutins who aren't exposed which is why they're alive.

…the us population is understated by a massive amount, the actual population with illegals was 400 million in 2019 and is close to the official number now of 320 million. In Europe all migrants are being buried at sea or in mass graves in Syria. In total some huge share of the marginal population in the first world has died. Vitamin supply needs to fall 40% before mass death is unavoidable. For now it's been managed by refugee deaths and falling vitamin levels in the population. The blackouts problem is impossible to avoid and will kill faster. There may be 30 million deaths in America this winter, similar in Europe of course. I doubt it will happen and i would move that to 2024. Then in 2025 it happens again and in 2026 Capitalism utterly collapses.

Brian Dyl #moonbat #conspiracy #pratt msn.com

There are millions of Russians living in these places and they seem to ignore this in the West. The West should of never instigated a coup in Ukraine to begin with. I find it very odd and dubious on what they fail report and address about that conflict in West. All it proves is how deceitful the West is about the situation. It's really disgusting.