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People die . Perverse spirits, demons need a body to fulfil lustful desires and when given a place to have legal ground to possess a person such demons can infest a person to such an extent that they become zombie like under demonic influence.


When a person is under demonic possession they are driven to indulge in sexual perversion that debases the reproductive act of procreation just to satisfy demonic lusts that will condemn them to hellfire like the wicked population of Sodom and Gomorrah.


They couldnot stop the judgement fire of God. God destroyed those filthy dreamers witj fire and brimstone. Archeologists have found radioactive particles in the burnt ashes of the remains of Sodom and Gomorrah.

What will destroy the world in the end times ?
Fire.The heavens will be dissolved with fervent heat.

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Re Obama:The most important issue of this election is the one neither candidate will allow to be spoken about--immigration. BOTH want to give amnesty.Amnesty will destroy this country,giving 20+ million latins the chance to vote. They will go 98% Democratic just like the blacks. There will be more and more of what we already have: massive massive overwhelming welfare payments,paid by working--white--people. The continuing failure of public schools,inundated with huge numbers of 90 and below IQ immigrants,impossible to teach much beyond 5th grade. (see the S-T story on the 3rd world Chicago school scores) More and more affirmative action,and increasing crime. What else will the latin voters want? You got it=--more IMMIGRATION!! It will truly destroy this--OUR-WHITE-America!! Which would be just ducky by jew-boy Neil. (And why does Neil live in Northbrook anyway? the trees? Or is it the .05%African american population?? C'mon Neil,scourge of "racists".why dont you move to Englewood,show how dedicated you are to racial unity? Right now,Neil is thinking:"Is this shmuck kidding?Live with those N*****s???" BTW those 2 "suparemacisticalists",as any white man who stands up for his own people is called,theyre probably not very intelligent,or educated,or blessed with opportunity,and trips to Paris and nice cars. What do you make of those OTHER boys and girls,the ones who wanted to put millions of Americans in concentration camps,& kill millions more? Wow they must be some dangerous guys!Shouldnt they be arrested?ell ya see,theyre JEWS.(allowing for the occasional wannabe like Billy ayers)and they were serious. And they meant every word. They all had graduate degrees from the finest schools in the nation. And who do you think is behind this scumbag idiot Obama??

sam francis #racist suntimes.com

Thank you,Jew,for the new word:prescient. wow thats really cool! I am gonn atry and use that one. Lets see: The NY Times was "prescient"(ha ha )when they siad,apropos of nothing,that they "feared" a plot on our dear messiah,Barry Hussein. They thought some "skinhead" or "Neo nazi" or "white supremacisticist" would take the life of our latter day Jesus.(oops sorry neil,I kmnow the J-word makes you r kind seethe) Danged if they didnt find some!! WOW! Our FBI may have spent 9/11 with their thumbs up their assess,impotently watching 3000 people die,but boy they have redeemed themselves!! They caught the White Top Hat gang!! Thank God!!

Chicago's Salem Baptist Church #fundie suntimes.com

[Emphasis is mine.]

This Halloween, Chicago's Salem Baptist Church wants teenagers to go straight to "hell." Admission is $7 and passengers arrive at its gates on a yellow school bus.

Salem's "Nights of Terror" promises to "scare the hell out of teens" by guiding them on a half-hour tour through Hades -- or at least what passed for it in the don't-call-it-a-haunted-house set up in the church's administrative offices at 109th and Cottage Grove. [...]

In one scene, a girl was lying on a gurney where a masked man in surgical scrubs pretended to perform an abortion. A toilet was sitting nearby apparently to collect the aborted fetus.

A fenced-in cell housed a few denizens of "hell," including a pedophile trolling the Internet for a young victim, a meditating Buddhist, and two mincing young men wearing body glitter who were supposed to be homosexuals.