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(Big Jesus FTW!)

If you're worried about your wicked behavior being watched by a camera by the police department, let me tell you there is a bigger camera that is watching all of your wicked behavior. It's call the Lord God Jesus Christ. And he sees everything. So turn off your computer porn and stop rubbing yourself in unholy ways, stop picking up whores in cheap bars and stop shoving long objects up your under-hole. Yes, God is watching, don't be afraid of Big Brother, because Big Jesus is watching and you will be swimming in a molting lake of fire if you don't hand over your life to Jesus, libtards. I'm praying for you, it's probably a lost cause, but I'm earning points with Jesus.

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The Pentagon hit has never quite made sense to me from a physical point of view, and the Bush administration has been definitively shown to be totally untrustworthy -- so I'm not ruling anything out either. 9/11 fit so perfectly with their plans, it's hard not to question on those grounds alone. If it were an everyday crime and you were the investigator, the first thing you'd ask would be who had the motive.

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Have you seen that movie, Loose Change?

It really threw me- I started searching for critiques of it, and while some of it's points are unfounded, there are plenty of other disturbing ones that remain unanswered.

I never thought that whitehouse insiders instigated 9/11, and I still don't thin k it, but for the first time, I'm not ruling anything out.

I hate to get all charlie sheen on your asses, but look it up in google video. You can see the whole thing for free.