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[On the Oslo attacks]

There is no way this was a "lone wolf" action. There is a team, and somewhere at the back of it I'm convinced in my gut, governmental backup. What an absolutely fantastic excuse for the European and North American multiculturalist pro-immigration fanatics to now attempt to shut down all debate on this issue (and in this country all related ones such as closing our borders and leaving the EU) which has been running away from them:- "We debate this with you, and look what happens, we just can't trust you plebs to behave yourselves!" Never underestimate how low the multicultists will sink to get what they want.

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[On the Oslo attacks]

I watched the BBC news report on this just now. The words and phrases that they kept landing on give their game away:

- "right wing"
- "guns"
- "fundamentalist Christian"

Having learnt how to decipher the NWO agenda over the last few years, and how the media plays games in aid of that agenda, my interpretation is this:

Whether planted or groomed, this native norseman was doing the State's bidding. Firstly, the NWO want to take guns out of the hands of ordinary Norwegians (and all people eventually) and put them into the hands of Norwegian police. This is what the BBC are talking about already - the need to arm the Norwegian police better. This is to further the police state and further enslave the public. Secondly, the NWO want to demonise ALL people who hold 'right-wing' views (in practice, anything that opposes their Marxist, totalitarian ideal), as we are the biggest ideological danger to our governments. Thirdly, this man is claimed to be a 'Fundamentalist Christian' - this actually serves two purposes - to show that Christians can be as violent and Fundamentalist as Muslims, thus exonerating Islam briefly, and also to demonise Christianity. We can see the Western world promoting atheism and demoting Christianity because, quite simply, we can not have a new world order with an old religion. Atheism is the new religion (of the consumer slave).

Basically, I believe it was essentially an inside job which kills three birds (and 91 poor Norwegians) with one stone.

Harold Godwinsson #racist uepengland.com

I don't have any Black or Asian friends, the only friends i have are Englisc, White, and Nationalist's and we all want our country back!!

And most of us no longer see a Political or Peaceful end to this Libral/Left instigated Multicultie shit-hole Called Britain!!

I'm supprised your still in Londonistan, i though all the Native Englisc had buggered off and left that Multicultie hell hole years before, or been Ethnically Cleansed by the incoming Darkies, how have you managed to put up with that Shyte Hole that was once the Englisc Capital?

Harold Godwinsson #racist uepengland.com

The Jews are far from Squeeky Clean, they are Human, and as Guilty of Atrossities as any other Human Group!!

Look at it this way, who's been making Billions out of War, for generations, while enjoying the spectical of every other Race on earth Butchering one another?

So as bad as it was, the handful of Nazies committed, we must not forget, that the Jews are and have been just as bad, at times perhaps worse!!

Stalin, the Big Red, was doing just the same in Russia, but of course being a Marxist, he's Whiter than White!!

Harold Godwinsson #conspiracy uepengland.com

[On allegations that Osama's death was faked]

I'll go along with that, cry 'Victory' Pull out troops, big parade, Obumer, gets re-elected as Pres. Libral/Lovvie-Left Poster-Boy Hero of the Libral/Lovvie Internationalists, and Libral/Lovvies claim they and there Chosen One, saved western Democracy!!

Simples, in fact its bloody clever, if you think about it, the whole Coalition in this so-called war on Terrorism is getting silly, they no they are facing another Vietnam, and i'm not just talking US here, but Britain, Canada, Auz, and anyone else who's involved, so they pull this, to pull their 'NUTS' out of the Fire, plus all the Coalition members are going bank-crupped pay for this so-called War, so how else are they to save face??

I told you it stunk, and so it does..................

I wouldn't trust what any establishment political or otherwise said, they've never been able to tell the truth in anything, Landing on the Moon? Prove it, pictures on TV? isn't Proof, but i'm getting off subject here, all this is a conveniant set up to save face, Politically and Militariely...................

Wessex Wanderer #conspiracy uepengland.com

I must admit when i heard the news this morning, i started questioning "why now?" What is there to gain by announcing Osamas death now?

Then i remembered something that was posted on here back in Feb, it was a video of a radio interview with Lindsay Williams who said Saudi Arabia will kick off on May 11th.

Now if i remember correctly, isn't Bin Laden a Saudi?

So maybe its just the catalyst the NWO need to get things moving in Saudi Arabia.

youngy1979 #racist uepengland.com

We don't want to be British, we are English in England!!,
The English have been shit on by too many races.
Multiculturalism doesn't work, it's a fucked up idea which has been tried and tested and has proved to be a failure.
It will never work because all the other races get too fucking comfortable and try taking away our identity,
they think they are above us and try shouting the odd's.
We have given most of them their country's back and at great cost, as lives were lost gaining the land,
and also we have had to apologise and give big payout's to those country's etc.