Roger Sanderson #crackpot wandaalger.me

I had a vision that Trump kissed me. When he pulled away, my lips tasted blood. I touched them and saw my finger was painted burgundy. I asked him what had happened and he said that he shared some of his pain. He said not to worry because he was offering his blood to restore me and others in the country. But for every drop given, he was closer to dying for the country.

I asked him to not die and to stay. Let's walk in harmony, I begged. Let's feed the poor, the disenfranchised, the marginalized. He smiled that smile of his and said he had been doing that his entire life and wouldn't stop even after death. He said he was a man of God. He told me he came out with the HIV cure - a huge donor for research - but kept it anonymous because he didn't want the glory.

God gave me this vision for [the social media] blackout specifically. WhatsApp and Facebook will kneel before God. They should have read the Bible. Facebook will have to answer for his sins. Parler and Rumble will stand beside God with their wings.

God Bless You Wanda