Jason #racist whitakeronline.org

Yet, in truth, no Whites are universalists. Every White liberal assumes White superiority. They would never dream of holding Blacks and Browns to the same moral standards they hold Whites. Their view of non-Whites is, from a moral standpoint, that of a child.

If they believe in universalism, why don’t they demand Japan open up to Multiculturalism? Or Nigeria? Or any other non-White country.

In fact, all White liberals act paternalistically toward non-Whites, and that very paternalism implies a belief in inequality.

Jason #racist whitakeronline.org

There is a hullabaloo about Fox New’s Megyn Kelly saying that Santa Claus is White and that Jesus was White. The Left went nuts. What I find interesting is that Whites, despite lip service to Diversity, aren’t ready to kneel before a non-White God or make Santa a Black man.

Yet this is where Multiculturalism (i.e. White Genocide) would take us. I hope this gets pushed in the face of Whites as much as possible to make them realize RACE touches the most intimate areas of their lives.

Megyn Kelly has criticized things that are pro-White in the past, while at the same time assuming a kind of eternal White Supremacy In her own world view. It is striking how behind the times Respectable Conservatives are.

Bob Whitaker #racist whitakeronline.org

After the official signing of Unconditional Surrender of May 8, 1945, Herman Goering tried to turn himself in. In full uniform, with World War I medals on, he presented himself to the Allies.

They promptly took off his medals, jailed him and put him on trial.

Anti-whites seem to think THEIR genocide is a matter where they can just admit they were not wholly correct and come back into society wearing their medals and degrees like the neoconservatives did.

We are NOT respectable conservatives.

White Genocide is not just a debate.

It is an indictment.

Yes, we demand the right to bring the charges as a matter of free speech. Any group which is just emerging from oppression first has to seek the barest, most basic rights.

But we will not accept neo-pro-whites.

Confessing a crime is the first step. The second is the trial.

The same people who tried to destroy their own people can be expected to produce a lot of rats as their ship goes down.

And we are not demanding that even the last rats aboard die the way they killed Germans convicted of genocide.

They will bleed GREEN.

There will be no neo-pro-whites.

Right now, like all underdogs being bullied, pro-whites must fight for even the most basic rights.

That does NOT mean that we will SETTLE for only the most basic rights.

But “Gosh, we went too far on race!” is not our final goal.

We will not excuse generations of treason and humiliation by anti-white whites the way respectable conservatives welcomed neoconservatives in and gave them the driver’s seat of conservatism. A serial killer is not a hero if he gives up serial killing. One who plans and implements and cheers on the destruction of his own race is not treated as a hero because he switches sides when the heat is on.

What I say here will be warped into a demand for blood. The usual pro-white loudmouths who scream about “Tribunals!” will help the enemy distort what I am saying.

Repeat: Anti-whites will bleed GREEN, not RED.

But now that we’re beginning to see the first flickerings of a grassroots growth of anger, fury and resentment from a white population that has been terrorized into the Stockhom Syndrome for most of a century, we should be clear that that terrorism will have to be paid for as an example for the future.

Treason must once more be made a crime.

scythian #racist whitakeronline.org

That White people can’t ever see themselves as aggrieved IS White Supremacy. And I doubt non-whites will ever give up this belief.

Bob [Whitaker] has said that Hitler was a Jewish Supremacist – Jews were to blame for all problems, inherently evil, super humans in the bad sense. Jews were the problem, so Jews had to go.

You heard in Horus’ radio interview the recording of Obama saying: “White folks greed runs a world of need”. Is this not akin to what Hitler said about the Jews?

I’m going to assume since Abe Lincoln is Obama’s boy that he’s said many times: “All men are created equal” – how can you believe this & blame the world’s problems on a small global minority that is our race? That’s double think, and White Supremacist anti-white hypocrites of the same mindset will call us “White Supremacists” for pointing out the obvious simple realty that the Third World is the fault of Third Worlders.

What Obama said is White Supremacist, a lie, and an incitement for GENOCIDE.

If I went around saying: ‘Jew folks greed runs a world of need’, I’d be put in jail in Europe & Canada, financially ruined in the U.S. at the least – the Western versions of the Gulags. What if I convinced everybody that indeed the Jews were the cause of all the world’s problems? The Jews would be finished. White Supremacy says that you can say anything about White people & we can never be harmed; but people must be put in jail for saying “harmful” things about non-whites; and Whites must protect non-whites from other whites – the oft used excuse for whites killing a hundred million whites in the civil war & WW2 +.

And ‘White Power’ by definition means that anti-white white traitors have the power to subject their own race to an ongoing GENOCIDE.

The anti-white system is predicated on bullshit/double-think, “anti-racism” propaganda is get white people not to care about race – well if you don’t care about race then you don’t care about white genocide. And the deeper reality is that whites are “racist” if they don’t care about other races and “racist” if they care about their own race.

So I don’t think White Supremacy is dead, I think we are killing it because not only do we HAVE a grievance, we have the greatest grievance of all time.

Perhaps HD can write a petition asking Obama to renounce his genocidal statement; point out that Holder saying “white people don’t have civil rights” shows that U.S. “civil rights” laws break the international genocide law of denying group defense.

Bob Whitaker #racist whitakeronline.org

A Jew is effectively in uniform. He is a Jew and he would therefore be very happy if all the white Goyim disappeared from the earth. The only problem is that white gentiles refuse to understand that every word Jews utter about white gentiles is a demand for our end, our genocide, our termination.

This has been true at least since a Jewish writer invented the term “Melting Pot” in the late nineteenth century. The Yankees’ Founding Mother of America, Emma Lazarus, was know as a neophyte of the most fanatical Zionists of her day, and she demanded the melting pot for the American Goyim.

Someone has have a skull made of reinforced carbon or diamond to fail to get what Jews have been saying for at a least a century and a half to white gentiles: You must go and we must be preserved.

Jews are NOT sneaking anything over on us.

But I do not get as upset with a Jew who uses Hitler as an excuse for what he always wanted. If Goyim are too stupid to get the message, that is not the Jew’s fault.

On the other hand, if an enemy is coming at you in uniform and you sound the alarm, and the guy beside you says, “Why should I care?” you do not debate him.

You SHOOT him.

Get off the Evil Plot crap and realize that HATRED is reserved for TRAITORS. The person who should be burned alive is that blond goy who says, “Why should I care?” not for the screaming Jew.

Simon & Cleric Preston #racist whitakeronline.org

"The answer to what to do with the non-whites and anti-whites lies in secession and breaking away to form a white homeland from the rump of the existing anti-white state. I think giving white traitors what they want the opportunity to live in a nation without whites should be punishment enough." -Simon

No it’s NOT enough Simon, the Anti-Whites have made the circumstances of my life a living hell.
The mental harm of living under Anti-White policies deserves reparations.

Making the Anti-White live in my shoes doesn’t cut it.

I should never have had to ‘live in my shoes’ at all.

I DEMAND compansation for loss of income due to Anti-White policies.
I DEMAND compansation for all the pain and anguish I’ve had to go through
I DEMAND compansation !!!

I DEMAND access to the oppotunities that my ancestors sweated to build and bled to defend

The Anti-Whites have had DECADES of the good life. Sending some old man to Kenya to live out his few remaining years is not enough, not when I’ve been forced to live in a metaphorical ‘Kenya’ for the 39 years of my life

That doesn’t give me the good life does it.
I want the good life that I was meant to have.

SIMON, maybe you’re doing OK treading water in the Anti-White system, I’m not.
I DEMAND that my life life improve when we defeat White Genocide.

Jason #racist whitakeronline.org

Forgive me, I can’t find the thread where we talked about forced interbreeding, but one point I’d like to make.

The anti-Whites will say: No one is forcing blacks and whites to have sex, therefore there is no genocide.

Shouldn’t we point out that it is not a requirement under international law that someone stand over a couple with a gun and force them to breed, in order for it to be genocide? Because that is the premise of their statement. They are saying that since they don’t see rape rooms with white women shackled to a wall, it’s not genocide.

But the UN Treaty doesn’t require any such thing for it to be called genocide. Finding a way to point this out would make clear how ridiculous their point is.

Lord Nelson #racist whitakeronline.org

What we are talking about here is “The final solution to White problem”.

Step 1: Mass non-white immigration.

Step 2: Miscegenation.

Both steps 1 & 2 are of course fully backed up with heavy propaganda/brainwashing from the media and education systems.

IMO. This is the favorite and most desired fall back position of all Anti-Whites. Once there is a large enough non-white presence in their particular white country. They then get to sit back. Play dumb. Pretend they only care about Love and Freedom. And at the same time, lay a MASSIVE and DEADLY trap for us Pro-Whites to walk right into.

Do Not Walk In To That TRAP!. (You will only be made to look like a sad idiot and complete loser if you do)

As bad as miscegenation may be. It only becomes a Genocidal issue when the non-white presence is big enough to make it so.

This is why in Eastern European countries which are still 99% white, the Anti-Whites are still screaming about the “Lack of Diversity”. And NOT simply crying about the freedom of love. The race-mixing propaganda will only begin in those countries once the non-white presence is big enough.

To me this possible answer below is not perfect. But it does at least avoid the big trap:
Anti-White: ‘Well I just think people should be free to fall in love and marry who they want’.

Pro-White: ‘You’re talking about the final solution to the White problem.’

When you look at it. The repeating pattern of first open borders, then racial melting pot for ALL white countries is so bloody obvious. That at a very high level, the whole thing must have been planned by our own ruling elites in each of our respective White countries.

Damn. I hope others here hate these b@stards as much as I do.

Bob Whitaker #racist whitakeronline.org

Saving our race requires a radical solution only because, from the beginning, anti-whites demanded that whites be allowed no escape. This needs to be understood clearly.

With the constant agenda of racial mixing, constant government action and Thought Policing to make sure not one single white can escape the program, the only solution to the White Problem is the disappearance of whites.

All that the Traditional Values crowd wants is that the white race disappear by weddings. And our unthinking response has been to ALLY with them, to PIGGY BACK with them.

Suicide by assimilation has been official Catholic policy for centuries. That is the reason that not one Catholic country has ever founded a white country.

It took four hundred years for someone to point this out.

As genetic engineering expands the mere wish to save our race will make it possible. But traditional values types are fanatically against ay such alternative. They have made it bluntly clear that they value ceremonies ONLY.

With the center collapsing, we need to make it clear that we are a new generation. We are simply pro-white, not pro-right.

No more piggy backing. In this new world, even the Conservative Thought Police are beginning to partially to admit that “This has nothing to do with race” is imbecilic. That is a major step forward.

“Demography is Destiny” is a major step forward.

This is developing naturally and steadily, simply because the pretence by which paycheck conservatism has been able to use pro-whites is simply collapsing. At long, long last, racial issues are becoming too clearly racial for this fatal pretense by which the South put aside all its concern for racial survival, and by which South Africans VOTED for their present situation.