Bob Whitaker #racist

A Jew is effectively in uniform. He is a Jew and he would therefore be very happy if all the white Goyim disappeared from the earth. The only problem is that white gentiles refuse to understand that every word Jews utter about white gentiles is a demand for our end, our genocide, our termination.

This has been true at least since a Jewish writer invented the term “Melting Pot” in the late nineteenth century. The Yankees’ Founding Mother of America, Emma Lazarus, was know as a neophyte of the most fanatical Zionists of her day, and she demanded the melting pot for the American Goyim.

Someone has have a skull made of reinforced carbon or diamond to fail to get what Jews have been saying for at a least a century and a half to white gentiles: You must go and we must be preserved.

Jews are NOT sneaking anything over on us.

But I do not get as upset with a Jew who uses Hitler as an excuse for what he always wanted. If Goyim are too stupid to get the message, that is not the Jew’s fault.

On the other hand, if an enemy is coming at you in uniform and you sound the alarm, and the guy beside you says, “Why should I care?” you do not debate him.

You SHOOT him.

Get off the Evil Plot crap and realize that HATRED is reserved for TRAITORS. The person who should be burned alive is that blond goy who says, “Why should I care?” not for the screaming Jew.



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