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Ling Anderson #racist yomyomf.com

Asian American Guy Proudly Proclaims He Is A White Supremacist And "Loves White Boys"


I saw this on my news feed and pretty much went what the flying eff is wrong with this guy. A proud white supremacist, Ling Anderson posted a video on YouTube saying:

Never back down when being accused of being a racist..


He then talks some white supremacist shit whilst fist thumping with a copy of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”, and then does the Hitler salute, with the background noise which I assume to be some Hitler proclamation ceremony. So who is this dude and why is an Asian American guy parading around yelling and fist bumping white power? Well I really do not know why, but a quick look at his Twitter shows that he has a white stepfather and 2 Eurasian half sisters and he is half Chinese and half Japanese. It is my assumption that his stepfather may be someone who subscribes to these views and possibly has indoctrinated this messed up guy, or he has adopted that himself thinking that he now has a white stepfather so therefore he is honorary white.

Whatever the reason, it is so sad that he is becoming a Tila Tequila and it is blatantly obvious that his internalised racism/self hate has consumed him and his own sense of identity. There are a number of pictures of him holding up signs about how he loves white people and white boys, so I think we can assume he is one of those with serious deep seeded identity issues.

FYI – here is his Twitter handle if you are interested in giving him a wave!



Oh yeah he is also now a registered Republican and used to be a registered Democrat…

Asian cultures are "cucked" than white culture

You get the gist – now roll with it with whatever you like doing….

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Irked #fundie yomyomf.com

you look to mongolia as your guide to what it is to be a self-realized asian-american male, huh? seeing as how you snivel about how AA males don’t get laid enough by ladies of “all colors and varieties”, why don’t you just go around raping them? i mean, genghis khan sure had his pick of the ladies in that way, right?

and you say that AA males have a “sometimes undeserved” reputation for treating women like second-class citizens. well, if you admire the keeping the “traditions” (rape) and “gender roles” (i am the alpha male, bitches give me sex or i kill you) from khan’s medieval mongolia intact, then i’d say the reputation is pretty deserved in your case.