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[This whole twenty-page “document” is a goldmine of insanity; here’s one representative excerpt:]

As God’s Ekklesia, we bind every anti-Christ spirit from operating within the United States of America. We uproot, tear down, overthrow and destroy the following organizations, charities, funds and their anti-Christ agenda. We hereby decree:

The immediate death, dismantling & destruction of the following anti-Christ organizations and funds. We decree the following to all be stripped of authority, power, influence and finances:
o Democratic Socialists of America, and all their local state chapters (DSA),
o Communist Party USA
o Party of European Socialists
o Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA)
o Democratic Socialists Labor Commission (DSLC) oDSA National Electoral Committee (NEC)
o DSA Fund
o National Political Committee
o All DSA committees
o DSA Ecosocialist Working Group and all DSA Ecosocialist organizations
o DSA Religion and Socialism Commission oAll chapters of the communist party
o The Council for a Livable World
o All socialist, communist, Marxist, fascist, far-leftist, anarchist and radical Islam groups & organizations working to weaken and destroy the USA
o All hidden communists, socialists, far left, radical Islam groups and anarchist groups
o Planned Parenthood
o The Muslim Brotherhood
o The Lincoln Project
o The illuminati
o The Clinton Foundation
o ActBlue Charities and all other charities and not-for-profits that exploit donors and misappropriate donations to be used for dark political purposes.
o Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Black Militia aka ‘NFAC’, and any other organization that endorses and promotes violence, destruction of property, lawlessness, rebellion, hatred, racism, treason, division, and the defunding/abolishing of law enforcement.
o The Deep-Church that works in tandem with the Deep-State to undermine America’s God-given purpose and identity.