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Went on a date with some chick from work. Was really excited to see her. Had been thinking bout her nightly before bed. We talked for weeks on social media and ste up a date. We went to an applebees and she was like a 6.5 at most. Tight, athletic in all the right places.

She was acting really distant from me, and obviously did not want to get physical with me on the date so I did not even try. After we were done I asked to go to her place but she did not want to go.

Had been planning on playing video games at her house and then maybe having consensual, missionary PIV intercouse.

When I asked what happened, she said I it was the worst date she ever went on and my clothes were dirty and smelled. It is not my fault she dressed like a slut and put on MAKEUP to go to applebees.

Alas, this is the closest I ever got to a live female that was not in my family