Eugenicist #fundie

Interesting insight.

Only those with dark triad personalities acquire women. Yet society encourages people to not be dark triad. And those who are not dark triad are those who don't get laid.
Mating is an essential element to humanity. As is bonding with the opposite sex.
Dark triadity is implied as an evolutionary survival mechanism.
It seems to be the zenith of what we are supposed to become as a species.
Fairybraiding is just wishfultwisting for the weak.
Just like how most things in nature turn out to be dirty, and refinement is an exception, but not the rule... as are humanity's spirits.
And we haven't changed. We're just great finessers.
No one is truly friends with another.
The ego gives off that illusion. We're all really just in it for power/ prominence/ dominance/ supremacy.



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