Some TERFs #sexist

Re: TIM concerned about the fact that he can't stop playing with and masturbating to his own feminizing body. Fellow TIMs come to the rescue and assure him it's totally normal.


I hate how there's always the response "cis women/girls do it too!!"

They have no idea what life is like for women and girls. They have no right to speak for us. They have no right to tell lies about us.

I don't know a single woman who feels this way.

Right? Except these narcissists believe they are the authority, and apparently they get head pats for this while we get banished.

Transgenderism is a bastardization of how they percieve women to be. They could never be women because they don't have the hormones and experiences and thought processes from years of growing up on those hormones.

Or chromosomes!

Yea, why do they always say this? Do they misinterpret something a woman says? Did a handmaiden confirm this? I don’t understand it

I have NEVER done this. Ever. In fact, growing breasts made me very uncomfortable, as countless real women can also attest due to unwanted attention etc.

We do not get aroused by our own bodies. It doesn't happen, even if we're attracted to women. Feeling sexy is not the same as being turned on by the mere fact you are female (that literally makes no sense), or even being turned on by your body. Every time an AGP says "don't worry, 'cis' girls feel the exact same way!", I just think of this



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