ThePUAMole #conspiracy

The PUAs aren't the fraud/shills: it's the ATTORNEYS

UPDATE on the PUA takedown:

It seems that the "PUA community" is a pawn of an internet LEGAL community which makes a small fortune by encouraging online defamation and other actionable conduct, defaming people (like me) they know will file suit), encouraging third parties to defame, then offering to defend them (for a huge price, of course). Since they are defendants, they have no choice and appreciate the "help."

Several in this legal mafia employ legal "bloggers" who are either profiting from the business their own conduct generates, or who seek out lawsuits, particularly from pro-se litigants, to highlight and ridicule, relying on public ignorance of the law, and stereotypes, to paint these litigants in a negative light, warning you not to back down if threatened with a lawsuit, etc. They're basically arms dealers profiting directly from the wars they incite, or fuel when they see an existing war.

Anyone who has been goaded into defaming another and wound up sued, or who has been defamed, particularly because they sued, has suffered from this mafia. Let's just say steps are being taken to stop them, they know who they are, they know I'm on to them, and it's just a matter of time at this point.



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