Kitty0812 #racist

I have been single for over two years now. The reason I have done so is I won't give up my views so I am not alone. I do wish to find a man who accepts me for me and that includes accepting my pro-White views. Believe me, I wish I could find someone who I can spend my life with and we fulfill those desires of love and respect toward one another. But I will NOT give up who I am for a man who does not at LEAST believes in only dating other Whites.

Some men have "ran to the hills" bc they have felt I am abit extreme in my views. I don't hide who I am or what I believe. For instance, I began speaking with this man who is an attorney via text. He wanted to see other photos of me and I told him until we get to know one another better, I am limited in what we talk...he was taken back when I said, "how do I know in reality you are not a black guy, you are who you are in your photo?" I figured he has my profile photo, but I was not going to send him anything that reveals where I live and other photos...I am cautious. He said, "it is fine if you don't date black men, but that comment was a abit racist". He then said, "I was not calling you a racist, just that comment was". I was fired up by then bc he was persistent about me sending a photo, not responding to his messages "fast enough". I finally said, "I know you weren't calling me that, but I AM". He didn't get it, so I told him, "I AM a racist by what society labels me as, but in reality, I am a WN. A racist is a term given to those who are proud of their race and associating and identifying with your own race, You, as an attorney should be smart enough to know how manipulative individuals can be. But I am not trying to manipulate you by letting you know up front I am a WN and you or not anyone else is going to change me".

I have lost opportunities in YEARS because I am pro-White and I don't hide it. Some may say I should "first rope them in" THEN telling them. I DISAGREE. If someone is shocked to learn what I believe, then he obviously does NOT have pro-White beliefs. I have met men whom I tell them up front what I believe and they tell me what a breath of fresh air it is to hear a woman who does not date blacks and is not a liberal.



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