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Generally speaking, we are a drug-oriented society. We are always looking for a single drug or a pill that will cure or control the condition. This is also true in regard to cancer. Although drugs may be effective in controlling the symptoms, no drug or pill will be found to cure cancer.

In fact, the outward symptoms of any health problem is nothing but the body’s manifestation of its own defense and remedial effort to correct the adverse condition and restore health. A tumor is nothing but the body’s effort to isolate the affected cells in order to protect the rest of the organism and extend life. Therefore, the effective cure for any health problem can be accomplished by the body’s own extensive healing mechanism. We are equipped with a marvelous healing system, more effective than any healing system devised by man. This built-in healing system is capable of correcting any condition of ill health if given the proper conditions. Consequently, the first principle of biological medicine is to create conditions most conducive to stimulate and activate the body’s immune system.

But we should also realize that there can be divine intervention for healing in our lives. The age of miracles and healing is not past. God can heal and does still heal today. “Bless the Lord O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: who forgives all your iniquities, who heals all your diseases,” (Psalm 103:2, 3). It is difficult to enjoy life if we are in constant pain and God would like us to be healthy. The apostle John was inspired to write, “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers” (III John 2). God does expect us to do what we can for ourselves. Also, God has given us a variety of principles for healthful living — not the least of which is the list of clean and unclean foods recorded in Leviticus 11.

Physical healing should be distinguished from divine, miraculous, supernatural healing. If a sick person asks for healing, then God will make his decision regarding whether, when, why, and how to heal. God may heal now to show mercy, to express love, to encourage the spiritually weak, to reinforce faith, or as a witness of the gospel. To get the big picture, we must keep in mind that this physical life is temporary and we are going to die sooner or later. Therefore, it is vitally important to remember that one’s ultimate reward is neither determined nor affected by whether he was or was not healed during his physical lifetime.



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