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I have checked this site for a few times, its really nice to see others believe in different things. It is always nice and informative to know what others believe, and what do they do.

I just wanted to say that while browsing the page 'Evil Bible Quotes', i have recognised that the quotes are actually NOT from the Bible, but from the old testament, which is actually not the bible (since the Bible is only from when Jesus came to the world). The quotes you have here are probably from the old testament, which is found in the Holy Book (the old testament and the new testament together).
'Malachi', 'Zechariah', 'Nahum', 'Zephaniah' and many others in the site is not the Bible. However, Mark, Luke, John and Matthew is the real Bible, so you may need to actually find 'evil' quotes from there, but i would highly doubt it that you will find any.

Bible : The new testament only (When Jesus came to the world - starts from the birth of Jesus)

Holy Book : Contains both the old and the new testament (Everything about before the coming of Jesus and after)

Hope this would help a few people here.

Thank you very much.
God Bless.



So were we! You can find all of this, and more, on Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

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