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(It's what Dawkins calls "The God of the Gaps." No matter how small science makes the gaps, the truly stupid will keep trying to shoehorn their 'god' into them.)

Richard Dawkins arrogance never fails to amaze me. What kind of professional adult spokesman, deliberatley calls people stupid???

I believe that if the Big Bang happened, then of course God did it. The proof lies in the fact that science cannot explain what was before it. Human intelligence states that there must have been something before the beginning as 'nothing' simply doesn't exist.
When Dawkins can explain this little conundrum, I may listen to him. In the mean time, whenever there is no earthly answer, then a Godly answer must suffice. To argue otherwise just seems childish to me.

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I believe the President Elect Barack Obama will be the next and last American President to be assassinated while in office. Sometime after that, I believe, that a miracle will occur and he wil return from the dead. After that he will present a plan that will offer peace for the entire world that will, according to the plan, last for seven years. Those athiest among you who know the Bible better than I do should recognize to whom I refer and believe that Barack Obama is. Please inform those atheist who do not know the Bible as well as we do to that to which I refer. Thank you.

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[ In response to: "For the last time please post an example of an out of context quote from the Bible and also post the surrounding words from the Bible that change the meaning. (Include verse numbers and directly quote the Bible like I do.)" ]


This is taken from your article "Ritual Human Sacrifice"...Genesis, the first book of the Bible, has Abraham preparing to sacrifice his son to God.

Abraham was commanded to and thus he was justified by Faith in God; Romans 4. Nothing "evil" about it.

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[In a thread about the xtian bible encouraging rape]

God sets the timespan every human gets on EARTH. When you die you're not wiped out of existance (contrary to what Atheism teaches) so I'm not exactly sure what your beef is with God. You're simply taken out of the game.

Hmm, "innocent children" die and then they get to go to heaven to be with a God that loves them. I sure AM one "sick evil bastard." Let's talk about the guilty children...

[And after being ripped apart over his total lack of morality]

I never said it is moral for people to kill children now did I? I said it is moral for GOD to kill children.

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I have checked this site for a few times, its really nice to see others believe in different things. It is always nice and informative to know what others believe, and what do they do.

I just wanted to say that while browsing the page 'Evil Bible Quotes', i have recognised that the quotes are actually NOT from the Bible, but from the old testament, which is actually not the bible (since the Bible is only from when Jesus came to the world). The quotes you have here are probably from the old testament, which is found in the Holy Book (the old testament and the new testament together).
'Malachi', 'Zechariah', 'Nahum', 'Zephaniah' and many others in the site is not the Bible. However, Mark, Luke, John and Matthew is the real Bible, so you may need to actually find 'evil' quotes from there, but i would highly doubt it that you will find any.

Bible : The new testament only (When Jesus came to the world - starts from the birth of Jesus)

Holy Book : Contains both the old and the new testament (Everything about before the coming of Jesus and after)

Hope this would help a few people here.

Thank you very much.
God Bless.

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[Regarding God's command to Abraham to sacrifice his son]

I had enough of your lame ass language retard, God gave him that son in the first place. He later told him to sacrifice a sheep instead of his own son and thats why other people later sacrificed animals to show their devotions to God. HOW the hell is God Evil when he had no intention of killing the kid? Come YOU TELL ME! AND WHY AM I A SICK FUCK FOR SAYING IT'S NO BIG DEAL? FREAKING RETARD!

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while crying might not be a totally evil sin, crying offen does reflect a babies inner desire for itself.

note that Jesus did not cry when he was born.

Also, even if the baby is quite, you can see that sin is born with it.

Sin can effect you in two ways, by it being done to you or you doing it.

In the case of a new-born, by living in a sinful world, even the new borns suffer from sin. Not all new borns are born in perfect bliss? without disease...infact all are born...someday to die. the price of man's sin...sad isn't it...

yes you might have seen me before...but God will always provide a witness. We will all stand together on this one.

Reba #fundie evilbible.com

God created men for his good pleasure and intelligience is one way we are made in his image. Man is the only intelligent creature on Earth. How is it his discipling unruly people can be carried over to women having no control over their sexual appitite.

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if u guys know it all......prove it all......explain the "unexplained".........tell me how people dying of cancer, aids, and other noncurable diseases are healed through prayer...........through the laying on of hands......tell me how those who are bound to drugs and bound by depression are instantly set free when the call upon JESUS CHRIST..........explain how those with "psychotic disorders" are set free at the mention of that name!!!!!............yet this is all part of my imagination or something isn't it........or maybe...........you all don't have the answers........either way it still want to say that I AM SORRY...

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[Christian fundie threatens a atheist with the power of lucifer]

Come see thy evidence here! It will not come to you, unless ye wish Me to send Lucifer at you, being you do not believe Me. A cold chill in the night. Nighmares and oppression, suffocation and you will not be able to wake up unless you say God! Is that what you seek for evidence! It would not be right I have to lower myself to actually sicking the evil, even I have Authority over as the Brother of Jesus Christ on you.

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How does DNA prove me wrong? Every living thing needs DNA which is another example of God's existance and part of his creation or do you think that some atom or cell decided that this would be the blueprint for all living matter?....More absurd

If you can prove to me that God is an animal then yeah I guess your right we are animals

daniel #fundie evilbible.com

There is a GOD, his name is JESUS. He was born he died and on the third day he rose from the grave as the new adam. He alone will you answer too. Then you can say he is a logical fallacy.

PLEASE BAN ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. Primitives didnt believe in germs either, something they couldnt see, STILL DIED FROM THEM!!!!
PSS. It is still a shark, id expect some variation in a species. ever heard of a sealion, it has flippers oooooohhhhh aaaaaahhhhh so do turtles ooooooohhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. they still dont produce some other species of animal just turtles sharks and and sealions. ever heard of a duck ooooooohhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh it has webbed feet oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh evil-loonacy at work. not they all live in the water not suprised try agian.

YOU INTELLECTUALLY DISHONEST PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[Christian who believes atheist's worship Hitler]

For me if Hitler kills me no big deal.
To you it makes sense to lie and live another day, but is that moral.
Wouldn't that be considered hurting Hitler by lying to him.

You are just lucky that Christ is where I get my morals and he taught me to give my life for you is the greatest way to show love. And so Hitler would have killed me and you would have lived. Thanks to my imaginary immoral God.

I'm curious, if we turn the table now Hitler tells you to kill me or die. based on your morals or ethics what do you do?