SamuraiGal #fundie

I don't know how to send this message to the administrator or whoever's in charge of this page. So I thought I'd post it here. This page is open to all members of the public, isn't that right? Including conservatives who voted for our current President, like myself. I'm really bothered when I come to certain pages and they bash our President like the Billy West Page who used to have the words 'Much Loathed Presidential Candidate Donald Trump'. First of all, he is NOT much loathed because he won by a landslide! (yes, he won by a landslide, no Russians were involved, he is popular in the Midwestern states and a LOT of people in my own town voted for him!) Plus he is not President -elect anymore, he is the President! The fact that I can't go into the Saturday Night Live page either because I get offended by what they say is bad too. Not to mention Alec Baldwin did NOT deserve that Emmy.

Please tell the people editing these pages to watch what they say and type. Some people here LIKE our President and DID vote for him and they have a right to be here and not get insulted or offended!



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