Millerfamily6 #fundie

I must say that I, as a sister in Christ, detect rebellion in your heart towards the Word of God. Yes, we are all equal in the Lord’s eyes; however, God our Father has established certain roles for men and women and He does tell us in his Word what those roles are. A woman can share the gospel with others, certainly, but just not in a church leadership role, nor is a woman allowed to teach and lead other men “in the church.” This is clearly laid out as doctrine in the NT for the church…the Lord does not allow women pastors and 1 Tim 2:14 tells us why….because Adam was was formed first and Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. The Lord does tell us that women are to be keepers at home, and the husband is to work and provide for his family, which is not to say that a woman cannot help out in some way (Prov. 31), but her main role is at home with the children serving her husband and being a helpmeet to him (this idea is so foreign in our culture because of the vain philosophy of women’s lib). The Lord tells us in His word for wives to be submissive and obey their husbands in all things (I’m still not perfect in this area and praying through this).



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