The Mussolini Approves Award

"The truth is that men are tired of liberty."

TCH #fundie

I would prefer military government to the corrupt and pretentious "free" government we now suffer under. At least the military would jail—or otherwise eliminate—the reprobates that are causing our decline. Bring it on. I will support it emphatically!

I would actively assist the imposition of military discipline on this country, since far too many Americans are lazy jackasses, who want a free ride at the expense of others. WORK OR DIE! That should be the national motto!

America is in serious short supply of discipline. Military rule would fix our problems in a heartbeat: WORK OR DIE! Real simple. The military would declare open season on the liberal thieves, as a practical matter. "Imagine no more liberals ... it's easy, if you try... No Reid or Pelosi... We'll send them off to die"

Second target on the agenda—after the military jails the 545 corrupt A-holes now occupying office...

The elimination of the thousands of useless bureaucrats... and after them, the lawyers, judges and university professors will all be shown the meaning of "manual labor"

Then we could eliminate the media, which really needs to go the way of the dinosaur. They are as useless as tits on a bull. We have internet, we do not need the sh*thead primadonnas of the press

Military government? Bring it on. I can hardly wait!



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