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Here are 26 reasons why President Obama does NOT want to face Sarah Palin in 2012:

1)It would match the confident optimism of John Wayne vs. the abject dreariness of Midnight Cowboy

2)The exceptionalism of America as envisioned by Palin would stand in direct contrast to Obama's vision of America "cut down to size"

7)It would be a re-affirmation in the strongest terms of America's support for Israel by Palin who happens to wear the Star of David on many occasions vs. President Obama who has let down Jewish-Americans and has sided with the Palestinians once too often

8)t would pit the message of life, liberty and the pursuit of individual happiness offered by Sarah Palin vs. the message of death (abortion), over-regulation (bureaucratic oversight and management) and the pursuit of a collective Utopia by Barack Obama

10) It would be God and providence vs the Devil and secular humanism

14)It would match the possibility of maximizing WHITE turnout in 2012 with its accompanying enthusiasm gap that existed prior to the 2010 election and won by the GOP vs the possibility of a depressed minority or youth turnout in 2012 on behalf of Obama

19)It would be the moral virtue and clarity of Sarah Palin up against the self-imposed family and social chaos and distress orchestrated by the Obama administration

25) It would pit the hope of an American doer and female warrior princess in Palin against the despair of an American naysayer and male sideline observer and noncombatant in Obama.



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