Navaros #racist

[statements in quotes are from the poster Navaros was answering]

"then why does Tessa Thompson’s character’s boyfriend, a white man, come off as the character who’s the most honest, has the most integrity and isn’t vilified for his skin color? "

He doesn't. You make it sound like he is some kind of deep, multi-dimensional character! ROFL. He's a one-dimensional cardboard cut-out. His only point in the film is to provide sex scenes which demonstrate that the main heroine character is a slut. But of course, being liberal nutjob propaganda, the film tries to represent her sluttiness as a good thing to be glorified.

And yes, he is vilified for his skin color by the black thugs who hate him because he is banging the heroine slut that they want all to themselves (even though some of them are also banging her simultaneously).

"by the way, “racistly" isn’t a word."

If I say it, it's a word. If it wasn't a word before I said it, then it has become a word henceforth after I've said it.

"it needs to start with thorough education on all parties to teach people from an early age the harm of superiority."

If you really believe that, then you should be condemning this film and this TV show for promoting black superiority.



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