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Hating God is the only possible reason you could have to deny His Maleness and His Penis, slander him by calling Him a he/she, and attack His foremost representatives on the earth (i.e. myself, Kirk, and all other true Bible-believing Christians).

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In my previous posts, I forgot to mention another reason why I mention God's Penis a lot: you caused me to, by your many denials of the fact of God's Penis! You frequently refer to God as he/she. Should I start assuming that you call God he/she all the time because you have a fixation for he/she's? That is the kind of "logic" you apply to me when you make ludicrous assumptions about me based on me stating the facts of God's Holy, Righteous Penis! So if I am fixated with God's Penis, then you are equally fixated with your false god's he/sheness!

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(from a discussion of the movie Pleasantville, when asked why he'd called the film evil):

I haven't seen this since I was tricked into doing so when it was originally in the theaters, therefore my answer won't be as comprehensive as it could be if I'd seen it recently, but here are some of the reasons:

1. It glorifies Onanism.

2. It glorifies fornication.

3. It misrepresents people who have wholesome family values as idiots.

4. It misrepresents people who have wholesome family values as racists.

5. It says the world is bad if it is a good world that has morality.

6. It says the world is good if it is an evil world that has no morality.

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...except maybe for when God meets feminist monsters at his Judgement Seat and then slaps them upside their ugly heads with His Huge, Holy, Righteous Patriarchal, Male, Masculine, Fatherly, Kingly, Almighty Penis!...and thereby knocks them straight into Hell!!! ROFL!

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I cannot fathom why darwinists like yourself are fascinated by plain-as-day, self-evident, blatantly obvious, common knowledge truth. My statement about being God's #1 Spokesman is as obvious as statements like "the grass is green." It is so obvious that it goes without saying.

The same is also true for my statements about God's Holy, Righteous Penis. That too is plain-as-day, self-evident, blatantly obvious, common knowledge truth. Yet darwinists treat me like I'm a genius since they believe I'm the first one who ever discovered it. It has been known since the dawn of mankind, starting with Adam & Eve! One time a crazy darwinist even falsely accused me of "plagiarizing him" on the false grounds that he "invented" the common knowledge of God's Holy, Righteous Penis. If anything, he plagiarized me because he learned about God's Holy Righteous Penis for the first time from my public posts about It on this board...except that you can't really plagiarize common knowledge like that nut falsely claimed I did to him. What a liar! What a kook! . . .

if I had to make a name for myself, then I am the God's Front of Holy Righteousness And Annihilator of Evil.

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(after someone on the Kirk Cameron board referred to God as him/her)


He is abhorred by your misrepresentation of Him in the blasphemous quoted statement, and also by your implication that He approves of your evil worldviews and lifestyles (actually, He sends evildoers who abide by such evil worldviews & lifestyles straight to Hell after they come to His Judgement Seat).

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Hi darwinists,

Since IMDB is shutting down its boards, I will no longer be able to educate you about your need to repent from your evil, renounce your faith in darwinism, accept the Bible including God's historical account of Creation in Genesis, accept Jesus' blood as proxy payment for your sin debt, stop defending evil, start defending righteousness...and as a result of all that, go to Heaven instead of to Hell.

So I made this thread as a final reminder to you to do what I just said for the sake of your own best interests and also to make the world a better place by virtue of you no longer spreading evils.

If you fail to take that advice, then the next time we meet may be many decades from now, when I am in Heaven and partying with God, and you are in Hell and wishing you weren't, and asking me for help...but I will no longer be able to help you at that point, because the rift between Heaven and Hell is impassable, and once you are in Hell, no escape from it is possible.

Choosing Heaven is much better, so do that! Then we can meet again there and party together!

I know my fans love when I enlighten them about the facts of God's Holy, Righteous Penis...and I also know that God's Holy, Righteous Penis is the One Thing that terrifies feminists more than anything else, because they know they will have to confront and kneel before It when they come before God's Judgement Seat...right before He casts them into Hell forever as Justice for the babies that they have murdered and/or the support they offered for their fellow monsters who have murdered their babies. I wouldn't be surprised if God smacked His Holy, Righteous Penis upside every feminist's demented head in order to knock it [it meaning the entirety of the feminist monster...they are "its," not "shes"] out of His Judgement Chamber and down into Hell. What better way could there be?

For you darwinists who want to choose Heaven over Hell, I leave you with these sites as guidance:


Your other guidance is the King James Bible, joining a Bible-believing church*, and God Himself and/or His Son, Jesus, and/or the Holy Spirit which you will acquire inside of you if and when you sincerely repent from evil and become born again.

*But you can't just join any church...most churches that exist today are fake, apostate houses of Satan.

One telltale ways to know if a church is Bible-believing or not is to ask whether they call themselves 'catholic' and/or whether they worship a pope ["pope" is a synonym for "Satan's #1 henchman"]. If the answer to either of those is "yes," then they are not a Bible-believing church.

A second telltale way to know if a church is Bible-believing or not is to ask them if they believe evolution is true. If they say anything other than "no," then they are not a Bible-believing church. Conversely, if they do say "no," then they are probably a Bible-believing church. You can also ask them how long God spent creating the world and all life in it. If their answer is anything more than "seven days" and/or "one week," then they hate God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible.

If you meet a fake, apostate house of Satan masquerading as a Christian church, run away. Don't even think about joining it, because it leads straight to Hell, just the same as your old path of full-fledged darwinism did.

Farewell darwinists. Good luck to those of you who choose to repent and move onto the path to Heaven, I hope to see you there later!

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I don't obsess about it. But I do declare its truth from time to time in response to atheists/darwinists who try to deny it. And also because I love when evil feminists (and many of the atheists/darwinists here who share feminists' evil ideology) fill themselves with rage at the facts of God's Maleness, God's Kingness, God's Patriarchness, God's Fatherness, and yes, even His Holy Righteous Penis! When they are not busy murdering babies en masse, feminists spend the rest of their time trying to deny those facts of God and replace them with an idol of a false god which is made in their own image: an effeminate, penis-less eunuch god and/or she-god. I'm here to say, "No, you baby murdering psychopaths, the God of the Bible is as real as He's always been, and when you come before His Judgement Seat just before He forever sends you to burn in Hell, then you will have to face HIM in ALL of HIS MALE PATRIARCH KING FATHER HOLY RIGHTEOUS PENIS-OWNING GLORY!" Praise God. Amen!

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[User review of the Emoji Movie. Maybe Poe...?]

Full of Feminist Propaganda

This was the worst movie I've seen in my whole pathetic life. Me and my good friend went to see it with high expectations. We were disappointed. The whole movie was filled with Jailbreak telling how girls are always put behind men. DO NOT TAKE YOUR KIDS. Hopefully this movie gets taken down. It was a huge waste of my time.

nomad88 #fundie imdb.com

Moana (2016)
16 March 2017 - 5 out of 22 users found this review helpful.
Its all about fake gods and weird spirit stuff. The girl disobeying her parents is a seen as a good thing in this movie. If you don't think these movies are trying to plant seeds your wrong. The underlying messages in this movie are anti Biblical. Any significance to her parting the water?? The Maui guy was human, but became a god? Disgusting.

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Don't forget that many blacks often murder their own children via 'abortion.' But you won't see any of the racist clowns from "Black Lives Matter" ever talk about that, because they obviously don't really care about black lives.

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There is no such thing as "homosexuals." No one is forced to engage in immorality. You make it sound like some people are automatically compelled to do so. But that's bunkum.

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[statements in quotes are from the poster Navaros was answering]

"then why does Tessa Thompson’s character’s boyfriend, a white man, come off as the character who’s the most honest, has the most integrity and isn’t vilified for his skin color? "

He doesn't. You make it sound like he is some kind of deep, multi-dimensional character! ROFL. He's a one-dimensional cardboard cut-out. His only point in the film is to provide sex scenes which demonstrate that the main heroine character is a slut. But of course, being liberal nutjob propaganda, the film tries to represent her sluttiness as a good thing to be glorified.

And yes, he is vilified for his skin color by the black thugs who hate him because he is banging the heroine slut that they want all to themselves (even though some of them are also banging her simultaneously).

"by the way, “racistly" isn’t a word."

If I say it, it's a word. If it wasn't a word before I said it, then it has become a word henceforth after I've said it.

"it needs to start with thorough education on all parties to teach people from an early age the harm of superiority."

If you really believe that, then you should be condemning this film and this TV show for promoting black superiority.

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1. Originated in the 1900s A.D.

2. Formed as a response to the apostate church that came before them.

3. Presuppose that the apostate church to which they responded has some legitimacy.

In contrast, the godly kind of Navaros a.k.a. the real church of God:

1. Originated at the dawn of mankind, with Adam.

2. Is not a response to the apostate church. In fact, the opposite is true - the apostate church is a [evil, debased, corrupted] response to the real church of God a.k.a the godly kind of Navaros.

3. Fully and unequivocally renounces all apostasy, and does not afford even the smallest iota of legitimacy to the apostate church.

Therefore, contrary to your implications, your attempt to label me as a "fundamentalist" is a fail. They may have some similarities to me in that I believe in the Bible and they do too, but they also have major differences to me (which I've just described) that distinguish them as not quite up to par to God's standards, in contrast to myself, who is as perfect of a representative of God as has ever been on the earth after the time of the Apostles.

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[things between quote marks were from another poster]

"Let's take a little test."

Sure, I always pass tests about godliness with a 100% score.

"Is the Bible inerrant?"

Yes - but it depends on the particular translation you are talking about. Some modern translations are not inerrant, because they have been translated and corrupted by evil darwinists/Satanists/liberals/feminists etc.

"Should it be taken literally?"

That depends on if you are talking about parts that are given as literal history (like Genesis), or parts that are not (i.e. parables).

"Is it historically accurate?"

Of course it is. How stupid of a question can you ask?!

"Count yourself 33% towards representing a fundamentalist position for each positive answer"


1. Originated in the 1900s A.D.

2. Formed as a response to the apostate church that came before them.

3. Presuppose that the apostate church to which they responded has some legitimacy.

In contrast, the godly kind of Navaros a.k.a. the real church of God:

1. Originated at the dawn of mankind, with Adam.

2. Is not a response to the apostate church. In fact, the opposite is true - the apostate church is a [evil, debased, corrupted] response to the real church of God a.k.a the godly kind of Navaros.

3. Fully and unequivocally renounces all apostasy, and does not afford even the smallest iota of legitimacy to the apostate church.

Therefore, contrary to your implications, your attempt to label me as a "fundamentalist" is a fail. They may have some similarities to me in that I believe in the Bible and they do too, but they also have major differences to me (which I've just described) that distinguish them as not quite up to par to God's standards, in contrast to myself, who is as perfect of a representative of God as has ever been on the earth after the time of the Apostles.

"Methinks this poe protests too much."

By calling me poe again, you only further highlight your own hypocrisy & evil. And God will count that against you as among your many sins when you come before His Judgement Seat.

"the fact that you are a poe is clear enough to me"

You are liar - that quoted statement proves it. Add lying to your sin count tally. Good luck trying to justify lying about an approved workman of God to God.

"Mr God's Spokesman, with the Holy Penis, sorry."

Why do you object to the fact of God's Penis? There is only one reason why the ungodly ever do that: because they hate nothing more than the fact that God is the ultimate Masculine Male King Patriarch Father who eventually will Judge and serve Justice to all evil feminist scum (that includes darwinists like yourself who support the evil agenda of evil feminist scum).

"I always forgive those who are personally rude to me. "

Ha ha, that's hilarious, you trying to represent yourself as a saintly do-gooder, even though in this post I've just written, I have proven at great length how you are a hypocrite, a liar, and your heart is full of hate for me as evidenced by your need continuously to insult me and defecate all over my work because the Righteousness that God & I stand for is diametrically opposed to your love for evil.

Navaros #fundie imdb.com

God's truth always turns the ungodly away from religion. Jesus guaranteed that the world will hate His approved workmen just as much as it hated Him.

Receiving hate from the ungodly is a telltale sign that a godly person is an approved workman of God! That's why, for example, all the ungodly posters on here hate KiBL, me, Kirk Cameron, and any & every other Bible-believing a.k.a. true Christian in the world.

The converse is also true: any so-called "Christian" who the world at large does not hate is most definitely not doing God's work, because as we said, God's work guarantees hate against the person who performs it!

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Inherit the Wind is biased, shameful, pro-Evolution propaganda.

The entire purpose of Inherit the Wind is to push the agenda that the theory of evolution is fact that should be taught in public schools. At the same time, Christianity is bashed in this movie and portrayed as wrong. Those who believe in Christianity in this movie are hatefully portrayed by the movie as idiots. The Atheist teacher who indoctrinates his students with Atheism & Evolution is portrayed as a hero and genius, as are all the other Atheists/Evolutionists in the movie. Inherit the Wind urges all it's viewers to take these sick 'lessons' to heart in real-life and hate & suppress Christians and any anyone who refuses to agree that Atheism and/or Evolution is correct and must be forced down everyone's throat against their will in schools.

In reality, the theory of evolution is not fact, never has been fact, and never will be fact. If anyone thinks Evolution is correct, that is only an *opinion.* The way Inherit the Wind serves as pro-Evolution propaganda is a disgrace and slap in the face to film-making, God, Christianity, and mankind as a species.

The fact that this movie and play is sometimes served up to unwitting students as a mandatory part of their public education is nothing short of disgusting! They want to brainwash the youths to hate Christianity and believe in Evolution, just like the "heroes" of the movie and play do. This is *not* educational, it's disgusting propaganda in it's worst form.

Inherit the Wind has the bald-faced *gall* to have a line spoken in the movie which says anyone who doesn't believe in Atheism & Evolution is dead. The strong, direct meaning of this line is that even while they are alive physically, they are 'brain-dead' for not accepting Atheism and Evolution. Could a movie *possibly* be any more disgusting and shameful propaganda? No, no it can't.

"Inherit the Wind" is a phrase taken directly from the Bible - a Holy Book which the movie bashes wickedly as much as it possibly can. The filmmakers/playwrights might have thought it was "funny" to title their movie after the words in the Bible, only to then viciously bash the Bible with the movie. It is doubtful though, that they *still* found it funny after their lives on Earth and run their natural course, and they came face to face with the God who they were so keen to bash and fight against by making this movie during their fleeting time on Earth. Inherit the Wind was made in 1960. It's now 2008. Using common sense, it's easy to figure out where the filmmakers/playwrights are now. And it's *not* in a happy place with a smile on their face for bashing God & Christianity in their brief moment on Earth when it was "funny" to do so.

Guess in the end, it goes to show that contrary to what Inherit the Wind claims, it's not those who believe in God and reject Evolution who are brain-dead after all.

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I know the real God is real.

Fairy-tale characters are for darwinists, i.e. many/most darwinist believe space aliens jizzed on the earth to create bacteria which proceeded to transform into all forms of life. Those space aliens with magical jizz are fairy-tale characters. You believe in the evolution fairy-tale, so fairy-tale characters are right up your alley!

Navaros #fundie imdb.com

Then wonder no longer, because I will tell you right now: no larger nor more evil scum exists in this world than does the legion of baby-murdering feminists, and every time I declare the facts of God's statuses as King, Father, Patriarch, Male, Masculine and with His Almighty Holy Righteous Penis...those baby-murdering feminists boil with rage! That alone warrants frequent and jubilant declarations of the facts of God's Penis!

And the even bigger benefit is yet to come: those same baby-murdering feminists will have to kneel before Him and His Glorious Penis while they face Him at His Judgement Seat and have to account to Him for their evils, right before His Holy, Righteous Penis smacks them upside their heads and knock them into the lake of fire in Hell!

To summarize that more shortly, I love talking about God's Penis mainly because evildoers hate hearing about God's Penis! And also because I love justice, and It is the Tool of Deliverance for said justice to the most evil scum who has ever defaced the face of the earth, namely, baby-murdering feminists! Praise God! Amen!

In addition, I also have to talk about God's Penis a lot to pick up the slack of everyone else who neglects to talk about It because they are afraid of offending feminist monsters! I have to do my own work, and also the work that they should be doing, but aren't!

By the way Nat, you yourself corroborate everything I say, every time your new posts fail to acknowledge the fact of God's Penis, and instead your new posts continue to spout the she-god strawmen and/or the he/she god strawman. That makes me think you are terrified of God's Penis for the same reasons I've outlined above! If you want to prove me wrong, then do so in your next post by admitting the fact that God is a He with a Holy, Righteous Penis!


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Only a twisted, demented, evil mind/soul would consider Onanating one's self to be "normal." Even Onan himself knew that he was shame of the entire world.

I have seen this same logical fallacy from many other darwinists too: they assume that because they are despicably evil, that everyone else is also despicably evil! I henceforth coin this phenomenon as "the darwinist fallacy."

Navaros #fundie imdb.com

Fundamentalism is a sect from the early 1900's that has nothing whatsoever to do with anything that I stand for. I believe and act in accordance with how godly people have always believed and acted since the dawn of mankind, starting with Adam. My form of godliness predates "Fundamentalism" by several thousands of years. The fact that you and other ignorant darwinists nevertheless associate me with a relatively new sect from the 1900's displays your profound ignorance of God.

Navaros #fundie imdb.com

I say that a lot lately because I know this board will be closing soon and I want to remind - so that they never forget - the feminist demon monster scum (that group also includes male darwinists) who spend their lives on earth trying to undermine God's Kingliness, Fatherliness, Masculineness, Maleness, Patriarchness - and yes, they even pretend that He has no Penis - of exactly Who, meaning the Gigantic-Penis-Wielding Sovereign of the Universe - they will be facing when they expire from this earth and then have to account for the King of Kings for all the babies they've murdered while on earth, and other such atrocities.

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[Caillou] seems deliberately designed to teach kids that they should be greedy, disrespectful, whiny, entitled little sh!ts and they will get whatever they want from gullible, drugged- out, uncaring hippie parents who won't ever discipline them.

I say this is deliberate because we all know that liberals hate discipline and order, and want to believe everyone is a special snowflake who is entitled to anything they want from life just because they graced the universe with their existence. Sorry, but this little girly- voiced puke needs a spanking.

I mean, the writers and producers must know that the target audience is going to imitate every cartoon character they see right? And what they see is this whining, screaming, disrespectful, privileged, mean little puke crying and demanding and throwing things and calling people names until his useless, apparently doped out parents give him what he wants.

My child was just born, but I'll be darned if she will ever watch this show. Oddly enough my wife, who often acts like a spoiled five year old and is liberal as the day is long, likes this show. Go figure.

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There is no such thing as "unwanted fetal tissue." That is just the psychopath's brand of PR-spin to dehumanize babies by pretending that if you re-label babies with euphemisms like "unwanted fetal tissue," that makes murdering them fine and dandy. Only the sickest of the sick most demented evil psychopath would even think to do that, much less say it out loud, much less actually murder babies.

Navaros #fundie imdb.com

As you know, God is a Masculine Male Father Patriarch King, and He has a Big Whopping Penis that evildoers such as yourself will have to kneel before at His Judgement Seat, shortly before He casts you into Hell.

Navaros #fundie imdb.com

Please pay special attention to my OP in the thread "Farewell to the darwinists!" since I won't be able directly to guide with you my wisdom soon because the board Apocalypse is nigh. So I leave that thread's OP with you as the perfect tome of future guidance for the entire rest of your life. And that goes for the other darwinists too. You and/or them can thank me when we meet in Heaven - that's if you and them take the advice in my perfect tome of wisdom. If not, I'll be in Heaven and the rest of you never will be.

Navaros #fundie imdb.com

liberals want to brainwash everyone into believing the lie that the evil cesspool scum world they have created has always been the one and only world that exists, in order so people become fooled into believing that no alternative exists to said liberal evil cesspool scum world.

In reality, however, the 1950's was a utopia of paradise compared to the modern day liberal evil cesspool scum world.

Navaros #fundie imdb.com

Satan is what you would call a "Creationist." Satan knows full-well that everything the Bible says in Genesis (and everywhere else too) is true. He was there!

The reason Satan invented darwinism is because he is the Father of Lies and Author of Confusion and he hates for people to know the truth as God declares it in the Bible. And he also hates for people to go to Heaven and avoid joining him in Hell...which is another of his main motivations to invent darwinism.

So if you want to admire Satan for something, then admire him for his wisdom in being what you would call a "Creationist." But don't be a dupe in his plan who believes the lies that he made up for the purpose of luring people into Hell.

Navaros #fundie imdb.com

I am going to nominate this thread as one of the best original prophetic insights that God has given to me during the nine years long war on this board that I fought vs. His enemies.

In the original post here, I pointed out the truth of God and the Bible that no mainstream media outlet would dare to notice, admit, or publish.

I should have been given a few Noble Prizes for this insight or a similar type of reward. And then I would have thanked God and gave Him the credit for sharing the prophetic insight with me which I in turn shared with all of you.

*pats myself on the back*

Remember darwinists: don't be messing with any serpents' heads like the deceased chef cited in the OP did...or else you will probably be meeting the master behind their power long before you had expected. *pats myself on the back again for all the darwinists' lives who I've saved when I originally made the OP, and/or with the reminder I've just given*

Navaros #fundie imdb.com

"Elliot Rodger, Christian"

No he wasn't. He committed Onanism and he also wanted to fornicate. Those are not Christian traits.

I haven't heard of most of the people on your list, but the fact that you lie about that guy being a Christian is enough to prove your whole list is bull.

And even if your whole list was true, that would still be a drop in the bucket compared to the ~2 billion+ that your kind has murdered and continues to murder in the 'abortion' holocaust.

Navaros #fundie imdb.com

Who do you think murdered the ~65 million Americans and ~2 billion people worldwide via 'abortion?' It wasn't Bible-believing a.k.a. real Christians. No, it was darwinists/atheists/liberals/feminists/SJWs etc., exactly like you and the other posters in this thread (many of whom have openly admitted that they support that holocaust, including mamu and graham...and your failure to condemn it seems to imply that you support it too) except for myself. The blood of those millions/billions of murder victims are on your kind's hands. Your kind is responsible for committing the biggest atrocity/holocaust/crime against humanity/genocide in the history of humanity! Nothing else even comes close.

Navaros #fundie imdb.com

IMDB boards were the glasses, and that's why they are being taken away!

For the most part, IMDB boards allowed freedom of speech...with the caveat that trolls could make false reports to have legitimate posts deleted for an illegitimate reason.

But the liberal agenda/ideology hates freedom of speech. It wants people only to be allowed to say things that support it and help it to perpetuate itself.

The liberal agenda/ideology never wants people to be able to say anything that criticizes itself.

When boards like this were made, their liberal creators assumed that everyone who used them would push the liberal agenda like the board creators wanted. But, they did not anticipate that normal/moral people still existed in today's day and age, and that those normal/moral people would resist their liberal tyranny.

Years later, liberals have finally come to realize that normal/moral people do still exist, and if allowed to speak, they will resist the evil liberal agenda.

The liberal overseers' solution to that problem is to take away normal/moral people's voices. That's why IMDB's message boards are closing. That's also why many/most media outlets have shutdown their comments section within the last year or two. That's also why many countries have made/continue to make laws that forbid free speech, and only allow speech that aligns with the evil liberal agenda.

If any good/normal/moral/non-liberals read this message, then I urge you always to continue to resist evil liberal tyranny, no matter how much they try to silence you. Keep fighting the good fight, my brothers and sisters!

katieexoxo #fundie imdb.com

Death penalty for atheists?

I know its sounds a bit harsh but if u think about it it makes sense
a killer doesnt know that killing is wrong but he still gets the death penalty
a atheists doesnt know that trashing god is wrong but he doesnt get it??
it should be the same for atheists bc they dont know wat they are doing exactly like killers are

Navaros #fundie imdb.com

So-called 'women' have the power to murder their unborn babies and not be prosecuted for those murders. In other words, they can and do quite literally get away with murder. There is no greater power that anyone could possibly have than to get away with murder. That is the most egregious & outright abominable example, and no others are even needed to prove the point that your claim of "men having the power" is utter bull.

But I'll still give other examples too anyway.

Women also have the power to steal half of men's assets and all of their children in divorce court, and furthermore, they have the power to leech tons of money off of their victim - for no legitimate reason - for the rest of his life.

Women also have the power to get men fired and hence leave him unable to survive via bogus "sexual harassment" claims: to be clear, I'm not justifying actual harassment, but what I'm saying is that women can fabricate claims of "harassment" that never happened, and the innocent man will always be found guilty just because of the same sexist attitude that the OP points out and which has spread like a cancer throughout all societies run by liberal/SJW/feminist crazies (which appallingly, is most of them).

Likewise, they also have the power to to fabricate false claims of "rape" that never really happened, and when they do, the innocent man will again always be found guilty, imprisoned, and have his reputation ruined. Of course, I'm not defending actual rape.

Navaros #fundie imdb.com

I think the problem is that the words "woman" and "women" and "female" have lost all their meaning since liberals now inappropriately include non-female monsters under those labels.

Therefore, before they allow someone to vote, they first need to vet every so-called woman rigorously to determine if she or it ("it" is the designator for so-called "women" who fail the vetting process) is a woman or not. I.e. The media calls hillary clinton a woman, but hillary is a monster, not a woman. It would never pass the vetting process. Nor would other monsters like itself (i.e. 99% of the other so-called "women" that the liberal media promotes).

Navaros #fundie imdb.com

Rather, an article written by a real Christian would affirm the truth that God's Word stands, and when the so-called "science" of man contradicts, that is because the science of man is wrong. That's the real defense of God and the Bible.

Navaros #fundie imdb.com

Hold down a job? What are you talking about? Back in the day when good & normal families were the norm (in contrast to the current norm which is terrible & broken families), women did not "hold down a job." Rather, their husbands bought everything for them and paid all their bills. In addition, they also owned 50% of all of their husbands' property and income, simply by existing.

As the character Wally Cleaver says in the show Leave it to Beaver, women under this arrangement "had it made!"

Research has proven time and time again that women were a lot happier living those good lives in normal families than they are today, when they instead lead broken homes, act like men, and worship their careers (as if any of that could ever make a woman happy, LOL!)

Only in the twisted fantasies of liberal revisionist history are the miserable lives that women lead today a "good" thing.