irleeyore #sexist

I've fallen into the peaktrans front hole and I just can't believe the madness that has been spewed. Transwomen are now ciswomen with penises? Lesbians not sleeping with transwomen is transphobic and literal violence? Menstruation and vaginas are triggering and cause some transwomen heart palpitations? ANYONE who says they feel like a woman should have access to women's only spaces? And people aren't allowed to question any of this?

The worst thing is that women go to bat for transwomen for woke points and are disrespected in return. So do you think the current state of this movement is sustainable? It's easy to feel powerful when bullying women. Will these ideas be able to survive when men start to experience the same kind of bullying that women do? Will TRAs even go after men? How will men react when the women that they care about start being harrassed? Or will men not care at all, and transwomen will become the new (and improved) ciswomen, while ciswomen with vaginas will be othered?



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