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Probably the most amusing part about whites full of self-hatred (to me, at least) is how much non-whites are disgusted by them as well, and how those full of self-hate are somehow incapable of seeing this.

No one likes a traitor, though everyone is happy to take advantage of them for self-gain.

The nonwhites know these self-hating whites, underneath all the "I'm ashamed of my white privilege/my ancestors/slavery blah blah blah", prefer to live around whites and send their kids to school with majority white schools. These nonwhites see them as traitors and weak people. I have even heard nonwhites tell me they have more respect for whites who openly say they are proud to be white/openly making explicit racial remarks than they are these apologetic and self hating whites.

I just hope that, as America/Western Europe, get worse and worse that Eastern European nations do not let these leftists and liberals in. They will just bring the same liberal, naive, anti-white mindset with them and destroy Eastern Europe as they did when they fled California and are now turning Texas, Arizona, Colorado, etc, all blue now.

Yikes. I went to college for years and I only had three annoying incidents.

1) Was an idiot english professor who said 'ron paul hates black people.'
2) Another was a history professor who thought arabs invented caravels. Couldn't stop laughing, she knew nothing about the subject she taught.
3) The last was a scene in a government class where a mexican kid tried to talk about how evil conquistadors were. I made a comment about mesoamerican ritual sacrifice and he shut up pretty quick.

lol, that reminds me when I had to do a report on European influence in Latin America. I brought up the fact that Germans brought beer and breweries to Mexico in the 1800s, along with the fact Germans went to Mexico then and did the following: created the train system in Mexico, brought improved agriculture techniques, universities, etc. Even this Hispanic was impressed at what I told them. it was honestly the whites around us that made these anti-white comments. I really can't believe the self hatred that whites have. I have never seen anything like this among nonwhites. honestly, never have.



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