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RE: Angry South Africans Protest in Front of Nigerian Embassy, Demand Deportation of Illegal Immigrants

Black South Africans cannot match Black Nigerians on intellect, the average black IQ in South Africa is 65 to 77 & most of them are in the 65 Range, Nigeria is a bit more clever at 70. So what do they do riot but it's to late as those pesky little Nigerians have had them beat on the business venture front for years now, they truly took Mandela's dream & are living it whilst normal black South Africans are even worse off than pre 1994.

(Silver Fox 183)
Nigerians are the worst Africans of all by far. They are so bad that they are even hated by the other Black Africans, who regard them as incorrigible criminals. When your Black Africans think you are loathsome criminal scum, I'd say you've got some issues.

(Charles Martel Sinclair)
Blacks cannot even stand each other. Why should we care how they treat each other. If they want to go at each other. please do it. Leave us alone, we have enough of you here.

Gregory Hood #racist amren.com

There’s a similar double standard in how people live. Those with power want every white nation to turn brown. We apparently have a moral duty to accept as many immigrants as want to come. The United States is on the brink of being a Third World country already. As Ann Coulter wrote in 2007, “If this sort of drastic change were legally imposed on any group other than white Americans, it would be called genocide.” Miss Coulter is rarely wrong, but it’s not just white Americans; it’s all whites, even in our ancient European homeland. The UN and the European Union fiercely criticize Eastern European countries for not taking in enough Muslims. The Great Replacement is not a conspiracy theory; it’s a fact, openly acknowledged by those who want it to happen. It’s not just that there can’t be a white country. There can’t be even a white town. In Germany, nationalists created a small community in the East. Journalists reacted with fury, as if it were the Fourth Reich.

There is an Afrikaner enclave in South Africa called Orania. It’s the one place in the whole country that is exclusively white.The ANC government is increasingly hostile to this hamlet. Prominent figures recently called for Orania to be destroyed and its leaders jailed. “If our laws on racism are not strong enough on racism to do that,” said ANC activist Carl Niehaus, “pass the necessary legislation.” The world media is implacably hostile to Orania. Why do journalists care? The last story gives it away. It’s safe, growing, and prosperous. It works. Its success reveals the failure of the “Rainbow Nation,” a wreck surviving on what whites created. Author Tembeka Ngcukaitobi calls Orania a representation of “downright hostility to the idea of a single, united, non-racial country.” Maybe so; black politicians sing songs about killing Boers.

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A well written rant, Mr. Hood, and as eminently readable as all your essays. However, by posting it here at Amren you are guaranteed to receive numerous irrational and unrelated responses. Engelman will post about his wonderful Asian friends and how they are even better at civilization building than Whites. Others will respond with stories about their IKAGO friends, their Vietnamese wives, their Polynesian brother-in-law, and how they all, too, deserve to live with White people because being near Whites is their inherent right and, by golly, they're 'nice' people. Besides, people here are extremely quick to proclaim they're not irrational haters - it's merely certain people's behavior they don't condone. Otherwise they'd be just happy as a clam with a Nigerian son-in-law, because if blacks were to behave like Whites in black skins they'd be hunky dory. And so on ad infinitum. Well, I'm perfectly fine with saying I want my grandchildren to look like their White ancestors. I want a White community with opportunities for White people to achieve their best. Regardless of behavior, I will never condone someone forking his White genetic line. I don't care how hot you think your Asian wife is, or how your sub-con neighbor is really into guns and the 2nd amendment. Go off on your own and don't darken my doorstep with your irrational, contradictory and ultimately self-defeating mishmash of beliefs. White people build the best societies for other White people to live in. No exceptions. Full stop.

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(Ghost Forrest)
I am always amazed that Hispanics cannot produce one successful country. But they are so proud of their “culture”. The world needs a lot less Hispanics and a lot more pristine wilderness.


Spain is not too bad!

Even Spain hasn't done as well as the rest of Europe for centuries now. Spain is dramatically inferior to Germany and Britain. That was true 100 years ago. I will never move to a country that has Spanish heritage. First, I hate their language, the way they speak, their vulgarity and accents. Second, they still are sh**holes compared to the US. Finally, their notion of law is bribery and illegal influence peddling.

(Rich at Large)
You make an unassailable point. Hispanics have a love/hate relationship with their homelands. They like the simple peasant stuff (food, music, dance, flowers, etc), but take it for granted that they will never produce functioning modern societies, and hence dream of fleeing to the US, which they expect to enter on their, not our, terms. They don't seem to recognize (and/or don't care) that by so doing, they are gradually turning here into there, in the negative sense.

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”If Mexicans successfully reconquered parts of the south western United States, they would turn it into another Mexico and have all their problems.”

"If"? "Would"? It's already happened in vast swaths of the Southwest. Check out a census map by race of greater Los Angeles, especially to the East and Southeast, which is like an extension of Mexico. And sure enough, there are criminal gangs, hapless schools, etc. But it's all OK, don't you know, because there's a taco truck on every corner. Because whites who created modern society would be otherwise incapable of following a taco recipe.

Eat tacos or anything from those rolling slop-wagons at your own risk. The filthiness of Mexicans, their disdain for sanitation and healthy practices are legendary. Also TOUR those vast swaths of the Southwest. Seeing with your own eyes how those "people helping make America great" trashed so much trying to make their new home resemble the old. Just look at any Mexican slum. I'm sure you can find one close to you. Where we now live, we barely have a handful of Mexicans or blacks. Three or four "homes" as you enter the town literally looking like the proverbial city dump. With disabled vehicles and equipment all over the place. Visiting Houston friends asked me "when did we do a U-turn and get back to parts of Houston" when they saw the trash.

If the native people don't defend the land, and especially if they don't even try to, invaders can freely take it.

You're saying we should have shot the invaders? I'd agree but for the fact that would make some of us criminals. When we first moved to Houston nearly 40 years ago, we met a old rancher not far from the Rio Grande. We got to be friendly and were shown a secluded piece of ground. Where he had helped his father and grandfather bury illegals caught on their land.

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RE: Appeals Court OKs Trump Plan to End Protected Immigration Status for 4 Countries

What is there to say? At some point people have to defend their own country and that's what Trump wanted to do. As for the central American's: I'm sorry that yours is a craphole but it's the Aztec/Mayan way. Go back and lop some heads off.

Lop heads off after cutting out the hearts. The left engaged in a malicious fraud in 1965 - they lied then, promising that their new immigration proposal would not alter the racial makeup of the USA. It has in fact racially transformed the US. Now, in 2020, they make out like it is illegitimate to try to prevent further immigration-driven racial transformation.

(Mark Sohn)
All these central Americans say is they are afraid for their safety because there are cartels in their home countries. But why come here, when they can stay with their cousins in Mexico? Free food, health care, shelter? Look you illegal sobs, fix your countries. We're fed up with you just crowding us and playing your loud La Raza music.

Many of them ARE the cartels.

Hehe, there was a film called, ‘Children of Men’ that showed nonwhites being expelled from the UK. Think of the film what you want; it did show nonwhites being expelled from the UK. Expelled, you know, the way the nations these people are coming from expelled their white populations, considering them colonists (and decolonization their number one national priority). I think a key feature of that is first decolonizing the minds of native citizens.

(Tom C)
We need "decolonization" in all Western countries.

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RE: Sheriff Alex Villaneuva Challenges BLM Supporter LeBron James to Match the $175k Reward for Gunman Who Tried to Assassinate Two of His Deputies

LOL. James is a low IQ uneducated fool who hates blacks as much as white liberals. Like Oprah, James will NOT live around blacks, seeks exclusive areas to live with whites, and won't donate a penny of his money to making any meaningful impact on black prosperity. Oprah and James use their positions to start charities to solicit white people's money for black projects so they can virtue signal, but donating their own money to blacks with no strings attached is out of the question. Even they know how stupid that is.

SAVE WHITE SETTLER U.S.A. #racist amren.com

"4 in 5 Latinos are US citizens"? If you consider anchor baby citizenship, Reagan amnesty, other ways of fraudulently coming here, and all those other Hispanics who lived here illegally for 20 years before obtaining a green card, sure! How many Latinos actually waited their turn down in Latin America before coming here??? I'm not sure I've ever met a Hispanic who did such a thing! I don't know any Hispanics who actually came here completely legally. They ALL cut to the front of the line!

I am not even going to get into how they have destroyed my city and states through their undercutting wages and jobs, stealing social security numbers, requiring everything in Spanish, abusing social services, hit and runs, crime and everything else that comes from them. Also they are much larger than only 18% of the country. The statistics are manipulated so whites aren't worried about the Hispanic ever-growing invasion. Last but not least as to college graduates among them, college admission was made easier in California to accommodate the Hispanic invasion.

Latin America and its people are terrific, but I'm concerned that Latinos in the U.S. are getting proselytized by the globalists, Marxists, and black radicals into the cult of anti-Western and anti-Caucasian sentiment.

You wouldn't have such sentiments if you had lived in a place where they have taken over and destroyed. I have nothing terrific to say about them anymore.

Marko Vojnov #racist amren.com

Take it from someone who grew up in the Balkans — diversity is not a strength. Like many Latin American countries, Venezuela is a strange contradiction: it is stunningly beautiful, has a wonderful climate, and is rich in natural resources — and yet, it is a Third World slum. The USSR beat the USA in its race to be the first in sending a man into space. That was in 1961. Meanwhile, in 2020, Venezuela is on the brink of collapse. Demographics, per usual, is the elephant in the room. The pure whites found in wealthy, secluded neighborhoods are few and far between, and many of them are either immigrants or the children of immigrants. I never once met a single inarguably white family that was third generation Venezuelan. In contrast to most of its population — which, though friendly, is largely lazy, unambitious, carefree, and uneducated — the whites of Venezuela are hardworking and productive. My own family was a good example of this. We arrived as immigrants speaking no Spanish and only basic English, and with so little money we slept on the beach. Within five years, we owned the biggest supermarket in town.

When the wars in the Balkans finally ended, my family decided to head back. As Serbs, my family went to the new nation of Serbia. That was the whole point of the wars, after all: segregation — Croats got Croatia, Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) got Bosnia, Serbs got Serbia, and so on. Ironically, twenty years later the Balkans are a peaceful place — thanks to the collapse of an artificial and diverse country, and the rise of several homogeneous nations in its place. Meanwhile, Western countries seem to want to remake themselves in the image of the former Yugoslavia — illogical polities composed of several different antagonistic and wildly different peoples. Or perhaps their long-term plan is to create new Venezuelas: genetically diverse countries where centuries of miscegenation have created something approaching homogeneity. I’m not sure which is worse.

Fed Up #racist amren.com

Geez! That also describes Mexico perfectly. I recall a former co-worker. He came back from a visit to Mexico and said the sign, WELCOME TO MEXICO should be changed to read: WELCOME TO MEXICO! LAND OF THIEVES!

Or for turning a substantial part of a first-world culture into a replica of the s-hole they came from. But you can verify that in any city or town with a large hispanic population.

Kindly explain what culture they have? Enjoying cockfights and dog fights as they watch dumb animals literally rip each other to bloody shreds. Racing down a street, radio blasting their trash music as loud as they can, while being so drunk they almost kill themselves or worse, innocent people. Enjoying the premise no woman has the right to reject their advances -- if she does, rape is not only right but properly so. Incest with a young child is not really a crime, seen on a par with illegal parking or driving while totally intoxicated.

Yeah, and you forgot that they think that they can cheat on their wives or girlfriends, but their wives or gfs cannot cheat on them. These Hispanics have no morals or family values, and I get angry with these dumb clergy people, teachers and politicians who praise Hispanic morals and family values.

We read more than a few news items in the Houston Chronicle about family values. Especially incest, rape, and the like. Not to mention what "people coming to better themselves: did along the border. The only reason you won't read truth in today's Chronicle is because the newspaper has to kowtow to the advertisers.

Even there music is nothing but a spin off of German Bavarian music.

Germans compare to Mexicans like a diamond compares to a pile of dog droppings..

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RE: Racial/Ethnic Variation Found in Nasal Gene Expression of Key Protein Used By SARS-CoV-2

Helps explain Covid’s disproportionate impact on blacks.

To say nothing of those big fat open nose holes sucking in all of that polluted infected virus laden air.

Plus they are stupid. Smoking (tobacco and marijuana) is endemic among them. Few have any impulse control which means most are overweight and many obese. And overall they lack the discipline to practice any sort of basic health safety protocols.

maybe the fact that these mental midgets dont wear masks and gather for hood parties is the reason they are infected at a higher rate.. plus the fact that most of them are fat and have hypertension and diabetes results in a higher death rate? naw, COVID be RACIST!!!

(Rich at Large)

So evolution is working slowly to rid us of this plague? Or the Chinese?

Between disease, famine, and tribal warfare, nature has been trying to keep this population in check, but we keep thwarting nature by applying fixes while inviting them to dwell among us.


According to science, Blacks have broad noses as an evolutionary development to help cool their bodies in hot steamy Africa. They also have a better sense of smell which could have given them more survival advantage in wild steamy Africa. This present plague is also related to SARS which all came to us from China.

Yeah the wider jackson 5 nostrils contribute to having more cases than smaller ones. That's not a surprise.

They also have much longer arms and big hands to help their bodies dispose of heat.. You can tell how Germanic/ Nordic a human is my their short forearms and fingers.. Also they love to spit in the street. Spitting was once out lawed in SA if caught 30 days jail time.

SINCERITY.net #racist #crackpot amren.com

RE: Is Zimbabwe Extending an Olive Branch to Its White Farmers?

I wouldn't trust anything they say............watch your back

Absolutely right. If they pay at all, years later, it will be in inflated worthless currency. They just bought some time. Dishonesty everywhere. The fundamental dishonesty is the denial of #RacistFacts, of scientifically proven race realism or "scientific racism". The flawed and debunked idea that Blacks can run a country, an economy, and agriculture just as well as the prior white rulers. It is not allowed to compare white run Africa vs. later Black run Africa, if the comparison is embarrassing to Blacks. Anyone can point me to a high quality statistical documentation of the downfall? Running Africa based on false anti-scientific notions of equality fatally harms Africans. Running the US and Europe based on unjustified BLM "protests" and "Civil rights" is just as damaging.

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The whole Anglosphere has the same problem. “An interesting phenomenon in Australia is that a large fraction of the professional Aboriginal Media Personalities are close to phenotypically indistinguishable, more or less (and more than less), from the average bogan [lower-class Australian],” wrote Steve Sailer. Try watching this video without laughing. These women do not look like Abos. DNA tests would be interesting, but isn’t it enough that they “identify” as Aboriginal?

Anthony Beevor wrote in The Battle for Spain: The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 that rightists or leftists behaved this way if they found themselves behind enemy lines. Leftists would join the Falange; rightists would join the Communists. Committing ruthless acts would prove to their new comrades that they were comrades and shouldn’t be killed. I think many whites are reacting this way under our new Cultural Revolution. Professor Krug was Jewish, but most blacks and Hispanics see Jews as another type of white.

Still, egalitarians have a problem. If race is just a “social construct,” why can’t people “identify” as any race? Professor Krug admitted she was a fraud, but I think Rachel Dolezal really thinks she’s black. If there are dozens of genders and everyone’s “lived experience” is valid, why can’t anyone take a non-white identity? Furthermore, if there is “white privilege,” why are people so eager to be part of the “oppressed” class? Some could conceivably do this out of masochism, but Professor Krug, Rachel Dolezal, and the others benefited. Their fraud helped their careers. Should this be a crime? If so, should blood tests be required to prove who is black, Hispanic, or Indigenous? If it is just a question of “lived experience,” how do you tell if someone really believes he’s black or if he is just a good liar? If transgenders are real, why not transracials?

If any bureaucrats asks, I’m a “white Hispanic.” I have 0.1 percent Hispanic DNA to prove it. I know enough Spanish to get through a telenovela. Don’t question my identity, bigot.

Jared Taylor #racist amren.com

You can look at these numbers in a different way. If New York City were all white, and the additional whites committed crime at the same rate as the whites who live there now, robberies would drop by 85 percent and murders would drop by 90 percent. They’d practically disappear.

Chicago used to keep statistics like these, and they showed exactly the same pattern. In 2010, the city stopped publishing them. I wonder why.

The New York numbers are still right there on the internet. Anybody can find them. New York City is the media capital of America — crawling with journalists. How come not one of them has ever reported those numbers?

The media clearly want you to think America is a violently racist country, where black lives don’t matter. It’s a violent country alright, but white people — police or civilians — aren’t the problem. And to repeat, there is no evidence that Derek Chauvin or George Zimmerman or the men who killed Ahmaud Arbery had a racial motive at all. They may not have done everything right, but there is no evidence they had a racial motive — but the media are doing their best to convince you it was pure racism. When blacks kill or attack whites — and that happens a whole lot more often than the other way around, we’re not even supposed to hear about race. Much less think about it.

Who knows? If whites knew the facts about race and crime, they wouldn’t be marching in the streets against imaginary white “racism.” Maybe — just maybe — they’d even take their own side.

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A new book from American Renaissance, A Dissident’s Guide to Blacks and Africa, will be released next month. Here’s what people with advance copies are saying.

A Dissident’s Guide to Blacks and Africa is the best collection of essays I have seen that challenges the entire civil rights narrative and the premises sustaining it. All in all, fascinating, insightful and intellectually daring.” — Ricardo Duchesne

“Often poignant, sometimes horrifying, occasionally hilarious, but always thought-provoking, the essays in this volume offer fascinating insights into Africans, including a number of eye-opening pieces by Africans themselves. Well worth reading. — Edward Dutton

“This book paints a horrific picture of Africa and Africans that, unfortunately, I know to be accurate. Students at Swarthmore and Bard should be made to read it, at gunpoint if necessary, after which their professors can lead them in a cleansing chorus of ‘Kumbaya’ — but they might have learned something.” — Fred Reed

“Racial reality is discussed in this book, by whites and a surprising number of blacks, with a frankness that will shock anyone who has never ventured outside the American Ruling Class’s fantasy bubble. But what most strikes me is the book’s essential humanity and compassion, notwithstanding its grim conclusion — by a white South African — that demographic trends mean the whole planet may soon face the fate of his own country.” — Peter Brimelow

“Each of the book’s two dozen essays is served up in the inimitably dispassionate and logically airtight American Renaissance style — because the facts are shocking enough on their own.” — Jim Goad

“This book covers the whole territory of blackness calmly and frankly — a valuable addition to the literature of race realism.” — John Derbyshire

“I’ve heard countless academics, journalists, and musicians brag that ‘the future is black.’ If they’re right, A Dissident’s Guide to Blacks and Africa lets you know what we’re in for.” — James Kirkpatrick

Colton Morr #wingnut #racist amren.com

In 2016, a liberal Canadian and I were discussing immigration with our students. He asked them, “Wouldn’t you agree that the majority of foreigners who come to China are friendly, they teach you about Western culture, and should be welcomed here?” The students agreed, and the Canadian, pleased with himself, continued: “Then don’t you think it’s wrong for a person who wants to be President to not allow immigrants in? And wouldn’t it be heartless to build a wall to show the world that he doesn’t want them coming to America?” Once again, the students agreed.

I gave the class some more context to better understand the situation, and informed them that in 1960, whites were about 90 percent of the population in America. Today, their share of the total is closer to 60 percent — and in 25 years, they won’t even be the majority. I then asked them, “I’m sure we all agree that foreigners are welcome here?” Just as they had with the similar question from my colleague, the students agreed, but then I continued “What if someone suggested that we open the gates and flood China with millions upon millions of immigrants to the point where it would reduce the Han Chinese to a minority, would that be something you would approve of?” There was no ambiguity in their response: “China would never accept that.” Finally, I told them about the fences and security China has along its border with North Korea in Dandong and asked, “Does anyone think that this border fence in Dandong is racist against foreigners?” Not one student said it was.

China would never be intimidated into thinking they have to take in millions of refugees and unskilled immigrants. The Chinese people would never fall for the idea that they should reduce themselves to a minority in order to show how compassionate they are. It seems that all non-white countries respond in the same way. Nigerians don’t want to be reduced to a minority in their own county, neither do the Japanese or the Pakistanis. Perhaps my change in opinion about this reflects that my own thinking has become more “Chinese” after being here for so long.

SAVE WHITE SETTLER U.S.A. #racist amren.com

I can tell that most amren readers are from the east coast or Midwest, due to their lack of understanding HISPANICS. I live in a city that was predominantly white 20 years ago. HISPANICS have now taken over.
HISPANICS are worse than blacks in every way! Just look at Los Angeles. It's run by HISPANICS and is the worst city in the country. Spare me your defenses of HISPANICS! In sheet numbers alone, they are taking over and you are still complaining about blacks. HISPANICS run off blacks.
Blacks will be the less of our problems as HISPANICS take over! I live it everyday in southern California!
Btw, Hispanics are actually more violent than blacks. Look at Mexico if you want to see the future of our country!!

What seems to be lacking from all these comments is the fact that Hispanics have any say at all.
99% of legal Hispanics would not even be here if it hadn't been for Reagan amnesty, anchor baby citizenship, an illegally living here for many years before becoming legal. These people are natural criminals.
I'm not even going to go into all the illegals living here.
If it hadn't been for all that I had mentioned the Hispanic vote wouldn't even count.
The real question is why do we cater to a group of people that aren't even supposed to be in our country.... At least many of the blacks have lived here for a couple centuries. 99% of these Hispanics aren't even supposed to be living here.
I live in southern California. If you want to see what Hispanics are capable of, look no farther than Los Angeles. Mexico is the future of our country if we don't stop this Hispanic invasion

”“The Latino community too often is invisible, it’s an afterthought,” said Castro, who was housing secretary under Barack Obama. “Even though it’s going to be the largest non-white voting group in 2020. I think in every way in American society … there’s this image of the Latino community as though everybody got here five minutes ago.””

Having watched a few of Castro's speeches it is an open question as to whether or not he believes all this nonsense. There is no Latino community, the various groups who self identify as Latino have many differences, including racial ones, many of them should be considered white like Castro, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. They have a low level of political engagement in general that shouldn't improve this cycle as you would have to be blind not to understand they rank near the bottom of the anti-white, anti-Republican coalition of the fringes. Why would people who consider themselves an oppressed minority, but aren't black, turn out to vote for people who are promoting black supremacy?

It doesn't matter whether HISPANICS are white or not. They vote for each other!!! Most are not white by the way! HISPANICS have their own countries and need to stop destroying mine!!

*Hispanics don't extort via eternal racial grievance.
If affirmative action were outlawed due it's obvious anti-constitutionalism ( violating equal protection of the laws) Hispanics would be even more prone to vote against the putrid left.

Huh.....you must live in Maine. I live in southern California and Hispanics are just as bad if not worse than blacks.
HISPANICS are constantly being catered to and given affirmative action.
Btw, their leftist voting behaviors turned my state Democrat.

One of these days we are going to have to have a vote about which is more damaging to society: Hispanics, negroes, or muslims? I say negroes are the worst to have around.

Which place is more dangerous? Mexico or Africa....
Mexico is more dangerous

Nobody cares about latinos especially the democrats, All must worship the negro, latinos must shut up and cut grass.

The most privileged group is a Hispanic group. What other group has been successfully allowed illegal invade a country by the millions, undercut wages and jobs from its citizens, permit hit-and-runs, steal cars and commit crime on a minute-by-minute basis. I could go on and on.Hispanics are actually the most privileged people when you really look at their track record and the fact they are not even supposed to be in this country.

The one thing a victim group will not put up with is being out-victimed by another group.

A "Victim" group.....they might see themselves as victims but they are very successfully destroyed my state and taking over even though they're not even supposed to be in our country...if anything Hispanics are the most privileged group since they are the only group that is constantly being allowed to stay even they are all illegal

Gregory Hood #racist amren.com

It was a study in contrasts. Black Lives Matter rioters smashed windows, looted, and set fires while the Republican National Convention began with a prayer for a black criminal. In 2016, Americans voted for a wall and an end to mass immigration. In 2020, President Trump hosted a naturalization ceremony right during the convention. “We pray for healing and comfort to Jacob Blake and his family,” said Norma Urrabazo at the beginning of the night. Mr. Blake of Kenosha was shot after he fought police, resisted arrest, and tried to flee, probably to escape an outstanding warrant for sexual assault. He also invoked “Breonna Taylor” and “David Dorn” while claiming Republicans would “never turn a blind eye to unjust acts.” No one mentioned white victims, such as Cannon Hinnant. Mike Pompeo defended President Trump’s “America First vision.” Finally, he credited President Trump for moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, “the rightful capital of the Jewish homeland.” When will we get a homeland?

President Trump didn’t give a speech, but he did pardon Jon Ponder, a black man and a convicted bank robber who started a Christian nonprofit for prisoners. He and Acting Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf also presided over a naturalization ceremony for five immigrants. None were white. When President Trump won in 2016, he vowed that the “forgotten men and women of this country will be forgotten no longer,” but in 2020, he has forgotten whites: white victims of violence and whites whose homes and businesses have been destroyed. We are invisible. We don’t count. White advocates must not ignore this story, but I’m sure the RNC will. They cynically assume there’s nowhere else for whites to go, and pander to groups that don’t support them. Republicans can’t win without at least some non-whites, but last night felt like contempt for the white base. Conservatives and Republicans use identity politics just like Democrats. And just like Democrats, they leave out whites.

Roger Cliftonville-Acton #racist amren.com

RE: The Kenosha Riots Prove It Can Happen Anywhere

”The 2010 census says Kenosha was 10% black. It DOES NOT take a huge percentage of them to really tear down the safety and comfort of a particular town.”

I think we might safely guess that a fair amount of the rioters came from out-of-town. From Chicago to Kenosha is only 65 miles.

Do blacks travel far? I get the impression that since the second great migration, most blacks rarely venture much further than their 'block'

Indeed, inbreeding in the urban black community is apparently now a serious problem because they live in the same place generation after generation, which, when combined with the fact no one has any idea who 'da baby daddy' is, means lots of blacks procreating are procreating with half sisters and brothers without even knowing it. Its a mess.

Daniel Vinyard #racist #wingnut amren.com

My Career as a White Police Officer

We often hear that all black families have “the talk” with their children — especially boys — to explain that any white officer is looking for any excuse to kill them, so they must always cooperate and be polite. If there is a “talk,” it must be a mother telling her children (fathers are almost never around) that they don’t have to do anything the police say or follow any of our directions, that they should talk back to us and be as hostile as possible. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of black suspects who have been “meek, calm, and cooperative.” From the beginning of my career in the early 1990s to today, any time I have dealt with a black suspect, he or she has been confrontational, invariably complaining of “racism” or “profiling.”

Even victims are hostile. Either they are angry that we have not immediately caught their attacker, or they refuse to cooperate. I have stood over black or Hispanic shooting victims, moaning in pain, as paramedics work on them, asking basic questions: Who did this to you? Who were you with? Where were you? The answer was almost always, “I dunno” or a shrug of the shoulders. They wanted to “handle the problem” on their own with street justice, and they saw any type of cooperation with the police as a sign of weakness. I took many attempted murder reports for which there was absolutely no suspect information or leads to follow up on — because the victim or witnesses refused to give us any.

The media are constantly on the lookout for any story that can be spun into victimization of blacks, so I make a point of warning command staff after virtually any contact with blacks. Anything can blow up into a big news story, and if the department is called upon for a comment, it has to know the basics of what happened. All this means officers are reluctant to get involved with blacks.

There were many Hispanics in the area where I was first hired, and their most common crimes were domestic violence, drug sales, and robbery. Nearly all the gangs in our city were Hispanic, and they claimed specific territories.

Hispanics would prey upon any race of people for robberies, burglaries, thefts or other crimes for material gain — usually to buy drugs. As for violence, they mostly attacked other Hispanics, since shootings and stabbings were usually either gang or — strange as it may seem — family related. During our pre-shift briefings, when our sergeant told us he had received intel that there would be a quinceanera party that evening, the shift would let out a collective groan.

A quinceanera is a celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday, and most Hispanics throw the most lavish party they can afford. Almost without exception, it would culminate in a stabbing, shooting, or large brawl, for which there were only two causes: a distant uncle would drink too many Budweisers (the beer they drank almost exclusively) and would “disrespect” another family member. The other cause was when the Hispanic gang of the area tried to crash the party, and the family tried to keep it out — which would mean a fight and maybe some stabbing and shooting. One of those two outcomes was almost inevitable.


A quinceañera before the trouble starts.

It was very rare for Hispanics to commit “random” violent attacks on whites, old people, or women of the kind so frequent among blacks. There was a lot of domestic violence, but Hispanic women never called police on their spouse/boyfriend; if we were called, it was always by someone else. The main concern for the woman was that the sole breadwinner of the household might be arrested. A huge majority of the Hispanics were illegal immigrants and feared deportation above all else. I have seen frightened, horribly beaten women sitting on a couch, staring silently into space as I interviewed them through an interpreter; they refused to cooperate. There were always children wandering around the house who must have seen their mother being beaten. I often wondered how many beatings the woman had suffered without the police being called.

I also dealt with many white criminals, mostly for property crimes, methamphetamine (possession and intoxication), and the occasional violent crime. Whites did not commit the shocking and abhorrent crimes common among blacks, whose preferred activities seemed to be takeover robberies committed by organized groups, violent assaults on the elderly, rape, carjacking, and shootings. I was always struck by the incomprehensible, gratuitous nature of their violence. I have no recollection of any memorable or shocking Asian crimes during my time with this agency.

In my nearly 30 years of police experience, I have never treated a suspect differently because of race. Today’s anti-police hysteria would have you believe that police start and end their shifts hunting for black people to stop, but the reality of police work is simple. We have radios and computers in our cars that dispatch us. We don’t just appear where black people happen to be. We are sent there. We don’t control who commits crime. We don’t control the victims or witnesses who call 911. We stop, investigate, and arrest blacks disproportionately because of one indisputable fact: Blacks commit more crime.

If the radio or computer in our car tells us a green Martian wearing a silver spacesuit just committed an armed robbery, we go to the location and look for a green Martian wearing a silver space suit. If the radio or the computer tells us that a black man just shot several people, we flood the area and look for — you guessed it, a black man. George Floyd, Michael Brown, Rayshard Brooks et. al. weren’t randomly chosen. In every incident, they were committing crimes that had been called in by victims or witnesses. The fact that they chose not to cooperate or to attack the police was entirely their choice.

Our job is to enforce the law. If a suspect resists, we are allowed to use force. Each of those black men would be alive today if he had followed lawful commands and had submitted to lawful arrest. There is no disputing that fact. Police officers want to arrest dangerous criminals to protect their community, and we will go wherever that call for service takes us.

Unfortunately, the city where I now work is destroying itself in the name of “diversity.” As the federal government foists hundreds, if not thousands of African refugees upon our town, crimes that were unheard of are becoming common: children stabbed to death, gun crime, and murder for hire. I now see sub-Saharan Africans walking down Main Street with 40-pound bags of rice on their heads. People from Third-World countries full of squalor and corruption come to our city and demand special treatment while contributing nothing. No politician can complain without committing career suicide. I am now in a supervisory position and can say, without hesitation, that every major crime here involves a black person. The most dangerous service call of each shift for the last several months has involved a black man with a gun or large mobs of violent blacks.

As the “defund the police” movement gains momentum, police officers are leaving the profession in droves. My agency is no exception. Soon, very few people, if any, will apply for this job. In order to fill vacancies, agencies will have to eliminate written tests, lower hiring standards, and look the other way on questionable backgrounds. This has all been tried before in the name of “diversity,” and led to incompetent, untrustworthy, corrupt officers. This is a disaster for any society.

White people are too frightened to talk about the rampant black crime that is documented every day. Whites have become the “silenced majority,” in order to protect their livelihood and to avoid being called the word against which there is no defense: “racist.” This police department is full of men and women who can tell city council exactly what happens when a city submits to the corrosive grip of the black hand. Will they listen before it’s too late?

JohnEngelman #racist #sexist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Do Americans Really Want Diversity?

For many whites, it’s a game of ‘let’s pretend.’

I agree with Jared Taylor that most people prefer others of their race. I believe this preference is genetic. However, genes vary, so innate inclinations vary too.

I learned that Oriental girls existed when I was six or seven. I remember thinking, "Some white girls are pretty. Some are not. All Oriental girls are pretty." No one taught me to feel that that way. I felt that way because it was natural for me to feel that way, My two best friends in high school were Chinese Americans.

On the other hand, there is nothing I admire in the culture of the black urban underclass.

Blacks appeal to me to the extent that they have internalized white values and behavior. They do not have to be as intelligent as whites. They have to be as decent. I like blacks who are Oreos - black on the outside, but white on the inside. When they were growing up they were ostracized and beaten up for "acting white."

Joe Sobran https://vdare.com/articles/jared-taylor-remembers-joe-sobran "In their mating and migratory habits, liberals are indistinguishable from members of the Ku Klux Klan."

Race is the liberal's weakest issue. It is the issue where liberal reforms have obviously failed, and where liberal hypocrisy is equally obvious. Liberals praise school integration, but they send their children to schools with few or nor no blacks in them. White blue collar workers, who cannot afford to to that, pay the price for liberal ideals. It is a price liberals avoid paying.

Well, not all Asians are attractive, not all of white girls are attractive, but none of pure blacks are attractive. BTW, you know Orientals is the old, archaic way of referring to Asians, right? Not a big deal to me personally, but some may think it's not respectful. Just my $0.02.

What I mean by "Oriental" are China, and nations that learned civilization from the Chinese. These are Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.

Calling them Asians ignores the fact that many people who live in Asia are Caucasians. Calling them "East Asians" feels like a concession to political correctness.

When I told my Vietnamese girl friend, "I prefer Oriental women." she did not get angry at me. She smiled and said, "You think we are much more wonderful."

A possible reason for my attraction to Oriental women is that they have less testosterone than white women. Therefore they are more feminine.

Once I asked on Quora, "If you are East Asian, do you think the use of the word "Oriental" is derogatory? None of the Orientals who answered said it was derogatory. Several were surprised by the question.

I have been told that we are not supposed to use the word "Negro" any more. Now the politically correct term is "African American." I have never in my life heard a Negro use the term "African American." If I used that term with the Negroes I know, they would probably think I was being hoity toity.

Here's a definitive Q for Americans:

Your only daughter is bringing home her fiance' for an introduction meeting.

Would you prefer that he is:
A. Your Race
B. A Different Race {Alt. Black, Hispanic, Asian, White}
C. Does not matter.
D. Just glad she's straight.

An Oriental of the other sex would be fine with me.

Leon Haller #racist #wingnut #crackpot amren.com

RE: There’s a Civil War Happening Between Minorities and Woke Whites

I doubt there will be much of a "civil war" between these unpatriotic groups. What is really going on is a clash of psyches: normal nonwhite ethnonationalists out to advance their racial group interests and increase their racial power at white (and taxpayer - yeah, same thing) expense vs. the kind of truly abnormal white race traitors that, alas, ONLY our race seems to produce. I have for decades asserted not only that liberalism is a mental illness (can we all now agree on that, and stop treating liberals as worthy discussants?), but that liberals (true liberals: self-hating whites) are evolutionarily maladapted at the collective level (I am in the minority who thinks that we should consider evolutionary theories examining selectional levels above the gene). Or, they are genetically defective in the ways which support their extended kinship group. However scientists resolve that issue, it is undeniable that whites are the only race to defy basic norms of equal justice ... IN ORDER TO ADVANCE THE ILLEGITIMATE POWER AND ECONOMIC INTERESTS OF OTHER RACES. Clearly, that so many whites are persuaded by this type of bad, racially self-harmful reasoning is a sign of some underlying (bio)psychological defect.

So what is happening here (I know the specific lunatic in the article is a Jew, but she easily could have been non-Jewish) is that minorities, with their understandable, if to us antagonistic, agenda, may now be experiencing the real psychosis of their white allies, who are in the grip of a mass hysteria similar to the (highly exterminatory) European religious wars of the 17th century, or to the John Brown abolitionist fanatics in the 19th. Someday, when we whites once again have our own ethnostates, we must devote public resources to the scientific investigation of all aspects of race, which will include, if feasible, the molecular makeup of liberals. With greater knowledge of the latter, one hopes one day we will be able first, to identify liberal foeti (and subject such to mandatory abortion - or their mothers to physical exile from the ethnostate), and later, to embryonic engineering to eliminate the genes giving rise to future liberal mentality.

American Tax Payer & rls976 #racist amren.com

RE: Zimbabwe Agrees to Pay $3.5 Billion Compensation to White Farmers

(American Tax Payer)

I bet that either Europeans and/or Americans will pay it. Somehow, someway, they'll get that money through Aide but I bet the Farmers won't see a dime.

"But the southern African nation does not have the money and will issue long term bonds and jointly approach international donors with the farmers to raise funding, according to the compensation agreement."

International donors doesn't mean Mexicans.

Asians and Middle Easterners got some money, and Isreal too but I bet none of them will fork over one red cent.

If Israel forks over any money, consider the massive annual aid it gets from US taxpayers - that is where that 'donation' from Israel would come from.

Oh yes, I know. Isreal gets more money from us goyim than all the other countries get. And, Our Beautiful Young White Men are sent to slaughter in the wars our Zionist Controlled State Department creates.

The real disgrace in all this is not Africans acting like Africans but the way the Anglo-sphere abandoned the Rhodesians. The White Commonwealth nations (UK, Canada, Australia, NZ) should have worked together to resettle their fellow ethnics in one of the three realms, most appropriately 'underpopulated' Australia. Heaven knows all four have no problem bringing in hoards of racially unrelated, hostile, third world aliens.

What an excellent point but sadly, SJW and some "Christian" Whites don't care. I relayed a story here awhile ago about the "Christian" radio station I was listening to and called in when I heard them start talking about slavery in Africa and how we need to stop it so I called in and asked what they were doing about the Mudlims Enslaving the British Children in England and was told, "the world is complicated". In other words, they don't plan on helping White People, not even White Children. This is so Biblical, it ain't even funny. In the Last Days, the Churches would become corrupt. Well, you can't get anymore corrupt than that.


The Anglo-sphere more than abandoned the Rhodesians - it turned on them and played a major role in overthrowing their society and wrecking their lives.

I say the money to compensate the white Rhodesian farmers should come from a tax on US negroes. (a). Which group of voters in the US more zealously voted for the leftists here who sought the downfall of productive and civilized white Rhodesia to bring about the Mugabe/negroid catastrophe that was and is Zimbabwe? (b). By all rights, after 1865 the negroes of the USA should have been resettled back home in Africa, whence they were 'so wrongfully taken'. Instead, they have been allowed to stay in this country - discovered, settled, pioneered, won, built and maintained by whites. As a result they have the highest standard of living and longevity of negroes anywhere on planet earth - absolutely towering above the negroes of any African country. The negroes of the US have (and had) a standard of living that is insanely higher than in any negro country, and it is because of the white race. They mightily owe something to whites, somewhere, for this. For their role in enabling the (((Marxist)))/negroid ruination of life for white America's racial blood brothers in Rhodesia, the US negroes owe compensation. The amount US negroes spend annually on potato chips, pork rinds, car air fresheners, Air Jordans, crack cocaine, bail, spinning hubcaps and rap music ought to about do it.

Joeric #racist amren.com

RE: Man Allegedly Decapitated Landlord With Samurai Sword over Rent Dispute

Black-on-white crime with an Oriental twist.

In the vehicle’s glove compartment, cops found paperwork suggesting that he considered himself a sovereign citizen and not subject to the law.

What is a sovereign citizen?
Also, the orientals should sue this negro for appropriating oriental culture and ways of killing. Do the amreners here who worship orientals agree? You know who you are.

Blacks are being fed this "sovereign citizen" lie, even to the point of saying that each black man is "his own god."

This murder is a fruit of that brainwashing.

Who is doing this nonsense? Those who tell blacks that, have the blood of this white man on their hands. Even though I think that white guy is a liberal, he still did not deserve to be beheaded.

Do you believe that this man was told he was his own god? If so, why do you believe it?

Because most blacks are incapable of thinking and have to be told that.

The only examples of the sovereign citizen movement I have heard have been lunatics trying to claim they were only accountable to common law because of unconstitutional actions taken by the government. 90+% percent of them are trying to get out of paying taxes. A few of the militia groups tried to use this tactic.

So, basically they are asking for what foreign diplomats call diplomatic immunity. If that is the case, then they are NOT US citizens and they should be deported to Africa.

Floridian #wingnut #racist #crackpot amren.com

RE: China Sterilising Ethnic Minority Women in Xinjiang, Report Says

The thing about the U.S. is that despite its great past accomplishments, the seeds of its destruction were always there. "Equality" is a lie, and a dangerous lie at that because if taken seriously it can only lead to where we now find ourselves. Since it's a matter of faith that Blacks are "equal", their glaring inequality in everything consequential is only allowed to be attributed to the hobgoblin of "racism", which is to say, to White malice. That leads to the logical conclusion that Whites deserve to be punished, if not exterminated.

Aside from race, the folly of a republican or democratic form of government—despite the insistence by "conservatives" that a republic is far better than a democracy, they are really a Latin and a Greek word for the same thing—was well-known to anyone familiar with the history of ancient Athens and Rome. In fact, there were warnings from Europeans to Americans about attempting what had always failed before. In all fairness, it has taken longer than the naysayers predicted for the American Republic to meet with disaster, but—hoo-boy!—its fate has turned out to be more grotesque than they could ever have imagined.

Onehundredandnine & Guest #racist amren.com

RE: Why Black Americans Are Moving to Africa

I can't wait until they finally discover and realize the painful truths about their people. Once whitey is out of the way, all of their problems are still there, only magnified exponentially because there is no one attempting to save them from themselves.

If blacks want to live in a first world environment, they best not leave the white teat.

The above person wishes to apologize for the above message. They meant to say:

Africa is a wonder place to live and thrive. All persons of Bantu ancestry are welcome to return to their homeland. There is freedom from the persecution and terror of the white devils. Everyone gets a government home, food money and a 1980's Chevrolet Caprice with 29" rims.

Dean Lefferts #racist amren.com

The Story of a Hispanic Race Realist

I was born and raised in the Midwest to a light-skinned Costa Rican mother and a German-American father. You would never guess I have Latin American heritage just by looking at me, and growing up, I never thought much about race. After graduating high school, I went to a prestigious West Coast university and entered a brand new world of culture, education, and enlightenment. Next came graduate school and a stint in the Army. Eventually, I ended up working for my alma mater in a generic office role — the fate of many liberal arts majors.

In my new position, many of my colleagues were black and didn’t have college degrees. Initially, I didn’t care. I got along well with blacks, and never thought about colleagues at work racially, only professionally. I was socially liberal, buying into the many criticisms of my own race, and how downtrodden yet beautifully human blacks are. The city I lived in had its fair share of crime, but I never thought about it in terms of race. In fact, I never considered race to be an issue whatsoever in my life, until after 15 years at that job. Since we worked for a public university, our salaries were transparent. Slowly, I noticed that the blacks around me were getting promotions, and pay that was beyond their skill level, while my expertise and talent went unrewarded. My department relied on me when it came to difficult projects and working with contractors. The blacks in the office had much simpler roles, but were paid as much or even more than me. Whenever I asked for a raise the department would always plead poverty.

Like many Americans, a watershed moment in my racial thinking came when I saw the country’s reaction to news about a black person being killed by a white police officer — in my case, it was Darren Wilson’s shooting of Michael Brown in 2014. Even though the incident took place far away from my state, there were still riots in my city. The train system I used to get to work everyday started seeing more instances of racially motivated violence, and the riots shut down some of its stations. It was then that I first really took notice that I was one of only very few whites that used public transportation regularly, and that I might end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. I kept thinking about Reginald Denny, that innocent white trucker beaten nearly to death by blacks during the Rodney King riots. I felt scared.

While all this was going on, I tried to get a raise again. The executives at my department, all white and well-paid, sat down with me and over the course of an hour explained that budget restraints and bureaucracy made a raise out of the question, and suggested that if I was unhappy about that, I could always quit. There I was, one of their best, most diligent and sharpest employees, relied upon by other senior employees to get major projects done, and they were happy to let me go rather than give me a modest raise. I was devastated. It made me realize that, in the name of diversity, I was disposable. I was a good liberal, and had always lived next to, commuted with, and worked next to non-whites. But none of that mattered. Upper management would always go out of their way to reward and boost non-white employees because it reflected well on them to do so. I would always be last in line, no matter my qualifications or work ethic.

So I got a different job and moved to a much whiter state. It is refreshing to walk down the street or into a store, and not have to be the “outsider,” the “white man.” At work, I don’t have to worry about racism interfering with my advancement. The crime here is minimal too. As I’ve discovered thanks to the FBI’s website, the lack of crime in my newfound white is not a coincidence. I am no longer impressed by the mainstream media’s penchant for tales of “innocent” blacks being brutalized by thuggish white cops. Thanks to LiveLeak, I know that whites regularly face monumentally worse treatment at the hands of black criminals. The “melting pot” that my Costa Rican mother believed in is gone. When she was a child, people from other countries were expected to learn English and integrate into American society. That has now been replaced by the anti-assimilationist doctrine of “multiculturalism” that encourages balkanization and the erosion of any sense of community, nationhood, or unity. Simultaneously, the concept of “racism” is used to forgive any and every shortcoming of non-whites — at the expense of whites. Morgan Freeman has said that the way to reduce racial tension is to “stop talking about it.” This is a pipe dream. Jared Taylor is correct in suggesting that it is not our enlightenment that minority groups and guilt-ridden whites are after, it’s simply, and brutally, our “replacement.” And with that knowledge, I cannot and will not be naïve again.

Robert Kelly #sexist #racist amren.com

I’m no expert but from an evolutionary perspective, women chase the alpha male to maximize mating benefits. In nazi occupied countries, local women sleeping and having babies with German soldiers were common place (that is beyond normal collaboration of the vanquished like a local bureaucrat that cooperated with nazi authorities to keep on making a living). A lot of black women in the US under slavery willingly courted slave owners to hope making an offspring with him. So women tend to sleep with victors. In SA, It is clear the ANC has won of course. The fact that in SA it’s marxist women with PhDs who do it the most, that can certainly be explained by the fact that these ladies have been more deeply indoctrinated by cultural marxist deconstructionist views, I’m not sure. However, if SA is a sign of times to come in the US, we know where our own marxist white ladies stand today...

What you say makes a lot of sense. And, I never bought that white men were just forcefully raping unwilling black women during slavery. Sure, perhaps it may have happened at some time, but typically, women will go for the most dominant male or who she perceives as most dominant. I don't doubt that during slavery it was a coveted position to be the mistress of the slave owner or one of his sons.

Her life was probably one of leisure that other slaves envied and any offspring she had by him would likely be well looked after and probably even get an inheritance. Of course I would guess that this position of mistress went to the most attractive of mulatto women or light skinned black women as white men typically aren't crazy about black women now and there's no reason to think they were in the 19th century, which makes allegations of rampant rape of black women by white men even more far fetched.

I remember reading awhile ago that the majority of mulatto slave children were fathered not by the plantation owner, but by the white men who were hired to manage the slaves and the land.

It was also stated that for the most part, these men would give little trinkets and extra favors to the young women they were interested in (usually lighter-skinned) as a way to get the women to consent, rather than taking them by force.

Most of the young women were compliant because of the preferential treatment they received, but the ones who said no were mostly left alone. The rare cases where the men harmed them could result in severe punishment by the plantation owner, as slaves were not allowed to be harmed nor punished without the owner's prior knowledge and consent.

Interestingly, this created a lot of hostility between dark-skinned and light-skinned slave women. Not just for the gifts and the implication that the mulattoes were more beautiful, but because they were house slaves or had easier jobs than the others. Basically, house slaves were treated like garbage by the farm slaves out of resentment.

Yeah it likely wasn't this rape carnival of black women by white men as we are led to believe. They have already made millions of people believe that gangs of white supremacist go around hunting for black men to kill right now in 2020. How difficult would it be to get those same people to believe that white men were rampantly raping black women in 1820?

Wayne Allensworth #racist #wingnut amren.com

The Old America Is Dead. Where Do We Go from Here?

America faces three scenarios.

One: Trump is re-elected on a wave of anger over the looting and anarchy unleashed by the “I-Can’t-Breathe” narrative. Trump sends Javanka packing, dispatches the troops to restore order, extends the immigration moratorium, finally builds the wall, and begins mass deportations as the White House protects the dissident Right from deplatforming by the Tech Totalitarians.
That scenario is most likely a fantasy.


Two: Trump loses, and the Blob and its allies triumph. But because this is a country now and not a nation, with no shared sense of common identity and agreed-upon history, culture, beliefs, or language, only a full-blown police state can hold it together.
Even that might not ensure order in a chaotic post-America, and the diminishing number of whites will surely not enjoy the protection of the state. At some point, white Americans might well be living like white South Africans, ever in fear for their lives.


Three: The country breaks apart, and the Historic American people establish enclaves for themselves and others who love and fondly remember the old America.

HamburgerToday2019 #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: 2020 Primary Polling Proves the ‘Latino Vote’ Isn’t at All Monolithic

This is the sort of ridiculous drivel Fredocon's with last names like 'Gonzalez' roll out to 'dispell myths' that no sensible person ever believed in the first place. If it weren't for the fact that 'urinalists' like Gonzalez repeat talking points instead of doing research and thinking no one would believe the 'myths' they 'dispell' in the first place.

It doesn't matter if 'Latinospanics' are not an electoral 'monolith'.

It's an artificial category anyway and the only ones who count are Mexicans.

A whopping 28% of Latinospanics voted for Trump in 2016.

Yes, you read that right. The largest Latinspanic group in the US voted 72% against the Republican candidate.

So Mike Gonzalez is right, Mexicans are not a monolithic voting block. They just vote 72% against White people.

Cubans are 0.7% of the U.S. population (2018).
Mexicans are 18.3% of the U. S. population (2018).

Who gives a crap how the Cubans vote? They're not a relevant political force nationally. If they weren't all clustered in Florida, no one would care about their votes in the nationals.

You said it yourself. They (Cubans) are a significant voting block in Florida, which has the same 29 electoral votes as New York. (Most Americans have not noticed the growing importance of Florida in national elections.)

Yeah, but Florida is already dicey because of Mexicans and Jews, it's going to 'go Blue' at some point in the not-to-distant future.

I suspect it's too late for the Sailer Strategy at this point.

In my view, the only way Whites can have political authority again that allows them to pursue their interests is through secession and separation.

Petit Grégory #racist amren.com

RE: Photos: Winston Churchill Statue Reappears

TBH they unboxed it because Macron will be tomorrow in London for the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Charles de Gaulle's call for resistance at the BBC and he was planned to visit the statue.

i suppose even the Turkish cuck who is ruling the remnants of the UK may have considered it would be really bad optics to see two European leaders bringing flowers to some Ka'aba-like wrap.

From what I've heard, there are plans to rebox it if oppressed watermelons demonstrate again.

Tucker #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Nikki Haley Positions Herself to Lead the Post-Trump Republican Party

Here is my reminder to every White Southerner: Nikki Haley has proven herself to be a virulently anti-White, anti-White Southerner, hard core globalist, amnesty supporting, open borders loving, war mongering, Israel First treasonous witch of the absolute worse magnitude that the 'Deep State' could dredge up from its deepest and darkest sewers. While Governor of the Southern state of South Carolina, she displayed her eagerness to cuck to the Cultural Marxists who are waging a full scale war against the courageous Southern men who fought and died for the Confederacy by seizing upon a mentally unstable kid (Dylan Roof) who committed a mass shooting at a black church - and she used this crime, which was committed by an individual - for her excuse to ban the Confederate Flag and to kick off this accelerated demonization of all things related to the War for Southern Independence.

Furthermore, she was a leading anti-Orange Man GOP establishment voice during the 2016 presidential campaign, and is on the record as strongly opposing just about every single promised agenda item that the Orange Man ran on in 2016, and after he stupidly let Jared Kushner talk him into hiring this mouthy and dangerous woman into his administration - she repeatedly and brazenly engaged in acts of insubordination by shooting her mouth off in open defiance to, and direct contradiction of, official White House policy - demonstrating a clear lack of respect for the sitting Commander in Chief and treating him as if he was HER subordinate instead of the other way around.

I have been watching Nikki Haley with a keen eye ever since she exploited the Dylan Roof incident to prove her 'Deep State' credentials by showing her hatred and disrespect for the thousands of White Southerners who fought and died in the War for Southern Independence - and, trust me on this - she did that as part of her audition to the Deep State, because hating the South and proving you are anti-White is high on the checklist of these Cultural Marxists who hate and despise traditional America. Nikki Haley is consumed with anti-White Southern bigotry - and that means she is an enemy to ALL racially healthy White Americans, regardless if they are Southerners or living somewhere outside of the Southern states. The Deep State anti-Trumpers have been grooming this evil woman as a possible future candidate for either the Presidency or the Vice Presidency. Do NOT fall for this scam.

Nikki Haley is a war mongering, globalist who is a puppet for the Israel First Lobby and she is the mortal enemy of every one of the 62 million Americans who voted for Trump based on his 2016 promised agenda.

Chris Roberts #racist #wingnut amren.com

Context is King: How the Left Talks About Demographic Change

Gregory Hood is fond of saying, “Politics is about who, not what.” Nothing confirms this more than how leftist media write about demographic change. If whites object to being displaced, it’s not even happening, and even if it is, whites are paranoid. When demographic change brings leftist victories or when it displaces leftist pets, it’s real and significant.

In March, The Guardian published this headline, “White nationalist hate groups have grown 55% in Trump era, report finds.” The subtitle was “Southern Poverty Law Center warns of growing movement driven by ‘fear of demographic change’” — implying that such fears are silly and unfounded.

But in a 2017 essay called “‘Nothing is ours anymore’: Kurds forced out of Afrin after Turkish assault,” The Guardian found similar fears for Kurds living in Syria serious and worrisome:

There is definitely a demographic change, a lot of Kurds have been forcibly displaced on the count that they’re with the PKK when in fact they weren’t. There are barely any Kurds left in Afrin, no one is helping us go back.

Another Afrin local, Shiyar Khalil, 32, said: “When the Kurds try to get back to their house they have to jump through hoops. You cannot deny a demographic change, Kurds are not able to go back. Women are veiled, bars are closed; it’s a deliberate erasing of Kurdish culture.

Salon is just as inconsistent. After Barack Obama’s reelection in 2012, it published an article called “The final defeat of backlash politics.” This is from its opening paragraph:

A new, increasingly liberal electorate has ratified the results of the New Deal and the Civil Rights Revolution. Republican conservatives will still be able to win victories, but their hopes of overturning the outcomes of the 1930s and the 1960s have been doomed by cultural and demographic change.

But a 2017 article from the same website suggests that if Trump supporters take change seriously, they are falling for a “a false narrative of white victimhood“:

[President Trump’s white supporters] feel they are living through rapid demographic change that will leave them as a minority of the population.

Note how the first Salon quote uses the word “doomed” to describe the impact of demographic change, while the second uses “feel” to make the worries of whites sound subjective and perhaps irrational.

The leftist magazine The Nation is no better. A 2019 essay called “The ‘Great Replacement’ Is a Genocidal Playbook” (“The Great Replacement” is shorthand for mass population change at the expense of whites) puts scare quotes around the phrase to reinforce the idea that it’s a myth:


When The Nation approves of what’s happening it understands that demographics are destiny. This is from “As California Goes . . . “:

Demographically, what California was a generation ago, America is now; what California is, America is likely to become. The Golden State, for all its reputed liberalism and its rapid Hispanicization, may not be so different from the rest of the nation, just a generation or two ahead of it.

There doesn’t seem to be one leftist outlet that doesn’t follow this double standard. Jacobin opposes demographic change in Israel and Syria:

Elsewhere this has initiated full-blown attempts at “Judaization.” After 1967, the Israeli government became concerned about the lack of Jews living in the north and south of the state and so planned to increase the population in those areas. Such a demographic change necessitated the confiscation of Palestinian land for the building of Jewish settlements. — No, Israel Is Not a Democracy, Ilan Pappe, May 2017

Those who stayed in Afrin [Syria] fared little better. . . .The new occupiers themselves imposed demographic change and extended “Turkification” policies from Turkey’s Kurdish southeast into northern Syria. — Ignoring Afrin, Gokcan Aydogan, et al, September 2018

But Jacobin would never write about the “full-blown ‘Hispanicization’ of California public schools.”

The Daily Beast, whose tech reporter Will Sommer specializes in mocking the Right, published the following claim about a “great replacement” with no caveats:

The depopulation of Palestine was no accident. The Zionist movement sought to create a Jewish state in a territory where Jews were a minority. On the eve of the Nakba, Jews constituted 30 percent of the population and owned 7 percent of the land. Within months, they forged a state on 78 percent of the territory where they flipped the demographic ratio from 30:70 Jews to Arabs to 90:10. To think such dramatic demographic change happens by accident—only coincidently suiting decades old Zionist aims—is dangerous naiveté. Such things happen only by design. — Nakba Denials Must Be Condemned, Yousef Munayyer, July 13, 2017

The Left understands demographic change; it just doesn’t want whites to notice it’s happening.

Six years ago, a “purple” Georgia was a pipe dream. Now, in a year when Republicans have the national advantage, it’s a possibility. The pace of demographic change is so fast that, soon enough, Democrats like [Stacey] Abrams won’t have to work to change the electorate—it will have happened on its own.

Paul Kersey was not the author. It was a black liberal named Jamelle Bouie, writing for Slate. Mr. Bouie has since been hired by the New York Times and Paul Kersey has been attacked by it. That’s because Mr. Bouie is happy to see these changes, and Mr. Kersey isn’t.

Asmodeous Rex #racist amren.com

RE: Biden’s VP Pick Isn’t the Biggest Issue for Latino Activists

If it hadn't been for Reagan amnesty, and the fact that an anchor baby turns 18 every 30 seconds, we wouldn't havrr to worry about the hispanic vote.

That's truly magical, isn't it? Every thirty seconds an "anchor baby" turns 18. I'm simply amazed by all of this. Just think, when José crossed the southern border without inspection, he was a vile, evil, fat, short, stupid, ugly, "low IQ" dwarf who was already into all kinds of bad things, like drug-selling, child molestation, rape, drunk-driving, tax-cheating. etc,etc. He then visited the local Jujuman who turned him into a tall, dark and handsome Latin lover like those old Hollywood types like Ricardo Montalban and Cesar Romero. José even changed his name to Buddy Loverman. He became full of vim, vigor and vitality. He then met Lola and Lupita who just couldn't resist his charms and now he is the father of several anchor babies while racking in tons of money.

rls976 & Caesarius #racist #wingnut amren.com

(Note: The person they are derisively referring to, Asmodeus Rex, is a commenter on AmRen with a rather unenviable reputation there for his relative liking of Latin Americans)

RE: Rising Diversity Is Joe Biden’s Worry, Too


The Whites who vote for Democrats out of strong and sincere political conviction may finally get their wish. They have long professed to want to change the country deeply, claiming that it's not only harmless to do so, but progress. I hope they enjoy the new creation they have campaigned for all these many decades.

Yes, such progress. Just look at the native countries and regions that all of these nonwhite peoples in the United States trace their ancestry back to. Haven't they all historically been better than the United States? Therefore, isn't it a great improvement to transform the United States of America from a gleaming outpost of European civilization in the New World into a Third-World society? That way we can emulate the success of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and, of course, Asmodeous Mex's favorite people, the Latin Americans. Yes, stop being European and become these nonwhite others, and the USA will become a more intelligent, more creative, more productive, more orderly, more cohesive country - won't it?

The leftist-liberals are not surpassed by anyone in history as scoundrels and scum. They have identified, and fanatically adhered to, the most potent plan imaginable to degrade a superb and high-achieving society into just another Third World dump.

It is disgraceful, and suicidal, of the white Americans, that they have lowered their birthrate to a population-decline level. The future belongs to those who bother to show up for it, and the whites aren't.


Even though there are already parts of the US that look like a Third World Country, the part that really makes my blood boil is so many Whites marrying Asmodeus Mex's favorite people (he probably refuses to admit that a VERY large number have Negroid admixture, which is the reason for the extremely dark skin on some of them sometimes as dark or even darker than American Blacks and the Patels) and these "people" having a higher standard of living than working class Americans. They receive all the free stuff, $10,000 income tax returns (even though they don't pay taxes); they are permitted to commit all types of fraud even against the IRS. They have so much money that all of them have nice vehicles bought for cash as well as homes bought for cash, free college educations courtesy of the American taxpayer. Once their kids are old enough to drive, all of them get vehicles because money is not a problem.. In the meantime, homeless veterans still die in the street. That is pure treason on the ones that have set things up to be that way..

Shane #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: AP Says It Will Not Change Style for ‘white’ After Capitalizing ‘Black’ . . . To Not Encourage ‘white Supremacists’

“White people in general have much less shared history and culture, and don’t have the experience of being discriminated against because of skin color,”

If that’s the case, then we also don’t have a shared history as oppressors. You can’t have it both ways, saying we don’t not have a collective history, but we simultaneously have collective responsibility for things done in history.

On a positive note, if Whites do not have a shared culture, then an all White group composed of Celts, Slavs, Mediterraneans, etc. is already plenty diverse and probably doesn’t need to be “enriched” by 3rd world migrants.

You win the internet for the day with your very astute second paragraph.

Thank you, I appreciate the praise! It’s my modest attempt at getting on the comments of the week page (only kidding, although that would be nice).

Week? This is the observation of the year.

Thank you, that is very kind of you to say.

Unfortunately, it’s a point the Left doesn’t seem to realize and so they persist in their hypocritical attempt to assign collective blame on Whites.

Various Commenters #racist #sexist amren.com

RE: Black Rule: Stories from the New South Africa, 2011-2015


South Africa is in freefall. There is nothing that can save it now. Whites can save themselves only by segregating from the negro. If I were the leader of 1 million well armed white men, this negro worship would end. I would hold TV networks responsible for what they broadcast. If they air something that enflames the negro, I would shut them down. In a white homeland, negroes would be forbidden. This is the only way now.

Sweden has passed the Congo and is nipping at the heels of South Africa for rape capital of the world. Why? Because white women have more political power in Sweden than anywhere else in the world. There is no point to a white homeland - literally not worth the moving costs - if women are still allowed to vote, sit on juries, and hold political office. They will simply import Africans and Arabs to rape and murder.

The feminist white woman is the architect of the destruction of the Western world. Still vindictive, shrill, irrational after 50 years and show no signs of wanting to protect it. They have sided with every grievance group against the white hetero male. They show no sign of growing up sadly.

It's simply evolution. It's not something they can avoid. The same behavior is displayed by all sexually dimorphic mammals.

Think of the life cycle of a lion. A male lion will find a mate and have several cubs. The female is always on the lookout for aggressive males outside of her pride. She will entice any that she finds to come and fight her male. If the outsider male wins, he will kill her cubs and mate with her right then and there. The father lion always gathers up the bodies of his dead cubs and lays down beside them to slowly die of blood loss and infection while the mother of those cubs mates with the male who killed them.

When you hear of the Rotherham and Malmo rape gangs, as well as how white women defend them, understand that no words can sway a lioness to fight to save her children. Women are no different. They cannot be convinced.

Repeal the 19th. Repeal the Fifth Reform.


Your analogy is made even more powerful by the fact that the male allows the female to do this: he allows her to sabotage his pride, and risk the death of his children. It's the same in the West today: females only get away with this because the men allow them to. I suspect that, if lions have the mental capacity to think this far, the defeated male lion doesn't resist and kill the subversive female because he believes that it's simply the way things are in the world. Western men are the same: they don't understand that there was a time when women didn't have as much as they do now, and that the problems which exist now were more unimaginable than fantasies then.

I'm not advocating for killing women, but you get the point.

(Robert Kelly)

Sky News went to a township near Johannesburg to do our own impromptu survey asking men whether they had ever forced a woman to have sex. . .

In total, 28 out of the 38 that answered said they had raped a woman, and many even explained how and why. [Sky News, September 19, 2013]

And white men are accused of being the paragon of rapists and sex fiends by feminists everywhere. The only reason why women have rights is because white men have made it possible. If white men disappeared tonight and white women were left at the tender mercies of black and brown men, the above would be the result.

Left to their own devices, I don't think black and brown men see anything wrong with forcing themselves on a woman. To them, rape would only be wrong if another man raped a woman that "belonged" to him and even then, that's because of property rights not because he thinks rape is wrong.


I know we shouldn't judge a book by its cover but look at those pictures above. Or look at the pictures of any of the blacks who have murdered young White people. The White young men and women are beautiful, the blacks not just beastly but clearly unevolved. They are not us. They are not our evolutionary, moral or intellectual equals. How did the charade of equality ever take such a foothold? How could so many White people be convinced of such an absurd idea?

Great Post - I really think their hatred of us and the unspeakable violence directed at us is precisely this - pathological envy or jealousy of our (relative) beauty and we must be destroyed, no matter how successful the black person is, he or she has pretty much told whites they despise them. Their natural enemy is the mirror and we can never make that right. The contrived bravado, arrogance, third - person references, huge gold chains, "grills", speech and dress codes, even the way they hold a glock, screams animus and insecurity.

And that is why, I am sure, so many black women go over the top with hair coloring, make-up, hair styles and clothes. They know they can never look like us no matter how much they repaint the old barn.

(Vir magnus)

In recent years, the white race has been portrayed to be the utmost perpetrators of racism, injustice, misogyny, homophobia, brutality, and genocide; they bring nothing but destruction. If this is all accurate, then one can only assume that South Africa would benefit considerably from the transfer of white power to black power within their government. Contrary to the fallacies that liberal professors convey into the minds of our youth, the complete opposite was true.
No one will discuss the fact that South Africa is now the headquarters of rape and HIV, that "94%" of murderers face no punishment. And that this trend worsens as the white population decreases.
This should come as no surprise, given that the average IQ of Africa as a whole stands at less than 70. It wouldn't have taken a rocket scientist to predict a rapid decline in the standard of living of South Africans post Apartheid.

I am curious to know if Robin Diangelo's anti white conceptions would change if she were to take a two year trip to Nyanga, South Africa. Perhaps gang rape would be enough to change her mentality.

(Frank Jones)

A more grotesque outcome one can scarcely imagine. Apartheid was a more humane and eminently more sensible system of governance.

Volkmar Weiss #wingnut #sexist #racist amren.com

IQ Studies Behind the Iron Curtain

Volkmar Weiss is a German geneticist and historian.

Grégoire Canlorbe: The creative and cognitive potential in Western industrialized countries appears to be declining as monarchy and warlike aristocracy gave way to bourgeois democracy and the establishment of a pro-immigration welfare state. How does this fit into the population cycle driving human history?

Volkmar Weiss: In 1891, Prussia enacted its first progressive tax. Low-income earners with children were exempt. On this day, the breeding of stupidity began. In the entire history of mankind up to that point, the survival of children depended on the economic success of parents. If parents were incapable, they could not or would not marry; any children they might have had poor chances for survival. Democracy brought progressive taxation, the welfare state, and incentives for the have-nots to have children.

Couples limit the number of children if they fear their children cannot maintain the parents’ social status. Since entry into the upper classes is more limited than places into the lower classes, birth control begins in the upper class. It is a response to the fear that one’s children will lose in social competition. The ruling class started birth control in the last third of the 19th century, and the middle classes — salaried employees and skilled workers — started having fewer children after the turn of the century. The number of children in the upper and middle classes was limited in order to protect them from downward mobility. When this became apparent around 1900, Francis Galton predicted the drop in general IQ levels, which has since taken place.

Also, millions of foreigners with a mean IQ below 100 are pushing into Europe, and democracy seems to us like a warm late summer evening. We know this beautiful evening will be followed by cold and stormy days, from which we cannot escape.

Grégoire Canlorbe: Do you think there are race differences in attitudes towards death?

Volkmar Weiss: I do not know, but the whole world seems to be stricken by irrational panic and fear of death.

Grégoire Canlorbe: Thank you for your time. Is there anything you would like to add?

Volkmar Weiss: If it had not been for the Christian Drosten group in Berlin that developed the test for Covid-19 and made it available to China in January 2020, there would not be a single statistic on the spread of the new virus. Not one. A somewhat puzzling flu-like epidemic would have spread around the world, as has happened a hundred times before. Each time, thousands, even millions of people — mostly old people — died, and were not treated separately in the mortality statistics the following years.

That could be the same this time; nothing more. What is taking place is an anxiety- and media-driven infection of common sense, which is no longer able to balance costs and risks. This inability to balance costs and risks is unchanged since the time of Adam and Eve.

Now, the enforcement of the human right to die in an intensive-care bed is our most important goal. Everything is subordinate to this. The problem is not a new virus, but the inability of mass society to deal with it.

Michael Whalen #racist amren.com

RE: First of Four Cops Charged in the Death of George Floyd Will Plead Not Guilty to Second-Degree Murder and Manslaughter

J. Alexander Kueng has a Nigerian father and white mother.

"A Nigerian father and a white mother..." What is it with these white women?

Vile indeed...

She obviously doesn't think much of herself.
I bet her parents are real pleased.

Here's a case where a Grandfather had the nerve to tell his daughter the truth:


Thanks for the link. It was like reading a Stephen King novel. Horrible. So horrible that it was fascinating. I note a couple of salient points. One issue that her father had was that the pavement ape did not marry her prior to her having his child. (Not that that kind of marriage would have made her father happy) Another point. Not only did he not marry her, he abandoned her because he was having affairs with other women. (Surprise!) You can bet the ranch that these other women were also white. One final point. Note this young "lady" is not the least bit surprised or shocked that her "partner" abandoned her. She probably took it as a fact of life that she would be abandoned sooner or later. Now, no white man on this earth any self respect would touch her with a ten foot pole.

Michael Williams #racist #wingnut amren.com

A Young White Man’s Struggle with Identity

This is part of our continuing series of accounts by readers of how they shed the illusions of liberalism and became race realists.

I am a white man in his mid-twenties who grew up in a middle-class home. My mom was a liberal public school teacher and was passionate about helping “oppressed” immigrants and minorities. She taught at inner-city schools and worked as a missionary in Haiti and Mexico. Looking back, I realize I was deeply influenced by her — especially since I had no real father figure. I was taught to not see color, and that in general, the reason why minorities and immigrants struggle in America was because of racist whites.

I was a rebellious teenager, and made plenty of trouble for myself throughout high school. Eventually, my bad behavior made my mom decide to pull me out of my majority white school and enroll me in the almost exclusively black school she taught at. She thought the black kids would “straighten me out” and “show me what it’s really like to have it bad” — but that isn’t what happened. Instead, I ended up coming to admire the black “gangster/thug life” and started using drugs and causing as much trouble as ever.

The next year she sent me back to the majority white school I had been pulled out of, but the trouble didn’t stop. I began using more and more drugs, and became addicted to Oxycontin. After that it was a downward spiral. I was willing to do anything to get the drug, and I started hanging around bad characters. By the end of high school, I was selling drugs and robbing people in order to fund my addiction.

Not long after I graduated, my parents kicked me out and I started “couch-surfing,” while still selling and using drugs. This ended with me going to a treatment center for a year and a half — but once I left, I quickly picked up my bad habits once again. I started selling crack and other drugs in a black ghetto, and my life was centered around getting high. But I soon found that I was not welcome there, and even hated. Not because I was dealing drugs, but just because I was white and operating in black “turf.” That period of my life was marked by many fights, a lot of close calls, and a revolving door of jail cells, treatment centers, and homelessness.

In the midst of all this chaos, I fathered a child with a black girl. Though nobody in my white family was bothered by this, some of my black “friends” and relatives of the mother openly voiced their disapproval of interracial relationships. Regardless, becoming a father motivated me to grow up, become a man, and change so I could be a good dad to my daughter. I sobered up and started working any job I could get.

My change in lifestyle made me start to think about race. As I was working hard, my “homies” still came around, but they never wanted to do anything but get high and get into trouble. A lot of my “friends,” most of them black, drifted away from me because I was doing something positive with my life instead of destroying it with drugs and crime. That was too “lame” for them. One of my closest black friends began constantly lamenting the fact that I was changing and wasn’t “the good old guy who just wanted to kick back and get high” anymore. But he still hung around, so I would say things to him like, “Hey I know we both have criminal records and drug problems, but if I can get sober and work to have a decent life, so can you.” I tried to be a positive influence, but he always had excuses.

One day, I told him, “I’ll help you put your resume together and I’ll take you to go apply to some jobs.” He said he would do it, but when I picked him up, he just wanted to get high and went on a long speech about oppression saying, “You don’t know how hard it is for a black man in America, it might be easy for you to just go and get a job, but not for me.” I asked him, “What makes you assume that it was easy for me? Just because I’m white?! And second, how are you going to cry victim when you haven’t even honestly tried to work hard or change? I’m offering to help you get a resume together, but you want to get high instead? No one is holding you back but yourself.” We argued and then went our separate ways.
Many blacks would rather live the “thug life” than work hard to make an honest living. Yet they make excuses, blame society, the police, and the white man for all their problems. Some blacks are hell bent on destroying themselves and everyone around them because they feel like victims, and they will never take any personal responsibility. I came to realize that the only thing I had ever had in common with blacks like that was a victim mentality and the desire to get high. Once I stopped being a victim and sobered up, none of them wanted anything to do with me anymore. Now that I was doing positive things with my life, they weren’t even happy for me, just envious.

I moved on and kept to myself in the years that followed. And after a few years of hard work and self-improvement, I got back together with the mother of my child and we moved in together. I was proud that I didn’t make excuses for myself, and did the hard work I needed to do to get my family back together, and made myself into the man and father they needed me to be. I don’t regret any of this. I did not want my child to grow up without a father, like I did. Fatherlessness is a huge issue in America today, leading to all kinds of dysfunction.

With my life in order, I turned my focus to education and the pursuit of truth. I dove into topics such as psychology, history, economics, politics, and ultimately — race. The more I learned, the more unconvinced I was by the “blue-pill” liberal worldview I grew up believing. When I discovered race realism, I was impressed by how many facts and statistics lined up with my own experiences living as a criminal in “the hood.” From there, I discovered the alarming realities of the “great replacement,” liberal censorship, and the violence committed by antifa and Black Lives Matter. The more I dove into the facts, the more I saw that Ben Shapiro, Jordan B. Peterson, Charles Murray, and Jared Taylor were telling the truth. Simultaneously, I realized how insidious the Left was in trying to smear, censor, shame, and shut down these thinkers. It was at this time that Donald Trump was elected, and I began seeing the protests, riots, rage, and unrest coming from the left. A political line in the sand was being drawn, and the Left was no longer open to dialogue: they were only interested in taking power by force.

White liberals claim to be on the side of minorities and other “oppressed” groups, but they know nothing about them. As a white man who lived the thug life in the hood for over eight years, I know that they hate the white liberals’ pandering, and when white boys imitate them. Most of them hate the idea of assimilating into white America: they want their own jurisdictions, culture, and rules — and they hate when whites intrude, peacefully or otherwise. Believers in the “melting pot” theory have never lived in a black community, but they like to imagine that they are great “warriors” and activists for justice and equality.

As a white man, and as a father to a black and white child, I felt that fully understanding racial issues was an absolute must. My daughter’s mother and I had many conversations about these matters, and — fortunately — she agreed with almost everything I was discovering about race. She saw the destructive tendencies of blacks firsthand. When she worked hard at her job or studied hard in school, other blacks were jealous and treated her with contempt for “acting white.” She has never been able to understand why most blacks have such a big chip on their shoulders, hate whites, and maintain a victim mentality when they never experienced slavery or Jim Crow themselves.

She doesn’t make excuses for her own shortcomings and has never cared that other blacks claim she isn’t “really black” or hated her for her success or for having a child with a white man. Because of this, our family remains strong and united. Some may accuse her of hating her own race, but the truth is simply that she refuses to buy into the lies and propaganda that blacks must fight against whites in order to succeed. She loves her own people, family, and race. She also appreciates and respects white culture and realizes that whites built this country and made it prosperous. She loves America, and doesn’t want it to change, so she supports the national identity of America as a white nation, and has no desire to see it taken over by blacks, immigrants, or “social justice warriors.” I believe more and more blacks are waking up and coming to support America instead of hating it.

I may have a mixed child, but I am a full supporter of the US, the white race, our culture, and our honor. I will die before I see our great country defiled and overtaken by leftists and foreigners who hate our culture and want to replace it with theirs. My grandfathers both died to defend this land, and it is my duty to do the same if the time comes — and every day it feels more and more like that day will come during my lifetime. The increasing amounts of censorship, indoctrination, government largesse, and white ethnomasochism that we see can make the future look bleak. But there is hope in the fact that if people wake up to the truth now — and stop being afraid to speak their minds — we can turn things around and preserve this great country — maybe even make it greater.

wokewhite #racist #psycho amren.com

I used to think there would be a point at which whites would unite and push back hard. We know that when, not if but when Biden picks one of these black women as his Veep running mate all criticism of her, of anything she says, will be loudly denounced as racist. Which is to say no criticism of her will be allowed. It will be the end of debate in the Republic. Will that be enough? Will that be the breaking point for whites? I'd like to say yes, I'm pretty sure the answer is no. I guess the answer is that demoralization finally takes.

how is it racism when you criticize a non human? the sooner we dehumanize non humans the easier it will be to destroy the ni---rs credibility. That is the secret to bringing anything down

Robert Hampton #racist #sexist #wingnut amren.com

White Women Are in an Abusive Relationship with the Left

The Left can’t hide its contempt for white women. “White women are lucky that we are just calling them Karens,” Washington Post Global Opinions Editor Karen Attiah said in a since-deleted tweet. “And not calling for revenge.”

Miss Attiah, who is black, blamed white women for “the 1921 Tulsa massacre,” the “murder of Emmett Till,” and the “exclusion of black women from feminist movements.” She was also angry that “53% of white women vot[ed] for Trump.”

Miss Attiah didn’t back down in the face of criticism: “I’m just saying. Be happy we are calling for equality. And not actual revenge.” She eventually deleted her tweets, but she didn’t recant. In a follow-up, she promoted the “Karen” meme because it shows “how everyday white women uphold white supremacy through violence, aggression, and the weaponizing of their gender.”

The Washington Post editor is not alone. The Karen meme, which ridicules white women for upholding standards, is popular. Time published an article last week that praised the abuse of “Karens” because it lays bare the “violent history of white womanhood.” Teen Vogue published a piece attacking white women for upholding “white supremacy.” Bloomberg produced a video this week that demanded “White Women Privilege” be dismantled.

The Left heaps scorn on white women, even though they are increasingly the Left’s most devoted foot soldiers. Compared to 2014, 38 percent more white women think police killings are part of a broader problem rather than isolated incidents. This explains why most whites have a favorable view of Black Lives Matter. White women are common at many BLM protests. White women with college degrees favor Joe Biden over Donald Trump by 39 percent. Younger white women hold more liberal views on race, immigration, and social issues than young white men.

If white women are loyal to the left but the left scorns them, they are in an abusive relationship. Here is a mental health organization’s description, of an abusive relation. As you go down its checklist, it all fits:


The Left thinks it owns white women and can order them around. There is a whole genre of articles telling white women what to do:

“White Women: We Must Stop Being Amy Cooper”

“America is at its breaking point and white women still won’t stop frivolously calling police on black people”

“Shaming white people might stop some of them from calling 911 on us”

“White women need to be better allies to women of color”

“How White Women Can Be Better Black Lives Matter Allies”

“White Women Need to Check Their Privilege After the Women’s March”


The Left has never forgiven 53 percent of white women for voting for Mr. Trump in 2016. It latches on to this like a dumped lover who can’t get over an old text message.

“The 53 percent had once again sold out their sisters in the service of the patriarchy, an especially egregious sin in the wake of the #MeToo movement, which has exposed widespread sexual harassment and assault among powerful men in the workplace,” Washington Post reporter Vanessa Williams wrote in 2018. This particular “sell out” — which could have been anything — was the fact that a few white women senators voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

“[A] a vocal segment of women of color, especially black feminists, are saying, hold up, pump the brakes,” The Undefeated writer Lonnae O’Neal said in a 2016 article called “The 53 percent issue. ”While white feminists are issuing all-hands-on-deck calls to stand against a Trump presidency, these women say, they haven’t worked hard enough to even win over a majority of their own ranks.”

Vogue bitterly asked in 2018: “Why Do White Women Keep Voting for the GOP and Against Their Own Interests?” Journalists view white women as if they were unfaithful lovers.


Leftists love to insult white women. That is why the “Karen” and “Becky” slurs are so popular. Both are ways to bully white women. I wrote in June: “The ‘Karen’ meme normalizes contempt for white women. It stops whites from doing something when they see suspicious non-whites.” “Becky” is no different. Like an abusive lover, the Left insults whites and tries to make them submit.


Threats against white women are becoming more common. Miss Attiah’s tweets are just one example. More ominously, there could be legal penalties for white women who call the police on blacks. Amy Cooper, the “Central Park Karen” who called 911 on a black bird watcher in May, was charged with filing a false police report. She already had lost her job, suffered extreme harassment, and may be banned from Central Park for life.

San Francisco is considering a new law called the CAREN Act, which would criminalize “racially biased” 911 calls. The name stands for Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies and is inspired by the “Karen” meme. White women are clearly thought to be the problem.

Even a camera can be used to threaten white women. Last month, a black man in Seattle followed a white woman to her home after a traffic incident. He accused her of using the N-word and pulled out his phone to videotape her. The woman, realizing she could be the target of a video that could ruin her life, burst into tears and pleaded with her accuser that she was not racist. White women better get in line, or else.

Physical Violence

Some white women even suffer physical violence from the Left. Rioters beat a disabled white woman on camera in Minneapolis in May. The mob cheered on the black attackers as they punched her and emptied a fire extinguisher into her face. The woman was reportedly trying to stop a black mob from looting a Target.

A few days later, black rioters attacked a white woman who was riding her bike. A white man tried to fend off her attackers with a hockey stick. Rioters attacked him too.

Black looters beat an elderly white woman in Rochester, New York after she tried to stop them from attacking her store.

Rioters have surrounded white women in their cars and threatened them. A white mother in Fredericksburg, Virginia, begged police to rescue her and her child when rioters mobbed her car in June. The police did nothing.

It would be wrong to blame white women for any of this. Women are more conformist and submissive than men. They bow to what they think is powerful, respectable, and authoritative. It is not their fault that ideas that are destroying our country and our people have become authoritative. It is men — white men — who let that happen. Women will not change until we change.

Benjamin Villaroel, Alabanese and Garrido #racist amren.com

The White World’s Southernmost Front

The great question of the 20th century was whether freedom could survive the onslaught of totalitarianism. The great question of this century is whether the white world can survive the rising tide of color. Europeans in every corner of the world are facing this reality, and slowly rising to meet the challenge.

Though often overlooked, the whites of Latin America’s Southern Cone — Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile — are no exception. They too are now developing the politics of “white blowback” in the face of mass immigration, and forming civic and political groups to ensure a future for themselves and their posterity.

This is an interview with Alabanese and Garrido, leaders of the Chilean group National Identitarian Force (Fuerza Nacional-Identitaria in Spanish, “FNI” for short). I conducted the interview in Spanish in June 2019, and translated it myself, and have added explanations in brackets and English-language hyperlinks for clarification. All emphasis was added by the FNI.

BV: What does the future hold for the whites of the Southern Cone?

FNI: Capitalism and the free market can be a double-edged sword for whites who lack ethnic and racial awareness. On the one hand, capitalism helps keep the colonial caste system in place, which lets whites live decent and stable lives. On the other hand, economic well-being invites mass immigration by the indigent and the non-white.

In time, democracy will lose legitimacy, especially in diverse countries (such as Chile). It will be overwhelmed by identity politics, which at some point will begin to put pressure on the white oligarchies that run the system.

So long as socialism doesn’t make headway, republicanism (aligned with the West) can serve as a buffer for the Southern Cone’s socio-political stability. This will passively contribute (since it isn’t racially conscious) to the material well-being of our white populations. Racially aware whites will continue to be a minority, as the process of this group’s ethnogenesis is only just beginning. We will continue to eschew political participation and instead focus on the cultural battle that must be waged in order to awaken the forces of racial identity and awareness.

We Need More Whites #racist #psycho amren.com

I am anti woke left.

It is a small population on purpose. The PC left tries to intimidate and bully us at every turn. One tactic is attempting to relabel us as "right wing."

What you are is non-White, which means it's stupid for Whites to pay you any mind. Paying attention to the opinions, complaints, and "needs" of non-Whites is precisely how we got here. You're one of the most active posters, but as far as value added, you're absolutely nothing we can't do without, even though some here are snookered into engaging with you because of simple White politeness. But, that is something else we must abandon. White politeness on race, and in dealing with other races, must end. Ignoring you and your fetish for getting Evil White Racists to give you their time and attention would be be a good start for everyone else here in the process of getting their minds right. To the White racial patriot, the opinions of non-Whites should be as nothing. We don't need to abuse you, for reasons of our own honor, the way we shouldn't abuse animals, but history has proven the complete folly of entertaining non-Whites in matters of our own racial and cultural conversations. Non-Whites are just obstacles that need to be moved out of the way, both physically and, even more importantly, mentally, on our road to a future without you in our territory.

We are our own worst enemy:

Only to the degree we listen to non-Whites, especially Jews. Whites, having been bred by mother nature in the harsh winters of the northern latitudes of Europe to value cooperation and the accompanying necessary societal moral codes, we were highly susceptible to the Jews in the 20th century being allowed to use their near monopolies on media and influence in our universities to substitute a Jewish moral code of anti-racism and fake "equality" for the Aryan moral code of honoring race, order, excellence, and upward striving. Making the misfit non-Whites objects of sympathy and charity and making Whites pretend they are our "equals," rather than understanding them as incompatible and ultimately hostile, has been the way the Jews have toppled our civilization. The only answer is to return to the values of our ancestors. Truth, racial strength, order, and excellence must be valued over compassion and the misfit weaklings that infest every society. The wretched and pathetic should not be abused, but they cannot be elevated over the strong, who prove themselves mentally healthy and capable in the world.

CTON #racist #sexist amren.com

”It's all a game to them. DNA/Ancestry/Origin is just a fun thing to observe on the side to her. She isn't well educated on any historical matter (especially about her homeland). She doesn't want to look like a brown/black. She doesn't want to live around them, eat their ethnic food (their truly ethnic food -- not the europeanized versions), adopt their culture, practice their religion, or live in their lands. She just wants to have ~10% or so 'exotic' DNA so she can brag about it.

She is truly privileged beyond belief and is ungrateful to her ancestors which toiled for her privilege.”

I've come around to the belief that the female of the species is not terribly aware -- not aware of being privileged (and therefore vulnerable), not aware of danger, or even great danger. My guess is that evolutionarily speaking that was always the man's job -- big picture awareness. Which is not to say she isn't aware of immediate danger. She may well have that awareness in a heightened sense. Her children. That's why and that's her concern.

But the gathering storm? Folly to expect her to notice it, never mind give it a thought.

That's something I do not understand with these white women who spout this liberal and anti white stuff. Women, especially attractive-looking women, are good at spotting men who are predators and who might mean danger to them or their children. That being said, it strikes me as odd how these same white women will welcome open borders and not being alarmed when a flood of mostly young male 'refugees' came pouring into the West. Look at them holding up those 'welcome refugees' signs.

The fact of the matter is that if it weren't for white men, she wouldn't enjoy any of the rights that she thinks are just natural rights that are just part of her existence. If all white men disappeared tonight, pretty young white women like her would go to the highest bidder who would do whatever he felt like doing to her, whenever he felt like doing it. And she would have no say in the matter.

She would end up as the property of some wealthy Arab Sheikh, some African warlord or some Mexican drug cartel.

I told some white liberal women in my class that. I said "it's in predominately Western countries in the West where women can vote and have rights. These are non-existent in the other parts of the world."

Simonetta #racist amren.com

After given the matter some thought, I've come to the conclusion that the best way to deal with the fact that the USA holds 10% of the Mexican population living illegally within its borders is to simply take 10% of the Mexican nation's land and create a new country known as the Republic of El Norte Mexico. This would be all the land and cities within 100-200 miles South of the current border. In this new republic, whose treasury, military, other federal offices would be run by the United States, there wouldn't be US IRS income taxes, but neither would there be any welfare services paid for by the people of the USA or Mexico.

All the "Latinos" currently living illegally in the USA would become citizens of this new republic, as would all the people who were illegal immigrants and only became US citizens as a result the TWO previous mass amnesties. And all their children regardless of where they were born. Suddenly la republica del Nuevo Norte Mexico is one of the biggest countries in Latin America with about 30-40 million citizens.

Anyone caught living illegally in the USA would be deported to La Republica ( del Nuevo Norte Mexico). So what if you're Chinese, or Afghan, or Polish: you're now Nueve Mexicano.

a multiracial individual #sexist #racist #elitist amren.com

RE: The American Renaissance Guide to Women, Sex, and Family

Male prefer pretty, young, curvacious, loyal, kind and supportive women.

Women prefer tall, handsome, low body fat, hardworking, kind, ambitious men with resources.

No amount of leftist propaganda is going to change that reality. In general, people are sympathic to the mate preferences of their gender and hostile to the mate preferences of the opposite gender. The exception of course being people that highly embody those preferences. Instead of complaining about those preferences people would be more happy if they tried to get as close to those preferences as possible.

High IQ leftists in the 1960s had their fun, avoided pregnancy, and eventually got married. Pushing this ethos on the rest of the population caused problems for low IQ people who are not able to successfully employ contraception.

That is tragic, but we cannot, and should not return to pre 1960s puritanical views about sex. Instead family planning needs to be cognitively tailored to the woman in question. Smart girls get the pill, dumb girls get the implant. But that will not be accepted by leftists.

Perhaps they would be able to accept a more universal solution. Every girl should get the contraceptive arm implant when she turns 12, and it should be replaced when necessary until she consciously decides that she wants children, preferably within the confines of marriage.

So the right wing religious puritans are wrong, and the leftists that think that low IQ people can practice contraception are also wrong. (Again)

That is a terrible idea. The pill is not this harmless wonder drug that stops you from getting pregnant. It can actually mess up your hormones so bad, that it can make you infertile. So much for deciding to have children later. Even worse, those hormones get flushed down the toilet and never get filtered back out of our water supply (either because they can't or it's too expensive to do so).

I see people using "Puritan" as a way to describe prudes, but this is completely wrong. Their name has nothing to do with their sexual proclivities, but their interpretation of the Bible. Puritans were all about having sex, as much as both parties want. The only stipulation is that you have to be married first.

There is a cost for everything.

A very, tiny percentage of girls who receive Gardasil die, but we still do it because more women would die of cervical cancer if we did not.

Also I invite you to ponder all the misery that single motherhood contributes to.

It's called "gain some morals and don't have sex until marriage". Wow, single motherhood solved. Leftists furious.

This is why your side is immoral.

This is why you lose.

This is why you deserve to lose.

”Every girl should get the contraceptive arm implant when she turns 12”

But teaching girls to have higher standards for themselves and wait until marriage is puritanical and wrong?

You must understand. The desert dwelling tribesmen that made up those laws were getting married right at the onset of puberty that is why they made sense at that time.

Jane Moss #racist amren.com

Motherhood Changed the Way I See Race

Like most people of my generation, I was raised to believe in “equality” above all else. The adage, “all men are created equal” always appealed to my innate sense of fairness and justice — and skin color always seemed like a silly reason to mistreat someone. I held on to these beliefs as long as I lived in the 98 percent white community I was brought up in, a place where crime was almost unheard of and everyone worked together to better the community. It was only when I started to experience the world outside of that environment that my perspective on the importance of race began to change.

Many of you are likely familiar with the horror stories told by white teachers who work in “urban” schools — American Renaissance has published plenty of them. As one of those teachers, I can tell you it’s all true — we are the canaries in the demographic coal mine. I have witnessed every sickening example of the consequences of low IQ, affirmative action, multicultural bureaucracy, low impulse control, black culture, and victimization of white students you can imagine. My experience with all of that certainly colored — no pun intended — my awakening to the dangers whites, as a people, face. But there was another, more important, factor: Over the past 20 years I have raised the most reviled creature on the planet — a healthy white male, my son.

It was only after he was born that I began to fully notice the relentless propaganda of the mainstream media, and how it promotes miscegenation and presents men like my son as bumbling weak fools. I saw how our people’s history is appropriated and manipulated in arts and entertainment, and how our nation’s heroes are twisted and discredited — their monuments torn down and replaced. I’ve shopped for children’s books and been unable to find one with a protagonist who was a positive example of a white male. I’ve filled out countless college and scholarship applications only to find that opportunities for white males are reduced or blocked entirely — regardless of his good grades and impressive test scores. Each one of these things, combined with my experiences at work, pushed me toward the truth about which race is truly disenfranchised and oppressed in our country. It was a realization that fully awoke the protective mothering instincts inside me.

Then one day, I stumbled across an American Renaissance video and heard the quiet, reasonable, practical, and polite voice of Jared Taylor. He wasn’t wearing a hood. He wasn’t a skinhead or a jack-booted thug. He was a gentleman, a rational, intelligent, gentleman sharing factual information. I was intrigued and began to learn more about what race realists had to say. I was “red-pilled” in no time. Now I consciously work towards uplifting and supporting our people and our civilization in whatever way I can. Whether through financial support, reaching out a helping hand to young white men in need, purchasing books from pro-white authors, or just standing between the leftist machine and the lone white male student at work: I make the extra effort to be there. I look forward to the day when I retire and no longer have to do this in the shadows.

M. Castrejon #racist amren.com

The Son of Illegal Honduran Immigrants on Race Realism, “Social Justice,” and White Identity

"It is impossible to fault whites for not wanting to be overwhelmed by Hispanics."

This is part of our continuing series of accounts by readers of how they shed the illusions of liberalism and became race realists.

College was where I first started to think about race. Certain things were immediately obvious to me, like that Asians were the biggest demographic on campus because they’re generally quite smart. But other racial patterns took me longer to understand. I was one of the only Hispanics in my dorm, a fact I didn’t find meaningful at first. However, when my dorm-mates and I discussed our high school achievements, I discovered that I had a lower GPA than all of them, and had done much worse on the SAT and ACT. Despite this, I was attending college for free through federal and state grants, while my friends had to work or borrow money from their parents to pay their tuition. It was then that I realized that affirmative action had helped me immensely.

I studied biology as an undergraduate, which meant my classes were relatively free of “social justice” propaganda — but I still had to deal with other students who were steeped in it. One instance that made a big impression on me was when an Indian dorm-mate posted something on Facebook about how a player on his fantasy football team had been arrested in real life. I left a comment on the post that went something like, “There are mainly black people in the NFL, and blacks do more crime than most, so it’s understandable that he would commit the crime.” I had been learning about statistics and probability, and was happy to apply it to something in real life — but my friend was outraged, deleted my comment, called me a racist, and blocked me. Later on, we spoke about it in person and reconciled, but it was still striking to me that stating something so obvious could cause such a problem.

As a biology major, I learned that race is not “skin-deep” the way so many people claim. It is not just melanin or skin tone that sets us apart, but so much more: height, hair growth, digestive abilities, resistance to disease, presence of hormones, facial characteristics, and even cognitive functions. All biology majors know that DNA yields RNA which gives us the proteins in our bodies, which determine everything else. I was learning all of this in the abstract while seeing examples of it all around me. In the world of biology and sciences, not only was I often the only Hispanic in social and academic settings, sometimes I was the only non-Asian. By the time I graduated, I was a race realist.

However, I didn’t immediately think that that biocentric perspective had any political implications. My entire family is Democrat, and they believe the liberal cliches about the two major parties: Democrats are the party of the poor and non-whites; Republicans are the party of the rich and white. Politics had never interested me very much, so I had never thought critically about any of this. Then, Donald Trump entered the scene and politics became impossible to ignore. As a Honduran born in America, the first thing I wanted to tackle was the claim that he was a “racist,” like so many people were saying. If it were so obvious, I should be able to find an undeniably obvious clip of him being rude or outright mean to Hispanics, blacks or some other group. I went looking for this smoking gun, and, to my complete surprise, I never found it. His notorious comments about crime and criminality in Mexico and Central America are true. My parents had told me all about those things well before Mr. Trump ever did. Smugglers and coyotes are committing crime at our Southern border. Hispanic countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, etc. do have corrupt governments. There are powerful and extremely violent gangs in those countries. These are the main reasons why my parents left their homeland for America. I am extremely fortunate to have been born in the USA, away from all that. Hearing Donald Trump tell the truth about immigration did not offend me at all.

All my life, I had been told that I was the smart kid in the family, the brightest kid in class. But I knew that if I wanted to get even smarter, I needed to engage with ideas that challenged my own assumptions. In 2016, I was still a bit of a Democrat and had a certain tribal loyalty to Hispanics. However, I felt if my beliefs were to remain solid they would have to stand strong against ideas put forth by the other side — so I took a dive into the right. I started with Alex Jones, and to my surprise, I could not get enough, and wanted more! Soon I discovered Paul Joseph Watson, James Allsup, Stefan Molyneux, Gavin McInnis, Lauren Southern, RedIceTV, Red Elephants with Vincent James, Nick Fuentes, Devon Tracey, Jared Taylor, and even the devil himself — Richard Spencer. At first, I mostly just wanted to understand their ideas in order to better refute them, but when I started doing research into what these people were saying, I realized they were telling the truth.

It was only these dissidents, these “deplorables,” that really understood IQ, crime statistics, wage differences as they relate to race, the problem of censorship, and what really constitutes “fake news.” I now realize how much the mainstream media sensationalizes stories that fit with their worldview, and ignore stories that break with it. When they find a video of a white man cussing out a black girl at a Walmart, they try and make it go viral. But they don’t talk about the countless murders and rapes of young innocent white girls all across the country by black men and illegal immigrants. I cried the first time I heard about the murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom from watching the American Renaissance video, “Do White Lives Matter?” If the media treated us as equals, Channon Gail, Mollie Tibbetts, Kate Steinle and so many other victims like them would have gotten the attention they deserve — but the media doesn’t care when the victim is white. At the same time, they perpetuate the myth that America is a white supremacist country that holds back people like me. I don’t buy it. I have never felt oppressed because of my race. I did my best in high school, and my reward was all expenses paid undergraduate degree at a prestigious public university, in no small part because I am not white.

Some of my family members consider me a “race traitor” because of my new-found beliefs (and my MAGA hat), but that is far from being the case. Aside from my Asian college friends, everybody in my social circles is Hispanic, as am I — we all eat beans, speak Spanish, watch soccer and grew-up attending Mexican churches. This culture I’m a part of has its problems: I have friends whose criminality landed them dead or in prison, but it is still indelibly mine, even if I sometimes feel more comfortable in “white society” than my own.

I am extremely fortunate to not only be born in the United States, but also be intelligent enough to see through the victim mentality my people are indoctrinated into holding. American Renaissance gives me hope. AmRen speaks the truth and demolishes most every liberal myth afflicting the US. Whites should have every right to defend themselves, establish their own home, and reproduce amongst themselves to ensure their people survive. It is impossible to fault whites for not wanting to be overwhelmed by Hispanics and all the dangers they bring with them. I like the white world, and wish it all the best.

Chris Roberts #wingnut amren.com

The Left Is Creating a Class That May Overthrow It

This psychology is present within America’s liberal elite. College administrators, “anti-racist” activists, woke journalists, and HR bureaucrats are all educated people who don’t make much money but who can wield power over others — often, others who may have a superior social status to theirs — by accusing them of “racism” and having them fired or humiliated. Class envy is certainly part of this, but there is also a pathological side to it. Political commentator Angela Nagle discussed this in a recent podcast:

[T]here is a small but may as well be large, like dominant, group of people, on the radical left who have a very powerful desire to desecrate things. They have a very powerful desire to destroy anything that is good for society, that is joyful, that is pro-social. that is beautiful. . . They do have a genuine spiteful, we talked about this a little the last time, a very very intense spiteful drive to destroy . . . all that is good, basically. And, to a normal person, to a person with any kind of normal psychology, you don’t really believe that, because you think, “Why would somebody want that? That doesn’t make any sense.” But they really do, and they feel it really powerfully, it’s like somebody who wants to slash a beautiful woman’s face or something.

These people will exist for as long as America has a large university system that teaches students to despise America for its supposed “racism” and “sexism,” while awarding them useless degrees for parroting these ideas — even as they accumulate crushing tuition debt. It is that bitter and hateful class that fuels both the political left and our hostile elite in their push for censorship, reparations, more race-preference laws, open borders, and contempt for white America.

It is also this class that is creating unemployed/under-employed intellectuals. “Canceling” people (firing them, socially ostracizing them, or both) for even small departures from political correctness is more and more common. The “canceled” are beginning to reach out to each other and create supportive groups. In November 2019, The New York Times described this trend in an article called “Those People We Tried to Cancel? They’re All Hanging Out Together.” The number of publications whose purpose, to some degree, is to fight cancel culture is steadily growing, the most famous being Quillette and The Rubin Report. The growing popularity of podcasts is also due in part to cancel culture. Heterodox leftists can post their recordings to SoundCloud or similar websites and develop a following free from any publication or political party’s oversight. They have increased motivation to do this. It is not hard to find leftists admitting that on the Left, you are constantly fighting with other leftists and worrying about your job.

More and more people, many of them bright, and the majority of them on the Left (the Left “purges” dissent from its own ranks more than anywhere else), are joining “talented but canceled” thinkers, academics, and journalists. Speaking on the same podcast as Angela Nagle, another political theorist with no place to call home said:

The big thing with the Left in general, is that to survive inside it, and we all have experience with that to various degrees. But you sort of have to; you pick up on these social rules and the social cues and you sort of live with that. So, this week you’re supposed to talk about this issue, or else you’ll get canceled. Next week you’re supposed to talk about the other issue, and if you have any sort of historical memory or if you expect any sort of consistency, you’re in deep water, my friend. . . and my experience with that sort of thing is that, the normies, they just can’t hack it. They take one look at this and go, “Well I never joined this cult. This is just stupid.” And so, there’s this huge gulf of understanding between leftists and . . . everyone else, that hampers them really, really badly. And sends them towards really overestimating their own base of support and how far they can go before people get really fucking tired of them.

The ranks of the “really fucking tired” are growing, and the people who are making them feel that way are not letting up. This means, ironically, that as more and more people find themselves canceled, the US is creating a bitter new class of “unemployed intellectuals” who resent their inability to get ahead because of the taboos and power structures created by the last wave of unemployed intellectuals. The “woke liberalism” we see so much of today is unstable because it insists on making increasing numbers of talented people unemployed and socially isolated — which is the very thing that most threatens an established order.

These people may not (yet) be our friends, but they are becoming the enemies of our enemies.