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I would posit that the percentage of White serial killers has dropped as technology improves- and becomes more publicly known- is because Whites can learn and practice self-control. Blacks cannot.

They can't control their impulses, they don't understand police investigative techniques, they don't understand science. Many blacks still don't understand that police radar sets can work front, back, and moving. They still aren't prepared for security cameras. DNA is well, well beyond their comprehension.

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I’ll Be Back Soon

If all goes well, by the time you see this, I’ll be in Estonia.

Like other Eastern European nations, it isn’t committing suicide. Its leaders don’t believe in open borders. They think Estonia has the right to remain – would you believe it? – Estonian. Every year, people celebrate freedom from the Soviet Union with a torchlight parade through the capital, Tallin.

In 2017, I took part in the parade. It was one of the most inspiring experiences in my life, marching with happy, proud Europeans, sure of who they are, confident about the future.

On this trip I will speak at a conference, where committed Europeans will talk about the future of the West. It will be a great honor to represent the American branch of what I call the world brotherhood of Europeans.

I’ll spend a little over a week on the continent, and plan to give talks in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland as well.

That is, if they let me into Europe. In 2019, I flew into Zurich, but the Swiss told me that Poland had banned me from Europe for three years. The Poles never gave a reason, but it must have been because I gave talks to Polish nationalist groups in 2018.

And I’m almost sorry to be going. So much is happening. Just a few days ago, Elon Musk retweeted statistics that show that in 2018, blacks attacked whites nearly 550,000 times, while whites attacked blacks only about 60,000 times. Mr. Musk didn’t do the calculation, but this means any given black was 42 times more likely to attack a white than the other way around.


And then, there’s the little case of Carlton Gilford, and if you recognize that name, you are obviously a white supremacist. He is the black man who walked into a public library in Tulsa, Oklahoma, sauntered over to a white man sitting at a desk, and killed him with a shot to back of the head. Later, he went to a convenience store and shot another white man in the back of the head. The white man went down and, Mr. Gilford shot him again, to make sure he was dead. The Tulsa police say it’s a hate crime.

By the time I’m back from Europe, the whole thing will be forgotten – what’s a few dead white men? – so I better mention it while I can.

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The Triumph of Media Power

Race realists and white advocates believe the truth is on our side. However, “truth” is elusive in a democratic, media-dominated society. (Apparently, so are the concepts of male and female.) Racial differences in IQ are some of the most consistent findings in all of social science, but our rulers conceal them.

The most “woke” people in our society are white liberals. New findings indicate that they believe things that are obviously false. However, they don’t fear censorship. They know their sources of (dis)information will remain.

Zach Goldberg, perhaps the leading scholar of absurd American beliefs, reported years ago that white liberals prefer non-whites to whites. This attitude is unique among all people in the world, and perhaps in all history. It means white liberals may support policies because they makes things worse for whites. “Perhaps this is why white support for increasing immigration coincides with more negative feelings towards whites,” wrote Mr. Goldberg in 2019 in Tablet.

Mr. Goldberg recently reported that by 2020, white liberals had begun to believe that whites are more violent, lazier, and less intelligent than blacks.

One could argue that “intelligence,” “violence,” and “laziness,” can’t really be measured. However, if we accept the relationship between IQ and intelligence, crime rates and violence, and income and laziness, white liberals believe things that are provably wrong. It would be fascinating to see how white liberals justify their anti-white beliefs.

CNN, The Guardian, Slate, and countless other powerful outlets celebrated the takedown of the site “Kiwi Farms.” It was a controversial forum that hosted what could be considered “hate speech” against “transgenders.” Cloudflare prevents DDoS attacks. They are felonies. The pressure on Cloudflare for protecting Kiwi Farms was like persuading the police to look the other way while you ransack the house of someone you don’t like.

I don’t know much about Kiwi Farms, but critics accused it of obscenity, hateful speech, threats, and doxing. All that is fine, of course, if the victims are “racists.” Those with power respect no principles of free speech, legal norms, or what defines “hate.”

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An Inspiring Weekend of Camaraderie

Once again, the American Renaissance conference was a smoothly organized weekend of fellowship, keen insights, and inspiration. We met at our usual venue — the lodge at Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee — where law enforcement professionals kept demonstrators so far away that most attendees were never even aware of the protest.

Gregory Hood argued that what our movement needs more than anything is a Sorrelian Myth to inspire immediate action for a long-term goal. He said that the question about whether a “white identity” is legitimate is meaningless, because all whites in the West already have a negative white identity forced on them. The question is whether whites will accept this imposed villain status, or whether we will be the heroes in our own story.

He said whites will be treated as whites whether they like it or not. Whites should therefore make this a source of pride rather than shame, and accept the historical challenge to build a new kind of state.

Mr. Hood said that white identity is more vivid than civic identity in North America and Western Europe. Our mission, he said, is to build a Western Civilization-State that would have the explicit purpose of ensuring the physical survival of the white race.

Ruuben Kaalep, a member of the Conservative Party in Estonia and an elected parliamentarian, took a different view.

He passionately defended ethnonationalism and independent nation-states. He said ethnostates are the norm in Eastern Europe. “We are an ethnostate,” he said of Estonia, “and we exist, and we are successful.” He said that the explicit purpose of his nation-state is to ensure the survival of the Estonian people and their culture.

Mr. Kaalep said the Ukrainian struggle against Russia is part of the nationalist struggle. Ukraine, he said, is fighting to take its place among other ethnostates.

Nevertheless, although he insisted that different peoples should have their own states, Mr. Kaalep argued that white nationalists around the world should work together. “Our future is united,” he said, calling for “an alliance between nationalists around the world.”

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RE: 4 in 5 Refugees Living in Sweden Have Vacationed in the Country They Fled From


"The topic of asylum-seekers returning to their home country to see friends and family has become a political issue across some European countries in recent years, with many critics believing such action is incompatible with their claim of seeking refuge due to being in danger in their home country."

Where, in the name of all that's holy, do these desperately poor refugees obtain the money to repeatedly travel thousands of miles between southwest Asia and northern Europe?

Being on Sweden's generous social benefits system. It may be lost on lefties that things like that 'may' work in a homogenous society, but not when over 50% of its beneficiaries are foreigners with no skills and nothing to do but reproduce.

(The Dagda)
George Soros of course!!

Sweden used to be a "better" country to raise your kids.
A few more illegal alien blacks and muslims and it will never be again.

This happens all the time with the fake refugees here in the United States. The moment they get their green cards, they hop on a flight to visit the countries they supposedly left in fear of their lives. It's a complete joke.

(Question Diversity)
"Similarly in Germany, a statement by then-Interior Minister Horst Seehofer in 2019 warned refugees they would face an investigation and could be stripped of their right to residency should they travel back to their homeland."

"Could" is a really powerful word here, and it usually translates to "almost never."

(Not MLK)
As I was reading this I was thinking about whites that won’t ask themselves a couple of basic questions that could answer a lot. Why are their countries !#? Why are most white countries spectacular? If they can answer those simple questions for themselves they’d realize it’s the people not the place.

Go to a major airport and look at the "Americans" in line at the immigration checkpoint. Easily three-fourths of them are returning from their real homes, where their extended families are and where there heart will always be. They're in America and other Western countries strictly for the better standard of living, not to become one of us.

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It’s not new when Senator Lindsey Graham thunders about wanting to “unleash the fury and might of the U.S.” against groups in Mexico, this time drug cartels. The catalyst was the kidnapping of four American citizens, two of whom were killed.

The Americans were black. That may explain why American outrage was so much stronger than when 70 Mormon missionaries were held hostage in 2021, albeit with none killed.

Several Republicans are urging military action within Mexico in response to drug cartels. Most of those taking the lead on this issue are notably weak on border security

Oddly, calling for military intervention in foreign countries is more politically correct than refusing to let foreigners in. War as a crusade is now an American tradition. We kill people to save democracy; end war; or to stop fascism, Communism, authoritarianism, or the latest incarnation of Hitler.

We do not fight wars in the national interest. That would require a distinction between “us” and “them,” which is now forbidden.

The United States of America lacks the will to defend its border, which makes it weaker than even the smallest sovereign state. President Obrador knows this; he laughed at Republican threats and issued his own:

Starting today we are going to start an information campaign for Mexicans who live and work in the United States and for all Hispanics to inform them of what we are doing in Mexico and how this initiative by the Republicans is an offense against the people of Mexico.

And if they do not change their attitude we are going to call for them not to vote for that party.

Since 2016, American media have been hysterical about so-called Russian meddling and disinformation. Here we have an open threat from a head of state. President Obrador also takes for granted that Mexicans and Hispanics will pay more attention to Mexico and be more eager to defend Mexico’s independence than America’s. There is no outrage. America, having imported a foreign helot population, does not have the power to prevent this. To denounce it is to admit that the United States has been wrong since 1965, when it dismantled the policy to keep America overwhelmingly white.

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The “Great Replacement” is a dangerous conspiracy theory. Just listen to Rep. Mayra Flores:

Hispanic Texans are now the state’s largest demographic group.

Latinos can turn the tides and start the red wave!

A red wave? Our view is that our rulers import a helot underclass that votes progressive.

What if we were wrong?

Mr. Liu, himself part of a group with higher incomes than whites, said:

We go on treating whiteness as the ideal and social baseline of American life.

Whiteness is the baseline of American life. If Hispanics or Asians accept that and don’t “reckon with class divides and inequality,” there can be no Left that is built on victim morality, aside from blacks, who would be increasingly isolated and despised.

Hispanic social dysfunction far outpaces white, so they could be part of the victim class, but they are mostly ignored in the media’s incessant focus on blacks after BLM.

Hispanics are an artificial group.

Africans became “black,” much as Europeans became “white”. This didn’t happen with Hispanics.

Activists invented the category to get “our just share of political influence and Federal funds,” and there’s no consensus on who is included. Are Portuguese and Brazilians Hispanic?

“Ethnic” Americans — meaning whites from southern and eastern Europe — could conceivably have become a category if activists had pushed for it. Patrick Buchanan toyed with the idea. If so, we would be hearing many tales about the supposedly awful discrimination against Irish and Italians. (The American government’s campaigns against German-Americans during the world wars would probably would still be ignored).

It’s not whether “Hispanics are white” or whether “Hispanics can become white.” Hispanics aren’t any more real than “ethnic Americans.”

Support for the Democrats is lower among those for whom their Hispanic identity is less important. If the GOP really wants to win over Hispanics, it needs to end Hispanics as a demographic category.

However, elite attitudes ultimately triumph; even having to talk about drag shows for schoolchildren shows how powerful they are. With enough time, even “Latinx” could catch on.

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RE: California District Administrator Calls for ‘Privileged White Voices’ to Be Banned From Influencing Ethnic Studies Curriculum


She also urged against changes that would include Jewish-American studies.

A pro-Palestinian advocate, Shoman said she wholeheartedly disagreed with the choice to include Jewish people in ethic studies under the Asian American and Pacific Islander categories.

‘This is grossly inaccurate, and has no institutional history,’ she said.

American Jews love immigration for the U.S. but not for Israel.

It would appear from the article that immigrants have no love for Jews living in this country.

How they are affected has nothing to do with us whatsoever. We’re concerned about our own European kith and kin and the opinions and repercussions against these middle easterners is of no concern to us. I want nothing to do with either of them.

Notice how Nadler and Schumer immediately blamed US for the Chinese New Years shooting?

(Sith Warrior)

‘The proposed revisions privileges terms like “multiple perspectives,” “diversity,” “all students” and “broad range of groups” undermining the primary focus on the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) communities that compose over 80 percent of California’s student population,’ Shoman wrote in the email.

Well, my opinion is that if we do not have our voices, they should not have our tax money.

White supremacy generally refers to Europeans having power in their own countries which is of course bad to them.

The problem is that all white countries have an abundance of Magic Dirt. You move there, you automatically get rich. Non-white countries are full of Tragic Dirt. Move there and you become poor, dysfunctional, and a crime victim.

Whites are evil because they horde all the Magic Dirt.

The current curriculum is very anti-White. The new curriculum is only different in that it will add Jews to the officially oppressed groups about which students must feel guilt. I cannot imagine she is calling Jewish voices "privileged" (although they got the curriculum re-done) so what, exactly, is she whining about?

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Well, silly me, I assumed that a three-year ban would end after three years. During that time, I obviously didn’t set foot in Poland. I didn’t even tell a Polish joke. But someone decided that keeping me that three years weren’t enough, and tacked two more years onto my sentence. And didn’t tell me. Obviously, this is outrageous.

But seriously, what is going on? I can only guess, but in 2018, I gave a talk to a Polish group called All-Polish Youth.

It’s goal, to quote from its own sources, is to “to raise Polish youth in a Catholic and patriotic spirit.” That, of course, means that liberals call it “far-right” and “extremist,” but it is a very religious group, never involved in anything illegal. After my talk, All-Polish Youth gave me this nice mug, which I have to this day.

At the time of the first ban, my contacts thought — they’re not sure — that someone may have been spying for the police on All-Polish Youth, and was disappointed that there’s nothing juicy to report.

He then must have tried to win Brownie points with the police by claiming that this Jared Taylor guy was a violent bomb-thrower. But that’s just a theory. No one seems to know, and the Poles aren’t telling. On this trip I did learn from the Swiss that my original three-year ban went into effect in September 2018. That’s the month I gave that talk to the Catholic youth group.

If Poland had done something like this to a gay rights activist or a black-power advocate or a militant nudist, there would be outrage. The US State Department would be indignant. But not for me. After the first ban, I told the State Department that an allied nation was mistreating me and not even telling me why. I asked for help. You know what the department said? This was a decision of a foreign government, and it could do nothing. If only I had been a black, dope-smoking, lesbian basketball player, I suspect the State Department would have thought of something it could do.


This time, too, I will appeal to my own government. I’m not optimistic about the result.

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WhiteDeal.NET: A Job-Search Site for Whites

From the founders of WhiteDate.NET comes a new job search site for white freelancers and companies wishing to hire them. WhiteDeal.NET is a new site that is again functioning and ready to help white professionals find jobs, temporary or permanent, with employers who recognize the value of hiring whites.

We first launched WhiteDate.NET in 2019, but in 2021, our U.S.-based server took it down along with another of our sites, WhiteChild.NET, without explanation. Eventually, we determined the cause: Both sites were sabotaged because they offered white solutions to existing problems.

We found a new server (in a safe, non-white country, ironically) but were forced to rebuild the site to accommodate that server’s technical requirements. Now, we are happy to announce both sites are again live and ready for access.

Why we need WhiteDeal.NET

The Western world, including most employers, seems to have become blatantly anti-white. So-called “anti-discrimination” laws have made some employers, wishing to curry favor with our rulers, proudly proclaim their eagerness to hire non-whites. Yet, beneath their protestations is evidence that many, even among those who loudly champion diversity, might might want to hire whites. See, for example, a 2017 article published by the Harvard Business School (HBS) titled, “Minorities Who ‘Whiten’ Job Resumes Get More Interviews.” The study showed that, at least in 2017, the employers in the study preferred applicants who avoided mentioning minority status.

The HBS study suggested that simply by hiding their race, non-whites might improve their job prospects. With WhiteDeal.NET, we are offering an explicit way for white applicants to appeal to employers, white or non-white, who prefer to hire whites.

We live in historic times, and I am pleased to be part of a movement that intends to bring our world back to sanity, a world in which white children can be proud of their heritage, and where criminal minds are kept in check. With new tools like the ones we are producing, we whites will continue to chart our own course, while we let others — in the words of Jared Taylor — “pursue their own destiny,” wherever that leads.

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RE: Newsom’s Reparations Committee Will Recommend Handing Out $223,200 per Person to All Descendants of Slaves in California

(Ivbin Band)

California wasn't a slave state. This is just a giveaway to blacks. Blacks deserve nothing.

It doesn't matter how much the state gives to the so-called "descendants of slaves." Within five years they'd be right back in the 'hood where they are now. The Chosen would have talked them out of a substantial amount, the expensive cars would be wrecked, the jewelry would be pawned, stolen or lost, the clothing would be tattered, the Jordans would be old and showing wear, and they'd be killing each other over whatever remnants might be left.

My ancestors were attacked and virtually enslaved by the Huns, Mongols, Ottomans, Nazis and a whole bunch of other peoples. Can I collect from Mongolia, Turkey or Germany?

You can "collect" from Germany only if you're part of the Semitic shakedown.

I can't believe the Blacks are using the phrase "racial violence" in their augments! Won't even some Libs, say "huh?"

If this proposal is placed on a referendum it will lose by a landslide.

It won't be. There are not very many Blacks here and they are mostly in a few cities. They are not at all popular with Asians or the Latinx. No one wants their taxes to go to them. There are powerless committees assembled for political purposes that make recommendations that are not implemented frequently.

(L Hathaway)
So, since California never had slavery, never had Jim Crow, never had segregation, never had voting rights abuses, what is this about? Since California never had slavery, etc., isn’t every black person who freely moved to California on their own a colonist? An illicit occupant sitting on stolen land? Isn’t every black person in California a colonizer?

And these days, most California Whites are "ethnic" like Armenians, Jews, Persians, former-Yugoslavs, Hispanic Whites who themselves faced persecution or hardship in their homelands.

If Jovan Scott Lewis, Jovan Scott Lewis and Tiffany Quarles think they're so tough, why don't they petition the states whence they or their parents escaped from for reparations?

Lawrence Drake, Mike of Ages & winterscene #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: A Genome-Wide Association Study Identified New Variants Associated With Mathematical Abilities in Chinese Children

(Lawrence Drake)

Mathematical ability is moderately heritable, and it is a complex trait which can be evaluated in several different categories. A few genetic studies have been published on general mathematical ability. However, no genetic study focused on specific mathematical ability categories. In this study, we separately performed genome-wide association studies (GWASs) on 11 mathematical ability categories in 1 146 students from Chinese elementary schools. We identified 7 genome-wide significant single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) with strong linkage disequilibrium (LD) among each other (all r2>0.8) associated with mathematical reasoning ability.

All gene variants associated with intelligence that have been identified so far are more frequent in whites and east Asian populations than blacks. How goes the liberal effort to prove all races are equal and that random historical accidents affect the brain more than one's genes? Oh that's right. They refuse to do the research because they're afraid of what they might find.

(Mike of Ages)
The research is known to everyone and the results on the ground bear out the research. Consider, for example, that five percent to six percent of all American college professors in subjects like literature, history and political science are black. In the quantitative (hard) sciences, it's one percent or less. Not much better in the qualitative (soft) sciences.

Given that the median IQ of black Americans is about 85, that five or six percent in the humanities and social science is representative of what you would expect noting that verbal ability is the strong suit of the black race in the aggregate.

Always exceptions. The exceptions are not the measure of the aggregate.

It's a great, big open secret that everyone is fully aware of… but through a constant barrage of propaganda, conditioning and brainwashing, even this narrative can be altered, especially during the formative years of one's life.

Jared Taylor #racist #wingnut amren.com

Something else Joe Biden did was reintroduce Critical Race Theory training throughout the federal government. I don’t have any clips of government training, but here’s one from the private sector. If you look closely, Ashleigh Shackelford had her Paypal account info on the flip chart. That was so those nice white ladies in the audience could send her reparations directly. Maybe not all CRT training goes so far as to say white people aren’t human, but the message always is that we are guilty because we are white.

Christopher Rufo has found this kind of anti-white indoctrination throughout the federal government and in countless private companies.

And remember the advantages non-whites got during Covid? ‘Too White’ To Get COVID Vaccine? Some Social Justice Activists Say Yes.”

As one “expert” explained to the New York Times, “t is reasonable to put essential workers ahead of older adults, given their risks, and that they are disproportionately minorities. ‘Older populations are whiter’.”

That makes them expendable.

Google snubs white people. This is what you get if you ask it for “American inventors.” Two token white men.

And here’s Google’s idea of “happy white women.” Not one white couple, but quite a few mixed marriages. Maybe miscegenation is the final solution to the problem of white people.


Do you begin to detect a certain hostility?

Some blacks take the problem into their own hands. Here are statistics from the National Crime Victimization Survey, in which a huge sample of Americans describe violence of which they have been victims and say who attacked them.


We can determine that when whites are violent, they attack other whites 82.4 percent of the time and attack blacks only 3.6 percent of the time. When blacks are violent, they attack whites 38.6 percent of the time. Statistically speaking, this means a black person is 27 times more likely to attack a white than the other way around. How much of that has to do with what they are constantly hearing about white racism and white privilege?

Various Commenters #pratt #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Feds Cut Funding for Anti-Racism Project Over ‘Vile’ Tweets


"Life is too short for shoes with laces, or for entertaining Jewish White Supremacists with anything but a bullet to the head.”

He's got to be thinking, "if I only left out 'Jewish' I would still be collecting that sweet government loot."

(Marc Zuckurburg)
Figures. The only reason they're cutting the funding is that someone said something bad about Jews. It didn't bother anyone that it was anti-white from the inception, and probably had people associated with it that said just as mean or worse things about white people.

It's s a crime in most every nation to say something about Jews. You are stigmatized if you say Jews control things, BUT..... "They have no power" Right...

(Jim Barston)
Exactly. Just like Nick Cannon who said whites were cavebeasts and J*ws controlled the media. He only had to apologize for one of the comments.

“antisemitism has no place in this country.”

Yeah, ok. But hating Whites is totally FINE.

(Alan Nathan)
All he had to do was not include the word "Jewish" in the tweet, and it probably would have been accepted.

Jared Taylor #racist #wingnut amren.com

Why Do THESE People Hate Us?

Even people from dung heaps spit on us.

Just about every group in this country has convinced itself it has great excuses to hate the white man. There’s slavery, white supremacy, homophobia, the holocaust, white privilege, sexism, and racism, and just showing up in the New World. Hating us is so much fun that even groups we can’t possibly have ever wronged have learned how to do it.

Take Indians and Pakistanis.

Moshin Hamid has just published his 5th novel, The Last White Man. “At the end of the book, Hamid fast-forwards to a time when whiteness is a distant memory, inviting readers to imagine the possibility of a post-racial world.”

It will be paradise once we’re gone, but never forget: There’s no such thing as The Great Replacement.

But I don’t get it. Indians come from a country where millions of people still defecate wherever they can find a spot.


Maybe that prepares Indians for the horror of living in a country with repulsive white people.

Pakistan is an even worse mess than India, so both groups are fully qualified to tell us what’s wrong with our country.

And despite the “white supremacy” they yell about, they do very well. Asians have higher median household incomes than whites. The difference is very close to the $20,000 difference between blacks and whites – and that difference is supposed to be a national scandal.



Do they ever say “Thank you, America, for letting me come to a much better place than the one I left behind”?

They love to talk about the oppression of black and brown people because they quickly learned that in the victims’ sweepstakes that puts them right up there with blacks, though, of course, they live as far away from blacks as possible. They learned quicker than anyone that they can leave behind their own dung-heap countries and then defecate all over us.

They are without shame, without honor, without decency, without a shred of gratitude. Because we let them get away with it.

Jared Taylor #racist amren.com

Black Brutality

Either we talk about it or we lose our country.

Everyone knows violent crime is up, and there are theories about why.

I have noticed a pattern that may not fit any of these theories.

In New Orleans this spring, a 17-year-old boy with a pistol, along with three girls — one 16, the others 15 — stole a car with the owner in it. She got stuck in her seatbelt and was hanging out the driver’s-side door when they roared away. Her arm was ripped off and she bled to death. The carjackers were black. The 73-year-old victim was white.

Just a few days ago in Philadelphia, seven black children — the youngest was 10 — beat a 73-year-old black man to death with a traffic cone.

Here’s an Orlando headline from not even two months ago: “10-year-old girl shot, killed woman after fight.”

It is hard to imagine people of any other race doing these things. America has a shocking problem with black people, a problem it refuses even to think about.

Not to put too fine a point on it, these people are enemies of civilization.

Do white people do this sort of thing? Do Asians? Hispanics? Maybe if you hunted really hard, you could find some examples. With blacks, you don’t have to hunt at all.

I hate to say this, but vicious savagery against whites is understandable in a twisted way. From childhood on, blacks learn that whites are bad people. Why not rob them, beat them, kill them?

But what about those seven youngsters who beat a helpless black man to death? What kind of depravity is this? Those children are almost an indictment of the whole species.

When something like that makes the news — which mostly it doesn’t — there’s a little hand-wringing and then silence. But let a white person say a few ill-chosen words, and it’s proof of a vast, malignant web of white supremacy and systemic racism that we must all work to dismantle, night and day.

This is not just disproportionate. It’s sick. It’s like running the vacuum while the house burns down.

Is it meanspirited or wrong to talk about this? No. It’s essential. And for as long as whites are paralyzed by the fear of being called “racist,” their country will keep sinking into savagery until they have no country at all.

Guest #god-complex #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: German Green Party Replaces Its Own White Male Justice Minister With Black Female Who Has No Law Degree or Political Experience

In the West, many of the White males who sign up for the agenda of multiculturalism, progressivism, and open borders are finding that they are too White and too male to be of use to the socio-political system any longer.

The latest case in Germany highlights this trend, where the Green party dismissed its own justice minister, Dirk Adams, in the German state of Thuringia.

What can one even comment on this kind of thing anymore? White people who are on board with any of this are unquestionably in favor of their own complete and total eradication as well as for a far worse world for all of humanity where the entire globe mirrors the kind of chaos, violence and dysfunction of Africa (or a mixture of Africa/Central America/The Middle East).

It's beyond clear that a large portion of Whites have an open death wish and want nothing more than to see Western Civilization be destroyed... Their anti "racism" is so hypocritical that they seriously cannot actually believe at this point they are the "anti-racists"... It's obvious they are flat out anti-White and thus are openly and proudly racist...

The dynamics of this whole situation are just mind boggling from:

How we have gotten to a point where the people who have lifted the human condition far more than all others combined and are the first and only people in human history to seriously give two cares about the well being of other groups and have provided others with more aid than all others combined and opened their doors to the most advanced civilizations in human history that they solely created to allow others to live vastly better lives than they would in their own nations are now considered the lone bad guys and all levels of society insist they be replaced by those who have failed everywhere...

Then the most glaring issue of WHY Whites have allowed all of this to transpire in the first place which one could write about for days...

The sheer lunacy is just beyond description...

To be on the opposing side of this issue one is either ignorant to the nth degree or is flat out evil...

Samuel Hathaway & Noah #dunning-kruger #elitist #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Mom Shot at by Tekle Sundberg Expresses Outrage

(Samuel Hathaway)

Cindy and Mark Sundberg adopted Tekle from Ethiopia when he was just four years old.

Introducing Cindy and Mark Sundberg, the "adoptive parents" of Tekle Sundberg from Ethiopia.

More evidence that Minnesota whites are a seriously defective branch of the White race, actually believing that it's their job as whites to patronize third-world blacks, pamper, and spoil them to no end.

The Sundbergs are among the biggest racists you'll ever meet -- for patronzing blacks and always taking their side, and also for preaching, sermonizing, moralizing and guilt-tripping whites.

pathological altruism is epidemic among the Swedes

Minnesota is filled with those whose ancestry is Swedish. Obviously a serious neurological, retarded defect in the brain somewhere -- in Sweden and here in the U.S. The parallels of pathological altruism are too stark to ignore.

Adopting Ethiopians is about as dumb as adopting a wild animal from Africa, turning them loose on society and expecting civil behavior as a result.


I look forward to some black saying the Sundbergs are racist for adopting the black kid from Ethiopia and he is now dead because of that. That will be irony times hundred for these two fools who wasted time and money adopting him and raising him here.

They will call them colonizers like they did Amy Coney Barrett.

The irony is that Ethiopians aren’t “black,” they’re Cushitic and they’re one of the major slave traders, along with Somalis, of black Bantu slaves to Arabs. They’ve done this for millennia, until Europeans made them stop.

Their cruelty makes them a people that don’t deserve pity.

In Europe, the Nordic countries were the furthest from foreign invasion. They’re not like mainland and Central European people who’ve seen a who’s who of history’s bastards come marching through their land.

A Swede never saw so much as a marauding Avar, but Hungarians and Poles did, as well as Huns, Mongols, Turks, Soviets and Nazis, to name a few. Swedes have no real concept of outside danger or the inherent danger present in outsiders in either the old world or the new.

Gregory Hood #racist #wingnut amren.com

Another Diversity Embarrassment

Herschel Walker would not have gotten the GOP nomination if he were white. The Walker candidacy shows it’s not just the Democrats who fall victim to the “soft bigotry of low expectations.”

During the campaign, it came out that he had three illegitimate children he had never publicly acknowledged. His one legitimate son taunted his apparently absentee father after yesterday’s defeat.

This is almost like a comedy written by a race realist.

What was the point of his nomination? Once again, Republicans convinced themselves that a black Republican could win over black voters. Instead, heavy black turnout helped Senator Warnock.

None of this is to defend Senator Warnock. His clownish black liberation theology is even more insufferable given its self-righteousness. Though media keep telling us the GOP is filled with “Christian Nationalism,” it’s not the Republican Party which has a race-conscious Baptist pastor rallying the faithful from public office.

It’s time for whites to stop giving blacks unearned political power. Groveling is embarrassing, dishonorable, and demoralizing, but that’s not the worst of it. It doesn’t work. Blacks won’t support black conservatives. They don’t support a movement that (rhetorically at least) opposes reparations and welfare, and backs the police. Some blacks whom the GOP desperately promoted to prove they weren’t racist, like former GOP Chairman Michael Steele or Secretary of State Colin Powell, turned against the party later for not being pro-black enough.

If a black Republican does succeed, it’s because white voters back him. It sometimes seems white conservatives support a black candidate simply because he’s black. Black Democrats do the same, but that’s part of normal race-consciousness. White conservatives are embarrassed, indignant, or most likely afraid to admit they have racial interests. They are spiritually defeated. They need a black face to give them permission to take their own side — but get no credit for it.

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RE: Native Hawaiian Men Are Found Guilty of a Hate Crime for Viciously Beating a White Man

Well, at least these particular Hawaiians don't suffer the same ethnomasochism as most whites. Good for them for standing up for their people.

(Hobbit Supremacist)

In reality, Hawaiians do want some kind of Navajo-type tribal nationhood, if not outright independence

Why stop there? We could give back all the land "we stole" from "native" people. And then we could try to go back to Europe. But wait, we have no right to go there. They prefer non-whites with low expectation.


‘We’re the law, we’re the police, the police have our backs, we’re the ones who make the laws, we’re the ones who enforce the laws, we’re the judge in Kahakuloa, and we’re the ones who decide if you live or die.’

Well that didn't work out as well as they planned. I for one have no issue with Hawaiians having Hawaiian only land and the same for Hispanics and blacks....so long as Whites can do it too.

I say they did pretty well, secured their neighborhood with a maximum of ten years they might have to give up. If the roles had been reversed the white guy could count on dying inside.

As a white man in a state undergoing warp-speed Californication, I am conflicted about this. They didn't want this guy moving into their area for the same reason I don't want Californians moving here.

You can find video of this attack online and it's difficult to watch, but after seeing what Californian gentrifiers have done here in my state, I can hardly blame them. I know a lot of locals here, good conservative folks, who would love to open fire on every car they see on the road with California plates (and there are a lot of them these days).

Hawaiians have been dealing with this sort of colonization for a long, long time, much longer than people here in the Mountain West and they're sick of it and determined to hold on to what little they have left by any means necessary. It's hard to blame them.

It is nice to see the hate crime laws equitably enforced for a change, though.

Gregory Hood #racist #wingnut amren.com

With few exceptions, when blacks kill whites, it’s random murder. When whites faced blacks, such as George Floyd, Michael Brown, or Ahmaud Arbery, the cases became racial battles with national significance. Whites’ individualism and naïve belief in the “rule of law” make them behave like Eloi, victims to be slaughtered unavenged.

Two black men killed Elijah Dewitt, a young white man. His father has already forgiven the killers, though I’ve seen no evidence they asked him to. “We don’t need hate in our house,” he said, which is fine, but now he doesn’t have his son either.

DeWitt’s girlfriend also forgave the killers. After all, we don’t “know their situations.”

Pople who cannot even resent their victimizers are not victims. They're sort of like cattle. They are like FOOD for predators.

I’m reminded of the murder of Mollie Tibbetts. She was a young woman who seemed to be ashamed of being white. After an illegal immigrant killed her, her father took care to defend the “Hispanic community,” especially its cooking. When blacks killed anti-apartheid activist Amy Biehl, her parents forgave and hugged her killers.

Our national battered wife syndrome never shows itself more than when some white son or daughter, father or mother, is brutally murdered by a black guy and almost the very first move made by the victim’s family is to assure Channel 5 News, bleary-eyed, that they weren’t racist..

These are spiritually broken people, who don’t even feel justified in being angry when their children are murdered. “Christian” forgiveness seems to be selective. Erick Erickson, one of the original cuckservatives, praised Elijah Dewitt’s father and said forgiving evil is the essence of Christianity.

This kid’s body isn’t even cold yet, and the parents and girlfriend are already falling all over themselves to forgive the murderers and move on? No righteous anger? What a pathetic, broken culture this is.

I think it’s the epitome of Christianity to forgive even someone who kills your loved one.

He thought differently about protesters at the January 6, 2021 riot on Capitol Hill.


Gregory Hood #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut amren.com

Government in Los Angeles Is Tribal Warfare

Miss Martinez used words about blacks that wouldn’t be allowed at an American Renaissance conference or in comments to AmRen articles. She resigned, but said that she hoped her career would inspire “all little Latina girls across this city.” Even in disgrace, she claims victimhood.

Kevin De León, partially responsible for making California a “sanctuary state” and who eagerly stokes white guilt, was brutally realistic about black political power and demographics:

When you’re at the side of the curtain, it’s like this big voice, it sounds big. It sounds like there’s thousands. And then, when you actually pull the curtain, is that you see the little Wizard of Oz. You know what? It’s the same thing.

I wish whites understood black protests as well as he does.

Miss Martinez was also blunt about other groups. She said that California state representative Adrian Nazarian and council member Paul Krekorian — both Armenian — know they don’t have the numbers for “an Armenian district in the Valley” but still “want as many Armenians in that district as possible to be able to play.”

The crime is not that Miss Martinez is practicing politics, but that she was honest about how “Our Democracy” works. And why shouldn’t Hispanics get more power in line with their population?

Critics say that the problem is that the discussion reflects a “zero-sum” outlook on local politics. Instead, political leaders should focus on “coalition building” between Hispanics and blacks. A coalition against whom? Whites. Thus, even in a scandal where no whites are to blame, “white supremacy” is still the problem.

Whites have no obligation to save these squabbling children from themselves. Instead, the challenge for us is to develop white representation and build power. Still, we can be thankful to the Los Angeles city council for confirming what we knew along: Los Angeles is no longer an American city but a tribal free-for-all, where different “communities” battle for the scraps we left them. They don’t even take their own rhetoric seriously, so neither should we. Let’s turn our back on them and build a future for our own people in a country of our own.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: A Revealing Racist Rant in L.A.

Well, get used to it, Mr. Blow.

White people were the only buffer between different tribal, racist, ethnic, and religiosity passions. White people invented notions like equality for all, even if white people didn't implement their notions perfectly.

Now, as hispanics take over, you will be left in the dust just like other non-hispanic races (or ethnicities or whatever).

(David L)

But what disturbs me most is the racial, ethnic tribalism of her political calculations

REALLY? This is EXACTLY the raison d'etre of the LEFT! They soak up their power by encouraging such tribalism, dole out largesse to their favorite groups of the moment with little regard for the danger they do to our country. It's the complete inverse of "E Pluribus Unum." Of course with the media continuing to cover for them I'm betting this story will disappear in less than a week...

So, they are admitting that the White population is declining? I thought that was just a far right "conspiracy." White supremacy to them is the mere existence of White people and now apparently anyone who is light skinned.

So let me get this straight: “white supremacy” is just being perpetuated by non-whites? It not just that all races prefer their own, have their own interests, and can discriminate just as Whites do? Hmmm, seems like it really does always come back to Whitey.

Whites are a mythological creature of unknown power. Long after they are extinct, their presence shall be forever. Only a non-superior people could be thus.

Now BLM is demanding that De Leon and one other Latinx resign due to their desire to have power for Latinx voters. And... BLM is demanding De Leon be replaced with a black, to give power to black voters. So BLM is saying De Leon is guilty of tribal preferences and the punishment is... tribal preferences.

At some point white progressives need to understand, none of these people have any ideals at all. It's pure tribalism. All the progressive nonsense they spout is purely for the consumption of white liberal rubes. Behind closed doors, they believe precisely none of it.

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RE: Heavily-Armed Black Rights Groups March Through Austin Chanting Anti-illegal Migrant Slogans

(Mike Lanham)

They want a closed border and reparations.

They should be met halfway. No to reparations. Yes to closing the border. Half a loaf is better than none at all.

They are mad the Democrats won't give them any more freebies because of the favoritism being shown towards Hispanics.

(Ian Connolly)
Even if that’s the case, so what?

Blacks, by themselves, can’t single-handedly destroy or change the nation. Hispanics can.

Yet, they still vote overwhelmingly for the Democrats. Immigrants aren't just replacing whites, they're replacing blacks too. So, keep whining about the invasion while roughly 89% continue to vote for Democrats and, hence, the invasion too.

The black version of the The Great Replacement where Hispanic illegals remove blacks and take over their traditional welfare recipient role in America.

Are blacks afraid of being replaced by the Hispanics??
They know the Hispanics hate their guts and don't care if they are perceived as racists. They will fight you daily.

No White one cares, blacks. Move to Africa and build your Wakanda paradise there.

I'm not a fan of nonwhites, and I'm not taking sides, but blacks and Hispanics (mostly mestizos) do not get along with each other. They say Hispanics ran blacks out of LA and Southern California.

They should pay reparations for every city and town they have destroyed with their presence.

(White Pride World Wide.)
At least black men don't have to worry about Hispanic men chasing after their women, race mixing between Hispanics and blacks is not allowed in Hispanic culture. And the media won't encourage it like they do with whites mixing with blacks.

Blacks do chase after Hispanic women and basically any woman who isn't black.

Michelle Malkin #conspiracy #racist #wingnut amren.com

They’re All Open-Borders Hypocrites

All the world’s a stage, especially two heated months before Election Day. So you’ll have to forgive me for not joining the theatrical media frenzy over Martha’s Vineyard being overrun by illegal aliens. It’s just another naked open-borders exhibition by both political parties that makes a miserable mockery of our country’s immigration policies.

Yes, I said both parties.

Sure, Republican governors are exposing the grand hypocrisy of limousine liberals who preach diversity and tolerance while walling off their exclusive colony. Rah-rah, sis-boom, ha-ha-ha. Hilarity abounds.

Of course, mass-migration-pimping Democrats are as guilty of “human trafficking” as their counterparts now acting as travel agents for the Third World cheap-labor pipeline.

But whether it’s DeSantis dumping Venezuelans on Martha’s Vineyard or Abbott shuttling Mexicans to the Big Apple and D.C. swamp or Obama chartering illegal alien flights to military bases across New England, the script is always the same:

One side claims to be tough on borders. The other screams “racism” and “xenophobia.” Then leaders in both parties pocket big donations from the same globalist special interests — Big Agriculture, Big Business and Big Tech — and pretend to join hands on “immigration reform.” All the illegal alien pawns settle in for the long haul — collecting driver’s licenses from Democrat and Republican governors, sanctuary status from both Democrat and Republican mayors, in-state tuition discounts across the country, bountiful health, welfare and legal services, and eventual amnesty, green cards, U.S. citizenship, entitlement benefits and voting rights.

That’s bipartisan America Last stuntsmanship for you. Not so funny anymore, is it?

I can hardly stomach cable news anymore. Two decades ago, when I guest-hosted for Bill O’Reilly and worked as a contributor to Fox News, the illegal alien invasion I reported on was taken seriously. Now, I’m persona non grata in “America’s newsroom,” while two-faced snakes like Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio score prime Fox News headlines for bashing the Biden administration’s illegal immigration chaos.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Good News from Europe!


Jared Taylor and his co-host celebrate the victory of the Swedish Democrats and the probable victory of the Brothers of Italy. The hosts also discuss Kelisa Wing, chaos in Yuma, the new Ariel, and excitement in the Congo.

I have no sympathy for the migrants. The migrants elected to make this journey and put themselves in these perilous situations. My sympathy lies with the citizens along the border that have to deal with this invasion.

Places like the Rio Grande Valley are about 80% Hispanic and the 20% that isn't is largely composed of "Winter Texans" who are really retirees from places like Wisconsin who spend their winters in the warmer climate.

Trust me, a lot of those Mexican Americans along the border had zero problem with illegal aliens and in fact encouraged the invasion. Most of the illegal aliens would be moving on to places like Houston after all.

It's only after the number of illegals got to be overwhelming that they began changing their tune.

Are Swedes waking up to their genetic replacement finally? They had better be and they better have a plan to take the initiative and run with it by outlawing all land and home ownership for those who are not ethnic Swede, also they better take away the right to vote for those who are not ethnic Swede, and implement a higher tax base that must be paid if you are not native. Make it really really hard to live in Sweden if you are not Swedish. Then, if the refugee really wants to be there, they will find a way through perseverance and sheer will.

(Carlos ledesma)
Because of its immigration history the United States doom was already in place. But exactly why the Europeans decided to wreck their nations with immigration has never been explained.

Joseph Kay #pratt #racist amren.com

Reality in the Hilton Hotel Men’s Room

I began my academic career as a graduate student in the mid-1960s, long before today’s diversity mania. Nevertheless, the pro-Civil Rights dogma was unassailable. There was an endless parade of uplift programs, and all my classmates and faculty awaited the racial utopia. Moreover, we were all expected to be good soldiers: conduct research exposing racial discrimination, refute conservative arguments claiming that Negros (as blacks were then called) caused their own misery, and otherwise fight racial injustice. We were a committed army of do-gooders.

I soon, however, had an eye-opening experience that revealed the true character of this black/white friendship. I attended the national meeting of my academic discipline in Washington, DC, held at the upscale Washington Hilton Hotel. Several thousand professors and graduate students — then overwhelmingly white men — filled the hotel.

Alas, my occasional visits to the lobby men’s room exposed the deeply seated racial views of my fellow academics.

The Hilton men’s room, like nearly all such facilities in up-market hotels and restaurants, employed a “washroom attendant.” He was invariably an elderly black man who smiled a lot, offered grooming supplies, but most importantly, he personally handed you soap and small towels, and turned on the hot water for you to wash your hands. He might also brush off shoulder dandruff while exchanging pleasant chit-chat. I grew up with these black washroom attendants, and my father insisted that I always tip them a dollar. This was important to their livelihoods. It was no big expense, even for a young professor like myself.

I noticed that not a single convention attendee relied on the attendant’s service let alone tipped him anything. After completing “their business,” all quickly fled the facilities and steadfastly refused to acknowledge the attendant’s very existence. He was the true Invisible Man. Given a choice of leaving the bathroom with unwashed, possibly contaminated hands or leaving a tip for an elderly black gentleman, the unsanitary choice prevailed. No doubt, every single convention attendee supported the War on Poverty, but not in the Hilton men’s room.

Ben Sullivan #racist #wingnut amren.com

How the Left Exploits Ignorance

Their ideas blend together in the public consciousness and create an inaccurate view of history that portrays the population of sub-Saharan Africa as victims.

Today’s students cannot correctly place the Civil War, World War I, or World War II within 50 years of their actual occurrence. Some teachers are no better. A fellow graduate student once told me how excited she was to teach her class Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States.

Zinn’s anti-white book is widely used, but even Stanford University has an article on its biases. Any serious historian who has read it would find it laughable. For example, it assumes the American colonists were anti-Indian because of simple racism. In fact, in King Philip’s War, which broke out just 55 years after the Mayflower arrived, tribal animosities were the main cause. The colonists aligned themselves with the Mohegans, Pequots and Mohawks against the Wampanoag, Nipmuc, and Narragansetts.

Many students believe Africa is weak because Europeans colonized and looted it. I hear this so often that I ask students to pull out their phones and search for the dates of African colonization. It did not start until after slavery had ended in the United States. Why was Africa weak until then?

Another problem for Prof. Diamond is that West Africans were involved in trade during the late Roman Empire. The Ghanian Empire, as it is called today, was a major commercial hub. Even if draft animals had not been domesticated in Africa, Africans could have traded for them.

Also, colonization was partially spurred by the American Civil War. The North’s naval blockade of the South led the Spanish and French to begin vying for power in Indochina as a way to get raw materials instead of backing the Confederacy.

The obvious reason for black Africa’s backwardness is low average IQ, for which there is overwhelming evidence.

Is there any sub-Saharan country where blacks are better off than they are in the United States? No. Does having a black teacher improve black grades? No.

Making scapegoats of Europeans for black failure makes it impossible for our country to understand the problem, much less try to solve it.

Timothy Vorgenss #racist #wingnut amren.com

Progressives Don’t Stand for Progress

We should not accept the idea that we are conservative. We promote progress. We cannot be satisfied with delaying the victories of the so-called progressive left. This is not our mission.

To the extent that we are conservative, it is only in the service of progress. It is necessary to eliminate useless innovations that compete with useful ones. If I am undergoing surgery, I don’t want a strawberry-flavored anesthetic. I want an effective one.

Ethno-differentiation promotes security, social trust, and therefore productivity. This leads, among many other things, to better medical research, longer life expectancy, quality of life, quality of childhood, artistic achievements . . . . In fact, listing the benefits of separation could become an academic specialty.

Our discourse could become more effective if it were to change in ways we may not have considered. I’m not talking about being right. We are already right. I’m talking about winning the ideas game, of making competing ideas irrelevant.

Our opponents are the champions of broken promises. Why offer progress rather than a return to the past? Let us oppose liberals with a right-wing vision of progress. Perhaps a slogan like this: “Rich or poor, who would not prefer the crime rate of Tokyo rather than Chicago? No more broken progressive promises.”

We must invent identity progressivism. Our arguments might look like this: “We were making such progress. Women were just beginning to enjoy their rights, and now immigrants torment them. Why did you spoil it? Do you hate women? And why force LGBT people to suffer among groups that hate them?” The key is to say such things without irony or sarcasm.

This may not change the outcome of a particular conversation, but it is important to stop always condemning the future and holding up the past as a solution. In the popular mind, white advocacy must evoke words like “solution,” “future,” “progress,” “inevitable.”

Constant repetition establishes a center of gravity, a centripetal dynamic, and anchors a belief in people’s minds. Anchoring the correct beliefs in people’s minds is what we do.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Mom of 10-Year-Old Ohio Girl Who Got Abortion Defends Child’s Rapist

(Darien X)

The mother of a 10-year-old Ohio girl who crossed state lines to get an abortion has defended her daughter’s 27-year-old confessed rapist — who was wrongly listed as a minor during the medical visit, according to reports.

“She’s fine. Everything that they’re saying against him is a lie,” she insisted of Fuentes, who confessed during police interviews to raping the youngster at least twice, according to court records and officials.

This one of a million reasons why we can’t live with these people, they have no concept whatsoever of law and order and even child abuse.
The obviously Hispanic mother defends the rapist who raped and impregnating of her 10 year daughter!
It doesn’t get any worse than this.

(ilya muromets)
Rape is just common practice in the Amerindian part black Hispanic culture. Yes these invaders storming our Southern border like a greedy army are not who the left say they are. They have similar child abandonment rates among the fathers of their children as blacks do.

No White SJWs we are not all the same.

Bush Family Values.

(Bobby E)

If the nutty woman is defending the man who raped her daughter, she also should be jailed.

She is probably having an affair with him. You never know with these wonderful Hispanics and their family values.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: DFL Rep Says White Kids Should ‘Feel Bad’ About American History

An elected official says the quiet part out loud.

White American children have every reason to be proud of their country and their race. The only reason we are not more accomplished than we are is that we bear the burden of a race human evolution never prepared for civilization.

If White kids are to be shamed for their history, then so should Turks for the Ottoman Empire, Haitians for killing all the French in 1804, and Japanese for Pearl Harbor.

I like how they say White people collectively should feel guilty whether they're Swedish, English, Greek, Croatian. It doesn't matter. White people really are seen and treated differently from other races.

(Martin Coon)
Even White leftists don’t want to allow for any distinction between us.

White people can be collectively blamed for the past but all nonwhites are supposed to be judged as individuals; talk about double standards.

Good. Hollins supports inherited guilt. Every black child whose ancestors committed a crime is guilty too. As blacks for generations have committed some type of crime I would purport to say that most, if not all, black children should feel bad about what happened in the past. It was terrible. However, it's also happening in the present, so black children should also feel bad about what's happening NOW. It IS terrible.

(American Plague)
I was just making that argument to someone the other day. That every black whose ancestor murdered or raped someone White (in many cases this happened basically yesterday, not hundreds of years ago), should have to pay reparations to the White descendants of the victim(s)or even the victims themselves.

Did the person agree or did they give you an attitude about it?

No response. They simply got really quiet for a few seconds and changes the subject. So I'm sure they saw the logic in what I was saying but couldn't bring themself to openly admit that a "racist" White guy had a very valid argument.

Gregory Hood #racist #transphobia #wingnut amren.com

One can almost admire the “trans” community’s shamelessness, but courage is easy when the federal government and its media pets are backing you.

Is there an insurrection happening in Tennessee? Will these kids be thrown into a gulag? Will the FBI arrest hundreds of people in a dragnet? Will we have a special committee on this?


You’ve got to hand it to trans. One of theirs killed some kids for political reasons, and they’re the ones storming the state capitol as the media worries about a backlash against them.


It’s tedious even to say it, but obviously there will be no sweeping purges of pages, products, or propaganda on trans issues, in contrast to even moderate pro-white speech.

In 2019, after a young white shot non-whites in El Paso, David French wanted “war” and to treat “online white-nationalist radicals exactly the way we treat online jihadist sympathizers.” After the Nashville shooting, he just wants to “pray” and vent his scorn on “gun fetishists.”

“Imagine if the situation was reversed” is tedious. Pointing out double standards, by itself, accomplishes nothing. In their minds, progressives do not have a double standard. Many believe speech they think is harmful and reinforces oppressive social structures should not be free.

America is a country like any other, with a ruling class that has an official ideology that justifies its power. These days, that ideology is egalitarianism, which has spawned a religion that worships blacks and other media-approved “victims”. Those who are obstacles to the impossible (and undesirable) goal of equality, especially whites, are an “enemy” group as surely as the kulaks were under the Bolsheviks. All history has been redefined as a story of oppressors versus oppressed, with whites, traditional Christians, and others who built Western Civilization cast as eternal villains. Even calling it egalitarianism may be too kind because it often becomes crude anti-white hatred. Modern America’s war against “hate” is one of the biggest cases of projection in history.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: High School ‘White Power’ Graffiti in Idaho Revealed to Be Hate Crime Hoax

Fake racist comments at college girls’ volleyball games, fake racist graffiti - are there any “racist” incidents that have actually proven to be legitimate lately?

(Yours Truly)
Frankly, I wish there were. That would give me some hope...

Our kids are way too indoctrinated, guilt-shamed, or just flat out intimidated to ever even think of posting any “racist” graffiti.

Heck, probably more than half our kids can only wish that an “evil” “racist” would actually do something like this — but just so they could join with the non-White mob in hysterically denouncing him.

(Darien X)
The "incident to be motivated by hate but rather an act of intimidation between two rival Hispanic criminal street gangs from Caldwell,” the Caldwell Police Department said"

Oh, OK, huuuuuge difference then. No problem, we understand.

(Yours Truly)
It’s really eerie, isn’t it? This one little statement by the CPD illustrates how pervasive the mindset of our overlords actually is; so much so that even law enforcement in Idaho — Idaho! — has swallowed it whole.

Seriously, these people are idiots! Even if we are super-charitable to liberals about the definitions, there’s no way that the total number of alleged “hate killings” by Whites isn’t utterly dwarfed by the number of (non-White) gang-related killings.

And yet our overlords think that White “hate” is the real danger…

What are these losers doing in Idaho???

Losers have an irresistible affinity to winners.

I clearly remember, back in the day, a few decades ago, when Idaho had a reputation as being a hotspot for White Supremacist, notably the northern part, which served as the capital of the Aryan Nations.

Well, either that turned out to be mostly media hype, its members are now too old to scare off unwanted intruders . . . or nothing can dissuade Latinos and other PoCs from venturing into "Virgin Territory".

It was the Aryan Nations compound. There was an incident with some passers-by and A.N. was sued out of existence. I think it was a set- up, cuz ya know, can't have Whites peacefully congregating even in remote corners of the world.

Gregory Hood #racist #wingnut amren.com

White Renegade of the Year — 2022

The White Renegade of the Year is not the person who is the most anti-white. He is the person who could have done the most good, but instead did the most harm. This year’s winner is Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson had the potential for greatness. Other than Nigel Farage, it was Boris Johnson who delivered victory in the Brexit referendum. His closing speech was magnificent.

Unfortunately, like President Donald Trump, Boris Johnson betrayed those who believed in him. Unlike Donald Trump, Boris Johnson can’t blame saboteurs within his own government and party, a ferociously hostile media, political inexperience, or Big Tech censorship. Whatever Donald Trump’s failings, our former president faced obstacles he never imagined when he descended the escalator in 2015.

Though it was not the sole cause, opposition to mass immigration was an important reason why so many Britons defied the political establishment and voted to leave the European Union.

In 2019, after Brexit, Boris Johnson and the Conservatives ran and won the election on a strong anti-immigration platform. Immigration then increased.

From 2019 to May 2022, visas issued to Indians surged by 164 percent, Pakistanis by 255 percent, and Nigerians by 415 percent.

Brexit voters thought they were limiting immigration; Mr. Johnson expanded immigration beyond the European Union.

Boris Johnson also offered more visas to Indians in exchange for more trade with the former Raj. Indian leaders must hardly believe their good fortune: They can get more economic benefits and more revenge colonization. Though Boris Johnson’s term lies a-moldering in the grave, his agreement marches on, with India and the UK recently striking another deal. The interests of the British people don’t matter.

The Conservative government is now mulling an effort to get “migrants” to move to rural areas to “combat depopulation and replenish ageing communities.” In other words, replace Britons. “So what?” asked former Conservative Health Secretary Sajid Javid when Nigel Farage charged that the people of Britain are being remade. If that’s conservatism, it’s hard to care whether Labour wins the next general election.

Jared Taylor #racist #wingnut amren.com

The Flight from White

Hispanics are rushing for the doors.

Charles Murray recently posted this graph based on data taken from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.


He thought it was remarkable that suddenly in 2020, millions of Hispanics stopped identifying as white.

He wasn’t the only one who noticed. The Los Angeles Times asked, “Why did so few Latinos identify themselves as white in the 2020 census?”

In 2014, the New York Times ran the opposite headline: “More Hispanics Declaring Themselves White.” The article went on to say that “if Hispanics ultimately identify as white Americans, then whites will remain the majority for the foreseeable future.”

How nice. If enough Mexicans and Salvadorans say they’re white, America will stay white forever.

So, back to why Hispanics are suddenly refusing to be white. The authors of that LA Times article think the reason could be “a xenophobic political climate that has made many Latinos aware that whiteness may not be easily within their reach.”


Black-and-brown unity is fantasy, of course, but Hispanics have surely tumbled to the fact that being brown makes you a cherished diversity asset, and that the race that is supposed to be lathered with privilege has become the national whipping boy.

Who on earth would want to be white if he had any other choice, with every institution giving you a leg-up for not being white, and people at Harvard trying to abolish the white race?

Some people abolish the white race, beginning with themselves. You remember Senator Elizabeth Warren and Rachel Dolezal, but what about Jennifer Benton?

Professor Jessica Krug of George Washington University got caught because she couldn’t decide if she was Algerian or Caribbean.

Just last week, a “queer indigenous artist” who made up an unpronounceable Injun name for herself, turned out to be white.

All these people — and plenty more — knew they’d be better off being anything — anything — but white.

White privilege? Hispanics want none of it. A la mierda eso, as they might very sensibly say.

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RE: How a Trump-Allied Group Fighting ‘Anti-White Bigotry’ Beats Biden in Court

(Darien X)
Jews who support the leftist, black/POC and Democrat sides are betting on the wrong horse. The blacks in particular do not support the Jews whatsoever.
The recent anti-Jewish tirades by Kanye West and his posse should be a wake up call for the Jews.
There is no greater defender of Jews/Israel than white evangelicals.

(Yours Truly)
It’s also odd that so many Jewish progressives are at least relatively gung ho on increased immigration by Muslims. Are they suicidal? Do they honestly think that Middle Easterners as a group are ever really going to want to peaceably coexist with Jews, let alone Zionists?

This is what David Cole was referring to when he wrote his infamous column about the old Jewish parable of the golem that eventually turns on its creators.

(CW 63)

The deal in early 2021 was hailed by Black farmers as the most significant piece of legislation since the Civil Rights Act of 1964

But today, the landmark deal is dead — successfully challenged in court by an organization that argued the program racially discriminated against White farmers.

What a great, positive, uplifting article, it is nice to see whites are not defeated everywhere.

but there is only one thing that is a disapointment, the following excerpt says it all;

" ... The suit argued that the debt relief approved by Congress was unconstitutional because it excluded “white ethnic groups that have unquestionably suffered ethnic prejudice,” referring to Irish, Italian, German and other European immigrants and Jews. {snip}..."

In the end, he did not win the case by making people realize whites are discriminated against, he won by convincing people that whites are actually part of other groups and those are discriminated against.

I wish he had won based on the simple and obvious evidence that whites are in fact discriminated against, and more so everyday

It is sad the he had to turn whites into ethnic group victims

I wish whites could win court cases by saying they are white not by saying they are part of some other oppressed minority.

When will it be ok to recognize whites are discrimenated agaisnt for being white?

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Wearisome Wakanda

The racial marketing is clear. Hispanics now have a Marvel fantasyland, alongside blacks’ Wakanda and an Asians paradise in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

There’s no diversity in any of those places! They are true ethnostates. Whites have nothing of their own in the world of Marvel. There are plenty of white characters, but no white settings, and main characters who used to be white are gradually being killed off or replaced with non-whites.

The film ends with a brown-black alliance. Cruz Castillo of the National Hispanic Media Coalition wrote this about Wakanda Forever: “Black and brown communities going hand-in-hand, pulling one up and the other pulling the other, you know... I think that’s the progress. I think it’s going to change everything.”

Tenoch Huerta Mejía, who plays Namor, has been complaining that Hispanic television is too white and that “Mexico looks on the TV like a Scandinavian country.” (Actually, Hispanic television has fewer Somalis.)

Mr. Mejía is also promoting the idea that “America’s a continent” (instead of a country) and that “we’re all of us, we’re Americans.” (I predict that Americans calling themselves “Americans” will soon be considered offensive).

We probably won’t see evil, fantasy all-white nations. Any collective white representation, even a negative one, might give whites the wrong idea. But Western countries with white politicians, soldiers, and bureaucrats will no doubt be the Black Panther’s next enemy. She can slaughter individual whites, but there can never be a “white country,” no matter how evil.

If black nationalists weren’t too busy screaming “Wakanda Forever!” they would be insulted that Big Mouse is making millions on non-white racial fantasy.

There can never be a movieland white identity. A plausible white villain could always become an antihero. We can feel sorry for blacks, Hispanics, and other groups searching for meaning at the movie theater. Disney and other corporate media can’t deal with our identity because our movement is serious — a threat in the way nothing else is. Non-white nationalism is bread and circuses to keep the rabble calm. Our culture is not a costume; you can buy a Black Panther mask at Walmart.

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Ending Racial Blackmail

Thanks to the Supreme Court, affirmative action is back in the news.

Racial preferences are blackmail. They are unearned benefits to bribe blacks into good behavior. We pay the blackmail, but it fails to deliver tranquility. It’s a terrible deal. When you pay the Danegeld, the Dane never goes away.

It is time to pull the plug on today’s doomed-to-fail racial preferences.

The benefits would be huge. As Charles Murray’s Facing Reality makes clear, the boost in average IQ across many professions would be enormous, and we would see a jump in productivity. No more incompetent nurses or doctors. Professors could teach demanding courses. Military enlistments would increase.

The worst aspects of black behavior — everything from the riots to illegitimacy and welfare dependency — appeared after the civil rights movement, not before.

There is a growing nostalgia among blacks for the pre-integration era now lost. As a recent article in Washington Monthly put it:

In 1985, 60 black-owned banks were providing financial services to their communities; today, just 23 remain. In 11 states that headquartered black-owned banks in 1994, not a single one is still in business. Of the 50 black-owned insurance companies that operated during the 1980s, today just 2 remain.

This parallels the demise of black-owned taxi services, supermarkets, publishing, cosmetic firms and mom-and-pop businesses.

It is easy to forget the countless black-owned enterprises that were bankrupted by integration. According to Black Excellence, thousands of black-owned and black-run firms thrived, especially where there was Jim Crow.

Millions of decent jobs might await blacks if the US returned to an era when millions of black-run businesses catered to blacks. During the pre-civil rights era, black labor force participation often exceeded 90 percent.

Ending affirmative action may have consequences far beyond eliminating the most prominent feature of today’s racial spoils system. It could start a mutually beneficial and jointly desired racial disengagement. Black businesses and universities would be reinvigorated while white institutions would no longer be pressured to hire people they don’t want.

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RE: A More Diverse America Turns Against Racial Preferences


When Proposition 16 was put on the ballot, Californians voted it down by a 14-point margin. Even a state that voted nearly 2 to 1 for Joe Biden affirmed its opposition to racial preferences.

Even more surprising, 68% of Hispanics, 63% of Asians and 59% of blacks also opposed it.

Do you suppose they understood the question?

Bingo. Blacks and much of the Latinx (ironic) believe the media propaganda that Blacks and the Latinex are the victims of "racism." They honestly have no idea that these "preferences" help them.

(ilya muromets)
They might have understood the implications of having incompetent personal that got admitted in colleges by virtue of their race alone?

Maybe they have just enough intellect to understand those implications?

(Marc Zuckurburg)
In related fake news, kids have stopped liking ice cream.

I can believe Asians are against racial preferences but I highly doubt that many Blacks and Hispanics are against it.

(Darien X)
No way, it’s probably a red herring to throw everyone off the scent.

I honestly don't think most Black/Hispanics understood the realty of the situation that they benefit immensely from said racial preferences in college admissions and assumed it benefitted Whites...

They can do all the polls they want but there is no real world indication that blacks oppose preferential treatment for jobs, education, or anything else that benefits them. None. Zero. Nada.

(Darien X)
Absolutely not. Like you said, they probably didn’t understand the question. All other indicators like blacks voting over 90% Democrat say otherwise. Since when did they refuse freebees?

(Jay Alexander)
I think they probably misunderstood the question. When they saw "racial preferences" they probably thought it meant racial preference and privilege in favor of Whites. If the question made it explicit that they were using preferences to boost black and brown representation and to increase "equitable outcomes" then I suspect the responses would have been precisely the opposite.

They obviously don’t understand that it’s for them and their colorful allies.

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RE: Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Rick Caruso Declares He’s Not White Because He’s Italian

Caruso is a panderer like so many others trying to get power. In my military days, as a young man, I spent months in Italy and in Spain, had a few girlfriends in those countries. Caruso should be ashamed of himself. He must have never looked into the eyes of a green eyed, dirty blonde hair of a Sicilian woman. Maybe he’s gay!

(Wake Up)
Caruso is a disgrace, he is fully aware of how the vast majority of Italians feel about Blacks. Today Italy is doing their best to keep Black immigrants out. But of course during the Roman Empire, the Italians brought them in as slaves.

Too many Whites deny their Whiteness this way. It keeps us separated when we are really one people, one tribe. The White People. The White Tribe. The White race. We are unique on this planet and we are alone in who we are.


That is why claiming Indian ancestry is so common.

I mentally vomit when White people tell me they have "Native American blood." They think this is a virtue. I think it is disgusting.

(American Plague)
Once again: so Columbus wasn't White either, right? I wonder if this idiot had anything to say about leftists destroying statues of and demeaning a national holiday dedicated to, a "Latin" POC (Christopher Columbus) ?


The Irish have been saying that about Italians for 100 years.

The leftist Irish say it about themselves too. Due to their history of oppression they are not really White. Even more ludicrous, but there is no talking logic to an anti-White White

It has been claimed that Éire is a distant relation of the Sanskrit word ā́rya.

So 'Eire' and 'Ireland' mean 'the land of the noble ones (Aryans)'. Dunno what leprechauns have to say about the (controversial) theory.

Well if the leprechauns do not want to be called "Aryans," certain Iranians make up for it by talking your ear off about it!

Probably related to the way the so-called WASP treated them. Many were more hostile to Catholic Irish than they were toward blacks. Remember that the KKK was focused on anti-Catholicism, more than on a real racial basis.