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We Don’t Have a Gun Problem. We Have a Race Problem.

Here are CDC data on the 19,384 people who were shot to death in 2020, broken out by race.


Blacks accounted for 12,048 of them, even though blacks were only 14 percent of the population. And look over at the right, or deaths per 100,000. The figure of 25.5 for blacks is nearly 10 times the rate for whites, which is 2.7.

Could it be that white racists are killing all those black people? No. 566 blacks killed whites (including Hispanics), but only 246 whites and Hispanics killed blacks.


Since there are about 6-1/2 times as many whites and Hispanics as black, it means a black person is more likely to kill a white or a Hispanic by such a shockingly high multiple, I won’t even tell you what it is.

Let’s look at the really big picture. This graph shows homicide rates for different countries plotted against private ownership of firearms.


The US is way out on the right, with lots of guns. But the total homicide rate is pulled up by the very high black total homicide rate of 29.2. Blacks are committing murder at Latin American rates, right up there with Brazil and Mexico, which are over to the left with low gun ownership. For whites alone, the total homicide rate of 3.12 is definitely higher than a lot of European countries but it’s not off the charts.


Which has a bigger impact on a country’s murder rates? The number of guns or the people who live there?

What are the chances *any* of this gets any official notice in all the yackety yack about gun control? Zero. This little talk of mine would make good Congressional testimony, but politicians don’t dare talk about race – well, except maybe for this guy: “Blake Masters Blames Gun Violence on ‘Black People, Frankly.”


Note “Master Race” stamped under the headline. Tell the truth and you’re a Nazi.

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RE: McMaster University Holds Its First Ever Black Graduation Celebration

Black-only graduations come to Canada.

(Bobby E)
'When walking through the halls and grounds and classrooms at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ashley Assam says, “just by being on campus, you don’t see a lot of Black people.”'

Then why doesn't she go to a university in Africa? Lots of black people and no whites to oppress her. These people demand too much and give them an inch and they want million miles.

They have far more opportunities and are treated FAR better than a White person would in an otherwise all black college and they know it.

That's not necessarily true.

Um, who is safer: a black in a White neighborhood/school or the other way around? Think about it.


“The whole day was about celebrating and centering Blackness,” Ogunkoya said.

In other words there will be plenty of gunfire.

(Darien X)
If they only had the gumption to leave all white cities and neighborhoods and live only with their own, they could really put their money where there mouth is.
Africa would be the best destination.

Full racial separation is the answer, but notice that it is Blacks who get to do it and no one complains and, in fact, may praise them Had Whites demands a complete White graduation the you know who would be screaming from the roof tops and then we'd see and hear far too many Whites apologizing for being White. Wake up Whitey! Geez.

Where do these idiots think they are at? This is Canada, not Africa or even a city like Atlanta. Not a lot of blacks there.
Why in the world would they even want to attend a predominantly white university if whites make them feel uncomfortable?

Well, maybe the blacks hollered themselves hoarse during the black ceremony and didn't disrupt the REAL graduation ceremony. Nothing like seeing a 300 pound black woman in yoga pants jumping up and down screaming "Dat's muh baybeeee" at the top of her lungs for five minutes while her offspring mugs for the camera when receiving a diploma.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Many Whites disrupt as well, although not to the extreme as the blacks. Indeed, the stupids have taken over...

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Inventing a New Minority

The “Hispanic” category was a power grab.

In 1980, some whites objected to adding “Hispanic” as an “ethnic” category because it was both imprecise and insulting to white “ethnics” such as Poles and Italians.

Conservatives briefly considered whether ethnic whites deserve census categories. The 1980 Republican Convention included this as part of its platform:

Millions of Americans who trace their heritage to the nations of Eastern, Central, and Southern Europe have for too long seen their values neglected. The Republican Party will take positive steps to see to it that these Americans, along with others too long neglected, have the opportunity to share the power, as well as the burdens of our society.

Ethnic whites were merged into a larger “white” identity — and this didn’t lead to a boom in their influence and power. Instead, the “Hispanic” category is now the largest non-white group in the United States. The people who established the category knew what they were doing.

Priorities shifted when it became more profitable to be non-white.

In 1977, LULAC succeeded in having the federal government recognize ‘Mexicans,’ and all ‘Hispanics,’ as separate from European-Americans and essentially ‘non-white’ so as to be eligible for affirmative action programs.

Groups such as the National Council of La Raza encouraged Spanish-speakers to say they were Hispanic because it would mean more effective appeals to corporations and the government.

In some US states, the Portuguese were also granted minority status, and this, as well, proved to be of substantial benefit to some Portuguese-owned businesses.

Clearly, people want to be considered “disadvantaged” because then they get advantages. This isn’t just idiotic; it damages national unity. Racial/ethnic Categories are a powerful barrier to assimilation. Cubans are far more likely than other Hispanics to call themselves “white,” (87%) and, in a 2004 Pew poll, more than half said America was their “real” homeland. Only about a third of Mexicans, Central and South Americans, and Puerto Ricans did — even though the latter are all US citizens.

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RE: Transgender Lutheran Bishop Resigns Over Racism Allegations

(American Plague)

An openly transgender cleric from San Francisco has resigned amid allegations of racism after firing the pastor of a predominantly Latino congregation.

The association’s leaders said her message ignored the suffering of an entire community and gave “a white aggressor the opportunity to decide their own fate — a decision deeply rooted in white supremacy and systemic racism.”

Hahaha! This reads like the most bizarre, Mad Max-like, post apocalyptic craziness😆! A bunch of transphobic Hispanics come together and terrorize a racist tranny bishop, for racial discrimination, to the point that "they" [the racist tranny] has to wear bullet proof armor during church service. I can definitely see how some God fearing Christians might think that The End is near.

(Marc Zuckurburg)
A contest to see who is the bigger snowflake.

(Meyer Lansky)
Hispanics learned a long time ago to play the race card the way blacks do. How many times do they mention blacks and browns in the same sentence when they claim discrimination and harassment from us evil whites?

Hay, caramba! supremasisticando Blanco et rasismo systematical! So firing someone with incomplete credential requirements is racism now... By the way, since when 'Hispanic trans' (or is he a Mexican trans?) is a RACE?
On a different note: What fired what? It is so difficult to follow all that terminology salad with some peppery qualifications added for taste... Speaking of tastes, in some denominations and religions, it's the achievements (work, publications, etc) that are emphasized, not the bedroom specs.
And that's an interesting twist: What kind of a discrimination and -ism is it if a queer fires a tranny? Is it a discrimination or a retaliation or some kind of a supremacy or what?


Isn’t it some kind of heresy for someone to insist on being referred to as, ‘they’

"They" like multiple demons inside. Legion.

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My 55 black students could be divided into four groups:

1. Good kids who desperately wanted to get out of the ghetto (about 4 students)

2. Decent kids who, with a bit of effort, could perhaps rise above and become good citizens (4 students)

3. Bad kids who regurgitated what they knew white teachers wanted to hear (7 students)

4. Ghetto thugs (40 students)

Once the administration thought they had eliminated all of the possibilities for gang colors, the students started dying their teeth red and blue.

The gang affiliations would have gone unnoticed if the school did not have frequent “walk-by shootings.” Gang members would stalk the fences of the school looking for rival gang members to shoot at.

Riots were fairly common as well. For instance, two girls who started fighting over a boy would draw in their friends, and the friends of their friends, and so on and so forth.

Things I saw:

- Students robbing grocery stores in uniform

- Students talking about their grandmothers giving oral sex to animals for crack

- Students having sex in empty classrooms

- Students not understanding that the world was not in black and white before color photographs

- Boys hitting girls

- Open drug use

- Overt racism between students who called one another “stupid Africans” and made clicking sounds to mimic African languages (all these students were African-American, not African immigrants)

After three years, I was moved to a middle school where a majority of the students were Jewish, Persian, or Hispanic. There were no problems there. The Jewish and Persian kids understood the lessons immediately. The Hispanic kids had some trouble and lagged a bit, but not far enough to derail a lesson, and they were respectful enough not to keep a lesson from progressing. I eventually left that job, but only for financial reasons.

By their senior year, the whites, Asians and Hispanics had grown to detest their black classmates. They saw them as disruptive and ignorant thieves. I can remember another teacher sitting in a meeting and saying, “Remember Martin Luther King? ‘Judge me not by the color of my skin but by the content of my character?’ He probably should have left that last part out.” That about sums it up.

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During the Mexican-American War, some politicians wanted to conquer all of Mexico. Here is John C. Calhoun’s (race realist) argument against doing so.

“We have conquered many of the neighboring tribes of Indians, but we have never thought of incorporating them into our Union. They have either been left as an independent people amongst us, or been driven into the forests. Ours, sir, is the Government of a white race. And yet it is professed and talked about to erect these Mexicans into a Territorial Government, and place them on an equality with the people of the United States. I protest utterly against such a project.

Are you, any of you, willing that your States should be governed by these twenty-odd Mexican States, with a population of about only one million of your blood, and two or three millions of mixed blood, all the rest pure Indians, a mixed blood equally ignorant and unfit for liberty, impure races, not as good as Cherokees or Choctaws?”

The frankness of the great men of the past is astounding! They were so blunt with the truth. They knew that Christian European civilization was unique in all of history. They also knew instinctively that to admit millions of Indians would completely disrupt a White society.

(Ian Connolly)
If we threatened the president of Mexico with literal military action if he doesn’t take the people back and keep them there, I wonder how that would go.

Even after mass deportations, Mexico would still owe us TRILLIONS in "reparations," which, of course, they couldn't pay.

I wouldn’t threaten them I would do it. Roll tanks right up to the National Palace in Mexico City. Cut Mexico in half. The seven northern Mexican states will be under US military authority until the invaders are reunited to their homeland. It’s the only way to seriously get them removed and punish Mexico for the carnage they have cost this country.

Off topic.
But if anyone needs a good red pilling in race realism, I suggest spending an afternoon in the Emergency Room of a local hospital of any town that is at least 10% black. Oh, the things you will see…

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More Deceit from the ADL

The ADL must be awfully disappointed to have to admit that “domestic extremists” killed only 29 people in 19 separate incidents. To put this in perspective, the CDC reports that in 2020, there were 24,576 murders.

The ADL claims that 26 of the 29 murders “were committed by right-wing extremists,” two by “Black nationalists, and one by an Islamist extremist.”

The entire report is detached from reality. Of the 19 cases it cites, only one makes its case; the rest refute it.

Nathan Allen, who killed two blacks, is the only person in this report who seems to have been driven by political and racial motives. Two cases appear to have been anti-white killings by blacks. The other 15 are pathetic stories of career criminals, frustrated failures, and mentally disturbed people. To call this collection of crimes evidence of “right-wing extremism” and to imply that they demonstrate the danger of “white supremacism” is mendacious.

This isn’t the first time American Renaissance has analyzed a laughable ADL report, but this year’s is even worse than usual. The ADL nonetheless concludes by urging support for the “PROTECT” plan, which calls for more money to fight “domestic terrorism” and control of content on the internet.

The report doesn’t even include the Waukesha Massacre. Darrell Brooks, who is black and who openly expressed hatred of whites, drove a car into a parade of white people, killing six and injuring dozens more. The ADL would surely have highlighted this case if the races had been reversed.

This report is an embarrassment. It is an almost random collection of 19 crimes followed by a call for more repression. But don’t blame the ADL. It’s a pressure group with an ax to grind. Blame the politicians and journalists who take this nonsense seriously.

Jason Knight, Dona Leigh & Dr. Know #crackpot #racist amren.com

RE: OPRF to Implement Race-Based Grading System in 2022-23 School Year

(Jason Knight)

Oak Park and River Forest High School administrators will require teachers next school year to adjust their classroom grading scales to account for the skin color or ethnicity of its students.

In an effort to equalize test scores among racial groups, OPRF will order its teachers to exclude from their grading assessments variables it says disproportionally hurt the grades of black students. They can no longer be docked for missing class, misbehaving in school or failing to turn in their assignments, according to the plan.

The entire "anti-racist" ideology has devolved and given way to naked worship of black people.

(Dona Leigh)

Because something that doesn't work for blacks, but does for everyone else, is outdated and biased, shows us that lefties do indeed know that blacks are lesser creatures.

They are a different SPECIES. Negroes are only about 6-8K years old. Proto/early Negroes are only 12K years old..

Liberals throw a frothing fit when I tell them black people are less intelligent. Yet they tacitly admit it as such.

Because Blacks ARE a different species.. not a different race.. Whites were evolving, mixing and breeding with the locals in Europe, Neanderthals, Denisovans Heidi's etc., Africans were breeding and mixing, evolving with what was walking about in Africa, for over 50K-100K years.

The oldest Negro skeletal remains ever found in Africa is a mere 6K years old..

They are a new species on the planet.

(Dr. Know)
This is great news!
Give all the minorities, all "A's", tell them they no longer need to attend, and that "we'll see you at graduation", then at least the white kids can have a decent school.

Actually, what was I thinking....
Giving students an A, is too traditional.
Black students should be graded with gold teeth, hence "Trayvon gots 5 out of 5 gold teeth on that test.
Now THAT'S some equity!

Anonymous American #racist amren.com

A Public Defender No More

Virtually all our clients were black men and women, even in a region that was mostly white. One day, I was assigned a new client, a black woman accused of assault and robbery, looking at a max of 15 years in state prison.

I worked a miracle: not guilty on all charges. She expressed no gratitude. I said, “Well you can at least say ‘thank you.’ I put in a lot of effort and kept you out of prison.”

Her reply: “You white mother f*ck*rs don’t deserve a ‘thank you.’ What you need is a mother f*ck*n’ *ss beatin’.”

Another client was a black man. He used a handgun to beat and terrorize an Indian store owner. His defense was, “I ain’t do nothing, white mother f*ck*rs just need somebody to f*ck with.”

Another client was a black man in jail for homicide. He was accused of aggressively instigating an argument with a totally innocent teenager. The argument ended when the man drew a firearm and killed the kid. What were the first words out of his mouth? “Just what I need, a cracker.”

He said, “F*ck their flea bargain it’s just because I’m black and they don’t like n*gge*s. My mother f*ck*ng people were your f*ck*rs slaves.”

I have many, many, more stories. They are all the same: a violent crime, a black client using up taxpayer dollars, and the claim that everyone is racist, including me. The explosive violence of these people is shocking, and when I say explosive, I mean explosive.

It was the same script over and over. If the victims were white — as they often were — they deserved it and were lying. They were “white mother f*ck*rs” or “white crackers who had it coming.” You couldn’t reason with them; there was no reasoning going on. There is a pool of black men and women roaming the streets looking for an opportunity to victimize someone through brute force.

Over and over, I heard the same thing: “Yous peoples owes us.”

If people really knew about the violent predators who are walking around in large numbers, looking to beat them to death for no real reason, they would board themselves up in their homes and never come out. The liberal news won’t tell you, your local politicians refuse to admit it, and the police are accused by both the criminals and the politicians of being the problem

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Why There Will be More Payton Gendrons

Everything Mr. Gendron wrote and did was driven by fury at the replacement of whites in traditionally white-majority nations: “To preserve our cultures and people we must be physically separated,” he wrote. “Whites do not belong in Nigeria the same reason why blacks do not belong in England.”

What is “The Great Replacement” and why does it evoke such passion? The phrase is shorthand for large population changes. In 1960, whites were 85 percent of the US population, and assumed they would always to be the overwhelming majority. Today, they are down to 58 percent, and by 2060, their numbers are projected to drop to 43 percent.

The same process is underway in every traditionally white nation. In Britain and France, natives are expected to become minorities by 2060 or so.

For those who welcome white replacement, it is not a conspiracy but something to celebrate. Michael Moore declared the Census Bureau’s release of the same 2020 data, “the best day ever in U.S. History.”

Facts are not racist or sexist. The 2020 census found that in the previous 10 years, the Asian population in the United States had grown by 35 percent, Hispanics by 23 percent, and blacks by 5.6 percent, while the number of whites declined by 8.6 percent. Charles Blow of the New York Times wrote that “it was a terrifying census for white nationalists.”

Non-violent replacement has the same results as military occupation. If Mexico had conquered parts of the Southwest, there would be a dominant Mexican/Hispanic presence of language, culture, aspirations, people — which is what we find today.

Today, the entire West is united in support for Ukraine against Russia. Why? Because it is fighting The Great Replacement — this one armed. But if Ukraine saw a huge influx of Russians would Ukraine be changed even a fraction as much as The Great Replacement is changing the United States?

Nations have a powerful urge to protect their identities. It is Basic Law that Israel is a Jewish state. This officially recognizes a precious identity that replacement would destroy. All non-white nations have an equally powerful, instinctive opposition to replacement. What Turk or Thai or Tunisian would even think of setting in motion policies that would reduce their people to a minority?

Chris Roberts #ableist #dunning-kruger #homophobia #pratt #racist #sexist #wingnut amren.com

On Friday, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent off a series of tweets that proved popular:

“The extreme left is taking over” WHERE. In Texas, Republicans passed a law allowing rapists to sue their victims for getting an abortion.

We can’t even get our party to import cheaper RXs from Canada. foh

Billionaires be like “the extreme far left is taking over” when the “extreme far left” in the US is “medicine shouldn’t bankrupt you,” “wages should cover rent,” & “maybe it’s bad that Wall St companies profit off mass surveillance, manufactured housing crises, and caging people”

The reason America isn’t socialist, despite a very powerful Left, is because the Left cares more about race than economics. The effects of leftism are often felt by an absence of policies. The reason crime is soaring in most cities, is because leftists have demonized law and order. The riots in 2020 lasted so long because leftist DAs refused to prosecute rioters. The reason illegal immigrants pour into the country is because the Left believes any form of border security is unethical.

What the far-left lacks in political power, it makes up for in cultural power. It is because of the far-left that many schoolchildren are taught to think America is evil, racist, and irredeemable. The far-left made Marxist and anti-white arguments common on campus. The far-left’s influence explains why major newspapers don’t report brutal black-on-white crime.

Over the last 60 years, the Left has got what it wants many times: “civil rights,” mass non-white immigration, abortion rights, affirmative action, gay marriage, legal miscegenation, and legal protections for women, the disabled, homosexuals, non-whites, etc.

The economic Left Miss Ocasio-Cortez describes doesn’t really exist. The popular leftist website, Huffington Post, has sections for five “communities:” Queer Voices, Asian Voices, Black Voices, Latino Voices, and Women. There are no Poor Voices, Union Voices, Middle-Class Voices, Working-Class Voices, or Minimum-Wage Voices. That’s a statement of priorities. The Huffington Post isn’t “far-left” on economics; it’s very far-left on race.

Mark Gullick #racist #wingnut amren.com

Where I lived, I was almost the only white man, and I often heard mutterings that I was a policeman. A few doors down was a black who owned a dog. Not many English blacks like dogs unless they are weaponized and can be used as a symbol of threat and aggression, and then they were either pit-bull Terriers or Rottweilers, and this one was the latter.

I remember the dog’s teeth scraping against the bone in my forearm. I still have a scar and, whenever I hear or read the word ‘racism’ – on a daily if not hourly basis now – I look ruefully at the strip of white flesh.

Six years ago I relocated to Costa Rica because I could see what was happening to my country. The last time I was in London I was alarmed at how blacks controlled the streets. A white man now has to be very careful not to catch the eye of passing blacks, no matter how much they want this to happen. Now, knife crime – almost exclusively black-on-black – in the capital is at an all-time high and increasing monthly.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is a Muslim and has absolutely no interest in re-introducing “stop and search,” the eminently sensible anti-crime procedure now deemed racist, and there is a reason for that. Anyone who lives in London and is honest knows that blacks and Muslims don’t exactly get on, despite the fact that young Mohammedans ape the speech patterns and “style” of their Anglo-Caribbean contemporaries. Most fatal stabbing victims are black, and for Mr. Khan the only good black is a convert to Islam.

The police have been neutered in Britain just as they have been in America. You are more likely to see the police in London at a gay pride march than attending to your burgled apartment. They are told to police tweets rather than streets.

Here in Costa Rica there are some blacks, but there is none of the arrogant swagger, the trousers worn at half-mast, the gold teeth and the aggression and lawlessness. The USA has, I believe, a 13 percent black population, the UK a mere three percent. The trouble they cause, however, is entirely disproportionate. Britons are constantly told about the benefits of black culture, but it is hard to see what they are. Now, I have nothing against individual blacks. I just have no wish to live anywhere near them ever again.

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DR3: An Argument for Morons?

I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “The Democrats are the real racists.” It’s even got a snazzy abbreviation, DR3. “Democrats R Real Racists.”

A lot of Republicans seem to think this is the knock-out blow against Democrats who call Republicans racists.

One of the deep thinkers at Townhall explains that “Actually everything the Democrats do is Racist.”

Promoting abortion is racist. That’s because blacks are more likely to want abortions so letting them end a pregnancy is racist because that means fewer black babies.

Letting men compete in women’s sports is racist because black lady athletes are better than white lady athletes.

Yep, this genius actually says this.

She’s saying blacks are the only people in America who matter — just the way Democrats do.

It’s even worse. It doesn’t seem to have dawned on these boneheads that they have swallowed the very anti-white nonsense they think they are battling. These so-called “conservatives” think they have found a way to fight back at Democrats who say it’s racist to seal the border or ban Critical Race Theory in schools. In fact, they have fully accepted the idea that if you can call a policy or an idea “racist,” you’ve landed a killer blow. American politics becomes a name-calling contest, and the side that shouts “racist” the loudest wins. That means the only thing that counts in American politics is what’s good for blacks.

These people have surrendered without a fight. They have made it impossible to defend what really matters. Once you think your side wins by calling the other side racist, how do you begin even to think about the biological reality of race, race differences in IQ, The Great Replacement, the colossal failures of multi-racial America, the right of whites to survive as a distinct people, and how to ensure their survival?

A couple of weeks ago, I had a long talk with a remarkable person — an honest journalist — who has been writing about American Renaissance for more than 15 years. He brought up “Democrats are the real racists,” and wanted to know how anyone could fall for it. “It’s an argument for morons,” he said.

He’s right. Dangerous morons. Sometimes, even journalists get it right.

Jared Taylor #racist #transphobia #wingnut amren.com

Good News, White People!

This will come as a shock to my viewers, but this is a good-news video. Some good things are happening, large and small. And I’m not even talking about all the people who refused to be bullied about Covid, or rose up in fury when men started using ladies restrooms and competing in women’s sports. And everyone has heard about the parents who stormed into school-board meetings to make it very clear that nine-year-old Johnny was never again going to be made to stand up and recite all his unearned privileges.

Here is some good news that got less publicity. Last year, UCF fired professor Charles Negy because of two tweets he let fly in the wake of the George Floyd celebrations.



He went before arbitration and got his job back. Now, he is going to sue. Some students are unhappy he’s coming back, but Prof. Negy says, ““Why don’t they pretend that they’re real university students and try to learn and be open to other views that don’t conform to their view?”

It’s nice to see an academic with backbone.

The steadiest march of progress has been on a different front: firearms.


Look at all the green states on this map. They have what is called “constitutional carry,” meaning that any law-abiding adult can carry a concealed firearm without a license of any kind. Do you know how many constitutional carry states there were in 1980? Just one. There are now 24! It’s only in the nine remaining primitive red states that a citizen has to persuade the authorities he has a special reason to carry a weapon.

This is earth-shaking change in just a few decades. It shows what determined people can accomplish, even in the teeth of powerful, hostile, ruthless elites. If we had made that kind of progress on race, by now the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would be repealed, we would have real free association, and there would be recognized regions in the country where permanent white majorities set their own immigration policies.

Darien X, Karl Ramstrom & Jeff Coffey #dunning-kruger #elitist #psycho #racist amren.com

RE: Student ‘Feared for Life’ After Being Chased by Woke Mob Targeting Allen West

(Darien X)

I have never met a Black person in my life who wasn't Racist.

Almost 100% of even the “nice” ones are two faced, they put on a front when with whites. I’ve known some that act like us when one on one, but then like jive ghetto negroes once around them. Their true selves.

(Karl Ramstrom)
I have no sympathy for this - or any - white person (student or otherwise) attempting to use a "person of color" to shield them from charges of "racism". Neither negroes, border jumpers, or rice-eaters from Southeast Asia are our allies. If they were they'd pack up, sell their belongings, and leave our country on the next flight out. Pandering to some of them is not a good strategy because the end goal (at least from the standpoint of a white advocate like me) is to force even the "benevolent" ones (at gunpoint if necessary) onto the first jet flight out of here. And to do this for all one-hundred-million-plus of them until they are gone. Because when you start incorporating fried-chicken munchers, taco-crunchers, and dog-eaters as "necessary" in order to restore white America then all you're doing is coping. It is for this reason I cut Donald Trump loose for good after he lost in 2020 (legitimately or not) since he engaged in Warp 9 negro pandering toward the end. Because this is a white struggle, not a multiracial one.

(Jeff Coffey)
I agree. Playing the "allies" game is a dead end.

It's time to do away with that tripe once and for all. I have FAR more interest in hearing what fellow Whites have to say on any given matter, and I almost exclusively want to hear what they have to say on matters related to the future of our (that is: White) civilization.

Not to pick on miss Malkin (or mrs? I don't know), she is an intelligent person, but she is no more intelligent than millions of White people out there who are the ones that should be speaking on priority.

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RE: How Whites Get Ahead in South Africa

(Anthony P)

They take advantage of absent or incompetent government.

Jared Taylor interviews 13th-generation South African Dan Roodt on the surprising ways whites survive and even get ahead in a country where the deck is stacked against them.

Roodt makes my argument for me.
Dismantle the police/security/surveillance state.
That is the way whites will regain their liberty & destiny.
In SA, the government has inadvertently dismantled itself.
Best thing that could happen really.

So true. Take away the "rule of law," and blacks wouldn't exist. It wouldn't take a fortnight to be rid of them either.

(Ruger .357)
Bantus foam at the mouth about Orania, claiming it's a threat to their "democracy". No, Bantus are envious that Orania is thriving in the middle of a pigsty, and they can't have that. They cannot stomach seeing another race succeed in their own backyard. It reinforces a sense of inferiority.

Look at how American Bantus react over neighborhood gentrification, in certain cities.

Do you know why they hate Orania? Because they’re not taking the bait. They’re not playing by the script that’s been written for right wingers and nationalists in general.

Yep, and while Oranians have practiced self-sufficiency and self-reliance; Bantus in places like Soweto are still waiting for the ANC to provide them with tissue paper, to say nothing of being toilet-trained.

Amren did a story on sewage entering Bantu homes in Gauteng. There's plenty of jenkem to be made out of that sewage.

(Barry Goldwater)
Elon musks recent comments on Japan are quite interesting 👀 seems he recognizes demographic decline among important nations is a real problem. As a citezin of the 4th polish republic I am very optimistic about my future country (Poland) as we have solved our problems with massivw waves of Ukrainian migrants all while not letting in non whites. Long Live Polska!


Godson served as a Member of the Sejm between 2010-2015...

okay, interesting there was one negro in the Sejm once. don't really see how that's a huge deal but whatever.

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Fun with Race. For a While, Anyway

America’s racial circumstances, its lightning demographic transformation unimaginable a half century ago, runs apace. Over half of children eighteen and under are not white. Thus in an uncertain but small number of years, America will mostly not be white.

So how does the racial map look? Latinos concentrated in the Southwest, where they seem certain to become the majority. In California they now outnumber whites. New Mexico, aptly named, seems poised to follow.

Blacks dominate America’s cities. Typically the downtown contains a sprawling, impoverished black ghetto, crime-ridden, hopeless, and dangerous, semiliterate, and very angry. Residents have little or no contact with the surrounding country. These cities are not under control of national or state government. Whites dare not walk in them. Governments at all levels are afraid of blacks, who if crossed will riot, loot, and burn. Any attempt to crack down on crime would result in explosion, and everyone knows it, so law does not extend to these regions. In aggregate, these enclaves constitute a sort of distributed country within a country.

East Asians and, increasingly, Indians dominate America’s high-tech world. They make up around seventy percent of the very high-end high schools. Interestingly, India supplies a growing part of America’s brains. One telling example is that Indians are CEOs of IBM, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Adobe, and Mastercard, among others.

So: The Southwest to Latinos, the cities and culture to blacks, universities and laboratories to the Chinese, and a noticeable savor of curry in managerial ranks. This is America.

Whites? In decline, both proportionately in the population and in dwindling numbers in science and engineering. This is perhaps most conspicuous in the downgrading of mathematics in schools and universities as being racist.

Why is all of the foregoing not an accurate description of America today? Where leads the growing dependence on Asians for brainwork? The exodus of stores from cities because of crime? The very real enstupidation of the schools to hide the failings of minorities? The heavy-handed enforcement of centrally devised racial policies on people who don’t want them? Economic decline? You tell me.

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White Americans could flee to Siberia – top Russian MP

According to the ultra-nationalist leader of Russia’s LDPR party, tensions could cause a new mass migration

Supposed inter-ethnic conflicts in the US could force millions of white Americans to request that Russia resettle them across the vast and snowy expanses of Siberia, one of the country's most notorious nationalists has claimed.

Taking to his Telegram channel on Tuesday, the leader of the ultra-nationalist LDPR party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, well-known for his populist views and confrontational political style, alleged that America is in dire straits.

According to him, the US has already taken a series of steps along the path of self-decay, similar to what happened in the former USSR – a super-state that comprised 15 republics and was home to an array of ethnic groups.

“We in the Soviet Union for 70 years fed the national fringes of the country at the expense of the Russians,” he said in a fierce diatribe against multiculturalism. “And in 1991, when they made a fuss and started shouting that they were leaving the USSR, the Russians didn't come out to defend the country, simply because they didn't understand that it was their land.”

According to the 75-year-old political veteran, an almost identical scenario is now unfolding in the US. “There are no national fringes there, but there are African Americans, Mexicans, non-whites in general, who are already dictating their will, and whites are increasingly forbidden to talk about their rights, their culture, their history.”

Zhirinovsky went on to declare that in ten years, white people will become the minority and will be evacuated to nearby Canada, as well as Australia and other parts of the world. “They might even ask us to settle a few million people somewhere in Siberia,” he speculated.

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Discovering That My Father Was White Led Me to Race Realism

My mother’s immoral actions led me to research genetics to learn how some mixed people could look the way I look despite 49 percent European ancestry. I came across websites that anybody in France would call “racist.” It quickly all made sense to me: the intelligence gap between blacks and whites was considerable. The fact that the former invented nothing and are louder, more violent and aggressive, scarier, fatter, and much less attractive (that’s truer of unmixed Africans; even as a child, I noticed it) than whites confirmed my own observation.

You can see it daily: left-leaning blacks tend to hate whites, especially white men, because of the superiority of white achievements in nearly every field. Almost all black-run countries are unpleasant places to live, and the foreign aid sent to them is a total waste of money.

When blacks rioted all over the world after George Floyd’s death, I found the violence disproportionate. Now I find it despicable. He was a violent criminal; yet he was treated like a martyr. Most black westerners are social leeches at best and predatory criminals at worst. If they get themselves killed by the police, they become glorious victims. Even when they succeed in life, they still manage to blame white supremacy, for some reason.

I am a mixed woman who looks black. I don’t plan to marry anytime soon because I feel that I’d be a white man’s burden, and I’m not attracted to black men. The world doesn’t need more mixed people who’ll be confused and resentful towards a part of themselves, so maybe I’ll adopt a white child — cuter, calmer, and smarter than a black child. I’ll teach him about how great his race and civilization are; but for now, I’ll be a pro-white advocate in my own ways. I don’t know what my white father is up to or even if he’s still alive, but I want to preserve his heritage. I don’t want the land he came from to become the land my mother came from.

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California ruled that blacks who can prove direct descent from slaves are eligible for reparations.

If our rulers impose a reparations program that expands beyond ADOS, blacks will guard the swag just as ferociously as Indian tribes that don’t want outsiders claiming free stuff — and who use Certificates of Degree of Indian Blood to keep them out. The surge in young whites claiming to be trans or some newly invented sexual variant may be their way of dodging the social and economic penalties of being heterosexual whites.

How should whites respond? First, malicious compliance. If there is a gap in these programs that allow anyone to apply for minority status, do so. Even a token one percent of non-white blood is enough. Be white in your heart, body and soul — and be whatever pays the most when you fill out paperwork. It makes more sense than Lia Thomas.

Do this in the most cynical and public way possible. Treat this racial blackmail with the scorn it deserves.

Second, recognize that the “racial reckoning” will only intensify as America becomes less white. Colorblindness is a vain hope; it’s already “racist.” It’s doubtful many civil rights protesters ever believed in it. Martin Luther King Jr. certainly didn’t.

Finally, it’s time to build a case for white reparations. Unlike ADOS, we are living with the collective harm being done to white people right now. We don’t need a mystical, arduous quest to go looking for harm. We can look out the car window at our cities. Black crime has ruined them and destroyed billions in capital. Whites spend millions every year to live far away from work. They waste their lives commuting to escape dangerous neighborhoods. Assemblyman Sawyer, we are the ones being disproportionately shot. Let us hear no complaints from America’s most coddled people who are entirely dependent on those they hate.

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RE: No Arrests After Hundreds of Children Involved in Brawl at Tampa Trampoline Park

A certain segment of the population wouldn't have discovered the technologies needed to build a trampoline, even if it had been given another 100,000 years to do so. That segment of the population has NO CLAIM to the trampolines that other cultures have built.

That thinking should apply to EVERYTHING. Deny them access to EVERYTHING that didn't exist in the Stone Age, which is where they still belong.

We allowed a THING whose ancestors couldn't develop the wheel, let alone the automobile, to climb into an SUV, and look how THAT turned out.

Separation is the simple solution…

Apartheid worked very well in South Africa (for Blacks as well as for Whites!) until the international community decided that the Whites had to be punished with relentless application of economic sanctions and embargoes.

During the apartheid era, "Baragwanath Hospital" was a world-class hospital where South African Blacks could receive the White man's medicine for token fees. For example, they could get cataract surgery for less than a Rand, the unit of the country's currency. From blind to sighted for a few cents, courtesy of the White South African taxpayer!

Now that South Africa has been "liberated", the hospital has been renamed the "Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital", in honor of one of the country's original communists.

And now it's a place of trashed wards, garbage in the corridors, bodies in the corridors etc.

Haven’t you heard the slogan ‘stolen from natives, built by free black labour’? They literally think America as it looks like today was built by blacks.

I've also heard the slogan: "Built by the White man, Appropriated by the (censored) man, Handed over to the Black man".

I do apologize for the self-censorship, but we may not criticize those who rule over us. People who have recognized the pattern will make the necessary inferences.

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White men who face certain obstacles in life are better able to see white privilege — and that recognition could translate to support for policies to tackle racial inequities, new research says.

White men who say they’ve experienced social disadvantages in the workplace based on their socioeconomic status, disability, age, sexual orientation or religion are more likely than their white male counterparts who had not experienced such disadvantages to recognize white privilege, according to a new paper published in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

Evidence for white privilege is everywhere. When 3 black men shoot a white jogger/burglar in a struggle over a gun, they are convicted and given life sentences. But when a white man drives an SUV into a crowd, killing 6 and injuring 40 blacks, the media ignore it and he'll probably get a much lighter sentence than those 3 blacks. When a black cop kills a violent white criminal by mistaking her gun for her taser, she gets sentenced to 2 years in prison, and whites howl that she got too light a sentence. When a white capitol police officer kills a black non-violent protester, he gets off without being charged.

At least, if the above were true, that would be ample evidence of white privilege. But the races are reversed. Since the exact reverse of the above is true, what is it evidence of?

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RE: The Black Woman Who Would Be President of France

“The people who look like me are more numerous [than white people]. And it is better not to challenge that world too much,” Thus spake Christiane Taubira, a French cabinet minister, on May 6, 2015.

There are more third world blacks and browns because of the biggest mistake made in the history of the white European, post war era, 50's, 60's and 70's communist, globalist organizations like C.A.R.E., feed the children, ect, bombarded Africa, Asia with hospitals, medicine, food and shelters and the black and brown third world population boomed to the monstrous proportions that it is today. The third world hoards are the modern plague of locusts, devouring everything in their path and pouring into every single space on the planet.

Miss Taubira manages to be both an ethnic chauvinist and a universalist. In 2007, she complained about The Great Replacement in Guyana: “We are at an identity turning point. Ethnic Guyanese have become a minority in their own land.” However, she promotes non-white immigration into France.

In Guyana, Miss Taubira’s Walwari party promotes a Charter of Social Citizenship that pushes the interests of Guyanese “in all sectors of activity,” though she has fought all her political career to deprive the French of any kind of national preference.

She has never feared media scrutiny of this double standard. French journalists share her view that the lands of non-whites are private property, while the lands of whites belong to everyone

She’s only promoting out loud what everyone else is forced to submit to (or benefits from, as the case may be). I must point out that France doesn’t have to wait for a president who supports nationalism and decolonization for nonwhites while standing by as European nations are colonized.

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RE: Canadians Increasingly Pessimistic About Progress on Racism and Equity


Everywhere diversity is tried the stories are same. Just cut and paste the races/ethnicities involved.

You would think humanity would have realized by now that placing two or more races in the same living space is a bad idea.

The problem is Leftist agitation. If people are aware and accepting of individual and race differences, they probably can live peacefully together.
But if all poor or inept people are told that the successful are to blame, there comes the disaster.
Equality and Equity between unequal people cannot be reached.
Without the "racist" truth we cannot have peace.

Only one in four Black respondents said “opportunities for everyone to succeed” have improved over the past decade, indicating most Black Canadians believe progress on racism and equity has either worsened or stagnated

If you are born with a low IQ brain and inferior work ethics, then you will not be able to take advantage of opportunities to succeed. Simple and clear, is it not?

"Black Canadians". What an outrageous absurdity. There should be no such creature. What about "white Congolese", or "white Ugandans".

In the 1960s, on the cusp of the Canadian government (under the hideous Pierre Trudeau) opening Canada up to nonwhite immigration, the population of Canada was 98% white (yes, 98%). Practically all of the nonwhite 2% were either indigenous red Indians, metis (mixed-race) or Eskimos). And practically all of that white 98% was people descended from either the British Isles or France.

If they had not let the nonwhite world immigrate into Canada, what racial problems would they have today? A tiny bit with the indigenous - and none other.

Government loves to create problems, then clamp down on us to "solve" the problems government created. It is high time for us to follow Thomas Jefferson's advice, and nourish the tree of liberty with the blood of our tyrants.

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I piss off blacks whenever I'm unfortunate enough to be around them. I completely ignore them and their worthless existence. I don't play along with that loud, "looks at me" chimp crap. They don't exist to me, only as possible target practice.

Another tough online incel.

I'm a combat military veteran, expert marksman, married to an Icelandic woman.
Know your place.

So tired of looking at blacks and browns everywhere I turn. Just sayin'.

Shoot on sight policy nationwide. Hell, offer a reward for each one tagged and bagged. It would be fun.

Blacks in Hollywood have it really easy. They can borrow any previous Horror film synopsis and just add the "White Racism" element to it and play around that, milking it for all its worth. They don't have to adhere to reality, real world statistics or even an idea that is remotely plausible, as long as it demonizes Whitey.

Just wait until Whites REALLY bring the true horror to them. It's coming, much sooner than you think.

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My Path Toward Race Realism Began When I Started College

I was born in Albania, and my parents immigrated to the United States when I was three. My immigrant background gave me a sense of cultural and ethnic identity at a very young age, but even so, I assimilated into white American suburbia. During high school, I grew more curious about my heritage and soon came to consider myself an Albanian nationalist (in the most chauvinistic and naïve meaning of the word “nationalist”). But the political views that came with that were relegated almost entirely to the Balkans. In the context of America, I was a typical individualist conservative.

My path toward race realism began when I started college in 2018. Reading about history, genetics, archeology, and linguistics, I came to realize the astonishing interconnectedness of all European peoples. Meanwhile, my classes that dealt with politics and race were vehemently anti-American and anti-white. My professors portrayed history and the modern world as tales of white wickedness. I viewed this as an attack on my identity, both as an Albanian and as a white man. And all this academic invective made me want to stand up for myself and for my people.

The process of my awakening accelerated rapidly during the 2020 Black Lives Matter/antifa riots and the anti-white posturing that came with them. I spent much of that summer learning about the concerns of people such as Jared Taylor and the desperate situation white Americans find themselves in. By the end of 2020, I had developed most of my current views on race realism and white identity. Today, I’m happy to spread my knowledge about these topics to friends and family.

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Lee Kuan Yew should be a role model for nationalists across the West. He understood not only human capital, racial differences, and ethnic conflict, but navigated these realities to build a thriving nation for his people.

Singapore also practices what can be called biopolitics: policies that affect the biological character of the people through immigration, reproduction, and identity formation.


Lee had no doubt that “talent,” including intelligence, had a significant genetic component. He cited Western IQ research and twin studies showing that intelligence differences between individuals are 50 to 80 percent genetic.

Lee understood racial differences. Observers had long noticed that Malays were easy-living and “lethargic,” while Chinese were driven and entrepreneurial. On trips to Europe, Lee remarked on the differences between efficient Germans and easy-going Italians.

Lee was also impressed by Charles Murray’s The Bell Curve. He said:

The bell curve is a fact of life. The blacks on average score 85 percent on IQ and it is accurate, nothing to do with culture. The whites score on average 100. Asians score more. These are realities that, if you do not accept, will lead to frustration because you will be spending money on wrong assumptions and the results cannot follow.

In an article for The Economist, Lee predicted that Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, coastal China, and Singapore would become very prosperous in the next century, while the rest of Asia would not. National differences were due to “a people’s culture, heredity, and organizational strengths.” Lee was right.

East Asia is the only region in the “global south” with countries that have been able to equal or even surpass Western standards of living. The rest, in the words of Francis Fukuyama, are perpetually trying to “get to Denmark.”

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RE: “I Despise White People” Lawsuit Against OSU Can Go Forward

“I despise white people” Then GET THE KCUF OUT of our country. Screw it, get off our planet.

Would love to see these people manage in Sub-Saharan Africa without the use of anything created, invented or discovered by Whites along with any kind of white aid... Blacks couldn't even manage to invent the wheel and still to this day can't even figure out how to feed themselves without massive aid... Blacks living in white nations have by far the highest quality of life of any Blacks ever yet they seriously think we have somehow wronged them... They should be sent home immediately to face reality...

they cannot possibly despise us more than we do them.

Only difference, of course, is we have legitimate reasons... Blacks benefit immensely from white innovation and living among Whites while Blacks have contributed nothing of value and only bring problems to communities... If Blacks weren't so brainwashed by their "blame whitey" nonsense and were instead aware of the massive benefits they have due to living in white nations along with all that Whites have created and most of all were honest with themselves regarding such things they would be immensely thankful (as they should be) but instead we have to deal with all this...

If a white in that position said something similar about hating blacks OSU would have fired them in lightning speed yet they protect a black saying how she hates white people. Typical in academia.

White money and support is funding institutions that preach hatred against Whites, worship nonwhites and give all kinds of advantages to others and not them... It's insane...

Nothing is more important than uniting as a people in great enough numbers and fighting back as a group because only with numbers can we make real change... and the whole system needs to change...

Gregory Hood #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut amren.com

I’d like to quote what Regime Media has to say about us. This is from WPLN News, Nashville Public Radio. They accused us of promoting “racist ideas” under a “façade.” I quote: “American Renaissance wants complete segregation and believes an entire race’s value can be measured by statistics like crime rates and births out of wedlock.”

Well, given that I haven’t seen an American Renaissance conference that’s segregated, I think that’s a bit much. I also note in passing the implicit admission that race actually exists. I hope the reporter doesn’t get in trouble.


I will go so far as to say that white Americans have no political representation in this country. There may be whites who hold office, but not one, to my knowledge, uses state power to defend white interests. The defense of their own racial interests by non-white politicians is taken for granted by everyone else.

Even our opponents accidentally tell the truth sometimes about the way this System represses us. Ibram Kendi tweeted out a study which claimed that 34 percent of whites fake their race when applying to college. Of course, at some point he realized that this undermined his argument and he deleted it, vaguely asserting that whites still have an advantage because they have higher SAT scores than brown and black students. As usual, Asians were simply left out of the discussion.

Obviously, some non-whites see the absurdity of this. Some are in this room and many more will be watching or reading this speech later. They roll their eyes when they hear basic standards being deconstructed because they are supposedly a product of “whiteness.” Who can forget the National Museum of African-American History and Culture telling us about the evils of whiteness, including the nuclear family, rational thinking, and delayed gratification. Of course, these traits are tied to white societies . . . and they are part of the reason why we create societies that the rest of the world wants to move to.

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RE: J.D. Vance Asks Ohio Voters ‘Do You Hate Mexicans?’ in New Senate Ad

(Ian Connolly)
Yes I do hate Mexicans. I want a wall built to keep them out ENTIRELY — not so they can come “legally.” They do not belong here, and they must go!!!

They’ve been an unmitigated disaster, and they are a threat to America’s sovereignty and future. In particular, they have destroyed California and all of its cities, Arizona, Colorado, New York City, New Jersey, Chicago, and now Texas. No apologies from me.

The problem with this ad is it could entice Conservatives to continue pushing the stupid position of “we don’t want to keep them out altogether, we just want them to come legally.” In order to not “come across as a racist.”

No other country in the world has caused more damage to this country than Mexico. It’s not even debatable.

If you don’t want to keep certain people out of the United States altogether, you are not a Conservative. End of story.

Here's a question. Why is it "racist" for there to be a wall between the US and Mexico but not between Mexico's border with Guatemala?

You meant Israel and Palestine, right?

No, I didn't but I definitely get your point. I forgot about that actually.

We all know walls are only racist when they are placed between White civilations and hordes of brown invaders! Otherwise, they are perfectly reasonable.

If anything, the wall between the US and Mexico makes far more sense as we're keeping out a completely different type of people for the most part. The Mexicans and Guatemalans are the same race by and large, mestizo. So that shows they don't even get along with each other, other Central Americans.

Ever hear the joke about integration?

How is mixing $h!+ and sugar like integration?

It doesn't do anything to the $h!+, but it sure messes up the sugar!

You can put maple syrup on a piece of feces but it's still just feces with maple syrup on it. How many people are going to eat it just because of that?

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How One Black Man Came to Be What Liberals Call “Racist”

Never in 1,000 years did I imagine that I would end up the person that I am today: a black race realist — someone who believes IQ is normally distributed and that averages may differ among races the same way other genetic variables do. Two things contributed to my conversion to race realism. The first was my training — I have an MS in chemistry — and the second was a lot of life experience.

How did my training help lead to my conversion? A chemist looks at a system, without prejudice, and in a process called abductive reasoning, tries to choose the best explanation.

Life in China (since age 26)

If you have Chinese people in a fishing village, they will turn it into a city. If you have the same number of black people, it will stay a fishing village. Or if you let them take over a city — Detroit, for example — it will stop from being a functioning, gleaming city and become something more like a fishing village.

Social Media, etc.

Facebook is depressing. Probably about 40 percent of my Facebook friends are black, and they share way too much about the minutiae of their lives. You have to read about every single time they pull into McDonald’s. They also come up with about 90 percent of the worst, most poorly reasoned arguments. You name it, I’ve read it: Black Egypt, Marxism, legal pontification on the Trayvon Martin case by people who can’t spell.

I’ve argued on Facebook until I was almost blue in the face that when someone attacks you and you fear for your life you are justified in defending yourself. I have also pointed out that most black people are killed by other black people, and that proportionately far more white people are killed by blacks than the other way around.

It just became too much for me. It uses up all your energy to argue with even one unintelligent person. Try arguing with 40 million people, most of whom don’t have it together.

Jared Taylor #racist amren.com

ADL Admits it Doesn’t Know What It’s Been Fighting

Until 2020, this was the ADL’s definition of racism: “the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another, that a person’s social and moral traits are predetermined by his or her inborn biological characteristics.”

Apparently the ADL used this definition for some time, even though the classic example of racism – calling a black person the N-word – isn’t even included.

In the summer of 2020, at the height of the George Floyd riots, the ADL got a new definition of racism: ­“The marginalization and/or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.”

So, now it was clear: it had to do with being bad only to people who aren’t white. If the Chinese decided to deport all the black people in China, or if a black man sets out to kill every white person he finds, that’s not racism because only non-whites can be victims of racism.

Earlier this month, the ADL changed its definition again. But it’s so unsure of itself, it calls this an “interim definition.” “Racism occurs when individuals or institutions show more favorable evaluation or treatment of an individual or group based on race or ethnicity.”

This is idiotic. If the Polish-American Club recruits Polish Americans, it’s racist. The Black Congressional Caucus is racist, because only blacks can join. Same for the Hispanic Caucus. And if Koreans want Koreans to join their Korean churches that’s “racism,” too.

And the whole state of Israel is “racist.” You can’t immigrate unless you’re Jewish.

However, if Jews really aren’t white, they don’t have white privilege. When the call goes out for more diversity – as it always does – they can raise their hands and say, “Me too.” It means they are off the hook for all the awful things white people have done ever since there were white people.

What a deal! Where do I go to convert?

JubalE #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #quack #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Waukesha Feels Abandoned After Tragic Parade Attack

“Because this was a black guy who did it, the media doesn’t want to cover it. They were all over the Rittenhouse case because that kid was white. Race doesn’t matter to us here, but the media makes everything about race.” said state Rep. Cindi Duchow. “We’ve got six people dead and teenagers so badly injured they will have to learn to walk again — at Christmas.”

"Race doesn’t matter to us here.”

And that, Republican Cindi Duchow, is why our people is both dying off and being routed by the ((())), the white bolsheviks, and the colored races. Whites as a weak, flaccid people that no longer cares about carrying their and their ancestors' genetic heritage on. After all, what does it matter - right Cindi? Does it matter whether your descendants look like Charles I, or like Jussie Smollett, or Xi Jinping, or Porfirio Diaz? Doesn't matter - does it Cindi? Dilute the blood, fool Cindi, and you dilute away the very characteristics that made our race of world explorers, pioneers, scientific researchers, technological innovators, conquerors, lawgivers and grand organizers of grand projects. None of this matters to you, you obtuse fool Cindi. Cindi, just hurry and get your first, then second, third, fourth, and fifth vaxx booster shots, so that we can be done with you.

“Race doesn’t matter here”

It sure should! What other racial group dominates violent crime statistics in the country and commit 90% of violent interracial crime? This is what’s wrong with white people, the sick men and women of America. They are bending over backwards to prove they are not racist after a vicious, white hating negro devil just mowed down over 60 white people celebrating in the streets of their town.

From the foolish perspective of whites like Duchow, "the Democrats are the real racists", and this misguided negro Brooks was mentally and psychologically in chains on the Democrat "plantation".

MikeofAges #conspiracy #racist #wingnut amren.com

Greg and Chris look at the evidence that the GOP is attracting more Hispanic support and ask if it’s really true. More importantly, they ask how much it really matters.

The Dems are insane because they depend on a series of anomalies to be competitive. Almost all of the black vote. The crazy feminist vote. The left wing white vote. The vote of non-traditional elements in the big cites (LBGTQ, leftover hippies, avant garde artists and so-on). Then they still have to get the vote of the socially conservative elements - the white blue collar workers, white ethnics, rural Democrats, suburban moms. Then they need large pluralities among the other-than-black minority groups

Lose any one of these groups and they are in trouble. Lose two of them and they are sunk. Right now, their accustomed pluralities among Hispanics, white ethnics and white blue collar workers all are at risk. The leftist vote is at risk too because this a group which can either turn to a minor party or just not participate if they are not satisfied.

What happens when you run out of white males to dispossess? They're starting to hit the women though. What I think is that they believe that they can replace the white productive class with East and South Asians, the biracial descendants of today's white Americans and the descendants of today's gentrified Hispanics. I think you call that Latin America. They're hoping for an improved version, one with an equally productive overclass they can continue to live off of just like they live off of whites today.

I have long known the plan. The plan for me as a white male poverty survivor with a high-end IQ has always been one of these. Be a lifelong hippie. Or be some kind of weird activist. Or collect a check and show up on election day and shut up the rest of the time. Or start a business and pay the taxes to fund everyone's self-actualization but my own.

They have a life plan for everyone.

Various Commenters #conspiracy #pratt #racist #wingnut amren.com


Public opinion research shows that white Americans — and especially Republicans — see whites as victims of discrimination more than, say, Hispanic or Black Americans. According to a 2021 survey by the Pew Research Center, only 17 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning Americans said there is “a lot” of discrimination against Black people. That number rose to 26 percent when Republicans were asked whether white people faced “a lot” of discrimination.

There is a tremendous amount of evidence that supports this in current legislation. crime statistics and Public school discipline.

Who does the media and government officials think they are kidding? Both parties are afro-centric. Both trumpf and bidden are n loven losers. If you support White people or something that benefits them you are labeled "racists" or "naziis". The United States of Africa only exists to pay and prop up africans. Voting, just like this anti White country, is a JOKE.

Actually, being "last in line" for the "jabs" is a good thing. Do you really think that senile joe biden received anything more than a saline shot? How about congress exempting itself and other federal types from the "jab" while being treated with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine on the sly--treatments that work that the "powers that be" are attempting to deny to "the rest of us".
I would urge all white people NOT to take the "jab"...
At this time, I don't trust hospitals either...follow the money...

(Ian Connolly)
Obama is about as black as Jackie Chan. Marshall Mathers (Eminem) had more of a black experience than he ever did. I cannot understand, for the life of me, what so many black people see in Obama. He’s literally whiter than Trump in some ways.

Yes, whites are victims in our own country, and yes, the Republican Party has an absolute duty to address this and fight it.

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Want Equity? Punish White People.

I have already made videos on cities and states that have stopped enforcing certain laws only because non-whites – especially blacks – break them so often. Fare-beating has been decriminalized in San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, Washington DC, Portland – in the name of racial justice. Black Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley has introduced legislation to make the federal government pay for free mass transit all over the country.

That would give “Black and brown riders the freedom to navigate their community without fear.”


Without fear of having to pay.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles and San Francisco are filled with tent-city slums because of decriminalization: you can loiter, drink, turn a trick, defecate, litter, all night if you like.

In some cities, shoplifting laws aren’t enforced anymore so stores shut down rather than suffer constant losses.

Clover Park found the perfect solution. Like every other school district, it punishes black and Hispanic students more often than white and Asian students.

At a meeting earlier this month, the school board took a vote, and now, “Washington schools adopt race-based discipline, white students to get harsher punishment.”


If only blacks and Hispanics are slugging teachers and getting week-long suspensions, then you can even things out by giving white kids week-long suspensions if they swear in class. Equity will be achieved.

School discipline, like the law, is inherently racist, so it has to be applied in ways that beat down white privilege. That means harsher punishment for whitey.

As I noted, this solves all the problems I mentioned earlier. You get a real mess if you stop enforcing laws for everyone. Just stop enforcing them against favored minorities while you throw the book at white people. You get racial equity and reasonably clean streets. Problem solved.

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The Worst Movie Ever Made?

A new horror film, Master, is making waves in the liberal arts scene.

I enjoyed the film’s mocking of white liberals. However, it’s not clear what the leftist black writer/director Mariama Diallo wants woke whites to do. Surely she wants whites to “celebrate diversity,” “elevate black voices,” and the like. But the whites in her film who believe in these things are mocked for being awkward and insensitive. Much like the white feminists derided by black political commentators, no amount of ethno-masochism or groveling is ever good enough. Perhaps the movie’s only virtue is that it reinforces that lesson — one that liberal whites may eventually learn.

Master is a failure as social commentary. Black students at elite universities are not terrorized. The supposed “hate crimes” they suffer from turn out to be hoaxes. The Ivy League coddles blacks students, allowing them to get away with stunts, such as marching through a school library screaming, “F*** you, you filthy white f***s!” “F*** you and your comfort!” “F*** you, you racist s***!” Blacks who think New England too white can go to an HBCU — there are over 100 of them. Suffering “micro-aggressions” is part of the human condition, not evidence of “institutional racism.” Finally, black women are one of the least suicide-prone groups in the country. In 2020, 70 percent of suicides in America were white men. Here are America’s suicide rates for women by race:


How about a cinematic examination of what leads an old white guy to kill himself?

Master is another reminder that our cultural elites are disconnected from reality. I hope its absurd exaggerations will get a white audience member or two to question the “huddled clichés” we are expected to believe.

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RE: WA Schools Adopt Race-Based Discipline, White Students to Get Harsher Punishment

To make student discipline outcomes more “equitable,” the policy must meet “student needs in a culturally responsive manner.”

In practice, it means favorable treatment of racial minorities.

Explaining the concept, board member Anthony Veliz offered an example of a student stealing a slice of pizza, arguing that the student’s culture permits stealing.

“What if, you know, just saying, like, in my background, what if that type of rule that we broke was more acceptable at my house, right, versus your house?” he said. “And, you know, when I’m talking to them, like, ‘hey, you know what, actually, I thought I was OK, I thought it was fine to grab that piece of pizza before anybody else. Because in my house, I’m allowed to do that.’ Right?”

Non-white privilege is something that will grow and grow , everywhere not only in schools, until something gives.

We have entered an age crazier than the Spanish inquisition crazier than the witches of Salem, we have entered an age of a new darkness worse than the middle ages. An age where the frog blames the ox for not being as big as the ox, but unlike in the fable we - the ox - are letting the frog take control and we feel guilty for being an ox.

The next years or the next decades will be horrible as the entire western civilization will crumble and turn into some hell hole that will be like a mix of Venezuela and Detroit city.

I am 62 years old and I think that by the time I am 80 North America will be unrecognizable.

The great grand kids of white liberals will foam at the mouth with rage so much they will hate what today's white liberals will have done to Western Civilization by handing the keys to...to the Ketanjis of the world, To the Obamas of the world, to the Georges Floyds of the world.

I respect and even admire Jared Taylor, but I feel we are losing the battle.

I hope, I wish and pray I am wrong.

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A Brilliant Defense of White Nationalism

If Elie Mystal didn’t exist, we’d invent him. I wonder if we did. Much of American Renaissance’s work is showing progressive hypocrisy on race. In appearance, elocution, and legal reasoning, he’s the perfect straw man. Cable news takes him seriously. He can’t stop himself from blurting out what he really thinks about the Constitution, whites, and the so-called rule of law. His crude approach is refreshing. He clears away the hypocrisy that keeps the failed American experiment stumbling along.

Many whites believe our individualist, universalistic, analytic worldview is shared by other peoples. It’s not. Racial identity is not important to many whites, but it’s fundamental to people of other races. Many whites believe in colorblindness and the promise of an American civic identity.

American conservatives — mostly white — watch in disbelief as mobs topple heroes and radicals rewrite history. Yet they refuse to embrace white identity and say America was always for everyone. Most non-whites and progressives don’t buy it.

I endorse Elie Mystal’s book. To wake whites up, we need foolish leftists. He gives white conservatives no comforting illusions. Let National Review try to find common ground with the assertion the Constitution is “actually trash” written by “actual monsters who were trying to protect their rights to rape the humans they held in bondage.”

He argues that he can’t be “dispassionate” because a Supreme Court decision “directly affects the likelihood of me getting shot to death by the police while driving to the store.” Whites must concede their rights and sovereignty because Mr. Mystal is deluded. I’m sure he does not know that 10 percent of all whites and Hispanics who die from homicide are killed by a police officer compared to just 3 percent of black homicide victims.

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Idealism, when practiced by zealots, often leads to disaster. Affirmative action is an examplle. It is based on the idea that blacks, Hispanics, American Indians, and other minorities don’t do well because of slavery and discrimination; if they had had the same environment, they would be on par with whites and Asians. Although genes and environment each account for roughly half of personality and mental traits, egalitarianists tend to ignore genes.

Egalitarianism also found advocates in China during the Cultural Revolution. Chairman Mao ordered institutions of higher learning to enroll students according to a “recommendation system.” Potential students were selected only from workers, peasants, and soldiers (WPS).

Entrance examinations were abolished, and some of the students were illiterate or semi-illiterate. My mother taught gynecology to WPS medical students. One student was confused once when my mother said something like, “After the patient remains unconscious for 48 hours, we should . . . .” No matter how my mother explained this, the student couldn’t figure out how many days and nights there are in 48 hours.

Affirmative action is practiced on a smaller scale, so its harm is hard to quantify. On the other hand, most of the 940,000 WPS graduates from these years proved to be useless.

China actually does have a form of affirmative action. However, local governments are now eliminating these preferences. Guizhou provincial government announced it would gradually stop giving extra points to ethnic minorities. Others, such as Liaoning and Fujian provinces, also announced late last year that they would drop the preferences by 2026.

As we pile egalitarian folly upon egalitarian folly, China still has a few obstacles to overcome to achieve meritocracy.