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RE: Mob Surrounds Cop Trying to Respond to Shooting in Atlanta

The crowd was hurling anti-white racism at the officer, including shouting things like “Get your white face out of here!"

(Vox Nihili)
Hopefully Buckhead will achieve their goal of separation from Atlanta, which will allow them to have their own police force. I'm sure this young white officer would be welcome. White officers in areas like this are taking too much risk.

On a side note, I'm impressed that the woman at the end in the BLM shirt actually tells everyone to back off and leave the cop alone. One person out of that whole mob.

She probably realized the cameras were rolling.

I guess I'd prefer to hope that there's still a few blacks out there who realize the illogic of harassing an officer who is responding because one of THEIR people was shot.

True. There are good people and bad people in every race. The cynic in me says she may be a relative of one of the victims in the shooting.

I think if Buckhead accomplishes that and I believe they will, it'll lead to sections of other sick Democrat cities doing the same. Chicago and San Francisco come to mind.

I'm rooting for the Buckhead folks!

This is what twelve years of anti-police rhetoric will do for you. If I were that White officer, I would be looking for a new job first thing tomorrow. Surrounded by belligerent blacks who went so far as to put their hands on him. That keeps up and one of them makes a grab for his weapon, he will be forced to defend himself or die. If he defends himself, black "leadership" in Atlanta will throw him under the bus, just like they did those two White officers who shot Rayshard Brooks, the black who was found passed out in a Wendy's drive thru and fought two police officers when they tried to place him under arrest, grabbing one of the officer's taser and trying to shoot one of them with it.

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RE: S. African Township Becomes ‘Racial’ Flashpoint in Rainbow Nation

Indian immigrants fight back against black marauders.

When nonwhites are attacked for their race and/or fight back in defense of their race, they are congratulated for fighting back.

When whites are attacked for their race and/or fight back in defense of their race, it is "racist, hateful" and "oh, come on! This has nothing to do with race!" "White genocide is a white conspiracy!"

Everywhere whites are at, they are humiliated, terrorized, attacked and many whites will not unite as whites.

“We are not racist,” insisted Karim Loven, the head of a local policing forum.

See non-Whites have to say it too :) Doesn't matter to blacks though everyone is racist towards them

I would advice these Indians not to start acting like the cuckolds white men have become. Even I don't want nonwhites to feel inferior, but I also do not want them thinking they have a right to attack us or dehumanize us either.

I'd say "You're only calling me racist because I'm white" or I'd say "This is another excuse for blacks to commit crimes."

Dominik Tarczinsky did just that in a famous interview, he said "call me racist or whatever you like, I only care about safety of my country.

If that were the words uttered by every white man in positions of power, our race would have a much higher chance of survival. Seems like it's only Eastern and Central European men with any racial backbone among the white race. I hope they stay prowhite, strong and traditional.

Worst case scenario this is the beginning of a total annihilation massacre of White and Indian South Africans.

But at least Indians have a continent they can flee to, people (even whites) will be sympathetic to their plight, Indian army could be sent in to rescue them, and Indians--unlike whites--will unite for their people. Whites, even when they're being targetted as whites, will not unite as whites.

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RE: Indian Muslim Women Offered for Sale in ‘Auction’

Diversity doesn't work in India, either.

(Fed Up)
I can't stop laughing. This article is totally hilarious.

I wouldn't give a counterfeit penny for any Indian female, whether Muslim or not. I swear they were bred for ugliness.

(Francis Galton)
Among world religions, Islam is in a category of its own with regard to intolerance, hate, and violence directed towards non-Muslims. Therefore, I have a very hard time working up any sympathy for Muslims who find themselves targets of harassment or persecution. A person's religion is not even an immutable characteristic like race. If these people don't like being persecuted for their ignoble ideology, disavow it, or move to a Muslim majority country.

A map showing levels of racism around the globe had western nations scoring the lowest (no surprise there). The Middle East, Far East - even Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa - had higher rates. But the nation with the highest percentage of citizens who expressed racist views was India. Given that India has been a multi-ethnic society since forever, it doesn't bode well for our own multicult future.

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Why Can’t Biden Stop This Invasion?

In 1954, after a million Mexicans had crossed over into the United States, President Dwight Eisenhower sent Gen. Joseph Swing to send them back. In the vernacular of the time, the mission was named Operation Wetback.

Mission accomplished. Problem solved. And the point:

America used to regard its southern border as sacrosanct and vulnerable, requiring constant vigilance and occasional action to secure.

This June, 188,800 illegals crossed into the United States. Nearly a million have arrived since Biden swore an oath to defend the Constitution that obligates him to protect the states against invasion.

Biden is conducting the border policy of a failed state.

And U.S. immigration policy is being set by people from Third World nations who can find their way to the Rio Grande.

Why cannot we stop this invasion?

Vice President Kamala Harris redefined her mission as discovering what makes people leave their home countries and trek across Mexico.

Good question: Why are people from developing nations leaving their home countries and crossing Mexico to get into the USA?

After all, our academic, cultural and political elites have told the world that America is a place of “systemic racism,” created by white supremacists, for the benefit of peoples of white privilege, where ethnic minorities remain oppressed.

Why would such a country, of all 193 nations in the U.N., be, far and away, the first choice of peoples migrating from the Global South?

Could it be that people from developing nations are not so ignorant as to believe this anti-American progressive propaganda?

But from the standpoint of the nation to which they are coming, the illegal migrant millions present real problems. They consume far more in benefits than they pay in taxes. They are dead weight on the welfare state.

Why is he failing? Either he can’t do what is needed to be done, or he won’t do it.

America’s border paralysis is induced by liberal ideology.

Robert Kelly #dunning-kruger #racist amren.com

Yesterday on Reddit, I read a post that a user wrote saying that whites should go back to Europe.

I wrote a response detailing how events would unfold if whites just vanished tomorrow from the face of the Earth.

I said that the USA would turn into a 3rd world country and just become an outpost of Mexico or Guatemala. Hispanics, largely outnumbering blacks would be in control and wouldn't be as altruistic towards blacks like whites are.

In Africa, there would be millions of deaths from disease and starvation as there would be no more white western nations to render financial aid and food and medicine. Hispanic and Middle Eastern nations wouldn't care and would barely be muddling along themselves and couldn't provide any meaningful assistance even if they wanted to. East Asian nations just wouldn't care and would only be interested in Africa for it's mineral resources.

The only nations that would be able to maintain 1st world levels of civilization would be East Asian nations. Other nations, would at best, be 2nd world, probably a few Middle Eastern and Hispanic countries and that's if everything goes right.

Slavery would make a roaring comeback without the white West to keep a lid on it, as no other group seems interested in stopping slavery. Wealthy and powerful Africans wouldn't mind selling their fellow Africans to Arabs and Asians who would gladly utilize slave labor. There would be open air slave auctions.

Women's rights would take a big hit without white western influence. Left to themselves, Middle Eastern and African and Hispanics and Asians only think women should be seen and not heard.

The only response he had is that I was racist.

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RE: ‘Major Gang War’ in Bronx Leaving Teens Dead in the Streets

The indisputable "fact" is: White people did this. It was Whites, you see, who opened social media accounts for these future astronauts, forced them at privilege point to antagonize conflict with the future physicists from a few blocks over, and ultimately forced firearms into their dusky hands, giving these melanin rich spiritual Kangs no choice but to extinguish their fellow cherubim, lest the privilege looming large overhead devour them whole. More programs are needed, and above all else, our overlords must ensure beyond any doubt that White people are held to account, not only for the terrible, terrible legacy of the slavery, but for the actions of our colored betters, whom would no doubt be traveling the universe spreading their greatness and unlocking the mysteries of existence itself were it not for the horrifying oppression inflicted on them by the pink germ cavemen.

Beautiful prose, but tell us please. . . How many times did you throw up writing it?

If you remove some of the more humorous and exaggerated elements, my comment does not read all that differently than your average school curriculum, from pre-K all the way up through journalism school.

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RE: Court Documents Detail Alleged Abuse at Home Where Child Was Found in Freezer

Gruesome story of a black father, white mother.

I have a doubt.

I do not believe a word a white woman says anymore.

They are manipulative, exploitive, abusive, and psychotic.

She, like the majority of white women was happy to lay with the beasts.
So I see her, and the rest as the beasts they are.

Sorry, not sorry.
I have seen them working against white men for 40 years!
Never once relenting in their evil.
Or even accepting they do as such as a group, like they do.

The white men who have not been replaced by them yet, have been battered beyond recognition by a program of aggressive psychological warfare.

And yet you expect us to have sympathy for them?
Never again, shall my hand be forced.
Or my judgement clouded.

She is as guilty as sin.
Like the rest of them.

White women will never have to face the consequences of their actions against their own fathers and sons. Or even face collective responsibility in any form.

They have destroyed the West and every nation that empowered them from within.

Because of White Women's inability to foresee the second and third order consequences of their actions, they have painted themselves into a corner.

For instance, Women believe women should be allowed to serve in combat, but should not have to compete against biological men in sporting events?

I cannot take white women seriously.
And regret ever having done so in the past.

Bring back hanging, and let them swing...

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RE: Fox News Host Says Native American Land ‘Wasn’t Stolen’

We won this land on the battlefield.

There were many battles and skirmishes, and many pioneers and settlers bore the brunt of the Indian outrages.

But the land itself was not won on the battlefield.
Control of the land is ceded by TREATY.

Nearly all of the land that makes up the 50 states was acquired by treaty, often with the payment of money and other subsistence.

That makes the whites the biggest suckers of all.
Why? Because the Indian did NOT own land. He had no concept of land ownership.
Land was something of a gift of nature, like the sea, that could be traversed and hunted and occupied, but did not belong to anyone.... except the more powerful tribe.
The Indian lived in a place and occupied it and kept other tribes from taking it.
The concept of land ownership was brought to North America by the Europeans.
So the Indian was doubly-amazed.....

You say you are going to give me all this stuff, including money, firewater, and food, in return for ownership of land that I did not know I owned? Yeah, I will take the deal. WE are nomadic people and WE can just move over that line you keep talking about.
What a deal.

Jared Taylor #racist #wingnut amren.com

Many of the things we are supposed to think about race are so obviously wrong you wonder if anyone believes them.

We’re supposed to think Europeans are the only people to come up with the idea of race.

Ibn Khaldun, one of the great philosophers of the Middle Ages, wrote: “The Negro nations are submissive to slavery, because Negroes have little that is essentially human and have attributes that are quite similar to those of dumb animals.”

In the 10th century, Abu Firas al-Hamadani complained that “the infants dropped from the wombs of Slavs,” were “blanched, and leprous colored.” But Africans were worse: They were “overdone in the womb until they are burned, so that the child comes out something between black, murky, malodorous, stinking, and crinkly-haired, with uneven limbs, deficient minds, and depraved passions.”

Arab traders brought black slaves to China during the Tang Dynasty. One Chinese wrote: “After having been kept a long time they begin to understand the language of human beings, though they themselves cannot speak it.”

Muslims prized white women as sex slaves. Edward Lane lived in Egypt from 1833 to 1835. He wrote that a white slave girl cost six to 20 times as much as a black slave girl.

That’s a high price for a social construct invented by Europeans.

Lefties would have you believe that throughout history, when an Asian met an African, he said to himself, “Gee, he looks and acts and thinks just like me.”

But then, along came white people, invented the false idea of race and, to quote Time magazine, we “engineered the most complete and enduring dehumanization of a people in history.”

Do they believe this stuff, or do they deliberately lie to us? In either case, it’s pure baloney. I hope they choke on it.

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RE: NYC School’s Faculty Says Principal Is Racist Against White Staff

The shape of things to come. I the engineering world, we have a saying that with every project, we are working ourselves out of a job.
The same goes for white wokesters who appoint negro officials. They are also working themselves out of job by appointing negroes who will take away their jobs.

(De ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Doc)

… and told an employee that she ‘was going to get rid of all these white teachers that aren’t doing anything for the kids of our community.’

I heartily agree. It’ll be a lesson needed for these White teachers to stop wasting time amongst these ingrate, low IQ miscreants, both at the student level, teacher level, and administrator level. Let the Blacks and Browns take over the entire system and run it into the ground, all the while watching the further degradation of this largely hopeless student body.

They go to someone elses home country, complaining it is 'racist' towards them, when they are given power (big or small) the tactics they use are FAR more diabolical than any 'racism' a white person ever think to do

There's never any "allegedly" in these cases. Blacks say all white people are racists and that is simple projection. Anyone with a brain knows this.

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RE: Longford Councillor Becomes First Black Woman to Be Elected Mayor in Ireland

In the back of her mind, she is thinking, "damn these white folks are dumb to let black people like me do this!" Snickering at the lifestyle never possible in Nigeria among her own race.

The bottom line is white people have been made stupid due to the comforts of civilization, unable to discern threats. The key to survival for gullible white nations such as Ireland is not breeding with them. All other mistakes but that one can be undone. Low class whites will breed with them, and nothing will be lost. And nothing personal against Uruemu Adejinmi, I'm sure she's a nice black lady. But she is taking advantage of a race that has lost it's bearings on reality.

you had me up to the 'nothing personal' part

I consider it all very personal

Because I'm sure if you met her, you would agree that she is a nice person. Her race is a problem for the white race, but this does not negate that there are nice upstanding individual blacks within the black race. We are dealing with the problems of group dynamics. Groups invade, displace, and genocide other ethnic and racial groups. Uruemu Adejinmi's group is a danger to the Irish. Uruemu Adejinmi's group has a territory called Nigeria. It doesn't mean the Irish need to hate them or the Nigerians are bad people.

I'm not nice about it, just logical. Ethnic and racial displacement of native peoples such as Irish in Ireland must not be allowed. It is not ethical. Hate is a waste of our time, we have logical and scientific reasons for preservation of human racial and ethnic groups and their native territories.

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RE: Indigenous People Advance a Dramatic Goal: Reversing Colonialism

First, indigenous in Western Canada are not Eskimos. That discovery of 215 graves of supposedly indigenous children was clarified, on Twitter, by ones who discovered it. They said it's an assumption based on the soil analysis. They specifically said "it's not an x-ray". Not a single bone was discovered. But the media immediately jumped into conclusion that it was a bunch of Catholic priests in that school basically running it as a death camp. Government promised money for additional, thorough investigation and... unsurprisingly, at least 2 more "mass burial sites" were immediately "discovered". Nothing is yet confirmed, nobody knows what's in the ground. But indigenous use it to milk imbecilic Canadian government of dozens of millions.

Second. Overall, those indigenous independence movements and their progress in courts is interesting because, well, in Europe whites, peoples of Europe, are as indigenous as "First Nations" in North America, Australia and New Zealand. If courts allow indigenous in North America to basically push others away as colonizers, we will do the same in Europe about non-whites and courts won't be able to do a thing. Precedent and international law may unexpectedly help us peacefully remove non-whites and clean the space to invite Europeans (whites) from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to come back to their ancestral home - Evropa.

Wasp #pratt #racist amren.com

Speaking as a "Math" person, I wanted to clarify something: Asians do very well in many courses relating to Math IN THE US, which has an extremely dumbed down version of Math. Most esteemed mathematicians have NOT been Asians (yes, I know about Terence Tao bla bla), but statistically, no, just no. Most famous and important mathematicians have been, and continue to be, White men. I have given tough problems to students and Asians are not that much more above average when you control for quality. Sure, if you put a Chinese student in a typical American Algebra class, he will laugh. Our schools are a joke to cater to our dumbed down population. This country has a lot of people with low intelligence. Our schools, based on egalitarian fanaticism, refuse to track students and in fact are doubling down on the dumbing down. So, there you have an observation from someone like me who has trained students for Math competitions.

Second, there are very few blacks in Math, but we do have some. It is possible, though rare. Most mathematicians are still, MALE and White/Asian. This is why so many people hate Math as a reality. In Math, you cannot bs your way out.

"Creative genius" is really rather rare in the Asian race. They are indeed very hardworking (not all Asians though. Often, stats tend to ignore the "lower tier" of the Asians such as Filipinos, who are known to be more gangster like and have a lower IQ. Northern Asians do indeed have high IQ levels, but not the creative genius power of the Western White man, particularly the protestant northern European. They are more comparable to army ants: they are dedicated, work well in unison with groups, master a book to perfection, but not much in the way of individual creation.

Chris Roberts #pratt #racist #wingnut amren.com

There are three kinds of people who get into socialism. White people (i.e. people who are not allowed to have a racial identity), mixed race people (i.e. people who do not have a coherent racial identity), and a smattering of low-ethnocentric Jews (i.e. people who reject their racial identity). Of the insignificant number of POC who get into socialism, half of them just want to bang white chicks and the other half think socialism is the best for their group.

One thing the DSA does is that they will cynically leverage identity to win elections. They will find a majority POC area with a white incumbent who has been in office since forever and recruit some POC to run against them and sometimes that person will win for reasons entirely related to identity. So on the surface it might look like socialist ideas are taking hold in POC communities but they are really not.

Socialists want no one to have an ethnic identity and think of themselves as just a generic homo sapien. I don’t think that is something most POC want. Most POC like having an identity. Whites don’t like having an identity because their identity is demonized. This is why I say that white people get into socialism for identitarian reasons. White socialists are like “Well, if I can’t have an identity, NO ONE CAN!!!”

I once wrote an article called “Chapo Trap House is Too White Even for Me (and I’m a White Supremacist)” which I thought was a funny title but I was only half joking. I really do believe that Democratic Socialism is whiter than white nationalism. See, other races will practice racial nationalism but this whole notion of “I consider my in-group to be the entire human race” is the kind of retarded crap that you only ever hear white people say.

Rob & We Need More Whites #crackpot #racist amren.com

I am seeing a trend of mass white male sperm import in many countries in south america and africa. I guess they will mix their way out of poverty and crime.


They are not importing white males, just containers of sperms in tubes for cheap prices and giving them to the native female population so that the next generation have superior genes. It is in a way creating mixed breed future.

I dont know if this is a good thing or it is just abusing nature. I dont know how to react to it as a race realist.

(We Need More Whites)
It's genetic appropriation, but what's to be done about it? We can't control it, not much sense in worrying about it. It is an interesting and useful development, however, which illustrates that not everyone is a posturing, moralizing, virtue-signaling fool about eugenics and its efficacy, and that even non-Whites recognize genetic superiority when they see it. It's a nice argument for recovering the reputation of eugenics, which I think will be a key part of saving a White future worth having, as such a large part of our people have been turned into weak-willed race traitors suffused with White guilt over our superiority that we will have to make the dwindling number of future rational, emotionally healthy, and racially loyal Whites as genetically superior as we can to offset the damage.

As for the worrying over what non-Whites do, we can't afford it any more now. use the information for its "see, even some non-Whites get it," but don't stress over it. And as usual, White is White, and non-White is non-White, and that is all that really matters to our agenda. We need no one but ourselves, and never have.

Jared Taylor #racist #wingnut amren.com

Why People Can’t Face the Truth

John McWhorter is one of a handful of blacks who write sensible things about race. He complains that the media bellow whenever police kill a black man but are silent when they kill a white man, and worries that claims of “systemic racism” are leading to a movement to exempt blacks from standards.

But his review of Charles Murray’s Facing Reality is an explicit statement of the mental prison people on the Left and Right build for themselves: “I reject facts I don’t like.”

Prof. McWhorter summarizes the book: "Facing Reality is seriously disturbing. Murray gives a great deal of evidence for two points. One is that black people aren’t, on the average, as intelligent as other people. The other is that black people in America are more violent than others."

Instead of attacking Dr. Murray’s data — he admits he can’t — he writes: If the facts are as Dr. Murray says, meritocracy would mean that “we need to accept an America in which black people are rarely encountered in jobs requiring serious smarts.” He adds: “I would have to work very hard to come up with a way of accepting that world.” He wants a certain kind of world, and doesn’t care how many facts we have to smother and how many whites and Asians we have to punish for him to get it.

Many people would say of Prof. McWhorter: “Of course he can’t accept the truth. He’s black.” I don’t like that argument. I know no race realist who doesn’t accept the data on IQ differences between whites and Asians.

I suspect he is mentally hobbled by something more. Our climate of racial-moral zealotry doesn’t just punish people who say the wrong thing; it makes them incapable of even thinking the wrong thing.

Various Commenters #crackpot #racist amren.com

RE: Haiti Gang Violence Forces Doctors Without Borders to Close ER, Hold Off COVID-19 Treatment

(Captain Binghampton)
Blacks don't appreciate whitey helping him so why do it? What is the insane streak built into so many whites that compels them be do-gooders over and over again until they're killed.

Haiti is an example of a successful slave revolt. The Negroes in Haiti have had over two centuries to show white folks what they can do. They have shown us that Negroes cannot maintain a successful society, even when it is already in place.

Various Commenters #crackpot #psycho #racist amren.com

RE: Once Africa’s Promise, Nigeria Is Heaving Under Crime, Few Jobs

(San Francisco Cynic)
What a surprise - a Black country blessed with huge oil reserves still manages to screw everything up and wind up in economic shambles. Up until recently the media has played along, touting Nigeria as the "powerhouse" of Africa, celebrating their "vibrant film industry" and "cutting edge art scene" along with lovely cities filled with a "newly wealthy middle class" who fill clubs and restaurants in search of "the good life." Maybe the readers of Bloomberg will wise up and see the hell hole that is modern-day Nigeria. Can't get from the airport terminal to your hotel without paying bribes, electricity that is completely unreliable, run by a tribal kleptocracy, and a violent populace that would kill you for the twenty dollars in your wallet.

This can suprise no one! The same story could have been written 200 years ago, 100 years ago, 50 years ago. Nothing ever changes no matter how many billions of whites' dollars are given to the black race anywhere on earth. Trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear will fail every time!

It’s simply Africans being African. They’d probably be better off if they did away with the current national borders, which tend to be a result of colonialism, and return to ethnic-based political organizations. There would be less conflict that way. But they’re never, ever going to become Denmarks.

(Francis Galton)
The most humane thing we can do for Africans (and more importantly, non-Africans) is to allow it to revert to its pre-contact state. That would involve the complete cessation of outside aid of any kind. Eventually, they will revert to their sustainable stone age existence.

CTON #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut amren.com

I do not think this is fair. I know factually that white people who live amongst themselves are among the most carefree happiest whites in society. Never worrying about crime, diversity, or other ills of society really breeds the most content people and I will not for a second forget that. I live in one of the top 10 whitest cities in America and that's why I fight for whites with all that I have. None of your kind should have to deal with integration because other races can't behave appropriately as you all are truly great people, especially when surrounded by yourselves.

When I hear other middle and upper class whites spouting white guilt BS, I tell them "Ok, if you really feel bad, move to a black neighborhood then instead of living here. Give your job to a Hispanic since you claim they work harder than whites. Hand over your wealth to them. Give your house to a local Native American tribe if you feel we are on stolen land." Often they are speechless when I say this. I am getting really REALLY tired of this self-degrading virtue signaling BS from these soft whites.

Most black people don't realise how good they have it in the U.S, and how well their treated. They would soon find out if they moved to Japan, China, India or an Arab country. So it shows how ignorant and ungrateful a lot of black people are.

Even some black conservatives say once nonwhites are a majority, the goodies and nice comfortable life that post 1960s whites have given them is over. One said, "Post 1960s White America is the best friend of blacks. No other people would have given us jobs, money, free stuff and not held us accountable when we mess up."

Missy #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Poor Whites Don’t Benefit From a ‘Support Industry’

(John Daniels)

Jared Taylor and his co-host marvel at a British government commission’s conclusion that poor non-whites are lathered with care while poor whites are told they have “white privilege.”

Have you looked at the critical race theory pyramid showing what there teaching children now color blindness as well as every other opinion radical or moderate is listed as covert white supremacy on the pyramid? Lol Hey GOP!!! You can’t bury your head in the sand anymore and mumble this isn’t what MLK wanted or I many have black Friends anymore!!!

The rac**t or being a White supremacist is a fluid subjective term it has multiple meanings contradictory and opposed to one another it’s impossible not to be one.

We need to say, "You are either pro white or anti white. There's no in between." The problem is so many of these white conservatives still buy into the 'colorblind' notion and 'I'm not taking sides!' and "don't engage in identity politics!" (while they get excited pointing out every nonwhite who is not 100% liberal) What I say to them is this "I do not think every black is a criminal nor do I think every white is an angel, but you need to look at demographics. Politically, nonwhites overwhelmingly vote Democrat and support big government. Overwhelmingly, you are safer being in a majority white setting than a majority nonwhite setting. You are safer being gay or being a minority, be it a racial or religious one, around whites than any other group of people."

Petros #pratt #psycho #racist #wingnut amren.com

I am a black man and even though it is painful for me to say this but the black race is the most destructive race in the whole world. I say this because it was my own observation in my family and in my neighborhood. I don't have any loyalties to the black race, although it's painful for me to say this I wish I wasn't forced into my existence as a black man. Everywhere I see where the black race exist there is chaos,crime and poverty. I truly believe the only way to deal with the black race is through eugenics. There shouldn't be more than few thousand black people that exist around the world. I will do my part to end the cycle by not having kids and not spreading the black Genome further. The only way to save the world is removing the black Genome from the world's gene pool.

I really want to be proud of my race and be part of the extended black family but the problem is I couldn't find anything to be proud of, all I see is poverty, crime nothing more.. I want to see something historical accomplished by my race but is I couldn't find anything beyond simple hunter-gatherer lifestyle while the other world civilizations created Advanced societies. Most black people don't want to face this painful fact but I can't run away from the facts. I simply can't be a part of the victim class of the today's Black America it is better for me to die fighting for the betterment of human civilization as a whole and the betterment of the human civilization needs the eradication of the black race at least to a lesser population. I am a fact driven person and all my experiences have been horrible with black people. I have been treated way better by other races of humans

Fred Reed #pratt #racist #wingnut amren.com

[Thoughts, Unoriginal But Perhaps of Value, on Brains]

The panic arises only regarding blacks. Suggesting that Jews are smarter than other whites, which perhaps most believe, or that East Asians are smarter than whites, as seems to be the case, does not greatly roil the waters. Hispanics don’t seem to matter. Blacks do.

White European society seems to accept the superiority of Jews and East Asian, and the consequent differences in prosperity, without dangerous levels of resentment. The resentment of, and by, blacks is intense and explosive.

KBS & DarienX #conspiracy #psycho #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Harvard Poll: 80% See Border Disaster, Want Trump Closure Restored

Don't like feeling this way, but every time I see video clips of "unaccompanied minors" in shelters it makes my blood boil. Hoards of low IQ, future hate-whitey types, with negligent parents who expect The Land of Oppression and Racism to provide babysitting services while they break the law. Am pretty sick of being civilized and nice.


The dems have 3 problems that no amount of anti white straight male propaganda is gonna solve.

A: blacks dont like open borders
B: hispanics dont like crt
C: neither like trannies in women sports or bathrooms.

Its a house of cards that is collapsing.

The negroes view non-white illegal immigrants as another ally against the white man. If most illegals were from Eastern Europe for example, both the Hispanics and negroes would be on the southern border with guns and nobody would get through.

Various Commenters #dunning-kruger #pratt #racist #wingnut amren.com

(Son of the 1st Revolution)
For all of our intelligence, we are just organisms trying different strategies to propagate our species as far as possible.

He says that Asians are more altruistic than whites, but is it altruism when they are helping out fellow Asians? How many times have we seen Chinese set up funds to feed poor whites in Appalachia? Or, to help out poor whites in Russia or the Ukraine? Yet, whites help out Asians in poor countries.

If anything, whites have a suicidal need to help out people from without their species and this is recipe for genetic suicide.

(Michael Himmler)
China is still a developing country, with GDP per capita equivalent to 10,000 USD in 2019. Japan is the fourth largest donor country in the world. An average Japanese donates more than an average American.

(Son of the 1st Revolution)
I cannot tell the difference between the average Japanese and the average Chinese. The fact that they donate to people who look like themselves, but not to whites, black, hispanics or anyone else makes them just one more selfish group in my eyes. That's not altruism.

(Michael Himmler)
We should praise the Japanese for doing so.

Race is biological. End of discussion. Race is real and those who deny racial reality are deluded fools living in a fantasy world. Every single person on this planet except a sizable percentage of whites is racially aware. Tread at your own peril, because if you think race is not an issue to other peoples, you are just beyond hope.

Race is not biological. Nor is it genetic (although genes can detect blacks). It certainly isn't evolution, the least reason being that evolution does not happen (not my job to educate people 30 years behind the technology curve).

DayBirches #psycho #racist #sexist #wingnut amren.com

There are more Arabs in France the French people.
And it was the white females walked them in through the Gates of Vienna once more.

When your races females spites you on mass.
Gives their wombs to your biological enemies on mass.
You start to see them as the enemies they are.

White women emulate African and Arabian culture.
And desecrate European, American and English culture.

Reap what you have sown white females.
Your Godless and never welcomed once in all of eternity in Heaven.

Women want to be controlled. It's their genetics.
They need it like dogs need a pack leader.

The European men became to civilized to control women and started to listen to them instead of telling them what to do, therefore, Western Women turned to cultures with men that put them in their place.

People were shocked when 50 sades of "whatever" a sado masochistic book became a best seller in ever white country and women couldn't get enough of it?

They're screaming for White Men to grab them by the neck and rule over them as nature intended.

If I saw a white women getting raped by her black buck of the week, I would not intervene.

If I saw a white girl getting gang banged by muslims, I would not intervene.

They are soul destroying demons.

I hope and pray they all go to hell every day.
I wont miss them.

To paint all White women with such a broad brush is unfair, there is plenty of blame to go around among White men.

To see you, reduced to a cuck, and a snivelling apologist is awkward to say the least.
You know you sound like a feminist don't you?

Jared Taylor #racist #wingnut amren.com

Black People, I’m Calling Your Bluff

(After talking about Bree Newsome, Aruna Khilanani, Sarah Jeong and others.)

One of the truly hilarious ideas is that America’s big problem is white people hating black people.

Do all non-white people hate us? Of course not. But have you ever heard a black person say, “I really like white people.” Or even just, “Some of my best friends are white.” The message is clear. We are terrible people and always will be.

If we are demented predators who murder black and brown people with impunity, why don’t they leave?

There are 26 countries where the per capita GDP is less than $1,000 a year. Twenty-two of them are in black Africa, and the 23rd is Haiti.

You benefit from living with us whites. You need us. We don’t need you. If all white institutions are full of systemic racism, leave them.

American blacks spend $1.2 trillion a year. That’s more than the entire GDP of Mexico. You could do it if you dared.

But I suspect deep down, you and all the other non-whites who love to vent hatred and scorn for my race, my heritage, the society my people built – you know you couldn’t even come close. Look at where, in the United States, blacks or Hispanics are already the majority. If you were really on your own, it would be a lot worse than that, because even Detroit and Brownsville, Texas are still part of a nation that white people built.

So keep telling us you just how much you hate us. Keep telling us we have to be eradicated. Eventually, even the most long-suffering white people will realize this is hopeless. The sooner whites realize this, the sooner what you say, and we know, is a nightmare will be over.

If you’re serious about how much you hate us, escape from us. Build your own nations.

I dare you.

Various Commenters #conspiracy #psycho #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: British Towns That Are No-Go Areas for White People

They are ‘physically in Britain but mentally living elsewhere,’ said Husain.

This is why dismantling ISIS might have been a bad idea because many of these people could have possibly joined and left the country and never to come back again.

Whites are battered and beaten, no guns to defend themselves against the globalist brown hoards, this is why the communist and globalist want to take our guns away, but they will have to take them over our dead bodies, we can fight to the end.

(We Need More Whites)
We're going to have to get over ourselves about being "civilized," and release our anti-survival modern reluctance against killing our enemies. Our Norse and Teutonic ancestors can be our guides, if we will look to them. You think a squishy modern liberal SJW race traitor whining about "oppression" could keep our forebears from doing what needs to be done? Fat chance. We have to become again the men our ancestors were, and we have to raise new generations that become these men, as well.

Not just whites. A West Indian would also be well advised to keep clear of heavily Muslim areas. A black could be treated worse than a lily-white Englishman; as Bernie Grant, a black British Labour Party politician, discovered when reporting from the Midlands. (I tip my hat to him for having had the guts to reveal the racism he encountered.)

Blacks are always willing to complain about racism. He was a co-founder of the African Reparations Movement who married three white women. He was never part of the solution - he was the problem.

Agree absolutely, but - just this once - he couldn't ignore the Muslim youths who came close to assaulting him.

Son of the 1st Revolution #pratt #racist amren.com

I don't doubt that Asians and Ashkenazi Jews are more intelligent than whites. However, that does not mean that white people do not have the same right to self determination as all other races do. Regardless of IQ, even if we were dumber than blacks, we should still have the right to lobby for our own self interest, or own civil liberties, hell, our own right to exist.

Black people have the NAACP, hispanics have La Raza, LULAC (or whatever it calls itself today), why cannot white people be allowed to have the same? We are a minority on this planet and we have an open border.

Question: If it takes thousands of years for evolution to take place, and in the case of IQ, for different races of people to develop variable IQ's, how long does it take for the "fruit hanging from the trees" to devolve a society?

Unfortunately, between whites marrying blacks and Hispanics, plus, the welfare dependency class having more kids, it seems that even in the white population we are devolving. The opening scene in "Idiocracy" seem more prophetic than ever.

Various Commenters #conspiracy #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Black US Farmers Dismayed as White Farmers’ Lawsuit Halts Relief Payments

(Son of the 1st Revolution)

So, there is some justice. Hooray for that. Whites have been under the boots of black supremacists for too long.

Notice they interviewed a black farmer. They didn't interview any white farmers who were going to be passed over by this illegal fund. To the MSM, we are non-people, unworthy of having our opinions publicized.

I remember my American friends laughed when I suggested that there would be a federal tax imposed on whites. They are not laughing any more.

Here there are many construction companies owned by Blacks, but staffed by Whites for the higher level work, and Latinx for the basic work. There are basically no Black employees in these Black owned companies., but they get the government contracts. Is it the same in farming?

Most are in reality owned by high IQ types like Jews who make a black, or two, co-owners and pay them off to be eligible for various program contracts. Smart but ethically deprived people have already been taking a huge advantage of this nonsense. Or at least that's what I heard, and it seems logical.

Various Commenters #dunning-kruger #pratt #racist #wingnut amren.com


Ten weeks ago, Gregory Hood and I launched a new podcast: Left, Right, and White. Now we’re inviting you to suggest topics for future episodes.

Greetings. How about discussing the tremendous ecological cost of unsustainable population growth fueled by heavy immigration flow?

You can always tell when an "environmentalist" is just an anti-white nutjob when their first priority is not controlling the population explosion of Africans but instead the immigration of these useless millions into white countries.

(Mr Anthrope)
Exactly - this is where the left/greens/marxists reveal their hypocrisy. They hate humanity, want euthanasia, full term abortion etc, yet when presented with the opportunity to rid the world of a billion people with the Flumanchoo, they lapse into full Stalin mode globally. Unfettered immigration? More garbage, crime, health system burdened, cars on fire or blocks, buildings defaced or razed, women with a half dozen kids by 5 men, all absent of course and no accountability (that would be racist).

Middle and upper class whites will scorn a working class white family as "white trash" if they go into a grocery store and get lots of good deals for cheap, but a black or Hispanic does it, these same whites either say nothing or say "Why, those Hispanics are good shoppers!" A white woman with more than 2 white kids, these whites scorn her for being a breeder, yet say nothing about nonwhites who have large families (and on our dime, too). Middle/upper class white people will lose their bleep when they see a confederate flag or a white nationalist rally, yet willingly support, kneel to and praise nonwhite militants (BLM, La Raza) who want them dead.

Cameron Sawyer #crackpot #racist #wingnut amren.com

Race Differences in the Clinic.

Being a clinical assistant at a primary care pediatric clinic has let me see with my own eyes the differences between the races and how they manifest at different ages.

White children under age five can be just as rowdy as others, but it is less likely than with blacks or Hispanics. White children over the age of five are typically well-behaved and perform well in school

Many parents have no intention of learning English. They can rely on their children to interpret for them. Hispanic families cause few problems, but they are different from white people and bring an entirely different culture with them.

Black children nearly always seem older than their actual age. I have seen 12- and 14-year-old black kids who could pass for 18. Black children as young as five have defined muscles in their arms and legs that I do not see in white or Hispanic children. Teenage black boys who do not even play sports are muscular and can seem almost brutish. Black girls seem to have their first periods earlier than whites.

They have more problems than the two other groups: staggering amounts of obesity, single-mother households, large families, poverty, dependence on government; not to mention living in majority black areas, which retards development.

When I work with people of another race, there is something an uncrossable gap between us. It is not rooted in ignorance or animus. Even though I treat all patients the same I am more attached to my white patients.

Our society insists that everyone is exactly the same. I can say for a fact that the races are not the same, and that the differences are easily observable and extend beyond physical appearances. Ignoring racial differences is fatal to our nation.

connorhus & None #crackpot #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Are Zanu PF and MDC Shameful Governance Failures Proving Rhodesia’s Smith Right That Blacks Not Ready to Govern Themselves?


Let us be brutally honest for once. Is there something seriously flawed with us as black people? Why on earth would the government allocate high ranking positions to their under-qualified and inexperienced relatives, friends, and sexual partners? Why are we unable to even maintain the levels of development that we inherited from the Rhodesian era? How did we end up messing everything up?

Why I have to chuckle to myself every time I see a comment about the death of America to Black Rule. These are the people who are supposedly going to destroy the White race? Maybe in a comic book if the Blacks are supported by Wakanda. They can pack Blacks into a few urban areas but they will collapse on their own long before they push out into the rest of America. Same will happen to any other race they try and replace Whites with.

No. Leftist whites will destroy the White race. The others are just the janissary cannon fodder to the elite shock troops of academia, big business, big tech, and big entertainment.

Nah Non-Whites are more like a wild fire, their numbers can give em an early surprise advantage but they quickly burn themselves out.


There was a reason apartheid survived in Rhodesia and South Africa: a significant percentage of the black population understood what would happen under black rule.

Apartheid WAS black rule. They controlled all institutions but were forced to live in their own areas separate from Whites. In return, they were largely employed by Whites and all of them had a middle class lifestyle.

None of that exists anymore.

HT #pratt #psycho #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Why Reparations for Slavery Are a Crazy Idea

How can anyone argue for reparations for blacks when in reality, having slave ancestors and winding up in America, was the best thing that ever happened to blacks? Even most of the slaves themselves led better and longer lives than their African relatives. Blacks should be paying us or return to their "homeland".

I did a search on the internet for “percentage of black americans who support reparations.” The first article that showed up in my search results was a 2019 report from CNN that says 75% of black Americans want reparations for slavery.

What a bunch of lazy parasites. Even if they get their way and get paid a reparations check, they will continue blaming white people for their problems long after they run out of money and still want more gib-me-dats.

The Negro has gotten every type of handout and advantage possible for 50 years and yet today they complain more than ever about the life we have provided for them. Time to separate now because there is no other workable option.

Various Commenters #elitist #crackpot #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Nearly One Year After George Floyd’s Murder, Black and White Americans Have Very Different Views on Race


61% of Black Americans reported often or sometimes experiencing discrimination, while 84% of white respondents said they had rarely or never experienced it.

The difference is blacks wallow in victimhood and White people are getting sick, tired and fed up with it.

I wish you were right. But many Whites feel guilty.

Let us be blunt. Both Blacks, Whites, different factions, all their views on race is wrong. Totally crazy wrong like Biden and the SJW, or somewhat wrong on Fox. And we are the only ones that are right, let us say that openly. We respect science and statistics. Only us. All others are busy solving imaginary problems, falsifying crime statistics, misinforming the public, etc


more than half of respondents predicted that race relations would be better for future generations than they are now

That must be the white-nationalist cohort confidently expecting the establishment of separate ethnostates.

(Matthew D. Cragg)
On what basis would they believe race relations will improve in the future?

Blacks need more "gibs me dat" and lots of high paying jobs to sit in front of a computer all day long, not doing actual work, but looking at porn.

I was referring to whites. On what basis could they believe race relations will improve. I'm guessing perpetual naiveté, white savior complex, pathological altruism, etc.

How about ignorance and self-loathing.

Hence my interest in eugenics. If we could incentivize breeding patterns that will run these traits out of the pool we would seemingly build better societies.

CTON #conspiracy #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: ‘The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind’

Whenever I hear all this anti-White extremism from a academic, I have several thoughts. They are either seeking notoriety for a soon to be published work or want controversy enhancements for the resume. A strategy developed by black politicians.

The nonwhites have taken a cue from Black Americans and noticed how White Americans roll over for blacks and say and do nothing as blacks commit horrific acts of violence against them. I mean, they're opportunists. Wouldn't you take advantage of someone who would give you anything you wanted no matter how bad you treated them? It's a natural predatory instinct. I'm not mad anymore at nonwhites who are anti-white and say/do these things to us. I'm more and far angrier at whites as we allow and tolerate this. After awhile, is it the bully's fault or your fault for not standing up them?

In a time when every negro demand is met with servile reverence, when images of the first cousin of erectus flood our media, when the feral black with a pound of crack where his ''brain'' used to be is the holiest of figures, when every institution in our land from the courts to the police kneel in front of sub-animals, this is what you get.

This self hatred and white guilt started long before BLM or George Flyod. Our enemies only notice that we do what they demand. A white nationalist speaker years ago was talking about this and said something like, "We say 'look at what the jews and blacks are doing' instead of asking 'why are we allowing them the Jews and blacks to do this?"

Ilana Mercer #conspiracy #racist #wingnut amren.com

Prior to being shot in the head this week, Sasha Johnson had big plans for whites. Johnson had been “calling for a ‘racial offenders register’ that would see those guilty of ‘microaggressions’ banned from living in multicultural communities and prevented from working in certain industries.”

“If you live in a majority-colored neighborhood you shouldn’t reside there because you’re a risk to those people – just like if a sex offender lived next to a school he would be a risk to those children,” she fulminated.

Johnson’s call for a “racial offenders register” for whites is a perfectly pragmatic application of the Critical Race Theory rot.

I’ve watched noisemakers on Fox News “argue” against the CRT agitprop in education. Their arguments against the CRT scourge are characterized by a white-out of whites.

Nobody will utter the words “anti-white,” or articulate the “anti-white” essence of Critical Race Theory. CRT is always euphemized as things other than a hatred of whites and a resolve to blacken them. Always. Quit intoning like automatons that CRT is about socialism. CRT is about and against whites.

White kids are CRT’s innocent targets in schools. Yet no one has stated the obvious, that while white kids are brow-beaten; black and brown kids are buoyed by CRT; they come up smelling like roses and punching like knock-out game champions.

Not one of them has said, “Whites. White kids”: The true victims of the critical race miseducation are white kids, as they are the sole repository of hate and aggression in this critical-race blitzkrieg.

Instead, it’s, "Kids are being reduced to their immutable characteristics. It violates the promise of America. It divides us. Martin Luther King, Jr. would’ve opposed it.” Blah. Blah.

Various Commenters #conspiracy #racist #sexist #wingnut amren.com

RE: NYC’s Spence School Showed Video That ‘Tarred and Feathered’ White Women: Ex-Trustee

(Vox Nihili)

Hispanic tech exec Gabriela Baron fired off a scorched-earth letter — shown to her eighth-grade daughter and classmates on graduation day — seething that the video “openly derides, humiliates and ridicules white women.

“Is Ziwe’s video somehow not racist and acceptable to Spence because it attacks whites?”

I keep saying here, and to any female in my actual life who might be receptive: White women will not be spared. Being female only puts us the tiniest smidge ahead of white men on the 'World's Most Hated' list. Our color is far more important than our sex to our enemies, AND IT SHOULD BE TO US TOO.

Any White women with any connection to reality knows that a White world is the only world in which they are respected.

I think the disconnection from reality is the problem with whites.

(ssbbh 1987)
Sometimes its seems that large portion of white women lives in some kind of a bubble/parallel universe where white women are universally loved and appreciated by everyone for their display of hatred for anything white, lol.
Aligning with POCs/LGBTQ/Feminists will not save you.
Short term, maybe, long term absolutely not.
Just like white gays/lesbians/trans are learning fast that their sexual orientation does not trump race.
You are all still white.

Feminism was the death of White political dominance in America. If using Non-Whites as a political tool will stop, then Feminism will be far and above all other factors that caused the end of the White Race. Nothing has ever destroyed White Unity, traditions, values or strength to the point Feminism has. Nothing.

Various Commenters #pratt #racist #sexist amren.com

(Nathan B. Forrest)

Many of them hate white women more than they hate white men. Why are there so many "Karen" incidents to mock, humiliate, and destroy white women on social media? This is especially true for many black and hispanic women, who seem to have a seething hatred of white women.

Absolutely, non-White would absolutely love a White husband but most Whites find them unattractive. The can't stand White women especially if there is a chance that their man would go for one.

I doubt most black women would want to be with a white man.

You obviously don’t know black women that well.

May be just part of general sadistic propensity of blacks to target whom they see as the most vulnerable easy prey to torture, being cowards at heart. E.g. that incident with the dog leash in Central Park in which a black man threatened and then recorded weak liberal White woman calling police on an "African-American man" so he could post online to destroy the life of "Central Park Karen"...most likely would not have happened if that was an athletic 6'4" White man walking his dog, all else being equal...

When the media promote anti-White hatred, they do so with the full knowledge that they are stoking anti-White violence. And when that anti-White violence occurs, they decline to report on it. The media has already established attitudes of resentment that have made Whites the primary VICTIM---not perpetrator!---of interracial violence. I fear that we will soon see an explosion of violence against Whites. Remember what happened in Haiti.

Gregory Hood #conspiracy #racist #wingnut amren.com

History doesn’t change to fit our wishes. We wish whites hadn’t imported blacks as slaves and had not changed immigration policy in 1965. However, in a multiracial society, history often isn’t about facts. It’s a weapon. A story about the past justifies current policy. When history doesn’t provide a suitably horrific example, invent one.

A white man tried to disarm a black man. A “shot rang out” and armed blacks and whites shot and killed each other. A white man may have been the initial aggressor, but it would be reasonable to assume that a black fired first.

Mr. Biden put it this way: “Seventy-five black men, including black veterans arrived to stand guard. Words were exchanged. Then a scuffle. Then a [sic] shots fired.”

Mr. Biden failed to mention that the blacks were armed, and note the passive language. Shots were “fired,” just as gunfire “erupts” in certain neighborhoods today.

If blacks had not showed up with guns and shots had not “been fired,” probably noting would have happened.

This was a pitched battle over territory, at the time called the “Tulsa Race War,” not a “massacre” of passive blacks.

Some kinds of hate don’t even have to hide. Just days before President Biden went to Tulsa, armed men and women wearing New Black Panther Party shirts marched through Tulsa’s streets on Saturday, vowing “justice. . . by any means necessary.”

Somehow the extremism expert missed this:

“We will kill everything White in sight.”

In today’s America, the racial double standard is the standard. There’s one official history. There’s one group anyone can attack without consequences. Yesterday’s event brought it all together. If you’re white, under this system, you’re not in the “protected category.”

Various Commenters #conspiracy #crackpot #racist #wingnut amren.com

I always wonder why liberal whites get emotional about the black IQ. If you talk about white hispanic difference, it doesnt steer up this kind of emotional response. The black IQ is always the main talking point that puts them in denial.

60 years of infused guilt and self hate from television and movies from you know who.

If the human mind can be brainwashed by simple propaganda to deny reality then the human mind is weak or not as intelligent as I expected or maybe they know the truth about black iq but deny it on purpose for some reason that I dont know

Because Liberal Whites know the truth and cannot face it.

But why? What do they have to lose if they acknowledge that? Why are they worried so much about the blacks who want to destroy them?

(Cheri Rodriguez)

Hispanic and white are more alike culturally?

Colombian is supposedly the purest Spanish spoken in Latin America. At work a few years back there were some instructions written in Spanish and a Colombian woman read them and then said—"Who the hell wrote this, a Puerto Rican?" Colombia is one South American country I'd like to visit...

(Standup Broad)
Acquaintance is Columbian, when she speaks Spanish the physical response by Mexicans is a sight to behold; their shoulders drop and their heads tilt and decline, it's as if they hear their master's voice. The "blancas" of Columbia, Argentina, and Chile do not socialize with, or hire (above the level of service worker), those with other-than-pure blood.

Because Hispanics and whites both accept the Platonic order. Blacks don't. It doesn't give them enough station and power.

None #crackpot #psycho #racist #wingnut amren.com

Black people when they are annoyed, riot.

White people, when we are annoyed form sniper kill squads and make it clear no such thing as a "police officer" is allowed to exist and if they show up, they get pfft, pffft, and no one saw nothing.

If we are REALLY annoyed, trucks full of chemicals start blowing up.

Notice Antifa. No one of any merit in Antifa is other than White. These are the people locking police in their headquarters and then setting fire to it. They haven't quite perfected what they are doing, but I'd like to point out that this was not happening until White people got involved.

Biden better rethink what he is doing or he is likely to just take his medication and discover his White doctor is a patriot.

Notice how frantic they were to try and reframe some hijinks by a few pissed off Trump supporters as high treason and how this did not in any way work.

They were terrified. As well they should be.

White cannot be replaced by anyone, especially blacks. What happens when this reaches a critical threshold is collapse.

After it happens, all things will revert to local politics ONLY. No one will be allowed to move. Blacks will be shot on sight while anyone with high IQ or skills might be welcomed.

A post collapse America, is our near future, not a "democracy" run by non-whites to their benefit only.

Most cities are going to burn and be barricaded to prevent refugees. If you want to live there, like all opportunities, whites excel. Be a warlord. Show the local blacks you can lead them to slaughter and cannibalize their neighbors and you will be king of the trasheap. Understand, once upon a time, white people did do this occassionally....especially once non-whites got a taste for drugs.

Gregory Hood #conspiracy #racist #wingnut amren.com

Few of us reflect on Constantinople. Both white advocates and our opponents too often assume that whites always win. We are always conquerors, never conquered. This justifies stark racial double standards. Christian Lander, author of Stuff White People Like, unwittingly put it best. “It is always OK to make fun of white people because no unhappy ending is possible.”

For Eastern Europe, the end of the Roman Empire meant centuries of political slavery under Ottoman oppression. For more than a million whites, losing the Mediterranean meant literal slavery.

The police in Germany said in 2017 that the largest “right-wing extremist” group in the country was the ultranationalist Turkish Grey Wolves. Like the empire in its final years, we are increasingly surrounded in what was once unquestionably our land.

White traitors, myopic elites, and wishful thinking; Constantinople fell because the West failed to act as one. There will always be fights among whites. However, they are not potentially fatal conflicts where the stakes are the continuation of a people and a culture — rather than just an exchange of territory.

Demographic trends ensure whites will be minorities within our own countries within this century, even in Europe. Globally, we confront the rising power of China and an African population boom. Few of “our” leaders fight for our race and civilization. “Our” rulers sometimes seem to be deliberately destroying us.

The fight that matters is the fight for our people. We see the cost of failure. We remember what has been lost in the Levant, northern Africa, Rhodesia, South Africa, and countless other beacons of civilization that have been snuffed out. Few torches remain. We will keep them lit and light new ones.

Various Commenters #psycho #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: A Year After George Floyd’s Killing, White Support for Black Lives Matter Fades

(Scooby Doo)
I always believed Derek Chauvin should have a big statue of him right in the heart of Minneapolis! Floyd was a 100% thug and criminal who would have robbed raped or killed again had he lived! And probably a WHITE person!

Incredible cucked numbers not even seen in the third world,it is time for Murrka to leave the planet and stop embarassing everybody.

Americans have race fatigue. They're sick unto death of black marches, blocking traffic, riots, black criminality, complaining and blaming Whitey, maligning Western Civilization, and hating America.

I am exausted and don t even live in America.

(No Thanks)

I am constantly amazed the way blacks don’t care about the hundreds of black-on-blacks shootings that happen every week

But are still dwelling on the one accidental death of George Floyd a year later.

I’m amazed that naive Whites like you are amazed.

1. Blacks don’t care about others. They have no idea where their children are and what they are doing at 2:00am. They only care when a White cop is involved. So why on earth would they care about a stranger if there is nothing in it for them?

2. George Floyd is a money grab. They don’t give a care about him.


I have never heard any message of thanks or appreciation of "white allies" from black people. It's always more complaints and how they aren't doing it right and how they need to do more. Nothing is never enough.

Have they thanked us for the million white men that died during the Civil War or thanked the abolitionists? Have they apologized for the French they killed in Haiti in 1804?

Various Commenters #conspiracy #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Black and Hispanic Americans See Their Origins as Central to Who They Are

(jim mack)
This is the coming perfect storm of Whites being too comfortable, soft and squishy
Along with 'minorities' constantly pushing the envelope in their ever-expanding scam
While our liberal whites have indoctrinated our children for decades

It should be interesting but ruinous

Actually being black is not central to black people's identity as you kind of alluded to. It's scamming people and keeping everyone else on their heels, so as not to question their behavior, and penchant for crime. Who donates their money to those hellholes of Africa? Mostly whites. Blacks could care less about anything African - most want to live in white neighborhoods, go to mostly whites schools, and complain about it at the same time.

The Great Replacement has many veiled attacks, this being one of them.

Third world people who have accomplished nothing think more of their races than the whites that built civilization think of theirs. Decades of self hating brainwashing through Hollywood, the media and academia did its job.


What else are blacks and Hispanics going to talk about?

Their inventions, wonderful neighborhoods, idyllic families, ad nauseam?

Notices they left Asians out of this. While Asians are aware of their background, they don't dwell on it and are usually too busy accomplishing things to bother with it.

(Lawrence Drake)
Attacks on whites will increase white racial consciousness along with the indefensible double standard that in-group preferences must be encouraged for non-whites but suppressed for whites. The truth about race differences is a way of defending the white race against blood libel.

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RE: A Windfall for Minority Farmers Divides Rural America


White farmer: “They’re not even thinking about the fact that they’re discriminating against us."

Why do so many white conservatives act like blacks and nonwhites and leftists "didn't mean to" do the bad things to them that they do? Why are they so naive? "Why, how does that help black lives matter???!!" or "Why, discrimating against whites only harms you in the end!" How can our people still not get it, or is it they don't want to get it?

Imagine the discrimination against whites should America become majority nonwhite.

Well we don't have to imagine it. We can see it in South Africa. It would be absolute and total discrimination.

It will be 'payback' time against whitey. Unfortunately, the 'payback' has already started and our minority status hasn't even began yet!

The fact is lots of whites, especially young whites, think we deserve it. These millennials and zoomers have such contempt and disdain for their own people.

It will never get to that because the entire world would be starving before farmers became majority non-White, just like in SA. Unlike SA though America and the world would not have White productivity to keep them fed while they pretend they are civilized. It's the final catch 22 of the Multi-Cult. Doomed even if they succeed in their mission.

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My son has blue eyes, pale skin, and blond hair.

But, somewhere back in the family tree, we must have had some black or blood mixed in.

To give him a head start, should I start to create a record for him now as being "black" by consistently checking off his identity as black?

The left claims race is simply a social construct, without biological meaning. My social construct -- the boy is black. Now, give him stuff and let him cut to the front of every line.

How did that work for Rachel Dolezal?

It got her a job. Probably more.

I identify as Solutrean.
Pay me.

You are white. Race is real, except for white people, and when BIPOCs have their IQs measured. /s

Who does the US government actually represent and work for?

It actively works against the interests of my family and my peers.

If our government no longer represents our interests, it is no longer our government.

I said it -- the US government lacks legitimacy. It should be resisted and subverted.

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This is 100% true and I wish we did the same, but in fact we do not. Actually, it is those of us who are of "Anglo" heritage who are the least likely to be into these issues, unfortunately. Italians are strongly also identified with their origin, as are Greeks. We do not. Interesting thing about hispanics: Spaniards themselves are very UNLIKELY to feel proud of their heritage too. In places like Argentina, there are areas known as the "Italian" neighborhood or zone, but you never hear of a "Spaniard" neighborhood in Latin America. Here in the US, you get places like Little Italy, or Little Greece and you never really get "Little Spain" and that may be due to the fact that many Spaniards identify more with their region than with their "state". So in that sense they are similar to the British.

Speaking personally, I am a rarity because to me racial origins are also CENTRAL to who I am and how I perceive myself. I strongly believe in rationalism and a strong dose of racial determinism. No, I do not believe race determines your morals or how you act in every single situation, but to deny the reality of genetics is absolutely insulting. A horse is a horse, whether it is born in China or the Patagonia. Our "tics", habits, and instincts when it comes to certain cultural aspects are handed down by family, which is the result of genes. No man is an island. We are born into a family, we have genes and, we have a race. The lucky among us can identify with ONE race or origin, we are not "all mixed" as some clowns today say. And we are not "All immigrants" as so many stupid and ignorant people claim.

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There is trouble in the progressive ranks. The woke are increasingly angry with President Biden because of Israel and Palestine.

The split within the Democratic Party over Israel will be more important than the supposed division within the Republican Party over the January 6 protests. The Coalition of the Fringes could fracture over whether Israelis are white.

Neither the GOP nor the Democratic party care much about America’s national interests. Both sides seem far more passionate about who wins a tribal war in the Middle East than they do about America First.

Here’s a sighting of the American paradox. Was America built around white nationalism or racial equality?


Apartheid states aren’t democracies.


The voices like @AOC truly represent America and the foundation of the country and the values which were once part of it.

The position here is that America was built on egalitarianism. However, didn’t racist Anglo-Saxons create America and her institutions?

This tweet is from a member of Congress.


There's a Black maternal health crisis going on in our country, Ted. We die at 3X the rate of white people during childbirth. Our children die more often during childbirth.

There’s no real evidence that “racism” kills black infants. White infants die more often than Hispanic infants, in what the Huffington Post caused the “Latino Health Paradox.” Race realists know there is no paradox. Races are different and this has consequences. However, since we can’t admit this, we get absurd theories about white racism.

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When you were in school, I think you were probably in the early 70s. What percentage of your class was black?

I don’t know the exact percentage. But even in 1968, when I went to Yale, it was well known among whites that you’d be much better off if you were black. Even then, people were saying, “Well, gosh, if I pretended to be black, I’m more likely to be admitted.” In fact, the fellow who ran the admissions program at Yale, his name was Inslee Clark. He was famous for trying to get diversity, even then. And I suspect that I was admitted to Yale not because I was such an impressive student, but because I was applying from Japan. That was some kind of perhaps affirmative action for me that was not race-based, but it was part of this idea of getting people from the southside of Chicago, getting people from rural Texas, getting black people, getting Hispanics. I was probably a beneficiary of affirmative action, geographic distribution rather than racial.

It’s the first time I’ve heard that somebody said in the sixties [that it] was better off to be black,

Oh, gosh!

But I think I’ll take your word for it.

Believe me. High school people took that for granted. You’d be much better off if you’re applying for college if you’re black.