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RE: Adam Smith Business School Postpone Seminar by “Eugenicist”

The talk that was scheduled to be to be delivered was titled: “For Whom the Bell Curve Tolls: A lineage of 400,000 individuals 1750-2020 shows genetics determines most social outcomes”. In his book, he argues that socio-economic status is genetically inherited through the “genetic transmission of … some mysterious mix of drive and ability”. He also theorised that “200 years from now the descendants of enslaved African-Americans will still be underrepresented”.

Oh, my God! The very idea - of someone blaming the obvious (genetics) on why blacks are so predisposed to failure and crime.

So, genetics determine that whites are doomed to extinction in any territory that become multiracial? It’s genetics that eliminated white all throughout Africa, the Subcontinent, Asia, Oceaniana, Central America and the Caribbean?

What will eliminate Whites is the combination of interracial mixing and recessive genetics.

I'm SO confused. We are expected to believe "the Science" re: WuFlu but, we are supposed to ignore the science of biology.

Or any scientific research which provides a realistic explanation of why black Africans and their descendants are always the lowest racial group to be found on our planet.

Class is genetic. The raw, brutal truth of this fact is too much for little soft socialist brains to handle.

No doubt, the liberals and their black protegees will be running home to their mothers, and have themselves a good cry.

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The "Asians" are a complex and multi facetted grouping.
But realistic speaking the umbrella term "asians" is totally out dated and in need of modernisation.

For instance, the asians known as the old Indians of Indian.
They are homosapiens.
But the asians of Thailand, the Sians of Thai.
They are denisovans.

Theres a good hundred thousand years of evolution between the two.
The denisovans don't have sweat glads for instance, where as the homosapiens do.
There are hundreds of genetic variations, specialisations and differences between the "Asians"

Using the umbrella term "Asians" is only causing problems in the long term.

I am blunt for a good reason.
I refer to them all as simply coloureds.

Hence this is just another coloured march..
They are as common as muck.

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RE: Why I’m No Longer Changing My Indian Phrases Around My White Friends

Student felt she lost her identity by using English equivalents of Indian words.


Look, you adopt a country, adopt it 100%. If you love Indian culture so much you should go back.

How can you adopt a country when you're not of its founding stock?

Does she have some reason to think that white British people really care how a lot of foreigners "phrase" their speech? It seems that having an exaggerated idea of one's own importance is an essential element of "multiculturalism" among these young invaders.


Please punish us vile racists - by taking the next flight to India and thereby depriving us of your grace, beauty and eloquence.

You should see a picture of her!! Definitely no "beauty"!!!!!!!!

(E. Essington)
Put this young lady behind the counter of one of her uncle's convenient stores, and see if her biggest concern is still 'code-switching' around the melanin-free.

Perfect example that diversity is simply colonization and dispossession of the natives.

(Fed Up)
"I hope that making this active effort to use my Indian phrases will encourage others to do the same. "

This loser would better hope her White friends don't take the logical action - of drop-kicking her and leaving her isolated. I sure as hell would have.

Excellent. I hope all Hindus in White countries behave likewise. Hindus are unassimilable by virtue of their race, so why would we want them to resemble Whites in speech? The more alien they remain, the smoother their eventual repatriation will be.

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RE: Putin Slams ‘Caveman Nationalism’ as Detrimental to Russia

“Caveman nationalism, with the slogan ‘Russia is only for Russians,’ only harms Russians, only harms Russia,” he said. “We must make sure that the culture of every nation, its history, and roots of every nation is respected and honored in our country.”

Disappointing remark from a president I thought was a realist regarding nationalism.

You thought wrong. Welcome to reality. Putin was the guy who crushed the Russian ethnic nationalist movements in Russia in early 2000-s and proceeded to encourage mass colored Asiatic Muslim immigration to Russia from the former Soviet "stans". He also bribed Muslim Chechens and others in the Caucasus region into compliance and allowed them to come settle in large Russian cities. Putin is a sworn enemy of our race.

Chechens are White.

Chechens are not white same way Persians, Arabs, and many light skin Mexicans are not white - they are just not, even if in the US stats they supposedly are. Chechens are of Turkish Asiatic ancestry. They mixed with whites after centuries of battling the Russian empire and history of kidnapping and raping Slavic women, so I would argue that despite some of them look almost white, they are not. Obama has more white in him than an average Chechen.

Just how many muslims and African refugees is Putin importing to Russia? NONE.

Hundreds of thousands are settled in Russia. All those Asiatic Muslims from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and a whole lot of Chechens, Dags and others collectively called "Kavkaztsy" (Caucasians) - non-white low impulse control criminality spreading Muslim tribes like Chechens and Dagestanis (Dags).

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We were the only white people there. Although we didn’t feel threatened, we felt that something was terribly wrong. It made me sad to think that England would one day no longer be England, and Scotland no longer Scotland, and I couldn’t fathom why any country would voluntarily do this to itself. I have come to view multiculturalism not as part of the progression of humanity, but as an ethnic cleansing of the original population. A people without a racial consciousness and a love for their own will simply be overwhelmed and absorbed by the multi-culture.

One day my youngest son came home from primary school and confidently told me that the only difference between people was the amount of melanin in their skin. It was obvious that we were being prepared for a demographic shift. One afternoon I attended a family gathering on my husband’s side. His nephew was engaged and we were all going to meet the bride’s parents. I asked her English father what had brought him to New Zealand. In his Cockney accent, he went into a tirade about how immigrants in the UK were lavished with all manner of benefits and prioritized over the indigenous whites, who were stuck footing the bill. He eventually got so disgusted with the situation that he moved to New Zealand. International white flight.

In the wake of Brenton Tarrant’s rampage, all New Zealanders were urged to take responsibility for their own racism. I don’t believe the outpouring of grief shown from New Zealanders has been paralleled by Muslims in the aftermath of an Islamic attack in Europe. The love that other races have for their own, shown through their open advocacy for their respective “communities,” becomes more obvious the more multicultural our countries become. Today I embrace the natural love I have for my people and no longer struggle with the mental gymnastics that only white people must contort themselves with to conclude that if we prefer to live amongst our own people and put their interests first, we are “racist.”

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RE: Foreign Aid Is Having a Reckoning

"Intellectuals" now say the "white savior" complex does more harm than good.

Foreign aid has only been effective with first world countries. It enabled Western Europe and Japan to recover from World War II. It enabled South Korea to recover from the Korean War. It has helped Israel become an oasis of civilization in a vast desert of primitive and horrifying barbarism. In third world countries foreign aid goes into the bank accounts of kleptocrats.

President Biden has issued an executive order mandating that every government agency review policies to identify barriers to racial inequity...

President Biden needs to identify and acknowledge genetic barriers to racial equality. I suggest he read Professor J. Philippe Rushton's Race, Evolution, and Behavior.

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RE: Blacks Say No to the Vaccine

(Son of the 1st Revolution)
“We need to make history by saving more of our people.” If only a white person were allowed to say that.

They're safe! Just ask Hank Aaron!

All you will find is stories of how he didn't die of the Covid vaccine. It's lost on my brainwashed liberal relatives that Big Tech and Big Pharma would possibly lie to them.

(Jeff Coffey)

President Joe Biden had a different explanation: “Not everybody in the community, in the Hispanic and African-American community, don’t know how to use, know how to get online to determine how to get in-line for that COVID vaccination.” The President took heat for this, but he’s lucky he’s a Democrat.

Biden must be really confused. Leftists preach day and night about how blacks are not capable of obtaining $15 ID cards or finding a local voting place. He tries to say the same thing in regards to the vaccine and he gets lambasted. Just can't win.

(National Conservative)
Remember when the media claimed that blacks were dying at 2-3 times the rate as whites and this was another act of genocide caused by "systemic racism." Well, the rate have even out and now the media has dropped the whole story. Pop goes the narrative. Ohio, Texas, Florida, and Arkansas are all states with big black populations that have higher white death rates than blacks death rates.

Blacks are responsible for their own problems.

Though Americans tend to be very fat, blacks on average are much fatter than the average white person. So you have greater co-morbidities. In the first few months, it was obvious that urban areas were the hardest hit and these tend to be where blacks disproportionately live. It was easy to see that rates would even out over time, but instead the media ran hysterical nonsense headlines about how "systemic racism was killing black people."

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Who Are the Enemies of Western Civilization?

Now he says the entire field if the Classics is hopelessly tangled up with white supremacy. He says the field is “equal parts vampire and cannibal,” and that studying Greece and Rome means justifying slavery, racism, colonialism, and Nazism. A Dominican has the nerve to tell us to stop studying Greece and Rome because that makes us racist.

In “It’s Time to Let Classical Music Die,” Nebal Maysaud wrote, “Western classical music participates in the act of destroying culture and replaces it with its own white supremacist narrative. Its main purpose is to be a cultural anchor for the myth of white supremacy.” Mr. Maysaud says he’s still accepting commissions to compose. In his words, “As long as people of color are making art, culture stays alive.”

And why do these people do this? Maybe they once loved Beethoven or Homer or Beowulf but got caught up in anti-white hysteria. Maybe they just can’t stand it that their people could never have created anything like the Ring Cycle. I don’t know. But that’s their problem.

The real horror is that white people fall for this stuff.

Can you imagine a white man getting a job teaching at the University of Delhi and then saying that the Vedas are racist and sexist so Hinduism needs to die? Or studying Confucianism and then yelling because the field has too many Chinese in it? Or studying Japanese sword fighting and insisting on getting rid of all that racist Japanese terminology?

This is a uniquely white form of insanity. If you think our Classical roots are inherently white supremacist and our highest art forms are racist, it means our very existence is immoral. How did we ever let such fools take charge? They deserve to be laughed out of every position of power and into the nuthouse where they belong.

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Scrap Black History Month

People celebrate February as Black History Month, but what is its real purpose — other than therapy for elite blacks? Obviously, there are brilliant black intellectuals, but in general, blacks aren’t interested in scholarship. We should stop deluding ourselves; blacks don’t care deeply about learning.

Blacks rarely value knowledge for its own sake. In my experience, many blacks are happy to study something to get a degree and a job, but learning something for its own sake is another story. It is not uncommon for me to have to justify my reading habits to other blacks. The only time I can freely discuss intellectual issues with a black person is if he is exceptionally curious. Many blacks think you can go crazy if you study too much. On several occasions, I have seen blacks caution one another against passionate study because it will induce madness.

Of course, white people tease nerds, too, but they don’t act as if brilliance is antithetical to whiteness. Meanwhile, some blacks still think scientists are arrogant layabouts for investigating the mysteries of life. To them, intelligence is worthy of scorn. Even educated blacks have told me that scientists are weird people.

Unlike whites who celebrate men such as Adam Smith and Milton Friedman every day, the heroes of the black community will always be entertainers, not forgotten intellectuals such as Abram Harris and Alexander Crummell or entrepreneurs such as Elijah McCoy and Milly Pierce. All Black History Month does is stroke the egos of some blacks. We should scrap it to spare blacks the burden of pretending to care about learning.

Texan1st #racist amren.com

We need a nationalist movement. I’m sick of information, we need solutions

Here's a solution. When they swing the southern border wide open and they come pouring in, we'll colonize the uninhabited continent they leave behind. Once we get there, any stragglers will be offered a free bus ride to the promise land up north so white progressives can enjoy their company.

I choose to look on the bright side of the pending open borders. While the woke in America are being hoisted on their own diversity petard, we will be kicking back in the sun, eating mangos, and enjoying the lack of diversity.

They are not really leaving their countries. These countries use American suicidal idiocy of the de facto open border to simply unload their population excesses who take over American jobs and send money home to support their families in those holes and by that support the holes themselves. That unarmed invasion on the US benefits those countries. Ones who own and run those countries - oh no, they are not going anywhere, they are not leaving.

As this country turns irreversibly blue and congress gets darker, these people will be granted instant citizenship upon entering. With no border security and a promised instant citizenship, they will be coming by the 10's of millions to get in on the gimmedats. Especially when the gimmedats down there are nonexistent. Sure, those in the upper echelons of government will remain but we don't have to colonize the entire continent. Just selected countries down there. Our odds are much better doing that than turning America into a majority white country again.

Can we at least count on every Latin American country charging a passage fee to discourage the more southerly folk from coming up here?

I would hope not. Wouldn't want to discourage them from vacating our future homeland.

Kid Charlemagne #racist amren.com

RE: White Man Working in Curry Factory Wins Race Discrimination Claim

A white worker in an Asian food factory who was told that he didn’t understand recipes because of his colour and that he should go and work for an English firm has won his claim of race discrimination.

The nerve these foreigners have coming to our indigenous lands and doing this? I want a type of British (Traditional ethnicities Manx, Irish, Scottish, English etc...) Bumiputra laws to be administered.

The Malaysian government implemented policies designed to favour bumiputras (including affirmative action in public education and in the public sector) to create opportunities, and to defuse interethnic tensions following the 13 May Incident in 1969.

I want this implemented for European natives only (Roma and the unmentionable Levantines are not to be included they are not European but are Asians (South & Western). Any intermarried Europeans (especially women) would lose the status and be classified as non-Native. This would be very similar to the policy of the Kahnawà:ke Mohawk Territory near Montreal.

For reference; https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/may/02/canada-first-nations-mohawk-kahnawake-rule

I’d want these type of laws and regulations enforced because these outsiders think that this is their country, well that’s never going to fly with me. I have noticed that these South Asians (I call them all East Indians regardless of the nationality), have sensed weakness in European psyche and are trying to appropriate the gripes of the American negro (like West Indian Bantus have also done) have to secure resources and status.

They don’t belong anywhere near Europeans and the only relationship we should have is us being the master period. Even in their culture they know we are above them and that’s what breeds their envy.

Joeric & Robert Kelly #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Canada Military Trumpets Diversity… With Picture of Eight White Men


Canada’s defence minister, Harjit Sajjan... The only thing sillier would be U.S. Five-Star General Hideki Tojo in World War II.

The most silly thing I heard was a Bangladeshi Muslim who is some MP in Scotland complaining that 96% of the politicians are Scots. I mean if he goes to his country Bangladesh, 100% of the politicians are Bangladeshis.

(Robert Kelly)

Can you imagine a country such as that or the Japanese having a minority prime minister? It's not going to happen.

So Japan isn't going to have an Iranian Prime Minister anytime soon??? Rats.


I believe that MP is the Justice Minister no less (yes, a muslim as Justice Minister) and I know he was shouted down for his racism and his stupidity. Of course no muslim or non-white should ever hold any government post in any white country.

They shouldn't be in any white country - period!

We’ve been conditioned to let it go when blacks start complaining but when one of these south Asian monstrosities starts making demands then that’s a call to an uprising in my humble opinion.

We should not tolerate either.

(Robert Kelly)

'...Institutions around the world are keenly aware that it is important not only to increase diversity and inclusion...' Any news from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Sri Lanka or Chad as to that diversity and inclusion?

Saudi Arabia definitely needs more Jews in their government. In fact, I propose that an atheist, homosexual Jew made Mayor of the Islamic Holy City of Mecca. Who's with me??

atheist, homosexual, transgender FEMALE Jew. I am with you. Let me remove my star, my kippa and tallith... Ah, and sign me up for that transginger (Eric Cartman's claim) thing operation.

Atheist, homosexual transgender female Jew>>>>>>atheist, homosexual Jewish male on the SJW totem pole of oppressed minorities.

Brett Stevens #racist amren.com

My awakening started with the words of a black man I knew back during my days living in Los Angeles “If I can walk down a street wearing a ‘Black Power’ t-shirt, why can’t a white guy walk down the street wearing a ‘White Power’ t-shirt?”

We all knew the “official” answer, something I call the Narrative: White people have the power, so when we assert ourselves, it looks like beating up on the poor black people. Three weeks later I drove to his neighborhood — and walked into a race war. A touchstone incident had occurred, and now black and Hispanic men engaged in hand-to-hand combat on the streets. AK-47s appeared from balconies and Glocks slipped into palms on the street. A street fight turned into a riot and then, into a small war.

At that moment, my belief in the Narrative cracked. The racial issue in America, I saw in that moment, was not about whites having power and oppressing blacks; it was centered on the need for each group to have its own territory, autonomy, and control of its future.

When I lived in Detroit, I got to know a number of black people, and recognized in them a desire for racial separation. They were cool with us being work-friends or even casually hanging out, but they wanted to go home to their own neighborhoods and be their own people. On the whole, they did not want whites there.

Homogeneity works naturally. In my view, “racism” arises only when you have diversity. For me, race is not a question of crime, average IQ, or even politics. It means survival. If Western Civilization is to survive, it will be through ethnic Western European people, and that means that everyone else must go back home and let us fix ourselves.

Various Commenters #psycho #racist amren.com

RE: Woman Brutally Attacked by Another Woman in North Philadelphia Shares Horrifying Experience

Black assailant beats white woman for dating a black man.


I NEVER heard of a black woman speak positive about interracial dating, marriages or otherwise.

Even Hollywood rarely shows black women dating blonde heroes. But every mandatory black movie hero must have his trophy blonde

This is the feel good story of the week! It also leaves the left in a difficult position; attack a BIPOC for racist behavior or ignore a lefty female being physically attacked for doing what the media told her to do!

No. The great feel-good story of the week is one I saw a couple of hours ago about police in Texas getting a frantic 911 call from some illegal aliens who said they were being smuggled in a closed tanker and were running out of oxygen. The dispatcher tried to get their location and what the tanker looked like, but couldn't. Finally, the extremely distressed caller let go of the phone and spoke no more. They were never found - not yet, not rescued. There were supposedly up to 80 of them inside that tanker. Now that really made my day!

Hey, why don't we amreners pitch in together, buy a sealed tanker, and go into the illegal-alien smuggling business?!

(Robert Kelly)

I applaud the negress who did this.

I wonder how the white woman looked? I don't think the black woman would have been triggered if the white woman had been fat and obviously unattractive.

(Fed Up)

In “fairness” to black women they would hate white women no matter who they date. The weight, hair, temper, femininity, intelligence, etc. issues makes any friendship impossible.

White women are almost always smarter, better looking and a much better catch for a black male than a female of their own species.

Burdock Smarry #racist amren.com

It’s ironic and funny how White Americans are becoming more like the American Indians year after year. The only difference is that unlike White Americans; American Indians actually fought back as hard as they can to keep their cultures and way of life thriving. Well I guess history has to repeat itself.

Theres been the "trail of tears" going on in all the major cities for years. White man becomes victim of thefts, assaults, sequestered by police when he defends himself from would be attackers etc. The result is his exit from his accomplishments and moves on to an undeveloped rural area to try starting over again. White wokism is his only way to survive in a city that has contempt for the white Christians.

The only peaceful places for Anglo Saxon white Christians will be remote rural areas of Appalachia or central midwest plains of Kansas and Nebraska. The only caveat is, this time avoid developing the areas into centers of commerce. That will only lead to evolving communities and eventually cities where different ethnic backgrounds will follow for the freebies, government benefits and then trash the white man again who made it all possible.

Son of the 1st Revolution #racist #wingnut amren.com

Can we talk about Ellis Island yet? The romanticization of the immigrant over and above the traditional American for generations has led inevitably to this.

We've talked briefly about the various "woke" forces allied against the traditional white American. It's been mentioned before that some of the worst are Irish Catholics. Look at Ted Kennedy, Patrick Leahy and now the Commander in Thief Biden. Ted Kennedy pushed for the Hart Celler Act that stopped favoring white Europeans over the rest of the world and throughout his career he pushed for more non-white immigration. Senator Patrick Leahy has championed the non-white over and over again. Obviously, not all Irish Catholics are this way, but many of their political leaders are.

During one of the debates between Trump and Biden, Biden accused Trump of being prejudiced against his (Biden's) Irish ancestors. It's like the guy wants to be seen as a victim so he can get victim points, be proclaimed a martyr.

Stefania Mowi #racist amren.com

The author mentioned "the need for each group to have its own territory, autonomy, and control of its future" and survival in his account. These are the arguments I make when I talk to others about race. No need to badmouth nonwhites and talk about IQ. Every other race and ethnic group still pretty much have their own homelands, and our people need to have homelands also. Otherwise, we will exist as a hated minority in each country we inhabit and never have control over our destiny as a people again.

Just about every white person I've talked to and told them that there might be anti-white persecution/civil unrest always say, "Oh, but I don't see race/color" I say back to them, "Just because you don't see race or color or don't hate different people doesn't mean they don't hate you and wouldn't harm you because of your race. Just because you don't want to fight doesn't mean they won't push you into a corner. Don't assume because you're fair and nice to people that they'll be back with you. No, I'm not saying be a jerk either, but always keep your guard up."

I have noticed that when people are too nice, they are taken advantage of. The same applies to races. Whites are too nice, too fair, too fearful, and these characteristics will be our downfall if we don't wake up.

Jared Taylor #racist amren.com

We Know How to Make America Strong

“Our diversity is our greatest strength,” right? The Founders just didn’t get it. The first citizenship law said that only “free white persons of good character” could become Americans.

And it wasn’t just race. One of the founders, John Jay, said America was strong because Americans were “a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs.”

We didn’t fully understand the importance of diversity until 1965. Until then, we had an immigration policy that favored white people. America was 90 percent white and therefore very weak. It makes you wonder how we survived two world wars. What a mess it would be if there were only white people. You couldn’t have racial discrimination – and that’s all we ever talk about. But the real excitement we get from diversity is riots. Last summer, imagine how bored the police and the media would have been without BLM.

But did you know, there are still pockets of resistance to diversity? In his presidential memoirs, Barack Obama wrote about Indian PM Manmohan Singh, who couldn’t do more than keep the economy going and improve the social safety net. “Like me, he had come to believe that this was all any of us could expect from democracy, especially in big, multiethnic, multireligious societies like India and the United States. Not revolutionary leaps or major cultural overhauls”


What? Doesn’t he realize that multiethnic, multireligious societies are diverse and therefore strong? We should be making revolutionary leaps all the time. Mr. Obama sounds like those dimwit Founding Fathers who thought the country should be all white.

ky_native #racist #crackpot amren.com

A negro man who happens to be very, very hungry would eat his neighbor (I hope the negro said grace as he was taught by the Mennonites to give thanks for the bountiful harvest)! In extreme cases, whites also practiced cannibalism in order to survive (like the Donner Party, or when they were mentally ill like Jeffrey Dahmer); however, in the case of negroes, who knows why they eat each other. I have found when dealing with negroes to try not to understand them too much. Negroes like being negroes!

In the near future, when the groceries run out, African blacks will consume each other as they would consume bush meat. The dark continent would be a place to avoid in the future. I've read that Jeffrey Dahmer preferred dark meat because the texture was better than white meat. Even when dealing with chicken meat, some people prefer dark meat, and some people prefer white meat. I am personally omnivorous, so dark and white meat is fine with me!

When I looked up Jeffrey Dahmer's name, it had a picture of the negro who killed him. It said he became a poet.

Various Commenters #racist amren.com

RE: We Need More ‘Trauma-Free Blackness.’ Here’s a Start

(Jed I. Knight)
After years of being a race realist, I'm still sometimes surprised, even shocked, at how profoundly tribal and ethnocentric blacks truly are. And how their opinion of themselves is plagued by "la folie des grandeurs". In any event, they should be the first ones to understand that Whites want to be left alone. But no, and as someone once famously said, the curse of Whites is that blacks hate us but want to live with us.

Yes, it is amazing especially when you know the statistics of 560,000 violent attacks on whites vs 100,000 the other way around. Poor oppressed blacks have to undo their trauma somehow.

Most of those 100,000 are Hispanics classified as White.

(America the Dead)

For many Black people like myself, attending a Black college was like joining an extended family. It was liberating to be in a place where we didn’t have to explain ourselves to White people.

And this.. is the problem. Is anyone else irritated by people talking obsessively about their "blackness"?

It wouldn't bother me one bit if we were allowed the same courtesy, but talking about "whiteness" is not allowed.

I can name a couple of places where the disproportionately hit can enjoy their '“trauma-free Blackness”,with all the trimmings of 'the rugged endurance'. The vastness and ruggedness of the landscape dotted with mud huts and an occasional animal (that they will have to chase and slaughter and cook on an open fire) will be a fantastic therapy for the perpetually oppressed....

Lipton Matthews #racist #wingnut amren.com

You’re black and you write for American Renaissance. What would you say to blacks and liberals who would call you an “Uncle Tom”?

I would tell critics of my ideas to stop infantilizing black people. White people can express a variety of opinions, but blacks who do not conform to mainstream views are seen as “sellouts.” I think this is one of the reasons for the lack of dynamism among black academics. Instead of producing innovative material many of them opt to comply with the prevailing consensus and as a result we end up with scores of black writers who can talk only about race.

What made you start thinking about race beyond the typical clichés?

My interest in the rise and fall of nations led me to study personality differences based on race and nationality. Some countries are rich and others are poor, so obviously all cultures cannot be equal. The strongest argument in favor of Western supremacy is that people want to migrate to Western countries. The Western world is so bad, yet most people want to live in the West.

When you read American Renaissance or Jared Taylor, with what do you most disagree?

White separatism is impractical. Whites are not ethnocentric enough to create a white ethnostate. I think American Renaissance and Jared Taylor should focus on getting other racial groups to desist from complaining and just assimilate into Western countries.

What are the chances of race realism being accepted by the mainstream in the next five years? Ten years?

Race realism does not need to be accepted by the mainstream. Race realists only require a large audience to topple the mainstream.

Do you have any final thoughts?

American Renaissance must continue to resist the tyranny of Big Tech or better yet secure funding to start a social media platform.

ky_native #dunning-kruger #fundie #racist amren.com

Not many people have seen God, but those who have claimed to have seen him didn't mention that he was of a different color than themselves. Some blacks argue that the Ancient of Days (Adam) was black because the Bible mentioned that his hair was white like wool. I interpret that as he was very old (ancient), and his hair would thus be white. The wool part was not to mean his hair "was" wool as found on the negro head, but the color itself was white as the wool found on sheep.

You know this for definite? How?

I read the Bible and in no point was God, or Adam, mentioned as being an Ethiopian. Moses, Abraham, Jacob, and Stephan as he was being martyred saw God. None mentioned that God was black, and Jesus said God was made in his image. Mary was of Jewish decent (not black).

Moses was Hebrew; ergo white. Had God had an afro and been black, it would have been mentioned. Exodus says that Moses spoke with Lord face to face; had the Lord had a different look than Moses, he would has said so. Moses was described as a fair baby. Do I have to look that up for you as well?

There are NO black Hebrews, so none can exist. There are no black Jews and will never be one. Is there a unicorn? No.

All humans have African blood. The origin of all humans is in Africa.

Perhaps, but not enough to make a white man black! The origin of man is not final science in "my" opinion. Scientists keep moving the bar about how and where we came from. What is science this year, may be debunked next year. Science evolves with understanding.

convairXF92 #racist amren.com

”´Whites and East Asians are natural allies.´ Only according to stupid people.”

Blacks and yellows plan on teaming up to defeat us.

Won't work in the US. So many "nice" Chinese and Korean boys and girls in the US colleges/universities. So many Chinese girlfriends and Korean boyfriends. So many European-Americans into anime and Japanese language, for decades now. The issues with Chinese spies and the horrid ChiCom government shock and disgust us. We want that gone. Hang around a good university in the Boston or NYC area or in California and you will truly see non-racism -- between whites and East Asians. (The exception is at the academic extremes: there was an issue a couple of years ago about one school's elite math club, that it was a clique of East Asian boys who acted suspicious of those not of their kind. Maybe the rest of us just have to develop that hard focus and work harder...).

I cannot possibly imagine typical US blacks teaming up with East Asians (immigrant or "-American") against whites or for any other imaginable purpose. If the blacks wanted to successfully team up with any other group, I'd say their best chance would be with US Muslims *after* adopting the religion, at least trying to make hajj, and *behaving themselves*.

Philosopher of Freedom #conspiracy #racist #wingnut amren.com

If diversity is such a strength then why is it that the US and all other White countries reached their pinnacle of success when they were 90% White or more?

It's an inverted double scale; civilization declines as Diversity increases. That is what happened to Rome and in fact every empire that has ever existed, including the Soviet Union. The U.S. became an empire by principle once it made blacks citizens and then followed with other racial and ethnic groups. The Marxists knew this would happen, so they supported the pressures that brought about the Civil War. In fact, the NAACP was created by Marxists who were all white with one exception, the mulatto WEB DuBois who hated whites even more than himself. (He married a white woman. I believe marrying outside of one's race is rejection of your own racial/ethnic identity).

Marty Kaan #conspiracy #homophobia #racist #wingnut amren.com

I might feel some sympathy for the descendants of the black slaves if they hadn’t been trying—with considerable success— to destroy the republic that our ancestors built.

We haven't not try to destroyed the Country. Since the end of slavery (Reconstruction Era), we have always try to gain Separation. The left have always use propaganda to control the minds of the USA. Malcolm X vs MLK is a prime example of how the left use MLK to inflict integration unto the country. Then they import Melanin people from the Caribbean in the continent of Africa to put on TV to shut down our voice on SEPARATION.

The only real solution is to Separate..
40 States for Whites
4 States for Foundational Blacks
3 States for all Immigrants
1 State for LGBTQ
1 State for native American

The main problem being HOW would you fairly compensate those having to leave homes they and their ancestors owned for years and years?

EXCELLENT question.. My siblings and I own our homes.. To give up my home to have SEPARATION is worth it.. To answer your question: When people started migraine to the USA in the 1500, they were given land, to build on.. There are homes and land all over the country, in which people can take over. If the USA can give 1.5 trillion dollars in foreign aid, I'm sure it possible to help the USA resettlement. Plus this will force everybody to focus on establishment and not on the Media propaganda..

dragonslayer78 #racist amren.com

I’m a 15 year old Black American female and the more I watch Jared Taylor’s videos the more I fear for America’s future. The fact that all of these leftists think they’re still Sane with their Insane Race Narratives is just beyond me.

At this point I don’t think leftists believe their own nonsense about race. They just want white people dead and the ends justifies the means.

Various Commenters #crackpot #racist amren.com

RE: Teen Tells IMPD That Older Brother Murdered 6 in Family Home

Black 17-year-old murders his family over an argument about leaving the house without permission.

A black kid didn't like the way his parents were treating him. His solution? Take their lives. Can anyone honestly believe that a civilized mentality exists in these sorts of people? During the Roman Empire days the German areas were considered uncivilized and barbaric, but I doubt any teenager from there would kill his own parents for slighting him. Even European barbarians from 2,000 years ago had honor and ethics. The same can't be said about the ghetto thugs who live in 21st century America.

(Robert Kelly)
In the black community, it is not uncommon for "elders" to be not much older than their children. You have a 20 year old who's mother is 37 and they listen to the same music, wear the same type of clothing, hang out at the same places, sometimes chase the same man. There's really no generation gap between them. The parent, in a way, gets looked at as an older sibling.

(Ilya Muromets)
The Black's propensity towards violence is because their IQs are on average near or at the mentally retarded range. & added to that, Blacks have a violence gene 25X that of whites , & Hispanics have it 2X more than European Caucasians. Genetic studies show that Africa today, has an average IQ in the 60s. Some nations are even lower! In Europe despite the massive turd world immigration there , it's on average in the mid 90s, still.

H J #psycho #racist amren.com

It is disgusting that this Hindoo monkey use this event to justify the atrocities done by India to the Kashmiris. Massive human rights abuse is well documented in India controlled Kashmir. Thousands of Kashmiris vanished only to show up in mass graves. You are a disgusting piece of $hit.

You are an ugly subhuman tribal mongrel midget from the Arunachal Pradesh state of India. Subhuman leeches like you are the lowest of all, even lower than Muslims and "untouchables". Worthless subhuman POS like you live illegally in the US and leech off taxpayer dollars. Ugly subhuman tribal mongrel midget like you have no place in this world, neither in India nor in the US. I don't even know what race you people belong to. You people look like subhuman tribal midget mongrel of some kind. This is how you people look like, is this subhuman tribal midget mongrel your grandma?

The Changing Face of Beauty in Northeast India | Short Film Showcase

What in hell is that creature supposed to be?

It's an ugly subhuman tribal mongrel midget from the Arunachal Pradesh state of India. They are indigenous subhumans of that land. Even more hideous than negro sheebons. DarkChocolate7465 is one of those subhumans. He is angry that Indians conquered that land.

H J #crackpot #racist #wingnut amren.com

I have considered this about Hispanics as well because they seem to also have a better sense of reality and survival.

Hispanics seem to have criminality and savagery genes. The way cartels torture their victims puts ISIS to shame. They are only slightly better than Blacks in terms of intelligence. Despite being a large chunk of US population they are absent from occupations that require intelligence.

I think we should feel comfortable alienating people who aren't comfortable with addressing the interests of Whites, don't you?

Keep alienating people who are sympathetic to you. You are pushing us towards BLM/ANTIFA Marxists. Then you ask us why we vote for democrats.

I don't wonder why non-Whites vote for Democrats. It's all about the pandering and the gibs.

I can't speak for other non-whites but Indian Americans make twice the money and pay twice the taxes as whites. We are not taking gibs, we are giving gibs.

If you can go from 'supporting' White interests to supporting BLM, your commitment to White interests was very 'soft' in the first place.

LOL I'm only interested in supporting white interests as long as our interests are aligned. If you were not stupid, you would join hands with us to deal with negros and illegal border jumpers.

H J #psycho #racist amren.com

RE: A Story from the Urban Jungle

”It taught one white woman an important lesson.”

I find this unfathomable whenever I go back to the old country in Eastern Europe. There are some negroes and muslims there, particularly in the large cities, but lo and behold - they behave. They behave because they know that acting out, like attacking a White woman for example, would get them strung up by the balls and treated to a baseball bat deep tissue massage. The US is at a point where it not only impotently watches negroes abuse White women, it actively tries to cover it up.

The same thing happens in India. Unruly negros and muslims face the wrath of Hindus from time to time. There are a few negros who live in big cities. They are known to peddle drugs.

Peddling drugs, they do that in all major cities. I talked to a friend in Europe. A woman who works for the police said that each time a drug pusher is sent back to Nigeria, he comes right back the next year.

Sometimes when they are caught peddling drugs, stealing or harassing women they get a brutal beating in India. There are many videos on youtube, don't watch it if you are soft-hearted.

Various Commenters #conspiracy #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: 2 Hawaii Men Indicted in 2014 Hate Crime Case on Maui


The defendants are accused of saying C.K. was in the “wrong place,” didn’t belong there and that “no white man is ever going to live in this house or neighborhood.”

Ok, you're on your own then. Enjoy.

maybe diversity isn't the answer...............libs? are you listening? of course not

(Wake up)
Native Hawaiians have no tolerance for Diversity and no guilty feelings either. Now imagine if Democrats insisted on a boatload of Section 8 Housing Blacks landing in Maui.

They probably weren't even native Hawaiians. Most "natives" in Hawaii are from other Polynesian countries like Samoa. They whine about white "outsiders" coming to their island, but most of them aren't Hawaiian either. Their violence is based on anti white hatred. Most of it is instigated by liberal elites.

I remember reading about a pack of polynesian youths who gang-raped and murdered white girl on the big island. The liberal judge dismissed the case, even with positive DNA evidence.

(Hillary Rodham)
Now do Harlem. Or Watts, or Compton, or any other public housing project in America. Anti white violence is very common. Unlike the mythical police brutality against innocent blacks.

(Fed Up)
Why would anyone spend travel money to visit Hawaii what with the foul reputation these primitive people have hanging over them.

(Sgt F)
Only 3% of the population is negro in Hawaii. That’s at least 10% less negro than the mainland. Hawaii needs a real dose of “diversity is our strength”. Hawaii is getting jipped . Everybody should contact the gentle Senator from Hawaii named Mazie Hirono to get this problem straightened out.

CTON #racist #wingnut amren.com

Don't see Blacks/Latinos and Blacks /Asians miscegenating.plus these groups Don't Even like each other,get together,call each Racial slurs. My Asian and Latin colleague call blacks as niggers.One of them even joked that he wouldnt let his sister marry a negro

I bet if a typical, modern-day white person heard your colleagues, they'd scream and yell at those Asian/Latinos for making "racist comments" and lecture them about MLK. God, I can't stand how brainwashed and stupid so many of our people have become these days.

These Asians and Latinos have weird obsession for white skin.Marrying whites is like trophy symbol for them. Asians /Latinos call white women stupid for marrying negro man.Look up at extinction porn.You will never see Blacks/Asians and blacks /Latino only good looking white women doing porn with a your typical ugly negro.I can't even tolerate one second of that.I feel like banging my head against the wall.

White Americans and Western Europeans have absolutely no clue on how dangerous the nonwhite world is. No clue how many whites are victims of violent crime in America. No clue about the "No go zones" and rape epidemic because of nonwhites being poured into Western Europe. These are the same idiots who go to Islamic and third world nations "to go hiking" and end up getting killed. Even when nonwhites themselves warn them not to go there!

Just about every American White Woman I've met in my life hates white men and tries so hard to prove "I'm tolerant, I love everyone!". Meanwhile, their nonwhite 'friends' openly say they're proud to be black or Latino. The ONLY whites I've met in my life who were prowhite/not PC with their views on race are White Americans born/raised before WWII and Eastern European immigrants. Even Eastern European girls I've met were more openly pro white and realistic on race and were anti-liberal than even the most 'conservative Republican' white man I've known.

Vox Nihili, Irene Engel & Mark #racist amren.com

(Vox Nihili)

A Turkish parents’ association in Hamburg called the Germans “Köterrasse” (a race of dogs). Celebrities, NGOs, and members of Islamic interest groups make similar comments. As the Turkish-German Deniz Yücel put it: “The speedy departure of the Germans is a beautiful Völkersterben [the death of a people].”

This is devastating. How can a once proud people accept this invasion by people who loathe them, endanger them, bring their quality of life down, and ultimately wish to eradicate them? Why are whites afflicted with such pathological altruism? When will we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH in all these places?

(Irene Engel)
Well, Germans called Slavs "Untermenschen" so this is kind of karmatic, imho.

Everything written above is true. I live in Germany, for now. Hopefully I'll leave this awful place asap. I'm a Non-German Central European. How I cope with living in Germany for the time being? I've started to see myself as an ethnographer and the Germans as a dumb superstitious tribe on its way towards the dustbin of history.

Your disgusting, false generalization helps normalize migrant rape in Germany...because you hysterically believe "all German children are Hitler!". That being said, Poland will eventually be flooded with rapey migrants. The "law and order party" only won by a slim margin. It's only a matter of time before they are voted out. The new politicians will easily sell out to open borders and multiculturalism. Some are liberal and some do it for money. I don't want to see Poland fall to the third world, but you are on that path.

Storminnorman #racist #sexist amren.com

A White girl just having a history of one nigrowfekk in the wombpile is enough to drive a wedge between her and any White man she may want to rope into marriage in the future. One reckless coal burning incident can permanently tarnish the puzzy pedestal of even the most obsequious soyboy claiming to be unbothered by his girl's negrolatrous nethers.

Social media, the irresistible draw of attention whoring, and a naive belief among White women that virtue signaling erases the natural male disgust instinct, make a past peccadindu virtually impossible to hide from men.

CTON #racist amren.com

RE: U.S.-Bound Caravan Thwarted in Guatemala as Pressure Against Migrants Continues

Experts say Central American governments no longer have much "appetite" for the caravans.

It's almost like with Eastern Europe. While the 'migrants' from the 3rd world were storming onto Western Europe, they were trampling on Eastern Europe along the way. That's why Eastern Europe put up barriers and beefed up border security. I imagine various Latin nations along the way to America--who aren't cucked and full of racial guilt and scared of being seen as 'racists' as many White Americans are--will do for their respective nation what many in Eastern Europe did a few years ago.

Oh the horrorimage

Nothing angers white liberals more than seeing a large, white traditional family. "Oh, why do they have so many kids!" When I hear liberals say this, I would say "Hispanics and Muslims have large families, too. Why aren't you criticizing them for it? Why is it when whites have large families you lecture them about overpopulation and being a burden on the environment?"

DarienX & Robert Kelly #conspiracy #psycho #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Taking Stock of a Most Violent Year

The negro has been unleashed, he is now “free” to do what come natural to him. Murder, rape, rob and destroy. The establishment has given them the green light to do all of those evil things and are anxiously waiting to see how the average white man reacts. Should the average white man have the audacity to protect himself or property from being victimized by negroes, the establishment is eager and ready to pounce on that unfortunate white man. Like the McCloskeys or Kyle Rittenhouse. The crime wave is spreading to all cities and towns in America. No place is safe. The negro realizes that the countless negro mayors, police chiefs, DAs and prosecutors are unwilling to stop them. White officials are paralyzed from fear of being called a racist for simply defending the people. The tipping point is coming.

(Robert Kelly)
There was a total media blackout of the 2020 crime wave caused by BLM. The media instead focused on the imaginary problem of white supremacist police going around arresting and shooting black people for no reason whatsoever but skin color.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Capitol Hill Rioters Treatment Draws Cries of Hypocrisy from Minorities in Metro Detroit

The exact opposite of this guy's claim is what happened. BLM did 2 billion dollars in damage and killed about 40 people, while being called peaceful. The protestors last night didn't kill anyone. Only they were killed.



When you are black and riot in the streets you are a peaceful protestor and the worst that can happen is maybe you get tear gassed.

If you are White you get shot dead.


Just like in that awesome book, The Turner Diaries...it predicted this...there is a war...a war on white ppl...the sooner we wake up the better....

The vast difference in damages is the first argument to be made. Of course, another important distinction is the primary cause: George Floyd’s crime and overdose vs stealing the presidential election. And the moral high horse goes to right-wingers, again

(Mark Maloney)
All the sudden the left is pro-police, pro-police brutality, pro-law and order, and pro-prosecution for trespassing and protesting. The news media, while I was watching live, described a bunch of people standing around as terrorists.

(Diversity Hire)
Over the past 5+ years, every time that a group of white people does something that the power-brokers, the propaganda cabal, and kvetching cat-ladies...... find abhorrent. The most insufferable, the most inept, and the most predictable response is sure to follow:

"Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, but, but, buhhhhhh.... WHAT IF THEY WERE BLACK... Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

And every time the claim rings more false and stupid than ever, yet it's still echoed with the full fury of the propaganda cabal time and time again.

CTON #racist amren.com

"Latinos distrust BLACKS." So be it. Yet they have left overwhelmingly non-black Latin America to relocate to the United States, which is loaded with BLACKS. It is rude and arrogant to move to a country where a people resides that you distrust. The BLACKS were here long before la raza started flooding in. Distrust the BLACKS of the USA, hispanics? Great! Go back south to Latin America and get away from the US BLACKS!

I will say blacks who humilate and attack White Americans are in for a very rude awakening if they think a majority Latino population will tolerate the same. Latinos will not tolerate them doing the 'knockout game' or disrespecting their ancestors or make them have racial guilt. Even a black youtuber once said, 'Post 1960s White America is the best friend and thing to ever happen to blacks." he was talking in reference to a majority Hispanic population not tolerating their behavior like whites did.

rls976 #psycho #racist #sexist amren.com

The multiculturalism you describe is bad enough, but what's even worse is when foreign aliens who don't have much in common with this country go even further and try to remake the whole country in their own image, such as AOC, Tlaib, the Hispanic migration lobby, etc. They actually believe that not only are they entitled to their own culture in the US (which multiculturalism allows), but that they can impose their culture on the rest of the country. For instance AOC and others like her want to do away with the Electoral College, the 1st and 2nd Amendments, etc. That is unimaginable hubris. They don't want multiculturalism either. They want monoculturalism -- their own!

I will praise the university-educated Puerto Rican barmaid AOC, plus Oprah Winfrey, bald black member of Congress Ayanna Pressley, Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams, for the wonderful fact that not one of them has ever given birth. In this they make excellent role models for all young females of color.

Various Commenters #racist amren.com

RE: Strange Colon Discovery Explains Racial Disparities in Colorectal Cancer

Sounds like they are trying explain away the bad Negro diet with mumbo-jumbo so they can once again make them victims instead of irresponsible.

(G. Nuckols)
Racial disparities are and have always been the rule and not the exception to the rule as many would have you believe. Examples like this could go on forever. Nothing much to see here.

Whites are a later evolutionary development. We're the newest model human with the latest improvements. Life, just like automobiles, goes through model changes.

In other words genes can cause genetic differences in races up the keister but can't cause changes between the ears? Someone is pulling my leg here, right?

Let's see, differences between the races in the percentages of colon cancer, hypertension, heart disease, bone structure, muscle composition, and of course, race specific diseases such as sickle cell anemia. As far as the brain organ, oh no, no difference whatsoever. Exactly the same. Equity. White Supremacy. Racism. Uh, uh, reparations, that's it, reparations are needed for equity between the races. Oh wait, can't say there are races because that implies differences. Oh damn this pretzel logic....

Gregory Hood #racist #sexist #wingnut amren.com

China Trolls the West’s Delusions and Hypocrisies

Sometimes, even race realists become so used to the stupidity that we are like the fish who never notice water. Sometimes it takes China, a self-respecting civilization-state, to expose our elites’ silly beliefs and shameless hypocrisy.

This is how China’s Ambassador to Grenada, Zhao Youngchen, described his government’s actions in the Xinjiang region, home of the Uyghur Muslims.

Islamic extremists in Xinjiang discriminated against women, and forced women to veil and wear black robes. All kind and rational women in western world, don’t you think the protection of basic human rights of Uyghur women by the Chinese government is commendable?

China isn’t oppressing the Uyghur minority or crushing its culture; it fighting for women’s liberation. Shouldn’t liberals be cheering? The New York Times published a column arguing what is being done to the Uyghurs is “genocide.” “Since 1949, the Chinese Communist Party has been gradually rolling out policies that threaten Uighur culture and identity. There are financial incentives for interethnic marriages between Uighur and Han Chinese couples.”

But aren’t we supposed to think mixed marriage is a wonderful thing? In 2018, the New York Times rejoiced with this headline: “A Sign of ‘Modern Society’: More Multiracial Families in Commercials.” Besides, what do Uyghur culture and identity really mean? Since CNN tells us “There is no ‘White Culture’,” maybe there’s no Uyghur culture either. You might argue that the Chinese government wants to eliminate the Uyghurs. You might even say that the Chinese Communist Party is trying to replace them. However, that’s dangerous talk, a paranoid conspiracy theory. How could political and cultural policies possibly have demographic consequences? It’s a ridiculous claim.

Lipton Matthews #racist #sexist #wingnut amren.com

Looking Out for Working-Class Whites

While the grievances of women, blacks and others frequently make headlines, working-class white people are satirized as uneducated rednecks. Journalists would never use the n-word on blacks, but mainstream pundits rarely exercise restraint when berating the white working-class. Pandering to every group in America except for working-class whites smacks of racism and snobbery.

Despite constant media lamenting about the plight of black people, they are making great strides, while working-class whites are being immiserated. Wilcox et al. wrote in 2018, “black men have made marked progress over the last half-century in reaching the upper ranks of the income ladder. Poverty among black men has dropped dramatically over the same time.”. Though more women than men are employed in America and they get the majority of graduate degrees, many people consider them to be oppressed and call for sex-based affirmative action. But it’s working-class white people who are struggling, so they may deserve class-based affirmative action. Class-based preferences can work:

In the early 2000s, four of Israel’s most selective universities began giving preferential treatment to poorer students. After analysing the academic outcomes of more than 5,000 students, the authors found noteworthy results.

If Google and many other companies are hiring people because of race and even sexual orientation, there should be no complaints if they promote diversity by hiring working-class whites. They might even bring a unique perspective. A racially diverse group of people who all studied at Harvard or Yale probably agrees on everything.

Various Commenters #racist amren.com

RE: Around One-Third of Belgian Residents Are Now Foreign Nationals, or Have Migrant Backgrounds

I'd read a few years ago that the French-speaking Walloons encouraged immigration from the Congo and Francophone Africa to gain a population advantage against their Flemish speaking countrymen. Incomprehensibly evil. The Flemish part of Belgium has produced most of it's Identitarian patriots.

(Robert Kelly)

For those planning on escaping the coming South Africa in the United States, good luck finding a viable white country that isn't going down the tubes. Best to plan on finding the next best thing in either a white Latino country or someplace in the Far East.

What about Russia? Or even in the United States, Alaska? Not a lot of diversity up there or in northern or western Canada. Too cold in those places for diversity.

Wonder what the crime problem is like in racism-free, ultra-liberal Belgium. (Or shouldn't we ask that kind of a question?)

Amren had an article on here about how violent street crime exploded when Belgium started bringing in immigrants from the Congo. Of course, when those African immigrants end up in prison, it's obviously because of racism. The same old song and dance as here in the United States.

What happens when the Muslims decide the Left's usefulness to THEM is at an end and it's time to rename Belgium the Islamic Republic of Whatever?

Allahu Akbar!!!!

(Spaceman Spiff)
Those 19 year old Belgians that died trying to stop the Germans in WWI over 100 years ago sacrificed for absolutely nothing.

I remember seeing a "Belgian" sports team on TV not too long ago, most were black.

And yet, no one's concerned about the lack of proportional representation of white people in sport. But blacks being underrepresented in science, journalism, politics, business, etc., in a majority white nation? Now, THAT's an outrage!

The NBA is only about 18% white from figures I've found. Does any one ever say they need more diversity?

Various Commenters #racist amren.com

RE: More Immigrants Will Come to the U.S. Under President Biden. That’s a Good Thing.

Jorge Ramos welcomes the coming tsunami.


Right wingers are cowards, they like to pick the easy targets such as "illegal aliens," "Hispanics," "Liberals," "Globalists," "Leftists," Blah, Blah, Blah.

Hispanics are losers. Instead of staying in their squalid latino countries and making them tolerable, they take the easy way out of their substandard lives and flee to another country that was created and built by another people.

(Fed Up)
Why are AMERICANS supposed to be willing to take in the world's human refuse? Collectively, we've done far more than our fair share already.

But I thought we were in the middle of a pandemic. They pretty much restrict us from traveling anywhere so why should all these people be allowed to come in?

Why, to bring new strains of diseases and viruses. We've got to keep the medical/pharmaceutical industry alive and healthy, right?


I really don't understand why this guy appears so confident of his people and heritage yet CONSTANTLY INSISTS AND ADVOCATES that they all come live in the U.S.A. What is wrong with your country? Is it the people? I also cannot stand his attitude toward Americans. This guy has the nerve to tell us about our historic traditions of receiving foreigners, but all he does is demonstrate his ignorance about the 1965 immigration act. Yes Mr. Ramos, the original intentions of our founding fathers were to keep this country White. And we see why today.

In Mexico and Latin America, "Hispanics" that look like him (Honestly, he does look white), are the ones with wealth and--god I hate using this word--privilege. They want the masses of brown-skinned mestizos coming here to get them out of Mexico.

Gregory Hood #racist amren.com

Media Ignore Raphael Warnock’s Racial Radicalism

He is senior pastor at EBC, the “spiritual home of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.” Like King, Rev. Warnock has trouble with women; his wife says he assaulted her. Rev. Warnock is said to have interfered with a child abuse investigation.

Less serious accusations have destroyed white preachers. Jerry Falwell, Jr. left Liberty University amid accusations of adultery. Ted Haggard and Jim Bakker’s careers ended after sexual sins were revealed. Jesse Jackson lost no influence after his own affair and illegitimate child were exposed. Mark Discoll left the church he founded after accusations of plagiarism, and nothing as blatant as King’s.

Journalists attack conservative politicians with ties to pastors they call “extreme.” Reverend Wright is a moderate compared to Dr. James Cone, whom Rev. Warnock called his “mentor.” Dr. Cone praised “the willingness of black church people to think about the total reconstruction of society along the lines of democratic socialism.” His advice to blacks: “If God is white, kill God.” For whites: “There will be no peace in America until white people begin to hate their whiteness, asking from the depths of their being: ‘How can we become black?’” (Perhaps Rachel Dolezal was a disciple.) Another quote from his book: “We have reached our limit of tolerance, and if it means death with dignity or life with humiliation, we will choose the former. And if that is the choice, we will take some honkies with us.”

What’s the end goal? “[T]he destruction of everything white, so that blacks can be liberated from alien gods.” [emphasis in the original]. If hate speech means anything, this is it. Senator Kelly Loeffler ran an ad suggesting Rev. Warnock was part of this radical tradition. Corporate media defended the “Black church” against Senator Kelly Loeffler’s “attack.”

Tim_in_Indiana & Matvey Ivanov (матвей иванов) #conspiracy #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: China Inc Will Recycle Used White Guys


As corporations try to make their ranks more ethnically representative, many experienced – if white and older – males will find themselves without a job. Chinese companies, deterred from acquiring U.S. firms with valuable intellectual property, can recruit their discarded human capital instead.

I would love to see these diversity-obsessed corporations fold and be replaced by new ones that celebrate talent and ability, and compete on that basis rather than on government handouts and preferences, but that will only happen if we defeat the scandalously fraudulent election steal which the left is currently trying to perpetrate on this country. Fortunately, I fully expect that to happen.

(Matvey Ivanov (матвей иванов))

this is why america is doomed.. and the rise of china is inevitable... chinese people dont have diversity quotas.. i cant wait for apple and the other SJW companies to fail when they start hiring inferior folks due to the amount of melanin in their skin

The weakening of the USA is a BLESSING to the world. The United States exports feminism, and negro worship through it's culture to the entire world. The USA is a nation led by criminals. They fund terrorists in Syria, they over throw democratically elected officials in foreign nations, they sanction nations that want only to keep their sovereignty, and they are the MUSCLE behind the international Bankers who exploit smaller nations. It is a evil entity in every way.

And as a bonus, the system in place seeks to ERASE and ENSLAVE its White male population.

Gregory Hood #racist #wingnut amren.com

For decades, progressives have been warning us about the religious right. There is no such outcry when it comes to the religious antics of Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock of Georgia. Taken for granted in all this is that the “Black church” fights for black racial interests. The Times would never write such fawning coverage of a conservative preacher. Journalists celebrate and defend the “Black church,” but have no sympathy for the “white church.”

The Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA) recently bought an abandoned Lutheran church. “Asatru is an ethnic faith of European peoples,” explained AFA official Matt Flavel, “believing our gods are our most ancient ancestors, and basically worshipping them and building our community.” Although it bought a church building, AFA is not a church. The Nation of Islam’s headquarters is a former Orthodox church, but nobody calls the NOI a “blacks-only church.” National media made a big stink about the purchase, calling the AFA a “whites-only church” or even a “white supremacist church.”

Notice the casual description of the AFA as a “hate group” or “white supremacist.” One resident, Peter Kennedy, was upset. “What other religion in the world makes a big deal out of the color of your skin?” he asked in the Star-Tribune. The answer is: just about all of them.

Jews claim to be the Chosen People. The “Black church” is powerful enough to influence a president and may win a Senate race in Georgia. Shintoism and American Indian religions are largely folk-based, not missionary religions that seek converts. Even supposedly universal religions such as Islam are divided on who should be the authority, based on sacred bloodlines. Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam may have seen Islam (or some variation of it) as the key to black emancipation, but the Sultan of Morocco used a slave army composed entirely of blacks as his “Black Guard.”

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White Must Stop Pandering

White Americans seem oblivious to the fact that they will always be characterized as racist. Once, I attended a George Floyd protest, hoping to counter the nonsense of Black Lives Matter. Many black protesters were upset by the presence of a few white women — who were supporting their cause. One black man unleashed a torrent of abuse on a trio of white women. There were even people chanting that whites are aliens. Whites are suffering from a political form of “battered woman syndrome.”

Even when dismissed, white liberals write ridiculous articles blaming white Americans for most everything. For some, whiteness is innately racist, so there is nothing whites can do to cleanse themselves of their inherent racism. For some white politicians, policies only serve a purpose to the extent that they help or hurt black people. To get voters to oppose gun control, conservatives remind us of the perceived racist roots of gun control.

Blacks are more ethnocentric than whites, and according to a 2013 poll, a significant percentage of black Americans think that blacks are more racist than whites. If blacks uncritically think that whites are the enemy, there is little whites can do to ameliorate race relations. Black activists often argue that whites are the problem, so destroying white people is the sole route to progress. And yet, some whites reward blacks for treating them with hostility — which blacks will respond to, logically, by becoming more radical.

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RE: Large Venezuelan Migration Sparks Xenophobic Backlash in Colombia


Hypocritic Hispanic crybabies.

And in that case it seems even more strange because as far as I know the majority of Venezuelans are mestizos like the majority of Colombians so it's the same race, unlike the people coming across the southern border of the US.

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Hispanics can’t even get along with other Hispanics, yet they want me to believe that they are going to get along great with Whites, Blacks, and Asians.

Back in the 1980s, 20 percent of the population of oil-rich Venezuela consisted of Colombian immigrants. Socialism has sent all the Colombians plus millions of native Venezuelans back across the border. Now that the Democrat Party has achieved the total power they have long lusted for, they will make the US into North Venezuela. Mexico had better get ready for a large influx not only of Mexican-Americans but of actual Americans as well.

(Joe Dixon)
Biden's going to invite them all into the United States soon, what's another 5-10 million hispanic immigrants when you've already got 100 million. Just think of all that cultural enrichment, diversity and votes for the democrat party.


The message that Venezuelan migrants are no longer welcome comes from average Colombian citizens and powerful government officials alike. Last week, for example, Colombian President Iván Duque announced that undocumented Venezuelan migrants would not receive vaccinations for the coronavirus despite concerns from refugee agencies that this policy could lead to more infections.

“Of course they won’t get it,” Duque told a Bogotá radio station. “Otherwise we would have a stampede with the whole world crossing the border to get vaccinated.”

Common sense to take care of your own first.

Just another npr sob story to import more of them here.

They are on their way to chant Biden, Biden at the border.

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When I first saw this book, I assumed it was rubbish. The editor went through three popular textbooks on intelligence, found the most frequently cited experts, and asked each of them to write a chapter. I thought it would be the usual: Intelligence is a myth, IQ tests are racist, growing up in a fancy house makes you smart.

I was wrong. Most of the 20 authors are sure-enough scientists, and they have a clear message: Our rulers are ignoramuses. The blowhards at CNN and the New York Times are wrong.

They take for granted stuff that can get you fired if you say it openly. Namely, you are basically born smart or stupid. Nobody knows how to raise IQ, but we sure know how to measure it. Men’s and women’s brains work differently. People of different races have different average IQs, and that’s probably genetic, too.

Linda Gottfredson of the University of Delaware includes an illustration that’s worth the price of the book. I used it in a previous video, so I’ll note just one thing: A white person is 30 times more likely than a black person to have an IQ of 125 or higher. Since there are five times as many whites as blacks in the country, there are 150 times more really high-IQ whites than blacks in this country. And 25 times as many blacks with IQs 75 or lower.


Explains a lot, doesn’t it? But the next time you hear the media fret about not enough “people of color” in science or management or whatever, do you think there will be even one word about IQ? No chance.