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Andrea Daley Utronebel, Joe Dixon, Newfoundlander #racist

Re: New Political Party in Samoa Proposes China Immigration Ban

(Andrea Daley Utronebel)
Great idea. What whites did to Hawaii is unconscionable. Diversity is the product of Imperialism. Hawaii used to belong to native Hawaiians. But white imperialists imposed Diversity on the natives by conquering and taking over territory. But whites did even worse by opening Hawaii to endless immigration. As a result the real native Hawaiians lost the land not only to whites but to Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, and everyone under the sun.

Long live Samoa. It should ban not only Chinese but whites. When whites take over a land, they use immigration to fill it up with the world. The natives lose out. Look at Latin America. Whites didn't just conquer the brown natives but brought over millions of Africans. So, brown natives lost out not only to whites but to blacks. And then, Latin elites even let in lots of Asians. Lots of Asians own huge plantations in Brazil and Peru.

(Joe Dixon)
If Whites had never colonized Hawaii, the Hawaiians would still be living in the stone age killing each other. If the Japanese had taken the islands, there would be no trace of the original inhabitants. They would've been bred out of existence or almost exterminated like the Japanese did to the Ainu in Hokkaido. The only thing that saved the Ainu were the Americans beating Japan in the war and introducing some more "liberal" ways of looking at indigenous peoples and their cultures. The Filipinos who were let in to work the sugar cane in Hawaii are the ancestors of the Polynesians and when they mix they produce more Polynesians. As for the Chinese and Japanese mixing with them, the result is offspring that aren't radically different from the original Polynesians. Whites have been very good to the original Hawaiians helping them to preserve their culture and even reserving an island for them to live on (Niihau) allowing them to live as they want. Not many Hawaiians would opt for this though, preferring the modern world's magic. What other race than whites would be kind enough to retain private ownership of an island (Niihau) and maintain it for over 100 years to preserve the culture of another race like the Scottish descended Robinsons have done? Here's the story of Niihau that's still privately owned today by the same family: https://www.portablepress.c...

Hawaii had a stable government before the US took it over. I don't know if it is better or worse now, but Hawaiians weren't like Abbos. They had a king and parliament and white nations recognised their sovereignty.

(Joe Dixon)
Hawaii had a kind of King or head chief but he was an absolute ruler. It wasn't until the first Europeans came along that a real government with a parliament was established. Did you know that the Hawaiians clubbed to death Captain Cook around 1778? He had a reputation for dealing fairly with the Hawaiian natives and had spent a number of winters there when he was exploring the western coasts of North America.

I was responding to the commenter above that claimed Hawaiians would still be living in the Stone Age if not for whites taking over. That obviously isn't true. Europeans obviously played a big role in Hawaii's development, and the indigenous monarchy relied on European settlers to help run things, but they had a pretty good thing going even before the US moved in.

Compare that to the indigenous in Australia; most of them are still not much better than they were before the Stone Age. They sexually abuse their own youth (this is the actual reason for the Northern Territory Intervention happened, not because whites had some hateful urge to destroy Aboriginal culture) and beat each other.

Polynesians are capable of running somewhat developed societies. The same is true of the Maori in New Zealand. Most of the indigenous peoples the British just conquered quite easily. The Maori, because they had a more developed society and were much better warriors than most the people the British came across, were actually made British subjects on equal grounds with the European settlers and New Zealand was officially a binational Anglo/Maori colony.

(Andrea Daley Utronebel)
But they would still own their island. Due to white immigration that led to Asian immigration, Hawaiians are minorities in their own homeland.

If you were a primitive white man, would you rather keep your homeland or be invaded by more civilized Chinese who give you medicine and stuff?

Given the current state of my country (Canada) I'm not sure Chinese annexation would be such a bad thing. Trudeau has made it law that people must be referred to by their preferred pronouns. I bet Xi Jinping would let me call Bruce Jenner 'he.'

(Andrea Daley Utronebel)
Chinese may be proud to be Chinese in China, but they are imitative and conformist dogs overseas. Notice that East Asians in US and Canada are among the biggest drones of PC. The fact is Chinese are coming to the West to GET AWAY from Chinese power. They want to be 'free' but fail to realize that freedom is dead in the West cuz of PC. As Chinese parents tell their kids to study hard and respect teachers, these kids will grow up to be super-pozzed.
Also, Chinese women want white men when they come to the West. As Chinese manhood gets no respect in the West, Chinese won't amount to much in the West.

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Roger Cliftonville-Acton #racist

Re: Duterte Stresses Desire to Rename Philippines

Must be difficult trying to build ethnic nationalism out there. I believe they are virtually all a mix of Portugese, East Asian, South East Asian, Aborigine and even some Asian.

They don't seem to mind white men stealing their women, or raping their kids. Their only uniting factor seems to be the Catholic church. Although I'd hardly consider that a positive.

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TomIron361 #racist

It's not a complicated concept. Black and brown people know they can't compete in this society and hate us for our intellectual, physical and moral superiority.

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It's All So Tiresome #racist

Compared to white girls, and especially black girls, other than IQ, I think Chinese girls benefit from delayed puberty AND strict parents.

I had white friends and classmates who were super "boy crazy" in highschool, whereas for me, the feelings didn't arrive till college, I have various cousins of both genders that didn't date till they were in college, or afterwards!

So..while it might be feasible for East Asian girls to study hard, graduate early, and start her career before marriage and kids...for white girls who get boy crazy so soon, rather than fight nature*, it might actually be better to support the white girls in finding a husband (parents, don't even let losers meet her), starting a family (teach her home economics, budgeting, investing in stocks), AND THEN the career begins when their kids are in school.

Especially since white women and white people in general like to "follow their dream" versus studying and working what their parents tell them - that kind of stuff takes more time. So it makes more sense for white girl to marry a white boy straight out of highschool while he starts working right away, trades, etc, then figure out a lifelong career that requires a huge time and money commitment.

* nature: "Age at menopause was later among Japanese-American women than among women of other racial or ethnic groups analyzed in the SWAN sample"

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rls976 & Jason Lewis #racist

Re: "I Broke Up with Her Because She’s White"

It is great that you broke up with her because she is white. She should have abstained from you because she is white. Now break up with her country for its whiteness and go back to the Dominican Republic.

Blacks have done more for US society than they have gotten in return? Are you taking LSD?

(Jason Lewis)
Got a feeling the guy thinks this way.

Friends don't like him dating white girls: Understandable
Aunt doesn't like him dating negritas: Okay
White people don't like him dating daughter: Nazi racist

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Fabricio & the scorpion in your boot #racist

Re: "I Broke Up with Her Because She’s White"


You know, I'm not really upset in the least that he did it, leaving the white women alone. He's praising himself for being woke, and even shouting out Baldwin and Coates, but he's winding up doing what we get bashed for, which is, showing loyalty to his own tribe, going home to his own tribe. I also see he just turned 30, and that's about the age when people tend to give up on youthful fantasies and really start digging in to being adults.

Ha, nice daydreaming, but there's no chance in hell they'll simply turn to their own and just "leave whites alone" to continue to be white.

(the scorpion in your boot)
The easiest way to avoid this type of problem? Don’t date outside your race. If my kids brought home a non white, they’d be packing their bags and told “don’t come back, ever”. The ultimate disrespect to your race and family is to date non whites.

The third world alien did its job so now it's "retiring".... I'm convinced that non-whites only date white women in order to desecrate them.

That’s exactly what they do, they laugh and gloat about it among themselves. I’d say to those women that have defiled thensleves, we don’t want you back. What white man would want a woman that has allowed themselves to be so ruined?

That White chick should consider herself one lucky broad!!

She’s ruined. She is a fool and no decent white man would have her. She probably knows this and probably will lie to the next white man she tries to hook.

And the ones who asked me if I speak Mexican. Yes, that is absolutely a
thing. So is the father who opened the door and said, “Sorry, it’s not
taco night,” and then closed it in my face, only to open it again
because he was “just joking.”

These parents, who are likely liberal, let's be honest, were trying to make a self-deprecating joke, and yet the author still presents the story of their actions as if it was some traumatic episode of racism.

If it is this darned easy to accidentally traumatize people of different races with dumb jokes, maybe we just shouldn't try to live among one another.

Exactly. I don’t even speak to them at all, unless I absolutely have to. Even then I am polite but distant. Not worth the potential problems for absolutely zero gain.

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LHathaway #sexist

Re: Controversial Study Finds That Brain Differences Between the Sexes Begin in the Womb

This is bad news for men. The research will just lead to a rationalization for why girls and women do better and advance farther in school and on the job, why they spell better, why most managers are women, why sales ladies and female models earn more, why women working full time earn more money yet only 3% of stay at home spouses are male, why chivalry is a part of our culture, why nearly all of the homeless are men, why men are much more likely to be diagnosed with serious mental illness (and why most American men end up being prescribed very powerful psychotropic drugs (and are much more likely to start off with them as children), why sexual deviance and perversions are almost exclusively male, why transgenderism is in reality almost exclusively male, why well over 90% of those on the sex offender registry are male while prostitution (where the man Pays the woman for an equal exchange of sex and the woman is seen to be the one who is exploited), why 3 million men are in prison, why over 90% of those who die while on the job are men, why men oppose immigration, why men are unfounded chauvinists, why men are bad husbands, why men should do more around the house, why men are bad parent, why men are violent, why women should be granted custody nearly every time sole-custody is awarded to one parent.

I probably missed a couple hundred - I’m a man.

Really, it doesn’t matter what science reveals about gender - what is revealed by science and/or social or political science, or what happens, we’re not going back to where men are mostly bosses again at work.

It may make some feel better (very, very, strangely {and we’ll blame the mediaversities for the only thing that could explain this misinformation}) to think it’s all genetic. Perhaps ‘feeling better’, the way some young man looked at his arm as an adolescent and said to himself, ‘it’s getting bigger, I think’ or the way the same young man felt after watching an action movie and all the power and destruction, but, feeling better, surrender to a feeling, a chauvinism, will do nothing to change men’s status. Desperately waiting for it be proclaimed ‘it’s all genetic’ seems kind of strange. When I mention ‘misinformation’ I should have mentioned something about those who, in reality, are trying to arouse racial hatred of whites, and trying to propel such hatred into the future, or rather, trying to promote white guilt, or moral equivalency, as far into the future as it is possible to do so?

Our best female soccer players (USA Women's national team) just lost a scrimmage game against 13 and 14 year old boys

I notice a lot of girls winning boys wrestling tournaments. They always go off to some ‘olympics training farm’ sometime towards the end of their HS run. Hearing this is supposed to make boys feel better. Your story has a familiar ring to it - as satisfying as going out and paying hard earned money to see an action movie?

What is your point? When it comes to {seemingly glaring} favoritism toward girls also in athletics, I could continue on for another 2,000 words? By chance are you leading to, boys are so much superior to girls athletically boys are above competing wth them?

By the way, you pay to feel better. Feeling better rarely pays you.

It didn't used to be like that, except for young children. The reason it is like that now is that the educational system is now made by and for females.

When did young boys and girls fight each other as sport in the US?

I guess that it's the environment that leads to breast development in females rather than in males. Hey ma look at me: I be a scientist.

Actually, ‘trannies’ seem to develop larger breasts/larger breasts than their sisters. I suspect this is because, growing up as male, they have more tissue/muscles in their chest than females do.

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Hubert Cumberdale #racist

Re: Duterte Stresses Desire to Rename Philippines

I wonder what Spain found when they first landed there?

that's what.


With EVERY society on Earth the white man encountered, the natives had weapons and carried them around everywhere and used them to pierce the hearts or bash in the heads of other tribes.

The anti white "progressives" act like the white conquistadors and other explorers just encountered the human equivalent of the 'Care Bears' wherever they went and just killed them out of pure malice.

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Andrea Daley Utronebel #racist

Re: Israel Is Having Far More Babies Than Any Other Developed Country

Ethnic identity and solidarity. Patriarchy, esp among the Orthodox who have most children. Social-Nationalism where the elites feel closer to national folk than to elites around the world. A nation that tells each person that they are precious member and citizen of the state bound by blood, culture, and history than an expendable economic unit to be replaced by foreigners. A tempered elitism that says even though people should strive to succeed and move up, they should regard their national kin as fellow brothers and comrades than ‘losers’ and ‘trash'(to feed with opioids). A national elite that is autonomous than cuckily in service of another elite(that is actually hostile).

In Minnesota, idiot Scandinavian Americans are cheering that they elected the first non-white Muslim woman to be a Congressman. In Ireland, they cheer their first homo hindu prime minister. I don’t think Jews will cheer for the first Palestinian leader of Israel. Yes, a first! a first! A first Palestinian leader of Israel!!!! Nah, I think Jews want to keep it a nation ruled by Jews forever and ever.


Now, imagine if some Polish Catholics enter Israel as immigrants. Suppose these Polish Catholics are hyper-pushy and have an IQ of 150. Though only 2% of the population, suppose they take over Israeli banking, media, academia, and etc. Suppose they buy up Israeli politicians and tell them to repeat ‘diversity is our strength’ and welcome a future in which Jews will be a minority. Suppose these Polish Catholics control media and make TV shows about the evils of Nakba and Zionist oppression of Palestinians and fill Jewish kids with ‘Jewish guilt’. Suppose they make endless movies about Holodomor and Jewish involvement in communism and deaths of millions and erect Slavocaust momuments all over Israel. Suppose endless commercials and shows on TV tell Jewish women that Jewish men are dorky losers and patriarchal oppressors and that Jewish girls should go with Muslim, black, Palestinian, and Iranian men and have mixed-race babies who are Muslim or Christian than Jewish. Suppose most Israeli politicians are cucks like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and suck up to Polish Catholics minority elites. Suppose Polish Catholics tell Jewish elites to look down on Jewish working class as losers who should be drugged and killed off with opioids. And if any Jewish elite person shows any sympathy or expresses any solidarity with Jewish masses, it is denounced as ‘racism’ and ‘Jewish supremacism’. OMG, how care Jewish elites care more for Jewish masses than side with Polish minority elite globalists.

Hmmm… I wonder what would happen to Israel.

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Widenose Privilege #racist

It's weird- there are two enormous continents (Africa and South America) that are largely left alone by the white man. These "peoples of color" have incredible amounts of natural resources to draw from, along with the internet and all the major R and D that was required to build existing white first world nations.

Yet, even with all this freedom and knowledge they swarm to white countries, you know, the ones with all the evil white people.

I've heard that it all comes down to nepotism (helping one's family, friends, and ingroup/race) that is unavoidable if the population is sub 90 iq. Anyone who is familiar with blacks and browns knows that breaking a few rules here and there is all part of the hustle. One rule here, another there, before you know it you're not living in a first world any more.

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rls976 #racist

I know how Germany could have won WWII. Good God I wish the Fuhrer had thought of this. Go to Africa and find a black man. Install him as the titular German head of state, with the Fuhrer actually calling all the shots, but this black guy as the public face. The Western powers would have given him affirmative-action consideration for winning a war!

Imagine the impassioned speeches in favor of Germany ringing through the House of Commons after Germany's invasion of Poland. "No black man has ever won a war in Europe. This is an idea whose time has come!" "How dare the Poles stand in the way of this unprecedented social progress!" "We shall give them (the Germans) preference on land; we shall give them preference on the seas; we shall give them preference in the skies; we shall give them preference in the mountains and on the steppes, on the deserts and on the tundra!" "A thousand years hence all men will know that this was diversity's finest hour!"

The Soviet Union would have bitten the dust at least 45 years sooner than it did, because ole' Uncle Joe wouldn't have gotten any outside help, and there would have been no others interfering with Germany's invasion of the east by waging war against Germany elsewhere. If only the Fuhrer could have "thought outside the box" like I have just done. Call it "blackzkrieg"!

Tell the Western Powers that all the inmates in Auschwitz are there for having used the "n" word. The US would then have happily supplied the zyklon-B!

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Okonkwo Akachukwu #racist

A Nigerian’s View of Race

Whites have become lambs, practically begging for slaughter.

When a certain leader of a certain country refers to other countries, such as Nigeria, as s**tholes, that is not the least bit racist. It is, unfortunately, merely descriptive.

The fences at the school were routinely broken so that students could bring prostitutes onto the premises for a short session. It was not at all uncommon for a young student to be attending to the call of nature at night in the overgrown grass while another would be engaging a local woman only a few yards away.

Boarding students, particularly the more vulnerable junior students, often went without food or drinking water. These basic necessities should have been covered by our school fees but the funds were almost always misappropriated by school staff. Underfeeding was so widespread that my friends and I might go for two weeks without defecating. Drinking water was sometimes so scarce that we might padlock a pail of water in a locker, only to find the lock broken by morning.

Sexual molestation of the younger students was a matter of course. The only way to avoid that was to avoid sleeping in hostels. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of sleeping on the rooftops of classroom buildings to avoid predation, swatting at mosquitoes and watching the stars and discussing the nature of the universe with close friends. I was a natural storyteller, and my friends also enjoyed these evenings.

Electricity was a problem in the hostels, so it was impossible to read at night. I used to climb the fence—not to steal or to chase whores—but to find a functioning street light. I recall finishing Stephen King’s Shawshank Redemption under a street light very close to the huge glass building known as Church Gate.

King’s College is considered an elite institution in Nigeria.

If any major British government official were to ever ask me if my people are glad the British are gone, my response would be simple. “No, we are not. Come back. Please.” There is a kind of adulation of the British that is on display when a Nigerian goes to Britain for the first time—even if only for one week—and comes back with an affected British accent.

On the other hand—and I freely acknowledge this is a stark contradiction—virtually all Nigerians and Africans believe that Africa’s poverty and instability are due to European exploitation. If it weren’t for ndi onyi o cha (Igbo for “those white skins”)! I have never understood this line of reasoning. If Africa was worth plundering, why are Africans unable to plunder Africa’s resources to build their own advanced civilizations?

This African tendency to blame others for our own shortcomings is a perfectly natural, if unhealthy, coping mechanism. One cannot live year in year out in squalor, social stagnation, and rampant crime and simply accept that this is perhaps the best level at which one’s people can operate. It is far easier and all too human to push the blame elsewhere.

Another purpose for the demonization of whites by Africans is to serve as a moral justification for plundering and exploiting whites. I need not outline the very many tactics of plunder. Green-card fraudulent marriages are a common example. For years, my own family has been struggling in vain to get me to “follow tradition” by marrying an akata (Igbo slang for African-Americans) in order to get “papers.” Of course, the anchor-baby phenomenon is exploitation, as is mass migration to Europe.

A few years ago, a Nigerian friend remarked that he had survived for years in the US by never paying for groceries. Whenever he was approached by a store attendant as he wheeled his cart towards the exit, he would simply yell aggressively in our native tongue, never once pausing for breath as he made for the exit.

White guilt makes white people easy to plunder. It is why white professors everywhere give black students preferential treatment that amounts to unjust discrimination against the rest of the class.

There is something unusual about the psychological makeup of white people. It can be metaphorically described as an inner compass. Due to that inner compass, white people need very little external force or punishment. They do not need much policing, so people can apply their potential to useful activities rather than wasting time donning a uniform and swinging a night-stick.

The absence of this inner compass is why, in Nigeria, no number of police officers can enforce traffic laws at an intersection. Indeed, most traffic enforcers and police officers routinely break the laws they are supposed to uphold (and still insist on taking a bribe at every random stop).

While this inner compass has tremendous advantages for white society, one disadvantage is that members of that inwardly guided culture are prone to tremendous torments of conscience that make them vulnerable to manipulation. There seems to be a miasma of guilt inherent to the very fabric of Western culture, a feeling of inadequacy for failing to measure up to one’s internal yardstick.

Although slavery was a universal phenomenon that preceded the US, no black, Arab or Asian man ever seems to experience racial guilt because of it.

I have no idea just how far down the rabbit hole of insanity this suicidal phenomenon of white guilt will go. One thing I do know is that most cultures, especially Eastern ones, suffer little to none of the white man’s inner conundrums and have zero patience for the social shakedowns and inefficiency of black culture.

The blunt truth is, as far as blacks are concerned, whites have become lambs, practically begging for slaughter in a world filled with lean wolves. We blacks have grown accustomed, even dependent, on the easy milk of guilty teats. What will happen to us when a less masochistic civilization replaces whites?

The future I see for Africa is as an economic outpost or colony of China. We Africans possess no human capital, in an age that requires the economic leveraging of human capital. The cars in our streets do not bear African names; they bear the names of Japanese, American, French, and Italian automotive innovators.

We have no major industry other than the natural resources beneath our feet, and our elites squander the revenues on luxury items from other civilizations. We are converting our only assets into rapidly depreciating foreign trinkets and distractions.

In the natural course of things, Africa’s resources will, once again, be exploited by a civilization—in this case Chinese—that is economically and technologically superior to ours. In the next 40 years, China’s influence will be immense, and the Chinese are not sympathetic, as whites are, towards the antics of Black Lives Matter.

I doubt that the reality of our plight will ever be universally accepted by Africans. I don’t think the average Nigerian realizes just how serious the problem is. We know, deep in our hearts, that our country is not working, but what is the solution? There are only so many African migrants other countries can accept. Our problem thus becomes a world problem.

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Dr. Dew D. Ball, PhD #racist

I don’t ever want to deal with non whites on any level, any more than I absolutely have to. If I worked, and worked around them, I’d be polite and speak as little as possible. I actively avoid them in real life. I want nothing to do with them. I don’t care how they feel, I don’t care what they think or want, or what they think about me. I don’t care about them and I never will.

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Jared Taylor #fundie

The great myth is essentially borne out by whatever one is likely to hear about Indians from non-specialist sources. Professor Clifton devotes several pages to fleshing it out, but it can be quickly summarized: Indians were spiritual, egalitarian, innocent people living in perfect harmony with the earth. They welcomed the white man, taught him the secrets of the wilderness, and shared with him the wisdom of their social institutions. In return, the white man enslaved and slaughtered the Indian, afflicted him with hideous diseases, and tried to destroy his culture.

Nevertheless, runs the myth, the Native American has survived. Though he has been dispossessed and politically emasculated, his spirit remains pure. As the white man begins to acknowledge the horrors he has wrought upon the Indian, so has he begun to study and appreciate the age-old wisdom and natural virtue to which all Indians, everywhere, are heir.

Like all myths, this one leaves certain things out: in this case, cannibalism, infanticide, ritual torture, geronticide, slaughter of prisoners, slavery, and the like. Such practices, though well substantiated, are seldom written about by historians and ethnographers for fear of violating what Prof. Clifton calls the Eleventh Commandment of the Indian business: Never Say No To An Indian. One of the Commandment’s corollaries prohibits writing or saying anything that Indians might not wish to hear. Most Indians know very little about their ancestors of centuries ago, and would vigorously deny accusations of slavery or cannibalism.

In Canada, certain agreeable fictions have semi-legal status. Whenever work crews find human bones at ancient camp sites, for example, they must take special measures not to violate the sacred dead. Broken or burnt human bones — evidence of certain now-embarrassing practices — can be treated like animal bones.

Stressing the Positive

On the stress-the-positive side of the myth we find the wisdom that the white man is supposed to have learned from the Indian. Every school child has heard of Squanto, the Algonquin who taught the Pilgrims to fertilize their corn with fish. As Lynn Ceci points out in a fascinating essay, there is no evidence that any North American tribes used fertilizer of any kind. Squanto, who had a very interesting and well-documented career, probably learned about it in Newfoundland, where he lived for some time among English settlers who routinely fertilized with fish.

School children do not learn that Squanto had lived in both England and Spain, spoke fluent English, and was hardly the noble, simple savage the history books make him out to be. As Dr.Ceci points out, the image of generous Squanto tends to obscure the more accurate picture of Indians who often attacked and killed settlers.

Another part of the great Indian myth that has recently been picking up steam, is that early Americans learned about democracy and the advantages of unity by studying the Iroquois Confederation. One of the authors traces the origins of this myth, and explodes the idea that the Constitution could have been influenced, in any way, by the matrilineal and hereditary form of representation practiced by the Iroquois.

One reason such preposterous notions make any headway at all is that it has become nearly obligatory to describe Indian societies as idyllically egalitarian, even “non-sexist.” Of course, there were hundreds of different tribal societies with different customs, but all of them had well defined sex roles that would horrify Gloria Steinem. Often, women were treated scarcely better than beasts of burden.

As for egalitarianism, it is difficult for bare subsistence-level hunters and gatherers to practice anything else, but as soon as material surplus appeared, some people got more of it than others. Leland Donald writes about the Tutchone of the southern Yukon, who lived on land so harsh as to be nearly uninhabitable. Nevertheless, their society was divided into hereditary classes of rich, poor, and slaves. As Dr. Donald puts it, “even in conditions that seem ideal for the presence of the classic egalitarian Indian society, it is possible for marked inequalities to emerge.”

The potlatches and ruinous gift-giving that were required for status among the more prosperous Northwest Indians are well known, but somehow coexist with the myth that Indians all lived in innocent classlessness. Even well known expressions like “low man on the totem pole” fail to puncture the myth.

Another important part of the image is the perfect harmony with nature in which Indians are said to have lived. Once again, sparsely scattered, stone-age people have very little choice about the matter, but “Mother Earth” is central to the myth. All Indians, it is said, saw the earth as their beloved mother. Hills were her breasts, streams were mother’s milk, and vegetation was her lovely hair.

Astounding as it may seem, one of the authors explains that the entire Mother Earth story can be traced to a single statement made by a single Indian in 1885. There is virtually no other evidence that Indians thought of the earth as mother. Nevertheless, the Mother Earth belief is now so widely attributed not only to American Indians but to all primitive peoples that it is frightful heresy to point out how unsubstantiated it is.

Not surprisingly, there are plenty of entrepreneurs — Indian and non-Indian — who have parlayed the notion of the noble, nature-wise Indian into a means of parting gullible whites from their money. People with names like Rolling Thunder and Spotted Fawn do a brisk business promoting sweat lodges, sun dances, purification ceremonies, or whatever else aging hippies can be made to pay for. These ceremonies bear only a vague resemblance to anything the Indians of the past ever did, but there is a steady market for them.

According to another author, the same can be said for the pottery sold on the Pamunkey Indian reservation in Virginia. The Pamunkey stopped making pottery in the 1890s and started up again in the 1930s only because the state of Virginia paid to establish a pottery school on the reservation. Now tourists happily buy “Indian” pots, decorated with stick figure “writing” that is likewise a 20th century invention.

The High Counters

Minor frauds like these are relatively harmless. Deliberate attempts to manipulate thinking about Indians are more serious. David Henige of the University of Wisconsin reports that there is a small academic industry devoted to inflating the population estimates of Pre-Columbian America. If evidence can be found that tens of millions of healthy, happy Indians were living on the continent before the white man arrived, then the reduction of their numbers through warfare and disease can be made to seem all the more heinous.

The High Counters, as Mr. Henige calls them, pore over ancient accounts, pick the most exaggerated population estimates they can find, and solemnly pass them along as wholly credible. One scholar, for example, believes that a single energetic priest actually baptized, and counted, 14,000 Indians in a single day — one every six seconds, ‘round the clock. Others think that when Cortes said he faced an army of “more than 149,000” men, he can be relied on to have counted them accurately.

As Mr. Henige points out, numbers like these are just another way of saying “a lot,” but it is the scholars who are prepared to believe the worst of the colonizing white man who have the deepest faith in his ability to count people in crowds. Other High Counters would have it that European diseases swept through native tribes before the white man found them, killing up to half the population before Europeans could even start counting them.

If, by whatever means, the High Counters can gin up enough pre-Columbian Indians, they can then trot out the great, anti-white totem word, “genocide,” when they talk about the legacy of Columbus. The University of Oklahoma has even published a book called American Indian Holocaust and Survival.

Indian Givers

Present descendants of invented Indians have woven the strands of myth into a mighty whip with which to beat the white man. They have, for example, mobilized reservoirs of public sympathy for huge land claims. Allan van Gestel, who has defended current owners against such claims, estimates that since 1970, Indian law suits have clouded the title to 35 million acres in the Eastern United States alone. This is an area the size of Austria or Ireland.

Indians can always call on teams of eager whites who will work for them pro bono. Clever lawyers have based most land cases on an obscure Congressional proclamation of 1783 that forbade the states to buy land from Indian tribes without federal permission. This was six years before the Constitution even went into effect, and several state governments had bought land from Indians even before the proclamation. This has not stopped tribes from trying to get back land that was duly purchased — and that has been enormously improved in the last two hundred years.

Public sentiment, stoked by tales about the invented Indian, is such that Indians can virtually monopolize the services of scholars and historians; to testify “against” Indians can ruin a career. Some Indian claims have cost current land-owners hundreds of millions of dollars.

Today, the federal government has primary responsibility for dealing with Indians, but states and Canadian provinces also manage publicly funded Indian programs. According to Steven Feraca, a long-time worker at the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), all of these bureaucracies have long been given over to race-based hiring and promotion. Preferences at the Bureau are so blatant, and career prospects for non-Indians so bleak, that although Indians are only 1/2 percent of the US population, they hold 75 percent of the jobs at BIA.

In the last few decades, the “Indian desks” of virtually all branches of government have been turned over to Indians, so that decisions that are supposed to be made in the names of larger jurisdictions are in the hands of unabashed partisans. Tribal “leaders” are now often indistinguishable from Indian-affairs bureaucrats, with no way to sort out the resulting conflicts of interest. What is more, as another author points out, chronic lateness and absenteeism in these offices are routinely excused by the notion that Indians work according to mysterious earth rhythms rather than by the white man’s clock.

In sum, both in Canada and in the United States, Indians have succeeded in becoming a kind of Uber-citizen. Off the reservation, they have all the usual legal rights, in addition to the strenuous affirmative-action preferences that are now obligatory. On the reservation, they enjoy a kind of extraterritoriality, which exempts them from many taxes and laws, and entitles them to a complete array of Indians-only health and welfare benefits. They have suckled at the public teat for longer than any other group in North America, and bear the stigmata of listlessness and squalor to prove it.

Next year will mark the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ discovery of America. What, by all rights, should be a proud celebration of the spread of civilization to the New World, has already been hijacked by cultural relativists who see in the white man nothing but wickedness. The October issue of National Geographic begins a series of “quincentenary” articles, in which the editors flatter themselves on letting Indians write from “the most intimate — and perhaps truest — perspective of all.”

Such a series is likely to be filled with the exploits of invented Indians — more of what Prof. Clifton calls “perfectly enchanting fiction . . . that is both believed by its impresarios and presented as believable to others.” His book, impressively researched and stuffed with fascinating details, is the perfect antidote.

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ODDeutschePolkaConfederate #fundie

Yeagley himself was a decent man, yes, and I respected what he had to say, and respect the friendship he had with Jared Taylor. Let us not forget, however, that the AmerIndians play the race card and victim game just like the Negroids and Mestizos, and know exactly what they are doing. A reservation may not be the violence place that the Black Ghetto is, that is true, but it is nothing great. All of those tasteless jokes the Libtarded Media makes denigrating poor Whites more than apply to Indian Reservations. Meth Labs, Welfare Checks, and Casinos.

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OHDeutschePolkaConfederate #fundie

My ancestors came to America from Europe, and I'm glad that they had the sense not to miscegenate with the AmerIndians. Before we put the AmerIndians on such a pedestal, we should remember what Hell they put the European settlers through. The Injuns love to fight, get very drunk on small servings of alcohol unlike us Caucasians, and want to wreak havoc once they are snookered. In the Upper Midwest, German and Scandinavian settlers went through Hell with these savages, who were the aggressors 99% of the time. The wild Indians could not just allow folks to peacefully farm the land the Government had sold them. My forebears hated the Native Americans, and had good reason to hate these angry savages who were always attacking for no reason. I'd rather have Arabic Christians from Syria and Lebanon living next to me than some drunken Injun that wants to fight all of the time for absolutely no reason whatsoever, other than their own irascible temperament. I'll take an Injun over a Negro or their Mestizo Chalupa Eater racial cousins, but that is about it. Injuns need to stay segregated from Whites, and intimate relations with them is, IMO, most definitely miscegenation. As far as Yeagley, I liked what he had to say about Whites not allowing our country to be taken from us. I also considered him non-White, and found his referring to himself as a Kraut very off-putting. German Americans calling ourselves Krauts would be akin to Italian Americans calling themselves Dagos, Irish Americans calling themselves Micks, etc. Yeagley was an AmerIndian first and foremost, just like these Mestizos and Mulattoes in that he was most in touch with his non-White side.

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Martel #fundie

AmerIndians are not White people. In some cases, they were friends to European settlers, that is true, but more often than not they resented our presence here, and let us know this by raping our women, scalping and killing innocent settlers in the dark of night who were only trying to peacefully farm land they had been sold fair and square. Many settlers tried their best to reason with the Indians, but reasoning with an Injun that has had half a glass of beer is an exercise in futility.

I can't really blame them for resenting the presence of Europeans, as I resent the invasion of my own country,what is done is done though, and Native Americans would be wise to chose proper alliances, and the only ones who would ensure a peaceful and prosperous future for native americans is the white man. That is not possible when the US is flooded by Asians, Africans, and Mexicans..

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Dave4088 #fundie

I'm not sure if many see the irony in a Comanche descendent urging and exhorting whites to reclaim their heritage and nation. Sadly, most whites probably haven't heard of Dr. Yeagley or aren't heeding his sage advice and most Indians are still nursing historical grudges towards the white man to ally with us.

From what I've been able to learn about Dr. Yeagley he was very pragmatic and clear headed about race relations and the consequences of mass third world immigration. And I think he understood before most that the fate of the North American Indians is tied to that of the white race, their former conquerors. And if we become too weak or perish, then ultimately they will too as the third world hordes are completely devoid of magnanimity and tolerance towards their vanquished foes.

Reality is, no one will consider the survival of Native Americans, let alone their good, this side of whitey. Any Native American with a shred of sense ought to know that outside of those motivated by Anglo-Saxon concepts of civilization no one will exercise any responsibility toward Native Americans or be willing to serve as their protecting great power. The same, actually, is true of African Americans. Some understand that, but they are ostracized under the Popular Front regime.

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David Yeagley #fundie

At heart, every Indian is a Ghost Dancer. We want things to be like they were. The Paiute spiritual leader Wovoka said in the 1860s that if only the Indians would gather together and dance, and never stop dancing, all the Indians who were killed would come back, the white man would go away, and all things would be like they were.

It is a compulsive dream, but, only a dream. The Sioux were once murdered in mass for such a dance. It’s called Wounded Knee. What Indians have today is some meager imitation of white life. We use electricity (when we have it), fry food, drive cars (when they work), and wear Wal-Mart clothes. We celebrate Christmas, and even ask the Lord to bless our food—as well as our tribal meetings! It is a mix of things. We obviously maintain many of our traditions, customs, and social values.

Indians simply cannot have what we really want. We must compromise. I can say only that we should compromise in the wisest ways possible, ways that will ensure the continuity of our people and our identity. . . . I suggest that America take a good hard look at Indians. Is that what you want? If you want to be yourself, be it now, with all your might, before the oedipal white liberals in charge use the Third World non-whites to bury you in your own egalitarian idealism.

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David Yeagley #fundie

Personally, I want to see the Indian warrior head on every high school and college in the country! The Indian warrior represents all that is glorious in manhood—any manhood, of any nation or people. The warrior is the protector, the provider, and the strong man of the people. Indians earned this image, with blood, in the mind of the conquering race. The Indian image found its way into nearly every state seal, and Indian names to this day remain as the names of states, rivers, cities, mountain ranges, and even businesses. The white man even put the Indian image on his money! Never before in history was a conquered people treated with such honor by those who conquered. To seek to remove the Indian image from the public view is simply an ethnic cleansing. It is a virtual genocide. It is erasing history.

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Winston Taney #fundie

In early December, my family and I went to buy our Christmas tree, but instead of buying it in our typical SWPL neighborhood, we ventured outside of the city to make a day of it on a family farm in a working-class suburb. We had an idyllic vision of escaping the problems of city life. We imagined drinking hot chocolate and laughing with similar-looking families, our children playing with their similar-looking children.

There was some of that, but the scene was far from wholesome. A surprisingly significant number of children at the farm had frizzy blonde-tinged afros, the tell-tale sign of black-white miscegenation (I say “sign” because many of these frizzy-haired kids had only one parent with them—almost always a heavily tattooed and obese white mother with creative piercings and hair coloring). Almost all of the adults were white, but many of them mumbled in a barely comprehensible black-imbued vernacular and dressed in sloppy hip-hop attire. This was not the scene we had expected.

That night, we came back to the city and ate dinner at an upscale restaurant. Every single patron was white—mostly young hipsters. The decor was agrarian and the background music, to my surprise, was country (mostly Chris Stapleton). This was the idyllic traditional America that we had hoped to find earlier in the day.

Over dinner, my wife and I discussed what we had seen. Based on the voting patterns in both areas, we could safely bet that the vast majority of the people at the farm voted for Donald Trump. And we were almost certainly the only Trump voters at the upscale city restaurant.

The irony is that much of the diversity at the farm is a direct result of the last 50 years of housing and education policies—the very programs white liberals favor in their politics but flee in their personal lives. This feature of white liberalism has been noted before, perhaps most cleverly by Joe Sobran: “In their mating and migratory habits, liberals are indistinguishable from members of the Ku Klux Klan.”

But white elites do not just flee the consequences of their diversity politics; once freed from the burden of diversity, they create replicas of the aesthetic and culture that their liberalism is destroying. Indeed, at the upscale urban restaurant there were no signs of diversity degeneracy—no hip-hop attire; no frizzy-haired children; no black-imbued vernacular. In fact, it was just the opposite—lumberjack shirts, two-parent families, cohesive and pleasant interaction—a simulacrum of the traditional America these very elites are destroying through their politics.

Our liberal rulers pollute public white culture but then produce an artificial version of it in their private lives to satisfy their longing for community and identity. This would not be such a problem if their poorer white brethren could also maintain this public-private dichotomy. But because the working and middle classes lack the money and mobility to escape the diversity degeneracy that seeps deeper and deeper into white America, they are stuck with the cultural pollution that the elites create.

This recalls another Sobran gem: “The purpose of a college education is to give you the correct attitude towards minorities, and the means to live as far away from them as possible.” But the prescient Sobran did not go far enough. Our elites seek not only the means to live far away from diversity, but the power to impose diversity on others—all in the name of cultural enrichment.

This underscores two features of our predicament that I have been thinking about ever since our day at the farm: (1) how diversity has polluted white suburbia, and (2) how diversity is a new form of cultural warfare.

You can find this pattern throughout the United States. Pick a city and compare its wealthy to its middle-income suburbs. You will find that in many cases the wealthy suburbs are quite liberal but have very few blacks, and the nearby middle-income suburbs are much more conservative and have far more diversity.

This is a pattern that extends beyond geography. Compare the magazines at the check-out at an upper-class grocery store, such as Whole Foods, to those at a more middle-income establishment. You will find that the magazines at the upper-class store are tasteful, restrained, and culturally white—whereas the magazines at the middle-class store bombard the shopper with diversity propaganda. The check-out counter has become a diversity warzone.

Of course, part of this discrepancy is due to the market. Poorer whites do not have the money and mobility to opt out of diversity, and perhaps these less-educated whites have tastes that make them more susceptible to the vulgarity of black culture. But the market is only part of the explanation. A more significant force is that our legal, political, and entertainment institutions are imposing this culture on them.

And again, the free market is only part of this story. This transformation of middle-income communities did not happen until American law hit them with the one-two punch of mandating integration and eliminating the freedom of association.

Thus, it is not simply that diversity means conflict, but that all the rhetoric and sloganeering about our national diversity obsession has become a form of cultural and demographic warfare. Our elites destroy the middle-classes through political slogans promoting our “greatest strength,” and coercive programs that cite the nation’s “great moral victory” over “racism.” When you hear elites extol the virtues of diversity, you are being attacked.

So does our hope lie with the proles? The big difference between Orwell’s 1984 and 2018 is that Orwell’s elites did not bother to indoctrinate the masses, on the ground that the proles’ fidelity to Big Brother was considered irrelevant. By contrast, in our diversity dystopia the masses are at the core of the Left’s indoctrination project. Our “proles” are the ones forced to suffer a bad education in integrated schools. They are the ones subjected to violence, harassment, and intimidation. And they are the ones told, again and again, that any resistance to this makes them betrayers of who we are as Americans, deplorable traitors in need of ever-more reformation.

Leadership may not come from the proles, but good sense and votes will. Those who bear the burdens of diversity see its damage most clearly. It is no accident that Donald Trump swept the white working-class vote.

Whatever our own particular economic station, we all have a role to play in restoring working- and middle-class white America. We should be hiring our own people, tutoring our own people, supporting scholarships for our own people, and doing our best to build schools and cultural institutions that can be healthy environments for our own people.

Dr. Murray may have been right that white America’s “coming apart” defined the last part of the 20th century due to white flight from the cities. But “coming together” may define the first half of the 21st century—because now there is nowhere to run.

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David Yeagley #fundie

David Yeagely speaks to the Washington Times.


American is not a haven for losers, criminals, and populations of failed Third World countries; but, open immigration has made it such. The Third World is overrun by mindless reproduction, low standards, destructive religion, filth and disease. To invite such defective masses is suicidal for any nation.

Political strategy:

I see States Rights therefore as the first viable position to counter the federal monster. More freedom, more independence, can only begin at a smaller, localized level.


Few people should be allowed citizenship. It should be made precious. Very few people should have the right to vote, and that right must be earned with terrible trial and knowledge.

Sports teams with Indian mascots:

Personally, I want to see the Indian warrior head on every high school and college in the country! The Indian warrior represents all that is glorious in manhood—any manhood, of any nation or people. The warrior is the protector, the provider, and the strong man of the people. Indians earned this image, with blood, in the mind of the conquering race. The Indian image found its way into nearly every state seal, and Indian names to this day remain as the names of states, rivers, cities, mountain ranges, and even businesses. The white man even put the Indian image on his money! Never before in history was a conquered people treated with such honor by those who conquered. To seek to remove the Indian image from the public view is simply an ethnic cleansing. It is a virtual genocide. It is erasing history.

What Indians want:

At heart, every Indian is a Ghost Dancer. We want things to be like they were. The Paiute spiritual leader Wovoka said in the 1860s that if only the Indians would gather together and dance, and never stop dancing, all the Indians who were killed would come back, the white man would go away, and all things would be like they were.

It is a compulsive dream, but, only a dream. The Sioux were once murdered in mass for such a dance. It’s called Wounded Knee. What Indians have today is some meager imitation of white life. We use electricity (when we have it), fry food, drive cars (when they work), and wear Wal-Mart clothes. We celebrate Christmas, and even ask the Lord to bless our food—as well as our tribal meetings! It is a mix of things. We obviously maintain many of our traditions, customs, and social values.

Indians simply cannot have what we really want. We must compromise. I can say only that we should compromise in the wisest ways possible, ways that will ensure the continuity of our people and our identity. . . . I suggest that America take a good hard look at Indians. Is that what you want? If you want to be yourself, be it now, with all your might, before the oedipal white liberals in charge use the Third World non-whites to bury you in your own egalitarian idealism.

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Jared Taylor #fundie

David Yeagley was born in 1951 and grew up in Oklahoma City. Even as a young child, he was vividly aware of threats to the Comanche people and their culture. When his grade school teacher asked the otherwise all-white class to draw pictures to encourage fire prevention, he drew teepees engulfed in flames, with the words, “Stop this.”

Yeagley showed great promise as a student and went on to earn so many degrees it is hard to keep track of them. He had a bachelor’s degree from Oberlin Conservatory, a Master of Arts from Emory University, an Artist Diploma from the University of Hartford (Hartt School of Music), and a Doctorate from the University of Arizona. He was the first American Indian ever admitted to Yale Divinity School, where he earned a Master of Divinity degree. He did graduate work at Harvard but did not earn a degree. He was a Ford Fellow and a Kellogg Fellow.

Yeagley taught at Oklahoma State University, the University of Central Oklahoma, and the University of Oklahoma. His off-the-reservation views caused a stir, and led to collaboration in 2000 with Governor Frank Keating to establish a curriculum on American patriotism for Oklahoma’s public schools. However, it was his columns for in the early 2000s that brought him to national attention.

He appeared on programs such as Hannity & Colmes and Bill O’Reilly, and made a number of C-Span appearances. He also made a History Channel episode on “Comanche Warriors,” did a history documentary for Danish Public Television, and was a popular speaker at universities. He was often sponsored by Young America’s Foundation, and electrified audiences with talks on gun rights, Comanche pride, the mind of the warrior, and the importance of protecting the United States from Third-World invasion.

However, Yeagley’s fair-weather friends could not stomach his increasingly outspoken criticism of mass immigration. FrontPageMagazine dropped him, and speaking engagements dried up. But Yeagley never trimmed his sails. Like his great-great-grandfather, he stuck to his guns and never lost his vision.

It was under Bad Eagle’s leadership that the Comanche finally put down arms after years of war with the United States and reconciled to becoming Americans—proud Comanches, still, but Americans. Yeagley, too, had a vision of Comanche accommodation with an America he had grown to love, but it must never be a Third-World America of white-guilt and multi-culturalism.

I first met Yeagley in 2011, when he spoke at a conference I organized. He described the dispossession of the Indian by the white man, but said he could not hate whites. As a warrior, he was compelled to admire the bravery and fighting spirit of the conqueror. He spoke of the crisis the now-denatured white man has created for himself, as he lets others push him off his own land. The great tragedy, he said, is that although the Indian fought to defend his land, the white man has lost his warrior virtues and is giving up without a struggle. The American white man, said Yeagley, has voluntarily become the “Indian of the 21st Century,” adding, “Let me be the first to welcome you onto the reservation.”

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Jared Taylor #fundie

Press and politicians are blind to the truth.

If you get your news from NBC, this is what you learned about yesterday’s Unite the Right rally: “Charlottesville White Nationalist Rally Violence Prompts State of Emergency.” That’s right: The problem was white nationalist violence. It was as if the demonstrators had behaved just like Black Lives Matter or masked antifa: looting, burning, stopping traffic, and roughing up bystanders. Of course, what caused the violence was hostile counter-demonstrators, many of them wearing helmets and carrying shields. If they had not been there, there would have been no violence, and the rally would have taken place as planned.

Of all people, it was Donald Trump who came the closest to getting it right, condemning “hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides.” This, of course, earned him near-universal condemnation. As former Vice President Joe Biden explained, “There is only one side,” and the problem was Unite the Right. This prompted a storm of retweets and similar sentiments. Virginia’s attorney general Mark Herring tweeted that “violence, chaos, and apparent loss of life in Charlottesville is not the fault of ‘many sides.’ It is racists and white supremacists.” Actress Leslie Grossman probably expressed the only-one-side view best.

Here, one side is demonstrating peacefully, though provocatively; the other side—the good side—is committing violent aggression. (Swastikas were extremely rare in Charlottesville, but they make for better “anti-racist” graphics than Confederate flags.) So this is the moral calculus of Joe Biden, the Virginia attorney general, and the rest of the Left. It wouldn’t matter if every hand lifted by Unite the Right was in strict self-defense; the violence is their fault. Racially conscious whites deserve violence simply because of what they think.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe saw only one side, in a widely praised speech, telling Unite the Right, “You came here to hurt people, and you did hurt people.” Is Terry McAuliffe a mind-reader? Would they have hurt anything or anyone if counter-demonstrators had not showed up with shields and batons, screaming and throwing smoke bombs, determined to shut down the demonstration–and hurt “Nazis”?

One young white man did crash his car into demonstrators, killing one. We don’t yet know his motives, but even if he deliberately hurt people, there was just one of him, and everyone associated with Unite the Right has condemned him.

What about the police? They were clearly either incompetent or determined to shut down the rally before it began. The swarms of uniformed men on the scene did very little to separate demonstrators from counter-demonstrators. Television has broadcast one fistfight after another, with no police in sight. Besides the driver of car—who is charged with 2nd degree murder—those swarms of police made only three arrests. What were they doing?

The fighting, which started before the rally even had a chance to begin, was the excuse for police to declare it an “unlawful assembly” and call it off. Jason Kessler, who organized the rally, has rightly pointed out that this meant counter-demonstrators exercised the “heckler’s veto,” successfully silencing people with whom they disagreed. Instead of excerpts from pro-white speeches, the only thing media consumers therefore got was Confederate flags and brawling.

But Joe Biden tells us there is “only one side” to this story. Actually, there are three sides: Unite the Right, which gathered peacefully but defended itself; anti-racists who shut them down; and the police who let them do it.

There is a clear pattern to these events that not one mainstream outlet has noted. There is confrontation only when anti-whites harass and try to stop pro-white events. The reverse never happens. Lefties and non-whites can mount the most brazenly anti-white events, unmolested and with full media approval. It would be hard to imagine a clearer example of this contract—and of the entrenched bigotry we face—than yesterday’s events.

Jason Kessler is scheduled to make a statement to the press today at 2:00 p.m. He is smart man and a brave man. I’m sure we can trust him to make an excellent case for our side.

Update: Mr. Kessler set up microphones in front of the Charlottesville city hall to make his statement. Counter-demonstrators made such a racket that it was impossible for the press to hear what he was saying. Protesters edged closer and than attacked Mr. Kessler; police escorted him away for his own safety. Once again, a pro-white message has been stifled by anti-white thugs.

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THE WAY #racist

Too many of us are very shortsighted. The hatred of Whites is part of the age old and completely necessary and natural war of the genes and genomes that is part of evolution. The hatred aimed at Whites is part of this natural process as the genes and genomes of non-Whites try to wipe us out and replace us as the only human type.

This war is usually unconscious and instinctive...but now that you've heard about this part of evolution, maybe you will start to understand it and start to consciously fight back against your genocide as a White person. No, we can not all get along. That is not Nature's Way. Evolution never sleeps.

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Susan #racist

Blacks have been taught/brainwashed by the government to hate whites, to blame us for everything that's innately wrong with the black race. Blacks and idiot-white-liberals believe that white oppression, racism, & privilege cause blacks to be unsuccessful in our white society.

Apparently, we whites have planned our civilizations to oppress blacks. Low IQ is the root of all black dysfunction and it's the reason they're so easily brainwashed. They haven't always hated whites. They've been conditioned to do so for 60 years.

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American Taxpayer #racist

Collaborating is not a sign of intelligence, it's a sign of cheating. I'm quite sure that if Americans got together and one person did all the work on one part and another American did all the work on another part and so on and so forth and then they all trade with each other to memorize the other parts, I'm quite sure the American IQ would be much higher than that of those ever so "intelligent asians" who can't seem to build a Western Society (freedoms, ethics, etc.) on their own in their own countries but they sure can flood The West and colonize every last square inch they squat on though..

The answer is very simple: Only Americans get to attend American Universities. The hispanics go home, the asians go home and the well behaved blacks already got their black schools. See? Simple..

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Who Me? #racist

Not totally. IQ is overwhelmingly important, but a White person with an IQ of 115 can do far more in a White society than a black person with the same 115 IQ. Quite simply because the IQ is arranged differently. The black with the 115 IQ is still black, with most of the same flashpoint anger issues, no future planning abilities and other racial differences.

We need a test that can test for those differences as well as for raw IQ. You cannot turn a rabbit into a cat. You cannot turn a black person into a White person.

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Susan #racist

AA has never been a remedy to help blacks. It's always been a tool to force integration, and you're right, it punishes whites which is a bonus. If merit is used for selection for jobs, college admission, home loans, etc. integration never would have happened. It's always been known that blacks can't compete on a level playing field with whites, so whites have been handicapped by AA. It's a perfect storm.

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Easyrhino #fundie

England is so deeply infested with PC insanity that any native Englishman displaying a cross is considered engaging in "hate crimes" but if that same Englishman is stabbed to death by anyone from the ME it's excused as the victim was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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bobjo #racist

Yesterday on the NPR BBC network there was a segment about how Jewish soldiers and citizens in the UK organised themselves to fight against Oswald Mosley and his fascist group before and especially after ww-2. They even went to Israel to fight the British and the Palestinians there.

Then they came back to London and fought against the fascist there again. They also helped the Caribbean immigrants fight Oswald Mosley's fascists in 1960s. If not for these jewish people pushing for diversity, there would be none of these problems in the UK and in the western world.

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Floridian #racist

That's irrelevant to White parents telling both sons and daughters to be careful around blacks—in fact, to avoid being around blacks at all—which is very sound advice. It's also sound advice to avoid hiring blacks or renting property to them.

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Lion's Mane #fundie

It's wearisome to live in a society where, if a person does not ceaselessly self-censor and select words with the greatest care to keep PC, a mindless furor will erupt. Then a statement of apology is in order. This is not freedom. This is the exact opposite of freedom.

A few decades ago the Left actually believed somewhat in free speech and sometimes even fought for it. Now, that freedom is slipping away with constant psychological conditioning in which "official doctrine" must be scrupulously affirmed or social ostracism will result.

We are living in a Soviet Union style thought-tyranny system -- only perhaps worse? There needs to be a powerful psychological revolution against this tyranny.

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Jack McGriff #racist

Black on Asian crime is an epidemic, but you knew that already. In fact, Blacks specifically target Asians to rob and burgle because they are known as hard working and keep cash at home due to their distrust of banks. Check out Colin Flaharty's channel on youtube because as much as you'd likee to throw shade on this site for censorship, there is a national "black"-out in reporting on the epidemic of black on white crime while the MSM perpetuates the hoax of white racism against blacks. The Truth is a sword!

Blacks are the most racist of all the races!! Well, at least whites and Asians are smart enough never to walk through an inner city Sec. 8 housing project at night because you know they would be harassed and violently assaulted. Not so for the black man and his black privilege where he can walk in any white city and not be viciously assaulted or have any fear whatsoever that whites or Asians are going to attack him based on the color of his skin alone.

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IstvanIN #racist

I consider myself a true liberal as well (although friends and family would take umbrage) which is why I find mass-third immigration so repugnant. You can not have a modern, liberal society unless it is populated by White people. Quire frankly I do not want to live in a brutish Muslim society, a corrupt Hindu society or a conformist Oriental society. I believe that few people would disagree with me when I state that, without mass Muslim/African immigration, Sweden would not only continue to be a very liberal society but also a smoothly functioning kingdom with a high standard of living and little crime. As we can see that society is crumbling thanks to the importation of savages ill-suited to freedom and equality.

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Raymond Kidwell #fundie

So in 1950 you had a lot of denominations of Christianity that reconciled science and greek logic with traditional Christian culture and philosophy- holding logic as the highest value (rather than faith)- these were swedenborgianism, Unitarianism and a few others. They weren't large, but they were prominent among educated people, politicians, leaders etc. and influenced the other churches. So you could be some kind of rational atheist and still be Christian, as the cultural values were held in high esteem.

At the same time, even among regular churches there was this sense of standards. If you were a thief, prostitute etc. you would not be welcome in a church. You had to straighten yourself out and act like a real Christian to be accepted. Today the churches actually go into the prisons, drug dens and whore houses trying to recruit new members. They also go to third world countries and find the most backwards people sleeping in piles of their own feces, then try to convert them. They go up in front of the congregation and say "we are all broken. We're all weak. No one is better than anyone else" the seeds of this do exist in the Bible, but there has been a huge change in culture and mentality in the churches. And the results are nobody goes to church anymore because all the churches cater themselves to the loser and diversity. They are just religious forms of cultural Marxism.


Basically what I want in life is to be part of a community that practices minimal standards- that excludes the mental retards, criminals, deranged etc. and just has minimal expectations out of people. A group that celebrates our abilities instead of celebrating our disabilities. I could not find one. There are thousands of churches in every city and hundreds in every town. I could not find one that just had minimal standards and cater itself to normal people instead of losers. Every church has an alcoholic anonymous meeting, a recovering drug addict meeting, and all kinds of services for failures in life, broken people etc. but nothing for normal well adjusted people. No secret society caters itself to intelligent people unless you are filthy rich. No social club. No school (other than expensive private schools). Everything in our nation has been transformed into something that caters itself to the lowest people. So I have just been working on a group that caters itself to normal well adjusted people.

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Tim_in_Indiana #racist

The only thing that kept Obama from being another Emperor Bokassa or Idi Amin was the white infrastructure that he inherited that kept him from having absolute power. Had he had that power, he would probably have been just as corrupt as they were.

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Anon #racist

Implies they have a choice. Monsters do not choose to do what they do. It's part of the reason they are monsters. What really makes a monster is they can mimic the human trait of choice.

Blacks are not malevolent people....such implies the capacity to be anything but. Quite frankly, it outrageously assumes the "few bad apples" hypothesis when outrage crimes are near universal among them.

Blacks are pod people. Most are like CHUD. Obvious what they are. But some seem perfectly normal....until they get you alone. Then, its like that movie The Thing. Almost impossible to tell, when they are acting human (and it is only an act). When they get you alone, the alien thing inside them jumps out and it is shocking how you could ever have not seen it.

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Elaine #fundie

The muslims are so sick and demented in every way. The more I study them the more I despise their "culture."

Isn't it interesting how so many non-White cultures are disgusted by women? Just about every non-White culture essentially put women into harems (note that the Chinese and Indians thought muslim women were pretty liberated). The ones that did not do that essentially impregnated women and then ditched them (think of Africa). The men are basically raving pedophilic homos and the women have the mentality of livestock (as you said).

Anyway, that's why White men are men, White women are women, and others are merely "males or females of the species."

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guest & Roninf9 #racist


Last time I was in Japan, which was about 3 years ago, I noticed quite a few African men there, working as nightclub promoter types. I was disgusted that Japan is allowing them in. Their behavior is completely incompatible with Japan, just like Japanese would be completely incompatible with life in Africa. I wish Japan would take better care of its country and not allow any of this nonsense. They should look at what has happened in Europe.

The perfect number of refugees and African immigrants is zero. Japan has no need or obligation to take in any more than zero.

The refugee racket is nothing other than national suicide, as Europeans are now realizing, several million "refugees" too late.


This is the pernicious influence of Hollywood. The bar and club owners, many of whom are Yakuza, have been infected with the absurd notion that blacks are "hip" and "cool" no doubt from watching too many American movies and TV shows. They think the Africans will lure foreign tourists and naive locals into their slummy gin joints. I hate being accosted by them while walking through Roppongi, which is why I try to avoid the area. I remember one time while walking through there after a seeing a concert with my friend one of these Africans gave me his tired sales pitch for some nudie bar and I told him, "No, thanks." He, with classic aplomb, responded with, "You white boys, always no thanks." I retorted with a firm, "Drop dead." I went to Japan to get away from these uncivilized brutes!

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Raymond Kidwell #fundie

This is basically my concern: the general decay of society and incompetence. I deal with it everywhere. Absurd levels of incompetence that are outright dangerous this is coupled with low expectations. People expect you to be stupid, a criminal etc. It's the new normal. Bridges collapse? Big whoop that's life. College graduates can't read? It's normal. You have raped and assaulted people in the past and committed armed robbery- nobody is perfect. That's the new America. Race is intertwined with it, but it is something that is larger than race. This exists even at the top of society where standards and competence seem to be melting away to third world norms. I think Donald Trump is the only person I have seen on TV to even vaguely address this issue.

And that's something I try to repeatedly emphasize in my Amren posts. Whites are getting dumber. White culture has degraded to something equivalent to third world non-white cultures. Most of the people who are foaming at the mouth to discriminate against white males are white themselves. Yet you go on racial websites like Amren and you see this idealistic view of wonderful civilized whites facing up against savage and inferior non-whites. Whatever it was that made white people and their culture superior in the past- high I.Q.s, low crime rates, morals, high expectations, altruism- it is all pretty much corrupted by modern society and its liberal ideals (and Christianity is very much intertwined with this ideology in regards to praising the imbecile).

Race realism will never stand, will never build anything meaningful (such as a functioning society) without addressing the realism of dysgenics and dysfunctional cultural ideals. When white trash Cletus with an I.Q. of 70 has 12 kids and 70 grandchildren, he's virtually indistinguishable from Jimbo and Lakisha with an I.Q. of 70 and their 75 grand babies. The normal, high I.Q. civilized man and his society is being drowned out by hoardes of subsidized monkeys (of various shades of the rainbow) and "democracy" which seems to cater to the majority (usually the lowest element). There is a war on standards.

Democracy can stand if there are standards- such as appeal to everyone except criminals and those with I.Q.s below 80. But mental retards can vote in America, even though they can't have a drivers license. Our institutions can stand diversity if they have standards that they are unflinching about. But they always lower standards in the name of diversity. This attack on standards is far more fundamental than the whole race issue and it is far more of a threat to our safety and economic well-being.

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Joseph Kay #racist

Let’s begin with the obvious: Every effort, no matter how well-intentioned, carefully planned, and expensive, has failed to transform blacks into whites. Statistically, blacks are about where they were in the 1960s, and what progress has occurred can be attributed to government coercion, policies like affirmative action, and make-work jobs. Moreover, nothing on the horizon hints at progress and if anything, the blackening of cities like Detroit, Newark, and Philadelphia suggests that things will only get worse as blacks increasingly take control of their own destiny.

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F. Roger Devlin #fundie

The problem lies elsewhere, mainly in what is known as feminism. It is this, I believe, that mainly explains collapsing white birthrates. For several decades, white women have been reared in an unprecedented manner: They have been encouraged to do almost anything but marry and have children. It is extremely difficult for any society to make its young women unattractive to its own young men, but the West now appears close to succeeding (an achievement attributable, no doubt, to our high IQs).


Feminism has encouraged the erosion of traditional Christian and European standards of conduct and has replaced them with a polygamous mating pattern in which women compete for the most attractive men. This is something we see in primate packs, but even among humans, polygamous societies are nothing new, and a great deal is known about how they operate. It so happens that the most polygamous part of the world is West Africa, the ancestral homeland of America’s own black population. A look at these societies may shed light on what is happening in the West today under the influence of “women’s liberation.”


This is not a universal human pattern. On average, Africans appear to make the tradeoff between mating effort and parenting effort differently, with the result that sex assumes greater importance over a longer period of time. White writers of earlier days frequently noted the prominence of sex in the black man’s thoughts; when recalled now, these observations are cited with horror. In fact, early observers were reporting what they found, and what is still noted by professional anthropologists today.

As monogamy decays in the West, our mating system increasingly comes to resemble the more competitive African model, and with similar results. Young women devote more effort to maximizing their allure in order to snag high-status men, and men compete for status in order to attract these women. This comes at the expense of childrearing and family life.

At the same time, the feminist program of cajoling women into the workplace means they become self-supporting, as are the female farmers of West Africa. The Dilbert world of work cubicles may not resemble the farming plots of Africa, but both stand in marked contrast to the male-breadwinner tradition of the West, in which childrearing was a woman’s most important duty. Indeed, the modern workplace, optimized for risk-free, repetitious, sedentary work is probably the best environment for eliminating women’s economic dependence upon men. By the same token, it discourages the moderately large families of well-brought-up children that are the indispensable preconditions of Western Civilization. If enough women fail or refuse to marry and become mothers of such families, our way of life cannot be sustained.


The most important effect of economic autonomy upon women is that it reduces the benefits to them of monogamous marriage. They can mate as they please, in competition for the most attractive men. That is what the college “hook-up” scene is really about — it is not callous men preying upon wide-eyed virgins. Later, women use affluent men for their resources (either not marrying or marrying and then divorcing them). In any case, economic independence means they do not need a man in the same way previous generations of women did.

A second economic factor influencing female family behavior is easy consumer credit. Using a credit card is a little like providing for African children through fosterage. It shields young, present-oriented women from the need for frugality.

The American economy is fueled to a great extent by massive consumer debt. How much of this spending is by married men with children to support? Feminists complain that men continue to earn more than women, but they say little about which sex spends more. And, of course, the more time and effort women devote to careers and personal consumption, the less they have for the children they do manage to bear. The problem of “latchkey children,” raised by television sets and peer groups, was a predictable result of feminism.

To summarize, the contemporary West resembles traditional West African society in:

female economic self-support;
polygamous and unstable mating patterns;
absence of long-term planning;
low-investment parenting.


Sociobiologists speak of high-investment versus high-fertility reproductive strategies, but it is clear the contemporary West does not fall into either category. We are practicing both low fertility and low parental investment. It is uncanny how many of the “progressive” causes being pushed among us involve thwarting procreation: female careerism, unrestricted abortion, so-called safe sex, and special political protections for homosexuality. A society that makes these things its priorities can only have a death wish.


In contrast to European nationalists, American race realists have not yet had political success. When we do gain influence, we will have many more important things to worry about than mixed-race marriages or men who seek Venezuelan brides: things such as how to dismantle 50 years of “civil rights” legislation, the repatriation of millions of aliens, and ending anti-white indoctrination in our schools.

Many racially conscious whites worry about the absence of women in our ranks, but I believe they have it backwards. We do not need women on our side to succeed politically; we need to succeed politically to have women on our side. As soon as we start winning, the ladies will find our arguments plausible, our faces handsome, and our jokes witty. Direct political action by women is not part of the European tradition; respect for the vital female role in the family is. When we have done our work, they will gladly do theirs: bear our race’s children.

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libertarian1234 #racist

This kind of vicious cruelty and inhumane behavior was in place before the white man colonized America. And it involved most all of the tribes, not just the Comanche savages.

When we hear blacks like Michael Dyson and others wail that whites killed all the Indians, they don't want it known that any atrocities by whites against the Indians usually were paybacks for mass slaughters and tortures of white women and little children, even babies, and that the entire white vs Indian wars can be summed up by noting that the Indians tried every vicious, devious way to conquer the white man, and got their a**es kicked for trying.

They weren't the unjustly vanquished as we so often hear about. They were the losers in a war they insisted on pursuing by deceit, torture, mayhem, and atrociously inhumane methods.

And it riles me greatly to now listen to them or anyone else declare that they were some kind of innocent, noble people who were wronged and murdered by the white man out of nothing less than greed.

Yes, treaties/promises were broken, but it happened more often by the Indians in the beginning and that fact has been submerged by people who hate whites and/or people who have some kind of Indiophile love based in a kind of mental derangement.

We were attacked, viciously and cruelly just so they could steal our horses, livestock, blankets, etc., something they were doing to each other for hundreds of years, and we did what we had to do to respond to the vicious threat.

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Publius Pompilius Quietus #racist

Everything that left-liberals want--religious pluralism, economic egalitarianism, societal tolerance of sexual deviants, et cetera--becomes less and less likely with the addition of non-white immigrants. In the short term, a coalition of left-liberal white people and non-white people works because they both share the goal of dispossessing white people of their homelands; thus, socially reactionary groups like black people and Muslims will ally with degenerate white liberals. Yet, in the long term, it is doomed and so are all other multi-racial coalitions. Once the specter of racist whitey is gone, the coalition will break, and socially backwards non-white groups will reverse socially tolerant policies of the contemporary Western world.

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Caesar Avgvstvs #racist

I also came to that conclusion concerning the leftist coalition in my mid-20's. I couldn't see how homosexuals, feminists and abortionists could align with Muslims or blacks who repress them in their own environments. It occurred to me that the only thing that keeps these groups together is their shared hatred (and jealously, in the case of most non-Whites) of both conservative (gender roles perceived as natural, family/nation/race before individual, etc.) and classically liberal (exposed natural inequalities, individual responsibility, entitlement only to what you earn for yourself, equal opportunity, etc.) Western society.

They are a "coalition of hate" that feel that this Western society is so dangerous that all their differences need to be put aside to combat it. Their idea is that they will usher in an era of peaceful coexistence (an obvious impossibility) once this society has collapsed. Rather, the collapse of Western society will be the death of them all- the feminists/homosexual/abortionist types will quickly be sidelined and many of them are White anyway, and the remaining members of the coalition- racial groups- will simply revert society back to the way it was before colonialism if not much further backwards. Leftist ideas that mixed race people, breakdown of tribalism, "democracy building" in the third world, multiculturalism, etc. will prevent this polarization are utter rubbish. The breakdown of this coalition will be within this century with minority groups already fighting each other (e.g. blacks/Hispanics hate each other in America, and the more their numbers are raised, the more they can't avoid confrontation) and with Europeans becoming minorities in most of their nations by mid 21st century. The resurgence of ethnic/religious based political movements and growing "racism" and "intolerance" are inevitable and there is nothing that the globalist/cultural Marxist types can do about it- they have also signed their own death sentences. In the real world nobody cares about "tolerance", gender equality, individualism etc. when society is collapsing around them and they're struggling to put food on their plate. That Israel's government is now a coalition including far-right militarists/ultranationalists shows that even they are fast becoming cynical and/or paranoid about the future.

Africa's numbers will plummet downwards with the absence of economic/medical aid, and without Western support to overthrow various authoritarian leaders. The Middle East would inevitably develop into another Ottoman Empire/Caliphate-styled entity (much like the IS is working towards now, sooner rather than later if they achieve their goal) and Africans would simply be underneath both Asiatic and Arabic hegemony once again.

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Reverend Bacon #racist

So, the liberals have a problem. The Fundamental Tenet of Liberalism-- all differences can be explained by racism-- is wrong. They've spent tens of trillions of dollars of our money trying to erode those differences, and they've failed. Hey, let's try to see what happens if we snatch the kids away, and keep them from their underprivileged parents. I mean, before we completely give up on our Fundamental Tenet.

The results will be mixed. Some blacks will find it harder to join gangs, so they will be compelled to get educated. Some will rebel because they're not cut out for school. The ones in the right tail will be grateful, and it will benefit them. But it won't close the gap, and then someone will say it's because they weren't really accepted by their white parents or their white teachers, etc. And liberals will have found a way to take tens more trillions from us, and still have no solution to the "achievement gap," nor the "crime gap," nor the "intelligence gap." No solution except the obvious one of course: the circle can't be squared.

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Susannah #racist

Africans, like Muslims, will be forgiven their unprogressive views that would not be tolerated of Whites. The main purpose in life of various third world peoples is to dilute and destroy White, Western Civilization, so their failure to fall in line with sacrosanct liberal ideals will be excused as always.

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how about this #racist

It works like this:

1. Blacks' performance at basically everything is inferior because slavery made Blacks think they were not as capable as the White man. You can think your way into anything. This weekend I plan to think my way into the safe at the local Wells Fargo.

2. Jim Crow did the same thing. If you separate two races in the same country and one race fails appallingly while the other does not, the successful race must be blamed. A sense of inferiority is responsible, just like how humans are responsible for the low IQ of cuttlefish with our presumptuous claims that our species is more capable than theirs. If we just raise cuttlefish like people, we will see that they are just as smart as us. They even throw up their arms and turn red in frustration sometimes! See, they're just like us. Now we just need to teach little Cuttly to breathe air and free him from his internalized aquaticism. I promise it will work.

3. Ignore all the evidence that self-esteem has no effect whatsoever on school performance or IQ. Also ignore the evidence that blacks have very high self-esteem compared to other races in the US. It's self-esteem, okay?

4. Everything you Whites have, Blacks should have had and would have had if the White man had not killed their self-esteem. You bastards!

5. The White man is dirty, but hating him makes you clean. With the cleansing power of this hate you are released from the oppressive responsibilities of finding a job, mating or bathing.

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Christopher de la Viña #fundie

As a child in public schools and now as a graduate student in history, I have learned one thing to be true about the United States: It is a white country. The founders were white, white men established its core principles and political system, and white men and women built the nation into what it is today.
Even before I became aware of the importance of race, I never thought this was “racist” or unfair; it was simply a fact. America has always been a white country and always should be. Why, then, are white people giving away their country?

Immigration and assimilation
My maternal great-great grandfather had a saying in Spanish about the immigrants who began coming to the United States after the 1960s. In English it would be: “Their stomachs are in America, but their hearts are in Mexico.” This perfectly sums up the attitudes of immigrants from most Third-World countries.
Immigrants are pouring into the United States, not for the American dream, as many politicians, both Democrat and Republican, like to say. They are coming to exploit our economy, with no intention of embracing the culture, adopting the language, or considering themselves American. When asked, most will say they are proud Hondurans or proud Nigerians–proud nationals of the country they came from.

When I lived for a time in a border city, I saw how many American citizens were really nothing more than anchor babies, born in the U.S. but living in the neighboring Mexican city their wholes lives. They had American birth certificates, but they were wholly Mexican. They had no allegiance to this nation; their stomachs were in America, but their hearts were in Mexico.
Unchecked immigration should by far be white America’s most urgent concern, but for white politicians, getting elected to another term is more important than securing a future for whites. Both liberal and “conservative” white politicians and pundits take a soft stance on immigration, careful not to offend anyone or to appear “racist.”
Only whites are afraid of being called “racist.” The Japanese don’t care what non-Japanese think of their immigration policy, and Mexico does not hesitate to deport Central Americans. Only in white countries are people afraid of name-calling.
Whites continue to elect politicians who do not represent them. As a Hispanic, I cannot understand this. There is not one white congressman in Washington today who actually looks out for whites, at least not openly.
If I were a Hispanic activist or a member of La Raza, I could run as a pro-Hispanic candidate, exclusively on the issues and concerns of the Hispanic community. I would probably win, especially if I lived in a border city or border state. However, if a white wanted to fight for the issues and concerns of white people, he would be branded a “white supremacist.”
The double standard in American politics is obvious. White politicians have to represent everyone of every race, but non-white politicians can openly represent only their own people. No one seems to find this strange or unfair.
So I repeat my question to you, white people: Why do you continue to vote for moderate Republicans and “conservatives” when they do not care about you? The average American politician would much rather win an election with a million Hispanic or black votes and zero white votes rather than lose with ten million white votes and not a single non-white vote.
Some white Americans still hold the belief that mainstream conservatives will one day advocate for white interests, but the truth is that politicians will continue to pander to non-whites, particularly Hispanics. Politicians do not care about your vote; they care about my vote. Your vote will matter only if you start running pro-White politicians who are willing to fight the establishment.

Culture sets nations apart and gives its people an identity. The European-influenced culture of the United States is disappearing under the weight of immigration. Indeed, America is experiencing a rapid Hispanicization.
You white people now have two options: You can go along with Hispanicization and eventually become a minority whose ancestral culture is erased and replaced, or you can stop Hispanicization and help keep America the way it has been essentially since the days of the first permanent English settlement in Jamestown.

I have grown up around Hispanic culture, and as rich and vibrant as it can be, my ancestors left Mexico for a reason. I am at least a sixth-generation American, so I can be sure my ancestors did not leave Mexico to take advantage of American welfare. The system that can be so easily exploited did not exist then, and the American dream actually meant something. My ancestors understood that American culture was far superior and offered more than the culture of Mexico.
Today, even third- and fourth-generation Hispanics have not fully abandoned their ancestral ways. Spanish is the dominant language even for many who have been here for several generations.
Many expect society to learn Spanish, and it is clear that Spanish has become a second unofficial language in America.
Many Hispanics still do not value education. I am lucky to have a family that does value education, and I attribute that to both genetics and at least a century of assimilation. Half or more of the Hispanics I know don’t care about education, and many end up in gangs. This seems to be particularly true in Southern California.

There is no greater culture in the world than European culture. I can admit it because it’s true. I enjoy living in a First-World nation shaped by people of the same stock as George Washington, Ben Franklin, Beethoven, Picasso, and Galileo.
Have whites decided that their people and cultures are no longer worth fighting for? Is Guatemalan or Ethiopian or Vietnamese culture better for America? Whites must believe this, because why would they otherwise let a great nation’s culture be replaced with that of Third-World immigrants?
I cannot understand whites. Time and again, I see white university students who are happy to watch not only their nation but their genes disappear. They say they would be happy not to have children or to have children with non-whites.
When I try to talk about race with my white classmates or coworkers most are totally apathetic or sometimes even hostile. Blacks and Hispanics are much more race conscious. They know race exists, and that they have interests as a race. Whites are uncomfortable even talking about race and may try to scold me when I say something honest about it.
Sometimes I meet a white person who appreciates my understanding of white interests, and, even if he does not fully understand the implications of race, he is at least not ashamed to be white. This is a good sign for white people, but these people are rare.
America cannot survive without whites. It will not survive when whites are a minority. If any remnants of Western Civilization are to persist on the North American continent, white people will have to begin to care about the future of their people. My people cannot accomplish what yours have accomplished in the almost two and a half centuries that the United States has existed.

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bigone4u #racist

Given that Western governments are the enemy of the white race, and that the medical establishment is controlled by governments in all countries now (Thanks, Obamacare), the potential for evil use of this information is enormous.

I can easily picture doctors secretly injecting nonwhite genes into white babies in the womb, for example. Or extracting white DNA to inject into black fetuses to create some sort of new hybrid race that is related to the white race to such an extent that whites would have to embrace it.

Never trust anyone from the government. I think Ronald Reagan said something similar.

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Light from the East #racist

Well-educated blacks have to marry "down" since it is simply too hard to find another smart black person. Studies have shown average black IQ is 85 and 68% of blacks have IQ range of 70 to 100. To be qualified to be in college, you have at least IQ 100. To be successful in college, you have to have IQ about 110. Based on studies, only 16% of blacks have more than 100 of IQ and few of them can be successful. In sum, studying at universities is not black people's nature.

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IKUredux #racist

Study: Muslims to Outnumber Christians Worldwide at 2070

This will not happen. It can't. It goes against nature. Nature always wins. The only race who has fought nature, and won some battles, is the White race. Once we White Christians are gone, there is no other race who can creditably replace us. The Chinese, while smart, lack initiative and imagination, and, compassion. The Indians, most are not that smart, and, again, lack compassion. The Blacks. Puhleeeeze. They are not even in contention. The Arabs? Yup, they could be the global winners. They are stupid, backwards, but, they have passion for their retarded religion. Compassion is what sets us apart from the rest of the savages. It is also what will be our downfall. I think compassion is a trait that distinguishes the savages from the civilized. But, I do not believe that a trait that is godly, and benevolent, should cause the genocide of the practitioners.

What wins in today's world is PASSION for your tribe. We Whites need to stop thinking as individuals. Take a page out of the Talmud. We Whites are a distinct BLOOD group, with genomes that we share. We are under hostile assault. We need to fight back.


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John Derbyshire #fundie

In August 1986, John Derbyshire married a Chinese woman in Changchun, China. He described the process in an article for The Spectator.

During a debate with Jared Taylor at the Robert A. Taft club in August 2006 Derbyshire joked that the only reason he was not an open white nationalist was because "it would get me in trouble at home." During the question and answer session Derbyshire jokingly described his two children, Danny and Nellie, as "Danny-mud and Nellie-mud." He has argued that the internment of Americans with Japanese ancestry during World War II was "not a very deplorable thing to do" and noted that in the event of serious war with China, similar internment of Americans with Chinese ancestry will occur and "I hope the camps will not be very uncomfortable, for I shall be there too-- the Derbyshires travel as a family."

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Augustus3709 #racist

The sun is setting on the African American race. As much as we rightly talk about the existential crisis of the White world, with the ongoing tidal wave of central American immigrants into the US, blacks will be squeezed out of the opportunities they had.

Blacks could have lived in paradise here, being the White man's sidekick, but instead they fell for the radical leftist trap, wanted impossible "equality", fell for every trick and bamboozling, the utterly failed "integration" agenda, the welfare state, feminist "sexual liberation" which undid hundreds of years of moral progress.

They had their chance and they blew it. Go and cry a few tears by the new MLK monument, before it's replaced with a poncho and sombrero.

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Douglas Quaid #fundie

It's all part of a big plan by the elites, they broke up our homes and ruined our women with feminism, they got our kids in the gov't schools and daycare when we prostituted our wives out to go work for another man, now we have "gay marriage" [sic], and we have incessant attacks on whiteness, Christianity, and anything good, true and beautiful.

The first step is realizing the play being run, I'm not trying to wax Alex Jonesish here but there is a play being run against us. When people hear the elites talk about a "New World Order" we think that just has to do with world gov't, it's bigger than that. They are reshaping culture to no longer have any identity, so that we are just pliable mush who watch "Dancing With the Stars" and "Ellen".

That's why the borders won't be closed, that's why BET exists, that's why the universities are just liberal mind laundries, that's why there are homos all over the tv now, that's why diversity is constantly pushed.

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MeanWhiteBoy #racist

Being a Upper class,middle class, or even a poor Black or Hispanic in the U.S. is the easiest life in the world. They live in a prosperous and safe white country all the while receiving diversity which propels them to get a nice job and put money in their pockets. The blacks and Hispanics want to have more of themselves so they can turn the country into a third world hellhole where it truly will be work or die (where the hardest working and most intelligent will pass their genes along, not the most racially diverse) No cellphones, cars, or microwaves for the poor in the third world. No preferential treatment for upper class, middle class and poor blacks and hispanics in the third world. Blacks and Hispanics don't realize that THEY are their own worst enemy, and their keeds are going to have a harder life when Whitey is gone

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John Smith & H. Leonskoi #racist

(John Smith)

All of Latin America is corrupt, which I take as a legacy of Spain and Southern Europe's traditions of the same, but when mixed with large numbers of Indians, it seems to have reached its heights.

(H. Leonskoi)

Good points. It seems to be a north-south issue. In fact, it seems to be a conflict between certain successful northerners (northern descent) and southerners. This is true even in Europe, the northerners are more successful in the modern world. One might think that the skin tone obsession of everyone, "anti-racists" and race realists, was silly because there is so much more to race and ethnicity than skin-tone, but there are races and ethnicities and it is a significant fact. However, generally the skin tone issue is a good guide to who is aggrieved (jealous, covetous, in denial) and who is successful. The northerners are successful and the southerners are less so. This is even true in Asia. Even the leaders of the societies in Latin America are Spaniards, Basques, and Portuguese, they are no Norwegians (forgetting for the moment the current pathological alturism, a somewhat different issue). Southern and northern Europeans ARE quite different in their approaches and perhaps in their talents.

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NeanderthalDNA #racist

Well the level of cognitive dissonance is hilarious.

Well, sure, Blacks have been disproportionately violent for ever. What do you expect you racists!!! Ha ha!

Or what, liblefties? We Whites DESERVE this so stop whining? THAT is also a factor in their smugness.

I'd love to play this little game with the liblefty punditocracy. Bet I could knock out most of 'em with one punch as good as a negro!

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OHDeutschePolkaConfederate #racist

Exactly. It is easy to give lip service to tolerance and the notion of peaceful co-existence when one lives in an all-White, low crime, peaceful neighborhood. Folks who experience the sociopathy that is Negroid behavior on a daily basis know that this stuff is nothing but pure naivete.

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Jack Kerwick #racist

Back in 2011, Frank Borzellieri was terminated from his position as principal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, a predominantly black and Hispanic Catholic elementary school located in the Bronx, New York. The Daily News charged Borzellieri with “white supremacy,” the Church to which Borzellieri devoted his life upheld the conviction, and that was that.

Yet the charge was baseless and the conviction cruelly unjust.

Borzellieri is the author of six books, some of which treat racial and cultural issues. His great sin seems to consist in the fact that he dared to note that there are interracial IQ differences that correlate to some extent with other social indicia.

In this, however, he joins every other scientist who takes this data for granted. To name just a few examples:

The Bell Curve authors, Charles Murray, an American Enterprise Institute Scholar and the 2009 recipient of the Irving Kristol Award, and the late Richard Herrnstein, a Harvard professor; MIT scientist and best-selling author Steven Pinker; and Thomas Sowell, the black “conservative” economist, nationally-syndicated columnist, and Hoover Institution fellow have been saying for decades nothing particularly different from anything that Borzellieri has written.

Yet the notion that Borzellieri is any sort of “supremacist” is patently absurd on its face.

Borzellieri chose–he chose–to ply his craft as an educator tending to the needs of New York City’s black and Hispanic students. He was also elected thrice to the New York City school board where he resisted efforts to replace literature on such Western heroes as Columbus and Washington with a curriculum requiring children to read books on homosexuality, masturbation, abortion, and birth control.

But Borzellieri must believe in “white supremacy,” his accusers contend, because he had at one time associated with Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance (AR), an organization that routinely explores the ways in which race and IQ intersect with all manner of other cultural phenomena.

And anyone who mentions race and IQ, or who associates with those who do so, must be a “white supremacist.”

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negrolocaust #racist

it seems like 90 percent of my life is spent trying to avoid any and all contact with blacks. i have turned it almost into an art form. even driving 20 miles out of my way to get gas where i know there will not be one black at that station. it even angers me to have to drive by them shuffling down the road aimlessly with their behinds hanging out of their pants.

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Strike_Team #racist

[On the "Knockout Game"]

All I know is that it took a jew being attacked to have this make a dent in the national media. That's criminal in itself.

Blacks have been attacking whites like this for decades. Now it has a new name, and white technology, yes whites invented it, allow the animals to record their triumphs for posterity, to show the next generation the way.

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Anonymous #racist

I tell my neocon friends that blacks behave badly today not because they lack fathers, but because they don't fear a violent white backlash like they used to. I said there was a time where if a black guy simply looked at a white person wrong, they'd be pushing up daisies in a heartbeat. Blacks feared whites then. That's why they didn't commit as many crimes and why they sure as hell didn't mess with white people then.

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anarchyst #racist

It's the defective black pathology that fuels the violence that is endemic and part of black culture.
Being "disrespected" calls for immediate action, by fists, knife or gun. Everywhere blacks congregate, there is violence.
In Florida, "young master trayvon" felt that he was disrespected by neighborhood watchman Mr. Zimmerman for asking about his "business" being in that neighborhood. Any ordinary (non-black) person would have explained that he had relatives in the neighborhood and would have been on his way, but not "young master trayvon". In order to regain his "respect" "young master trayvon" was "forced" (by his defective black pathology) to jump Mr. Zimmerman and attempt to murder him.
In a related note, it is no surprise that many towns and cities "close up shop" when black college students "celebrate" their "spring break" week. It is just not worth it to cater to this naturally violent segment of American "society". It is far better to "go on vacation" than to deal with the unruly and violent black hordes.

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Guest #racist

[In response to the claim 'It's not that big a deal anymore that races aren't mentioned in crime stories - they just simply don't even need to anymore. Everyone knows.']

Everyone knows but they don't know the extent. For example, one in three black males, 19 to 29 is in prison. Every one with a rap sheet as long as my arm. Which begs the many of them are not in prison, with rap sheets only half as long as my arm?

Separate hispanics out of white crime stats and basically, white, violent crime is zero.

Covering up these facts is most certainly a big deal. Whites, like the frog slowly being boiled to death in the pot, have not realized how bad it has gotten. Just two generations ago, the average person left their keys in the car (because no one would ever think to steal it) and didn't bother to lock their door at night. A black person stupid enough to come into a white neighborhood got his head beaten in by the cops...if he was lucky enough not to be discovered by white living which case he simply disappeared. Nobody had to watch their children as they were perfectly safe playing in the neighborhood. Often, far away.

Today, I can't even take my niece out for ice cream without feeling the itch to fondle my concealed Glock as various ambiguous thugs float in and out of my personal space.

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Guest #racist

Blacks are like little children who must be constantly supervised lest they get wild and out of control. This explains, in part, why a strong police presence must turn out whenever any public event involving large crowds of Blacks occurs. Even then, the event frequently results in a shooting or some kind of riot or mayhem. And when it does happen, most people are not surprised by it once they learn it involved a large group of Blacks. In contrast, such scenarios rarely occurs when groups of Whites or Asians gather. This is because Whites and Asians have a higher order of culture, less impulsive, more disciplined and obviously more intelligent.

To think that people today still maintain all the races are equal and that there is no significant differences between them, reveals how deeply they have been duped by multi-culturalism. There is an entire mass of Whites who will ignore common sense and what is so obvious before their own eyes in order to maintain the lie that 'We're all equal; we're all the same.'

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François #racist

Blacks who benefit from Affirmative Action do not need to be really intelligent to become lawyers or other well-paid professionnals. That's how such Blacks move up to the upper-middle class. But genetics working how they do, their children will have a low probability of being intelligent. That's how you get dumb upper-middle-class Blacks, in America!

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Stan D Mute #racist

[In response to a comment attacking rock music for its African American origins]

Wow, I missed this. Here goes a VERY overdue reply which likely won't be read..

Negroes never invented an instrument more advanced than beating a hollow log. Therefore any music they make with white technology is at least half white - certainly NOT a product of Africa.

Second, you're missing some enlightening and uplifting compositions. I'd be interested to learn how you equate say RUSH with Afro music. Or ELO, Queen, Triumph, Genesis, Moody Blues, any Prog Rock? The lead singer for Queen recorded an opera. Maybe google "symphonic rock"?

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Jared Taylor #racist

Mr. Taylor gave examples of the absurd sacrifices whites make for non-whites and asked, “can you imagine anyone of any other race going insane in quite the same way?” He then speculated on why whites are so easy for others to put to work for alien interests.

He spoke of the extreme individualism of whites, and also of their unique concern for the interests of others. This concern takes the form of the institutions that are the hallmarks of Western society: freedom of speech, rule of law, respect for women, good sportsmanship, public charity, concern for the environment. These things show a high regard for the interests of others—not just other people but for other species and for unborn generations that will live on our planet.

Mr. Taylor argued that this concern for others has been disastrously perverted, and now requires whites to believe it is their duty to sacrifice their homelands and cultures to other races. He argued that if we are to change the minds of whites, we must realize that we are trying to overthrow the liberal moral paradigm, and that to be successful we cannot simply be right. We must be generous. Arrogance or mean-spiritedness will only drive away our fellow whites and confirm their prejudices about us as selfish, wicked people.

Mr. Taylor concluded with an appeal to duty—that duty is the message we read in all the great achievements of our civilization, in the faces of our sons and daughters, and on the tombstones of our great-grandparents.

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Peter Frost #racist

Through their high capacity for affective empathy and empathic guilt, these Northwest Europeans had an edge in adapting to later cultural environments that would be structured not by kinship but by other ways of organizing social relations: the State, ideology, and the market economy.

This has been one path that leads to advanced societies, but it is not the only one. East Asian societies have pursued a similar path of cultural evolution while having relatively low levels of affective empathy and empathic guilt. They seem to have done so by relying more on external means of behavior control (shaming, family discipline, community surveillance) and by building on cognitive empathy through learned notions of moral duty.

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Nancy Jennings #racist

Never has there been a population more resentful than blacks of being told “what’s good for them.” They already resent the “restrictions” on their EBT cards, and look for any way to cheat the system to get what they want.

Sometimes parents would claim to want something positive–for example, testing for their child so he could qualify for special resource classes–until they realized something was going to be required of them in return. In this case, a home visit by a social worker.

As a brand-new teacher, I was asked to submit names of students who needed special testing, and I obliged. I had no idea what was involved after I turned in those names, but I certainly wasn’t expecting the 300-pound mother waiting for me in the office one morning, yelling about “sending the motherf***ing government” to her house to “spy” on her.

I believe blacks have a different idea of “a balanced life.” “Learning,” “thinking,” “drawing,” “painting,” “singing,” and “working” are considered “white” activities and to be avoided. “Rapping” is not considered “singing.”

“Playing,” however, was a multiracial activity and therefore an acceptable pastime. So was “inappropriate sexual contact.” I discovered three five-year-olds–a boy and two girls–French kissing in the reading corner. When I caught them, the boy smiled and said, “Them my hoes.”

They seemed to live by the idea that “anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess,” so “playing” became their main preoccupation while at school.

However, they had a few other interests in their “balanced” life: fighting, cheating, lying, and stealing.

At this point, only politically incorrect solutions can save our country. Either way, I’ll be putting as much distance as I can between myself and the nearest black population, will start weaning myself from the grid, and have my ammo handy. When the EBT cards finally run out (and we know they will), they’ll come for my goofy liberal Emory friends first.

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Jared Taylor #racist

Miss Pawel, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and editor, is the ideal biographer. She has researched her subject exhaustively. She writes well. She presents her findings objectively and does not pass judgment–so I will: Anyone who reads this book can only conclude that Cesar Chavez was a deceitful, foul-mouthed, philandering, sociopathic egomaniac who pretended to be a saint. And, yes, he had an unusual capacity to attract and inspire people, and worked very hard to start a farm workers union. Only a unique combination of circumstances could have made a hero out of this gifted but odious man: America’s compulsion to throw itself at the feet of non-white figureheads and the relentless liberalism of the 1960, ’70s, and ’80s.

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Jared Taylor #fundie

The liberal façade is all of a piece. It cannot be punctured only in a few safe and convenient spots. That is why its guardians plug every chink with such bloodthirsty zeal. To accept what dissidents call human biodiversity would open the door to everything the regime most piously hates: immigration control, inequality, self-segregation, nationalism, mono-culturalism. Whether he knows it or not, and no matter how hard he denies it, Mr. Wade has taken a match to the entire liberal/modern world view. The next thing you know, someone might say the Civil Rights Act of 1964 should be repealed or that women have no business on submarines.

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Anon #racist

The original arabs were white Christians. Because they felt very much like modern day liberals, a weak, extremely evil group of non-whites was able to first infiltrate them, then butcher them. The men were killed, the women turned into breeding stock and the children turned into slaves. All this just as the Koran explains should be done. The children of these rapes intermixed with the non-white scum and the resulting people were semi-retarded half men. The descendants of the slaves are the only ones who every did anything in the way of civilization among the arabs.
Maybe the arabs will do it? That's another way of saying that maybe our children, after the non-whites murder us and take our women for breed stock, will do these things for their masters.

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bigone4u #conspiracy

MTV is the youth propaganda arm of the SPLC. Both are key players in the New World Order conspiracy that promotes white genocide. The poor brainwashed white youths will either wake up soon or see their already diminishing opportunities usurped by blacks and muds.

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Bill #racist

In those days, it payed to pretend to be American and a "good black". But like in cities, the more of them that get into a sport, the greater the numbers, their true colors come out. And today? Today they don't pretend at all. Not with Obama and Holder in power. Their innate nature and hatred and lack of intelligence or love of country is on full display. We never should have allowed them the vote, and as a nation we ALL should have stood with Gov. Wallace and the few who resisted while the rest of us watched.

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LACountyRedneck #racist

Hammering Hank Aaron. TNB. 80 years old. Surely if his ancestors never came to America he would have had a successful baseball career in Africa and made millions off all the African fans there going to his games, and would have lived to a ripe old age of 45. If it wasn't for Whites, nobody would know who this bantu was, and he would be broke. He'd be a janitor sweeping urine infested dirt in some witch-doctor's hut.

At bats per home runs: 1) Mark McGuire* 10.61. 2) Babe Ruth 11.76....... 35) Hank Aaron 16.38.

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MekongDelta69 #racist

[Larry Johnson floats the idea of an all-black NBA in response to Donald Sperling's racist remarks.]

The NBA used to be majority white. That's when it was civilized. (You know - it went along with AMERICA being civilized.)

It's been 80 something percent black for decades, and like everything else touched by them, it's turned into a dread-wearing, thug-acting, criminal-dominated, rap-idolizing ghetto.

Besides, nobody's stopping him from creating an "all-black NBA." (Then 'our' all-White NBA would become civilized again.) Of course, who would fund their "all-black NBA"?!
[Don't answer. That was a completely rhetorical question!]

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bigone4u #racist

There were quite a few older decent black church goers around when I was growing up in the deep South. They knew their place, meaning they were smart enough to know that they weren't as smart as the white man. Blacks were not as violent in those days. Segregation and serious punishment kept them in line. Not that the older decent ones showed those tendencies anyway. There were also the bad ones.

It's just that today they're mostly all bad--loud, disruptive, disrepectful, dumb as a box of rocks, etc. None of this is against the law, but it is black "microaggressions." Then we have huge numbers of really bad ones. So many more of them today than there used to be. Maybe police dogs, fire hoses, and burning crosses kept them in line. If so, let's bring back the old days.

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kenfrombayside #racist

Over and over, we are force fed propaganda on how "brave" blacks are in the US military and how patriotic they were. It is now offical folklore how the Tuskegee Airman singlehandly cleared the sky of nazi fighters. The reality is much different. British authorities complained to Americans about multiple rapes of white British women by knee grow troops during WWII. Another consequence of blacks in US military uniforms: half black children in Germany, Korea, Vietnam and Japan. Don't believe the propaganda.

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r j p #racist

[Cheerios depicts an interracial family in its Super Bowl commercial.]

If the story was real, mom would be popping out a White baby because she has been cheating on her negro at work with a more intellectually stimulating individual who doesn't require Cheerios to count. Then negro daddy would slay mommy for cheating on him. And mulatto daughter would grow up in foster molestation homes.

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DudeWheresMyCountry? #racist

Actually it is a reality kick for race realism. As much as people will lie, everyone wants a White quarterback. Peyton Manning will be the difference in this game of low IQ Bantus from inner-city ghettos who went to top colleges on your dime and amazingly didn't learn anything except the features of the latest "beats by Dre" headphones running around tackling each other... even in the sports world Blacks are the cattle and Whites make the actual decisions.

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NeanderthalDNA #racist

[About interracial families.]

Disown and forever turn them away. You and I have the right to DISSOCIATE from - and for that matter to HATE - anybody we choose and for whatever reason we choose and NO gubbamint nor high yaller prezzy nor attorney general nor Marxist hepped wannabe John Brown has any right to tell us otherwise.

Sew onto them in your mind an indelible scarlet letter T for TREACHERY, or if you prefer, a big BLACK N for...negro...

And save your folk.

And never, ever give up your guns...

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Tim_in_Indiana #racist

[Cheerios depicts an interracial family in its Super Bowl ad.]

Right, nothing blacks do is ever "hateful," no matter how hateful it actually is, and no matter how many millions of whites are pushed out of their neighborhoods by resentful, high-crime, low-IQ blacks.

The problem is, constant media propaganda has a powerful brainwashing effect on the masses. Never underestimate the powerful psychological effect constant warm and fuzzy depictions of aberrant behavior can have.

That's why whites have to overthrow the MSM, and this includes Hollyweird and television. The Internet makes it possible to shake off the shackles of our media masters, but we need more independent filmmakers out there.

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Kathy M #racist

[Cheerios depicts an interracial family in its Superbowl ad.]

Adorable little girl? What is it? It isn't White. What I see is a Euro/African hybrid. A European who has mixed her genes with the primitive genes of an African. The offspring has a muted nature. It is unnatural.

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John K #fundie

A lot of people thought of Dracula as a monster, but he's a hero to his people and to me (Dracula; Dracul was his father). He knew how to deal with the Muslim hordes the only way they could understand: sheer brutality and violence.

There was a large Muslim army that arrived at the Romanian border for an invasion. They saw Muslims lined up along the border, all impaled on stakes. Their leader said that they could not defeat a man this brutal, and they turned around and went home.

Another time, a Muslim diplomat arrived at Dracula's castle, and refused to remove his turban, stating that it went against his religion. Dracula had it nailed to his head; when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

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Homo_Occidentalis #racist

You'll have to pardon my fatalism, but as a Canadian I perceive only three certainties in life: death, taxes, and continued massive non-white immigration. Though immigration in per capita terms is worse here, the Mohammedans do not form as much of a distinct and important underclass as they do in old Albion. Their influence is more dilute among the sea of other undesirables arriving in the hundreds of thousands every year. Leftism is far too entrenched among the white youth, and contempt for "racialists" ubiquitous. Very little can be done now to prevent a complete racial and cultural replacement of the British peoples.

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Max Krakah #racist

[Re. a woman who was beaten and sexually assaulted by a man whom she gave a ride to the hospital.]

What probably happened was that the black was on the prowl. He was probably monitoring the area waiting for an opportunity. Blacks have a predatory nature. He had a relative in the hospital too, and emotional stress will overwhelm the thin veneer of civilization, the week inhibitions against their real nature. IN Africa, he would think it was normal to go out, kill, rape and then eat someone when he needed to feel better. That is their true nature. They are not just cannibals though, they are spiritual cannibals. They feed off of the pain and suffering they inflict on others. This is why it is the NORM for black crime to be aimed at a random stranger. While white crime almost always involves a conflict and a failure to resolve it, a huge percentage of black crime is random violence, violence for it's own sake, violence for the purpose of PLEASURE or to release tension. As a group, they are feeding off of the havoc and humiliation that the creature in the white house is wreaking.They hate white society and white people because of the strain of living under white norms.

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DudeWheresMyCountry? #racist

Has a White woman ever given birth to a Black baby that wasn't the ugliest thing ever? I would think these dumb women would at least want their offspring to not look like ogres.

Oreo males seem to always be the biggest anti-Whites; I believe sincerely it is because they are deep down bitter and angry that they, a White egg was fertilized by a Black... robbing them of the one thing they wished more than anything... to be White, which as they know they will never be.

When Whites mix with non-Whites as far as I'm concerned their bloodlines go extinct right there.

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Anon #racist

[A 14-year-old black student has been charged with murdering his math teacher.] did not take much "mind boggling hate" to make this happen because his behavior is not deviant. From our point of view would take ALOT to make a white person do this.

But this is normal behavior for blacks. They ALL think like this as their standard mode of thinking. The only thing necessary to set him off was opportunity. Given the opportunity, every single black person with almost no exceptions would do a horrific crime like this.....for fun, if for no other reason.

Meditate on that fact for awhile. Think of the implications of it for what black people are. And then, think on this. You assumed black people were just like us, only different in skin color (although you probably think you know better). You literally couldn't process the truth do to the level of race brainwashing you've been exposed to. You need a reason...a rationalization for white a human being would do something like this.

It literally never occurred to you that the killer isn't human. He is NOTHING like you on the inside. He might as well be a pod person (invasion of the body snatchers). They only look human and perhaps, act human when they know you are looking. However, be vulnerable to them in any way and you quickly discover they are not. This was probably the last thought going through Collen Ritzer's mind as her throat was being slit. She knew they were different. Until that exact moment, she probably didn't know how different.

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Pro_Whitey #racist

[A 14-year-old black student has been charged with murdering his math teacher.]

It's cases like this and the white great-grandmother murdered by her black great-grandson that get me learning why southern states were so adamantly against miscegenation. It creates mulattoes who don't fit well with either whites or blacks, and become resentful of their white relatives, not to mention other whites. You don't want such descendants because they are just a lose-lose proposition.

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rowingfool #racist

I believe that most states had laws against master's abusing their slaves. The popular image exploited by propaganda such as this film is that cruel, white slave masters ruthlessly and relentlessly beat their slaves senseless out of pure sadism. Now why would a man spend $1000 (of 1840's money) on a laborer from whose work he expected to profit and then incapacitate the man? Is it likely that a white man who was cursed with such poor impulse control and had such a flagrant disregard for his own monetary welfare would have even accumulated $1000 to begin with?

In general, the relationship between races on plantations was far more cordial than this movie ["12 Years a Slave"] depicts. Many black slaves were better off than poor southern whites because white laborers could not work as cheaply as slaves and were forced to scrape by as best they could. Thus it was the white laborer and not the wealthy planter who was antagonistic towards blacks. Unfortunately, this movie doesn't present these historical truths and therefore adds nothing of value to understanding the actual daily life of slavery.

And finally, why should we believe that white slave owners raped their black women slaves? It's almost unheard of today for a white man to rape a black woman and it strains credulity to believe that tastes have changed so much that there was any more white on black rape back then.

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Peter Bradley #racist

A Very White World Series

America’s pastime as it used to be.

The 2013 World Series started on Wednesday when the Boston Red Sox beat the St. Louis Cardinals. As it happens, these are the two of the whitest teams in baseball. Of the ten starters for the opening game, eight of the Cardinals were white as were seven of the Red Sox. Boston usually starts eight whites as well but their starting third baseman, Will Middlebrooks, was on the bench for some reason, and his backup is a mulatto Hispanic.

In addition to this being a heavily white World Series, there is almost a complete absence of blacks. The Cardinals have zero American blacks on their entire roster. Boston’s only regular black starter is David Ortiz, and he is the designated hitter (meaning he only hits and does not play in the field). Another starter for Boston, Shane Victorino, is half white and half Asian. St. Louis starts two mestizo Hispanics.

Both managers are white men.

Major League Baseball (MLB) has actually been getting slightly whiter over the past several years and is now about 63 percent white. American blacks make up only about 8 percent of players, and Hispanics are the bulk of the rest. Some Hispanics are mestizo and some are even white, but many are black or mulatto Hispanics from the Dominican Republic. MLB set up fully funded camps there decades ago to develop local talent that will play for much less money than Americans.

But if the last few years are any indication, whites are still the best players. If MLB funded camps for white kids in rural and suburban areas—as it does for inner city blacks—there would be even more whites in baseball.


In one respect, however, this World Series is just like the NBA and the NFL. A black singer warbling the national anthem is now de rigeur at every American sporting event. The opening game of the series was no exception, with Mary J. Blige serenading the mostly white crowd.

Aside from her, more than a few older baseball fans are probably watching this year’s series and fondly remembering the days when America’s pastime was actually American.

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dogbone #racist

Obanana is not the sole cause, and neither is democrat party: It is ALL the politicians and the people who elected them. Obanana is just the most recent imbecile in the spotlight. The military started to get bad around the early 1960s: After Korea.

I was in the Army while Clinton was in power, and blacks ruled the Army. They would gang up and attack whites they didn't like. Many of the white officers tried to get the blacks booted out, but they couldn't without proof of wrong doing. The only acceptable proof was a signed confession and irrefutable physical evidence. Even if a black person confessed, he was taken into counseling and told he didn't have to admit to anything (legacy of slavery), and then he was allowed to retract his confession as if it was never made. Everything is done to keep blacks in the Army. I guess it gives the appearance (on paper) that they are a useful part of society.

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LaSantaHermandad #racist

Whites need to cease being "fair game" and that has to start in their minds. There's a quote on a sign outside the stadium of a High School in Atlantic County NJ that reads "If you think that you're beaten, then you are".

If we are to believe that Mau Mau comprise 13% of the population then we have an overwhelming advantage. It IS true that not all of that 13% are bad people and THEIR only fault is being so cowardly when it come to speaking out against the sociopaths in the Afro population. They're no more culpable than Whites who stand submissively and let themselves be beaten on the streets and forgive Blacks who murder their children e.g the Biehls. Whites are beginning to realize how they've been duped over the last 60+ years and that the agenda has suddenly been ramped up to a much greater degree in the last 10 -15 years.

Despite efforts by the puppet media to silence the truth about what's happening, the Internet and the UK newspapers have made the news readily accessible .
There was a striking video of Cape Buffalo closing ranks to rescue one of their calves who had become the chosen prey of a group of Lionesses. After being tossed about and stomped by the angry buffalo, the Lionesses were forced to give up the hunt.
Even a group of "born to be prey" animals can, on occasion, reach a point where they they decide to change their status on the food chain.
That's definitely something for Whites to consider.

It's frightening that the so called "Justice" system is so intimidated to the point where an unjust verdict be handed down so as to avoid widespread violence from a 13 % demographic.

Imagine if Whites had rioted over the "new trial" for Letalvus Cobbins and Le Maricus Davidson ( I'm confident that everyone here at AMREN knows who those critters are), the overturning of the death sentences for the Carr brothers, or the fact that the two murdering bastards who killed Eve Carson didn't get the death penalty. Even if all of the above were sentenced, it's not a secret that they'll never see the needle. The system deprived the families of the victims the true justice that they deserved because the "system" confident that White people don't riot and drag Black folks out of their cars and beat and rape them and that Blacks DO. How racist is that?!!
White folks. It's time to become Cape Buffalo!

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Dave4088 #racist

This article underscores the serious, potentially murderous, state of race relations in America. Every time a violent black "youth" gets killed in defense of the public by police or self defense by a civilian we must hold our breaths for black riots, violence and general mayhem.

The MSM are nothing more than criminals, liars and propagandists for the anti-racist/anti-white cause. Every word out of their mouths and every word they write is a lie and calculated to further their insidious agenda. Most politicians aren't much better.

Racial segregation is the only humane and sensible solution that would save a great many (white) lives. The alternative is periodic violence and bloodshed.

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MawellAxel #racist

What blacks don't realize is that negro fatigue is reaching critical levels. Black riots over this will push negro fatigue well into the critical level. It will solidify attitude changes amongst white that have been taking place for the past few years as well as make them not only dominant, but outspoken. After these coming riots, whites will OPENLY state thoughts and ideas about blacks that are now "verboten", and they will openly demand segregation or some other means of protecting themselves.