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Evolution Goes into Reverse

In the West, up until the 19th century, rich, powerful men had a lot of children. The top guys probably had good qualities, so when they had a lot of children, the population was improved.

This began to change in the 1870s. Western countries set up welfare programs so that poor people could have children and not starve.

When people with above average traits have fewer children than people with below average traits, evolution goes into reverse.

And it’s definitely happening. This recent paper from Britain is called “Human Capital Mediates Natural Selection in Contemporary Humans.” That’s a fancy way of saying evolution is affected by the traits of people who have children.

The paper used a sample of 400,000+ white people in Britain, and compared the number of children they had to the traits they had — good and bad — as shown by their polygenic scores.


The next generation will have more of the traits to the right of the dotted line, and fewer of those to the left.

The traits most rapidly spreading in the next generation are ADHD, smoking, extraversion, high BMI, and large waist circumference.

To the left are the traits that are being bred out, and at the bottom, being bred out most rapidly, are three measures of intelligence.

The authors of the study are blunt: Consistently over time, polygenic scores associated with lower earnings, education, and health are selected for, and higher earnings, education and better health are selected against.


If this keeps up, Westerners will degenerate to the point that society collapses, there is no more welfare, and evolution will resume its normal direction. Ordinary folks know that the children of most people on welfare are going to be a drag on society. If they had a chance, I bet a lot would vote to give all welfare recipients implantable contraceptives.

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(Chad Wuotan)
I had believed in the idea of diversity. I saw ethnocentricity as the evil that hindered us from living in a multicultural utopia. That to simply “not judge people by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” was all that was needed for racism to disappear and everyone to live in harmony. I learned that this principle sounds nice in theory, but in practicality, it is impossible. Moreover, that wasn’t really what people wanted.

Each of the ethnic student unions called only for increased ethnic pride and solidarity. All of my non-white friends actively embraced their heritage and took pride in their skin color. To embrace racial identity for them was heroic and encouraged. For whites, it was racist and deplorable. Preaching the value of racial diversity to others while pursuing ethnocentrism for themselves was hypocritical at best.

(Grace And Panic)
There’s that phrase again, “judge people by the content of their character not the color of their skin.” To me, this sounds like an admission from MLK the black community is full of bad characters with the exception of a few. The author here also said it was ok for his nonwhite friends to embrace their culture and skin color but not whites. That about sums up that futile statement about “the content of character.”

(Son of the 1st Revolution)
People often misinterpret MLK. He wanted his kids judged by the content of their character. He never said to judge white people by the contents of their character.

(Vox Nihili)
Most whites embrace the concept of judging others as individuals. The problem is other races don't want that anymore, if they ever really did. They support their own regardless of poor behavior, and they dislike whites as a group.

(Jack McGriff)
Content of character was NEVER taken seriously, and that's why it was never mentioned again or cultivated within the negroid race.

It is all about skin color. 100%.

Skin color is your uniform, like it or not.

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Enjoy Columbus Day While You Can

Columbus used to be a hero because he brought white people and Western Civilization to the New Word, but now that makes him a great villain.

I have a better name for the holiday, which preserves the tradition of giving credit to a single man, in this case, an “indigenous person” named Opechancanough. He became chief of the Jamestown colony’s Indian neighbors when his older brother, Powhatan, died. Under Powhatan, whose favorite daughter had married an Englishman, there was peace.

Opechancanough was different. In 1622, he hatched a plot to exterminate every white man, woman, and child. The main population at Jamestown got wind of the plot, but even so, Opechancanough’s men managed to kill about 400 whites, or one-third of the colonists. The Indians had special consideration for George Thorpe, who had tried harder than any other colonial leader to be kind to Indians. In the words of a contemporary, they “did so many barbarous despights and foule scornes after to his dead corpse, as are unbefitting to be heard by any civill eare.”

The slaughter began a year-long war with the Indians, but Opechancanough sued for peace. Amazingly, in 1644, he ordered an identical sneak attack, and managed to kill between 400 and 500 English. This time, the colonists went on to kill so many Indians, including him, that two years later, the Virginia General Assembly noted with satisfaction that the natives were “so routed and dispersed that they are no longer a nation, and we now suffer only from robbery by a few starved outlaws.”

Opechancanough was a patriot and freedom fighter, a defender of his people against the rapacious white man. Rather than celebrating a tame abstraction — indigenous people — let us celebrate a hero who, not just once but twice, tried to save his tribe, his land, and his way of live by exterminating the hated white man. And Opechancanough is exactly the kind of alien, unpronounceable name that best stands for the America of the future.

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RE: Jason Whitlock Attacks Obama, Tells Tucker Carlson Former President ‘Rejects the White Side of His Family’


BlazeTV host Jason Whitlock made a baffling comment about former President Barack Obama on Fox News Thursday night.

I saw that last night. It was only "baffling" to Josh Feldman of Mediaite.

A bi-racial man with a white mom, who demonizes the white race, has serious Oedipal issues. Freud would have been salivating at the prospect of analyzing him.

If there is so much white privilege why does bi-racial Obama identify as black?

Maybe because “white” Obama could not have gotten into Harvard. Undergrad or law school.

He certainly would not have been President if he was considered white.

(A. Ryan)
This is nothing new as there are plenty of examples of mulattoes rejecting their white side. This is probably for the best because black genetic traits are dominant, and they wouldn't pass as white in society. If any person is to blame, it is Barack's mother for being a mudshark.

Barry's race-hustling career was 100% based on affirmative action, so it's logical he'd self identify as a Negro

Actually all American blacks should thank the slavers who brought their ancestors here. But, they won’t.


I’ve often noticed this attitude seems pretty common among mulattoes for some reason. Talk about ungrateful.

Halle Berry is a good example of this. She said her award was for all of "the nameless, faceless, women of color. Her white mother who raised her solely by herself, was sitting in front of her in the first row of of the auditorium. Her black father was never in the picture.

(Occidentale Lumen)
The half-breeds are among the worst. Obama is archetypal.

As a symptom of our plight, there is now no status to be gained for a mixed-race person to claim or even acknowledge the White side. We have become moral pariahs in our own land.

Which is why we need a new one. All our own.

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A former African slave is telling Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory advocates that they need to go back to school to understand what is happening in Africa today and to learn that the United States offers them unique opportunities that they are unlikely to find elsewhere.

Bol Gai Deng is a former slave and South Sudan presidential candidate.

“I believe Black Lives Matter does not understand what is going on in Africa, they don’t know what is going on around the world,” Deng explained.

The people who write the big checks for blm know exactly what’s going on over there and profit just as much from it as they do the stupidity of American blacks.

(Robert Kelly)
If white men disappeared from the face of the Earth, slavery would make a roaring comeback. Women's rights would be next on the chopping block.

(Curse of Ham)
Ironically it is suffrage and allowing Blacks to be our equals that has detsroyed us.

Whites ended slavery not invented it, as simple as that.

That is a great succinct answer to anyone on the anti White band wagon.


I hear that a lot of African blacks have a lot of contempt for American blacks. Is that true?

They consider them lazy.

Same in the Caribbean and West Indies. There was even a public service TV commercial: don't hate American blacks, don't call them lazy, it's racist, etc. I saw it on local television there.

They consider them to be a bunch of whiners and that they've wasted opportunities given to them, etc. The standard of living Americans blacks enjoy is light years ahead of what nearly any African has.

(Ivbin band)
The standard of living American blacks have today is higher than the standard of living that I experienced growing up in the 1950s and 1960s. Even the most poverty-ridden black "family" has food on the table (unless the money is spent on drugs, vice and alcohol) and air conditioning. Every black should thank God every day that his/her ancestors were brought here.

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RE: FBI: Murders Up 4,901 in 2020, Black Share of Known Murder Offenders Reaches Record 56.5%

The black to non-black murderer ratio is higher than the male to female ratio.

(American Plague)

If you use the more expansive figure of 14.2% for black population, then the ratio of black known murder offenders to nonblack ones in 2020 was 8.4 to 1. (If you use the more restrictive 12.4%, you get a ratio of 9.8 to 1.)

Incredibly, even the lower (at least part-black) ratio of 8.4 to one is a little higher than the per capita male to female known murder offender ratio of 7.5 to 1.

We need to get these numbers up! While some whites may be lost, the majority are killing their own kind, which would be good in the long run.

(Gabby Mouse)

Imagine if blacks were approximately 50 percent of the population? I wonder what their share of the homicide rate would be? That's a scary thought.

And some people here are still against abortion. I'm against it for Whites except for rape and if the mother would die, but the blacks, browns, and yellows can have at it all they want.

(Jack McGriff)
Blacks can't handle living in a civilization as advanced as White countries. That's a fact. It's like the curse of a poor person winning the lottery because in addition to it being unearned and thus not respected, the person isn't grateful and doesn't have the mental faculties to handle the windfall, inevitably destroying their life.

(Ilya Muromets)
Exactly right. I always thought the White man's laws & civilization are the black man's burden. They all need to go back to the law of the jungle, which they're accustomed to.

The law of survival of the fittest, which lies heavily on mental creativity, favored the White European. But he blew it allowing the negriods & Asians to share in his medical, mechanical, electronic, & other scientific marvels.

All because of the greed of the White leaders.

Vyncennt & Reuben H #pratt #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Swedish Minister: Authorities Failed to Tackle Crime Because They ‘Didn’t Want to Be Seen as Racist’


Swedish Interior Minister Mikael Damberg has admitted that some of the country’s burgeoning gang-related problems were not properly tackled before due to the authorities’ fear of being seen as racist.

“Before, there was an anxiety to describe some problems, they did not want to be seen as racist and so on”, Damberg told the newspaper Aftonbladet.

It's almost as if 3rd world ferals, who have created 3rd world cultures in all of their 3rd world countries since the dawn of recorded history, might recreate those very same 3rd world cultures regardless of which piece of dirt they're squatting on...


(Reuben H)
So they're finally admitting to the cancer they've imported into their midst, and their proposed solution? Spread the cancer around (integration) and extort higher taxes from Native Swedes (to pay for an increased police presence).

I somewhat understand the need for de-segregation. After all, it must be inconvenient for those migrants to have to travel to other neighborhoods to find Native Swedish women and girls to rape. It's a violation of their human rights, and the government owes it to them to place victims closer to these poor men.

Not only that, but each time a migrant is forced to travel in order to rape a Native Swede, there's a carbon cost; it contributes to Climate Change. It's far more environmentally responsible to have the victims and perpetrators in close proximity.

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RE: ‘Big Brother’ Star Tiffany Mitchell Says It’s Not Her Job to Explain to Fans Why Her All-Black Alliance Wasn’t Racist

You just can't win with Negroes in these matters. You are a de facto racist just for being white but blacks can openly practice racism all they want because with them, it isn't really racism.


“It is unfortunate that they don’t see the bigger picture. Unity is welcomed in all other communities and cultures when people come together except for in the African-American culture.”

Negro Logic.™

Are. You. Freaking. Kidding. Me. Blacks coming together is all we hear about nowadays. Now whites coming together? RACIST! WHITE SUPREMACIST! CANCEL THEM! KILL THEM!

For those scratching their heads wondering what the background to this story is, check out Big Bruthah’s Group Evolutionary Strategy, by Travis LeBlanc, over at Counter-Currents.

"Big Brother announced their cast for Season 23. There are 16 housemates, and six of them are black. Guess what happened next? If you guessed that the six black contestants formed an alliance in order to vote off all the non-black contestants so as to guarantee that a black person would win the season, then you guessed correctly."

Basically our enemies have the correct response to being called ‘racist’ and we don’t.

‘Who cares’? And ‘not my problem’ are the response whites should have used back in the ‘50s and ‘60s when we were being called racist.

If someone calls me ‘racist’ they have declared themselves to be my enemy therefore what they think is irrelevant. We also see someone even denying the existence of ‘reverse racism’ when in fact if is ‘racism’ itself that doesn’t exist. The concept of ‘racism’ is just a scam to get white people to share their civilization with non-whites. The failure to recognize this scam/attack against will lead to our downfall.

Making laws to prove we aren’t ‘racist’ should have never been an option.

Envita #conspiracy #homophobia #pratt #racist #sexist #wingnut amren.com

American females tried forcing their black man shagging ideals on the world.
Thank God it didn't work.
American females tried forcing their LGBT agenda on the world.
Thank God it failed yet again.
American females are now trying to force anal sex on infants too.
Hopefully that fails as well.
The Muslims are the good people in comparison
The american females are the demons, the communists, the socialists and vampires of all those around them.

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The evidence that genes influence intelligence and other personality traits is so overwhelming that even a few lefties no longer deny it. But, oh, how they agonize over how to reconcile science with the religion of equality.

As The Genetic Lottery’s cover proclaims, the book will explain “how the science of genetics can help create a more just and equal society.” Since it’s all a matter of luck, the lucky few should be just as devoted as ever to succoring the unlucky many.

This is the sort of fluff with which liberals (and even conservatives) must sugar the pill, and all snideness aside, I’m very glad Prof. Harden wrote a book that could prompt more accusations that she is lending comfort to the alt-right.

Much of the thrill of being on the Left is an intoxicating sense of moral superiority, the joy of inventing endless pathologies — racist, sexist, xenophobe, etc. — with which to diagnose conservatives.

But what if Prof. Harden is right and America is not so much a crime scene as a story of good luck and bad luck?

Let’s imagine explaining to white suburban mothers why there has be Section 8 housing in their neighborhood:

"Yes, these people live in tar-paper shacks because they’re shiftless, but the poor dears were born that way. You live in nice houses because you are smart and hard-working but you were born that way. And they will bring crime, but they can’t help that."

If that’s the best the Left can do, there won’t be any Section 8 housing. Or affirmative action or reparations or critical race theory or immigrant-coddling or diversity boosting or any of the other dead weights progressives hang around our necks.

I wish Prof. Harden every success with her book. And who knows? Maybe The Genetic Lottery will make it a little less likely we get idiotic laws such as No Child Left Behind or that we try to turn Afghans into Hubert Humphrey Democrats. We may still lather Quanisha and Juan Pablo with preferences, but the frenzy to make them into doctors and jet pilots may cool.

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RE: The Moral Panic About Eugenics Poses a Threat to Abortion Rights

"If eugenics truly is a slippery slope, then the Left should join the Right in enforcing bans on abortion."

(Macedonian American)
This is one of those topics that the left absolutely refuses to acknowledge. Literally their only rebuttal is always some form of calling you racist. If Black people didn't get abortions, they would be about 25% of the population right now. And White people would already be the minority. Because of this I have always been wondering what the real DNC plan is for Black and Hispanic people. They know demographics are destiny. They know they would have basically solidified their power for decades to come if they didn't' allow abortions. Or are they just that morally bankrupt that allowing the murder of children is worth the wait of total control?

DNC doesn't want blacks anymore then anyone else does really, they want Hispanics. Oh they will use blacks as they have been for years since Feminism gave the black voting block so much power the last 5 decades but the ultimate goal is Hispanics, socialism and a bit less aggressiveness then blacks bring with them. Watch as the next few years they switch their priorities to Hispanics as they take over key areas.

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Re: Oklahoma Reels After Supreme Court Ruling on Indian Tribes


Kyle Willis hadn’t seen Kimberly Graham in years, since the day she was sentenced to 107 years in prison after she drunkenly plowed her truck into a group of motorcyclists in Tulsa, killing five people, including his mother and stepfather.

So it was a shock when he saw her at a court hearing last month, a free woman. Graham, who is Native American, was let out of prison in April after a Supreme Court decision last year that found that a large part of eastern Oklahoma is still Indian country. Crimes there were the province of federal and tribal courts.

Aren't there any politicians who simply refuse to comply with this madness? Our claim to authority over this land is ultimately by right of conquest. Why don't be act like it.

(Law and Order)

If this ruling applies only to crimes committed against other Indians, fine. If it applies to Indian crimes against Whites, that's a problem.

It applies in both cases.

Frankly, don't care what an injun does to a white in the rez. They have no biz being there. No different than a white going to an African country. You are taking chances.

(Lewis Wetzel)
Let's change this ridiculous reservation system where the Federal govt. props up these welfare recipients. I live on a reservation, and you can hardly find a "working" Indian. Change it just like the left wants to re write our history.

(Jack McGriff)
Can Whites have a reservation too? Or nah because White ethnostates be racist an she it?

There are so many Indian ethnostates in the USA I wonder if we could lease some of that land or even buy a reservation ourselves? Indians love money and the White man's clothes, technology, and shiney trinkets.

(Law and Order)
I have listened to injun programs in community radio stations in California and Arizona and they always blab about protecting their culture. But when a white says the same, it's racism.

The Conservative Monster #psycho #racist amren.com

Seeing this disgusting desecration of American history by these savages who should have been deported centuries ago, makes me believe only one thing is necessary. Overthrow our government and then Deport every Negro and Mexican in this country and if that doesn't work then it is time for Civil War. We need to treat black lives matter and all of the nonwhites living here like the Taliban treats everyone. We need to take over the United States, the government, the military, and make this happen before we become not a Third World country but even worse. A country that is left with only tribalism and 15 different languages with each culture, nationality, language, fighting against each other for food, water, medicine, and basic human survival.

None & connorhus #crackpot #dunning-kruger #psycho #racist #wingnut amren.com

You touched on many points but missed THE point. From the World Wars until now, the world population has gone from 2 billion people to nearly 8 billion "people" mostly because of children surviving to adulthood in China, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Google a map of population density and you immediately see THE point. Although these people use resources, they do not create them. They eat, but do not produce food. Mostly, the children survive because White people have such advanced technology, we can create and bring them food even when there are no roads and no electrical grid to preserve food using refrigeration.

Afghanistan is not about which group of White people control the region, Russian or US. It is not about the "Taliban". There is no Taliban. This is one of the points you mentioned but failed to grok. There is no organized military or attempt at control of the region. Just a handful of fools riding a limited number of motorbikes with a few gallons of gas and smiling for the camera. The claim is audacious and similar to saying there is a gang of four or five high school dropouts with 2 guns and a car in the driveway that does not run claiming they control New York City. Just a lie.

So what is true? We have roughly 6 billion fools who are longer being fed by White people, who are about to die within weeks in a disaster no one imagined possible.

The goal, and this goes waaaay back to the British Empire, was to teach these people to at least grow food. They can't.

Now what.

Now they prey on each other and scream for other White people to send them aid, which we will do, and then tell us how evil we are. Will never stop until there are no longer enough Whites left to carry the non-White world. Just chalk this up to another useless area like Chicago or South Africa and keep in mind the meter just moved a bit further to collapse.

Various Commenters #dunning-kruger #elitist #psycho #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Indian vs. Black: Vigilante Killings Upend a South African Town

Racial harmony in the Rainbow Nation.

I would watch this on PPV. Beats most of the recent stuff on PPV.

I have never known anyone who was neither white nor black who liked blacks.

Nobody likes them. Including themselves. They kill more of their own kind than anyone else does.

(Francis Galton)
Indians and blacks kill each other in black-ruled South Africa, and they still try to pin the blame on whitey. The most ridiculous example of that I have ever seen is in Adam Rutherford's book How to Argue with a Racist. He blamed Whites for the Rwandan genocide of one group of blacks by another group of blacks.


As far as I remember, it was already used in 1998 (?) in the campaign against the then Yugoslavia, guilt ridden Bill Clinton who was blamed for overlooking tha massacre in Rwanda decided to right the wrong in Yugoslavia.

Well, the way I heard it went down was like this - the US went into the Balkans to protect and help all the White Europeans, while they left the African blacks to fend for themselves in Rwanda, because they didn’t care about black lives, because at the time black lives DIDN’T matter as the do now in our more enlightened, woke times. They didn’t care about black bodies (Ah! Ah!) but they did about White Bodies. See how it’s capitalized, conveying respect?

(San Francisco Cynic.... )
Indians managed to succeed in a hostile environment DESPITE the restrictions of apartheid, thanks to significantly higher intelligence than Blacks. I visited South Africa while Apartheid was still the law and saw first-hand how Indians successfully seized opportunities and managed to improve their lot within one generation. Blacks -lacking compassion or a talent for self-reflection - lash out at ANYONE who is able to succeed since on a deep level they recognize their own ingrained inadequacy. It's why they HATE the success of Asians in the US.

Gregory Hood #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #pratt #racist #wingnut amren.com

Mencius Moldbugman

The Taliban have started painting over murals left behind from the American occupation. Here they paint over one mural depicting St George Floyd and replace it with proclamations of victory.

The Globalist American Empire really was painting images of George Floyd in Kabul.

A pro-black account posts the following, featuring James Baldwin:

Dear white people, we are not the minority. You are.

Yes, we are a global minority. That is why we must ensure our survival.

A transgender socialist, “Contrapoints,” is in trouble for knowing about the work of Helmut Schoeck, who wrote about envy. If you’re not watching far-left YouTubers, it’s not important, but it shows that on the left, knowing about certain people or citing them favorably is a moral failing.

Another interesting exchange from leftist YouTube. Apparently, slaughtering whites is a topic for debate.

Critical Race Theory should be taught in school. Whites should learn that those in power oppress them. Those promoting CRT don’t understand that they are part of the ruling system, not rebels against some mythical pro-white Establishment. They’re on Twitter; we’re banned.

A progressive says the quiet part out loud:

A reminder that if white people couldn't vote, the US House map would look something like this


Even if you are a self-hating white who talks about “decolonialism,” you won’t get any credit.

A. H.

Just saw a white person call another white person ‘decolonial’ as an adjective as a compliment. As in, “you are beautiful and decolonial,” and no my fellow whites. Absolutely fucking not.

It’s worth reading. White leftists can grovel all they want; it won’t do them any good.

Finally, a refreshingly direct insult.

samer #SaveSheikJarrah

White people are truly a cancer everywhere they go

Clearly, it’s whites’ fault that South Africa is such a mess.

Various Commenters #elitist #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Genetic and Environmental Contributions to IQ in Adoptive and Biological Families with 30-Year-Old Offspring

Dismal result for environmentalists.

Environmentally mediated effects of parental IQs, sibling-specific shared environment, and gene-environment covariance accounted for 8% of the IQ variance in adulthood. The heritability was estimated to be 0.42 [95% CI 0.21, 0.64]. Together, these findings provide further evidence for the predominance of genetic influences on adult intelligence over any other systematic source of variation.

This explains why Head Start and No Child Left Behind failed to close the race gap. Nevertheless, liberals continue to pretend that more white dollars will create more black scholars. The fact that they try to suppress the findings and assertions of heriditarians and race realists tells me that they do not believe their propaganda. If they wee really confident that the right environment (controlled of course by them) would improve black academic performance they would welcome a candid and honest debate on this topic.

(Fed Up)
Learning and intelligence depends on the BRAIN and how well a child can actually learn. White children have a genetic advantage based on a better brain and related upbringing. How many black children have parents who actually take an interest in their cognitive abilities and scholastic standing? My parents insisted I learn and learn what teachers taught. That lack of an education is equivalent to the "kiss of death" when as an adult, I'd be looking for a job or a career path.

(De ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Doc)
Modern day social engineers will deny this newest study and double down on a myriad of useless, but costly, programs designed to raise the IQs of POCs.

(Gabby Mouse)
If the brain cells simply aren't there, they aren't there.

It's been obvious throughout history that the brain cells aren't there. Just compare the white countries with the black countries. It's SO obvious!

RockaBoatus #crackpot #homophobia #pratt #racist #wingnut amren.com

Down's Syndrome is a mental-biological defect whereas being gay or lesbian is perverted choice, a deviant 'lifestyle' that are the result of different influences perhaps early in childhood.

One of the clearest indications that homosexuality isn't 'normal' is that the parts don't match, and one cannot reproduce through a homosexual union. Nature always wants to carry on its seed for the purpose of species survival, and homosexuals and lesbians are unable to do this.

No 'gay gene' has yet been proven, although homosexuals often pretend as if it has.

Since they cannot reproduce, they must recruit. It's another indication that the movement is not biologically-based and runs counter to the natural order of things. The parts don't match and one cannot reproduce through the act.

I fail to see how it's a choice?

There is no concrete evidence that homosexuality is biological or genetic. It's one of a plethora of sexual dysfunctions and deviant behavior that humans engage in, and a sane society neither 'celebrates' it nor condones it because of the moral effects on society, including the break down of the family structure.

So should we do away with kissing, caressing, fellatio etc?

Whatever one chooses to do with their heterosexual spouse should be kept private, and no cultural movement should ever be created around one's sexual proclivities - and yet this is precisely what gays do.

No "intelligence gene" has been found so far too, but that doesn't mean it isn't there

I'm sorry, but there is far more evidence and rational for intelligence being genetic and having a biological foundation than gay sexual practices. I'm not denying early childhood influences and cultural pressure, but that's not the same as it being genetic in origin.

Jared Taylor #racist #wingnut amren.com

Twenty years of fighting in Afghanistan ended in a humiliation. Our rulers refuse to understand that human groups are different.

You won’t find the Japanese or the Mexicans trying to turn other people into something they aren’t.

I thought having colonies was supposed to be one of the worst things the white man ever did. How was what we were doing not colonialism?

Were they supposed to fight for a puppet government propped up – for 20 years – by infidel colonists?

Whatever you think of the Taliban, they are real Afghans, ready to die for Allah and to get the hated Americans off their backs. You might even call their victory a kind of consensus democracy on the battlefield.

Do you remember the hilarious attempt to require all school districts in America to get students of all races to perform at the same level? I guess the idea was to turn everyone into Asians. Of course, it was a complete failure. In 2015, morons in Congress replaced it with a new law will turn turn José and Shaniqua into computer programmers. Believe it or not, it’s called the “Every Student Succeeds Act.”

Of course, now we are all in a moral panic because we left behind tens of thousands of Afghans who sold their souls to us. We couldn’t turn Afghans into Americans in Afghanistan, so we’ll just try it here. The Swedes have been trying to turn Afghans into Swedes. Instead, they have the highest rape rate in Europe.

In Kabul, burkas are suddenly high fashion. One costs ten times more than it did last week. *You* may not like it, but if Afghans want to throw blue sheets over their women isn’t that their business?

When our soldiers finally come home, I have a different job for them: Stop the invasion of a quarter of a million people swarming across our Southern border every month! Isn’t the army supposed to stop invasions? But, no, they can’t do that, because everyone knows Guatemalans and Salvadorans will learn broken English and drink Coca Cola, and that will make them as American as you and I.

Gregory Hood #racist #wingnut amren.com

The War Comes Home

There isn’t an “Afghanistan.” It is a patchwork of tribes. The United States tried to impose an artificial “national” government.

America should never have tried to turn them into proto-Americans.

Indeed, we can’t even turn refugees into Americans. The most prominent “refugee” in America is Ilhan Omar. She said 9/11 was “some people did something,” and brags, “This is not going to be the country of white people.” Tucker Carlson says she’s proof our country is “not very good at resettling refugees.” The Hmong, another “allies” imported after Vietnam, have been a disaster for America and a burden on social services.

Whites are second-class citizens. The “American” government discriminates against us, “American” schools shame our children, the government hands out contracts by race, and anti-white mobs tear down our history. Media and academia have successfully broken many whites to the point they have a negative bias against their own group. “American” law enforcement is selective. Corporate America funds Black Lives Matter and other anti-white movements. If this were happening to any other group, many Republicans would say it justified military intervention in the name of human rights.

Is the system that rules us worth defending? No. If that makes me a “traitor,” I would say only that there is nothing to betray. Our rulers have already betrayed us.

Reporters brag about getting the military to purge white soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who had a racial consciousness. The military teaches Critical Race Theory. General Mark Milley was telling Congress why we had to study “white rage.” He should have been studying intelligence reports on the Taliban.

After 9/11, it was common to mock the idea of a “War on Terror,” How do you fight an idea? No one is mocking the fight against “hate.”

We should talk openly of secession That is how this country began.

If the last few weeks have taught us anything, it’s that a strong tribe can outlast a failing empire.

H.Himmler #conspiracy #pratt #racist amren.com

Blacks, as we know, are far more likely to commit crime, especially violent crime, murder and rape. Add to this their exceptional stupidity, and you now have before you the perfect group of people useful as a tool. Perpetually suffering, agitated and easily manipulated, the 2% tribe are using these animals as a means to strip WHITES of OUR rights. Don’t you see this?

When Fentanyl Floyd overdosed and died, one and only ONE thing made it into something it wasn’t (newsworthy), the MEDIA. The media, which is unquestionably, irrefutably owned, controlled and dominated by tribal interests, write the script for the black narrative, and they play them like the worthless animals they are, whipping them into violent frenzy with a single “news” story. In turn this creates a “defund the police” movement, which, after the apes, as expected, spike their crime rates through the roof, leads to a call for INCREASED POLICE FUNDING...

So we’re going to become a police state, eventually surrendering all rights, all at the hands of the tribe and their violent, worthless pets.

Various Commenters #dunning-kruger #homophobia #racist #transphobia #wingnut amren.com

RE: The Dip in the US Birthrate Isn’t a Crisis, but the Fall in Immigration May Be

This whole premise is the great replacement as if it is a positive. Why would any American want to increase migration from africa? Or any foreign country at that? If the immigrants are not white there is no need to allow them in. Maybe if there was not unlimited access to abortion the scales would have changed? Or if there was not such a push to make all men think they are better off being girls or gay? The societal norms being pushed for the last few decades have had a terrible impact on the birth of children. Claiming that humans are killing the earth by our mere existence adds to the negative perception of children. The author wants to make America something it isn't and that it should never be if it wants to survive.

(Brent Hollingsworth)
But I thought this is a Systemically Racist and White Supremecist run country. You would think the Africans would think twice and the promoters of this question their motives for advising such..

Bottom line: accelerate the destruction by bringing in more savage troops for the race war, and probably Muslim ones.

(De ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Doc)

In the longer term, more immigrants are likely to come from sub-Saharan Africa, and it will be important for America’s demographic future to attract, welcome and retain them.

Huh??? Is he insane? As a statistics guy he probably knows of the IQ dearth in that part of the world. Does he really think the magic soil proposition is for real? This prescription only transplants SSA to other parts of the world.

Various Commenters #elitist #pratt #racist #sexist #wingnut amren.com

RE: How a More Diverse Population Will Change America


"Ordinary Americans predict a white backlash."

I see no sign of that happening.

They have to blame white people for the increase in crime and destruction of social trust. How else are they going to prevent everyone else from noticing who commits most of the violent crime? Look at the "Stop Asian Hate" campaign. It is usually blacks committing random attacks on Asians yet the movement blames white supremacy for the crime.

(De ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Doc)
Patricia Kenny, one of the cherry picked, foolish voices for this WaPo article, opines:

“Diversity is the lifeblood of a healthy nation. “

Diversity is the the lifeblood of nations? Like the Mongolian empire of yore? Or the Austrian-Hungary Empire? Or the USSR? Or the British Empire? Funny how diversity saved none of those super-national entities.

“Diversity of culture brings new ways of thinking and problem solving. It is not a surprise that many of our Nobel winners and inventors are immigrants or the children of immigrants.”

Of the 900 Nobel laureates 20% are Ashkenazi Jews and a huge chunk of others, until more recent times, were of White European descent. Diversity is fairly narrow, when it comes to very high IQs. The immigration status is a moot point, as far as Nobel prizes go, since that characteristic contributes little to such successes.

A real White backlash would mean Whites having large families again and not miscegenating and encouraging more European immigration to our shores. We need MORE White people. Period!

For a young white person it seems to be a social obligation to marry a nonwhite and have half white kids.

Young urban white women, especially. Men.. less so, but they do they are inclined to Asian women for very obvious reasons... young urban white women.

Carney3 #crackpot #racist amren.com

RE: British Imperialism Didn’t Destroy India

India not only has a low average IQ, it also handicapped itself after independence with crackpot economic policies, derived from a mix of Gandhi, Lenin, and European socialists. This wasn't as bad as the maximum insanity of Maoism in nearby China, but the Chinese have a higher IQ and woke up from their economic kookery sooner, back in the 80s. India only started emerging from its long slumber in the 1990s.

India's problems are not caused by the British, nor by failure to industrialize. India's problems are caused by animalistic over-breeding and the overpopulation plaguing India.

No. If India had the IQ of China, it would not be the mess it is. If India had half the population it has now, it would still be a mess as long as the cross section of IQ remained the same, or worse compared to now.

India's failure was its caste system and its overpopulation both of which are still holding it back today.

Overpopulation really isn't a thing - there's only overpopulation of those with IQs too low to enable innovation to keep up with population levels.

In my opinion, Hinduism is too other-worldly, such as wasting time sitting under a lotus tree seeking enlightenment. Gurus taking advantage of the naive. Gods and goddesses morphing into other gods by the hundreds. I just don't get it. Nice festivals, though.

It was extremely useful for the ruling elites, because it said that anyone born into privilege deserved it by being virtuous in a previous life, while anyone born into misery in this life also deserved by having been evil in a previous life.

At least Christianity, while it often upheld hierarchy as divinely sanctioned, also affirmed that even an emperor was born guilty of original sin.

Hinduism enabled pure contempt for the lower orders and pure arrogance by, and groveling subservience to, the elites.

Various Commenters #psycho #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: West Texas Becomes Latest Border Battleground


“It’s become the wild, wild, West again”

Of course. We do have to be ‘tolerant’ of nonwhites, don’t we? Isn’t that how it works? Nothing has changed regarding race relations in 400 years. . . Except our numbers decline while their’s increases. It’s getting more difficult for our leaders to send out yet more whites oblivious to the dangers and to what has gone before.

(Scientific Realist)
In Saudi Arabia they amputate the hand of someone who is found guilty of theft. Thieves who get caught stealing twice will end up permanently disabled. Consequently, Saudi Arabia has one of the lowest theft rates in the entire world.

The American government should learn from the Arabs and likewise treat illegal border crossers with the harshest penalty possible, which would send a strong message to potential illegal aliens and cause them to think twice about migrating illegally. What should be done? Send any illegal alien to a penal camp for life where they work tirelessly for sixteen hours a day for seven days a week. They could never get a pardon or ever get out. Harsh as this idea is, it would virtually eliminate the illegal alien problem.

Yeah, we got a ranch 100 miles West of San Antonio. And I wish we didn`t. Totally my spouses property and her "quiet place". Though we haven`t had this happen yet, I know it`s only a matter of time. First thing, I would never never ever leave guns and ammo in the house. Because I want a fighting chance of being the only one with firepower when I pull up. Knowing I`ll be outnumbered either three or five or eleven to one. What I hate most, is laying down to sleep knowing that we are actually more vulnerable than at an isolated highway rest stop at 4am.

Seems like property owners could use their own discretion about ridding their property of these invaders. Just be sure to bury the evidence and no one will ever know.

Various Commenters #racist #sexist #wingnut amren.com

RE: White Woman in Viral Video Says She Had No Choice but to Call Police on Black Bird-Watcher

"Is this guy going to lure my dog over and try to hit him with his bike helmet?"

(San Francisco Cynic....)
Any New Yorker with a brain would recognize the danger inherent in contact in Central Park between a slim, White woman alone when approached by a single Black strange male who offers her dog a treat. How about PLAYING THE ODDS? Elementary statistics dictate she was ABSOLUTELY correct to be fearful. If it had been a single Asian man who approached her we get a completely different set of odds. She behaved the way any reasonable woman SHOULD behave. And now she's lost her job and become a pariah. The self-righteous blathering of the media is maddening.

Remember that he said "Look, if you're going to do what you want, I'm going to do what I want, but you're not going to like it" while calling her dog over. Sounds like a thinly veiled threat to me no matter what his race.

But Amy Cooper then stands there with her dog in her arms while she calls 911 on her cell phone. She should have been running.

(J. R.)

They're STILL talking about this nonsense?!

Well, they ruined this woman's life. It could happen to any woman you know. Just out walking her dog. Here comes a black man giving her orders and then sticking a phone in her face to document her obedience and behavior. No matter what she does now, it will be spun as racist and her life is over.

"He is often in the Ramble and asks for dogs to be leashed to preserve the area's environment. He carries treats with him to get owners to leash their dogs because they don't want their dog eating treats from a stranger."

Battle of the victim-groups.
I can’t be bothered to care.

Anytime there is a dispute and the black person is portrayed as an innocent victim, you know the story is false.

The fact this minor story is national news just proves how unusual white-on-black attacks actually are.

Anonymous Californian #racist #wingnut amren.com

Proud to Be Gay and Proud to Be White

As a lesbian, I am supposed to be a band in Jesse Jackson’s rainbow. And for most of my life, I believed the left’s rhetoric about identity politics, voted Democrat, and supported the liberal agenda.

Growing up in Los Angeles, I attributed the racial conflicts I experienced to black oppression — when blacks called me “blondie” and pushed me around, they were venting legitimate frustration, given their history as victims of the system. When Watts burned, I rationalized: Years of police brutality had caused the riots, not the blacks themselves. Even as late as the 1980s I was still buying it.

I can think of three events that finally pushed me out of the rainbow. The first was President Clinton’s speech about the demographic future of America in which he rejoiced at the impending demise of the white majority. Although I rejected my own reaction at the time as racist, the words that came to my mind were “traitor to his race.”

The second was a job I nearly lost out on because I was white. The man who hired me told me he had been instructed to hire a “person of color.” To his credit, he disobeyed his supervisor and hired the most qualified candidate. A friend wasn’t so lucky. During a job interview she was told, without apology, that only blacks would be hired.

And third was the O.J. Simpson verdict.

As a lesbian, I can count on one hand the number of times I have been verbally harassed because I am gay. As a white person it has been an entirely different story. I have white lesbian friends who have been raped by black men; white gay male friends who have been beaten up by Hispanic gangs (in one case my friend died); and numerous straight white friends whose “quality of life” has been reduced by blacks and other people of color.

I am still uneasy with many aspects of the movement as I try to reconcile being a proud gay person with being a proud white person. But when push comes to shove, my guess is that race trumps sexual identity.

Gregory Hood #racist #wingnut amren.com

Ashli Babbitt died for someone who wasn’t worthy of her sacrifice. That doesn’t make her less of a martyr. It makes her death even more tragic.

Very dangerous? Not as dangerous as being shot in the neck. Or telling blacks everywhere that they are victims of white racism and wondering why crime skyrockets.

What happened in Haiti explains why Southerners feared emancipation. The centuries since have proved them right.

Haiti is not important to us. To quote President Joe Biden: “If Haiti just quietly sunk into the Caribbean or rose up 300 feet, it wouldn’t matter a whole lot in terms of our interest.” (Imagine if I said that.)

Plenty of BIPOC tell us to go back to Europe.

Oh wait, we can’t do that. We have no homeland. Wherever you are, my European brothers and sisters, we are in this together.

Here is today’s reminder that American institutions aren’t opposed to racial identity or even racial nationalism. They are just opposed to them for whites.


when white people adopt indigenous babies, like me, they attempt to assimilate us and use us for money… do you know what happens when you cant enroll so theres no money to be had

Is she saying that whites adopt Indian babies so they can enroll in a tribe and get handouts? How’s this for a solution? No interracial adoptions.

every time y'all say "learn queer history" y'all just mean white people and it's very blatant lmao

You can wave all the pride flags you want, white homosexuals aren’t part of the Coalition of the Oppressed.

A group of “Moors,” black nationalists who repudiate American law and institutions, recently had an armed standoff with police. Police did not gun them down or treat them like Randy Weaver. The incident ended peacefully and got little media coverage.

You may have missed the story about a reported associate of the “Not Fucking Around Coalition” who shot an officer.

Gregory Hood #racist #wingnut amren.com

England Can Never Win the European Championship

In A Man for All Seasons, Sir More rebukes a character who betrays him in return for a regional appointment. “It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world, but for Wales?” In like manner, I ask what have we gained from importing the whole world? Thanks to mass immigration, our countries are sunk in crime, corruption, and self-loathing. One excuse is that this was necessary for white nations to have good soccer teams.

In 2018, the French victory was a victory for multiracialism. Even though the country was dealing with non-white rioting, many thought France had a national triumph thanks to diversity.

The all-white Croatian team came in second, which suggests that multiracialism isn’t necessary.

It seemed like the same thing would happen this year. The “English” team, mostly non-white, was marching to victory at the UEFA European Championship. Reporters were already writing the story. The diverse English team would be a triumph over petty English nationalism. Non-whites winning a soccer game would revitalize and even redefine the nation.

If England had won, media would be celebrating the blacks who brought the championship “home” and showed up the “racists.”

If it is a national disaster when black athletes lose a game, then let’s skip the games. Just change the rules and give non-whites the trophy to spare everyone’s feelings. That seems to be the trend with the Oscars and debate competitions.

A true English patriot should be relieved that “his” team lost, and his country was spared weeks of lectures about why England needs blacks.

Whites lack symbols, representation, and ways of expressing common interests and identity. If Britain is in crisis because some black guys choked during a soccer game, the system isn’t as strong as it appears.

I don’t think soccer is politically important, but our rulers disagree. So let’s celebrate when the best players in Europe are a bunch of white guys. Forza Azzurri!

Jared Taylor #racist #wingnut amren.com

Media Get Hate Crimes Wrong — Again

Blacks are 2.15 times more likely as whites to commit them.

Hispanics and Asians are less likely than whites to commit hate crimes.

American Indians and Eskimos were twice as likely and Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders were three times as likely as whites to be hate criminals, but these multiples don’t mean much because the numbers of offenders are small.

2020 was not a fluke. An analysis of hate crimes for 1997 found almost exactly the same black multiple: “Blacks were 1.99 times more likely than whites to commit hate crimes in general and 2.24 times more likely to commit violent hate crimes.”

The Post laments a 40 percent increase in anti-black incidents and a 70 percent increase in anti-Asian incidents, but is silent about drops in certain kinds of “hate:” Anti-Arab, down 26 percent, and anti-Muslim, down 42 percent, and anti-mental disability, down a full 54 percent. Shouldn’t we be celebrating?

The Post did reluctantly note that anti-Jew hate is down 30 percent, but hastened to add that the Anti-Defamation League says this is a ludicrous undercount; the ADL, which is no doubt in a position to be objective, says anti-Semitic hate is at “a historic high,” with 2,024 incidents.

Asian activists likewise scoff at the FBI’s figure of 274 anti-Asian incidents. Something called AAPI Hate catalogued no fewer than 6,603 anti-Asian hate crimes during the year ending in March 2021. Expect more anti-Asian hate. In May, huge majorities in both houses passed a new law to dig up more of it. It appointed an Asian-hate czar, and funded a campaign in exotic languages to encourage Asians to complain.

Deep into its story, the Post did note that there were 773 anti-white incidents, saying this was an increase of 16 percent over the previous year. Author David Nakamura bungled the math; it was actually a 20.2 percent increase, but who cares about that?

Robert Kelly #pratt #racist amren.com

RE: A Black Activist Says Two White Men Jumped Him Last Summer. Now, He’s Charged with Assaulting His Attackers.

Another racial hoax. When are people going to realize that there are no roving bands of whites going around and attacking black people? It doesn't exist. It's a bad fairy tale. But millions of people are convinced that it happens every day. All the time.

Except, there are no 911 calls. And these white supremacists always seem to strike out of the view of any cameras. Despite there being cameras everywhere. And when people get caught in their hoax, they just double down because even though that story might be false, we know that somewhere, there's a gang of whites attacking innocent blacks for no reason whatsoever.

Pat Buchanan #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #pratt #racist #wingnut amren.com

Why Can’t Biden Stop This Invasion?

In 1954, after a million Mexicans had crossed over into the United States, President Dwight Eisenhower sent Gen. Joseph Swing to send them back. In the vernacular of the time, the mission was named Operation Wetback.

Mission accomplished. Problem solved. And the point:

America used to regard its southern border as sacrosanct and vulnerable, requiring constant vigilance and occasional action to secure.

This June, 188,800 illegals crossed into the United States. Nearly a million have arrived since Biden swore an oath to defend the Constitution that obligates him to protect the states against invasion.

Biden is conducting the border policy of a failed state.

And U.S. immigration policy is being set by people from Third World nations who can find their way to the Rio Grande.

Why cannot we stop this invasion?

Vice President Kamala Harris redefined her mission as discovering what makes people leave their home countries and trek across Mexico.

Good question: Why are people from developing nations leaving their home countries and crossing Mexico to get into the USA?

After all, our academic, cultural and political elites have told the world that America is a place of “systemic racism,” created by white supremacists, for the benefit of peoples of white privilege, where ethnic minorities remain oppressed.

Why would such a country, of all 193 nations in the U.N., be, far and away, the first choice of peoples migrating from the Global South?

Could it be that people from developing nations are not so ignorant as to believe this anti-American progressive propaganda?

But from the standpoint of the nation to which they are coming, the illegal migrant millions present real problems. They consume far more in benefits than they pay in taxes. They are dead weight on the welfare state.

Why is he failing? Either he can’t do what is needed to be done, or he won’t do it.

America’s border paralysis is induced by liberal ideology.

connorhus #dunning-kruger #racist amren.com

Slavery is the bane of Europeans in particular. It is not a sin so much as an institution that almost all European cultures find abhorrent to some extent. Even early European cultures that practiced Slavery typically did not practice it as a permanent state of being and allowed some form of movement for the individual to improve his or her station. Even the Celts allowed for it, although I am not sure the Vikings did. The very fact that in every European culture some part of the population found slavery distasteful is the very thing that singles Whites out as a target. For all know Whites are the only race in the world that can be controlled to some extent by their own guilt in using slavery in the past. No other race cares or can be influenced by having used slavery so no one bothers. It is simply a sign of European empathy which in this case is a weakness not a sin.

I agree that only whites seem to be so vulnerable to control by guilt, but that is due to Christianity, not genetics. The reason for rejection of slavery is rooted in early Western Civilization that comes to us through the Greek and Roman philosophies concerning the value of life, the individual, and the freedom of thought and conscious.

While I would agree with you that Christianity has probably the most to contribute to the guilt I cannot agree that is by any means the only reason. As I mentioned the Celts and even the Romans along with other early Europeans rarely consigned slaves to a permanent, unchanging slave caste. Also there were always a sizeable chunk of the population that rejected slavery that was uncommon in non-Whites. All of that was before Christianity so the tendency to reject slavery was in European culture earlier. Maybe one reason Christianity did so well in Europe.

Various Commenters #crackpot #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Forced Busing Taught Me Race Realism

The court ordered busing of school children was one of the most inhumane acts in human history. The federal judges who devised it were as vile and corrupt as any war criminals. It resulted in the complete destruction of the school system here, one of the largest in the country and worse, countless white lives were destroyed.

(Smart Blonde)
I can only imagine the PTSD our sweet white children suffered while their brains were still developing. It's worse now than it was in the 1970's. No wonder opioid addiction has skyrocketed. Multiracialism is child abuse.

We are biospiritually incompatibile with other races and only truly thrive among our own people. Scientific studies show that all races of people have a small fight or flight response when they see someone of a different race. It's a physical, mental, and emotional stress to be around other races. It's psychological torture for all races involved.

(Scientific Realist)
Marin County is 72.8% white and only 2.8% black, yet they are among the most left-wing counties in the entire country: 85.3% of their voters voted for Biden in 2020, and 15.8% went for Trump.

Marin County residents talk a big game about diversity, but they barely experience any of it themselves. I bet many white California couples who want to start families moved away from diverse cities to a Marin suburb, thinking the schools would be better and safer. Do any of them connect the dots and realize that better schools, safer cities, and higher quality of life correlate with much less diversity?

Forced bussing of blacks into white schools constitutes child abuse against white kids. I fully oppose it. Yet I actually think it’s a good idea if many ghetto youfs were bussed into Marin County schools. Since leftists say they love diversity so much, their children should be required to suffer the consequences of it.

Gregory Hood #racist #wingnut amren.com

The latest census reports that America’s white population declined for the first time in history. Non-whites are replacing whites, but the Great Replacement is a “conspiracy theory” if white advocates mention it. To the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin it is “fabulous news.”

This would be hate speech if it were about anyone else. How would Miss Rubin feel about an emerging Palestinian majority in Israel?

Miss Rubin claims America’s future will be more “diverse” and “inclusive.” However, unless taking power from whites is the goal, what will be better? America has already moved beyond legal equality for non-whites, who enjoy affirmative-action privileges. However, blacks and Hispanics still can’t perform at the same level as whites and Asians. Ditching the false premise of “equality,” the new goal is “equity".

It’s impossible to know whether leftists believe that “white privilege” or another mysterious force is blocking “equity” despite countless laws, decades of effort, and trillions of dollars.

In Oregon, the governor recently ended a requirement for proficiency in reading, writing, and arithmetic to graduate from high school. A spokesman said this will benefit “Oregon’s black, Latino, Latina, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, and students of color,” who don’t do well on the test.

Asians can’t pass it? Note that Hispanics get three separate identifiers, while whites aren’t worth mentioning. Shouldn’t some non-whites resent the suggestion that they can’t be taught to read?

When egalitarians defeat “white supremacy,” they leave behind desolation. The peoples of Europe face the same opponents and tactics we do. If the West succumbs to “equity,” the struggles of countless centuries will be pointless.

We can’t afford to indulge egalitarian fantasies. The West’s back is to the wall. It’s not just a question of protecting our interests. It’s a question of survival. This degeneration has no endpoint but extinction. The decline will end only when we decide it does.

CTON #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut amren.com

Only White people, as a people, are sympathetic to people on the fringe of society. See, for example, how we treat people with Down's syndrome. No other race treats them more kindly than we do.

Yep, you are are safer being a minority amongst white people than any other group on the planet.

We have many examples of regular people voluntarily cooperating to help the poor, the needy, and the sick.

And yet, you never see those do-gooder whites (who help nonwhites) helping our whites in South Africa or Eastern Europeans. Hell, they don't even give a rip about poor whites in their area. They'd prefer to help out mestizos or hire them over poor whites.

It doesn't stop there. I've seen Bulgarians traveling and living in Africa helping the local population while only 20 km from where I live, there are blue eyed grandmas scavenging Trash cans.

Wait, are you serious? You have Eastern Europeans that got to Africa to help out Africans and not the Bulgarians in Bulgaria? hell, since they're in Africa, why don't they venture south to help the whites there? Wow, I didn't know you had liberal idiots like that in Bulgaria. Thought they were smarter than the West.

It's worse. They even teach them Bulgarian and Bulgarian dances. I wouldn't be surprised if some NGO is funding them to make sure Diversity quotas of "new Bulgarians" are met just like quotas for "new Frenchmen" and "new Germans".

That's weird, because most Bulgarians I've talked to, as with most Eastern Europeans, are NOT fans of nonwhites and are prowhite.

An armed society is a polite society

Depends on who the society is. A homogenous white population will have low crime, high trust and what not. A majority black/mestizo/arab/brown population--be they armed or not--will have violence, rapes, sexual crimes, dysfunction, low trust, etc.

Son of the 1st Revolution & Rebel Rebel #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Help! My Daughter Is Marrying a White Man Against My Wishes.

(Son of the 1st Revolution)

The mother could be a columnist for AMREN.

If you look at the original article, Jenée Desmond-Harris is the columnist and she is very black. She's unintentionally hilarious telling the concerned father "My advice boils down to this: Stay in your lane. And the name of the lane is: Absentee father."

And perhaps more tellingly, "A lot of people would say one of the problems here is that you care about her fiancé’s race at all. But I don’t agree. I can see a Black father who is close to his daughter reasonably saying,
'Oh wow, he’s white? Just checking, how does he feel about raising Black children?' In that sense, I don’t think it’s totally inappropriate to express concern. But it’s a weird thing to do if you haven’t shown the same kind of care about other issues in your daughter’s life."

So the stereotype about the absentee black father holds true. Also, the columnist acknowledges the recessiveness of white genes. How does the planned husband feel about raising black kids? He's throwing his genes away. None of his kids will look anything like him.

(Rebel Rebel)
I used to live in a military town where WM/BF couples were very common.

Being curious by nature, I asked a couple of the military men what made them marry Black women. A number of them told me that they had grown up in towns with very few, if any Black people. Others told me that they were put off by the phoniness and over feminist attitudes of White women. Other stated that they were attracted tot he confidence and vibrancy of Black women. A few told me Black women were more sexually adventurous "you know." I didn't say anything to such comment, but I was tempted to say "no I don not know what you mean." However, it does show that younger White men tend to be sex obsessed. Anyway, just look at Price Harry and Meghan Markle. Prince Harry has long been known to be a sexual abnormal man.

Various Commenters #racist amren.com

RE: Parent Files Complaint Against Atlanta Elementary School, Alleges It’s Segregating Classes

Black principal brought back segregation to benefit black students.

There are probably a thousand problems in a school with that many blacks including the fact most of them are poorly behaved and will eventually graduate functionally illiterate. If the complainant was one of those rare black parents serious about education, then I can see why she wants her kid in with white students instead of blacks.

(Sclavius Scotus)
A step in the right direction.

Segregation in American life grows with each passing year as a matter of people's living preferences. Small step to make it locally legally allowable.


"First, it was just disbelief that I was having this conversation in 2020 with a person that looks just like me — a Black woman,”

Is she implying that her (the father is not mentioned as usual) offspring needs a classroom that includes the Whites (and possibly Asians) to study?

On a different note: I'd love to find out the REAL rationale behind that classroom assignment... I have MY rationale however it's too cynical...

(Bill Berens)
You know dang well the black principal and teachers played it like the white kids were a detriment.

"Posey said she insisted her child be placed in a class with white students."

Why? To destroy the learning environment for the white kids?

(Yung Ho)
Is this a bad thing? No this is what blacks and whites unconsciously want!

Living in urban jungles my whole life, even when left to their own decisions, blacks and whites consciously self segregate.

I’m not hateful by any means because often I get along with sistas and bruthas, of course there are hostile racist ones - so I come from a different racial state of mind then most on here. While I have no problem with blacks personally Level, but on a general level / I know they bring down the standards and values of a nation.

CTON #pratt #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: S. African Township Becomes ‘Racial’ Flashpoint in Rainbow Nation

Indian immigrants fight back against black marauders.

When nonwhites are attacked for their race and/or fight back in defense of their race, they are congratulated for fighting back.

When whites are attacked for their race and/or fight back in defense of their race, it is "racist, hateful" and "oh, come on! This has nothing to do with race!" "White genocide is a white conspiracy!"

Everywhere whites are at, they are humiliated, terrorized, attacked and many whites will not unite as whites.

“We are not racist,” insisted Karim Loven, the head of a local policing forum.

See non-Whites have to say it too :) Doesn't matter to blacks though everyone is racist towards them

I would advice these Indians not to start acting like the cuckolds white men have become. Even I don't want nonwhites to feel inferior, but I also do not want them thinking they have a right to attack us or dehumanize us either.

I'd say "You're only calling me racist because I'm white" or I'd say "This is another excuse for blacks to commit crimes."

Dominik Tarczinsky did just that in a famous interview, he said "call me racist or whatever you like, I only care about safety of my country.

If that were the words uttered by every white man in positions of power, our race would have a much higher chance of survival. Seems like it's only Eastern and Central European men with any racial backbone among the white race. I hope they stay prowhite, strong and traditional.

Worst case scenario this is the beginning of a total annihilation massacre of White and Indian South Africans.

But at least Indians have a continent they can flee to, people (even whites) will be sympathetic to their plight, Indian army could be sent in to rescue them, and Indians--unlike whites--will unite for their people. Whites, even when they're being targetted as whites, will not unite as whites.

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RE: Indian Muslim Women Offered for Sale in ‘Auction’

Diversity doesn't work in India, either.

(Fed Up)
I can't stop laughing. This article is totally hilarious.

I wouldn't give a counterfeit penny for any Indian female, whether Muslim or not. I swear they were bred for ugliness.

(Francis Galton)
Among world religions, Islam is in a category of its own with regard to intolerance, hate, and violence directed towards non-Muslims. Therefore, I have a very hard time working up any sympathy for Muslims who find themselves targets of harassment or persecution. A person's religion is not even an immutable characteristic like race. If these people don't like being persecuted for their ignoble ideology, disavow it, or move to a Muslim majority country.

A map showing levels of racism around the globe had western nations scoring the lowest (no surprise there). The Middle East, Far East - even Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa - had higher rates. But the nation with the highest percentage of citizens who expressed racist views was India. Given that India has been a multi-ethnic society since forever, it doesn't bode well for our own multicult future.