Eugenicist #fundie

No virtue/ principle/ nobleness compensates for being ugly.

People can come up with any justification/ way people can look at the world to calm themselves. Or, if your parents or family decide on a way for you to make peace with life for losing, or for you to have a sense of honor/ not whining/ not feeling entitled... you're just hurting yourself.
Because none of that matters. No principle/ code of conduct gives you a full life experience. Only somatic/ materialistic/ popularity luxuries do.
All else is pointless if you don't get that.
Living by any ideology that puts you at the expense of that makes you an auto-bitch from an evolutionary/ instinctual/ society's perception perspective.
Don't be virtuous. Be powerful.
Parents/ Teachers shouldn't groom their offspring to be humble unless they're so hopelessly dense or naive. Dont' train them to feel humble, or meek. That's for the lowerborns. Groom them for power and dominance. Anyone who argues just wants to see you fail.



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